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Cross Creek Cemetery
Cross Creek, Washington County, Pennsylvania

Contributed by Gary L Caldwell, Jan 12, 2010 [caldwell.gary@gmail.com]

Adams, Ann, d. 8 Feb 1842, age: 46yr
Adams, Esther, d. 19 Dec 1815, age: 20yr, Daughter of John
Adams, Esther, d. 31 May 1846, age: 84yr, Wife of John
Adams, John, d. 26 Jun 1836, age: 78yr
Adams, Judith, d. 1839, age: 97yr
Allen, Ada Etha, d. 4 Jun 1881, age: 24yr, Daughter of J & S
Allen, Ann, d. 19 Oct 1842, age: 65yr, Wife of John
Allen, John, d. 16 Dec 1875, age: 20yr
Allen, John, d. 18 Jan 1859, age: 84yr
Allen, Josiah, d. 14 Jul 1883, age: 75yr
Allen, Martha, d. 21 Mar 1815, age: 72yr
Allen, Pheba J.M., d. 26 Sep 1879, age: 26yr
Allison, James, d. Oct 1839, age: 24yr
Amspoker, John, d. 23 Feb 1852, age: 73yr
Amspoker, Jones, b. 1740, d. 1796, Taken from Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Amspoker, Samuel, d. 21 Oct 1857, age: 32yr
Anderson, Agnes, d. 29 Nov 1868, age: 64yr, Wife of Dr. Robert
Anderson, Francis Henry, no dates
Anderson, Robert, M.D, d. 19 Feb 1868, age: 59yr, Born Butler County, graduated Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Jefferson Medical School in Phila. Studied with the celebrated Dr. Jonathan Letherman
Andover, Margaret, d. 3 Mar 1849, age: 106yr, A Nurse in the Army of the Revolution, birth date of 1743 shown on Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Archer, Nannie Lee, d. 6 Jun 1877, age: 12yr, Daughter of WmL & HL
Arm---, Faithful, d. 26 Mar 1796, age: 69yr
Armitage, Miss Mary, d. 3 Mar 1828, age: 71yr
Armstrong, Adam, d. 19 Jun 1787, age: 21yr
Armstrong, Anna, d. 17 Oct 1853, age: 75yr
Armstrong, Jane, d. 31 Jul 1856, age: 86yr
Armstrong, Miriam, d. 10 Sep 1833, age: 60yr
Armstrong, Robert, d. 5 Dec 1810, age: 83yr
Armstrong, Sarah, d. 1 Sep 1837, age: 71yr
Asberry, Lettis, d. 16 Nov 1863, age: 60yr, Wife of William
Asberry, Robert, d. 27 Mar 1891, age: 50yr
Asberry, William, d. 12 Mar 1848, age: 64yr, From 1837 until his death was the head engineer on the Underground railroad from his residence to Pittsburgh. A reward of $1000 was offered for his head in Wheeling, WVA
Asbury, Phebe, no dates
Babel, Mrs. Christopher, no dates
Babel, Mrs., no dates, Wife of Samuel
Babel, Samuel, d. 1874
Bable, Christopher, d. 27 Jul 1853, age: 84yr, Soldier of the Indian Wars. He was in the bloody defeat of Gen Sinclair by the Indians in 1791
Baker, Matilda, d. 27 Feb 1892, age: 76yr
Baker, William, d. 23 Nov 1891, age: 77yr
Barbour, Abraham, d. 23 Oct 1858, age: 83yr
Barbour, Elizabeth, d. 19 Feb 1892, age: 89yr, Wife of John
Barbour, Jane, d. 10 Nov 1859, age: 80yr, Wife of Abraham
Barbour, John, d. 30 Jun 1873, age: 73yr
Barnes, Mary Jane, b. 4 Jan 1813, d. 14 Jun 1882
Beatty, Alexander, no dates
Beatty, Isabel, d. 19 Jul 1832, age: 32yr, Wife of William
Beatty, Jesse, d. 4 Nov 1818, age: 28yr
Beatty, Margaret, d. 27 Mar 1825, age: 75yr
Beatty, Mary, d. 13 Aug 1827, age: 20yr
