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South Buffalo UP Cemetery
Claysville, Washington County, Pennsylvania

1074 South Sunset Beach Road, Claysville PA

Lat: 40° 07' 24"N, Lon: 80° 21' 57"W
Buffalo Township

Contributed by Gary L Caldwell, Jun 20, 2010, last edited Jun 22, 2010 [caldwell.gary@gmail.com]. Total records = 133.

From Claysville take US-40 E/Main St for 2.4 mi, turn right at Sr3009/South Sunset Beach Road for 0.8 mi, cemetery is on the right just after the underpass at I-70.

According to the DAR records, this is one of the oldest cemeteries in the county and was operational when the church was founded around 1811 at the site of the graveyard. In 1887, the South Buffalo UP church was moved to Claysville and was called the Claysville UP Church.

They said "the cemetery is in fair condition, rather isolated close by the roadside. Many of the old stones are crumbled down, some barely above the ground and many are not readable, Several of the older table-stones are falling if not down all together, and many of the graves have been moved to the Claysville Incorporated Cemetery."

This data was collected by the DAR and found in the genealogy section of the Washington PA library. The data is from 1938 but the burial records are likely complete.

- Gary L Caldwell

Auld, David, d. 14 Dec 1835, age: 26yr
Auld, David, d. 22 Jun 1858, age: 89yr, Soldier of the Revolution. GAR Marker
Auld, James, d. 10 Jan 1832, age: 86yr, Soldier of the Revolution. GAR Marker
Brownlee, Archibald, d. 20 Sep 1853, age: 59yr
Brownlee, James, d. 23 Jul 1834, age: 56yr
Brownlee, Jane, d. 20 Oct 1841, age: 25yr
Brownlee, Keziah, b. 18 Jan 1825, d. 17 Sep 1867, daughter of A&K
Brownlee, Keziah, d. 12 Jan 1871, age: 78yr, wife of Archibald
Brownlee, Margaret, d. 5 Dec 1852, age: 33yr
Brownlee, Margaret, d. 9 Jun 1839, age: 59yr
Brownlee, Maria, d. 21 May 18??, age: 81yr, wife of James
Brownlee, Martha, d. 5 Nov 1847, age: 58yr
Brownlee, Sarah Margaret, d. 24 Oct 1844, age: 6yr, daughter of John and Mary, hand written in, not part of the typed records
Brownlee, Sarah, d. 13 Dec 1939, age: 19yr
Brownlee, Susan, d. 13 Jan 1840, age: 34yr, wife of Richard, McClelland hand written in
Conrey, F. M. C., no dates, old footstone, headstone is missing
Conrey, J. K., d. 21 Feb 1859, age: 4yr, son of Isabelle Noble
Craig, Alexander, d. 17 Aug 1811, age: 52yr, Soldier of the Revolution. GAR Marker
Craig, Martha, d. 15 Jan 1852, age: 79yr, wife of Alexander
Garrett, Jane, d. 13 Jul 1842, age: 36yr, daughter of J&S
Harvey, Elizabeth, d. 1 May 1861, age: 93yr, wife of James
Harvey, James, d. 11 Oct 1835, age: 66yr
Howe, Elizabeth, d. 19 Dec 1828, age: 44yr, wife of William
Howe, Jane, d. 9 Nov 1853, age: 38yr, wife of James
Howe, William, d. 12 Feb 1851, age: 71yr
Hunter, James, d. 21 Aug 1860, age: 64yr
Hutcheson, James, d. 17 Dec 1837, age: 82yr, GAR Flag Holder
