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Solebury Friends Burying Grounds
Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Contributed by Shirley Carter [wemsudoc@comcast.net].

Abbot, Sarah E., d. 8-5-1876, Buried at dusk evening, Sect. C-8-3
Abbott, Jacob's infant, d. 1-17-1880, Sect. B-5-56
Abbott, Mildred J., d. 11/26/1995, C, Sect. C-25-5
Alcott, Anna Slack, d. 11/3/1947, Sect. D-83-2E
Alcott, Anthony, d. 6-30-1883, Sect. B-5-62
Alcott, Anthony's child, d. 7-12-1886, Sect. B-7-3
Alcott, Anthony's child, no dates, Sect. B-4-38
Alcott, Arthur, d. 7/7/1915, Sect. D-83-1W
Alcott, Fannie M., d. 3/11/1927, Sect. D-83-2W
Alcott, George, d. 1946, Sect. D-116-1E
Alcott, John Edward, d. 9/11/1933, Sect. D-83-4E
Alcott, John, d. 11/11/1957, Sect. D-83-1E
Alcott, William's child, d. 5-21-1881, Sect. B-6-10
Alexander, Beulah, d. 8-13-1868, Sect. Z-2-16
Allen, James's child, d. 11-20-1875, Sect. B-5-32
Ament, Mary E., d. 12/11/1983, Sect. G-45-4a
Amey, Charles, d. 7/10/1922, Sect. D-79-1W
Amey, Mary, d. 9-28-1894, Sect. D-79-2W
Amo, Lucy, d. 10/13/1925, Sect. B-11-6
Anderson, Duane C., d. 7/20/1986, C, Sect. G-1-1
Anderson, Esther T., d. 6/24/1976, Sect. G-72-1b
Anderson, Gunder E., d. 12/6/1977, C, Sect. G-72-1a
Anderson, John A., d. 10/14/1980, double depth/ wife above, Sect. G-14-4a
Anderson, Richard, d. 6/13/1930, Sect. C-51-7
Anger, Leo F., d. 7/10/1971, Sect. G-75-4
Ansley, Annie Childe, d. 11/16/1963, C, Sect. D-104-1Wb
Ansley, Clarke Fisher, d. 3/4/1939, C, Sect. D-104-1Wa
Ansley, Delight, d. 8/2/1989, C, Sect. D-104-2W
Appleton, Mary, no dates, Sect. B-2-25
Archer, Flora E., d. 11/14/1954 Lawson,Margaret A., Sect. A-97-3
Ardaine, Marie Jeanne, d. 1/14/1951, Sect. D-121-1W
Armitage, Adaline, no dates, Sect. A-62-3
Armitage, Alice C., no dates, Jesse Armitage's child, Sect. A-30-7
Armitage, Alice Gilbert, d. 11/18/1937, Sect. D-17-2W
Armitage, Alice, d. 12-28-1876, Sect. A-63-6
Armitage, Amos, d. 9/18/1957, Sect. D-17-1W
Armitage, Amos, no dates, Sect. A-62-1
Armitage, Ann White, d. 11-10-1884, Jesse Armitage's child, Sect. A-30-2
Armitage, Ann, d. 4-8-1877, Sect. C-45-1
Armitage, Charles, d. 1863, Sect. A-67-2
Armitage, Charles, d. 2-11-1886, Sect. A-63-2
Armitage, Dr. A. W., d. 10-31-1883, Sect. C-45-3
Armitage, Elizabeth D, d. 8/31/1919, Sect. D-17-3W
Armitage, Elizabeth, d. 2/19/1915, Sect. D-17-4E
Armitage, Elizabeth, no dates, James Armitage's daughter, Sect. A-11-5
Armitage, Emeline S., d. 5-21-1899, Joseph' Armitage's wife, Sect. C-1-4
Armitage, Florence H., d. 7/13/1957, Sect. D-17-3E