Beatty, Thomas, d. 11 Jun 1816, age: 69yr
Beatty, Thomas, d. 14 Mar 1815, age: 31yr
Bebout, Benjamin, d. 8 Nov 1858, age: 99yr, Soldier of the Revolution. Belonged to the Minute Men against the Indians on the Frontier of Washington County at the close of the Revolution. Birth date of 1759 shown on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Bebout, Elizabeth Barber, d. 5 Jun 1831, age: 22yr, Wife of Israel
Bebout, Elizabeth Beal, d. 16 Dec 1893, age: 82yr, 2nd wife of Israel
Bebout, Elizabeth, d. 5 Jun 1831, age: 23yr
Bebout, Enoch, d. 19 May 1887, age: 38yr
Bebout, Hannah Craig, d. 13 Nov 1864, age: 86yr, Wife of William
Bebout, Hannah, d. 11 Feb 1830, age: 66yr, Mother of 18 children, 11 sons and 7 daughters, Native of N.J. and many a cup of water she pumped and gave to the Rev.Soldiers and Gen. Washington when they passed her house during the dark days of the Revolution
Bebout, Hannah, d. 22 Jun 1862, age: 45yr, Daughter of B&H
Bebout, Israel, d. 21 Nov 1882, age: 84yr
Bebout, Joshua, d. 27 Feb 1857, age: 38yr
Bebout, Moses, d. 9 Jul 1831, age: 19yr
Bebout, Nancy S., d. 18 Jan 1891, age: 55yr, Wife of John A
Bebout, Nancy, d. 8 May 1880, age: 65yr, Wife of Joshua
Bebout, Susannah, d. 17 Feb 1875, age: 21yr, Daughter of Joshua and Nancy
Bebout, William, d. 24 Dec 1855, age: 78yr
Bemer, Mrs Ols, no dates
Bemer, Ols, no dates
Berkaw, Abraham, d. 10 Jan 1810, age: 82yr, Name is also shown as Brokaw with date of birth 1728 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Berryhill, A.S., d. 27 Mar 1846, age: 71yr
Berryhill, Mary, d. 22 Oct 1850, age: 66yr
Berryhill, Moses, d. 29 May 1830, age: 24yr
Berryhill, Ruth, d. 30 May 1836, age: 84yr
Berryhill, William M., d. 30 Jun 1848, age: 44yr
Birch, Old Mrs., no dates
Boggs, James, Captain, d. 1805, age: 75yr, Soldier of the Revolution
Boggs, John, d. Sept 1819
Boggs, Sarah, d. 28 Sep 1810, Wife of James
Boggs, Sarah, d. Sep 1819, Wife of James
Boggs, William, d. 24 Jun 1837, age: 21yr, Killed by kick from a horse
Bowland, James, d. 13 May 1812, age: 30yr
Bowland, Martha, d. 30 Apr 1815, age: 36yr
Bowls, Cornelius, d. 16 Aug 1821, age: 54yr
Bowls, Nancy, d. 19 Apr 1864, age: 87yr
Boyles, Elizabeth, d. 14 Jul 1886, age: 79yr, Wife of Jacob
Brown, Old Mrs. Wm, d. 1836
Buchanan, Samuel, d. 26 Nov 1885, age: 60yr
Bucher, Abner, d. 28 Jan 1866, age: 55yr, date may be 1855
Bucher, Rachel, d. 28 Jan 1866, age: 55yr
Buxton, Aaron, d. 21 Jun 1861, age: 77yr
Buxton, Hannan, d. 20 Jul 1842, age: 89yr, Wife of Jacob. She was renowed as a Doctress among the sick, She knew more of the healing arts and the medical use of roots and herbs than any in her day, She once cured a member of Congress from Wash County when others had failed
Buxton, Jacob, d. 1836, age: 63yr
Buxton, Jacob, d. 25 May 1836, age: 86yr, One of the early settlers
Buxton, John M., d. 24 Jun 1866, age: 20yr, died from accidental gunshot
Buxton, Kate, no dates
Buxton, Mrs., no dates, Wife of Jacob Jr. No dates
Buxton, Nancy, no dates
