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Edgeville Benevolent Cemetery
Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee

Contributed by Holman Milhous [cityeye@juno.com], March 20, 2000. Total records = 7.

This is a 542 grave African-American cemetery that was started during the mid 1800's. People were buried here until the 1960's. In 1970 a prominent Nashville attorney bought the land and with the help of his brother (also an attorney) deeded the cemetery out of existence. They are planning to build warehouses on the site. Since most of the graves had wooden markers, which have rotted, it is impossible to know who most of the people were. Seven graves had stone markers which still exist. The names, dates, and inscriptions are listed below. All of the remains were removed from their graves and placed in paper grocery bags then put in cardboard boxes then put in a trench and covered over. I don't think this is right, and I would like to locate any descendants of these people. Thank you.

- Holman Milhous
ARMSTRONG, Mary, no dates
HARRIS, Mandy, b. Aug 17, 1871, d. Dec?, 1904
LESTER, William, b. Sep 23, 1896, d. Mar 18,1911
MCCLAIN, Rachiel, died July 8, 1898, age 79 yrs, She organized Benevolent Society #2 and was its president for 23 years (hers is the only headstone intact)
PHILLIPS, Carrie, b. Oct 30,1887, d. Apr 3, 1887
ROBERTSON, Tom, b. Aug 15,1875, d. Oct 28, 1948
TILLEY, J. F., no dates, age 66 yrs.


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