Armitage, George White, d. 8-2-1883, Henry Armitage's child, Sect. A-30-1
Armitage, Hannah, d. 12-29-1889, Sect. A-67-6
Armitage, Hannah, no dates, Sect. A-67-1
Armitage, Harriet, no dates, Sect. A-63-4
Armitage, Henry, d. 1850, Sect. A-30-4
Armitage, James, d. 10-11-1811, Sect. A-63-3
Armitage, James, no dates, Sect. A-11-2
Armitage, James, no dates, Sect. A-38-5
Armitage, Jane, d. 2-6-1895, Sect. A-62-4
Armitage, Jesse, d. 11-5-1891, Sect. C-45=2
Armitage, John Jr., no dates, Sect. A-63-5
Armitage, John Sr., d. 12-30-1882, Sect. A-63-1
Armitage, Joseph D., d. 2-7-1891, Sect. C-1-3
Armitage, Letitia, d. 6-1-1881, Sect. A-30-8
Armitage, Lydia, no dates, Sect. A-63-7
Armitage, Martha, d. 3-25-1892, Full square, Sect. A-67-7
Armitage, Martha, no dates, James Armitage's daughter, Sect. A-11-1
Armitage, Martha, no dates, James Armitage's wife, Sect. A-11-4
Armitage, Mary, d. 3-27-1882, Sect. A-67-3
Armitage, Rebecca, d. 8-22-1867, Sect. A-62-2
Armitage, Rebecca, no dates, Sect. A-30-6
Armitage, Ruth E., d. 6/9/1923, Sect. C-1-5
Armitage, Samuel, d. 4-8-1897, Sect. D-17-4W
Armitage, Samuel, no dates, James Armitage's son, Sect. A-11-3
Armitage, Samuel, no dates, Sect. Z-1-16
Armitage, Samuel's child, no dates, Sect. B-2-10
Armitage, Samuel's wife, no dates, Sect. B-2-17
Armitage, Sarah, d. 3-20-1869, Sect. A-30-5
Armitage, Thomas C., d. 9-20-1877, Sect. C-1-1
Armitage, William G., d. 11-23-1886, Sect. C-1-2
Armitage, William, d. 1837, Sect. A-11-6
Arnwine, Arthur L., d. 2/7/1979, Sect. D-5-1E
Arnwine, Josephine, d. 2/2/1994, Sect. D-5-2E
Ashton, Kate's child, d. 4/25/1902, Sect. B-8-12
Atkinson, J., no dates, Sect. B-1-43
Atkinson, Timothy's child, no dates, Sect. A-2-1
Atlas, Florence F., d. 11/7/1970, Sect. G-147-3
Austin, Alma E., d. 8/9/1930, Sect. D-48-3E
Austin, Edwin C., d. 8/28/1922, Sect. D-48-4E
Austin, Harry C., d. 3/7/1963, Sect. D-48-1E
Austin, Howard W., d. 5/23/1914, Sect. D-18-4E
Austin, Katherine S., d. 12/1/1954, Sect. D-48-2E
Austin, Maria Chapman, d. 9/20/1939, Sect. D-18-3E
Bailor, Nelson's child, d. 2-9-1874, Sect. B-5-18
Bains, Edward, d. 7/10/1949, Sect. E-7-5
Bains, Ethel F., d. 10/9/1959, Sect. E-7-4
Bains, Sara M., d. 2/19/1911, Sect. E-7-6
Baker, Nathan, no dates, Sect. A-26-4
Baker, Nathan's stepdaughter, no dates, Sect. A-26-1
Balderson, Anna M., d. 2/23/1915, Sect. A-83-5
Balderson, David, d. 2-4-1860, Sect. A-83-1
Balderson, David, d. 5-1-1895, Sect. A-83-4
Balderson, John D., d. 12-18-1871, Sect. A-76-3
Balderson, Martha, no dates, Sect. A-41-5
Balderson, Mary, d. 12-27-1878, David Balderson's daughter, Sect. A-83-3
