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Zion Memorial Cemetery - Burial Records
Canby, Clackamas County, Oregon

GPS: 45.261591, -122.669224

2010 S Township Rd
Canby, OR 97013

Date published: November 16, 2017
Total records: 6,517

Surnames H-K

Records published here were acquired from the City of Canby on November 12, 2017.

HAACK, Helen V., death: 11/13/2009, age: 91, NEW-N-60-C
HAAS, Catherine I., death: 11/5/1978, NEW-R-43-A
HAAS, Edmond, death: 8/14/1968, NEW-J-46-C
HAAS, Elizabeth Sara, death: 2/10/2010, age: 74, NEW-R-62-E
HAGEN, Anna Marie, Old-5-13-C
HAGEN, Christian Peter, Old-5-13-B
HAGEN, Ed, Old-5-13-D
HAGEN, Evelyn B., death: 4/11/1989, age: 80, NEW-I-57-B
HAGEN, Helmine L., death: 1/1/1950, NEW-Y-47-C
HAGEN, Kenth, death: 2/4/1972, NEW-I-57-A
HAGEN, Melvin, Old-5-13-E
HAGEN, Suzanne Margaret, death: 2/24/2014, age: 66, NEW-E-43-C
HAGEN, Zelda Mae, death: 8/25/2004, age: 87, NEW-E-39-A
HAGERMAN, Charles R., Old-2-4-D
HAGON, Arthur J., death: 1/1/1950, NEW-T-48-D
HAGON, Eva E., death: 1/1/1855, NEW-T-48-E
HAINES, Agnes M., death: 5/15/1961, NEW-Y-25-E
HAINES, Alma Magdalene, death: 1/21/2003, age: 90, NEW-H-13-59
HAINES, Ivan Lewis, death: 4/14/1992, age: 86, NEW-Y-72-A
HAINES, Leroy Glenn, death: 9/5/1973, NEW-Y-1-A
HAINES, Neil Dow, death: 8/3/1979, age: 71, NEW-H-13-65
HAINES, Tula M., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-1-B
HALBAKKEN, Lori Ann, death: 9/20/2007, age: 32, NEW-H-56-A
HALE, Raymond H., death: 6/28/1967, NEW-J-13-A
HALE, Velma D., death: 12/7/1985, NEW-T-52-B
HALEY, Harold A., NEW-I-40-A
HALEY, Nammie, death: 8/14/1981, NEW-I-40-B
HALEY, Rosa, death: 6/19/1926, Old-5-33-C-2
HALEY, Thomas M., death: 6/3/1940, Old-5-33-C
HALFORD, Gladys M., death: 4/8/1956, BABY, NEW-K-12-A SE 1/4
HALL, Donald Gene, death: 8/26/2002, age: 64, NEW-E-44-C
HALL, E Floyd, death: 8/18/1961, NEW-N-34-A
HALL, Esther M., death: 8/20/1988, age: 91, NEW-N-39-E
HALL, Jane Rose, Old-4-31-H
HALL, John, death: 6/2/1977, NEW-R-61-E
HALL, Julia Ann, death: 6/16/2014, age: 75, NEW-E-44-B
HALL, Pearl Frances, death: 11/30/1981, NEW-R-44-A
HALUERSON, Ole J., Old-8-44-D
HALVERSON, Gerald E, death: 2/7/2005, age: 73, NEW-E-35-D
HALVORSON, Virginia Ruth, death: 4/14/2010, age: 71, NEW-H-22-B
HAMILTON, Bennie, death: 1/1/1904, (BABY), Old-7-21-BETWEEN A & B
HAMILTON, G. Edward, death: 3/13/2007, age: 59, NEW-N-55-A
HAMILTON, Grace M., death: 1/16/1980, NEW-W-50-E
HAMILTON, Melvin, death: 8/12/1981, NEW-R-11-E
HAMILTON, Ralley, NEW-W-50-D
HAMILTON, Robert K., death: 6/8/1990, age: 62, NEW-N-52-A
HAMILTON, Thomas B., death: 1/1/1930, Old-7-21-B
HAMILTON-SCOTT, Joann Carolyn, death: 4/28/2017, age: 90, NEW-N-52-B
HAMMOND, Richard Eugene, death: 7/31/2005, age: 72, NEW-H-17-D
HAMPTON, Chas C., Old-8-62-D
HAMPTON, May E., death: 4/5/1979, NEW-W-24-D
HAMPTON, Roy J., death: 2/28/1976, NEW-W-24-C
HANFORD, Marvin, death: 6/2/1987, NEW-N-46-A
HANLON, Laverne B., death: 5/8/1997, age: 81, Maus-Row8-Single-CryptC
HANLON, M. Donald, death: 11/19/1993, age: 80, Maus-Row5-ColB-NicheN
HANNA, Joyce A., death: 11/15/1971, NEW-I-59-C
HANNAGAN, Felix C., Old-2-20-H
HANNEMAN, Freda M., death: 7/3/1981, NEW-M-31-C
HANNEMANN, Carl J., death: 10/25/1978, NEW-M-31-B
HANSELMAN, Jacob, death: 3/1/1964, NEW-S-42-A
HANSEN, Arthur A., death: 9/20/1984, NEW-T-46-B
HANSEN, Benona, NEW-S-57-C
HANSEN, Carly Jaye, death: 5/16/2005, age: 29, NEW-H-24-B
HANSEN, Diana Louise, death: 3/31/2009, age: 57, NEW-F WEST-82-A
HANSEN, Edna C.O., death: 12/30/1986, age: 90, NEW-J-14-D
HANSEN, Emma, death: 12/21/1975, NEW-I-53-D
HANSEN, Frances G., NEW-N-1-D-2
HANSEN, Henry H., death: 3/22/1975, NEW-I-53-C
HANSEN, Jayne R., death: 3/24/1994, age: 46, NEW-R-22-E
HANSEN, Joanne L., death: 6/1/1988, age: 49, NEW-I-67-B
HANSEN, Minnie A., death: 5/22/1945, NEW-T-46-C
HANSEN, Otto Bernerd, death: 10/25/1979, NEW-R-45-E
HANSEN, Paul E., death: 2/24/1958, NEW-K-8-E
HANSEN, Pearl Eileen, death: 7/3/2007, age: 73, NEW-J-69-E
HANSEN, Prentiss Neal, death: 10/23/2014, age: 71, NEW-I-67-A
HANSEN, Rose M. (Greenup), death: 2/13/1963, NEW-Y-29-B
HANSEN, Roy L., death: 2/26/1970, NEW-J-14-C
HANSEN, Sara Mendoza, death: 4/18/2017, age: 44, New-H-47-E
HANSEN, Simon, death: 2/20/1981, NEW-N-1-D
HANSEN, Walter Allen, death: 9/2/1997, age: 77, NEW-J-69-D
HANSON, Anna, death: 2/4/1990, NEW-O-9-E
HANSON, Calvin A., Old-3-38-B
HANSON, Donald, death: 1/3/1987, age: 53, NEW-M-26-C
HANSON, Henry I., death: 8/7/1979, NEW-M-33-C
HANSON, Henry O., death: 1/1/1948, NEW-O-9-D
HANSON, Henry W., death: 9/12/1967, NEW-W-44-C
HANSON, Ivan, death: 1/13/1980, NEW-N-27-B
HANSON, Lester E., death: 1/8/1958, NEW-N-27-A
HANSON, Mahola, Old-3-38-C
HANSON, Mary Eleanor, death: 1/31/1999, age: 95, NEW-P-1-C
HANSON, Rudolph N., death: 1/7/1976, NEW-I-11-A
HANSON, Tom, Old-3-38-D
HANSON, Vesta, death: 6/25/1965, NEW-N-27-C
HANSON, Virgilia, death: 7/20/1981, NEW-M-26-D
HAQQ, Arshad Abdul, death: 3/13/1998, age: 71, NEW-M-9-B
HAQQ, David Abdul, death: 8/2/1985, NEW-R-18-E
HAQQ, Paul Azeem Abdul, death: 9/13/1982, NEW-R-16-E
HARBOUR, Lesetta Lynn, death: 9/21/2011, age: 44, Maus-Row1-ColD-NicheG
HARDER, Caroline, NEW-U-21-A
HARDER, Dorothy Edna, death: 8/14/2002, age: 97, Maus-Row7-Single-CryptF
HARDER, John, NEW-U-21-B
HARDESTY, Anna C., death: 5/13/1959, Old-5-34-A
HARDESTY, George A., Old-5-34-B
HARDESTY, Jesse C., Old-5-34-E
HARDESTY, Leland, death: 5/12/1970, Old-7-52-A
HARDESTY, Mary C., Old-5-34-D
HARDESTY, Vernon L., Old-7-52-E
HARDISTY, Julia, Old-7-52-B
HARDISTY, Katherine, Old-7-52-C
HARDISTY, Mary, Old-7-52-D
HARDMAN, John S., death: 2/8/1968, NEW-X-16-A
HARDMAN, Margaret V., death: 3/28/1958, NEW-X-16-B
HARDWICK, M. Willeta (Knight), Old-1-9-D
HARLAN, Alice M., death: 1/1/1997, NEW-H-13-86
HARLAN, Carl, NEW-O-32-A
HARLAN, Clifford Merle, death: 10/11/2006, age: 75, Maus-Row2-ColB-NicheB
HARLAN, Elza A., death: 1/1/1994, NEW-H-13-86-2
HARLAN, Gertrude J., death: 5/15/1967, NEW-O-32-B
HARMEN, Conner, death: 11/23/1980, NEW-T-43-C
HARMON, Bryon Paul, death: 12/22/1996, age: 84, NEW-O-50-E
HARMON, Estella May, death: 4/2/2014, age: 94, NEW-O-53-A
HARMON, Horace R., death: 7/21/1970, NEW-S-9-A
HARMON, Kenneth Parker, death: 10/10/1985, age: 62, NEW-S-9-B
HARMS, Alma, death: 2/21/1964, Old-7-69-C
HARMS, Anna H., death: 1/1/1944, NEW-Y-33-B
HARMS, Arden E., death: 2/14/1988, age: 84, Old-7-69-D
HARMS, Ardeth, death: 12/27/1980, NEW-R-28-E
HARMS, Diedrick, Old-7-69-A
HARMS, Dietrich C., death: 12/5/1966, NEW-Y-33-A
HARMS, Edith Mae, death: 10/25/2002, age: 73, NEW-H-9-E
HARMS, Herman D., NEW-U-3-A
HARMS, Katie, Old-7-69-B
HARMS, Lizzie E., death: 12/1/1973, NEW-U-3-B
HARMS, Nellie G. Berg, death: 1/6/1997, age: 90, Old-7-69-E
HARMS, Roy L., death: 7/23/1962, NEW-N-34-B
HARMS, Walter Robert Sr., death: 9/16/1999, age: 81, NEW-H-9-E-2
