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Hershberger Cemetery
Bedford County, Pennsylvania

On the Hershberger Farm
Snake Spring Valley, PA

Lat: 40°02.29N, Lon: 078°23.58W

This cemetery is located on the Hershberger farm. It is on a slope of land which overlooks the farm and valley.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 74.

Contributor's Index:

Dunkle, Daniel, b. 14 Feb 1848 Bedford Co. Pa, d. 1930 Bedford Pa, [TM]
Dunkle, Ida (Stone), b. 20 Feb 1874 Charlesville Pa, d. 17 Jan 1938 Everett Pa, [TM]
Dunkle, Jacob, b. 10 Apr 1817 Virginia, d. 21 Dec 1905 Everett Pa, [TM]
Dunkle, Jacob, b. 22 Jul 1852 Snake Spring Valley Pa, d. 23 Sep 1855 Snake Spring Valley Pa, [TM]
Dunkle, Jacob, b. Snake Spring Valley Pa, d. 18 May 1861 Snake Spring Valley PA, age: 9m, [TM]
Dunkle, Matilda, b. 15 Mar 1857 Bedford Pa, d. 1 Mar 1922 Bedford Pa, d/o Simon & Sarah, [TM]
Dunkle, Matilda (Lee), b. Mar 1822 Cumberland Valley Va, d. 25 Jul 1900 Everett Pa, [TM]
Dunkle, Sarah (Dunkle), b. May 1847 Snake Spring Valley Pa, d. 13 May 1854 Snake Spring Valley Pa, [TM]
Dunkle, Sarah Ann (Evans), b. 1820, d. 24 Sep 1898 Bedford Pa, [TM]
Dunkle, Simon, b. 1819 Fannettsburg Pa, d. 21 Feb 1908 Everett Pa, [TM]
Dunkle, Simon, b. Snake Spring Valley Pa, d. Snake Spring Valley Pa, [TM]
Dunkle, Simon E, b. 21 Jul 1868 Snake Spring VAlley PA, d. 17 Dec 1934 Everett Pa, [TM]
Dunkle, Susanna (Schertzer), b. 18 Jan 1791 Franklin Co. Pa, d. 12 Oct 1856 Snake Spring Valley Pa, [TM]
Dunkle, Verna Mae, b. 4 May 1898 Snake Spring Valley PA, d. 21 Feb 1912 Everett Pa, [TM]
Grimes, William "Grant", b. 12 Oct 1876, d. 13 May 1936, member of the GAR, Grand Army of the Republic, [NF]
Herclerode, Mary, b. Pa, d. 25 Jan 19-,w/o Soloman, [TM]
Herclerode, Soloman, b. 23 Feb 1854 Pa, d. 7 Apr 1907, [TM]
Hershberger, David, b. Pa, [TM]
Hershberger, Elizabeth (Cogan), b. 30 Jul 1821 Pa, d. 11 Apr 1882 Pa, [TM]
Hershberger, George H, b. 17 Oct 1774 Lancaster Co. Pa, d. 9 Feb 1854 Bedford Pa, [TM]
Hershberger, Jacob Studebaker, b. 20 Jan 1807 Pa, d. 4 Aug 1886 Pa, [TM]
Hershberger, Lovina (Snider), b. 5 Mar 1857 Bedford Pa, d. 20 Apr 1917, [TM]
Hershberger, Mary Maria (Studebaker), b. 31 May 1788 Bedford Co. Pa, d. 6 Oct 1866 Bedford Pa, [TM]
Hershberger, Rebecca (Miller), d. 1838 Bedford Pa, [TM]
Hershberger, Soloman, b. 23 Feb 1854, d. 7 Apr 1907, [TM]
Howsare, Martha, b. 1894, d. 1938, [TM]
Lee, Mary (Wertz), b. Va, d. 1870 Bedford Pa, [TM]
May, Samuel S, b. 28 Jun 1846 Bedford Co. Pa, d. 30 Apr 1917 Dusquesne Pa, [TM]
Miller, Calvin Roy, d. 15 Nov 1916, age: 25y 2m 14d, [TM]
Miller, Daniel L, b. 1863, d. 1943, [TM]
Miller, Earnie M, b. 20 Mar 1887, d. 5 Jul 1943, [TM]
Miller, Elizabeth, b. 31 Dec 1831, d. 16 Sep 1908, [TM]
Miller, Francis, no dates, [TM]
Miller, Frank H, b. 12 Apr 1888, d. 19 Aug 1946, [TM]
Miller, Mary J, b. 1860, d. 1928, [TM]
