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Pooshee Cemetery
Berkeley County, South Carolina

This cemetery was located on the Pooshee Plantation, which was located seven miles north of Pinopolis. It is now about 5 miles NW of Bonneau underwater. The plantation was established c. 1705, on abt 4,000 acres all of which now is under Lake Moultrie. All of this happened as a result of the Santee Cooper Project.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Apr 26, 2012. Total records = 75.

Contributor's Index:

Broughton, Daniel, d. 22 Jul 1836, age: 44yr 7mos, 21da, [BH]
Broughton, Mary Martha, d. 18 Jun 1855, (2nd side on Daniel Broughton monument) age: 65yr 5mo 24da, w/o Daniel Broughton, d/o Paul De St. J. Ravenel, [BH]
Dewight, Isaac M., d. 11 Feb 1825, An infant, [BH]
Dwight, Francis Marion, d. 7 Nov 1834, age: Four Years, children of Isaac M. & Martha M. Dwight, [BH]
Dwight, Isabella Safford, d. 22 Nov 1834, age: Two Years, children of Isaac M. & Martha M. Dwight, [BH]
Dwight, Martha Maria, d. 1 Dec 1834, age: Six Years, children of Isaac M. & Martha M. Dwight, [BH]
Dwight, Martha Maria, d. 31 Aug 1842, 36th year of her age, w/o Isaac M. Dwight, [BH]
Dwight, Thomas Porcher, d. 2 Nov 1834, age: Seven Years, children of Isaac M. & Martha M. Dwight, [BH]
Gaillard, Maria Ravenel, b. 13 Jan 1871, d. 28 Jun 1952, d/o Rene Ravenel, M.D. & Isabel Marion DeVeaux, relicit of Henry Stevens Gaillard, [BH]
Mazyck, Catharine, d. 17 Jan 1748, age: 37yr [BH]
Mazyck, Catherine, d. 16 May 1827, age: 2yr 8mo 16da, d/o Robert W. & Helen Mazyck, [BH]
Mazyck, Elizabeth Jane, d., w/o Stephen, d/o Daniel Ravenel of Somerton, [BH]
Mazyck, Helen, d. 1 Nov 1830, age: 56yr 3mo 2da, w/o Robert W. Mazyck, [BH]
Mazyck, Mary St. Julian, b. 22 Dec 1836, d. 15 Nov 1838, c/o Robert & Caroline C. Mazyck, [BH]
Mazyck, Paul St. Julian Ravenel, b. 30 Jan 1834, d. 4 Feb 1834, c/o Robert & Caroline C. Mazyck, [BH]
Mazyck, Paul, Esqr, d. 18 Jan 1748, age: 46yr [BH]
Mazyck, Robert Stephen, b. 30 Mar 1838, d. 17 May 1838, c/o Robert & Caroline C. Mazyck, [BH]
Mazyck, Robert W., b. Oct 1789, d. 25 Mar 1853, s/o Stephen & Ann Mazyck of Woodboo St. Johns Berkeley, [BH]
Mazyck, Stephen, d. 22 Jul 1828, age: 1yr 8mo & 29da, s/o Robt. W. & Helen Mazyck, [BH]
Mazyck, Stephen, d. 23 Nov 1832, age: 45yr 9mo 23da, [BH]
Mazyck, Stephen, no dates, h/o Susannah & Elizabeth Jane, [BH]
Mazyck, Susan, d. 22 Sep 1834, age: 16yr 8 mos. 2da, d/o Robert W. & Helen Mazyck, [BH]
Mazyck, William James, b. 16 Sep 1844, d. 5 Oct 1844, c/o Robert & Caroline C. Mazyck, [BH]
Mitchell, Edward, d. 21 Oct 1858, age: 1 yr. and 8 mos.s/o Francis M. & Eudora W. Mitchell, [BH]
Ravenel, Abigail, Mrs, d. 7 Sep 1851, age: 75yr, w/o Paul De St. Julien, d/o Benjamin Pierce of New Port Rhode Island, [BH]
Ravenel, Annie, b. 19 Mar 1865, d. 28 Feb 1954, [BH]
Ravenel, Catherine, d. 12 Jun 1816, age: 24 yrs & 4mo w/o Henry Ravenel Jr., d/o O'Neil Gough & Catherine Stevens, [BH]
Ravenel, Catherine, d. 15 Sep 1824 or 1834, age: 33 yrs ?mo d/o Rene & Charlotte, [BH]
Ravenel, Charlotte Mazyck, d. 30 Sep 1827, age: 2yr 4mo d/o Henry & Elizabeth Ravenel, [BH]
Ravenel, Charlotte, d. 24 Nov 1826, 62nd year of age, [BH]
Ravenel, Daniel James, d. 22 Mar 1836, age: 5yr 10 mos & 10da, s/o John S. & Susan A., [BH]
Ravenel, Daniel, no dates, s/o Rene & Susanah, [BH]
Ravenel, Elizabeth C. P., b. 6 Apr 1860, d. 6 Apr 1881, d/o Rene & Isabel M. Ravenel, [BH]
Ravenel, Elizabeth Catherine, b. 4 Jan 1798, d. 19 Mar 1846, w/o Henry Ravenel, d/o Thomas & Charlotte Porcher, formerly Charlotte Mazyck, [BH]