HARNACK, Charles, death: 1/1/1947, NEW-Y-48-D
HARNACK, Clarence, death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-25-A
HARNACK, Edward Julius, death: 7/15/1977, NEW-O-35-D
HARNACK, Emma, death: 1/1/1949, NEW-Y-48-E
HARPER, Hugh H., NEW-S-34-A
HARPER, Hugh Henry, death: 6/30/2007, age: 81, Maus-Row6-ColB-NicheA
HARRIS, Earl E., NEW-W-4-C
HARRIS, Emmett M., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-57-A
HARRIS, Lenah L., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-57-B
HARRIS, Sarah, NEW-K-4-C
HARRIS, Sarah H., death: 2/11/1976, NEW-W-43-E
HARROLD, Bonnie Mae, death: 9/25/1996, age: 42, NEW-R-67-D
HARROLD, John, death: 10/30/1983, NEW-R-16-D
HARROLD, Lois, death: 11/22/1986, age: 81, NEW-R-9-A
HARROLD, Nia M., death: 7/27/1980, NEW-R-16-A
HART, Albert H., NEW-O-7-C
HART, Baby Boy, death: 8/2/2003, FETAL, NEW-K-55-C
HART, Charles T., death: 11/8/1958, NEW-O-7-A
HART, Dora, NEW-K-17-A
HART, Eva, death: 8/23/1966, NEW-O-7-B
HART, Herbert Raymond, death: 12/12/1998, age: 70, Maus-Row6-ColC-NicheB
HART, John, Old-4-31-B
HART, Mary, Old-4-31-A
HART, Mina, Old-4-31-C
HART, Norma Jane, death: 9/10/2005, age: 70, Maus-Row6-ColC-NicheA
HARTIGAN, Alberta, death: 1/1/1953, NEW-S-65-E
HARTLE, Olive, Old-4-19-D
HARTMAN, Michael Todd, Maus-Row5-ColB-NicheJ
HARTRAMPF, Elnora, death: 1/26/1990, age: 79, NEW-Y-62-C
HARTRAMPF, Gusave N., death: 3/16/1987, age: 85, NEW-Y-62-C-2
HARTWELL, Charlie, death: 1/7/1996, age: 78, NEW-J-16-A
HARTWELL, Lucy T., death: 1/20/1968, NEW-J-16-B
HARTWELL, Violet, death: 6/29/1990, age: 93, NEW-S-60-E
HARVEY, Banks R., death: 3/4/1968, NEW-J-43-E
HARVEY, Edward B., death: 3/23/1986, NEW-J-65-D
HARVEY, Erma Maxine, death: 6/21/2010, age: 86, NEW-H-57-D
HARVEY, Henry L., death: 1/18/1997, age: 79, NEW-H-57-C
HARVEY, Joe, death: 8/29/2017, age: 83, NEW-J-65-E
HARVEY, Sue Ann, death: 10/4/1981, NEW-I-16-A-2
HARVEY, William K., NEW-K-31-B
HASENKRUG, Carl, Old-2-20-G
HASSALL, Alonna Lee, death: 7/11/2000, age: 53, NEW-R-16-C
HASSON, Wanda, death: 1/5/1957, (ASHES), Old-3-13-C-2
HASTIN, Ruth Elaine, death: 1/31/1998, age: 71, NEW-H-43-D
HASTIN, Winfred D., death: 8/30/2014, age: 90, NEW-H-43-C
HATCH, Hazel, death: 5/28/1976, NEW-J-31-D
HATCH, John, death: 3/22/1968, NEW-J-31-C
HATHEWAY, Ellen N., death: 5/22/2014, age: 72, NEW-F East-7-A
HATHEWAY, Sheldon Faye, death: 10/4/2014, age: 73, NEW-F East-8-E
HATTAN, Gladys C., death: 9/10/1998, age: 86, NEW-Y-39-E
HATTAN, Grant L., death: 5/26/1986, age: 77, NEW-Y-39-D
HAUGEN, Carolyn K., death: 2/13/1997, age: 41, NEW-R-4-E
HAUGEN, Ivar, death: 9/8/1995, age: 70, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheJ
HAUSER, Roland G., death: 6/17/2014, age: 82, New-F East-29-C
HAWTHORNE, Ray N., death: 5/1/1968, NEW-S-5-C
HAYDEN, John A., Old-2-25-A
HAYDEN, Michael B., death: 4/3/1988, age: 17, NEW-X-49-A
HAYES, Karen L., death: 11/7/1989, age: 48, NEW-M-49-B
HAYS, A. Bell, Old-8-69-D
HAYS, Agusta, Old-8-45-D
HAYS, Bryant, death: 1/1/1944, NEW-T-43-E
HAYS, Fern P., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-T-63-C
HAYS, Gladys May Violet, death: 3/28/1994, age: 90, NEW-O-39-B
HAYS, Henry C., death: 1/1/1952, NEW-T-63-A
HAYS, Herman, Old-8-45-C
HAYS, Howard H., death: 10/14/1979, NEW-O-39-A
HAYS, James M., death: 9/15/1962, NEW-N-12-B
HAYS, James W., Old-8-69-C
HAYS, Mary A., death: 1/1/1956, NEW-T-63-B
HAYS, Robert I., NEW-O-39-C
HAYS, Robert L., death: 1/1/1948, NEW-T-43-D
HAYS, William P., BABY, NEW-K-12-C SW 1/4
HAYTER, Donald Edgar, death: 12/28/2007, age: 83, NEW-F WEST-106-D
HEALEY, Kevin Mitchell, death: 7/23/2007, age: 16, NEW-F WEST-111-E
HEASTON, Albert P., death: 12/29/1993, age: 79, NEW-Y-63-C
HEASTON, Edna Pearl, death: 12/6/2000, age: 84, NEW-Y-63-D
HEATER, Celma, death: 3/23/1986, NEW-J-26-D
HEATER, Elaine Helen, death: 7/22/2005, age: 80, NEW-H-4-D
HEATER, Grover L Jr., death: 11/19/2004, age: 81, NEW-H-4-C
HEATER, Grover L., death: 11/10/1969, NEW-J-26-C
HEBRANK, Bessie, death: 11/28/1979, NEW-R-37-B
HEBRANK, Ernest M., death: 5/13/1997, age: 95, NEW-R-37-A
HECKMAN, Richard, death: 5/26/1959, age: 41, NEW-H-44-D
HEDLUND, Gary N., death: 10/24/1965, NEW-J-35-A
HEDLUND, Kathryn, death: 10/24/1965, NEW-J-35-B
HEDLUND, Knute, death: 12/27/1960, age: 68, NEW-N-25-A
HEFFNER, Ella J., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-34-B
HEFFNER, Roscoe W., death: 1/27/1989, age: 91, NEW-T-34-A
HEFNER, Margie Lou, death: 2/18/2010, age: 80, NEW-R-45-D
HEIKKEILA, Ida S., death: 1/6/1960, NEW-X-47-E
HEINKENS, Alberta, Old-6-8-B
HEINZ, Anna, death: 1/4/1986, NEW-X-4-E
HEINZ, Benjamin Franklin, death: 11/30/2002, age: 93, Maus-Row5-SxS-CryptD
HEINZ, Delvin, death: 1/14/1978, NEW-I-17-A
HEINZ, Ethelyn H., death: 10/20/1973, NEW-T-28-E
HEINZ, Ferdinand, Old-4-41-D
HEINZ, Frederick John, death: 3/6/1998, age: 98, NEW-I-17-C
HEINZ, G. Louis, death: 7/20/1990, age: 88, NEW-I-84-A
HEINZ, Grover, Old-4-41-B
HEINZ, John Raymond, death: 6/11/2012, age: 89, NEW-T-28-D
HEINZ, Johnny, death: 8/31/1947, BABY, NEW-T-28-C
HEINZ, Julia, Old-2-33-A
HEINZ, Julie, Old-4-41-G
HEINZ, Leonard Jr., Old-4-41-C
HEINZ, Leonard Sr., Old-4-41-F
HEINZ, Louis, Old-4-41-A
HEINZ, Margaret, death: 8/4/1987, age: 87, NEW-I-17-D
HEINZ, Maude, death: 1/18/1995, age: 87, NEW-I-84-B
HEINZ, Murial Joanne, death: 6/14/2012, age: 77, NEW-I-17-B
HEINZ, Raymond H., death: 10/22/1963, NEW-T-28-A
HEINZ, William, death: 10/8/1961, NEW-X-4-D
HEISE, Christian Isiah, NEW-K-35-C
HELD, Frederick, Old-3-35-C
HELD, Lucy A., Old-3-35-B
HELLING, Audra Kiyoko, death: 4/3/1999, age: 25, Maus-Row5-ColB-NicheF
HELMS, Faith Jeanette, death: 6/17/1985, NEW-J-64-A
HELVEY, Bulah, death: 8/4/1962, NEW-S-19-D
HELVEY, Dudley R., death: 4/5/1970, NEW-S-19-C
HELVEY, Eugene C., death: 1/1/1955, NEW-T-32-D
HELVEY, John T., death: 11/3/1964, NEW-T-24-A
HELVEY, John T. Jr., death: 2/8/1986, age: 74, NEW-T-82-A
HELVEY, Mary D., death: 1/1/1948, NEW-T-32-E
HELVEY, Tillie W., death: 1/1/1951, NEW-T-24-B
HEMMERLING, Beulah Lillian, death: 9/10/2008, age: 81, NEW-H-23-E
HEMMERLING, Richard P, death: 6/8/2003, NEW-H-23-D
HENDERSHOTT, Clifton, death: 8/23/1957, Old-5-62-A
HENDERSHOTT, Ida, Old-5-62-D
HENDERSON, John W., death: 4/5/1944, NEW-K-35-B
HENDLEY, Laura May, death: 9/23/1976, NEW-R-44-B
HENDRICKS, Daniel P., death: 11/2/1999, age: 34, NEW-E-30-B
HENKE, Adolph, death: 1/1/1930, Old-7-35-D
HENKE, John, death: 3/19/1958, NEW-K-7-E
HENRICHS, Betty, death: 7/28/1982, NEW-M-27-E
HENRY, Angela M., death: 12/19/1972, NEW-J-37-A NE 1/4
HENRY, Michael, death: 4/13/1991, age: 19, NEW-J-73-B
HENSLEY, Joe L., death: 8/17/1972, NEW-I-50-C
HENSLEY, Lillian Helene, death: 10/19/2013, age: 85, NEW-I-50-D
HEPLER, Blanche, death: 7/16/1984, NEW-X-56-E
HEPLER, Jess C., NEW-X-56-D
HERBST, George, Old-2-20-F
HERIN, Berniece, death: 3/17/1974, NEW-S-47-B
