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Beulah Cemetery
Jefferson County, Pennsylvania

Reynoldsville PA

Lat: 41°05'35"N, Lon: 78°52'30"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 43.

Contributor's Index:

Orsargos, John, b. 6/10/1930, d. 11/19/1997, [DL]
Postlehwaite, Melinda, no dates, age 4 yrs, [DL]
Ramsey, Jane Ann Richardson, b. 12/24/1819 d. 11/25/1902, [DL]
Ramsey, Robert Bruce, b. 10/31/1819 d. 1/-/1894, [DL]
Redin, Randall E., b. 1958, d. 1961, [DL]
Redin, Thomas Aaron, Jr., b. 9/6/1928, d. 4/5/1998, [DL]
Rishell, Dorthy, b. 12/15/1912, d. 1/8/1994, [DL]
Saxton, Cordelia Conser, b. 8/7/1854, died in the 1920's, [DL]
Saxton, Edgar Lee, b. 10/13/1872, d. 3/18/1875, [DL]
Saxton, Etta May, b. 4/22/1875, died. 12/12/1978, [DL]
Saxton, Page G., b. 8/20/1890, d. 3/13/1891, [DL]
Saxton, Samuel, b. 1/27/1848, d. 10/30/1908, [DL]
Scheetz, George, d. c.1890, no age, [DL]
Scheetz, James, d. c.1900, no age, [DL]
Scott, Edith A., b. 11/17/1891, d. 12/28/1970, [DL]
Scott, Jeannie Lucille, d. 1929, 9m, [DL]
Scott, Samantha, d, 1937, twin of Samuel, [DL]
Scott, Samuel, d. 1937, twin of Samantha, [DL]
Shindledecker, Samuel L., b. 3/2/1962, d. 10/30/1998, [DL]
Smith, Baby Boy, died at birth 1937, [DL]
Stauffer, David W., Sr., b. 3/8/1936, d. 6/11/1995, [DL]
Tapper, Sharon Crawford, b. 9/28/1954, d. 6/11/1996, [DL]
Tush, Raymond, b. 1907, d. 1909, [DL]
Van Sice, Clyde Sparks, b. 5/31/1911, d. 12/27/1911, [DL]
Van Sice, Frank Reynolds, b. 11/22/1917, d. 3/11/1921, [DL]
Wells, Ronald Thomas, b. 12/27/1930, d. 9/29/1993, [DL]
Whitaker, Andrew Jackson, b. 5/28/1848, d. 8/21/1932
Whitaker, Blanche Brady, b. 1873, d. 1938 (w/o Mythias, Jr.), [DL]
Whitaker, Mary Ida McAfoose, d. 1916, no age, [DL]
Whitaker, Mathias Jr., b. 3/1/1858, d. 10/20/1943, (h/o Blanche B.), [DL]
Whitaker, Mathias Sr., b. 3/3/1819, d. 2/3/1901, [DL]
Wiles, Earl Clarence, d. 1/21/1985, no age, [DL]
Wiles, Mary Corna, d.1/5/1895, no age, [DL]
Williams, Charles, b. 8/21/1876, d. 10/22/1900, [DL]
Williams, John, b. 6/23/1850, d. 9/2/1935, [DL]
Williams, Minnie Eva, b. 5/14/1995, d. 5/14/1995, [DL]
Williams, Richard Henry, b. 3/17/1890, d. 12/27/1892, [DL]
Williams, Roy Olivan, b. 2/15/1907, d. 2/15/1907, [DL]
Williams, Susan, b. 5/25/1854, d. 5/21/1895, [DL]
Wood, Sarah Williams Lavender, b. 1840, d. 1990, [DL]
Wood, Thomas, b. 1841, d. 1923, [DL]
Yockey, Elizabeth, no dates (w/o Martin), [DL]
Yockey, Martin, no dates (h/o Elizabeth), [DL]

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