Balderson, Sarah, d. 10-14-1878, Sect. A-76-4
Balderson, Tacy, d. 9-14-1866, Sect. A-83-2
Balderson, Timothy, d. 1-24-1897, Transferred from Langhorne Friends 4-25-1902, Sect. A-83-8
Balderston, Sallie Virginia, d. 2/3/1941, Sect. C-60-5
Balderston, Theodore, d. 6/7/1924, Sect. C-60-6
Balwin, Jonathan B, d. 6/6/1957, Sect. E-35-1
Barker, Margaret, no dates, Sect. A-26-5
Barnes, Mary, no dates, Sect. Z-1-11
Barrett, Algernon H., d. 12/28/1956, Sect. B-14-6
Bean, S.'s child, no dates, Sect. A-2-3
Becker, Bertha Johnson, d. 3/28/1960, C, Sect. C-88-1a
Bemis, Lawrance R., d. 12/24/1960, Sect. G-6-4b
Benezet, Verna, d., C, On top of Alice F. White, Sect. A-82-4
Bennell, , d. 9/10/1921, Sect. C-18-6
Bennett, Emma L., d. 7/9/1930, Sect. D-14-2E
Bennett, Frank W., d. 6/24/1960, Sect. G-68-2
Bennett, Hannah, d. 1910, Sect. D-71-2W
Bennett, Henry, d. 2/3/1910, Sect. B-8-29
Bennett, Jennie M., d. 1/27/1977, Sect. D-96-1W
Bennett, John, d. 6/12/1905, Sect. D-14-1E
Bennett, John, d. 6/13/1910, Sect. D-71-1W
Bennett, Lewis, d. 11/5/1940, Sect. D-85-1E
Bennett, Lydies, d. 10-xx-1933, Sect. D-85-2E
Bennett, Mable, d. 11/23/1927, Sect. D-85-4E
Bennett, Marion Lora, d. 1/30/1923, Sect. D-96-4W
Bennett, Mercy Ann, d. 12/26/1920, Sect. D-71-3W
Bennett, Richard F., d. 7/18/1953, Sect. D-96-2W
Bennett, Stephen, d. 11/20/1907, Sect. D-70-1W
Betts, Anna W., d. 2/6/1959, C, Sect. E-7-3
Betts, C. Watson, d. 5/15/1919, Sect. D-59-1E
Betts, Cyrus, d. 9-15-1884, Sect. A-51-5
Betts, Elisabeth, no dates, Sect. A-51-3
Betts, Ellen Hart, d. 5-22-1889, Sect. C-44-3
Betts, Ellen, no dates, Sect. A-51-4
Betts, J. Simpson, d. 3/11/1900, Sect. C-44-1
Betts, Lizzie E., d. 6/7/1926, Sect. C-44-4
Betts, Mary Anna, d. 8/20/1914, Sect. C-44-2
Biles, William, no dates, Sect. A-15-4
Biles, William's daughter, no dates, Sect. A-15-5
Birch, Annie N., d. 10/5/1905, Sect. D-68-4W
Birch, Caroline R., d. 7/6/1909, Sect. D-68-2W
Birch, Charles, d. 4-5-1881, Sect. B-6-11
Birch, Francis D., d. 12/20/1932, Sect. D-75-1E
Birch, John's child, no dates, Sect. B-4-11
Birch, Mary L. Eizabeth, d. 7/6/1931, Sect. D-75-2E
Birch, S.'s child, no dates, Sect. B-3-38
Birch, S.'s child, no dates, Sect. B-4-47
Birch, S.'s child, no dates, Sect. B-4-48
Birch, Samuel R., d. 12/13/1921, Sect. D-68-1W
Birch, Stanford's child, no dates, Sect. B-3-36
Birch, William H., d. 11/29/1912, Sect. D-68-3W
Birch, William's child, no dates, Sect. B-4-10
Birch, Williiam's child, no dates, Sect. B-4-14
Birrell, Ernest, d. 7/13/1952, Sect. H-B3-3