Buxton, Richard, d. 18 Mar 1799, age: 18yr
Buxton, Sarah, d. 3 Jul 1876, age: 81yr
Cain, Catherine, d. 1883
Caldwell, Martha, no dates, Wife of John Cowen
Campbell, Abigail, d. 19 Sep 1804, age: 38yr
Campbell, Ann, d. 28 Sep 1858, age: 70yr, Wife of David
Campbell, Arthur, d. Sept 1804, age: 67yr, One of the early settlers
Campbell, Charles, d. 21 Mar 1819, age: 66yr, Soldier of the Revolution and Indian fighter, date of birth is shown as 1751 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Campbell, David, d. 15 Nov 1858, age: 75yr, Ruling Elder
Campbell, Ebenezer S., d. 20 Aug 1890, age: 71yr
Campbell, Elizabeth, d. 11 Jun 1861, age: 55yr
Campbell, Elizabeth, d. 8 Aug 1814, age: 74yr
Campbell, Esther, d. 1 Feb 1825, age: 37yr, Wife of Charles
Campbell, I. C., no dates, An old stone which is supposed to mark the grave of the mother of John, James and Charles. One of the first internments
Campbell, Isabel, d. 15 Aug 1853, age: 32yr
Campbell, James, no dates
Campbell, Jane Eliza, d. 20 May 1861, age: 31yr
Campbell, Jane, d. 17 May 1869, age: 80yr, Wife of Robert
Campbell, Jennie, d. 24 Sep 1882, age: 30yr, Wife of SS
Campbell, John, Captain, d. 25 Mar 1889, age: 74yr
Campbell, John, d. 15 Aug 1807, age: 63yr, Soldier of the Revolution. Dare of birth is shown as 1744 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Campbell, John, d. 7 Nov 1828, age: 37yr
Campbell, Joseph, Dr, d. 30 Jan 1852, age: 63
Campbell, Mary, d. 18 Mar 1817, age: 64yr, Wife of John
Campbell, Mary, d. 31 Aug 1861, age: 85yr, Wife of John
Campbell, Mary, no dates
Campbell, M. C., no dates
Campbell, Nancy, d. 15 Mar 1845, age: 80yr
Campbell, Obadiah J., b. 14 May 1814, d. 12 Sep 1842, Graduated 1840, candidate for the Holy Ministry under the care of the Presbytery of Washington
Campbell, Robert S., d. 15 Mar 1848, age: 28yr, Son of J and M
Campbell, Robert, d. 23 Jun 1857, age: 76yr
Campbell, Samuel B., d. 29 Jun 1890, age: 80yr
Campbell, Sarah, d. 27 Aug 1867, age: 22yr, Daughter of SB and J
Campbell, Sibella, d. 7 Dec 1840, age: 63yr
Campbell, William, d. 2 Jun 1801, age: 62yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1739 and date of death is shown as 1802 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Carr, Elizabeth K., d. 7 May 1848, age: 27yr, Wife of John C
Cassidy, Elizabeth, d. 8 Apr 1839, age: 30yr, Daughter of A and S
Cassidy, Hugh, d. 26 Aug 1883, age: 75yr
Cassidy, John, d. 12 Jun 1884, age: 74yr
Cassidy, Martha, d. 8 Apr 1847, age: 66yr, Wife of S
Cassidy, Matthew, b. 25 Mar 1847, d. 20 Aug 1877
Cassidy, Rebecca, d. 23 Apr 1888, age: 76yr
Cassidy, Samuel, d. 1855
Chidester, Isabella Martin, d. 1810, age: 61yr, Wife of Ephraim
Chidester, Margaret W., no dates
Chidester, William, d. 1805
Close, Martha, no dates
Close, Teresa, d. 23 Jul 1890, age: 99yr, A German by birth
Clyde, Hannah, d. 18 Jan 1806, age: 30yr, Daughter of Joseph Horner
Cole, Amy P., d. 1824
Cole, Annie, d. 6 May 1825, age: 31yr
Cole, Harmonis, d. 1813
Cole, John, d. 4 May 1864, age: 64yr
