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Cornplanter Cemetery
Elk Township, Warren County, Pennsylvania

Lat: 41° 56' 18"N, Lon: 78° 56' 31"W

Submitted by Liane Freedman, Jan 10, 2006, Jan 17, 2012 [liane@pghmail.com]. Total records = 91.

Cornplanter Cemetery was located in Warren County, PA on the Seneca Nation Reservation (Cornplanter Grant).

The cemetery was located on the Kinzua River between Corydon, PA, to the west, and Kinzua, PA to the east before being moved.

The cemetery was inundated by the Allegheny Reservoir, which developed when Kinzua Dam was completed in 1965.

The earliest known burial was 1836 and the latest was 1930. Total graves at Cornplanter Cemetery were 357. Of these, 247 were unknown.

I have transcribed these names from the Corps of Engineers records. They contain no dates and sometimes only a partial name.

- Liane Freedman

Anderson, Edith Lee, no dates
Bennett, Betsy, no dates
Bennett, Dwight, no dates
Bennett, Geraldine, no dates
Bennett, Iva, no dates
Blacksnake, ??, no dates
Blacksnake, Infant, no dates
Blacksnake, Jackson, no dates
Blacksnake, Jennie, no dates
Blacksnake, Lydia, no dates
Bowen, Hattie, no dates
Bowen, Infant, no dates
Bowen, Wellman, no dates
Crouse, Baby, no dates
Crouse, Baby, no dates
Crouse, Florence, no dates
Fatty, Alice, no dates
Fatty, Anderson, no dates
Fatty, Eugene, no dates
Fatty, Lillie, no dates
Gordon, Charles, no dates
Gordon, Josephine, no dates
Gordon, Mary, no dates
Halftown, Alfred, no dates
Halftown, Lovett, no dates
Jackson, Joselyn, no dates
Jacobs, Allen, no dates
Jacobs, Baby, no dates
Jacobs, Ezra, no dates
Jacobs, Harvey, no dates
Jacobs, John, no dates
Jacobs, Owen, no dates
Jacobs, Ruth, no dates
Jacobs, Susan, no dates
Jamison, Baby, no dates
Jamison, Infant, no dates
Ja-Wa-Yuh, no dates
Jimerson, Lafayette, no dates
Lee, Almeda, no dates
Lee, Bertha, no dates
Lee, Carl, no dates
Lee, Dewey, no dates
Lee, Elizabeth, no dates
Lee, George Jr., no dates
Lee, George, no dates
Lee, Hazel, no dates
Lee, Lawrence, no dates
Lee, Minnie, no dates
Lee, Morris, no dates
Logan, Alice, no dates
Logan, Alpheus, no dates
Logan, Charles S., no dates
Logan, Jesse, no dates
Logan, Milburn, no dates
Logan, Paul, no dates
Logan, Rebecca, no dates
Logan, Sherman, no dates
Logan, Susan, no dates
O'Bail, ??, no dates
O'Bail, John, no dates, alias Cornplanter
Parker, Abbie, no dates
Pierce, ??, no dates #2
Pierce, ??, no dates, #1
Pierce, Adam, no dates
Pierce, Augusta, no dates
Pierce, Cassandra, no dates
Pierce, Cordelia, no dates
Pierce, Elon W., no dates
Pierce, Ely Spenser, no dates
Pierce, Hanna, no dates
Pierce, Infant, no dates
Pierce, Infant, no dates
Pierce, Infant, no dates
Pierce, Jonathan, no dates
Pierce, Julia, no dates
Pierce, Lewis, no dates
Pierce, Markes, no dates
Pierce, Marsh Jr., no dates
Pierce, Marsh, no dates
Pierce, Mary, no dates
Pierce, Scomer, no dates
Pierce, Smith, no dates
Pierce, Susan, no dates
Redeye, Chester, no dates
Redeye, Herbert, no dates
Redeye, James, no dates, alias Gahnyonsah
Redeye, Lynn, no dates
Redeye, Robert, no dates
Silverheels, Hanna, no dates
Titus, George, no dates
Varnam, Rosa, no dates
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