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Reichert Cemetery
Reichert, LeFlore County, Oklahoma

Lat: 34° 52' 00"N, Lon: 94° 45' 18"W
Heavener Twp, T5N R24E Sec 34

Submitted by Jennifer Steelman, Nov 09, 2004 [jdsteelman@yahoo.com]. Total records = 581.

Reichert is located between Hodgen and Summerfield on a county road. The cemetery is just south of the community of Reichert.

This is the cemetery for the community of Reichert. It is still maintained and is still being used.

There are many cement blocks, wooden pieces and/or stones that mark burial sites, with no information on them. This means there are many buried here I could not account for.

I walked and read this cemetery in Jul 2004 and Nov 7, 2004.

- Jennifer Steelman

Adams, Sillin, b. 8/30/1879, d. 1/24/1939, When the roll is called up yonder Ill be there
Allison, Aretta, b. 10/12/1916, d. 10/14/1923
Allison, Bobbie Wynoma, b. 8/24/1929, d. 8/24/1930, Our Baby
Allison, Clara, b. 9/21/1888, d. 11/22/1966
Allison, Estle Virgle, b. 9/14/2014, d. 1/5/1994, dbl stone, Married 9/3/1938, Beloved Father, Auctioneer
Allison, Garland, b. 1/28/1880, d. 4/7/1954
Allison, George H., b. 9/10/1892, d. 12/18/1966, dbl stone
Allison, Jodie A., b. 11/19/2016, d. 2/7/2000, US Army WWII, (Cross), 2 stones, Father
Allison, Lois, b. 6/11/1926, d. 8/14/1931
Allison, Lula L., b. 3/31/1916, d. 11/5/1968, Mother
Allison, Orville, b. 3/29/1929, d. 1/15/1934
Allison, Oscar Turner, b. 12/24/1888, d. 10/29/1961, Father
Allison, Pluma Vera, b. 9/10/1919, d. 6/14/1991, dbl stone, Married 9/3/1938, Beloved Mother, Teacher
Allison, Rollen (wife of), b. 12/13/1896, d. 6/29/1981, dbl stone
Allison, William "Owen", b. 4/15/1935, d. 1/12/2001
Allison, Winifred L., b. 5/17/1931, d. 8/31/1950, Oklahoma PFC 8 AAA AW BN CAC Korea PH
Attaway, Minnie, b. 1886, d. 1920, Mother
Bailey, Janice Irene, b. 5/10/1957, d. 12/14/1996, Beloved Mother, Sister, Aunt & Friend
Baxter, Fate, b. 1/24/1887, d. 5/19/1959
Baxter, Jack, b. 1855, d. 1932, dbl stone
Baxter, Lizzie, b. 1865, d. 1958, dbl stone
Bradley, Aline, b. 2/18/1932, d. 1/6/2003, dbl stone Married 11/6/1948, Don't weep for me, weep for those that are left behind
Bradley, Daisy M., b. 4/13/1903, d. 4/22/1937, Mother
Bradley, Junior, b. 12/23/1924, d. 12/23/1978, dbl stone Married 11/6/1948, Don't weep for me, weep for those that are left behind
Britton, Alta, b. 1/27/1895, d. 3/31/1980, In Memory of
Britton, Baby, b. 2/11/1923, d. 2/18/1923, Son of J.M. & A., In Heaven there is one angel more
Broom, Nancy, b. 2/5/1880, d. 8/5/1979, (Mother), In Loving Memory
Brown, Alvin, b. 7/22/1949, d. 5/5/1961, (Killed by a Tornado)
Brown, Betty Schatzle, b. 6/11/1942, d. living, dbl stone, Married 12/26/1997
Brown, Brandi Sue, b. 11/17/1978, d. 4/22/1984, (Photo), A Special Child
Brown, Calvin Leon, b. 6/18/1959, d. 11/21/1971, (Photo), Son of J.R. & Evelyn Brown, Grandson of Mr & Mrs Jack Brown Mr & Mrs James Hemphill
Brown, Charley, b. 11/30/1872, d. 5/5/1961, Father (Killed by a Tornado)
Brown, Henry Ross, b. 11/10/1941, d. living, dbl stone, Married 12/26/1997
Brown, Jack W., b. 8/22/1912, d. 2/5/1989, Father, Beyond Life's Gateway
Brown, Martha Delilah, b. 2/7/1913, d. 7/19/1980, Mother, Beyond Life's Gateway
Brown, Theadore, b. 10/21/1951, d. 4/29/1952, Our Baby
Brownfield, Paul D., b. 1924, d. 1984, Tec 5 US Army WWII (Cross)
Burgess, Nuton, b. 2/4/1851, d. 9/28/1939
Burnett, Raymond, b. 2/3/1935, d. 11/17/1996
Cagle, C.?, b. 10/6/1890, d. 10/24/1913, Inscription?
Cagle, Infant, b. Jun 1905, d. Jun 1905, child of W.M. & M.E. Cagle, Inscription?
Cagle, Lee Roy, b. 6/22/1903, d. 3/2/1916, Inscription?
Cagle, Mrs. M.E., b. 3/25/186?, d. 8/26/1916, Inscription?
Cagle, Sarah A., no dates 1/16/1916, Inscription?
Cagle, William M., b. 5/12/1860, d. 7/8/1940
Cannaday, Baker J., b. 1914, d. 1999, Tin Marker, Billingsly Funeral Home
Carney, Frank, b. 1849, d. 1902, 3 names on 1 stone
Carney, John, b. 1898, d. 1902, 3 names on 1 stone
Carney, Maude, b. 1871, d. 1902, 3 names on 1 stone
Carpenter, Anna, b. 1917, d. 1936
Chitwood, Cody, Jr, b. 6/16/1998, d. 6/16/1998, Son of Cody & Vinda
Clanton, Virgil Ellis, b. 2/24/1922, d. 2/18/1978, Sgt US Army WW II (Cross)
Clark, Elvin "Cotton", b. 6/3/1930, d. 2/4/1997, Father
Clark, Shirley Dean Brown, b. 11/12/1935, d. 9/12/1992, Beloved Mother, Our Grannypop
Cobb, Allie D. Whistler, b. 3/4/1867, d. 8/30/1935
Cogburn, Palmer C., b. 3/17/1933, d. 12/22/1987, As long as life & memory last, we will remember thee, 2 stones, PN3 US Navy Korea
Coker, Dain Steelman, b. 3/30/1892, d. 6/15/1974, dbl stones, I have finished my course, I have kept the Faith, Mother, (Eliza ANN)
Coker, Dessie, b. 1893, d. 1926, Mother
Coker, Harlon, b. 1912, d. 1932, Brother
Coker, James Wesley, b. 12/17/1905, d. 10/31/1914, Son of S.F. & Minnie Coker, How great will be our joy to meet again our darling boy
Coker, Leonord, b. 1890, d. ?