HERIN, Lura Grace, death: 6/3/1992, age: 96, NEW-S-47-C
HERKAMP, Dorothea Lela, death: 4/16/2004, age: 87, NEW-I-19-A
HERKAMP, Henry A., death: 3/13/1977, NEW-I-30-E
HERKAMP, Henry Sr., death: 1/1/1951, age: 78, NEW-O-21-D
HERKAMP, Joan Elaine, death: 8/26/2011, age: 72, NEW-I-6-D
HERKAMP, Kathryn A., death: 3/4/2008, age: 41, NEW-I-76-D
HERKAMP, Louis, death: 2/13/1989, age: 68, NEW-O-64-C
HERKAMP, Louisa, death: 1/1/1955, NEW-O-21-E
HERMAN, Agnes M., death: 7/3/1962, NEW-N-12-A
HERMAN, Aileen B., death: 5/3/1997, age: 93, NEW-S-6-D
HERMAN, Conrad, death: 11/3/1991, age: 92, NEW-S-6-C
HERMANSON, Engle A., death: 3/8/1961, NEW-N-25-C
HEROD, Leroi D, death: 8/18/2003, age: 62, NEW-E-41-C
HERR, Verda A., death: 2/9/1989, age: 64, NEW-I-61-D
HERRIFORD, Francis M., death: 1/1/1937, NEW-Y-60-B
HERRIN, Carl, Old-2-5-G
HERRMAN, Magdalina, Old-7-12-B
HERRMAN, Wilhelm, Old-7-12-A
HESS, Archie M., death: 12/18/1995, age: 80, Maus-Row4-Tandem-CryptD
HESS, Christian, Old-4-14-C
HESS, Edna L., death: 1/1/1986, NEW-T-80-A
HESS, Elda V., death: 1/1/1964, age: 85, NEW-O-34-B-2
HESS, Emma M., death: 9/3/1996, age: 76, Maus-Row4-Tandem-CryptD-2
HESS, John, death: 1/1/1949, age: 77, NEW-O-34-A
HESS, Lester J., death: 9/4/1987, (CREMAINS), Old-8-8-BETWEEN A & B
HESS, Louis J., death: 3/26/1958, Old-8-8-A
HESS, Margarett, NEW-O-33-E
HESS, Minnie, Old-4-14-B
HESS, Roxy A., Old-8-8-B
HESS, Samuel B., NEW-O-33-D
HETH, Mildred, death: 10/19/2014, age: 83, NEW-R-45-B
HETH, Paul E., death: 4/15/1988, age: 62, NEW-R-45-A
HEWITT, Charles M., death: 9/19/1963, NEW-N-14-E-2
HEWITT, Lillian Ruth, death: 7/17/2000, age: 90, NEW-N-14-E
HIATT, Carl P., death: 10/15/1976, NEW-I-22-A
HIATT, Myrtle O., death: 5/13/1975, NEW-I-22-B
HIATT, Vernetta Fern, death: 5/6/2014, age: 87, NEW-F EAST-6-D
HIBBARD, Carroll Liewellyn, death: 10/8/2011, age: 82, NEW-H-31-A-2
HIBBARD, Velma Lee, death: 6/21/2012, age: 69, NEW-H-31-A
HIERSCHE, Ilene Fay, death: 9/9/1991, age: 59, NEW-R-7-B
HIGGINBOTHAM, Dora J., death: 3/10/1987, age: 94, NEW-T-50-B
HIGGINBOTHAM, Gertrude M., death: 3/15/1967, NEW-J-40-E
HIGHT, Jeannette A., death: 7/27/2008, age: 75, MausII-Row6-SxS-CryptB-2
HIGHT, Willis Gene, death: 10/29/2008, age: 78, MausII-Row6-SxS-CryptB
HILDRETH, Mary A., death: 2/17/1984, NEW-M-46-B
HILL, Loretta L., death: 9/16/1960, NEW-X-7-B
HILL, Max W., death: 11/1/1973, NEW-X-7-A
HILL, Rhodine Gwendolyn, death: 9/22/1998, age: 85, NEW-R-4-B
HILLMAN, Elizabeth Ann, death: 8/18/1977, NEW-W-43-C
HILLMAN, Laurie J., death: 1/17/1958, BABY, NEW-T-17-A
HILLS, Knut O., Old-2-4-A
HILLS, Patricia Ruth, death: 6/4/2010, age: 71, NEW-E-42-C
HILTON, Albrie A., Old-2-32-H
HILTON, Cora, Old-5-9-D
HILTON, Cora Alice, Old-2-32-G
HILTON, Frank, NEW-U-21-D
HILTON, Franke, Old-2-32-D
HILTON, Jane, Old-2-32-C
HILTON, Nellie, NEW-U-21-E
HIMLER, Hattie, death: 11/5/1969, NEW-J-24-A
HINTZ, Coleta A., death: 2/25/1989, age: 54, NEW-H-13-69
HIRSCHKORN, Bruce Lynn, death: 6/29/1996, age: 41, NEW-I-22-E
HIRSCHKORN, Ernest, death: 3/14/1975, NEW-I-22-D
HIRSCHKORN, Kevin, death: 7/4/2016, age: 41, New-I-22-E2
HIRSCHKORN, Olivia Viola, death: 10/17/2004, age: 86, NEW-I-22-D-2
HIRSCHLOR, Emma H., Old-5-11-D
HISEL, Ruth M., death: 3/30/1985, NEW-I-27-B
HISEL, Walter B., death: 6/14/1975, NEW-I-27-A
HITCHMAN, Albert E., Old-1-23-C
HITCHMAN, Clarence Albert, death: 4/7/2007, age: 90, Old-1-23-B
HITCHMAN, Lawrence, Old-1-23-A
HITCHMAN, Lorena, Old-1-23-D
HOCHHALTER, Agnes, death: 12/8/2000, age: 92, NEW-S-31-E
HOCHHALTER, Arthur B., death: 11/21/1975, NEW-S-31-D
HOCHHALTER, Hildegarde, death: 9/4/2003, age: 84, NEW-R-48-C
HOCHHALTER, Howard, death: 11/10/1989, age: 64, NEW-R-48-D
HOCHHALTER, Phil, death: 10/18/1977, NEW-S-31-B
HOCKETT, Dorothy L., death: 3/18/1991, age: 81, NEW-M-29-E
HOCKETT, Fred, death: 1/14/1980, NEW-M-29-D
HOCKETT, John J., death: 10/11/1969, NEW-J-1-C
HODEL, Adam, death: 1/1/1953, NEW-T-62-A
HODEL, Alice Bernice, death: 4/1/2003, age: 87, NEW-M-33-D
HODEL, Bertha, death: 7/14/1994, age: 85, NEW-T-62-C
HODEL, Eva, death: 1/1/1943, NEW-T-62-B
HODEL, Lucille G., death: 11/21/1982, NEW-I-13-C
HODEL, Victor Walter, death: 12/12/2006, age: 92, NEW-I-13-B
HODGE, Deward B., death: 11/21/1960, NEW-S-26-C
HODGE, Marabell, death: 12/12/1963, NEW-S-26-D
HOEL, James A., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-58-D
HOEL, Pauline C., death: 3/13/1970, NEW-T-58-E
HOFFMAN, Arthur G., death: 1/1/1974, NEW-S-5-E
HOFFMAN, Genevieve Alice, death: 5/28/2002, age: 86, Old-6-60-E-2
HOFFMAN, Leroy W., death: 11/23/1963, NEW-S-5-D
HOFFMAN, Maria, Old-5-4-D
HOFSTETTER, Meta, death: 4/7/1974, NEW-W-14-B
HOFSTETTER, Otto, death: 12/23/1964, NEW-W-14-A
HOHENSHALT, Robbie, death: 3/23/1973, NEW-R-53-A
HOLBROOK, Eleanor Marjorie, death: 6/15/2011, age: 90, NEW-S-4-B
HOLBROOK, Eugene, NEW-K-14-E
HOLBROOK, Eva Caroline, death: 2/8/1978, NEW-I-29-E
HOLBROOK, Fred Dyer, death: 11/22/1976, NEW-I-29-D
HOLBROOK, George, death: 11/28/1962, NEW-S-4-A
HOLDEN, Arthur, death: 2/19/2006, age: 79, Maus-Row5-ColD-NicheO
HOLDEN, Edna Mae, death: 4/14/1995, age: 72, Maus-Row5-ColD-NicheP
HOLDEN, Elzie (Ed), death: 12/24/1981, NEW-W-56-C
HOLDEN, Laura Maline, death: 4/17/1981, age: 91, NEW-W-56-D
HOLDEN, Maurice L., death: 3/25/1965, NEW-W-56-E
HOLDERBEIN, Nadine Martha, death: 9/3/2012, age: 85, NEW-M-8-C
HOLIDAY, Anna, death: 6/17/1967, NEW-J-53-C
HOLLAND, Mary A., death: 9/22/1969, NEW-T-14-D
HOLLINGER, Beverly, death: 6/27/1987, age: 61, NEW-N-46-D
HOLMES, Magdalene, death: 1/15/1993, age: 99, NEW-P-14-B
HOLMES, William G., NEW-P-14-A
HOLSTEN, Alfred T., death: 10/1/1982, (CREMAINS), Old-6-67-A
HOLSTEN, Clara, Old-6-67-C
HOLSTEN, Ruth Evangeline, death: 6/29/2000, age: 80, Old-6-67-B
HOLSTEN, Samuel, Old-6-67-D
HOLSTEN, Sandy C., Old-6-67-E
HOLUM, Jens, death: 5/23/1969, NEW-J-48-D
HOLUM, Mabel T., death: 4/20/1969, NEW-J-48-E
HOLVERSON, Anna M., Old-2-15-B
HOLZMAN, Fred, Old-6-2-B
HOLZMAN, Fred G., NEW-N-45-C
HOLZMAN, George J., death: 11/5/1962, NEW-X-36-C
HOLZMAN, Katherine, Old-3-29-C
HOLZMAN, Lena, death: 11/20/1963, NEW-N-45-D
HOLZMAN, Rhoda M., death: 1/13/1968, NEW-X-36-D
HOOPER, Lyle Wiloby, death: 6/9/1997, age: 79, Maus-Row10-SxS-CryptB
HOOPER, Thelma Evangelina, death: 12/24/2014, age: 93, Maus-Row10-SxS-CryptB-2
HOOPES, John, Old-6-7-A
HOOPES, Maude, death: 4/7/1976, Old-6-22-D
HOOVER, George, death: 1/22/1980, NEW-H-12-6
HOOVER, Jason, death: 1/9/1961, NEW-N-26-D
HOPKINS, (Baby), BABY, NEW-U-32-B-2
HOPKINS, Arnold L., death: 3/19/1969, NEW-U-32-B
HOPKINS, Charles Morris, death: 11/9/2001, age: 90, NEW-R-59-E
HOPKINS, Florence Marie, death: 9/27/2004, age: 92, NEW-R-46-A
HOPKINS, George Lewis, death: 6/2/1979, NEW-R-46-B
HOPKINS, George M., death: 1/1/1941, NEW-U-32-D
HOPKINS, Harvey, BABY, NEW-K-37B-A-2
HOPKINS, Lydia, death: 1/1/1965, NEW-U-32-E
HOPKINS, Ruby Marie, death: 6/1/1975, NEW-I-53-E