Cole, Judah, d. 23 Sep 1852, age: 81yr, Wife of Moses
Cole, Moses, d. 17 Aug 1817, age: 55yr
Cole, Nancy Taylor, d. 12 Aug 1892, age: 93yr, date unclear
Colville, F N U, no dates
Colville, Jane, no dates
Cook, S C, d. 1832, age: 17mo
Cooke, David, d. 30 Dec 1857, age: 59yr
Cooke, James, d. 1 Dec 1830, age: 73yr, Soldier of the Revolution. Shown as Captain with date of birth of 1757 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Cooke, Jeremiah, d. 15 Apr 1842, age: 43yr
Cooke, Martha M., d. 16 Aug 1833, age: 56yr
Cooke, Oliver Perry, b. 6 Dec 1866, age: 52yr
Cooper, Ephraim, d. 1832
Cooper, F N U, d. 1794
Corbin, Abraham, no dates
Corbin, Jo, d. 1858, wounded at the Battle of Ft. Erie, 1812
Corbin, Margaret, d. 1856, wife of Jos
Cowen, Ann, d. 1802
Cowen, Elias, d. 1807, age: 26yr
Cowen, Eliza, d. 1813
Cowen, Martha, d. 1821, age: 25yr
Cowen, Mary, d. 1782, Wife of John
Cowen, Mary, d. 1815, age: 23yr
Cowen, Mary, no dates, no dates, Wife of Elias
Cowen, Moses, d. 1780
Cowen, Susannah, d. 5 Jun 1827, age: 35yr
Cowen, William, d. 29 Apr 1857, age: 62yr, A ruling Elder in the Church
Craig, Elizabeth, d. 18 Aug 1866, age: 72yr, Wife of Walter
Craig, Walter, d. 10 Feb 1875, age: 89yr, A ruling elder, Rep Wash Co., also Constitutional Convention 1838, Soldier of the War of 1812
Crider, Jane, d. 19 Aug 1872, age: 75yr
Criss, Hannah J., b. 30 Mar 1836, d. 22 Mar 1862, Daughter of J and M
Criss, Margaret, d. 20 Aug 1882, age: 70yr
Cromer, Elizbeth, d. 1887
Croner, Abraham, d. 6 Jul 1868, age: 78yr, Soldier of the War of 1812
Croner, Benjamin F., b. 9 Dec 1840, d. 18 Apr 1863, age: 23yr
Croner, Elizabeth, d. 18 Feb 1887, age: 45yr, Wife of Joseph
Croner, Elizabeth, d. 30 Dec 1879, age: 87yr, Wife of Abraham
Culley, Mary J., b. 18 Aug 1841, d. 29 Aug 1871, Wife of J.E
Cummins, Alfred, d. 23 Mar 1888, age: 80yr
Cummins, Benjamin, d. 12 May 1864, age: 19yr, Co. K., 140th Reg, P.V. while pressing on in advance of his company in the charge near Spotslyvania Court House. Son of A and MA
Cummins, James A, d. 12 May 1864, age: 16yr, Co. K 140 Reg, P.V., Fell mortally wounded in the celebrated charge of the 12th May 1864
Cummins, Jennie, no dates
Cummins, Mary, no dates
Cummins, Paul, no dates, War 1812
Cummins, Robert, no dates
Cunningham, Agnes, d. 14 Jul 1840, age: 60yr
Cunningham, Mrs. ---, no dates
Curry, Archibald, d. 18 May 1868, age: 84yr, Was a Orleans trader and had seen New Orleans when the Spanish held it, A soldier in the War of 1812
Curry, Isabella, d. 25 Mar 1856, age: 98yr, Wife of Robert
Curry, John, d. 17 Nov 1861, age: 42yr
Curry, Keziah, d. 25 Feb 1838, age: 38yr, Wife of Robert
Curry, Mary, d. 28 Aug 1865, age: 70yr
Curry, Robert, d. 19 Aug 1866, age: 76
Curry, Robert, d. 25 Jun 1838, age: 84yr, Soldier of the Revolution, Born in Scotland, Was pressed aboard a British man-of-war. In August 1782 saw the naval engagement between the French/British of Dominica when Adm DeGrasse was taken, date of birth is shown as 1754 on memorial stone