Coker, Lou Ellen, b. 1855, d. 1943, Mother, God Bless the hands that ministered to me
Coker, Minnie, b. 4/12/1882, d. 1/4/1968, dbl stone, Mother
Coker, Rudey?, no dates
Coker, S. F., b. 11/26/1878, d. 5/23/1962, dbl stone, Father
Collens, Stephen, b. 4/4/1872, d. 10/5?/1908, Blessed be the pure in Hart for they shall see God (Hard to Read)
Collins, Martha, no dates, (Metal Cross)
Colten, Eddie E., b. 9/22/1915, d. living, dbl stone, Great Love Lives On
Colten, Thelma M., b. 9/26/1918, d. 9/30/1966, dbl stone, Great Love Lives On
Cooper, George E., Jr., b. 8/21/1948, d. 11/21/1994, Sgt US Air Force Vietnam (Cross)
Cornell, Priscilla Jane, b. 10/6/1955, d. 4/6/1998, St John 3:16-17
Covey, Lenora, b. 1940, d. 1959
Cricklin, Wilson, b. 7/21/1899, d. 7/22/1920, Son of Thomas & Emeline, Asleep in Jesus
Crow, A. D., b. 4/17/1893, d. 3/23/1940
Crow, Carl, b. 2/2/1916, d. 4/1/1917
Crow, Carrie M., b. 1861, d. 1943, Triple Stone
Crow, Chester, b. 11/19/1914, d. 1/1/1915
Crow, Soloman H., b. 1851, d. 1924, Triple Stone
Crow, William M., b. 1892, d. 1918, Triple Stone
Curtis, Ada, b. 1890, d. 1964, dbl stone
Curtis, Dorothy, b. 1/20/1927, d. living, dbl stone
Curtis, Floyd A "Bo", b. 12/24/1904, d. 5/10/1989, dbl stone, 2 stones, Capt US Air Force WWII (Cross)
Curtis, Homer S., b. 8/7/1899, d. 12/12/1976, US Navy WWI (Cross)
Curtis, Iva, b. 1903, d. 1974, Mother, At Rest
Curtis, J. C., b. 1901, d. 1943, Father, At Rest
Curtis, John W., b. 1877, d. 1960, dbl stone
Curtis, Laura Belle, b. 1892, d. 19??
Curtis, Lela Elizabeth, b. 12/15/1902, d. living, dbl stone
Curtis, LeRoy, b. 2/28/1920, d. 6/3/1990, dbl stone, 2 stones, Tec 5 US Army WWII (Cross)
Curtis, Luvicy, b. 1871, d. 1938, Mother
Curtis, Marion S., no dates
Daniels, Ellen E., b. 1/22/1879, d. 12/23/1964, Mother, In Loving Memory
Davis, Carolyn Ann, b. 10/9/1953, d. living, dbl stone, Married May 28 1999
Davis, Garry Don, b. 4/22/1954, d. 5/6/2003, dbl stone, Married May 28 1999, 2 stones, SP4 US Army, Vietnam, (Cross) Dowden Funeral Home
Davis, Manuel E., b. 3/18/1920, d. 3/17/1990, dbl Caring Husband & Father(photo)Our Children Joan,David,Linda,Mildred,Gary,Jerry,Shirley, 2 stones, PFC US Army WWII, (Cross)
Davis, Viola W., b. 1/18/1926, d. 4/28/1996, dbl Loving Wife & Mother(photo)Our Children Joan,David,Linda,Mildred,Gary,Jerry,Shirley
Dedmon, Charley, b. 5/28/1888, d. 12/15/1963, dbl stone
Dedmon, Christopher A., b. 1/27/1958, d. 8/15/1969, Our Son (photo on Stone)
Dedmon, Katherine Marie, b. 12/5/1953, d. 12/5/1953, Our Baby
Dedmon, Stella, b. 1/13/1900, d. 8/30/1990, dbl stone
Deere, Mary E., b. 1/19/1902, d. 11/17/1991, (Mother), dbl stone, Wed 12/2/1917
Deere, Oscar E., b. 1/22/1893, d. 10/15/1986, (Father), dbl stone, Wed 12/2/1917, 2 stones, US Army WWI (Cross)
Deere, Phines, no dates, Age 6?,
Deere, Ray, b. 8/24/1924, d. 5/18/1925, Son
Deere, Velma, b. 12/9/1980, d.
Dorsey, Cloi Elizabeth Driver, b. 3/8/1914, d. 6/5/1961
Dorsey, Emma, b. 6/13/1873, d. 2/7/1937, dbl stone, Gone but not Forgotten
Dorsey, Geneva I., b. 4/18/1908, d. 10/29/1992, Wife, We Love You
Dorsey, Ida Bell, b. 8/25/1896, d. 9/17/1940, Beloved Mother
Dorsey, James M., b. 1921, d. 1980, CPL US Army WWII (Cross)
Dorsey, Jennings, b. 8/17/1908, d. 4/13/1963, Husband
Dorsey, Joseph P., b. 4/12/1868, d. 6/5/1940, dbl stone, Gone but not Forgotten
Dorsey, Joseph W., b. 12/27/1913, d. 12/3/1916, Gone but not Forgotten
Dorsey, Myrtle (Waymire), b. 7/16/1901, d. 8/9/1936, "Mama" Loved by all, Precious Memories
Dorsey, Paul P., b. 11/20/?, d. 5/15/1920
Dorsey, Theo E., b. 2/28/1925, d. 12/3/1994, US Army WWII (Cross)
Doss, Worth, b. 3/10/1914, d. 9/30/1977, Born at Bend, Texas
Doyle, Colby D., b. 1991, d. 6/15/1905, Jones Funeral Home, Talihina
Doyle, Elsie L., b. 3/2/1909, d. 10/21/1910, Daughter of G.J. & M.A., Buded on earth to bloom in Heaven
Doyle, Emma, b. 10/24/1897, d. 10/15/1988, dbl stone
Doyle, George Thomas, b. 4/17/1881, d. 5/11/1971
Doyle, James "Sid", b. 7/16/1925, d. 4/24/1998
Doyle, Jane, b. 3/6/1894, d. 1/10/1975
Doyle, Lee, b. 1/23/1892, d. 10/14/1977, (Photo on stone) dbl stone
Doyle, Leeonnie, b. 9/13/1895, d. 2/7/1911, Daughter of J.V. & Minnie Doyle, (Inscription?)