HOPKINS, Walter Lloyd, death: 9/20/1999, age: 82, NEW-U-32-A
HOPPER, Reece Craig, death: 1/29/2006, FETAL, NEW-U-36-D NW 1/4
HORN, Edwin Darrell, death: 10/17/2013, age: 76, NEW-F WEST-88-D
HORNIG, Anna M., death: 1/21/1967, Old-3-18-C
HORNIG, Peter, Old-3-18-B
HORNIG-DIETZ, Lorena, death: 6/27/1993, age: 88, Old-3-18-D
HORNYCH, Irma Ellen, death: 1/22/1998, age: 93, NEW-J-29-C
HORNYCH, William P., death: 1/10/1969, NEW-J-29-B
HORTING, Hazel, death: 5/7/1980, NEW-R-37-D
HORTING, Ray, death: 3/11/1989, age: 91, NEW-R-37-C
HORTON, Esther, death: 5/9/1978, NEW-I-8-C
HORTON, Myra, death: 3/4/2002, age: 78, NEW-T-75-B
HORTON, Myrton S., death: 4/4/1996, age: 73, NEW-T-75-A
HORTON, William I., death: 4/24/1982, NEW-I-8-B
HOSELTON, C. R., Old-2-29-C
HOSELTON, Rinaldo M., Old-7-9-A
HOUGHAM, Charlie, Old-6-56-A
HOUGHAM, Claud, death: 4/8/1964, Old-6-55-D
HOUGHAM, Ella, Old-6-55-B
HOUGHAM, Father, Old-6-56-C
HOUGHAM, Grandfather, Old-6-56-D
HOUGHAM, Henry W., Old-6-55-A
HOUGHAM, Mary Frances, Old-6-56-B
HOUSE, Alexander, death: 9/11/1961, NEW-N-36-D
HOUSE, Claude F., death: 1/1/1953, NEW-T-31-A
HOUSE, Lora I., death: 4/15/1970, NEW-T-31-B
HOUSE, Senaretta, death: 3/19/1961, NEW-N-36-E
HOUSER, Bertha Mae, death: 12/4/1994, age: 87, NEW-R-69-B
HOUSER, Doris Elizabeth, death: 2/26/2005, age: 83, NEW-M-40-B
HOUSER, Walter L., death: 6/29/1989, age: 85, NEW-R-69-A
HOUSER, William Henry, death: 9/18/1997, age: 89, NEW-M-40-A
HOV, E. M., Old-6-38-C
HOV, John C., Old-6-62-D
HOV, Nettie Gardner, Old-6-38-D
HOVENDEN, Rowena Ann, death: 8/10/2011, age: 89, NEW-T-82-C
HOVENDEN, Wayne Leonard, death: 3/24/2012, age: 91, NEW-T-82-B
HOVER, Roberta, death: 2/19/1963, NEW-N-24-E
HOVIS, Howard Conrad, death: 2/22/1991, age: 76, NEW-O-9-B
HOWARD, Bayne A., death: 5/8/1969, NEW-J-25-A
HOWARD, Bertha Mae, death: 8/16/1996, age: 90, Old-3-7-F
HOWARD, D. C., Old-3-7-C
HOWARD, Daisy C., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-10-B
HOWARD, Edwin A., Old-8-59-B
HOWARD, Frank, death: 3/1/1959, NEW-S-17-D
HOWARD, Fred W., death: 4/17/1959, NEW-Y-60-C
HOWARD, George, death: 9/16/1986, age: 82, NEW-M-16-E
HOWARD, Geraldine L., death: 1/17/2014, age: 94, NEW-S-17-E
HOWARD, Glorene Lois, death: 7/23/2000, age: 68, NEW-M-55-C
HOWARD, Herman, death: 6/1/1975, NEW-T-10-A
HOWARD, Jack B., Old-3-7-A
HOWARD, James Burton, death: 10/5/2001, age: 72, NEW-M-55-B
HOWARD, L. P., Old-3-7-D
HOWARD, Leverette, Old-3-7-E
HOWARD, Lola May, death: 1/19/2017, age: 92, NEW-W-25-C
HOWARD, Mabel Dores, death: 8/26/1991, age: 85, NEW-M-3-A
HOWARD, Mary L., Old-8-59-C
HOWARD, Nellie R., Old-3-7-B
HOWARD, Otis E., Old-8-59-D
HOWARD, Roy E., death: 10/31/1969, NEW-W-25-B
HOWARD, Stella, death: 9/27/1970, NEW-J-25-B
HOWARD, Tillie, death: 10/13/1981, NEW-Y-60-D
HOWELL, Ida L., NEW-S-62-B
HOWES, Benjamin G., Old-2-23-A
HOY, Marlene Joanne, death: 3/6/1994, age: 58, NEW-W-5-B-2
HUBBARD, Ada V., death: 6/3/1963, NEW-N-8-C
HUBBARD, Herbert E., death: 10/1/1965, NEW-N-8-D
HUBBELL, Wilson Jesse, death: 3/8/2003, age: 71, NEW-N-49-A
HUBER, Elizabeth, NEW-S-53-C
HUBER, Hugo V., death: 4/8/1981, NEW-R-27-E
HUBER, Ottilie, death: 1/30/1993, age: 89, NEW-R-26-A
HUBLER, Mary Ann, death: 12/15/1997, age: 79, NEW-S-67-B
HUDSON, Annie Henriett, death: 3/13/2015, age: 88, Maus-Row6-ColB-NicheI
HUDSON, Charles H., NEW-J-46-E
HUDSON, Craig Neil, death: 9/1/2004, age: 51, NEW-E-24-E
HUDSON, George W., death: 3/29/2008, age: 82, Maus-Row6-ColB-NicheJ
HUDSON, James F., death: 3/23/1962, NEW-N-31-E
HUDSON, Michelle Renee, death: 5/16/2017, age: 60, Maus-Row9-ColB-NicheI
HUDSON, Stella, death: 4/1/1972, NEW-N-35-C
HUEBNER, Anthony J., death: 5/13/1959, NEW-X-10-D
HUEBNER, Emily, death: 4/15/1981, NEW-X-10-E
HUEBNER, Shirley R., death: 10/2/1965, NEW-W-54-B
HUEBNER, William Anthony, death: 4/13/2007, age: 90, NEW-W-54-A
HUESSER, Helen Ann, NEW-P-8-A
HUESSER, Karl, death: 6/17/1978, age: 71, NEW-P-8-B
HUFFMAN, Angel, death: 8/28/1983, NEW-U-35-E NW 1/4
HUFFMAN, Clyde R., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-31-A
HUFFMAN, Laura S., death: 1/1/1959, NEW-Y-31-B
HUFFMAN, Mary Jean, death: 9/25/2004, age: 57, NEW-E-27-B
HUFFMAN, Retha Jane, death: 12/26/2003, age: 66, NEW-J-62-D-2
HUGHES, Jesse T., death: 8/22/1953, NEW-T-25-A
HUGHES, Minnie B., death: 1/1/1954, NEW-T-25-B
HUIRAS, Barney F., Old-8-56-A
HUIRAS, Charles Jr. J., Old-8-55-B
HUIRAS, Charles Sr., Old-8-56-B
HUIRAS, Christina, Old-8-56-C
HUIRAS, Edward E., Old-8-56-D
HUIRAS, James, death: 8/3/1989, age: 93, NEW-J-12-D
HUIRAS, John William, death: 2/28/1958, Old-8-56-E
HUIRAS, Katherine, Old-8-55-A
HUIRAS, Leonard, NEW-W-1-D
HUIRAS, Madeline, death: 3/14/1990, age: 79, NEW-W-1-E
HUIRAS, Rose M., death: 10/14/1972, NEW-J-12-E
HULBERT, Ralph, death: 5/3/1982, NEW-W-37-C
HULBERT, Veronica M, death: 3/29/2003, age: 88, NEW-W-37-C-2
HULIT, Lola Fern, death: 7/22/1999, age: 83, NEW-I-14-E
HULL, Doris Maried, death: 5/14/2005, age: 72, NEW-E-35-B
HULL, John Ira, death: 3/6/2017, age: 88, New-E-35-B-2
HUNT, Glenn, death: 3/12/1977, NEW-I-19-B
HURST, Etta C., death: 9/23/1973, NEW-X-2-D
HURST, Fred P., Old-5-32-B
HURST, Oscar W., death: 7/13/1962, NEW-X-2-C
HUSBANDS, Arthur, death: 7/6/1969, NEW-J-26-A
HUSBANDS, Lenora, Old-6-50-C-2
HUSBANDS, Reta N., death: 2/25/1986, age: 88, NEW-J-26-B
HUTCHCRAFT, Ada M., death: 5/20/1957, NEW-K-9-C
HUTCHCRAFT, Mathew, death: 3/14/1957, NEW-K-9-B
HUTCHINSEN(SON), Clara, Old-1-7-C
HUTCHINSEN(SON), Elijah, Old-1-7-D
HUTCHINSEN(SON), Herman Lee, Old-1-7-H
HUTCHINSON, Alan, death: 1/1/1952, NEW-T-9-E
HUTCHINSON, Ann, death: 12/19/1964, NEW-K-43-E
HUTCHINSON, Edgar, Old-2-24-D
HUTCHINSON, Edgar W., Old-5-62-C
HUTCHINSON, Eleanor Mary, death: 9/15/1998, age: 81, NEW-R-29-B
HUTCHINSON, Elsie, death: 10/15/1982, NEW-R-46-E
HUTCHINSON, Gladys, Old-6-23-B
HUTCHINSON, Jerry W., death: 7/19/2015, age: 67, New-H-28-A
HUTCHINSON, Lillie, Old-5-62-B
HUTCHINSON, R. A., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-9-D
HUTCHINSON, Ray, Old-5-62-E
HUTCHINSON, William E., death: 7/17/1980, NEW-R-29-A
HUTCHISON, Mandy Elvina, death: 12/11/2008, age: 85, NEW-H-47-B-2
HUTCHMAN, Isem, death: 4/20/1941, NEW-K-43-D
HUTTON, Herbert Stanley, death: 7/6/1992, age: 86, NEW-M-19-D-2
HUTTON, Mary Frances, death: 10/11/2012, age: 99, NEW-M-19-D
HYATT, George, death: 1/16/1980, NEW-M-33-E
HYLTON, Emma T., death: 5/23/1970, NEW-U-8-B
IIAMS, Mary Elizabeth, death: 11/18/2007, age: 97, NEW-W-45-C
IIAMS, Nathan, death: 8/15/1987, age: 79, NEW-W-45-B
ILIFF, Edward, NEW-P-35-D
IMPER, Anton, death: 1/28/1954, NEW-K-18-D
INGALLS, Ben L., death: 10/15/1990, age: 87, NEW-M-12-B
INGALLS, Dagney Lillian, death: 5/7/2000, age: 91, NEW-M-12-C
INGALLS, Darol Allen, death: 1/2/2010, age: 62, NEW-M-7-B
INGALLS, Warren A., death: 6/14/2001, age: 72, NEW-M-12-D
INGLIS, Dia B., Old-6-49-D
