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Saint Andrew Episcopal Cemetery
Charleston County, South Carolina

2257 Ashley River Rd
Charleston SC

Lat: 32°49'49"N, Lon: 80°03'35"W

Contributed by Juanita Shreves, Feb 13, 2002 [jmshr999@aol.com] Total records = 70.

Coming off the 526 bypass, take the exit for Ashley River Rd north, Turn right at the first stop light and continue to next stop light, Turn right again and the cemetery is down only half block on right setting back from the road, There is a driveway with a sign for the church entrance.

This is an older cemetery and most of the graves are poorly marked or not marked at all. Only about half of the graves have headstones, the rest are only marked with the Funeral Home Markers or have concrete forms poured over the entire grave area with the Funeral Home Marker embedded in the concrete as the only marker, There is only ONE double headstone in the entire cemetery.

Except for the first row in the back, there doesn't seem to be any real rhyme or reason as to how the graves in the cemetery are laid out, I will try my best to describe the area by rows and location. Some of the graves have hedges planted on top of them with the hedge growing up high enough that the marker is very well hidden. Some of them that are unmarked, I had gotten a name only from a map the church office had on the wall, I found that their map was incomplete and incorrect in some areas as well. The original church burned down several years ago so some of the records are missing. If anyone finds a missing relative here or has any questions, the church people are very friendly and will try to help. For most of the graves with Funeral Home Markers, I will also include the name of the home so you may contact them as well. At the end of this list, I will give ph #'s and addresses to these homes as well.

The church map, of the front cemetery area started at the back and as you are looking towards the front, I will start the rows on the left side, The rows are not straight so this will be approximate locations only, On each entry I will give as much information as I can as I have never seen a cemetery with graves set up quite like this one and the unusual way things are here may be very interesting to a researcher that happens to find a relative in this list, I have used a few abbreviation to cut down on the descriptions some, Many graves will have more than one marker. I did the survey 11 Apr 2000.

Behind the new church building approx 20-25 feet, there are two graves for men who used to be the Priests of this church, They are hidden underneath bushes and cannot be seen until you are almost upon them, denoted with an asteriek *

FHM = Funeral Home Marker
CS= Concrete slab or form on top of grave area
CS-M = Concrete form on grave area with FHM embedded in concrete