Doyle, Mary Alice, b. 1/14/1880, d. 1/12/1914
Driver, Bill, b. 1910, d. 1979, dbl stone, Great Love Lives On
Driver, Blanche, b. 2/2/1916, d. 8/30/1949, dbl stone, Together with the Lord
Driver, Frank S., b. 3/4/1908, d. 12/12/1970, dbl stone, Together with the Lord
Driver, Louise, b. 1930, d. 2002, dbl stone, Great Love Lives On
Driver, William, b. 1910, d. 1979, US Army WWII, (Cross)
Earls, Wanda Faye, b. 1/147/1934, d. 1/4/1935, Our Baby
Elliott, Ben, no dates, Father, dbl stone
Elliott, Millie E., b. 9/26/1917, d. 9/5/1918, Daughter of W. & S.A. Elliott, Gone from our home but not from our hearts
Elliott, Sarah, no dates, Mother, dbl stone
Elliott, William E., b. 2/11/1916, d. 9/20/1916, Son of W. & S.A. Elliott, Gone from our home but not from our hearts
Evans, Brandon, b. 1/31/1926, d. 6/30/2003, Tec5 US Army WWII, Purple Heart, Talihina Funeral Home
Evans, Della Mae, b. 2/17/1923, d. 8/5/1994
Fisher, Elmer R., b. 3/10/1921, d. 11/24/1993, In Memory
Followell, Sallie Anne, b. 9/30/1905, d. 11/13/1906
Folsom, Jency, b. 9/27/1910, d. 3/5/1913, dbl stone, (stone broken and leaning on base)
Folsom, Julia, b. 12/20/1913, d. 9/7/1914, dbl stone, (stone broken and leaning on base)
Folsom, Selinie, b. 1832, d. 3/26/1881, (stone is broken)
Foote, Charles J., b. 1917, d. 1924, dbl stone
Foote, Elmer H., b. 1914, d. 1915, dbl stone
Forehand, Buster, b. 3/19/1907, d. 3/4/1936, (Unreadable verse on stone)
Forehand, Elizabeth Eugenia, b. 9/12/1863, d. 1/20/1924, dbl stone
Forehand, Joseph Isaac, b. 9/11/1866, d. 10/19/1953, dbl stone
Forehand, Mack, b. 2/6/1867, d. 10/17/1927, Father
Forehand, Tharzie C., b. 6/17/1840, d. Nov-20, Grandma
Fortner, "Jack" Carmon Henry, b. 9/24/1914, d. 3/18/1994, Husband, Daddy, & Grandpaw
Fortner, Arnold Ervin, b. 12/14/1907, d. 12/28/1953, dbl stone, Father
Fortner, Elzetta, b. 3/21/1910, d. 1/22/1930, dbl stone, Wife
Fortner, John H., b. 8/2/1881, d. 8/1/1938, dbl stone
Fortner, Jolene, b. 10/3/1932, d. 1/24/1940, dbl stone, Daughter
Fortner, Lena Lorene, b. 1/27/1914, d. 7/24/1994, dbl stone, Mother
Fortner, Mildred Elsie (Welch), b. 4/16/1916, d. 11/21/2001, Wife, Mother, & Grandmaw
Fortner, Millie L., b. 9/29/1889, d. 9/24/1982, dbl stone
Foster, Richard, b. 12/6/1969, d. 12/6/1969, only date listed
Fox, Cheryl, b. 10/8/1947, d. living, dbl stone
Fox, Christeen, b. 12/25/1912, d. 12/25/1995, Donald, R.B., Burness, Carolyn, Jerrel, LaDonna, Connie
Fox, Jerrel, b. 9/23/1948, d. 10/12/1974, dbl stone, Daddy of W. DeWayne 1/14/70, Randall J. 5/7/71, Debronna G. 10/24/74
Frazier, Belle, b. 8/13/1884, d. 5/26/1917, Wife of JD Frazier, At Rest, Gone but not Forgotten
Fry, Baby Girl, b. 7/23/1946, d. 7/23/1946
Fry, Dorothy V., b. 11/22/1924, d. living, dbl stone, In Loving Memory
Fry, Marion Kimsey, b. 9/18/1918, d. 2/15/1968, dbl stone, In Loving Memory, 2 stones, Oklahoma PFC CO G 12 INF 4 INF DIV WWII PH
Fry, Safrona Elizabeth Upton, b. 1/6/1883, d. 6/12/1923, In Loving Memory, 2 stones
Gardenhire, Gwenda Kay, b. 3/5/1954, d. living, dbl stone, Married July 16, 1971
Gardenhire, Phillip Duane, b. 9/29/1952, d. 4/14/1999, dbl stone, Married July 16, 1971, PRCA Announcer, Lay Minister, Jeremiah 29:13, 2nd stone, SP4 US Army Vietnam (Cross)
Garrett, Claud E., b. 9/1/1895, d. 11/24/1974, dbl stone
Garrett, Ollie E., b. 11/14/1898, d. 12/7/1977, dbl stone
Gibson, Baby, no dates, (Rock with paint)
Gibson, Augustus, no dates (Rock)
Gibson, E. T., b. 8/21/1951, d. 10/5/1980, Son, Father of Jennifer Ann & E.T. Jr., Asleep in Christ
Gibson, Edna Faye, b. 1/19/1913, d. 8/7/1984, dbl stone
Gibson, Rachel Beatrice, b. 8/29/1916, d. living, dbl stone, Together Forever, (Back-Patsy Ann, Troy Faye, E.T., Katheryn Lou, Tina Rachell, Danell Ann, Jennifer Ann, E.T. Jr)
Gibson, Rev. Troy R., b. 3/14/1920, d. 2/3/1985, dbl stone, Together Forever, (Back-Patsy Ann, Troy Faye, E.T., Katheryn Lou, Tina Rachell, Danell Ann, Jennifer Ann, E.T. Jr)
Gibson, Wanetta, b. 1/29/1930, d. living, dbl stone, Married 12/6/1947
Gibson, Wayne, b. 12/17/1930, d. 9/8/1998, dbl stone, Married 12/6/1947, We Love You
Gibson, William N., b. 4/5/1908, d. 3/8/1989, dbl stone
Gillham, Enoch, b. 1872, d. 1957
Gillham, Ida, b. 1878, d. 1958
Hamlin, Israel, no dates 12/19/1904, Age 40 years, Gone but not forgotten
Hamner, Marilyn Sue, b. 9/22/1948, d. 8/16/2001, dbl stone, Married 8/9/1976, Beloved Grandparents
Hamner, Robert Lee, b. 11/28/1939, d. 1/24/2001, US Navy Vietnam, dbl stone, Married 8/9/1976, Beloved Grandparents
Haney, Davis L., b. 3/18/1907, d. 8/18/1976, dbl stone Married 6/26/1937
Haney, Trixie M., b. 2/18/1920, d. 11/17/2003, dbl stone Married 6/26/1937
Harris, Bobby R., no dates, (Metal Cross)
Harris, Daniel C., b. 11/10/1901, d. 12/30/1933, At Rest
Harris, Mattie, b. 5/21/1894, d. 4/21/1914, Gone to a bright home where ?
Hason?, J.H., b. 1894, d. ?, Stone with a tin marker, hard to read
Haye, George E., b. 8/28/1861, d. 9/8/1926, dbl stone
Haye, Rosie E., b. 10/30/1877, d. 4/13/1956, dbl stone
Hayes, Bertha Mae, b. 1903, d. 1937, Mother
Heavener, Billy Joe, b. 11/15/1937, d. 1/14/1938
Heavener, Harold H., b. 4/30/1923, d. 3/22/1924
Heavener, Joseph, b. 11/18/1888, d. 7/24/1978, dbl stone, Father
Heavener, Orah, b. 3/2/1897, d. 10/22/2001, dbl stone, Mother
Heavener, Tobitha, no dates 7/30/1920, Age 66 years, Wife of Joe Heavener, Asleep in Jesus
Hefley, John Melvin "Spec", b. 4/18/1917, d. 10/29/1992, dbl stone, Married 9/18/1942, Our Loved Ones, We'll meet you in the moning, back- Loved ones of Marvin, Beverly, Amy, Jud
Hefley, Louise "Lou" Britton, b. 6/14/1920, d. 7/8/1989, dbl stone, Married 9/18/1942, Our Loved Ones, We'll meet you in the moning, back- Loved ones of Marvin, Beverly, Amy, Jud
Hemphill, James L., b. 3/11/1911, d. 3/13/1961, Our Father
Hemphill, Opal Beatrice, b. 11/6/1916, d. 12/1/1994, Our Mother
Henderson, Kimberly R., b. 5/16/1963, d. living, dbl stone
Henderson, Michael A., b. 11/30/1952, d. 8/13/1994, (Bubble) I Love You, dbl stone
Hickman, Larnce, b. 1/13/1915, d. 2/14/1915, Son of A. & T. Hickman, Asleep with Jesus
Hill, Easter, no dates 11/23/1926, Age 80 years, Rest mother rest in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow o'er thee weep
Hilsman, Bertha, b. 4/28/1893, d. 5/30/1943
Hilsman, J. E., b. 3/14/185?, d. 2/5/1905, Inscription?, Husband of S.J. Hilsman
Hilsman, James Arthur, b. 8/3/1889, d. 7/2/1964
Hilsman, Maggie, b. 1/14/1880, d. 9/3/1899, Daughter of J.E. & S.J.