Birrell, Merrie V., d. 2/17/1985, Sect. H-B1-3
Black, Amanda, d. 8/18/1916, Sect. C-93-2
Black, Anna, d. 5/10/1940, Sect. C-93-3
Black, Geo Arline Johnson, d. 7/26/1923, At foot of W. Martin's grave B-10-5, Sect. B-11-2
Black, Geo arline Johnson, d. 7/26/1923, At foot of W. Martin's grave, Sect. B-10-5
Black, Levi, d. 5/27/1921, Sect. C-93-1
Black, Patience, no dates, Sect. B-1-28
Black, Remmington, d. 10-31-1886, Levi Black's child, Sect. A-61-7
Black, Stella, d. 10/24/1953, Sect. C-93-4
Black, Willie Clark, d. 7/26/1923, At foot of W. Martin's grave B-10-5, Sect. B-11-1
Black, Willie Clark, d. 7/26/1923, At foot of W. Martin's grave, Sect. B-10-5
Blackfan, Edward, d. 1/27/1932, Sect. C-97-6
Blackfan, Elisabeth, d. 1856, John Blackfan's wife, Sect. A-8-4
Blackfan, Elizabeth C., d. 7/10/1947, Concrete case, Sect. A-4-5
Blackfan, Elizabeth, d. 9-18-1876, Sect. A-4-3
Blackfan, Florence, d. 8/23/1945, Sect. C-97-5
Blackfan, Frangenia E., d. 7-27-1895, John Blackfan's wife, Sect. A-8-6
Blackfan, John, d. 6-15-1878, Sect. A-8-5
Blackfan, John's child, no dates, Sect. A-8-2
Blackfan, Martha, d. 11-1831, John Blackfan's daughter, Sect. A-8-3
Blackfan, Susan C., d. 9-7-1825, John Blackfan's child, Sect. A-8-1
Blackfan, Thomas, d. 1860, child, Sect. A-8-8
Blackfan, William C., d. 1/12/1903, Sect. A-4-4
Blackmar, Harry Eljah, d. 6/19/1952, Sect. C-96-3
Blackmar, Mary K., d. 2/23/1964, C, Sect. C-96-4
Blackstone, Lizzie's child, d. 6-29-1896, Sect. B-7-26
Blaine, Alfred J., d. 10/11/1989, Sect. G-1-3
Bond, Anna E.M., d. 1946, Sect. D-43-1Eb
Bond, Cadwallader Moore, d. 1/23/1955, Sect. D-116-2E
Bond, Cadwallader, d. 11-7-1895, Sect. D-43-4E
Bond, Lewis Rice, d. 6/10/1932, Sect. D-43-1Ea
Bond, Ruth, d. 6/8/1905, child, Sect. D-43-2E
Bond, Susan B., d. 8-24-1893, Sect. D-43-3E
Booth, R.'s child, no dates, Sect. B-4-9
Bothers, , d. 2-16-1899, Sect. B-7-35
Bothers, Arthur, d. 1/20/1960, Sect. D-L-2W
Bothers, Elihu, d. 12-4-1869, Sect. B-4-61
Bothers, Elihu' son, no dates, Sect. B-4-20
Bothers, Mary Elizabeth, d. 3/23/1949, Sect. D-L-1W
Bowden, Mary, d. 1-6-1898, Sect. Z-3-13
Boyack, Robert, d. 6-21-1884, Sect. D-21-1W
Boyer, Clarence E., d. 1/1/1959, Sect. G-35-2
Bradley, Sarah E., d. 4/5/1927, Sect. D-8-2E
Bredin, Alice Price, d. 10/27/1960, C, Sect. E-20-2
Bredin, R. Sloan, d. 7/17/1933, Sect. E-20-1
Briggs, Annie, d. 1/15/1947, C, Sect. D-I-4W
Briggs, Elizabeth, d. 2-12-1873, Mahlon Brigg's wife, Sect. A-7-3
Briggs, Joseph W., d. 1/17/1905, Sect. A-7-4
Briggs, Mahlon, d. 3-7-1868, Sect. A-7-2
Briggs, Mahlon's wife, no dates, Sect. A-7-1
