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Saint James Goose Creek Episcopal Cemetery
Goose Creek, Berkeley County, South Carolina

Lat: 32° 58' 31"N, Lon: 80° 02' 00"W

Contributed by Tommie Provost, Jan 07, 2001 [tommipro@aol.com]. Total records = 62.

This is a complete list of all existing headstones, read by Tommie Provost, listing was compiled Oct. 14, 2000.

Amiable, Ann (Glover), d. Oct 28, 1791, 25y, consort/o Charles Glover
Amiable, Sarah, d. Aug 4, 1791, 3y, s/w d/o Ann Amiable, "their daughter"
Brailsford, Edward Ainslie, d. Oct 12, 1805, 4m 3d
Bromley, Thomas, d. 1765, 35y, Procurator
Brown, Robert, d. Nov 25, 1757, 43y
Cambridge, Tobias, d. Sep 23, 1808, 34y 27d, "left an affectionate wife and eight children"
Coachman, Benjamin, Esq., no dates
Coachmen, Benjamin, no dates, s/w Benjamin Coachmen, "not lost blessed though, But only gone before"
Collins, Ann, Mrs., d. Mar ??, 1827, 64y, (foot marker has Mrs. AC 1827)
Collins, W. John, d. 1828, 32y, (foot marker has WJC 1828)
Desel, Charles L., b. Jul 13, 1795, d. Jul 1, 1855, 59y 11m 18d, born in Charleston, "left widow and children morning"
Easton, Marchant, d. Jun 27, 1785, 23y and infant male child, d/o Mr. Walter Easton of Newport, RI, s/w Ann Mazych
Elfe, Mary Jane, d. Dec 16 ???9, date is unreadable, w/o George Elfe, d/o Stephen & Mary Mazyck
Hesley, John, d. Oct 19, 1830, 33y
Hesley, John, d. Sep 5, 1830, s/o s/w John Hesley
Hopkins, Jamesd, d, Feb 4, 1826, 41y 11m 15d, (Erected by James Albert Hopkins, Tribute to the memory of his father and step mom)
Hopkins, Market, d. Feb 2, 1825, 27y 8m, w/James Hopkins
Lynch, Kenneth Merrill, III, b. May 9, 1955, d. Dec 16, 1995
Lynch, Kenneth Merrill, Jr., b. Apr 28, 1917, d. Feb 10, 1974
Lynch, Yvonne Winters, b. Jul 14, 1918, d. Mar 7, 1991
Mazyck, Ann, no dates
Mazyck, LT Stephen, no dates, s/w Ann Mazyck
Mazyck, Mary, Mrs., d. May 29, 1845, 82y, w/o Stephen Mazyck
McBride, Margaret, d. Dec 13, 1796, 69y, "Departed this life"
McKewn, Archibald, Esq., d. Oct 14, 1829
McKewn, Mary, Mrs., b. May 30, 1801, d. Feb 6, 1847, 46y 9m 24d
Middleton, Susannah, b. Jan 1760, d. Aug 20, 1834, w/o sw John Parker (b. 1759)
Moltke-Hansen, Christopher Olav, d. Aug 15, 1969, 15y 11m 13 d, "A beloved Boy"
Moultrie, Maj. General William, b. Dec 1730, d. Sep 27, 1805, Major Continental Army
Moultrie, Major William, d. Dec 12, 1796, 44y
Moultrie, William Ainslie, Esq., d. Aug 29, 1811, 33y
Parker, Archibald Henry, b. Jun 7, 1928, d. Feb 7, 1984
Parker, Henry Middleton, d. Nov 17, 1849, 60y 6m
Parker, John, b. Jun 24, 1759, d. Apr 20, 1832, Monument states "Moved to this location, This monument in 1952 from the Parker Burial Ground Hayes Plantation in this parish
Parker, John, b. Oct 31, 1787, d. Sept 3, 1849
Pennington, Jane, d. Dec 28, 1813, 52y, "Departed this life"
Raoul, William Gaston, b. May 2, 1911, d. Nov 1, 1997, of Lookout Mt. TN
Roaul, Louisa P., b. 1919, d. 2000
Rutledge, Emily (Smith), b. Jun 2, 1797, d. Oct 10, 1827, w/o s/w John Parker (b. 1787), "Wife"
Simons, Albert, Jr., b. 1918, d. 1998
Sinkler, W., d. 1824
Sinkler, William, d. Jul 17, 1814, 3w, s/o Wm. & Eliza Sinkler
Smith, Elizabeth Ann, d. Mar 26, 1769, 27y, w/o Capt. Benjamin Smith, d/o William Sinkler
Smith, Mary, d. Sep 9, 1768, 3y 5m 8d
Smith, Rebecca, d. Jan 7, 1814, s/w & consort/o Benjamin Coachmen, 62y 1m
Stitt, William, d. Feb 1801, 24y 11m 8d, s/o William & Elizabeth Stitt
Stoney, Samuel Gaillard, b. Aug 29, 1891, d. Jul 30, 1968
Thomas, Harold, Jr., b. Jun 28, 1912, d. Aug 13, 1969
Thomas, Helen Cheatham, b. Aug 11, 1921, d. Aug 12, 1972
Waring, Ferdinanda (Legare), b. Dec 4, 1895, d. Jan 9, 1985, w/o Joseph Ioor Waring, MD
Waring, Joseph Ioor, MD, b. Sep 4, 1897, d. Dec 21, 1977
Whitlaw, Patti Foos, b. Oct 10, 1906, d. Nov 9, 1998
Whitlaw, Robert N. S., b. Feb 11, 1905, d. April 19, 1974
Withers, Frances, Mrs., d. Sep 29, 1805, 49y, w/o John Withers Senr

Monument states:

Memorial Moultrie Family

"Gen. Wife Hannah Lynch Moultrie
Major Wm. Moultrie Jr.
Wife Hannah Ainslie Moultrie
Grandson William Ainslie
General Ggrandson
Edward Ainslie Bradford
General Ggson
Edward de St. Julian Bradford
And 2 unknown
Trans. Huguenot Society of SC"


Wall donated by Colonial Dames of America 1931
Member of the Old Congress that met from 1774-1789
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