Hilsman, Sallie J., b. 1/20/1851, d. 1/4/1930, Mother dear is not here But she is gone to rest with God & the angels until we meet again
Hilsman, William Quitman, b. 9/17/1878, d. 7/19/1963
Hoxit, Alice Catherine, b. 9/25/1935, d. 9/8/1994, In God's care, Our Beloved Mother
Hurley, Bettie S., b. 4/30/1941, d. 1/10/1995, dbl stone, Married 3/29/1958, Beloved parents of Lora, Until we meet again
Hurley, Burnice, b. 7/27/1896, d. 2/22/1967, dbl stone
Hurley, Charles W., b. 11/30/1937, d. living, dbl stone, Married 3/29/1958, Beloved parents of Lora, Until we meet again
Hurley, Eull, b. 7/28/1898, d. 7/16/1959, dbl stone
Jackson, J. B., b. 4/17/1892, d. 9/21/1915, Son of H. JacksonCome Ye Blessed, To him we trust a place is given Among the saints with Christ in Heaven
Jackson, James Franklin, b. 1/17/1940, d. 6/24/2001, Always (photo)
Janway, Millie L., b. 4/5/1948, d. 1/25/1991, She is the Wind Beneath Our Wings, Mother of Sandra, Cheryl, Myra
Jefferson, Freeson, no dates 5/14/1920, Age 38 Years, Let Gods Will Be Done
Jefferson, Lena, no dates 2/8/1944, Mother, At Rest
Johnson, Bobbie Lorraine, b. 2/1/1924, d. 9/11/1997, dbl stone, Together Forever, Married 10/21/1946
Johnson, Carmel W., b. 12/8/1918, d. living, dbl stone
Johnson, Ernest W., b. 1897, d. 1970, dbl stone
Johnson, Esther Lee, b. 1/13/1918, d. 1/31/1985, dbl stone, Married 11/21/1935
Johnson, Fannie L., b. 9/22/1915, d. 9/21/2000, dbl stone
Johnson, Henry, b. 4/23/1849, d. 12/12/1917, Husband of Nashlee, A loving father a husband dear, A faithful friend lies buried here
Johnson, J. D., b. 6/3/1925, d. living, dbl stone, Together Forever, Married 10/21/1946
Johnson, Lena, b. 2/10/1909, d. 3/3/1910, Budded on earth bloomed in heaven
Johnson, Leonard, b. 2/23/1901, d. 10/28/1904, Son of Sam & Martha Johnson, Heaven is in ?
Johnson, Martha, b. 2/22/1877, d. 10/12/1953
Johnson, Myra C., b. 1900, d. 1971, dbl stone
Johnson, Orval, b. 9/2/1921, d. 2/3/1924, Son
Johnson, Otis "Ode" David, b. 8/11/1915, d. 5/3/2002, dbl stone, Married 11/21/1935
Johnson, Regina, b. 1956, d. 2002, Tin Marker, Evans & Miller Funeral Home
Johnson, Sam, b. 10/17/1874, d. 9/6/1947
Jones, Baby Daughter of J.A. & E.I., b. 12/6/1928, d. 12/6/1928
Jones, Carolyn S., b. 10/17/1945, d. living, dbl stone, Married 10/9/1962, Together Forever, (Back)- Our Son William Keith
Jones, Lena, b. 8/24/1904, d. 7/4/1907, Daughter of C. & L. Jones
Jones, Rachel F., no dates
Jones, William "Bill", b. 8/7/1942, d. 1/10/2004, dbl stone, Married 10/9/1962, Together Forever, (Back)- Our Son William Keith
Jordan, J. D. M., b. 1/16/1926, d. 1/16/1926, only one date on stone
Kirkley, Bobby Wayne, b. 4/19/1930, d. 5/5/2001, FN US Navy (cross), Dowden Funeral Home
Lann, Elizabeth, b. 8/14/1844, d. 4/10/1906, Wife of Thompson Lann, Mother, Inscription?
Lann, Thomas Lee, b. 6/28/1878, d. 8/22/1951
Lann, Thompson, b. 10/15/1845, d. 6/25/1918, Husband of Elizabeth, Father, Inscription?
Lewis, Sissie, b. 9/9/1881, d. 4/2/1935, Sister
Lillard, Barbara Elaine, b. 5/10/1958, d., Babies, dbl stone
Lillard, Bobbie Joe, b. 3/16/1957, d., Babies, dbl stone
Lillard, John S. "Doc" (Father), b. 1/26/1926, d. 8/7/2000, dbl stone, Married 2/2/1948, In Loving Memory
Lillard, Trudy Mae (Mother), b. 2/6/1926, d. 7/18/1998, dbl stone, Married 2/2/1948, In Loving Memory
Lord, B?, b. 12?, d. 12?, Inscription?
Lord, Maudie L., b. 7/10/1888, d. 2/17/1917, Wife of M.L. Lord, Inscription?
Lowder, Mattie, b. 3/22/2000, d. 12/11/1953
Lowery, Harrison, b. 11/8/1932, d. 11/8/1932, Only date listed
Lowery, Mary, b. 10/6/1933, d. 10/6/1933, Only date listed
Loyd, Phyllis, b. 9/4/1942, d. 5/5/1961, (Killed by a Tornado)
Loyd, Preston, b. 9/13/1960, d. 5/5/1961, Our Baby (Killed by a Tornado)
Luman, Alice Irene, b. 9/30/1892, d. 1/10/1979, dbl stone, Together Forever
Luman, Camelia Onia, b. 5/28/1923, d. living, dbl stone, married 12/18/1941
Luman, E. Leon, b. 2/6/1944, d. 8/31/1946, Our Darling
Luman, Estes, b. 9/29/1919, d. 9/13/1964, dbl stone, married 12/18/1941
Luman, Estes, b. 9/29/1920, d. 9/13/1964, Oklahoma Tec 5 US Army WWII (Cross)
Luman, Harlen, b. 7/8/1926, d. 12/?/?, Tec 5 US Army WWII (Cross)
Luman, James Z., b. 5/5/1890, d. 11/10/1978, dbl stone, Together Forever
Luman, Joe H., b. 6/4/1898, d. 6/8/1960
Luman, Mattie F., b. 12/27/1891, d. 2/2/1963
Luman, Nancy Jean, b. 7/24/1941, d. 7/8/1991
Luman, Odice D., b. 7/7/1941, d. living, dbl stone, married 8/28/1960
Luman, PFC Lonnie E., b. 9/2/1921, d. 11/21/1944, Buried in Belgium, In Memory of, Henri-Chapelle Memorial
Luman, Ruby M., b. 10/10/1944, d. 11/18/2000, dbl stone, married 8/28/1960
Mackey, Eli, b. 12/24/1895, d. 5/12/1914
Manley, Clarence, b. 7/4/1879, d. 11/13/1973, dbl stone
Manley, Mary, b. 4/16/1885, d. 4/8/1973, dbl stone
Marris, Andrew D., no dates, Son of????