Johnstin, Anna, d. 30 Sep 1840, age: 35yr, consort of John
Jordan, Mary A., d. 16 Jan 1871, age: 72yr, wife of Samuel
Jordan, Samuel, d. 16 Jul 1871, age: 74yr
Knox, Agness, d. 1 Mar 1849, age: 64yr, wife of George
Knox, George, b. 13 Oct 1840, d. 9 Aug 1864, Civil War, Co. C. 36th Regt Ills Volunteers, died at Cumberland General Hospital Nashville Tenn.
Knox, George, b. 24 Aug 1780, d. 2 Mar 1863
Little, Sarah, d. 12 Sep 1825, age: 40yr, an emigrant from Ireland
Lorimor, Hugh, d. 28 Jul 1842, age: 81yr, death date also shown as 18 Jul 1842
Lorimor, Jane, d. 5 May 1825, age: 81yr, wife of Hugh, death date also shown as 17 May 1825 and age as 83yr
Marshall, Hannan M., d. 12 Jan 1872, age: 37yr
Marshall, Jacob, d. 28 Aug 1865, age: 72yr
Marshall, James, d. 2 Dec 1816, age: 79yr
Marshall, John, d. 8 May 1866, age: 82yr
Marshall, Sarah, d. 6 Feb 1873, age: 81yr, wife of Jacob
Marshall, Thomas, d. 1 May 1864, age: 25yr, Civil War, 10th PA Cavalry. GAR Stone
Martin, Jean, d. 18 Oct 1848, age: 44yr
McClelland, Elizabeth, d. 26 Jun 1849, age: 54yr, wife of Hugh
McClelland, John, d. 28 May 1853, age: 91yr
McClelland, John, d. 30 Sep 1854, age: 22yr
McClelland, Mary, d. 28 Apr 1830, age: 66yr, wife of John
McDowell, Jane, b. 11 Mar 1793, d. 7 Apr 1874
McDowell, Joseph, d. 4 Sep 1854, age: 63yr
McDowell, N. E. (Dr), d. 4 Jul 1851, age: 28yr
McGill, Elizabeth, d. 12 Feb 1822, age: 73yr, County Down Ireland
McGill, Joseph, d. 25 Apr 1899, age: 82yr, County Down Ireland, Came to Washington County in 1833
McGill, Margaret, d. 23 Oct 1852, age: 64yr, wife of Samuel
McGill, Mary, d. 8 Jun 1877, age: 53yr, wife of Alexander
McGill, Samuel, d. 5 Dec 1836, age: 74yr
McGuffin, Elizabeth, d. 26 Nov 1836, age: 71yr
McKee, Joseph, d. 18 Aug 1838, age: 55yr
McKee, Mary, d. 28 Mar 1842, age: 61yr, wife
McMillen, David, d. 10 May 1843, age: 82yr, husband of Elizabeth
McMillen, David, d. 23 Apr 1848, age: 25yr
McMillen, Elizabeth, d. 29 Feb 1862, age: 90yr
McMillen, Hannah, d. 11 Sep 1863, age: 63yr, wife of Robert
McMillen, Isabel, d. 27 Nov 1853, age: 40yr
McMillen, John, d. 2 Feb 1835, age: 67yr
McMillen, John, d. 25 Mar 1845, age: 93yr
McMillen, John, d. 8 Aug 1853, age: 29yr
McMillen, Margaret M, d. 23 Feb 1829, age: 43yr, consort of John
McMillen, Margaret, d. 17 Mar 1831, age: 74yr, consort of John
McMillen, Nancy, d. 19 Mar 1853, age: 49yr
McMillen, Robert, d. 28 Dec 1840, age: 43yr
McMillen, Samuel, d. 4 Jul 1852, age: 42yr
McMillen, Sarah, d. 8 Aug 1820, age: 31yr
McNeel, Elizabeth, d. 29 Jan 1848, age: 72yr, wife of Daniel
McNeel, John, d. 28 Feb 1851, age: 37yr
McNeel, Mary, d. 28 Feb 1872, age: 67yr
McPherson, Alexander, d. 14 Jun 1832, age: 87yr
Milligan, John, d. 2 Aug 1839, age: 84yr
Mitchell, John (Sr), d. 7 May 1830, age: 80yr
Mitchell, John, d. 1 Apr 1824, age: 25yr
Mitchell, Mary, b. 1804, d. 1883