INGLIS, E. Zal, Old-6-49-E
INGLIS, Marvin, Old-6-49-A
INGLIS, R. W., Old-6-49-C
INGLIS, Thos W., Old-6-49-B
INLOES, Marilyn A., death: 1/24/1988, age: 40, NEW-O-51-E
INSTENES, Florine Pauline, death: 6/4/2000, age: 84, NEW-O-58-D
INSTENES, Raymond O., death: 6/10/1996, age: 81, NEW-O-58-C
IRELAND, Clinton L., death: 4/15/1961, NEW-O-41-C
IRELAND, Dewitt G., death: 1/1/1913, NEW-O-41-D
IRELAND, Laura T., NEW-O-41-B
IRGENS, Johannes, death: 1/13/1945, NEW-Y-44-A
IRGENS, Ragna M., death: 10/31/1953, NEW-Y-44-B
IRWIN, George W., death: 9/6/1960, NEW-X-5-A
IRWIN, George W. Jr., death: 11/1/1990, age: 64, NEW-X-5-C
IRWIN, Hazel Mae, death: 12/24/1991, age: 88, NEW-X-5-B
IRWIN, Janne, BABY, NEW-K-12-D NW 1/4
ISAAC, Betty Jean, death: 2/19/2005, age: 77, NEW-Y-38-E
JACKSON, Alta, death: 10/3/1986, age: 67, NEW-I-55-E
JACKSON, Anna L., death: 11/17/1975, NEW-N-17-C
JACKSON, Bertha, Old-3-4-C
JACKSON, E. Leon, death: 4/11/1964, Old-3-4-D
JACKSON, Erwin, death: 2/13/1962, NEW-X-56-A
JACKSON, Ethel, death: 9/4/1984, NEW-W-51-D
JACKSON, Frieda A., death: 6/4/1981, NEW-J-6-B
JACKSON, Grace G., NEW-X-56-B
JACKSON, Hiram, NEW-K-32-E
JACKSON, John S., death: 7/11/1975, NEW-I-55-D
JACKSON, Maude, NEW-J-29-E
JACKSON, Neva, death: 9/4/1980, NEW-T-37-B
JACKSON, Roy, death: 11/28/1980, NEW-W-26-C
JACKSON, Ruth Juanita, death: 12/30/2003, age: 88, NEW-R-21-B
JACKSON, Seth W., death: 1/1/1948, NEW-T-37-A
JACKSON, William, death: 7/29/1979, NEW-R-21-A
JACKSON, William H., death: 7/12/1984, NEW-J-29-D
JACOBS, Clarance B, death: 2/22/2002, age: 84, NEW-F WEST-103-E-2
JACOBS, Hattie E., NEW-P-19-E
JACOBS, Jewell Edna, death: 1/23/2006, age: 86, NEW-F WEST-103-E
JACOBS, John T., NEW-P-19-D
JACOBS, Olive Vera, death: 12/10/1998, age: 85, NEW-I-52-B
JACOBS, Theodore T., death: 11/9/1974, NEW-I-52-A
JACOBSON, Edwin E., death: 4/5/1991, age: 89, NEW-N-54-D
JACOBSON, Ellen, death: 7/4/1990, age: 85, NEW-N-54-E
JACOBSON, Herman, death: 1/9/1996, age: 88, NEW-M-14-C
JACOBSON, Marie G., death: 1/1/1955, NEW-Y-40-B
JACOBSON, Obert A., death: 1/1/1971, NEW-Y-40-C
JACOBSON, Ole A., death: 1/1/1943, NEW-Y-40-A
JACOBSON, Virginia Marie, death: 12/15/2004, age: 96, NEW-M-14-D
JACQUES, Cleopatra, death: 10/12/1985, age: 84, NEW-P-13-D
JACQUES, Guy Otto, death: 3/19/1991, age: 99, NEW-P-13-E
JAKABOSKI, Bessie D., death: 2/27/1984, age: 69, NEW-U-31-E-2
JANZ, John J., death: 9/8/1979, NEW-R-33-B
JANZ, Lorene Marie, death: 6/15/1999, age: 88, NEW-R-33-C
JEFFERSON, Billy Jo, death: 4/18/1995, age: 38, NEW-H-50-A
JEFFRIES, Delores Maxine, death: 3/16/2005, age: 76, NEW-J-65-C
JEFFRIES, Donald E., death: 12/8/1985, NEW-J-65-C-2
JEFFRIES, Gerald, death: 7/16/1962, BABY, NEW-K-11-D SE 1/4
JENKINS, Cathy Gale, death: 1/28/2001, age: 42, NEW-F WEST-81-B
JENKINS, Hazel A., death: 3/21/1993, age: 84, NEW-W-19-A
JENKINS, Stephen R., death: 2/22/1969, NEW-W-30-E
JENSEN, Charles, death: 9/6/1969, NEW-J-20-A
JENSEN, Harold A., death: 8/21/1961, NEW-N-10-C
JENSEN, Hermine A., death: 7/11/1991, age: 86, NEW-J-20-B
JENSEN, Mona H., death: 12/25/1969, NEW-J-27-C
JENSEN, Norbert Carl, death: 12/7/1976, NEW-J-46-A
JENSEN, Pearl, death: 1/2/1989, age: 83, NEW-N-10-D
JENSEN, Sophia, death: 2/12/1983, NEW-J-27-D
JENSEN, Thelma Irene, death: 2/10/2013, age: 83, NEW-M-54-E
JEPSEN, Pearl Elen, death: 10/17/2003, age: 97, NEW-H-13-90
JEPSON, Jerad L., death: 5/24/1979, NEW-U-18-A NE 1/4
JEPSON, Marion C., Old-5-47-E
JERMAN, Baby Boy, death: 4/10/1961, BABY, NEW-K-11-A NW 1/4
JERMAN, Edward D., death: 5/7/2007, age: 78, NEW-H-12-48
JERMAN, Gloria Sue, death: 8/2/2009, age: 72, NEW-H-12-39
JEWETT, Maude E., Old-5-25-C
JEWETT, Melvin, Old-5-25-B
JEWETT, Theora, Old-5-25-E
JOEHNKE, Carl W., death: 12/13/1969, NEW-N-22-A
JOEHNKE, Helen E., death: 6/12/1977, NEW-N-22-B
JOHANN, Wilhelmina, Old-2-33-C
JOHNSON, Alfred T., death: 9/26/1964, NEW-S-34-E
JOHNSON, Almon, death: 1/1/1944, NEW-Y-32-A
JOHNSON, Andrew, Old-2-9-C
JOHNSON, Andrew G., NEW-K-42-C
JOHNSON, Anna Laura, Old-2-17-C
JOHNSON, Baby, (BABY), Old-2-11-B-2
JOHNSON, Bertha Ann, death: 10/30/2012, age: 80, NEW-E-21-C
JOHNSON, Betty Lou, death: 11/3/2006, age: 80, NEW-E-23-E
JOHNSON, Burt F., death: 7/20/1970, NEW-W-20-A
JOHNSON, Captola, death: 10/16/1964, NEW-X-57-B
JOHNSON, Charles H., NEW-X-57-A
JOHNSON, Clell, death: 9/6/1988, age: 59, NEW-H-62-A
JOHNSON, Daniel William, death: 2/15/2015, age: 57, Maus-Row9-ColD-NicheF
JOHNSON, Delbert F., death: 6/26/1961, NEW-N-19-C
JOHNSON, Dennis Lowell, death: 1/24/2005, age: 62, NEW-H-48-C
JOHNSON, Douglas P., death: 8/29/1984, NEW-T-67-B
JOHNSON, Dwight L., death: 7/28/1996, age: 79, NEW-H-47-C
JOHNSON, Edna Marian, death: 12/29/1977, NEW-M-34-B
JOHNSON, Edward C., death: 1/1/1940, NEW-K-42-D
JOHNSON, Edwin V., death: 8/28/1995, age: 86, NEW-O-52-C
JOHNSON, Elizabeth, death: 7/13/1982, NEW-J-23-A
JOHNSON, Emil G., death: 11/27/1975, NEW-I-21-D
JOHNSON, Ervin F., death: 1/26/1975, NEW-W-3-B
JOHNSON, Etta L., death: 1/9/1979, NEW-W-20-B
JOHNSON, Fred M., death: 1/28/1965, NEW-W-40-C
JOHNSON, Grace May, death: 11/27/1973, NEW-U-24-B
JOHNSON, Hattie A., death: 12/25/1966, NEW-Y-32-B
JOHNSON, Hazel L., death: 4/9/1968, NEW-J-30-E
JOHNSON, Herbert, Old-8-34-C
JOHNSON, Hester C., death: 11/12/1991, age: 91, NEW-W-49-D
JOHNSON, Hilda, death: 9/22/1988, age: 76, NEW-O-52-D
JOHNSON, Jeffrey Clites, death: 11/16/2009, age: 22, NEW-F WEST-103-A
JOHNSON, Joseph L., death: 4/10/1961, NEW-S-35-E
JOHNSON, Julius M., death: 4/15/1961, NEW-Y-32-E
JOHNSON, Kenneth Leroy, death: 11/15/2010, age: 76, NEW-T-67-A
JOHNSON, Lee Ford, death: 6/13/2017, age: 95, NEW-H-61-E
JOHNSON, Leona M., death: 2/19/1988, age: 79, NEW-I-21-E
JOHNSON, Lillie E., death: 8/3/1972, NEW-N-14-B
JOHNSON, Lloyd Dean, death: 7/12/2001, age: 73, Maus-Row7-ColD-NicheT
JOHNSON, Loral F., death: 9/15/1967, NEW-W-49-C
JOHNSON, Loreen D., death: 7/22/1998, age: 77, NEW-H-47-D
JOHNSON, Mabel F., death: 5/2/1968, NEW-N-19-D
JOHNSON, Marie M., death: 5/25/1996, age: 75, NEW-H-64-A
JOHNSON, Marjorie C., death: 5/20/2000, age: 85, NEW-Y-55-A
JOHNSON, Martha Marie, death: 4/26/1999, age: 75, NEW-T-31-E-2
JOHNSON, Mary C., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-Y-32-D
JOHNSON, Maud, Old-8-34-D
JOHNSON, Mcdonald, death: 9/1/1986, age: 85, NEW-M-34-A
JOHNSON, Melody, death: 4/5/1966, (BABY), Old-2-7-C-2
JOHNSON, Melvin Leroy, death: 5/1/2001, age: 89, NEW-Y-55-A-2
JOHNSON, Minnie, NEW-W-40-D
JOHNSON, Mollie, Old-7-27-E
JOHNSON, Naomi M/, death: 1/9/1983, NEW-R-7-E
JOHNSON, Pete, death: 3/1/1963, NEW-N-14-A
JOHNSON, Vernon J., death: 11/28/1969, NEW-J-26-E
JOHNSON, William, death: 1/1/1944, NEW-Y-32-C
JOHNSTON, Howard, death: 11/10/1990, age: 82, NEW-E-41-B-2
JOHNSTON, Phyllis, death: 8/14/1996, age: 83, NEW-E-41-B
JOHNSTONE, William L., Old-6-5-A
JOLIN, Dayton D, death: 10/7/1999, age: 72, NEW-T-3-BETWEEN A&B