Ravenel, Elizabeth Gaillard, d. 5 Feb 1855, 38th yr of her life, w/o Henry William Ravenel, d/o William Estell & Lydia Snowden, [BH]
Ravenel, Elizabeth Julia, d. 7 Oct 1827, age: 5 yrs & 7mo d/o Henry & Elizabeth, [BH]
Ravenel, Elizabeth M. Wilson, b. 7 Feb 1827, d. 7 Feb 1908, w/o Thomas Porcher Ravenel, [BH]
Ravenel, Elizabeth Porcher, b. 25 Sep 1852, d. 17 Oct 1935, d/o Elizabeth Wilson & Thomas P. Ravenel, [BH]
Ravenel, Elizabeth, no dates, d/o Rene & Susanah, [BH]
Ravenel, Henrietta M., b. 2 Dec 1835, d. 18 Jun 1888, d/o Dr. Henry Ravenel of Pooshee, [BH]
Ravenel, Henry LeNoble, b. 1 Jan 1847, d. 17 Oct 1884, Eldest Son of Thomas P. & Elizabeth M. Ravenel, [BH]
Ravenel, Henry, M.D., b. 23 May 1790, d. 17 Oct 1867, s/o Rene & Charlotte J. Mazyck, [BH]
Ravenel, Heyward, b. 8 Jul 1868, d. 10 May 1903, s/o Thomas P. & Elizabeth M., [BH]
Ravenel, Infant, b. 15 Mar 1840, d. 15 Mar 1840, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, [BH]
Ravenel, Infant, b. 8 Jun 1816, d. 9 Jun 1816, d/o Catherine & Henry, [BH]
Ravenel, Isabel Marion, b. 1 Jun 1837, d. 22 Oct 1906, w/o Rene Ravenel, M.D., & Chas. J. MacBeth, [BH]
Ravenel, James, no dates, s/o Rene & Susanah, [BH]
Ravenel, John Charles, d. 29 Mar 1836, age: 1yr 8mo s/o Henry & Elizabeth, [BH]
Ravenel, John S., d. 9 Oct 1833, age: 36 yrs & 6mo [BH]
Ravenel, John Stephen, d. 21 Jun 1834, age: 5 mos & 13da, s/o John & Susan, [BH]
Ravenel, Julius DuBose, b. 6 Mar 1859, d. 26 Dec 1859, 3rd s/o Rene & Isabel M. Ravenel, [BH]
Ravenel, Maria, b. 2 Mar 1799, d. 25 April 1850, age: 51yr 1 mo., 23da, d/o Rene & Charlotte [Mazyck] Ravenel, [BH]
Ravenel, Mrs, no dates, w/o Henry Ravenel, d/o unknown Dewight, [BH]
Ravenel, Paul De, d. 30 Jan 1820, age: 54 yrs & 2mo [BH]
Ravenel, Percival P., b. 13 Aug 1866, d. 25 Sep 1903, [BH]
Ravenel, Peter P., b. 23 Dec 1861, d. 6 Oct 1878, s/o Rene & Isabel M. Ravenel, [BH]
Ravenel, Rene Lewis, no dates, 2nd s/o Rene the Emigrant, [BH]
Ravenel, Rene Louis, b. 17 Nov 1855, d. 29 Jun 1857, Fourth son of T.P. & E. M. Ravenel, [BH]
Ravenel, Rene, M.D., b. 13 Nov 1826, d. 27 Jul 1875, [BH]
Ravenel, Rene, d. 10 Feb 1822, age: 59 yrs & 10mo [BH]
Ravenel, Rene, no dates, s/o Rene & Susanah, [BH]
Ravenel, Robert W., d. 4 Aug 1832, age: 14mo s/o J.S. & Susan A., [BH]
Ravenel, Son, b. 6 Sep 1888, d. 29 Jun 1889, s/o T.P. & E. H. Ravenel, [BH]
Ravenel, Susan Ann, b. 4 May 1802, d. 5 Nov 1853, w/o John Stephen Ravenel, [BH]
Ravenel, Susanah Eliza LeNoble, no dates, w/o Rene Lewis Ravenel, [BH]
Ravenel, Susanah, no dates, d/o Rene & Susanah, [BH]
Ravenel, Thomas Porcher, b. 4 Jan 1824, d. 19 Dec 1838, s/o Dr. Henry Ravenel of Pooshee, [BH]
Sanders, Maria Eugenia, b. 15 Feb 1852, d. 2 Aug 1853, age: 1yr 5mo 18da, d/o Charles & Sarah M. Sanders, [BH]
Stevens, Charles Augustus, d. 13 Jan 1821, age: 18mo 13da, s/o Charles & Susan M. Stevens, [BH]
Stevens, Charles, d. 4 Oct 1833, age: 43yr 5mo 28da, [BH]
Stevens, Charlotte Mazyck, d. 9 Oct 1826, age: 2yr, d/o Charles & Susan Mazyck Stevens, [BH]
Stevens, John Calhoun, d. 16 Oct 1834, age: 11yr 6mo 13da, s/o Charles & Susan M. Stevens, [BH]
Stevens, Maria Catherine, b. 14 Jul 1831, d. 28 Jul 1855, d/o Charles & Susan M. Stevens, [BH]
Stevens, Rene Ravenel, d. 17 Nov 1827, age: 6yr 6mo s/o Charles & Susan M. Stevens, [BH]
Stevens, Susan Mazyck, Mrs, b. 8 Dec 1792, d. 8 Aug 1860, d/o Rene & Charlotte Ravenel of Pooshee, [BH]

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