Curry, Samuel, d. 1886
Curry, Sarah, d. 6 Feb 1880, age: 78yr, Wife of Robert
Dagon, John, no dates, Name listed on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Daugherty, Mary Campbell, d. 16 Apr 1883, age: 25yr, Wife of David, daughter of S&M Campbell
Davidson, Martha, d. 1849
Davis, Pheba, d. 7 Mar 1849, age: 100yr, A slave liberated by Emancipation Act of 1780
Davis, Richard, no dates, A slave
Dawson, James, d. 7 Jan 1873, age: 74yr
DeFrance, John, b. 1760, d. 1838, Name and dates listed on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
DeFrance, Martha, d. 4 May 1856, age: 82yr
Denny, Elizabeth, d. 1837
Denny, Susan, d. 3 Dec 1830, age: 60yr
Dimit, Carrie, b. 1859, d. 20 Sep 1889
Dinsmore, Ellen R., d. 28 Aug 1844, age: 21yr, Wife of John
Donahoo, Margaret, d. 1866
Donehoo, James, Esq, d. 16 Jun 1873, age: 74yr, A Ruling Elder, Justice of the Peace for 38 years in Cross Creek and a member of the Legislature in 1858
Donehoo, William, d. 11 May 1864, age: 51yr
Dowden, Joesph, d. 1841
Drake, Susannah, b. 23 May 1849, d. 11 Mar 1883
Duncan, Daniel, d. 1793
Duncan, Jesse H., d. 25 Nov 1843, age: 40yr
Duncan, Louisa, d. 4 Feb 1852, age: 36yr
Edgar, Adam, d. 1 Oct 1827, age: 82yr
Edgar, James, Esq, d. 8 Jun 1814, age: 71yr, Member of Convention of 1776 in Carpenter's Hall, Philadelphia, moved to Washington County 1778, Elder in Cross Creek Church, represented Washington County in State legislature in 1781, Justice of the Peace, Associate Justice for Washington
Edgar, James, d. 8 Feb 1875, age: 88yr, Soldier in the War of 1812
Edgar, Jane, d. 13 Oct 1838, age: 80yr, Wife of Adam
Edgar, Martha, d. 7 Oct 1783, age: 47yr, Wife of William
Edgar, Mary, d. 10 Oct 1808, age: 68yr, 2nd wife of William
Edgar, Mary, d. 31 Mar 1856, age: 68yr, Wife of James
Edgar, William, d. 6 Oct 1803, age: 90yr, Father of Judge James Edgar
Elder, Margaret, d. 9 Dec 1852, age: 80yr, Wife of Thomas
Elliott, Patrick, d. 1832
Evans, Catherine, d. 1885
Ewing, James, no dates
Fink, Abraham, d. 21 Jul 1825, Brother of Mike Fink, Associate of Lewis Wetzel
Fitch, Margaret, d. 27 Apr 1846, age: 27yr, Consort of James
Fleming, James, d. 1 Feb 1830, age: 70yr, A Ruling Elder of Cross Creek Church. Soldier of the revolution, date of birth shown as 1760 on the Revoutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Fleming, Jane F., d. 10 Jun 1866, age: 54yr
Fleming, Jane, d. 1 Mar 1841, age: 75yr, Wife of James
Fleming, Jane, d. 16 Jan 1805, age: 95yr
Fleming, John, d. 16 Apr 1858, age: 58yr
Fleming, Robert, d. 3 Apr 1802, age: 96yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1706 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Fleming, Robert, d. 7 Jul 1824, age: 22yr
Fulk, Eliza, d. 16 Oct 1848, age: 36yr, Wife of Richard, Daughter of RK and E. Futhey (may be Futher)
Futher, Elizabeth, d. 9 Sep 1858, age: 75yr, Wife of Robert K
Futher, Robert K., d. 26 Oct 1854, age: 71yr, Soldier in the War of 1812
Gardner, Elizabeth, d. 1 Oct 1853, age: 95yr, Wife of John
