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Liberty Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Hartsville, Darlington County, South Carolina

Lat: 3419'37"N, Lon: 8010'32"W

This cemetery has been around for over a hundred years, and has many graves unmarked, and many graves with tombstones that have been broken from age. Very well kept.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 29.

Contributor's Index:

Amerson, Bobba Lu, b. 12/11/1955 d 11/30/1982, Shares marker with Keith Amerson Jr, [CM]
Amerson, Keith Jr., b. 11/30/1955 d 1/23/1997, Shares marker with Bobba Lu Amerson, [CM]
Beasley, Annie M., b. 11/18/1912, Precious Lord Take My Hand, [CM]
Beasley, Eberry F., b. 9/21/1880 d 9/4/1888, son of JW & ML Beasley, [CM]
Beasley, George, b. 1862 d 3/10/1910, [CM]
Beasley, Infant, b. 9/21/1886 d 10/5/1886, d/o JW & ML Beasley, [CM]
Beasley, J. Wesley, b. 8/20/1884 d 6/8/1886, son of JW & ML Beasley, [CM]
Beasley, J.B., b. 4/19/1913 d 6/24/1973, A beloved son, Shares marker with Mary Jane Beasley, [CM]
Beasley, J.W., b. 5/14/1847, Shares marker with Martha L. Beasley, [CM]
Beasley, Martha L., b. 12/6/1850 d 9/27/1911, wife of John W. Beasley, Shares marker with J.W. Beasley, [CM]
Beasley, Mary Etta G., b. 8/25/1921, m. 9/23/1939, Shares marker with Pelzer W. Beasley, [CM]
Beasley, Mary Jane, b. 12/23/1872 d 1/30/1932, She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother, and a friend to all, Shares marker with J.B. Beasley, [CM]
Beasley, Pelzer W., b. 1/31/1921 d 6/23/1992, Shares marker with Mary Etta G. Inscriptions: Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done and PFC US Army WWII, [CM]
Beasley, Sam J., b. 10/6/1908 d 12/24/1986, Shares marker with Annie M, [CM]
Beasley, W. Jennings, b. 2/22/1911 d 9/10/1916, son of Dr & Mrs. J.B, [CM]
Feagin, Baby Boy, b. 7/12/1963 d 7/12/1963 no marker, located next to father (Raymond Leroy Feagin), [CM]
Feagin, Raymond Leroy, b. 4/3/1936 d 2/19/1996, [CM]
Galloway, Doris Truett, b. 2/1/1921 d 10/30/1999, [CM]
Galloway, Eva H., b. 7/1/1911, Shares marker with Will L. Galloway, [CM]
Galloway, Josey, b. 1900 d 1937
Galloway, Will L., b. 4/23/1907 d 10/20/1997, Shares marker with Eva H. Galloway, [CM]
Mixon, Ernest, b. 4/7/1922 d 1/22/1981, [CM]
Mixon, Melissa Hall, b. 1968 d 2000, [CM]
Mixon, Robert M., b. 2/15/1957 d 7/11/1997, Loving father and Precious brother, [CM]
Mixon, Ruth B.(Beasley), b. 2/15/1920 d 5/27/1990,, m. 9/15/1934, Shares marker with Tommy Mixon, [CM]
Mixon, Tommy, b. 9/7/1915 d 11/27/1973, Shares marker with Ruth B. Mixon, [CM]
Mixon, Virginia (Smith), b. 11/11/1932, "Sister", Shares marker with Wilbur Mixon, [CM]
Mixon, Wilbur, b. 4/2/1939 d 7/22/1998, m. 12/23/1961, Shares marker with Virginia "Sister" Mixon, [CM]
Segars, Lia Vinson, b. 10/13/1910 d 11/27/1989, In Loving Memory, [CM]


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