Massey, Carl Dale, b. 7/11/1950, d. 12/31/1957, Son
Massey, Diann, b. 7/5/1945, d. living, dbl stone, Married 5/1/1965
Massey, Dolphie I., b. 11/30/1922, d. 12/16/1987, dbl stone
Massey, Joe L., b. 1/21/1921, d. 4/30/1955, dbl stone
Massey, Raymond H., b. 4/14/1946, d. 4/22/2001, dbl stone, Married 5/1/1965
Mayfield, W. J., b. 2/24/1877, d. 3/30/1916, Husband of I.P. Mayfield, The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want
McClain, Carmon, b. 11/18/1913, d. 8/17/1916, Son of H. & B. McClain, Gone from our home but not from our hearts
McClain, Cleo P., b. 4/3/1921, d. 4/18/1991
McClain, Della, b. 12/3/1894, d. 6/14/1976, In Loving Memory
McClain, Flora B., b. 1/26/1916, d. 8/7/1916, Daughter of H. & B. McClain, Budded on earth bloomed in heaven
McClain, Sylvia M., b. 7/19/1917, d. 4/26/2001
McClain, Ted R., b. 6/22/1911, d. 5/6/1969
McClain, Worley A.W., b. 4/1/1924, d. 5/13/1995, PFC US Army WWII, Silver Star
McCollom, Ida M., b. 9/12/1893, d. 10/14/1988, Mom
McCollom, Perry Albert, b. 1/16/1917, d. 11/18/1998, dbl stone
McCollom, Perry N., b. 9/22/1887, d. 8/22/1983, Dad
McCollom, Ruth M. (Jacobsen), b. 12/16/1928, d. living, dbl stone
McDonald, Edward G., b. 6/19/1905, d. 2/11/1991, dbl stone, Wed 2/21/1926, Together through life, together forever
McDonald, Willie May, b. 12/28/1907, d. 6/1/1991, dbl stone, Wed 2/21/1926, Together through life, together forever
McElroy, Alice, b. 1889, d. 1979, 3 names on 1 stone
McElroy, Father, b. 1855, d. 1938, 4 Names on 1 stone
McElroy, Fred, b. 1897, d. 1919, 4 Names on 1 stone
McElroy, Jeff, b. 1861, d. 1947, 3 names on 1 stone
McElroy, Lonnie, b. 1888, d. 1917, 4 Names on 1 stone
McElroy, Malinda, b. 1861, d. 1950, 3 names on 1 stone
McElroy, Mother, b. 1864, d. 1918, 4 Names on 1 stone
Mclaughlin, Irene Williams, no dates
Mcmahand, Billy Preston, b. 12/28/1927, d. 1/20/1928, Son of Mr & Mrs W.W. McMahand
Mcmahand, Whittie W., b. 4/31/1901, d. 5/15/1942, Father
Metcalf, Clarence Leon, b. 10/17/1936, d. 7/9/1998, Tin Marker, Dowden Funeral Home
Metcalf, Helen L., b. 7/28/1914, d. 3/23/1916, Daughter of W. ?. & M.M. Metcalf, Inscription?
Metcalf, Herman, no dates, 9/26/1932 ? Only Date?
Metcalf, Lowell, b. 517/1911, d. 7/31/1998, dbl stone
Metcalf, Lucille, b. 4/26/1911, d. 6/6/1994, dbl stone
Metcalf, Mintie, b. 1/28/1881, d. 11/22/1970, Mother
Metcalf, Oral "Bud", b. 11/24/1905, d. 8/26/1991
Metcalf, William Thomas, b. 1/29/1872, d. 9/20/1961, Father
Milligan, E. Mae, b. 9/8/1910, d. living, (Mother), dbl stone
Milligan, Emitt R., b. 10/23/1905, d. 3/4/1973, (Father), dbl stone, At the foot- "PA" In Loving Memory
Milligan, J. Walter, b. 10/19/1903, d. 8/17/1925
Milligan, Jessie D. (Father), b. 5/6/1898, d. 5/6/1973, dbl stone
Milligan, Mary Luella, b. 12/22/1877, d. 1/?/1919, Mother
Milligan, Samuel Jefferson, no dates
Milligan, Walcie (Mother), b. 12/20/1898, d. 5/10/1993, dbl stone
Mitchell, Martha T., b. 7/2/1840, d. 8/14/1923, dbl stone
Mitchell, Pvt Robert H., b. 5/11/1838, d. 3/3/1922, CO G 14 ARK INF CSA
Mitchell, Robert H., b. 5/11/1838, d. 3/3/1922, dbl stone
Mitchell, Vester D., no dates
Monroe, Hubert, no dates, (Metal Cross)
Monroe, Milton W., b. 1872, d. 1940, Father
Moody, Brother Herman, b. 1903, d. 1928
Moody, Brother Sam H., b. 4/13/1918, d. 11/3/1985
Moody, Dave, b. 12/6/1904, d. 5/28/1972, dbl stone
Moody, Herbert O., b. 6/25/1908, d. 1/11/1981, dbl stone Together Forever
Moody, Ida May, b. 9/17/1880, d. 10/27/1955, dbl stone
Moody, John M., b. 12/10/1903, d. 9/9/1976, dbl stone
Moody, Juanita, b. 5/17/1922, d. 6/25/1937
Moody, M? Elizabeth, b. 7/11/188?, d. 12/?/1903
Moody, Marie N., b. 8/20/1916, d. 6/24/2000, dbl stone Together Forever
Moody, Mattie L., b. 6/25/1900, d. 7/22/1926, Mother
Moody, Melvin A., b. 2/11/1906, d. 12/4/1980, dbl stone Wed 4/5/1942
Moody, Neoma, b. 2/8/1909, d. 5/15/1990, dbl stone
Moody, Pauline C., b. 5/30/1913, d. 1/25/1990, dbl stone Wed 4/5/1942
Moody, Pauline, b. 12/19/1919, d. 2/19/1920
Moody, Philidean P., b. 3/1/1941, d. 4/22/1941
Moody, Quilidean T., b. 3/1/1941, d. 4/15/1941
Moody, Robert W., b. 12/9/1898, d. 1/5/1981, dbl stone, Married 12/10/1927
Moody, Rosa T., b. 9/15/1905, d. living, dbl stone
Moody, Ruby V., b. 6/27/1909, d. 4/23/1980, dbl stone, Married 12/10/1927
Moody, Thomas A., b. 1/13/1925, d. 7/20/1925
Moody, Willis B., b. 10/20/1869, d. 2/18/1952, dbl stone
Naylor, Billy Cleon, b. 8/18/1957, d. 12/6/1957, Our Baby
Naylor, Hazel Laverne, b. 6/18/1930, d. 4/23/1999, Loving Mother & Friend, Dowden Funeral Home
Naylor, Matthew Leon, b. 1/9/1998, d. 1/9/1998, Infant son of Randy & Alice, For God has built a mansion where his children will abide. Free from pain & sorrow, forever at his side.
