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Rogersville Cemetery
Rogersville, Greene County, Pennsylvania

Lat: 39° 52' 49"N, Lon: 80° 16' 32"W
Center Township

Contributed by Brad Jarvis, Apr 14, 2007, last edited Apr 08, 2009 [forza@windstream.net]. Total records = 47.

To reach this cemetery from Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, follow Route 21 West (West Roy Furman Hwy) approximately 7 miles to reach Rogersville. The cemetery is located right in town on a very sharp right hand turn across the road from the Christian Church. There is a sign to identify it.

Although the last burial took place here in 1906, Rogersville Cemetery is well maintained through local volunteer effort. The cemetery is sometimes referred to the "Old" Rogersville Cemetery, since the much larger Rosemont Cemetery is located just east of Rogersville.

I walked and read this cemetery and completed this transcription on Mar 02, 2007. This includes all existing and legible stones and markers. I also have digital photographs of all the stones contained in the cemetery as well as additional military information for the six veterans buried here. I would be glad to share any of this inforamtion and pictures with any interested individual.

- Brad Jarvis

Chedister, Jackson, b. 22 Jun 1822, d. 02 May 1906
Church, Annie S., b. 27 Feb 1879, d. 08 Oct 1891, d/o G.M. & N.L., s/w Nancy L., Infant, & William E.
Church, Hally R., b. 04 Feb 1879, d. 16 Feb 1879, s/o John S. & Sarah
Church, Hanna, b. 1817, d. 1895, s/w Jesse
Church, Infant, d. 24 May 1875, d/o G.M. & N.L. Church, s/w Nancy L., Annie S., & William E.
Church, Jesse, b. 1809, d. 28 Apr 1886, s/w Hanna
Church, Nancy L., b. 11 Oct 1845, d. 09 Nov 1892, w/o G.M., s/w Annie S., Infant, & William E.
Church, William E., b. 08 May 1871, d. 12 Aug 1892, s/o G.M. & N.L., s/w Nancy L., Infant, & Annie S.
Coe, Henry, d. 07 Feb 1865, s/o Silas & Ruth, "In the 20th year of his age"
Coe, William, d. 04 Oct 1864, s/o Silas & Ruth, "In his 28th year"
Coffman, Rebecca, b.1822, d. 1896, s/w Samuel, "Mother"
Coffman, Samuel, b. 1814, s/w Rebecca, "Father"
Fry, George W., d. 18 Dec 1861, aged 3y, s/o Henry N. & Mary
Fry, Isaac, b. 03 Mar 1818, d. 19 Dec 1901, s/w Mary
Fry, Mary, b. 15 Jan 1828, d. 23 Jul 1902, s/w Isaac
Fry, Sarah Ellen, d. 12 Sep 1895, Aged 33y 9m 12d, w/o S.B.
Moore, Rachel, d. 07 Aug 1881, w/o John, "In the 36 year of her age"
Orndoff, Margaret R., d. 25 Oct 1874, aged 27y 7m 5d, w/o Isaac
Orndoff, Thomas N., d. 20 Jan 1893, aged 2y 11m 14d
Rogers, Cephas G., d. 16 May 1852, aged 23y 6m 16d, s/o J. & S.
Rogers, John, b. 26 Mar 1800, d. 14 Mar 1879, s/w Susannah
Rogers, Mary, d. 03 May 1847, Aged 11y 7m 5d, d/o J. & S.
Rogers, Susannah, b. 26 Jul 1797, d. 25 Feb 1873, s/w John
Seckman, Frank B., d. 18 Nov 1889, Aged 33y 7m 22d, s/w William
Seckman, John B., d. 01 Jan 1861, Aged 39y 4m 2d
Seckman, William, d. 05 Sep 1894, Aged 39y 5m 9d, s/w Frank B.
Sellers, David, d. 14 Dec 1837, Aged 45y 8m 17d
Sellers, Lizzie S., d. 27 Oct 1863, Aged 1y 10m 1d, d/o Roseberry & Mary
Sellers, Roseberry, d. 18 Nov 1863, Aged 32y 10m 23d, 2nd Lieut. of Co. A 18th PA. Cav. killed near Stepthensburg, VA.
Shaw, Levi, d. 01 Jul 1862, Aged 79y 5m 14d, [Levi Shaw was a veteran of the War of 1812]
Shaw, Margaret, d. 18 Feb 1863, Aged 78y 10m 4d, w/o Levi Shaw
Shaw, Susanna, b. 1817, d. 1906
Shriver, Delvee, d. 06 Jul 1878, Aged 2m 15d, s/o George & Mary
Smith, Lakins W., d. 07 Mar 1871, Aged 10m 14d, s/o S.S. & Emily
Strawn, James M., d. 16 Feb 1896, Aged 60y 7m 16d
Thomas, Margaret, d. 09 Feb 1825, Aged 31y
Thompson, Byron R, d. 24 Oct 1896, Aged 1y 2m 1d, s/o H.C. & Annie
Wells, Louisa, b. 25 May 1843, d. 14 Aug 1897, "In her 55th year", s/w Thomas
Wells, Thomas, b. 26 Apr 1841, d. 01 Aug 1903, Private Co. G 18th Pa. Cav., s/w Louisa
White, John, d. 16 Mar 1867, Aged 45y 6m 25d
White, Nancy, d. 11 Jun 1862, Aged 9y 4m 18d, d/o John & Mary A.
Wiley, George W., d. 25 Jul 1879, Aged 8y 7m 28d, s/o Barnet & Margaret
Wiley, Jimmy R., d. 14 May 1881, Aged 7m 14d, s/o R.N. & A.N.
Wiley, Mary Elizabeth, d. 11 Mar 1877, Aged 14y 5m 28d, d/o R.N. & A.N.
Wiley, Willie H., d. 04 Jan 1879, Aged 13y 6m, s/o R.N. & A.N.
Wood, Laura M., b. 01 Oct 1873, d. 22 Aug 1897, w/o C.E.
Woodruff, Dr. S.W., d. 23 May 1878, aged 26y 2m 8d, s/o Dr. B.L. & Martha

Unknown, M.T.
Unknown, 1 small white stone
Unknown, 13 fieldstones
Unknown, 2 bases only

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