Brillman, Carrie, d. 2/9/1908, Sect. D-67-2E
Brillman, Catherine, d. 6/7/1941, Sect. D-67-4E
Brillman, Edith, d. 10/27/1907, Sect. D-67-1E
Brillman, John H., d. 8/25/1928, Sect. D-67-3E
Brillman, John R., d. 5/4/1962, Sect. G-36-4
Brillman, Mary, d. 10/22/1989, Sect. G-36-3
Britton, Alvin, d. 5/7/1950, Sect. D-82-2W
Britton, Grace, d. 5-1-1880, Age 102 1/2, Sect. A-74-3
Britton, Lily, d. 2/2/1952, C, Sect. D-I-3W
Britton, Mary Walton, d. 10/5/1938, C, Sect. D-82-3Wb
Britton, Paul, d. 9-21-1896, Alvin Britton's son, Sect. C-14-2b
Britton, Thomas, d. 4-28-1894, Alvin Britton's infant son, Sect. C-14-2a
Brothers, Alice, d. 8-3-1877, colored, Sect. B-5-46
Brothers, Elihu's child, no dates, Sect. B-3-24
Brothers, Louisa's child, d. 7-27-1877, Sect. B-5-45
Brotzman, Jennie, d. 6-3-1890, Sect. C-17-8
Browin, Beverly Milton, d. 8-9-1062, Sect. F-1-2
Browin, Frances Williams, d. 12/1/1986, Sect. F-1-1
Brown, Mary E., d. 5-15-1866, Sect. A-76-1
Brown, Mercy E., d. 4/28/1909, Sect. A-76-2
Brown, William, d. 8/10/1904, Sect. B-8-17
Buck, Henry's child, d. 8-5-1867, Sect. B-4-54
Burgess, Sadie, d. 1/12/1969, Sect. C-61-3
Burke, Julius, d. 7-21-1891, Sect. B-7-14
Burns, Ester McKinley, d. 4/16/1964, Sect. G-142-3
Burns, Mary Louise, d. 11/16/1975, Sect. G-142-2
Burns, William's child, no dates, Sect. B-4-29
Burroughs, Frederick, d. 4/23/1916, Sect. B-10-3
Burroughs, George, no dates, Sect. B-10-12
Burroughs, William's child, d. 11-17-1881, Sect. B-6-14
Bush, Catharine, d. 12/23/1920, Sect. D-90-2E
Bush, Frank, d. 9/11/1935, Sect. D-90-1E
Bush, Sara T., d. 1/29/1954, Sect. D-90-4E
Bush, William L., d. 8/8/1949, Sect. D-90-3E
Butterfield, William C., d. 3/24/1977, Sect. G-74-1
Bye, Willie, d. 9-27-1878, Sect. B-5-51
Caffy, William's child, no dates, Sect. B-2-52
Caldwell, Annie L., d. 4/17/1948, Sect. D-14-2W
Carlen, James B., d. 2/20/1925, Sect. D-98-4W
Carlen, Myra H., d. 1/21/1943, Sect. D-98-2W
Caroline L., d. 11/5/1922, 136, Sect. Magill
Carr, Annie L., d. 2/28/1972, Sect. D-93-3E
Carr, Harry G., d. 1954, Sect. D-93-4E
Carroll, John Duglas, d. 9/17/1967, C, Sect. G-6-4a
Carson, Frances, d. 5/12/1982, C, Sect. C-1-7a
Carson, John R., d. 3/7/1989, C, Sect. C-1-7b
Carter, , d. 10/19/1922, Sect. B-9-21
Carter, Alice, d. 8-19-1892, Sect. D-36-2W
Carter, Bessie, d. 1-23-1891, Sect. D-36-4W
Carter, Charles, d. 11/16/1959, Sect. H-B1-2
Carter, Charles, d. 5/13/1912, Sect. D-65-3W
Carter, Clarke, d. 9/11/1930, Sect. D-65-1W
Carter, Elizabeth, d. 3/12/1902, Sect. D-40-2W
Carter, Ella White, d. 10/25/1943 Kisner,Thelma, Sect. E-6-2
