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Mount Zion Cemetery
McLennan County, Texas

Lat: 31° 19' 22"N, 97° 24' 09"W

Contributed by Judy Reamy, Feb 25, 2003 [jreamy@msn.com]. Total Records = 44.

At the intersection of FM 107 & Dove Rd., between Moody & Oglesby

This cemetery appears to be cared for but I don't know by who. There is no fence, sign or hint of ownership. Appears to still be accepting burials. It is bisected by a newer road, with the Hendersons being on the other side from the other graves.

I walked and read this cemetery in spring of 2002.

- Judy Reamy

Brown, Darius "Cowboy", b. 1/14/1976, d. 11/24/1996
Brown, Louis Charles, b. 6/11/1934, d. 1/2/1969
Butler, Lucille Fields, b. 2/28/1901, d. 4/17/1980
Campbell, Almetta, b. 1/22/1927, d. no date, s/w Charles
Campbell, Charles, b. 9/13/1925, d. 3/6/1995
Carter, Corrine F., b. 6/13/1940, d. 11/27/1996
Clark, Lueanner, b. 9/12/1894, 1/24/1974
Douglas, Doris June, no dates, homemade stone
Edison, Aron Sr., b. 1/16/1935, d. 9/7/1995, PO 1, US Navy, Vietnam
Ervin, Willie, b. 3/10/1901, d. 6/11/1989
Fields, King, b. 3/3/1925, d. 3/14/1976, STM3, US Navy, WWII
Guyton, A.G. Sr., b. 6/13/1896, d. 9/13/1966, "Dad"
Guyton, Matilda, b. 6/11/1900, d. 1/1/1966, "Mom"
Hammonds, Willie, b. 11/3/1918, d. 10/8/1999, US. Army WWII
Henderson, Frank W. Jr., b. 8/18/1952, d. 5/30/1998
Henderson, Frank W., b. 3/2/1920, d. 11/16/1961
Henderson, Juno Juna, b. 4/4/1914, d. 2/28/1982, Sea, US Navy
Henderson, Mary Ann Inge, b. 4/10/1927, d. 8/6/1993
Henderson, Mary Lizzie Hammons, b. 9/12/1890, d. 4/15/1977
Inge, Lillie, b. 4/8/1904, d. 1/18/1997, "Mom"
Johnson, Doretha Eldridge, b. 10/4/1915, d. 11/9/1996
Joiner, Mary B., b. 1909, d. 1984
Joiner, Pauline, b. 12/15/1930, d. 12/4/1995, "Mom"
Joiner, Ray, b. 1906, d. 1985
Joiner, Viola, b. 5/21/1916, d. 2/21/1997, "Mom"
Jones, Annis, b. 1/16/1905, d. 10/25/1999
Manual, Ada, b. 1886, d. 1963
Norward, Marvin, b. 7/25/1964, d. 10/7/1996
Pierce, James E., b. 8/17/1907, d. 12/25/74, PFC, US Army
Randle, Dorothy Talley, b. 1938, d. 1971
Simmons, Laura, b. 1/13/1871, d. 1/23/1969, "Grandma"
Slaughter Moses, b. 1932, d. 1984
Slaughter, John Moses, b. 8/17/1951, d. 5/24/1992
Smith, Ernest C., b. 3/19/1919, d. 8/29/1967, TX, Army Air Force, WWII
Smith, Lillie May, b. 4/8/1931, d. 7/6/1983, "Daughter"
Smith, Minnie M., b. 3/26/1902, d. no date
Smith, Willie C., b. 3/9/1898, d. 12/12/1962
Talley, Easter, b. 1907, d. 1984, s/w Robert
Talley, Norris, b. 4/30/1934, d. 8/17/1988
Talley, Robert, b. 1907, d. 1984, s/w Easter
Thomas, Cardie "Honey", b. 7/9/1927, d. 5/15/1999
Thomas, Fate T., b. 2/26/1928, d. 3/19/1987, "Dad"
Thomas, Tommy Sr., b. 5/6/1902, d. 3/5/1970
Wilson, Luther C., b. 7/4/1925, d. 12/31/1987, TEC 5 US Army WWII
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