Gardner, John, d. 10 Sep 1821, age: 64yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1757 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Garvin, David, no dates
Gault, Matilda, d. 18 Apr 1853, age: 35yr, Wife of David
Gilchrist, Agnes, d. 1811, age: 85yr
Gilchrist, Thomas Smith, d. 23 Dec 1827, age: 87yr
Graham, Henry, d. 22 Jul 1863, age: 22yr, Member of Young's Battery at Ft, Delaware
Graham, Henry, d. 31 Jan 1827, age: 87yr, One of the first settlers of Cross Creek Twp. Many years an elder in the Church and a Justice of the Peace, Tradition says he donated the land for the Cross Creek Church when organized in 1779
Graham, Jane, d. 17 Apr 1856, age: 37yr, Wife of Joseph
Graham, Jane, d. 25 Mar 1848, age: 73yr, Wife of John
Graham, John, d. 9 Oct 1830, age: 57yr
Graham, Joseph, d. 19 Mar 1855, age: 44yr
Graham, Mary, d. 29 Nov 1814, age: 70yr
Graham, Polly, d. 18 Oct 1818, age: 22yr
Greer, James, d. 1803, murdered
Greer, James, d. 1836, aged man
Griffith, John, d. 1 Apr 1825, age: 53yr
Griffith, Lettice, no dates, Mother of John and Thomas
Griffith, Thomas, no dates, Brother of John
Hagar, Old Hagar, d. 11 May 1854, age: 105yr, An old colored lady who had been a slave of William Campbell but was freed by him at his death in 1801
Hall, Mrs. John, d. 1817
Hall, Mrs. William, no dates
Hawkins, R., d. 3 Apr 1817, age: 74yr
Haws, Elizabeth, d. 15 Feb 1877, age: 71yr
Haws, Samuel, d. 12 May 1885, age: 69yr
Hays, Alex, d. 19 Sep 1846, age: 51yr
Hays, Ann, d. 22 Dec 1814, age: 64yr
Hays, David Vance, no dates
Hays, David, d. 1793
Hays, David, d. 19 Jan 1847, age: 44yr
Hays, Elizbeth Clifford, no dates
Hays, Hannah, d. 11 Feb 1869, age: 86yr, Wife of James
Hays, Hugh, d. 18 Dec 1814, age: 24yr
Hays, James, d. 27 Dec 1854, age: 80yr
Hays, Jane Getts, d. 29 Aug 1852, age: 36yr, Wife of Levi
Hays, Jeremiah, b. 2 Oct 1765, d. 10 Jul 1837
Hays, Jeremiah, no dates
Hays, Levi, d. 19 Sep 1846, age: 51yr
Hays, Lucinda, d. 20 Oct 1835, age: 35yr, Wife of Levi
Hays, Marther, d. 16 Aug 1877, age: 57yr, Our Mother
Hays, Mary, d. 1790, wife of Thomas
Hays, Moses, d. 4 Aug 1837, age: 77yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1760 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Hays, Mrs., no dates, Wife of David
Hays, Nathaniel, no dates
Hays, Thomas C., d. 2 Jul 1863, age: 23yr, Killed at Gettysburg, 140th Reg, Regular PA Vol
Hays, Thomas, d. 9 Apr 1828, age: 83yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1745 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Hays, William, d. 8 Jul 1821, age: 30yr, Killed by a cut from a scythe
Henry, Graham, no dates, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1740 and date of death is shown as 1827 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone, Last name is also shown as Henery
Henry, John, no dates, Elder
Henwood, David, d. 28 Jan 1854, age: 23yr
Henwood, Elijah, d. Apr 1837, age: 75yr
Henwood, Elizabeth, d. 16 Sep 1853, age: 54yr, Wife of James
Henwood, James, d. 8 Sep 1849, age: 52yr
