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Queen Hill Cemetery
Queen Hill, Williamson County, Texas

Compiled and contributed by Linda Menikos [lmenikos@flash.net].  Total records = 16.

It is on Co Rd 124 southeast of Weir (located on hwy 971) and north of highway 29 out of Georgetown. I was recently told by the owner of the land that a stone was stolen which read: "Born on earth to bloom in heaven". He did not know who the stone was for, but that it was a baby.

- Linda Menikos

Queen, John, son of Elias B Queen and Martha Jane Barber, b May 9, 1853 - d June 9, 1853: "In memory of John"
Queen, Mattie, dau of Elias B Queen and Martha Jane Barber, b Nov 1870 - d Mar 18, 1878
Queen, Elias Butler, b Feb 15, 1821 - d Oct 16, 1906: "Age 85 yrs, 8 mos, 1 day", Masonic Emblem
Queen, M J, (Martha Jane Barber Queen), b Feb 27, 1832 - d Mar 22, 1910 (One stone for both, one on each side)
Beaver, Mattie, dau of Martin Silas Beaver & Arizona Queen, b 10-8-1872 - d 2-12-1874: "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"
Queen, Mabel B, wife of Oliver P Turner, dau of Elias B Queen & Martha Jane, b Nov 2, 1873 - d Jan 8, 1895: "In that happy land we'll meet them, with those loved and gone before, and again with joy we'll greet them, where parting is no more."
Queen, Arizona, dau of Elias B Queen & Martha Jane, b Dec 26, 1857 - d Ssep 1, 1881
Wimberly, Lewis C, (Unknown relationship, badly broken stone), b Feb 14, 1829 - d Jun 10, 1829 (Archives list has b & d year as 1879, to me it looks like 1829, but I could be mistaken)
Wear, Samuel B, (Unknown relationship, set a bit apart from all other graves), d Oct 11, 1879: "Age 61 years, 6 mos, 9 days" (I need to look at this date again, maybe it also is 1829, and maybe a previous owner of property)
Sheppard, W E, (Unknown relationship), b Aug 8, 1888 - Nov 18, 1888: "Suffer the little children to come unto me". Stone broken in several pieces)
Handshaw, Mollie, (perhaps related to Nellie Hanshaw, wife of Joseph A Queen or W O Hanshaw, hus of Lou Ella Queen, granddau of Elias B Queen & Martha Jane), b Mar 5, 1879 - d Mar 7, 1899: " Come Ye Blessed"
Brown, Henry H, (unknown relationship), b Oct 19, 1866 - d Mar 29, 1877: " Where immortal Spirits reign, there shall we meet again"
Brown, Sophia, dau of M H Brown & Sophia J (Unknown relationship), b Jun 3, 1884 - d Sep 27, 1884
Brown, Sophia J, wife of M H Brown ( single stone for mother & daughter, using 2 sides), b Sep 25, 1845 - d Sep 9, 1884
Queen, Walter, son of David Walton Queen, son of Elias B Queen & Martha Jane, b Jan 7, 1881 - d Dec 18, 1901 ( no stone)
Queen, Bryan, son of David Walton Queen, as above, b 1896 - d 1900 (no stone)


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