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Hillside Cemetery
Skiatook, Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Contributed by Charlotte Keen [jkeen14660@aol.com].

??, Emma, b. 1889, d. 1940, unreadable
??, Frances F, no dates, age 93, broken stone, n/t indention, c/t broken concrete cross no name
Adakis, ??, no dates, Rock, n/t broken stone
B ???, L C, no dates
Brooks, ??, no dates
Bryan, ??, no dates
D???, A, no dates
Evans, ??, no dates, concrete homemade
F???, L C, no dates
Fisher, ??, no dates
Floss, ??, no dates, homemade w/ concrete & rebar metal
G??, Michelle York, no dates, old plastic funeral home marker broken, n/t Ellen York
L???, U H, no dates
Mauck, Infant 1, no dates
Mauck, Infant 2, no dates
Mauck, Infant 3, no dates
R???, G, no dates
Rogers, ??, no dates
Samson, Baby 1, no dates
Samson, Baby 2, no dates
Scott Boy, no dates, Twin, s/g
Scott Boy, no dates, Twin1, s/g
Seeth, ??, no dates
Starks, ??, no dates, concrete cross, n/t sandstone unreadable & Geo Starks
Starks, Baby Girl 1, no dates
Starks, Baby Girl 2, no dates
12-Broken Stones
15-Concrete slabs no names
1-Footstone with A M
1-Sandstone with Evans
2-Concrete Bases
2-Concrete Crosses no names
2-Metal Funeral Home Markers unreadable
4-Unmarked graves with flowers
5-Marble stones no names
5-New Graves
9-Concrete Blocks unreadable


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