Newman, Argie, b. 9/3/1877, d. 7/6/1962, dbl stone, At Rest
Newman, Ed, b. 10/27/1875, d. 3/25/1928
Newman, Luther, b. 12/1/1869, d. 7/13/1974, dbl stone, At Rest
Newman, William M. "Billy", b. 5/18/1928, d. 8/11/1936
Nobles, Beulah F., b. 2/25/1922, d. living, dbl stone Wed 5/28/1938
Nobles, Herman Eugene, b. 12/9/1938, d. 1/3/2001, Tin Marker only, Dowden Funeral Home
Nobles, Lewis J., b. 3/31/1887, d. 6/18/1974, dbl stone
Nobles, Lonzo, b. 1902, d. 1963, dbl stone, In Loving Memory
Nobles, Maryline, b. 1868, d. 1945
Nobles, Michi E., b. 2/22/1890, d. 7/25/1945, dbl stone
Nobles, Minnie, b. 10/2/1894, d. 5/3/1975
Nobles, Ocie, b. 1907, d. 1969, dbl stone, In Loving Memory
Nobles, Orvil C., b. 12/25/1911, d. 3/17/1980, dbl stone
Nobles, Viola F., b. 12/31/1915, d. 3/10/1993, dbl stone
Nobles, Walter L., b. 2/19/1919, d. 8/4/1986, dbl stone Wed 5/28/1938
Ollar, Anna Lanilla, b. 4/28/1932, d. 7/31/1932, Our Baby
Ollar, Ethel, b. 4/15/1900, d. 10/28/1979, dbl stone, Absent here but present with the Lord
Ollar, Ira Leroy, b. 1/8/1897, d. 6/22/1941
Ollar, James "Jim", b. 8/17/1904, d. 9/4/1989, dbl stone, Absent here but present with the Lord
Ollar, John William, b. 3/28/1869, d. 10/23/1927, dbl stone
Ollar, Little Bonnie J., b. 9/23/1928, d. 7/9/1929
Ollar, Marvin Eugene, b. 5/6/1930, d. 5/6/1930
Ollar, Maybell, b. 2/10/1877, d. 4/12/1958, dbl stone
Ollar, Omer Clinton, b. 7/13/1908, d. 12/1/1933, Father, At Rest
Ollar, William D., b. 10/11/1895, d. 10/21/1966
Padgett, Ella, b. 1909, d. 1929, dbl stone
Padgett, Mary E., b. 1877, d. 1968, dbl stone
Padgett, Thomas, b. 1906, d. 1947, dbl stone
Padgett, William F., b. 1870, d. 1960, dbl stone
Page, John, b. 10/13/1848, d. 4/16/1917, Husband of Lassie Page
Parker, Henderson Frank, b. 5/22/1873, d. 2/28/1956, dbl stone, At Rest
Parker, Lucy Irons, b. 2/19/1878, d. 1/25/1964, dbl stone, At Rest
Parker, Robert H., b. 1905, d. 1943
Patterson, Bobby Joe, b. 1/8/1942, d. 1/9/1942, Baby
Patterson, Delbert, b. 1/6/1936, d. 6/18/1994, Dowden Funeral Home
Patterson, Marie, b. 5/5/1905, d. 9/4/2000, dbl stone
Patterson, Ople H., b. 7/11/1903, d. 6/5/1977, dbl stone
Patterson, Ople Jr., b. 12/13/1926, d. 12/25/1928, Son of O.H. & Marie Patterson, ?Verse?
Patterson, S. J., b. 8/25/1925, d. 9/4/1925, Son of O.H. & Marie Patterson, ?Verse?
Pennington, Andrew, b. 3/?/1903?, d. 1904?
Pennington, Anna Mae, b. 7/14/1916, d. 3/31/1990, dbl stone, Evans & Miller Funeral Home
Pennington, Levi Jackson, b. 3/16/1873, d. 11/16/1922
Pennington, Robert L., b. 2/6/1911, d. 8/14/1991, dbl stone, Fisher Funeral Home
Perry, Eliza, b. 1854, d. 11/2/1909, Beloved wife of R.P. Perry
Perry, Zona Washington, b. 1909, d. 1931
Peter, Barnabas, b. 1860, d. 1919, dbl stone, Our Loved Ones
Peter, Emma, b. 1914, d. 1916, dbl stone, Our Loved Ones
Pierce, Sharolotte A., b. 11/7/1938, d. 5/4/1973, Asleep in Jesus, Daughter of Mary & Oscar Deere
Pittman, John L., b. 3/19/1922, d. 4/26/2000, Dad
Pittman, Winona Gladys, b. 10/11/1920, d. 9/29/2000, Mom
Powers, Isam H., b. 1882, d. 1979, At Rest
Powers, Mrs. Lula, b. 4/2/1886, d. 7/19/1921, Wife of I.H. Powers, Daughter of Mr & Mrs J.W. McElroy
Quinn, Bencylin, b. 2/25/1920, d. 1/25/1921, Gone to be an Angel
Quinn, Velma, b. 12/7/1921, d. 10/24/1922, Gone to be an Angel
Raborn, Harriet? E., b. 10/15/1879?, d. 10/23/1889?, ? Of JBEA Raborn
Reichert, Infant, no dates, Son of William ?
Reid, Macon, b. 3/12/1897, d. 11/5/1899, Daughter of R.N. & V.E. REID, Inscription?
Rex, George F., b. 5/5/1882, d. 6/15/1965
Rex, Sophronia J., b. 7/3/1889, d. 10/8/1935
Robetson, Donny J., b. 7/1/1947, d. 2/5/2004, Tin Marker, Dowden Funeral Home
Rock, Baby, no dates, child of Isam & Lula Powers
Roop, A. F., b. 6/13/1858, d. 11/17/1905, Inscription?
Roop, Earnest, b. 11/26/1896, d. 11/3/1897, Son of A.F. & M.B., Our little boy sleeps sweetly here
Roop, Jennifer Alice, b. 11/26/2000, d. 11/26/2000, Tin Marker, Dowden Funeral Home
Sales, Charlene E., b. 11/25/1940, d. 11/25/1940, Baby Girl
Sales, Charles O., b. 1/14/1920, d. 2/23/1986, dbl stone
Sales, Elsie E., b. 1/15/1924, d. 7/16/2001, dbl stone
Sales, John Milton, b. 1/15/1876, d. 8/13/1931
Sales, Malinda Panalee, b. 10/30/1887, d. 3/20/1934
Sales, Melton O., b. 11/14/1941, d. 11/14/1941, Baby Boy
Sam, Emma Jane, b. 3/26/1915, d. 12/18/1917, dbl stone
Sam, Mary, b. 9/25/1898, d. 12/9/1920
Sam, Shippey, b. 5/16/1917, d. 1/20/1918, dbl stone
Scroggins, William Z., b. 1891, d. 1973, Pvt US Army (Cross)
Shykes, Christopher Keith, b. 6/16/1989, d. 5/26/1994, (Photo), Happy Trails Cowboy
Sims, Hazel J., b. 8/17/1923, d. 10/4/1997, dbl stone, Married 3/3/1951
Sims, Howard "Mate", b. 9/7/1908, d. 8/16/1979, dbl stone, Married 3/3/1951
Sims, Howard "Mate", b. 9/7/1908, d. 8/16/1979, Tec 4 US Army WWII
Sims, J. S., b. 6/16/1890, d. 9/8/1907, Son of W.H. & J. Sims, (Inscription??)
Sims, J. W., b. 4/11/1850, d. 5/9/1900, (Inscription?)
