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Johnny Cemetery
Grundy County, Tennessee

Contributed by Sandra Myers Bellflower, April 10, 2000 [Myersbellflower@hotmail.com]. Total records = 47.

Johnny Cemetery
Gap Road
Grundy County, Tennessee
Read by Sandra Bellflower

There were (9) graves with stones that did not have markings, except for one that had the letter "M" _?__ and 188? or 186?. It was about 12 inches wide and 18 inches high. There were 4 other graves without markers. There were 2 outhouses at the end of the cemetery, proof to me that there was a church there at one time. Since Casper Myers's son John donated this land for a church I also feel that the graves without markings could possibly be Myers family members.

BARBER,J.B, b.12/14/1921, d.4/13/1994
BARRETT, Charles & ???
BARRETT, Son, 1900, d.1900, Child
BARRETT, Son, b.1896, d.1896, Child of Louisa
BARRETT, Twin, 1905, Child of Louisa
BARRETT, Twin, 1905, Child of Louisa
CALDWELL, Hazel L, b.6/10/1928, d.11/8/1996
CAMPBELL, Andrew Jackson, b.1904, d.1973
CAMPBELL, Andrew, J, b.11/1864, d.10/1903
CAMPBELL, Bessie Bell, b.8/16/1899, d.4/19/1966
CAMPBELL, Dellia, b.1/1885, d.2/1933
CAMPBELL, Emma,L, b.6/1937, d.12/1937
CAMPBELL, Hester, Alma, b.1908, d.1910
CAMPBELL, Hollis, B, b.1906, d.1976
CAMPBELL, John C, b.1886, d.1919
CAMPBELL, Louvinia Hobbs, b.1902 , d.1971
CAMPBELL, Mary, b.1882 , d.1967
CAMPBELL, OLA, M, b.1911, d.1947
CAMPBELL, Paul, R, b.1932, d.1995
CAMPBELL, Paul, R. Jr, b.1961 , d.1997
CAMPBELL, Sean, Michael, b.10/1989, d.12/15/1989
CAMPBELL, William, L, b.1892, d.1970
HOBBS, Billy, II, b.1973, d.1973
HOBBS, Delbert, O, b.1930, d.1989
HOBBS, Dock, A, b.1899, d.1981
HOBBS, Elmer, F, b.1938, d.1936
HOBBS, Lucy, Emma, b.1909, d.1936
HOBBS, Lyda, Lue, b.1913, d.1978
HOBBS, Mary, Francis, b.10/24/1949, d.10/27/1949
HOBBS, Melisa, Gail, b.1964, d.1992
HOBBS, Odie, John, b.1911, d.1979
HOBBS, Patricia, Ann, b.1948, d.1964
HOBBS, Ronnie, Dale, b.1960, d.1977
HOBBS, Tresia, Ann, b.11/1963, d.10/1965
KNIGHT, Cuss, b.1902, d.1952
KNIGHT, Ida, Bell, b.1911, d.1951
KUNKLE, Delores, C, b.5.5.1932, d.10/26/1986
MYERS, Alvin, b.1905, d.1905
MYERS, Calvin C, b.7/1906, d.11/1988
MYERS, Coyw, b.3/22/1941, d.3/25/1941
MYERS, Hassie, b.5/15/1889, d.7/17/1947
MYERS, Perry, b.3/1880, d.4/1960
MYERS, Vernon, b.8/12/1920, d.5/25/1971
NUNLEY, Joni, b.8/1977, d.8/1977
SMITH, Audrey, Edison, b.10/13/1947, d.6/3/1967
SMITH, Ralph, Edison, b.1/1/1887, d.7/15/1992
SMITH,Eula, Icore, b.9/17/1912, d.5/21/1982

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