Mitchell, Mary, d. 26 Mar 1851, age: 86yr, wife of John
Mitchell, Nancy Brownlee, b. 1814, d. 1843
Mitchell, Robert, b. 1801, d. 1887
Mitchell, William, d. 23 Feb 1874, age: 80yr
Moore, Ann, d. 29 Aug 1831, age: 21yr
Moore, Jane, d. 11 Sep 1830, age: 23yr
Moore, Rachel, d. 18 Nov 1828, age: 51yr, wife of Thomas
Moore, Thomas, d. 31 Mar 1846, age: 73yr
Mustard, John, d. 28 Sep 1842, age: 91yr
Mustard, Joseph A., d. 27 Feb 1863, age: 34yr
Mustard, Margaret, d. 30 Mar 1880, age: 50yr
Mustard, Samuel, d. 28 Jun 1874, age: 78yr
Noble, Elizabeth, d. 3 Jun 1850, age: 81yr, wife of William
Noble, Elizabeth, d. 7 Sep 1872, age: 75yr
Noble, Jane, d. 31 Aug 1849, age: 71yr, wife of John
Noble, William C., d. 20 Apr 1839, age: 50yr
Patterson, David, d. 11 Oct 1818, age: 26yr
Pattison, Jane, d. 15 Sep 1821, age: 70yr, wife of Alexander
Ralstin, Eliza, d. 29 Jan 1856, age: 33yr, wife of John
Ralstin, John, d. 6 Apr 1864, age: 81yr
Ralston, David, d. 20 Feb 1853, age: 25yr
Ralston, George, d. 7 Nov 1842, age: 44yr
Ralston, J. M., no dates, old footstone, headstone is missing
Ralston, James, d. 17 Feb 1865, age: 33yr
Ralston, Margaret, d. 18 May 1840, wife of William
Ralston, Susannah, d. 19 Aug 1854, daughter of G&I
Riddle, Joseph, d. 1 May 1822, age: 73yr
Riddle, Martha, d. 31 May 1835, age: 72yr, wife of Joseph
Rollstin, James, d. 30 Aug 1856, age: 71yr
Rolston, John, d. 21 Oct 1828, last name may be Ralstin or Rolstin
Rolston, Rebecca, d. 16 Nov 1847, age: 79yr, last name may be Ralstin or Rolstin
Ross, Elizabeth, d. 1 Dec 1850, age: 27yr, wife of Daniel
Sawhill, Alexander, d. 19 Sep 1837, age: 60yr
Sawhill, Jennie M., d. 9 Jan 1866, age: 21yr, wife of T.H.
Sawhill, Maria, d. 18 Aug 1831, age: 22yr
Sawhill, Martha, d. 5 Jun 1863, age: 26yr, daughter of William and J.
Sawhill, Mary, d. 11 Jun 1856, wife of William
Sawhill, Mary, d. 18 Aug 18??, age: 22yr, daughter of William and J.
Sawhill, Mary, d. 9 Aug 1854, age: 78yr, wife of Alexander
Sawhill, William, d. 29 Apr 1841, age: 68yr, GAR Flag Holder. Mexican War hand written in
Scott, Luther, d. 1 Jun 1866, age: 20yr, son of S&H
Smith, Ann J., d. 28 Jul 1879, age: 85yr
Stone, Elizabeth, d. 6 Mar 1852, age: 30yr
Stone, Mary A., d. 30 May 1851, age: 24yr
Wilson, ??, d. 7 Aug 1854, age: 23yr, son of R&E
Wilson, Elizabeth B., d. 28 Feb 1846, age: 36yr, wife of Thomas
Wilson, Elizabeth, d. 19 Nov 1872, age: 76yr, wife of Robert
Wilson, Jennie (Miss), d. 7 Jul 1878, age: 47yr, first name is hand written in
Wilson, Robert, d. 20 Apr 1857, age: 69yr
Woodburn, Ruth, d. 24 Jul 1842, age: 39yr, consort of Joseph
Woodburn, Samuel H., d. 18 Jun 1863, age: 29yr, death date also shown as 17 Jun 1863
Wright, Mary, d. 5 Dec 1841, age: 55yr, wife of Samuel
Wright, Samuel, d. 24 Jan 1849, age: 68yr

McPherson, ??, unreadable, Stone broken
Pattison, ??, unreadable

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