Miller, Mildred Marie, b. 22 Feb 1916 Snake Spring Valley PA, d. 20 Nov 1916 Snake Spring Valley Pa, [TM]
Miller, Infant Daughter, b. 1919 Bedford Pa, d. Bedford Pa, d/o Frank & Elizabeth, [TM]
Myers, Grimes, Georgia (Sipes), b. 5 Jan 1876, d. 16 Apr 1952, wife of Bruce Myers, dau of James Henry "Scotty" Sipes and Clara (Dishong) Sipes, [NF]
Pepple, Clyde C, b. 1801 Snake Spring Valley Pa, d. 1817 Snake Spring Valley Pa, [TM]
Pepple, Harry Francis, b. 1877, d. 1956 Bedford Co. Pa, [TM]
Pepple, Joseph, b. 4 May 1842, d. 18 Mar 1901 Bedford Pa, [TM]
Pepple, Sadie Snyder, b. 1877 Bedford Pa, d. 1888 Bedford Pa, [TM]
Pepple, Sarah (Shoaf), d. 23 Jan 1922, [TM]
Price, Matilda (South), d. 19 Feb 1923, age: 65y 23d, [TM]
Ritchey, Barbara (Studebaker), b. 24 May 1776 Maryland, d. Nov 1811, [TM]
Ritchey, Elizabeth (Diehl), d. 1821, w/o Michael, [TM]
Ritchey, Jacob, b. 1 Aug 1774 Loudon Co. Va, d. 8 Aug 1850 Bedford Pa, [TM]
Ritchey, John C, b. 2 Dec 1839, d. 18 Dec 1909, [TM]
Ritchey, Lucinda (Cook), b. 5 Nov 1824 Bedford Co. Pa, d. 19 Jul 1889 Bedford Co. Pa, [TM]
Ritchey, Malissa A, b. 19 Dec 1848, d. 18 Dec 1902, w/o John C Ritchey, [TM]
Ritchey, May, b. 1894, d. 1918, [TM]
Ritchey, Michael, b. 6 Apr 1768 Va, d. 19 Oct 1830, [TM]
Ritchey, Michael, b. 1823, d. 3 Dec 1872 Bedford Pa, [TM]
Schatzer, Simon, b. 2 Apr 1792 Lebanon Pa, d. 28 Sep 1841 Snake Spring Valley Pa, [TM]
Schatzer, Elizabeth (Buch), b. 11 May 1768 Pa, d. 12 Dec 1836 Snake Spring Valley Pa, [TM]
Shartzer, Jacob, b. 31 Aug 1764 Lancaster Co. Pa, d. 15 Jul 1850, [TM]
Shertzer, Mary (Hershberger), b. Pa, d. Pa, [TM]
Shuss, Daniel, b. 20 Jun 1811 Washington Co. Pa, d. Bedford Co. Pa, [TM]
Shuss, Elizabeth (Hershberger), b. 28 Sep 1809 Pa, d. 27 Nov 1876 Pa, [TM]
Shuss, Infant, b. Bedford Pa, d. 19 Dec 1888 Bedford Pa, age: 1y 7m 16d, [TM]
Shuss, Jacob, b. 6 Jun 1765, d. 15 Dec 1853 Bedford Pa, age:,War of 1812,, [TM]
Shuss, Mary (Koontz), b. 29 Jun 1789 Bedford Pa, d. 29 Jun 1864 Bedford Pa, [TM]
Snyder, Daniel Replogle, b. 1 Jan 1850 Bedford Pa, d. 29 Jul 1898 Bedford Pa, [TM]
Snyder, Franklin, b. 25 Feb 1881 Snake Spring Valley Pa, d. 5 Jul 1949 Bedford Pa, [TM]
Snyder, Harriet E, b. 8 Aug 1876 Snake Spring Valley Pa, d. 14 Nov 1881 Snake Spring Valley Pa, [TM]
Snyder, Harry, b. 24 Apr 1876 Snake Spring Valley PA, d. 29 Aug 1949 Snake Spring Valley Pa, [TM]
Snyder, Henry O, b. 25 Apr 1796, d. 27 Dec 1879, [TM]
Snyder, Phoebe S, b. 16 Aug 1879 Snake Spring Valley Pa, d. 1 Jul 1940 Snake Spring Valley Pa, [TM]
Snyder, Sarah Catherine (Reighard), b. 8 Apr 1790, d. 2 Nov 1874, [TM]
Snyder, Sophia A (Snyder), b. 24 Apr 1853 Bedford Pa, d. 24 Dec 1916 Bedford Pa, [TM]
Stoutenour, Andrew Jackson, b. Bedford Pa, d. 20 Sep ? Bedford Pa, age: 10y 5m 13d, [TM]
Unknown, Levi, no dates, [TM]
Whetstone, Julian, no dates, [TM]
Whetstone, Hannah, b. 27 Mar 1853, d. 4 May 1920, [TM]

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