- Juanita Shreves

Ancrum, Daniel Sr, b. 1914, d. 1996, CS-M & FHM from Fielding's, Row 5 #2
Ancrum, Phillip W., Jun 20, 1969 (remainder of stone buried in ground), headstone, FHM from Fielding's states date as Nov 4, 1975Row 5 #3
Ancrum, Robert Tiger, b. 1964, d. 1992, CS with broken plastic marker fastened to concreteRow 5 #4
Archie, Christina G., b. 1925, d. 1989, CS with broken plastic marker fastened to concrete, Row 6 #L11
Bencarew, Elizabeth, b. 1995, d. 1995, FHM from Harleston-Boags, Row 8 #2
Blie, Joseph, Sr, b. Dec 8, 1920, d. Oct 9, 1995, headstone, CS-M, US Army, Row 9 #5
Burrows, Ruth Gertrude, b. Jul 12, 1919, d. Jun 22, 1989/A heart of gold stopped beating/farewell dear sister, headstone and FHM from Fielding's, Row 3 #4
Chisolm, Abraham, unmarked, from church records, Row 6 #L9
Chisolm, Bernard, b. 1964, d. 1987, CS with lettering formed in concrete, FHM from Dorothy's, Row 6 #L10
Chisolm, Martha, b. 1936, d. 1981, CS with lettering formed in concrete, Row 6 #L8
Chisolm, Samuel, b. Nov 18, 1872, d. Mar 25, 1942, In Memory of, Absolver of Christ, well done, rest from your (stone buried in ground), headstone, CS *
Dantzler, Celia, b. May 15, 1893, d. May 12, 1974/A, Loving and devoted mother, headstone and FHM from W.M. Smith, Row 2 #10
Drayton, Ella, Sep 1, 1953 FHM only from Fielding's, Grave area is surrounded with concrete bricks, Row 2 #1
Ford, Grace R., b. 1911, d. 1993, CS-M & FHM from Dorothy's, Row 6 #L3
Ford, Isaac, b. 1933, d. 1982, CS with lettering formed in concrete, Row 6 #L4
Ford, William, Sr, b. 1911, d. 1985, CS with lettering formed in concrete, FHM from Dorothy's states July 6, 1985, Row 6 #5
Frasier, Celia, b. Feb 9, 1900, d. Mar 28, 1953, headstone, Church records state middle initial is ,R,, Row 2 #2
Frasier, Dorothy, b. Apr 8, 1930, d. Oct 4, 1967/Our Loving Sister, headstone with hedges covering grave area, Row 4 #L2
Frasier, Hermenia, b. Mar 5, 1921, d. Jan 17, 1984/Beloved children, headstone with CS, Row 4 #L3
Gladden, Albertha Mae Magwood, b. Oct 16, 1941, d. Mar 8, 1976, In Loving Memory of, Asleep in Jesus, The Family, headstone and CS-M from Fielding's, Row 1 #L11
Graham, Catherine Bessie Waring, b. Nov 19, 1921, d. Nov 27, 1976/Loving wife, and devoted mother, headstone, Row 6 #6
Graham, Frank M., b. 1929, d. 1990, CS with marker attached, Frank M. Graham/US Army, Dec 9, 1929-Nov 1, 1990, Headstone & FHM from Fielding's, (This grave had 3 markers on it), Row 4 #L7
Graham, Nathaniel, b. Feb 26, 1922, d. Jan 25, 1980, headstone, US Army World War II, Row 6 #L7
Grant, Jerry, b. Aug 20, 1890, d. Sep 19, 1961, Gone but not Forgotten, headstone and entire grave area covered w/large hedge , Row 7 #L6
Grant, Joseph Joe, b. 1905, d. 1982, (FHM) from Fielding's, Row 1 #L1
Grant, Joseph Louis, b. Apr 24, 1905, d. Dec 24, 1982, In Remembrance, headstone (same as #1, marker was possibly put in wrong place or moved by prankster), Row 1 #L8
Grant, Lillie, unmarked, church records, but gravesite looks like casket is missing from ground.
Grant, Martha G., b. 1901, d. 1991, CS with lettering formed into it & FHM from Fielding's, Row 4 #L5
Grant, Mrs Lucille, b. 1913, d. 1996, CS-M from Fieldings, Row 9 #6
Grant, Sarah, b. Jun 3, 1889, d. May 17, 1966/Our Beloved Mother, headstone, CS & FHM (probably Fielding's), Row 9 #1
GrantCatherine M., b. 1891, d. 1964, CS-M from Fielding's. Church records state the ,M, stands for Miller, Row 7 #L7
Green, Arthur, grave unmarked, name from church records, Row 1 #L4
Green, Dock, b. Mar 10, 1910, d. Aug 25, 1982, Asleep in Jesus, We miss you, headstone *
Green, Edward, b. 1896, d. Oct 12, 1964, headstone, footstone marker as well as FHM (probably from Dorothy's) that gives date as Oct 13, 1964, Row 1 #L2
Green, Edward, b. 1908, d. Mar 6, 1972, How Great Thou Art, headstone is almost totally encased in the hedge that is covering entire grave area, Row 2 #11
Green, Elizabeth, b. Oct 3, 1902, d. Oct 10, 1962, headstone and footstone marker, Row 1 #L3
Green, Lillian, b. 1922, d. 1951/At Rest, headstone, footstone marker, Row 1 #L5
Green, Otis E., b. 1931, d. 1976, CS w/name & dates formed in concrete, Row 1 #L7
Heyward, Eva G., b. Jun 1896, d. Nov 12, 1967, On the left side is Eva and the right side is Joe w/CS and lettering also formed into the concrete with name and dates, Row 7 #L8-9