Henwood, Jas, no dates, Was in Crawford's defeat, 1782
Henwood, John, d. 7 Jun 1852, age: 28yr, Son of J and E
Henwood, Margaret, no dates, Wife of Elijah
Henwood, Maria Jane, d. 30 May 1853, age: 23yr
Henwood, Mary, no dates
Henwood, William, d. 1832, was disinterred
Hoge, Hannah G., d. 18 Jul 1863, age: 27yr, Wife of James
Horner, Hannah, d. 15 Apr 1817, age: 30yr
Horner, John, b. Jul 1778, d. Aug 1858, age: 80yr
Horner, John, d. 1870, age: 85yr
Horner, John, d. 29 Mar 1870, age: 85yr
Horner, Mary T., d. 1881, age: 58yr
Horner, Mary, d. 18 Dec 1859, age: 74yr, Wife of John
Horner, Mary, d. Jul 1815, age: 35yr, Daughter of John
Humphrey, Fullerton, no dates, no dates, War of 1812
Jackson, William C., Rev, b. 10 Dec 1808, d. 20 Aug 1888
Jennings, Ebenezer, Dr, d. 21 Nov 1803, age: 32yr, An eminent Physician and Christian Gentleman. A descendent of a Pilgrim Father who came over on the Mayflower. Was Father of Rev. S.C. Jennings, DD., who represented Wash Co. in the 1806 and 1807 legislature
Jennings, Jacob, d. 22 Feb 1832, age: 28yr
Jennings, Mariah J., d. 10 Feb 1881, age: 80yr, Daughter of Dr. Ebenezer Jennings
Jennings, Mercy, d. 31 Jul 1806, age: 26yr, Wife of Ebenezer
Jerome, Amos, d. 23 May 1862, age: 62yr
Jerome, Charles M., d. 25 Jun 1858, age: 35yr, Killed by lightning
Johnston, Amos, d. 23 May 1862, age: 62yr
Johnston, Anna, d. 27 Apr 1850, age: 84yr
Johnston, Eleanor, d. 24 Jan 1827, age: 23yr, Daughter of Andrew Farrer
Johnston, Elizabeth, d. 30 Sep 1866, age: 76yr
Johnston, Henry, d. 1817
Johnston, John, Captain, d. 1881, age: 100yr, Soldier of the Revolution. Brave soldier, stood on the Battlefield of Brandywine and many other engagements, date of birth is shown as 1721 and date of death as 1821 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Johnston, John, d. 1849
Johnston, John, d. 8 Mar 1850, age: 85yr, He served in the army Gen. Washington sent out to quell the Whiskey Insurrection
Johnston, Mary, d. 1836
Johnston, Mary, d. 6 Oct 1872, age: 40yr, Wife of AL
Johnston, Molly, d. 22 Aug 1855, age: 95yr
Johnston, Old Mrs. Samuel, d. 1817
Johnston, Phebe, d. 27 Jan 1878, age: 23yr, Wife of Aaron
Johnston, Rebecca, d. 10 Feb 1873, age: 95yr
Johnston, Robert, d. 9 Oct 1852, age: 70yr
Johnston, Thomas, d. 12 Dec 1838, age: 70yr
Jones, Isaac, d. 1832
Jones, Thomas, d. 1848
Jones, William, d. 1850
Kelley, Agnes, d. 23 Jan 1838, age: 87yr, Her 1st Husband was killed by Indians in the spring of 1782 (John Yeaman), the same day that Park and Robinson were killed. Was buried on the farm now owned by J.J
Kerr, Aaron, b. 4 Jul 1776, d. 1 May 1824, age: 48yr, 3 years in NJ legislature, 7 years in PA Legislature. Member of Constitutional Convention of 1838. Lineal descent of Walter Kerr, Scotland (AS WRITTEN)
Kerr, Alexander, b. 4 Feb 1816, d. 20 Apr 1833
Kerr, Eleanor, d. 22 Nov 1818, age: 32yr, Wife of William
Kerr, Hannah, b. 9 Apr 1784, d. 24 Sep 1842, Wife of James
Kerr, I.H., b. 14 Jan 1815, d. 1 Feb 1866, age: 51yr