JOLIN, Herbert H., death: 1/1/1951, NEW-T-3-A
JOLIN, Jesse E., death: 4/26/1960, NEW-T-3-B
JONES, Adam, death: 5/13/1979, NEW-U-18-B SE 1/4
JONES, Albert T., Old-6-32-D
JONES, Bernice Gregory, death: 10/31/1957, Old-7-68-C
JONES, David D, death: 8/29/2004, age: 86, NEW-J-19-A
JONES, Eleanor Louann, death: 7/26/2014, age: 91, NEW-O-2-A
JONES, Ellen C., Old-6-32-C
JONES, James Curtis, death: 1/29/2011, age: 18, NEW-E-13-D
JONES, Letha, death: 10/8/1972, Old-1-19-F
JONES, Maggie Gean, death: 12/27/2005, age: 80, NEW-H-8-A
JONES, Marthetta Mae, death: 12/23/2010, age: 90, Maus-Row8-ColB-NicheL
JONES, Orville Dudley, death: 1/9/2012, age: 93, Maus-Row8-ColB-NicheK
JONES, Viola G., death: 11/20/1968, NEW-J-19-B
JONES, Wayne W., NEW-X-59-E
JONES, Wiley B., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-50-E
JONES, William, death: 2/18/1965, Old-1-19-E
JOOST, Christ, Old-3-37-A
JOOST, Dollie, death: 7/27/1963, Old-3-37-B
JOOST, Ralph, Old-3-37-E
JORDAN, Nelson James, death: 8/29/1981, STILLBORN, NEW-U-18-A SW 1/4
JORGENS, Fredrick J., death: 8/10/1995, age: 70, NEW-H-56-C
JORGENSEN, Pete, death: 1/21/1983, NEW-M-1-A
JORGENSEN, Phyllis N., death: 10/19/1980, NEW-M-1-B
JOY, James Edgar, death: 6/14/2014, age: 71, New-E-7-C
JOYNER, J. H., Old-3-2-C
JOYNER, James Jr. H., Old-3-2-A
JOYNER, M. L. B., Old-3-2-B
JUDD, Cecil E., death: 9/16/1974, NEW-I-54-D
JUDD, Letha, death: 8/8/1985, NEW-I-54-E
JUDY, Edgar F., Old-4-18-H
JUDY, Florance E., death: 11/1/1979, Old-4-18-F
JUDY, Fred, Old-4-18-E
JUDY, J. L., Old-4-18-D
JUDY, L. A., Old-4-18-C
JUDY, Lee J., Old-4-18-B
JUDY, Linda M. A., Old-4-18-A
JUNOR, Andrew B., death: 10/1/1950, age: 55, Old-8-35-C
JUNOR, Baby Girl, NEW-K-12-A SW 1/4
JUNOR, Mildred J., death: 3/19/1978, Old-8-35-B
KABOUREK, Gertrude, Old-2-33-B
KABOUREK, John, death: 10/4/1973, Old-2-33-G
KABOUREK, John, Old-2-33-E
KABOUREK, Joseph, Old-2-33-F
KAISER, Helene Isabel, death: 9/13/2004, age: 99, NEW-I-45-E-2
KAISER, Letson B., death: 11/23/1975, NEW-I-45-E
KALB, Adam, death: 2/12/1989, age: 89, NEW-X-69-A
KALB, Bertha, Old-5-28-C
KALB, Carl E., death: 4/26/1967, NEW-X-53-D
KALB, George A., Old-5-28-B
KALB, Goldie Marie, death: 3/3/2012, age: 100, NEW-X-69-B
KALB, Joan Adelle, death: 12/20/2008, age: 76, NEW-F WEST-85-C
KALB, Nelda, death: 10/10/1980, NEW-X-53-C
KALB, Paul, Old-5-28-A
KALLSTROM, Lillian, death: 1/24/1961, NEW-S-33-E
KALLSTROM, Robert Edgar, death: 7/9/1999, age: 52, NEW-H-15-B
KAMMERER, Aron, death: 11/24/1960, Old-8-27-B
KAMMERER, Eleanor F., death: 12/21/1981, Old-8-27-E
KAMMERER, Fannie S., Old-8-27-C
KAMMERER, Weldon Frederick, death: 4/29/1998, age: 91, Old-8-27-D
KANNE, Cleoh, Old-8-25-C-2
KANNE, Ivor M., death: 6/25/1996, age: 89 (CREMAINS), Old-8-25-C
KANNE, Kernseth C., Old-8-25-A
KANTOLA, Edith, death: 2/5/1980, NEW-M-32-E
KAPPLER, Lofy, Old-2-22-D
KARGEL, Dale H., death: 9/8/1961, NEW-X-4-C
KAUFFMAN, Dean Stephen, death: 10/23/2016, age: 67, Maus-Row4-ColB-NicheE
KAUFFMAN, Elizabeth Caroline, death: 6/21/2011, age: 88, Maus-Row4-ColB-NicheD
KAUFFMAN, Freeman John, death: 5/5/1997, age: 79, Maus-Row4-ColB-NicheC
KAUFFMAN, John & Kathy, Maus-Row1-ColB-NicheE
KAUFFMAN, John & Kathy, Maus-Row1-ColB-NicheF
KAUFFMAN, Myrtle A., death: 12/14/1975, NEW-I-59-E
KAY, Alice A., Old-7-25-D
KAY, Mary A., Old-7-25-A
KAY, Oscar T., Old-7-25-B
KAY, Troy L., death: 4/2/1957, Old-7-25-E
KEELER, Judith N., death: 10/28/1981, Old-5-30-C
KEELER, Thomas Allen, death: 9/8/1993, age: 56, Old-5-30-D
KEEN, Dedrick S., Old-6-33-C
KEEN, Sarah S., Old-6-33-D
KEENEY, Vera Pearl, death: 11/14/2014, age: 98, NEW-E-39-B
KEHRLI, Andrew, death: 6/11/1958, NEW-X-11-A
KEHRLI, Anna N., death: 6/14/1974, NEW-X-14-E
KEHRLI, Werner Arnold, death: 3/27/1987, age: 58, NEW-X-62-A
KEIL, Alvin C., death: 10/25/1993, age: 83, NEW-T-46-D
KEIL, Bertha D., death: 12/17/1964, NEW-S-49-B
KEIL, Carl Rheinhard, death: 8/16/1982, NEW-T-33-B
KEIL, Emma, death: 6/23/1998, age: 91, NEW-T-33-C
KEIL, Fay Roweana, death: 2/10/2000, age: 97, NEW-T-56-C
KEIL, Ida, death: 8/9/1966, NEW-W-17-C
KEIL, Larry E. & Sarah E., NEW-E-8-B
KEIL, Leo, death: 1/19/1980, NEW-T-56-A
KEIL, Lewis F., NEW-S-49-A
KEIL, Lila Emma, death: 11/5/2004, age: 90, NEW-T-46-E
KEIL, Lolita G., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-56-B
KEIL, Mina, death: 10/8/1956, Old-8-46-D
KEIL, Reinhold, Old-8-46-C
KEIL, Rudolph, Old-2-25-E
KEIL, Stanley Rheinhart, death: 2/17/2005, age: 76, Maus-Row7-ColD-NicheC
KEITH, Anna M., death: 9/19/1965, NEW-S-21-A
KEITH, Dora E., death: 1/1/1952, NEW-S-60-B
KEITH, Edward Lee, NEW-S-48-B
KEITH, Ora, death: 5/21/1974, NEW-S-60-A
KELLAND, George W., death: 7/10/1969, NEW-T-53-A
KELLAND, Howard P., death: 9/18/1995, age: 86, NEW-T-53-C
KELLAND, Laura E., death: 10/29/1957, NEW-T-53-B
KELLAND, Milda Marie, death: 3/6/2010, age: 92, NEW-T-53-D
KELLER, Alexander, death: 10/31/1988, age: 83, NEW-O-55-D-2
KELLER, Glendora Martha, death: 7/17/2001, age: 77, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheC
KELLER, Harold, death: 9/27/1970, NEW-X-27-B
KELLER, Harry Robert, death: 6/25/2008, age: 84, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheD
KELLER, Lydia, death: 5/15/2011, age: 96, NEW-O-55-D
KELLER, Richard N, death: 1/1/2005, age: 67, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheH
KELLER, Sarah Anna, death: 6/11/1957, NEW-X-27-A
KELLEY, Rita B., Old-6-70-A
KELLY, Jewel Virginia, death: 3/29/2005, age: 69, NEW-X-27-E
KELLY, Lyepoo, Old-2-29-J
KELLY, Perry S., Old-2-16-C
KELLY, Ray Earl, death: 3/11/1975, NEW-I-27-D
KELLY, Saima E, death: 6/5/2004, age: 94, NEW-I-27-E
KEMNITZ, Elton L., death: 3/16/1996, age: 76, NEW-S-73-A
KEMNITZ, Ruth Frances, death: 1/1/1999, age: 79, NEW-S-73-B
KEMP, Barbara Jane, death: 4/21/2015, age: 78, NEW-R-60-E
KEMP, Clayton, NEW-U-31-D
KEMP, George E., NEW-R-60-D
KEMP, Marlyn, BABY, NEW-U-31-E
KEMP, Spencer E., death: 8/1/1989, age: 77, NEW-J-43-D
KENAGY, Jeri Lee, death: 9/2/2002, age: 42, NEW-H-17-E
KENASTON, Daniel L., death: 6/13/1967, NEW-J-10-E
KENASTON, Lawrence, death: 1/26/1979, NEW-J-9-E
KENASTON, Mildred, death: 7/13/1988, age: 74, NEW-J-9-D
KENDALL, Bessie Leona, death: 7/28/1977, Old-8-9-C
KENDALL, Beverly, death: 4/3/1987, age: 80, NEW-X-8-E
KENDALL, Blaine, death: 10/25/1972, Old-1-12-H
KENDALL, Clyde W., NEW-T-11-B
KENDALL, Dorothy, death: 1/29/1986, NEW-T-11-C
KENDALL, Frank, death: 1/22/1950, Old-1-12-B
KENDALL, Frank Jr., death: 11/24/1986, age: 68, NEW-H-12-16
KENDALL, Fred W., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-11-A
KENDALL, John K., Old-1-12-D
KENDALL, Leura O., death: 3/20/1957, Old-1-12-F
KENDALL, Lloyd H., death: 8/30/1960, NEW-X-8-D
KENDALL, Robert C., death: 5/12/1996, age: 73, NEW-T-11-D
KENDALL, Violet M., Old-1-12-C
KENDALL, Warren C., death: 2/21/1945, Old-1-12-E
KENDALL, William, death: 9/27/1929, Old-1-12-A