Carter, Ida P., d. 11/10/1970, Sect. D-H-1E
Carter, Joseph, d. 7/2/1919, Sect. D-36-3W
Carter, M., d. 3/20/1924, Sect. B-12-1
Carter, Mary, d. 1923, Sect. D-65-2W
Carter, Mary, d. 8/9/1905, Sect. D-65-4W
Carter, Oscar, d. 5/18/1904, Sect. B-8-16
Carter, Sarah, d. 12/5/1930, Sect. D-65-1E
Carter, T. Keyser, d. 5-27-1895, Sect. D-40-1W
Carver, Alonzo's infant, d. 10-15-1893, Sect. B-6-39
Carver, Ann Eliza, d. 11-20-1884, Hannah Key removed, Sect. Z-3-5
Carver, Charles P., d. 7-19-1873, Sect. Z-3-6
Carver, Elmer's infant, d. 11-6-1899, Sect. B-7-36
Carver, William, d. 1843, Sect. Z-1-8
Cary, Elizabeth, d. 1880, Sect. A-85-5
Cary, Hannah, d. 2- -1909, Sect. D-12-2W
Cary, I.'s son, no dates, Sect. B-1-40
Cary, Mary, no dates, Sect. B-4-34
Cary, Ross, d. 2-8-1883, Sect. D-12-1W
Case, Albert P., d. 11/16/1964 Case,Albert. P., Sect. A-95-2
Case, Arthur, d. 7/24/1974, Sect. G-147-5
Case, Charles Cornelius, d. 7/31/1962, Sect. B-14-2
Case, Emma H., d. 12/5/1959 Case,Albert. P., Sect. A-95-3
Case, Irene P., d. 2/15/1980, Sect. B-11-13
Case, Laura, d. 2/11/1924, Sect. B-11-4
Case, Marion R., d. 1/2/1996 Case,Albert. P., Sect. A-95-4
Case, Mary, d. 4/8/1911, Sect. B-10-1
Case, Paul, d. 6/20/1941, Sect. B-11-12
Case, Philip's child, no dates, Sect. A-21-5
Case, Raymond, d. 3/23/1937, Sect. B-11-9a
Case, Richard, d. 7/21/1942, Sect. B-11-5
Case, Theodore R., d. 3/19/1955, Sect. B-11-14a
Case, Wilbur, d. 6/5/1972 Case,Irene, Sect. B-13-5
Case, William's child, no dates, Sect. B-1-25
Case, baby, d. 5/11/1937, Sect. B-11-9b
Cathers, Addie M., d. 11/26/1969, Sect. G-12-3
Cathers, George Smith, d. 11/6/1954, Sect. G-12-4
Caulton, Charles's wife, no dates, Sect. B-4-16
Chapman, Joesph's child, no dates, Sect. B-4-1
Chapman, Joseph, d. 10-13-1864, Sect. A-38-6
Chapman, Joseph, d. 10-17-1893, Sect. B-7-20
Chapman, Joseph's wife, d. 8-4-1875, Sect. B-5-31
Chapman, Tabitha, no dates, Joseph Chapman's wife, Sect. A-38-7
Charlton, Arthur Christopher Soren, d. 7/23/1978, Sect. E-24-3
Child, D. M., no dates, Sect. B-2-5
Child, I., no dates, Sect. B-2-38
Clark, Clara Smith, d. 3/26/1950, Sect. D-47-3W
Clark, Francis B., d. 11-2-1897, Samuel Clarks' wife, Sect. D-47-2W
Clark, Johnson's child, d. 12-13-1881, Sect. B-6-15
Clark, Samuel, d. 3/3/1920, Sect. D-47-1W
Clarke, Fannie, d. 3-1-1898, Samuel Smith Clarks' daughter, Sect. D-55-2W
Clarke, Henry, d. 5/16/1912, Sect. D-55-4W
Clarke, Marion, d. 5/1/1902, Sect. D-55-3W
Clarke, Samuel Smith, d. 4/25/1932, Samuel Smith Clarks' wife, Sect. D-55-1W
Closson, John's widow, d. 11-7-1867, Sect. Z-2-13