Kerr, James M., b. 8 Jun 1809, d. 28 Oct 1846
Kerr, James, b. 3 Oct 1782, d. 19 Jul 1847
Kerr, Jennie, d. 1857
Kerr, Sarah, b. 5 Jul 1776, d. 17 Feb 1860, age: 84yr
Kerr, William, b. 3 May 1805, d. 26 May 1846
Kerr, William, d. 31 Mar 1807, age: 69yr
Kerr, William, d. 8 Feb 1815, age: 30yr
Lawton, Isaac, b. 22 Jan 1838, d. 26 Feb 1878
Lee, Elizabeth, d. 22 Oct 1886, age: 79yr, Wife of Robert
Lee, Hannah, b. 2 May 1787, d. 24 Feb 1882, A mother of Israel, born in Cumberland Co before the adoption of the Federal Consitutiton and lived to see the 21st President in the chair
Lee, Hugh, d. 24 Apr 1837, age: 64yr
Lee, Hugh, d. 28 Aug 1813, age: 73yr
Lee, Jane Craig, d. 14 Feb 1890, age: 60yr, Wife of William
Lee, John, d. 23 Apr 1856, age: 46yr
Lee, Margaret, d. 23 Sep 1828, age: 38yr, Wife of James
Lee, Mary Ann, d. 28 Jun 1828, age: 22yr, Consort of John
Lee, Mary, d. 30 Nov 1820, age: 75yr
Lee, nancy, d. 12 Nov 1840, age: 64yr
Lee, Robert, d. 16 Jan 1853, age: 47yr
Lee, Varian Stockton, b. 2 Apr 1844, d. 17 May 1892, First name is not clear in the text - best guess
Lee, William, b. 24 Jul 1807, d. 17 Aug 1888
Leeper, James, d. 16 Aug 1826, age: 80yr
Leeper, Jane, d. 13 Jun 1868, age: 68yr
Leeper, John, d. 12 Oct 1849, age: 73yr
Leeper, Martha, d. 2 Jun 1850, age: 70yr
Leeper, Mary, d. 9 Nov 1826, age: 80yr
Levin, Ann, no dates
Liggett, Irene, d. 3 Aug 1885, age: 33yr, Wife of C.M
Lindley, John, d. 12 Nov 1840, age: 64yr, Claimed to be a descendant of the Pilgrim of the Mayflower (Hand written note says NO!)
Linnville, Peter, d. 19 Apr 1834, age: 85yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1749 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Louther, Adam, d. 29 Sep 1803, age: 34yr
Luckey, Samuel, d. 1852
Lyle, Aaron, d. 2 Sep 1825, age: 66yr, Soldier of the Revolution and the War of 1812, Many years in the Senate and House of Rep, Also in Congress from 1809-1817, date of birth is shown as 1759 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Lyle, Annie, d. 30 Dec 1883, age: 26yr, Daughter of William and Mary
Lyle, David, d. Sep 1791, age: 30yr, A teamster in the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1761 on the revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Lyle, Dorcas C., b. 18 May 1809, d. 28 Oct 1886
Lyle, Eleanor, d. 13 Dec 1849, age: 91yr, Wife of Aaron
Lyle, Elizabeth Lee, d. 22 Oct 1886, age: 79yr, Wife of Robert
Lyle, James, d. 5 Mar 1860, age: 75yr
Lyle, John, Sr, d. 17 Apr 1826, age: 74yr, Soldier of the Revolution. Shown as Captain with date of birth of 1752 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Lyle, Mary, d. 2 Dec 1867, age: 84yr, Wife of James
Lyle, Mary, d. 6 Oct 1886, age: 36yr, Daughter of JJ and RD
Lyle, Moses, b. 10 Mar 1810, d. 7 Apr 1891
Lyle, Moses, d. 10 Jun 1840, age: 58yr, Soldier in the War of 1812
Lyle, Samuel, d. Apr 1813, age: 30yr
Lyle, William, d. 23 Mar 1886, age: 61yr
Lyons, Benjamin, Rev, d. 1837

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