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Chapel Cemetery
West Finley, Washington County, Pennsylvania

699 West Finley Road, West Finley, PA 15377

Lat: 39° 59' 50"N, Lon: 80° 27' 58"W
West Finley Township

Contributed by Gary L Caldwell, Apr 20, 2011, last edited May 13, 2011 [caldwell.gary@gmail.com]. Total records = 52.

Directions: From Washington, PA, At Chestnut and I-70, take the ramp onto I-70 W for 9.3 mi, take the exit toward State Route 3024 for 0.2 mi, turn right at State Route 3024 for 118 ft, turn right at US-40 E for 0.7 mi, turn right at PA-231 S/Bell Ave for 0.2 mi, turn right at Beham Ridge Rd for 1.8 mi, turn right to stay on Beham Ridge Rd for 1. 3 mi, turn left to stay on Beham Ridge Rd for 4.0 mi, turn left at W Finley Rd/State Route 3037 for 3.6 mi, turn left at Crawford Rd for 236 ft, sharp right at W Finley Rd/Sr3037 for 0.6 mi, cemetery is on the right.

There is little available historically about Chapel Cemetery. According to the DAR, the cemetery was in deplorable condition with about 30 sandstone tombstones standing with the lettering all gone. According to their information, each cemetery and associated church in both West and East Finley Townships seemed to start from one of the old sturdy forts they had for their protection.

This data was collected by the DAR and found in the genealogy section of the Washington PA library. The data is from 1939 but the burial records are believed to be complete.

- Gary L Caldwell

Ackley, Daniel, d. 3 Jul 1887, age: 80yrs
Ackley, Ellsworth, b. 2 Sep 1831, d. 10 Mar 1893
Ackley, Joshua, b. 2 Jul 1804, d. 30 Sep 1881
Ackley, Naomi, b. 1 Jan 1801, d. 2 Jan 1885
Ackley, Parker, b. 4 Nov 1837, d. 17 Sep 1869, Civil War
Burns, Anna M., d. 12 May 1872, wife of C
Burns, John, d. 10 Nov 1869, age: 71yrs
Burns, Martha, d. 28 Mar 1869, age: 72yrs, wife of John
Burns, Martha, d. 9 Oct 1852, age: 47yrs, wife of William
Burns, Robert, d. 11 Nov 1854, age: 27yrs
Burns, William, d. 7 Sep 1883, age: 80yrs
Cummins, J. J., b. 28 Mar 1829, d. 25 Jan 1896
Fleming, John, d. 31 Oct 1893, Civil War Pvt Co. B. 1st WVA Cavalry
Forsythe, Charles, d. 17 May 1844, age: 73yrs
Gunn, Alexander, d. 8 May 1845, age: 48yrs
Gunn, James, b. 14 Feb 1858, d. 15 Nov 1891
Gunn, John, d. 1851, age: 23yrs
Gunn, John, d. 5 Oct 1848, age: 60yrs
Gunn, Juliana, no dates, age: 72yrs
Gunn, Martha, d. 19 May 1852, age: 20yrs, wife of John
Gunn, Mary, d. 6 Nov 1875, age: 58yrs, wife of Franklin
Gunn, Mayme, b. 28 Jun 1882, d. 7 Apr 1900, daughter of J&J
Henderson, J. W., b. 10 Jan 1820, d. 21 Dec 1883
Hill, Hugh, d. 16 Aug 1866, age: 39yrs
Holliday, David, no dates, Civil War
Hunter, Jane, b. 6 Aug 1801, d. 21 Feb 1883, wife of J. Neely
Iiams, Anna, d. 23 Nov 1886, age: 89yrs
Iiams, John, d. 12 Dec 1866, age: 74yrs
Jenkins, Thomas, d. 8 May 1855, age: 62yrs
Johnson, Unity, d. 31 Dec 1872, age: 30yrs, wife of G.W.
Litman, Eveline, d. 16 Mar 1870, age: 17yrs
Longdon, Alexander P., d. 4 Jan 1855, age: 16yrs, son
Longdon, Elizabeth, d. 4 Jul 1857, age: 28yrs, wife of D.W.
Longdon, John M., d. 4 Apr 1855, age: 30yrs
Longdon, Mary, d. 20 Jan 1855, age: 56yrs, wife of Nimrod
Longdon, Nimrod, d. 28 Jan 1855, age: 59yrs
Martin, Elizabeth, d. 29 Sep 1857, age: 79yrs, wife of James
Martin, Isabel, d. 13 Nov 1882, age: 53yrs, wife of John
Martin, James, d. 6 Feb 1867, age: 87yrs
Martin, John, d. 15 Apr 1897, age: 79yrs
Martin, Mary, d. 22 Jun 1875, age: 61yrs
Mathews, Joseph, d. 23 Feb 1878, age: 84yrs
Mathews, Lavania, d. 29 Aug 1882, age: 79yrs, wife of Joseph
Miller, Elizabeth, d. 3 May 1855, age: 20yrs, wife of John
Miller, James, d. 10 Nov 1855, age: 31yrs
Miller, Merinda, d. 1 Jul 1852, wife of James
Neely, Joseph, b. 1 Oct 1800, d. 9 Oct 1889
Newman, Catherine, d. 14 Jan 1894, age: 87yrs, wife of Abraham
Potter, Mary K., b. 8 Sep 1855, d. 25 May 1900, wife of M.K.
Reed, Betsy, d. 22 May 1866, age: 72yrs, daughter of W&N
Shoaf, Naomi, d. 1 Dec 1845, age: 32yrs, wife of William S.
Teagarden, Nancy, b. 15 Mar 1816, d. 8 Mar 1855, wife of W.G.

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