Closson, John, no dates, Sect. Z-2-3
Closson, grandchild, d. 4-8-1866, Over John Closson, Sect. Z-2-3
Coates, Elizabeth, d. 10/12/1912, Sect. C-35-5
Coates, Hallie, d. 3-9-1872, William Coates' daughter, Sect. C-35-1
Coates, J. Arthur, d. 4-22-1878, William Coates' son, Sect. C-35-2
Coates, Maddie K., d. 8-27-1878, William Coates' son, Sect. C-35-3
Coates, Mary H., d. 2-28-1885, William Coates' daughter, Sect. C-35-4
Coates, William, d. 8/10/1919, Sect. C-35-6
Coleman, Joseph, d. 11/15/1938, Sect. D-H-1Wa
Coleman, Julia A., d. 2/13/1927, Sect. D-64-4W
Colton, John's child, d. 1-27-1877, Sect. B-5-40
Colton, John's child, d. 2-28-1881, Sect. B-6-9
Comfort, John, no dates, Sect. A-5-2
Comfort, John's child, no dates, Sect. A-5-1
Comisky, Patricia V., d. 9/18/1970, Sect. D-48-2W
Conover, Araminta H., d. 6/18/1974 Conover,Elmer E., Sect. A-94-1
Conover, Elmer M., d. 3/23/1983 Conover,Elmer E., Sect. A-94-2
Conrad, Martha E., d. 10/25/1912, Sect. C-29-2
Conrad, Robert, d. 2/22/1905, Sect. C-29-1
Conway, Robert, no dates, Sect. B-2-39
Cook, George A, d. 6/25/1902, Sect. D-1-1W
Cook, Lizzie H., d. 1-9-1887, Sect. D-1-2W
Cook, Wilbur, d. 11/24/1926, Sect. D-92-3E
Coombs, Martha R., d. 3/11/1983, C, Sect. D-120-1Wb
Cooper, Cortland's child, d. 7-6-1871, Sect. B-5-1
Cooper, Courtland's child, d. 11-17-1886, Sect. B-7-4
Cooper, Courtland's child, d. 3-13-1874, Sect. B-5-20
Cooper, Emma E. Betts, d. 1/25/1949, Sect. D-59-2E
Cooper, G.'s child, no dates, Sect. B-2-28
Cooper, H., no dates, Sect. B-1-37
Cooper, Hiriam E., d. 10-28-1879, Sect. B-5-54
Cooper, Isabella, d. 4-5-1883, Hiriam Cooper's wife, Sect. B-5-55
Cooper, John Ely, d. 10-13-1881, Sect. D-20-1W
Cooper, M., no dates, Sect. B-1-36
Cooper, Martha W., d. 10/3/1910, Sect. D-20-2W
Cooper, S.'s child, no dates, Sect. B-2-54
Cooper, S.'s wife, no dates, Sect. B-2-51
Cooper, Samuel, d. 12-7-1895, Sect. C-55-6
Cooper, Samuel's child, no dates, Sect. B-1-23
Cooper, Sarah Ann, d. 6-18-1887, Samuel Cooper's wife, Sect. C-55-7
Corson, Emile T., d. 7/28/1985, Sect. G-78-3b
Cosner, Amy, d. 12/15/1923, Sect. D-31-2W
Cosner, Bernice R., d. 5/31/1992, Sect. D-D-2Eb
Cosner, Elizabeth L., d. 11/2/1979, C, Sect. D-31-3E
Cosner, Ethel W., d. 12/22/1987, Sect. D-D-2Ea
Cosner, Frank B, d. 11/7/1959, Sect. D-31-2E
Cosner, George E., d. 5/28/1903, Sect. D-38-3E
Cosner, Infant, d. 8/27/1924, Sect. D-D-3E
Cosner, Levi, d. 3-6-1892, Sect. D-31-1W
Cosner, Mary Emma, d. 5/1/1903, Sect. D-38-2E
Cosner, Rosanna, d. 2/22/1921, Sect. D-31-1E
Cosner, W. Russell, d. 6/27/1972, Sect. D-D-1E