Sims, Marie, b. 11/15/1901, d. 5/15/1913, Dying is but going home
Sims, Mrs. W. H., b. 2/12/1871, d. 12/24/1950, A Devoted wife & mother
Sims, Susan, b. 10/30/1839, d. 4/12/1925, Gone but not Forgotten
Sims, W. H., b. 8/28/1871, d. 6/6/1943, Faithful to his trust even unto death
Singleterry, Eugene Delmar, b. 1/18/1925, d. 11/18/1991, US Navy, Mason, Eastern Star, Our Beloved Husband, Father, & Grandfather
Sizer, Deanna V., b. 5/9/1947, d. 11/7/1985, Survived by Husband Gary & 4 children Paula, Galen, Curtis, Joel, Not my will but thine be done (at foot plate with Name & dates)
Smith, Allie, b. 12/2/1911, d. 2/2/1998, dbl stone
Smith, Delton, b. 10/2/1907, d. 8/3/1977, dbl stone
Smith, Dessie, b. 3/2/1906, d. 10/2/1906
Smith, Fannie E., b. 7/28/1878, d. 1/27/1928, (Mother), dbl stone
Smith, Henry C., b. 2/14/1852, d. 11/1/1912
Smith, Henry D., b. 9/19/1872, d. 11/12/1907, (Father), dbl stone
Smith, John, b. 12/18/1906, d. 11/30/1908
Smith, Rebecca, b. 10/9/1854, d. 9/15/1920
Smith, William, b. 1/9/1909, d. 1/18/1909
Sommers, Martin D., b. 1/8/1867, d. 9/4/1946, dbl stone, At Rest
Sommers, Mattie E., b. 8/2/1873, d. 7/26/1943, dbl stone, At Rest
Spears, Baby, b. 1925, d. 1925
Spears, D. J., b. 5/27/1843, d. 10/21/1917, Husband of M.J., Asleep in Jesus, At Rest, (Mason symbol)
Spears, M. J., b. 2/6/1844, d. 7/7/1922, Wife of D.J., Mother, At Rest, Our dear mother from us is gone. A voice we loved is still, a vacant chair is left in our home that never can be filled
Spears, Opal, b. 1919, d. 1920
Spears, R. E., b. 3/31/1887, d. 10/22/1969, dbl stone
Spears, T. M., b. 10/31/1882, d. 4/26/1948, dbl stone
Spears, Wayburn Dale, b. 6/11/1927, d. 5/30/2001, PFC US Army WWII (Cross)
Spears, Wilma, b. 11/20/1921, d. Sep 1934
Stacy, Frances, no dates
Stacy, Vera, b. 4/15/1898, d. 7/17/1922
Stark, Betty E., b. 10/4/1903, d. 10/25/1975, Mother
Steelman, Beatrice Rind, b. 3/18/1891, d. 7/20/1993, dbl stone
Steelman, Chester F., b. 4/25/1914, d. 2/29/1952, Oklahoma S1 USNR WWII (Cross)
Steelman, D. Harvey, b. 6/13/1940, d. 5/11/1998, Seal of the Choctaw Nation, Row # 6988
Steelman, Deborah Marie, b. 8/4/1957, d. 10/4/2003, dbl stone, Exodus 19:4, I bare you on eagles wings & brought you unto myself (back-Our children Vinda, Justin, Tawana, Jared, Joshua)
Steelman, Delbert A. (Dad), b. 7/17/1921, d. 12/17/1987, dbl stone, Married 10/10/1944
Steelman, Esther, no dates
Steelman, Hazel, b. 9/8/1911, d. 9/28/1911
Steelman, Hershel Raymond, no dates, dbl, Our Children
Steelman, J. D., b. 12/9/1949, d. living, dbl stone, Exodus 19:4, I bare you on eagles wings & brought you unto myself (back-Our children Vinda, Justin, Tawana, Jared, Joshua)
Steelman, J. R. Rich, b. 7/7/1892, d. 2/18/1935, dbl stones, He Leadeth Me, Father, (John Richard)
Steelman, Joseph Leonard, b. 4/13/1890, d. 7/23/1942, dbl stone
Steelman, Justin, b. 5/5/1976, d. 5/5/1976
Steelman, Leona, b. Jun-26, d. Jun-26
Steelman, Leonard, b. 4/13/1890, d. 7/23/1942, Father
Steelman, Lillie J., b. 10/3/1925, d. living, (Mom) dbl stone, Married 10/10/1944
Steelman, Mattie, no dates
Steelman, Merrel, b. 5/18/1917, d. 1/11/1983, We Love You
Steelman, Roger Dale, b. 10/28/1949, d. 1/21/1951
Steelman, Ruby Bernice, no dates living
Stockton, Eva Marie, b. 4/10/1929, d. 1/24/1990, Daughter of Mary & Oscar Deere
Sullivan, Elijah P., b. 1875, d. 1948
Sullivan, Elmer H., b. 9/24/1908, d. 8/14/1976, dbl stone
Sullivan, Jannie M., b. 5/3/1931, d. living, dbl stone
Sutton, Gladys W., b. 6/29/1948, d. 3/24/1978, In His will is our Peace
Sutton, Lila F., b. 6/24/1890, d. 11/13/1972, In Loving Memory
Sutton, Oscar H., b. 4/1/1888, d. 3/1/1978, In Loving Memory
Sutton, Ruby Walker, b. 4/12/1917, d. 9/29/1995, dbl stone, Mother, Wed 12/19/1935
Sutton, William Howard, b. 5/22/1909, d. 11/27/1954, dbl stone, Daddy, Wed 12/19/1935, (also at foot-stone with In Loving Memory Name and dates)
Thompson, Bradly Allen, b. 4/13/1972, d. 7/24/1994, Beloved Son, Husband & Father
Thompson, Ernestine, no dates, dbl stone, Age 1 year, Two Angels More
Thompson, Lynatte, no dates, dbl stone, Age 2 1/2 year, Two Angels More
Tiffee, Amanda C., b. 9/2/1853, d. 12/9/1910, Mother, In Loving Memory
Tiffee, Nettie Pearl, b. 7/20/1887, d. 4/5/1968, dbl stone
Tiffee, William Edward, b. 1/24/1886, d. 10/26/1966, dbl stone
Turk, Kesire E., b. 1858, d. 1914, Mother
Turner, Walta, b. 6/28/1897, d. 5/8/1961
Underwood, Bertie M., b. 9/3/1898, d. 7/18/1983, dbl stone, Married 3/18/1917, Evans Funeral Home
Underwood, Edward O., b. 8/12/1894, d. 1/28/1970, dbl stone, Married 3/18/1917
Underwood, Sarah N., b. 6/25/1867, d. 6/9/1956, Our Little Grandma
Vanmeiss?, Infant son of A.L. & Jennie, b. 1908, d. 1908
Wade, Ben Owen, b. 3/23/1894, d. 2/13/1920
Wade, Charley H., b. 3/19/1898, d. 12/5/1966, OKLA, Cpl 51 Base Hq & ABSQ AAF WWII (Cross)
Wade, E. J., b. 11/21/1869, d. 8/9/1904, Wife of S.T. Wade, A loving wife, a mother dear, a faithful friend lies buried here
Wade, E. J., b. 9/13/1881, d. 6/2/1905, Inscription?
Wade, Etta Pearl, b. 1890, d. 1960, Mother dbl stone
Wade, Evelyn A., b. 3/10/1902, d. 12/31/1989, dbl stone
Wade, Faye Atoka McMahand, b. 1/1/1929, d. living, (back) Mother of Marvin, Danny, Peggy
Wade, George W., b. 1890, d. 1979, Father dbl stone
Wade, Hattie Luceal, b. 1/2/1908, d. 8/13/1908
Wade, John R., b. 1/22/1904, d. 7/30/1983, dbl stone
Wade, Joseph D., b. 6/6/1892, d. 12/23/1908
Wade, Lena E., b. 8/1/1915, d. age 3 weeks, Our Darling Baby
Wade, Lena M., b. 8/23/1906, d. 9/3/1906
Wade, Lona B., b. 4/4/1900, d. 11/10/1953, dbl stone
Wade, Loyd B., b. 1919, d. 1983, SSgt US Army WWII
Wade, Margaret Jane, b. 2/1/1864, d. 2/10/1953, dbl stone, Precious Memories
Wade, Nicholas, b. 9/2/1875, d. 9/15/1909, Beloved husband of N.P.
Wade, Noah, b. 9/19/1894, d. 9/24/1965, OKLA PFC CO A 63 Infantry WWI (Cross)
Wade, Sallie, b. 10/22/1903, d. 10/10/2003, Tin Marker, Age 99, Mallory Funeral Home
Wade, Stanford, no dates 1/17/1908, Husband of E.J. Wade, Age 36? Or 86?, Gone but not forgotten
Wade, Thomas Edd, b. 1/31/1899, d. 6/8/1985, dbl stone
Wade, Viola, b. 8/9/1889, d. 8/9/1907, Daughter of S.T. & E.J. Wade, (Inscription?)