KENDRICK, Alice E., NEW-O-43-D
KENKNIGHT, Anna D., death: 5/27/1959, Old-4-24-D
KENKNIGHT, Irwin B., Old-4-24-H
KENNEY, Chas, Old-8-51-F
KENNEY, Edna L., death: 11/24/1985, NEW-S-66-D
KENNEY, Robert D., death: 1/4/1994, age: 72, NEW-S-66-C
KENT, Edith M., NEW-U-28-B
KENT, Warren C., death: 8/30/1963, NEW-U-28-A
KENTRAT, Ewald, Old-2-24-B
KERCHER, Georgetta Kay, death: 9/2/2005, age: 52, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheE
KERN, Estella Mae, death: 10/2/2014, age: 102, NEW-Y-65-C
KERN, Lyle Lester, death: 1/6/1992, age: 92, NEW-Y-65-B
KERR, Lula Pearl, death: 8/28/2004, age: 86, NEW-F WEST-92-C
KERR, Thomas Walker, death: 12/22/2002, age: 88, NEW-F WEST-92-B
KESSELRING, George, Old-6-29-A
KETCHNER, Ethel Margaret, death: 7/10/1999, age: 92, NEW-T-15-C
KETCHNER, Harvey, death: 8/26/1970, NEW-T-15-D
KETT, Friedrich, death: 1/13/1988, age: 84, NEW-H-13-55
KETT, Friedrich R., death: 3/6/1981, NEW-H-12-1
KETTLEHAKE, Frank Eugene, death: 8/19/2008, age: 87, NEW-H-5-A
KETTLEHAKE, Thelma Pauline, death: 1/14/2007, age: 83, NEW-H-5-B
KEUSER, Jessie Helena, death: 9/15/2004, age: 84, Maus-Row2-ColD-NicheK
KEUSER, Joseph Mathias, death: 5/15/2001, age: 86, Maus-Row2-ColD-NicheL
KEY, Francis Scott, death: 1/12/1953, NEW-X-50-C
KIBBY, Augusta, death: 1/1/1953, NEW-P-20-B
KIBBY, Rollin J., death: 1/31/1943, NEW-P-20-A
KIDDER, Dorr Moulton, Old-6-44-C
KIDDER, Evelyn, Old-6-44-D
KIDDER, George W., Old-6-44-A
KIDDER, Jennie M., Old-6-44-B
KIDDER, Percy N., Old-6-44-E
KIELING, George William, death: 2/2/2000, age: 79, NEW-H-33-D
KIELING, Priscilla, death: 8/10/2003, age: 76, NEW-H-33-E
KIEMEL, Joseph E., death: 8/27/1975, NEW-J-42-A
KIEMEL, Marguerite E, death: 7/18/1981, NEW-J-42-B
KILMER, Edward, Old-4-15-A
KILMER, Julia, Old-4-15-B
KIMBER, Anthony Lloyd, death: 6/15/1975, NEW-S-51-A-2
KING, Baby, (BABY), Old-2-34-D
KING, Dora L., death: 5/30/1977, age: 90, NEW-P-27-E
KING, Edith L., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-31-E
KING, Effie, death: 6/19/1967, NEW-J-52-B
KING, Elizabeth, Old-8-6-B
KING, Floyd W., death: 6/10/1960, Old-8-6-C
KING, Glen Floyd, death: 6/30/1997, age: 90, NEW-O-30-A
KING, Grace A., death: 10/9/1985, age: 98, NEW-Y-31-D
KING, Helen, death: 4/22/1982, NEW-O-30-B
KING, Hosea M., death: 5/11/1973, NEW-J-52-A
KING, Loren, death: 1/1/1948, NEW-O-30-C
KING, Manuel, death: 12/24/1967, NEW-Y-31-C
KING, Max T., death: 4/4/1994, age: 78, NEW-I-71-A
KING, Wallace Bowen, death: 7/12/2017, age: 81, New-E-5-A
KING, Winfield S, Old-8-6-A
KINMAN, Anita F., death: 8/23/1986, age: 66, NEW-S-79-A
KINMAN, Bruce E., death: 6/16/1996, age: 82, NEW-S-79-A-2
KINMAN, Laura C., death: 6/4/1962, NEW-S-32-E
KINMAN, Luther W., death: 4/27/1958, NEW-S-32-D
KINNAMAN, Ann, death: 4/4/1982, NEW-R-33-A
KINZEL, Charles J., Old-4-15-E
KINZEL, Edward J., Old-4-15-G
KINZEL, Willamina, Old-4-15-F
KIRK, Betty Jane, death: 5/13/2011, age: 82, NEW-M-22-B
KIRK, Clarence, death: 10/1/1971, NEW-W-39-C
KIRK, Jewel L., death: 10/14/1985, NEW-W-39-B
KIRK, Mahlone, Old-1-32-B
KIRK, Mary C., Old-1-32-C
KIRK, Vernon, death: 5/11/1990, NEW-M-22-A
KISTER, Anna, death: 8/7/1962, Old-7-54-D
KISTER, Elmer Lewis, death: 3/29/1998, age: 93, Old-7-54-B
KISTER, Henry, Old-7-54-C
KISTER, Irene, Old-7-54-E
KISTER, John, death: 11/13/1959, NEW-X-21-D
KISTER, Norma, death: 12/11/1969, NEW-X-21-E
KISTER, Peter, NEW-U-4-A
KITTS, Lois Emma, death: 12/22/2007, age: 95, NEW-U-8-B-2
KJELSON, Erick, death: 4/6/1968, NEW-J-7-A
KLAR, Codelia, Old-6-65-D
KLAR, Ernest A., Old-6-65-C
KLAUS, Rudolph, Old-8-40-A
KLAUS, Sophia, Old-8-40-B
KLEPPER, Janet E, death: 12/7/2003, age: 89, NEW-E-43-A
KLETZOK, Antone, NEW-X-38-C
KLETZOK, Arleta M., death: 12/8/1999, NEW-X-38-D
KLETZOK, Ed, death: 1/1/1956, NEW-X-35-A
KLETZOK, Theresa, death: 2/2/1975, NEW-X-35-B
KLINGER, Dora, death: 3/3/1984, NEW-J-24-D
KLINGER, Frederick A., Old-4-42-A
KLOHE, Carl E., death: 8/4/1981, NEW-I-51-E
KLOHE, Laura Echo, death: 8/2/2016, age: 98, NEW-I-46-A
KMECIK, George, death: 4/14/1962, NEW-S-2-B
KMECIK, Susan, death: 11/18/1975, NEW-S-2-C
KNABLE, Elizabeth A., death: 10/24/1957, NEW-N-44-D
KNAPP, William M., death: 7/13/1996, age: 57, NEW-H-49-A
KNIGHT, Adam H., death: 1/1/1956, NEW-N-37-A
KNIGHT, Andrew J., Old-1-9-H
KNIGHT, Anna (Annie), Old-1-27-A
KNIGHT, Arthur K., Old-8-44-A
KNIGHT, Beauford, death: 1/30/1981, NEW-I-24-B
KNIGHT, George, Old-1-27-B
KNIGHT, Ida B., death: 6/14/1965, NEW-N-37-B
KNIGHT, Joseph, death: 1/1/1900, Old-6-70-E
KNIGHT, Josephine (Winnie), Old-1-15-H
KNIGHT, Lusetts Fisher, death: 1/1/1937, Old-6-70-D
KNIGHT, Martha, Old-1-15-F
KNIGHT, Ralph C., Old-1-27-D
KNIGHT, Roy H., Old-7-32-D
KNIGHT, Willard W., Old-6-70-C
KNIGHT, William, Old-1-15-E
KNIGHT, William B. Jr., death: 12/17/2014, age: 70, NEW-F West-92-A
KNORR, Arthur Otto, death: 11/16/1957, NEW-S-34-C
KNORR, Harold E., death: 4/5/1965, NEW-S-46-E
KNORR, Matilda C., death: 4/23/1957, NEW-T-22-B
KNORR, Otto L., death: 1/1/1951, NEW-T-22-A
KNOTTS, Jackson, Old-4-20-A
KNOTTS, Martha, Old-4-20-B
KNOWLES, Corine May, death: 11/7/1998, age: 95, NEW-N-35-E
KNOWLES, Frances C., Old-8-17-B
KNOWLES, George F., Old-8-17-A
KNOWLES, J. Wesley, Old-8-17-D
KNOX, Bettylou J., death: 8/10/2007, age: 70, Maus-Row2-ColB-NicheE
KNOX, Blair, death: 11/9/1963, NEW-N-6-B
KNOX, Clark Edward, death: 5/10/2011, age: 72, NEW-N-57-A
KNOX, Everett L., death: 7/30/2010, age: 72, Maus-Row2-ColB-NicheF
KNOX, Thomas C., death: 1/5/1972, NEW-N-9-A
KNOX, Violet G., death: 5/13/2014, age: 105, NEW-N-6-C
KNUTSON, Clarence Gustav, death: 6/5/2009, age: 96, NEW-J-67-C
KNUTSON, Elva, death: 7/21/1987, age: 74, NEW-J-67-D
KOBER, Anna, Old-3-18-A
KOCH, Bertha, death: 8/17/1974, Old-4-34-H
KOCH, Edward, death: 12/9/1959, NEW-X-23-C
KOCH, Erwin, death: 1/1/1902, Old-4-34-E-2
KOCH, George, death: 1/1/1904, Old-4-34-E
KOCH, George Sr., Old-4-34-G
KOCH, Ina G., death: 5/15/1980, NEW-X-23-B
KOCH, Irene G., death: 2/9/1959, NEW-X-23-A
KOCH, John George, death: 10/20/1973, NEW-I-26-D
KOCH, Keith Edward, death: 3/24/2008, age: 50, Maus-Row1-ColD-NicheP
KOCH, Mary, Old-4-34-F
KOCH, Richard E., death: 6/26/1990, age: 47, NEW-X-23-E
KOCH, Robert J., death: 8/2/1962, NEW-X-23-D
KOCHER, Andrew, Old-1-29-C
KOCHER, James, Old-1-29-A
KOCHER, Ralph, NEW-P-24-C
KOCHER, Sarah Ellen, Old-1-29-D
KOEBEL, Edward, age: 84, Old-2-35-B
KOEBEL, Eugenem M., Old-2-35-C
KOEHLER, Caroline, death: 11/30/1984, Old-3-36-A
KOEHLER, George, Old-3-26-A
KOEHLER, John F., Old-3-20-B
KOEHLER, John W., death: 11/9/1963, Old-3-36-B
KOEHLER, Louise Ann, Old-3-36-C
KOEHLER, Matilda, Old-3-26-B
KOEHLER, Ralph H., Old-3-26-C
KOEHLER, Sophia, Old-3-20-C
KOEHLER, Zella, death: 12/19/1967, Old-7-53-C
KOENIG, Sophia, Old-8-7-C
KOENIG, Ulrich, Old-8-7-A
KOENIG, Walter, death: 3/18/1988, age: 94, NEW-X-24-C
KOENING, Mary O., death: 9/8/1958, NEW-X-24-D