Heyward, Joe, Sr, b. May 11, 1893, d. Nov 2, 1976, s/w Eva G
Jenkins, Silver, b. Oct 29, 1881, d. May 8, 1945, headstone, footstone marker engraved ,SJ,, Row 2 #4
Jenkins, Wilfred, unmarked, church records, Row 2 #9
Jenkins, Willie, b. 1928/Died/(unreadable), CS looks like someone took a stick and wrote in the wet concrete, Row 2 #6
Johnson , Richard III, 6-25-_9, FHM marker from Fielding's (number is missing), Row 7 #L2
Johnson, Mrs Rebecca, b. 1910, d. 1997, CS-M & FHM from Fielding's, Row 7 #L4
Johnson, Richard , b. 1929, d. 1987, CS-M & FHM from Fielding's, Row 8 #1
Jones, Samuel, b. Mar 19, 1894, d. Sep 30, 1955, headstone and grave area entirely covered with hedge, Row 4 #L4
Ladson, Sandy, b. 1890, d. 1947, At Rest, headstone and footstone marker, Row 3 #1
Lawrence, Phyllis, unmarked, church records, Row 2 #13
Magwood, Albert, b. Jan 1, 1915, d. Mar 15, 1980, US Navy World War II, headstone, Row 1 #L9
Middleton, AD2 Johnny L., b. 1953, d. 1986, CS-M & FHM (guessing from Fielding's), Row 4 #L8
Middleton, F H M, (guessing from Dorothy's), church records indicate name as Willie Mae Middleton, Row 9 #4
Middleton, Minnie, b. 1919, d. 1998, FHM from Fielding's, Row 4 #L9
Middleton, Raymond,unmarked CS, church records, Row 2 #14
Miller, Cain, b. Oct 20, 1891, d. May 8, 1951, South Caroline, Pvt QMC World War I, headstone, Row 3 #2
Miller, Elsie Polite, b. Oct 28, 1877, d. Oct 24, 1978, In loving memory of, Devoted mother, headstone, footstone marker with ,E.P.M., & FHM from Fielding's, Entire grave perimeter is enclosed with concrete bricks , Row 7 #1L
Moody, Virginia, b. 1943, d. 1988, CS-M & FHM from Fielding's, Row 4 #L6
Omokpo, Patricia S., b. 1943, d. 1979, CS-M & FHM (probably Fielding's)Row 5 #5
Richardson, Richard , b. Jul 22, 1885, d. Oct 23, 1964, headstone, church records list him as ,Sr,, Row 6 #L2
Richardson, Richard, Jr, unmarked, church records, grave area is entirely covered with hedge, Row 2 #3
Riley, Morris, b. 1918, d. 1970, This grave & #9 below are both in a 8, high brick-enclosed area, CS with metal plate engraved and bolted into concrete, Row 2 #8
Rivers, Charles, b. Dec 3, 1903, d. Sep 14, 1982/Sleep peacefully gentle uncle, horizontal headstone, CS, Row 4 #L1
Robinson, Edward, unmarked CS, church records, Row 2 #15
Robinson, Rosena S., b. 1922, d. 1983, CS-M & FHM from Fielding's, Someone also made a wooden cross and attached flowers to place hereRow 5 #1
Robinson, Willie M., b. Aug 3, 1928, d. Oct 11, 1967, Devoted Husband and Father, headstone and as a footmarker someone placed a floral pick that says ,Dad,, Row 1 #L12
Scott, Kerline, b. Jan 3, 1890, d. Jan 2, 1974, My devoted mother, headstone & FHM from Fielding's, Row 7 #L3
Shine, Frank, b. 1909, d. 1967, CS with engraved metal plate bolted into concrete, Row 9 #2
Spearing, Eva Mae, b. May 20, 1918, d. Apr 1, 1963, Asleep in Jesus, only cross shaped headstone & FHM (probably Dorothy's), Row 6 #L1
Waring, Ella R., b. Apr 26, 1898, d. Jan 14, 1969, Beloved wife, mother, May your soul, rest in peace, headstone & FHM from Fielding's, Row 3 #3
Williams, Dan, b. 1911, d. 1968, CS looks like someone took a stick and wrote in the wet concrete, Row 2 #7
FIELDING'S Home for Funerals - 122 Logan St, Charleston, 843-722-3348
DOROTHY's Home for Funerals - 78 Cannon St, Charleston, 843-722-0268
W.M. Smith Funeral Home - 2 radcliffe St, Charleston, 843-722-3676
Harleston-Boags Funeral Home - 121 Calhoun St, Charleston, 843-723-3066

unmarked, church does not know name, Row 9 #3
unmarked, entire grave covered in hedge with concrete bricks around perimeter, FHM broken and unreadable, Row 7 #L5
unmarked, church does not know name, Row 2 #12
unmarked, church does not know name, Row 2 #5
??, Grandma, The only marker here is a floral pick with metal flower bed fencing around the gravesite, Church re
cords state name is Anna Jackson unmarked, church does not know name, Row 1 #L13
unmarked, church does not know name, Row 1 #L10
unmarked, church does not know name, Row 1 #L6
According to the church records, there are 4 other graves here, I could not find them even with their map. Two of these graves are unknown and unmarked, one of the unmarked graves listed probably belongs to Gertie Waring and one to Myranto Freeman

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