Wade, William Joe, b. 4/8/1857, d. 12/2/1942, dbl stone, Precious Memories
Wade, Willie J., b. 1/12/1904, d. 11/25/1962, PFC 625 TecH SCH SQ AAF WWII, Oklahoma (Cross)
Walden, Farley, b. 3/22/1920, d. 3/25/2004, Married 11/24/1941, Together Forever, Our Children Doris Sue & Travis Gary
Walden, James, b. 6/14/1918, d. 1/23/1947, Pvt 51 AAA TNG BN CAC WWII Oklahoma (Cross)
Walden, Junior, b. 2/22/1928, d. 7/7/1928
Walden, Lurahree E., b. 2/7/1920, d. 8/13/2001, Mother, Forever in our Hearts, Mother of Barbara, Doyle, Jacky, Carolyn, Neil, Ricky, Deborah, 16 grandchildren, Evans & Miller Funeral Home
Walden, M. Mae, b. 4/28/1893, d. 4/14/1971, dbl stone
Walden, Ruby, b. 2/19/1924, d. living, Married 11/24/1941, Together Forever, Our Children Doris Sue & Travis Gary
Walden, Sherman T., b. 4/13/1889, d. 8/8/1975, dbl stone
Walden, Travis Gary, b. 7/25/1947, d. 2/27/1967, Missouri Sgt Co C, 8 Cav 1 Cav Det, Vietnam AM PH (Cross)
Walden, Winter Lynn, b. 7/26/1982, d. 7/26/1982, God picked a little Rose
Walker, Robert Wayne, b. 11/4//1951, d. 2/6/1982, In Loving Memory
Ward, Melba L., b. 9/7/1927, d. 11/14/1997, Mother
Ward, Willis W., b. 7/2/1926, d. 3/24/1996, Veteran of WWII, Father
Washington, George, b. 1890, d. 1967
Washington, Levi, b. 1865, d. 1929
Whistler, E. W., no dates 6/23/1904, Husband of Allie Whistler, Aged 28 years, In God we trust
White, Angela Kay, b. 9/19/1968, d. 9/20/1968, Love
White, Edith A., b. 4/23/1906, d. 4/24/1947, dbl stone, In Loving Memory, Mother
White, Leo "Pete", b. 5/8/1927, d. 4/14/2003, dbl stone, Loving Husband, 2 stones, Pvt US Army WWII
White, Mazil Fulks, b. 7/29/1926, d. living, dbl stone, Loving Wife
White, Sampson G., b. 11/23/1901, d. 8/17/1987, dbl stone, In Loving Memory, Father
Whitewing, Albert, b. 5/7/1914, d. 7/27/1916, Son Of W.W. & E. Whitewing, Gone From Our Home But Not From Our Hearts
Whitewing, Chester, b. 4/6/1910, d. 5/4/1912, Son of W.W. & E. Whitewing, dbl stone
Whitewing, Chickie E., b. 7/1/1905, d. 3/7/1911, Daughter of W.W. & E. Whitewing
Whitewing, Ettie, b. 1870, d. 19??, dbl stone, Our Loved Ones, Mother
Whitewing, Vesta, b. 4/6/1910, d. 4/30/1912, Son of W.W. & E. Whitewing, dbl stone
Whitewing, Will W., b. 1866, d. 1944, dbl stone, Our Loved Ones, Father
Wilcox, Windell, b. 11/18/1916, d. 2/9/1919, Son of J.F. & Maud Wilcox
Wiles, Tommy Joe, b. 7/28/1958, d. 7/18/1972, Son of Don & Gwenda Wiles, Grandson of Elzie & Cleo Wiles, Dave & Neoma Moody
Williams, Argie J., b. 12/7/1910, d. 3/3/1987, Our Brother
Williams, Arlie, b. 4/26/1931, d. 12/23/1955, Sgt SVC BTRY 537 FA BN, Oklahoma, 2 stones, Son, (photo on stone)
Williams, Billy Joe, b. 9/9/1933, d. 2/8/1985, CPL US Army, (Cross), Son, 2 stones
Williams, Buford, b. 7/9/1924, d. 11/5/1976, Brother
Williams, Dale Franklin, b. 10/22/1959, d. 10/24/1965
Williams, David Albert, b. 8/1/1870, d. 5/15/1950
Williams, David Arvle, b. 11/14/1953, d. 11/15/1953
Williams, Deborah Ellen, b. 4/24/1954, d. 4/25/1954, Our Baby
Williams, Dillard, b. 1904, d. 1980, Father
Williams, Earl Dudley, b. 1892, d. 1976, Pvt US Army WWI (Cross)
Williams, Eathyl C., b. 1/24/1907, d. 5/13/1994, dbl stone
Williams, Emery, b. 1906, d. 1978, Father
Williams, Ernest, b. 11/19/1897, d. 11/9/1958, Father
Williams, Frances E., b. 10/16/1873, d. 12/29/1961
Williams, Harlan, b. 1/29/1913, d. 3/27/1994, dbl stone
Williams, Hattie, b. 1/22/1880, d. 3/13/1945, dbl stone, Mother
Williams, Hubert, b. 5/15/1929, d. 7/5/2002, Son, PFC US Army Korea (cross), Dowden Funeral Home, 2 stones
Williams, Infant son of R.E & Velma, b. 1/27/1935, d. 1/27/1935
Williams, J. D., b. 8/1/1933, d. 4/27/1993, SN US Navy Korea (Cross)
Williams, James W., b. 3/16/1874, d. 8/11/1954, dbl stone, Father
Williams, Lawrence H., b. 1935, d. 1952, Son, (photo on stone)
Williams, Lonnie, b. 8/8/1900, d. 7/1/1980, dbl stone
Williams, Mentie A., b. 2/15/1902, d. 5/15/1983, Mother
Williams, Nora, b. 1908, d. 1964, Mother, The Churches Of Christ Salute You
Williams, Rufus A., b. 6/11/1880, d. 1/1/1946
Williams, Vessie, b. 2/12/1918, d. 8/20/1998, dbl stone
Wilson, J. W., , d. 1905, Aged 16 yrs, Inscription?
Woodral, Lesley C., b. 5/19/1933, d. 5/15/1998, dbl stone, (Photo), Married Mar 14 1953, Our Children Johnny, Ellis, Lisa Our Grandchildren Clay, Lesley W., Clint, Derek, Gerald, Lacey Mills, William Mills
Woodral, Lesley Clay, b. 5/19/1933, d. 5/15/1998, PFC US Army Korea (cross)
Woodral, Verley J., b. 11/12/1935, d. living, dbl stone, (Photo) Married Mar 14 1953, Our Children Johnny, Ellis, Lisa Our Grandchildren Clay, Lesley W., Clint, Derek, Gerald, Lacey Mills, William Mills

2 Rocks, no data, (Each side of Mitchell)
3 Cement Blocks, no data
5 Rocks, no data
Anthony, (Wood Piece), no data
Baby, no dates, Baby's grave w/ Lamb Carving, broken and unreadable
Cement Block, Crow, no data
Coker, ?, no dates
Concrete Blocks, no data, several
Fortner, Twins, no dates, Our sons
Granite Piece, no data
Many unmarked, no data
Massey, (Cement Block), no dates
Metal Pieces, no data, several
Ramsey,, Granite with name only
Rind, Infant?, b. ??, d. ?
Rock, , no data
Stone, , no data, Baby Daughter
Stone, , no data

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