KOHLER, Alvin O., death: 2/14/1975, NEW-J-45-D
KOHLER, Esther C., death: 9/27/1967, NEW-J-45-A
KOHLER, Josephine, NEW-N-28-C
KOHLER, Leota, NEW-J-45-C
KOHLER, Walter M., death: 1/7/1987, age: 83, NEW-J-45-B
KOHLER, William, NEW-N-28-B
KOLLN, Edgar, death: 5/5/1988, age: 76, NEW-T-9-B
KOOPE, Pauline, Old-2-10-D
KOOS, Alice C., death: 2/9/1967, NEW-W-30-A
KOPER, Dode, Old-5-8-E
KOPPE, August, Old-2-26-C
KOSCH, Beryl, death: 11/10/2002, age: 95, NEW-X-1-D
KOSCH, John F., death: 12/31/1958, NEW-X-1-C
KOSKI, Viola, death: 8/10/1971, NEW-W-58-E
KOSKI, Walter Filmore, death: 4/17/1975, NEW-R-38-A
KOZLOWSKI, Beverly June, death: 12/28/2008, age: 83, NEW-H-57-B
KOZLOWSKI, Edward Joseph, death: 9/22/2009, age: 92, NEW-H-57-B-2
KRAFT, Albert H., death: 11/17/1968, NEW-J-48-B
KRAFT, Alfred, death: 4/5/1964, NEW-N-3-A
KRAFT, Alida, death: 10/26/1987, age: 83, NEW-X-22-B
KRAFT, Allen, death: 2/21/1993, age: 50, NEW-N-3-B
KRAFT, Amelia Christina, death: 11/11/1994, age: 92, NEW-Y-49-B-2
KRAFT, Anna, death: 2/12/1965, Old-7-44-D
KRAFT, Beulah, death: 7/30/1996, age: 82, NEW-J-66-B
KRAFT, Chris E., death: 7/28/1990, age: 92, Old-7-17-C
KRAFT, Chris Jr., death: 12/31/1959, NEW-X-22-A
KRAFT, Christian, death: 1/1/1944, NEW-Y-49-A
KRAFT, Christina, death: 6/18/1965, NEW-Y-49-B
KRAFT, Donald Robert, death: 1/2/2009, age: 85, NEW-F WEST-96-E
KRAFT, Emil, death: 5/26/1987, NEW-J-66-A
KRAFT, Emma R., death: 8/24/1993, age: 90, Old-7-17-D
KRAFT, Ernest Walter, death: 7/15/1992, age: 86, NEW-R-33-E
KRAFT, Esther, death: 5/6/1988, age: 77, NEW-R-20-A
KRAFT, Fredrick E., death: 9/14/1965, Old-5-17-D
KRAFT, Harriet Zylphia, death: 6/18/2012, age: 87, NEW-J-48-C
KRAFT, Helen Louise, death: 5/5/2013, age: 84, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheG
KRAFT, Helena, death: 4/3/1974, Old-5-65-B
KRAFT, Henry, death: 1/1/1944, Old-5-65-A
KRAFT, Jacob, death: 1/1/1954, NEW-K-16-E
KRAFT, Jacob C., Old-7-44-C
KRAFT, John, death: 3/6/1972, NEW-N-1-A
KRAFT, Lucille F, death: 10/16/2011, age: 83, NEW-F WEST-95-A
KRAFT, Mable, death: 11/1/1961, NEW-N-1-B
KRAFT, Marvin E., Old-7-17-E
KRAFT, Mary Elizabeth, Old-5-65-D
KRAFT, Mary T., death: 3/21/1979, age: 89, Old-5-17-C
KRAFT, Paul R., death: 9/5/1985, NEW-I-70-A
KRAFT, Peter, Old-5-65-E
KRAFT, Ramon L., death: 1932, (BABY), Old-7-13-B
KRAMER, John P., death: 5/7/1977, NEW-I-33-D
KRAMER, Lillian Viola, death: 2/23/2002, age: 98, NEW-I-33-D-2
KRATZER, Charles, death: 4/21/1988, age: 67, NEW-N-47-E
KRATZER, Daryld Edward, death: 7/27/2016, age: 53, New-N-57-C
KRAUS, Inez R. (Hansen), death: 3/7/1994, age: 80, NEW-R-34-A
KRAUSE, Ben, death: 1/4/1959, NEW-X-17-A
KRAUSE, Louise, Old-8-23-D
KRAUSE, Martin, Old-8-23-E
KRAUSE, Pauline L., death: 7/30/1972, NEW-X-17-B
KRAUSE, Walter, death: 4/20/2000, age: 83, NEW-X-17-C
KRAXBERGER, Adolf, death: 1/1/1950, NEW-Y-47-D
KRAXBERGER, Allen, death: 8/12/1949, BABY, NEW-Y-9-E
KRAXBERGER, Anna M., death: 3/5/1979, Old-5-4-C
KRAXBERGER, Augusta, death: 1/17/1977, NEW-W-21-D
KRAXBERGER, Bertha, death: 12/12/1968, Old-4-33-B
KRAXBERGER, Bruno, death: 11/1/1987, age: 89, NEW-R-49-C
KRAXBERGER, Charles, NEW-P-4-A-2
KRAXBERGER, Christina, death: 1/1/1954, NEW-Y-47-E
KRAXBERGER, Delores, death: 9/7/1946, NEW-Y-9-E-2
KRAXBERGER, Ed, death: 3/12/1967, Old-4-33-G
KRAXBERGER, Emmalina Or Emma L., NEW-P-4-B
KRAXBERGER, Ferdinand Oscar, death: 7/9/1997, age: 90, NEW-Y-9-C
KRAXBERGER, Fernando J., death: 4/1/1953, Old-4-33-A
KRAXBERGER, Francys, death: 3/8/1996, age: 72, NEW-O-5-D
KRAXBERGER, Franz W., Old-4-33-D
KRAXBERGER, Gerald S., death: 4/25/1994, age: 67, NEW-R-20-D
KRAXBERGER, Hazel Luella, death: 2/23/2011, age: 91, NEW-R-15-D
KRAXBERGER, John, Old-5-4-B
KRAXBERGER, Julia, Old-4-33-H
KRAXBERGER, Julia, Old-5-4-A
KRAXBERGER, Mable Alberta, death: 12/23/1999, age: 78, NEW-Y-9-D
KRAXBERGER, Margaret, death: 3/1/1970, NEW-W-7-C
KRAXBERGER, Margaret Sophie Lena, death: 6/22/1999, age: 99, NEW-O-5-B
KRAXBERGER, Marjorie Mae, death: 10/14/2016, age: 89, New-S-66-E2
KRAXBERGER, Merle L., death: 1/1/1944, NEW-Y-45-A
KRAXBERGER, Norman Eugene, death: 1/1/2015, age: 89, NEW-F West-109-D
KRAXBERGER, Oscar, death: 4/8/1991, age: 79, NEW-W-7-D
KRAXBERGER, Oswald, death: 4/1/1977, age: 73, NEW-P-4-C
KRAXBERGER, Otto, death: 11/19/1981, NEW-R-15-C
KRAXBERGER, Pearl H., death: 4/23/1986, age: 77, NEW-Y-45-C
KRAXBERGER, Phil Leonard Otto, death: 9/29/2000, age: 93, NEW-Y-45-B
KRAXBERGER, Rose, Old-5-4-E
KRAXBERGER, Rosina, Old-4-33-F
KRAXBERGER, Rosina Rose, death: 8/13/1992, age: 87, NEW-R-49-D
KRAXBERGER, Rufus J., death: 5/10/1966, NEW-O-5-A
KRAXBERGER, Rufus Jr. Kenneth, death: 10/30/2008, age: 85, NEW-O-5-D-2
KRAXBERGER, Siegfried, death: 8/24/1998, age: 84, NEW-S-66-E
KRAXBERGER, Stephanie, death: 7/12/1981, NEW-P-4-A
KRAXBERGER?, (Baby), Old-4-33-C
KREHBIEL, Anna M., death: 3/19/2000, age: 94, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheB
KREHBIEL, Walter D., death: 8/14/1996, age: 93, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheA
KROPF, Arvid, death: 3/22/1983, NEW-J-77-A
KRUEGER, Edward A., death: 2/3/1965, NEW-W-39-D
KRUEGER, Emil, Old-7-65-A
KRUEGER, Henrietta, Old-7-65-B
KRUEGER, Herman, death: 8/12/1976, NEW-I-14-D
KRUEGER, Katie, death: 2/6/1983, NEW-W-39-E
KRUEGER, William, Old-4-14-A
KRUPICKA, Henrietta Josephine, death: 11/22/2003, age: 69, Maus-Row10-SxS-CryptD
KRUPICKA, Paul Joseph, death: 2/27/2008, age: 75, Maus-Row10-SxS-CryptD-2
KRUTSCH, John, death: 10/18/1977, NEW-S-23-D
KRUTSCH, Katherina, death: 8/16/1974, NEW-S-23-C
KRUTSCH, Maisey L., death: 6/24/2008, age: 89, NEW-S-23-E
KRUTSCH, Nancy M., death: 6/14/1961, NEW-S-23-B
KUBISTA, Edward George, death: 8/15/2008, age: 90, NEW-E-44-E
KUBISTA, Lucile D., death: 11/15/2005, age: 87, NEW-E-31-A
KUEHL, Amy E., death: 11/5/1978, NEW-T-6-E
KUEHL, Henry, death: 9/4/1970, NEW-T-6-D
KUENZY, Mary A., Old-5-59-D
KUENZY, Ulrich, Old-5-59-E
KUMMER, Henry, Old-4-28-D
KUMMER, James Walter, death: 4/1/2004, age: 66, NEW-H-19-C
KUMMER, John, death: 1/6/1983, NEW-M-1-C
KUMMER, John H., Old-4-28-A
KUMMER, Linda A., Old-4-28-E
KUMMER, Mary, death: 3/18/1995, age: 88, NEW-M-1-D
KUMMER, Ronald Henry, death: 11/8/2010, age: 81, NEW-M-1-E
KUMMER, Rosina, Old-4-28-C
KUZIRIAN, Dorothy Louise, death: 9/11/2002, age: 79, NEW-N-62-D
KYLLO, Eric Todd, death: 3/2/2008, age: 41, NEW-F WEST-99-B
KYLLO, Frances, death: 8/9/1976, NEW-I-7-D
KYLLO, Gretta J., death: 5/13/1987, age: 56, NEW-I-18-D-2
KYLLO, Raymond, death: 3/26/1990, NEW-I-7-E
KYLLO, Richard Leonard, death: 4/30/1999, age: 74, NEW-I-18-D
KYLLO, Ruby, Old-7-59-C
KYRISS, Christina, death: 1/1/1944, NEW-T-59-B
KYRISS, Clarence, death: 5/3/1983, NEW-T-59-D
KYRISS, William F., death: 1/1/1949, NEW-T-59-A
KYRISS, William G., death: 1/1/1953, NEW-T-59-C

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