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Saint Thomas Cemetery
Lake County, South Dakota

Hwy 34, Masison SD

Lat: 43° 59' 29"N, Lon: 97° 07' 17"W
T N R52W Sec 18

To reach this cemetery, in Madison SD, drive south on Hwy 34, just after the highway turns left or east watch for the cemetery. It will be on the right or south side of the road in less than a half mile. This cemetery is owned and maintained by Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church at 415 N. Van Eps Ave. Madison, SD 57042

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. last edited Jan 06, 2007. Total records = 44.

Contributor's Index:

Allgaier, Florence A, b. 1905, d. 1978, Mother, s/w Sheryl S and John Allgaier, [KS]
Allgaier, John, b. 1907, d. 1990, Father, s/w Florence A and Sheryl S Allgaier, [KS]
Allgaier, Sheryl S, b. 1949, d. , Daughter, s/w Florence A and John Allgaier, [KS]
Fitzpatrick, Irma A (Minnaert), b. 1894, d. 1973, s/w James L Fitzpatrick, [KS]
Fitzpatrick, James L, b. 1882, d. 1968, s/w Irma A Fitzparick, [KS]
Fitzpatrick, Leo F, b. 1896, d. 1979, [KS]
Koscki, Alex, b. 1887, d. 1950, [KS]
Koscki, Verna E, b. 1893, d. 1980, [KS]
Minnaert, Achile, b. 1898, d. 1943, Father, [KS]
Minnaert, Angela L, b. 28 Jul 1969, d. , s/w Ronald E and Phyllis J Minnaert, [KS]
Minnaert, Anna R (Wolfe), b. 1919, d. , s/w Harold R Minnaert, [KS]
Minnaert, Barbara A, b. 20 Jun 1944, d. , m. 25 Jul 1964, Parents of Lori, Shelly, Tony, Randy, s/w H. John Minnaert, [KS]
Minnaert, Elizabeth 'Jean' (Rensch), b. 4 Dec 1934, d. 3 Sep 1902, s/w Richard 'Dick' Minnaert, [KS]
Minnaert, H. John, b. 24 Sep 1941, d. , s/w Barbara A Minnaert, [KS]
Minnaert, Harold R, b. 1921, d. 1998, Parents of Mary Ann, John, Patricia, Donna, Barbara, s/w Anna R Minnaert, [KS]
Minnaert, Henry, b. 1857, d. 1927, Father, s/w Julia Minnaert, [KS]
Minnaert, Isabell M ( Nugent), b. 1899, d. 1978, s/w Raymond A Minnaert, [KS]
Minnaert, Jerome H, b. 4 Feb 1893, d. 20 Feb 1955, South Dakota PFC 341 FLD RMT SQ QMC World War I, [KS]
Minnaert, Julia (Van Den Hemel), b. 1860, d. 1946, Mother, s/w Henry Minnaert, [KS]
Minnaert, Luella (Erickson), b. 1907, d. 1990, Mother, [KS]
Minnaert, Octave H, b. 1890, d. 1966, Father, [KS]
Minnaert, Oscar, b. 18 Sep 191889, d. 4 Feb 1919, [KS]
Minnaert, Phyllis J (Mergen), b. 2 Nov 1937, d. , s/w Ronald E and Angela L Minnaert, [KS]
Minnaert, Raymond A, b. 1897, d. 1980, s/w Isabell M Minnaert, [KS]
Minnaert, Richard 'Dick', b. 13 Oct 1930, d. , s/w Elizabeth 'Jean' Minnaert, [KS]
Minnaert, Ronald E, b. 14 Sep 1937, d. , Parents of Sandra, Thomas, Luann, Daniel, Ronda, Kevin, Angela, Todd, s/w Phyllis J and Angela L Minnaert, [KS]
O'Loughlen, Barth Charles, b. Jan 02, l94l, d. Nov 28, 1999, h/o Mary Callahan O'Loughlen, s/o Matthew P. and Catherine O'Loughlen, [MO]
O'Loughlen, Catherine Balfanz, b. Feb 04, 1912, d. Jan 03, 1992, w/o Matthew P. O'Loughlen, d/o Charles and Katherine Balfanz, [MO]
O'Loughlen, Matthew Patrick, b. Mar 03, 1908, d. Feb 10, 1973, h/o Catherine Balfanz O'Loughlen, s/o William and Esther O'Loughlen, [MO]
Pfeiffer, Fred J, b. 1874, d. 1949, s/w Minnie V Pfeiffer, [KS]
Pfeiffer, Minnie V, b. 1885, d. 1976, s/w Fred J Pfeiffer, [KS]
Seid, Clayton W, b. 1915, d. 1989, SGT US Army World War II, s/w Edith A Seid, [KS]
Seid, Edith A (Vanhove), b. 1918, d. 1997, m. 20 Sep 1941, Parents of Dennis, Eugene, Richard, s/w Clayton W Seid, [KS]
Van Den Hemel, Achille A, b. 1898, d. 1983, s/w Cecilia M Van Den Hemel, [KS]
Van Den Hemel, Arnold C, b. 1915, d. 1979, s/w Regina E Van Den Hemel, [KS]
Van Den Hemel, Cecilia M, b. 1916, d. 2002, s/w Achille A Van Den Hemel, [KS]
Van Den Hemel, Regina E, b. 1919, d. 2004, s/w Arnold C. Van Den Hemel, [KS]
Van Den Hemel, Travis Allen, b. 1 Sep 1985, d. 17 Dec 1987, Son, So Tiny, So Small, So Loved by All, [KS]
Vanhove, Albert C, b. 1911, d. 1998, s/w Marjorie L Vanhove, [KS]
Vanhove, Alice E (Minnaert), b. 1891, d. 1987, m. 22 Nov 1910, s/w Camille C Vanhove, [KS]
Vanhove, Camille C, b. 1884, d. 1965, s/w Alice E Vanhove, [KS]
Vanhove, George H, b. 12 Oct 1928, d. 5 Sep 1903, m. 22 Nov 1952, s/w Jackie J Vanhove, [KS]
Vanhove, Jackie J (Ellis), b. 31 Mar 1933, d. , Parents of Monica, Craig, Gary, Melissa, Elizabeth, s/w George H Vanhove, [KS]
Vanhove, Marjorie L (Cole), b. 1918, d. , s/w Albert C Vanhove, [KS]

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