Cosner, William P., d. 1942, Sect. D-38-4E
Cosner, William, d. 10/29/1903, Sect. D-38-1E
Costello, John F. Jr., d. 8/29/1983, Sect. G-45-3
Coulton, John's infant, d. 8-6-1883, Sect. B-7-2
Cowdrick, Austin H., d. 12-6-1881, Sect. Z-2-17
Cowdrick, Martha, d. 6-18-1897, Sect. Z-3-22
Cowdrick, Rachel Ann, d. 3/25/1925, Sect. B-9-22
Cowdrick, S., no dates, Sect. Z-1-10
Cowdrick, Stedman, d. 6-15-1894, Sect. Z-3-21
Cowdrick, Stedman, no dates, Removed, Sect. Z-2-18
Cox, Elizabeth, d. 2/10/1915, Sect. D-83-2E
Cox, Elizabeth, d. 5-11-1869, Sect. B-4-60
Cox, Howard, d. 11/10/1919, Sect. D-83-3E
Cox, Reeder, d. 11/4/1912, Sect. D-83-1E
Cox, Viola, d. 8/23/1929, Sect. D-83-4E
Cox, child, no dates, Sect. B-1-47
Crawford, A. David, d. 4/28/1991, Sect. G-5-1
Cray, Harry, d. 6-17-1898, Sect. B-7-30
Cray, Louis, d. 2/17/1937, Sect. B-10-23
Creeby, Ellen, no dates, Sect. B-1-8
Creely, M., no dates, Sect. B-1-35
Crook, Amelia F., d. 3/1/1902, Sect. D-2-1E
Crook, Annie F., d. 1/28/1935, Sect. D-3-4E
Crook, Charles, d. 3/31/1910, Sect. D-3-2E
Crook, Eliza H., d. 11-22-1854, Sect. D-3-3E
Crook, Elizabeth, no dates, Thomas Crooks' wife, Sect. B-1-44
Crook, Ellen B., d. 4-13-1881, Sect. D-3-2W
Crook, Ellen S., d. 10-8-1880, Sect. D-2-2W
Crook, I.'s child, no dates, Sect. B-2-41
Crook, Letitia, no dates, Sect. B-1-16
Crook, Mary A., d. 7-27-1895, Charles Crook's wife, Sect. D-3-1E
Crook, Rachel, d. 8-16-1855, William Crook's wife, Sect. D-3-3W
Crook, Samuel, no dates, Sect. B-2-26
Crook, Thomas Sr., d. 10-2-1872, Sect. D-2-1W
Crook, William Francis, d. 9-22-1848, William Crook's son, Sect. D-3-4W
Crook, William, d. 6-7-1893, Sect. D-3-1W
Crook, child, no dates, Sect. B-1-38
Crook, child, no dates, Sect. B-1-46
Crooks, Forrest C., d. 8/16/1982, C, Sect. E-23-2
Crooks, Irene P., d. 6/7/1971, C, Sect. E-23-1a
Crouse, Mary, no dates, Sect. B-3-51
Crout, Eleazor, d. 3/29/1945, Sect. B-11-15
Crumb, Joseph's child, d. 8-6-1876, Sect. B-5-36
Cruse, Dorothy, d. 5/5/1990, C, Sect. B-12-10
Cryer, Alfred C., d. 4/9/1970, Sect. G-148-5
Cryer, Beatrice, d. 1915, Sect. D-88-4Wa
Cryer, Elizabeth, d. 3/15/1976, Sect. G-148-4
Cryer, Selma Schermerhorn, d. 11/11/1958, Sect. D-88-1W
Cryer, William E. Jr., d. 1976, Sect. D-88-3W
Cryer, William, d. 1963, body donated, Sect. D-88-2W
Cryer, child, d. 1919, Sect. D-88-4Wb
Cunningham, Charles P., d. 5-18-1883, Sect. C-67-3
Cunningham, Fannie S., d. 1/5/1919, Sect. C-67-2
Cunningham, Henrietta, d. 10/4/1968, C, Sect. G-143-3
Cunningham, Matthew C., d. 2/15/1909, Sect. C-67-1
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