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French Cemetery
Williams, LeFlore County, Oklahoma

Lat: 35°10'29"N, Lon: 94°33'20"W

Submitted by Arthur Vanvekoven, Aug 05, 2003 [vanvekoven@alltel.net]. Total records = 73.

Located on soap hill below Backbonemountain, on Hwy 112 go 3 miles north of Cameron Ok. and Rock Island OK. From Old Highway 112 turn on the Poker Bend Road, go west approximately 2 miles about 1/4 mile from Green Road.

French Cemetery is located on Poker Bend Road about one mile Northwest of the Williams Baptist Church on Green Road. The cemetery lies at the bottom of Soap Hill.

This record comes from the board of trustees for the French Cemetery. Last updated and edited by William A (Jude) Green, Trustee, Jun 2003.

- Arthur Vanvekoven

Bridges, Florence, no dates, identified unmarked grave
Bunch, Austin 1935, d. 1936, s/w Paul, s/o Art and Clara Bunch
Bunch, Paul 1933, d. 1937, s/w Austin, s/o Art and Clara Bunch
Byrd, Everett Eugene, b. 1923, d. 1976
Byrd, Frank, b. 1903, d. 1966, husb of Myra Byrd
Byrd, Josiah, b. Jun 23 1854, d. Apr 14 1924 (Joseph put on tombstone by mistake)
Byrd, Myra, b. 1900, d. 1970, wife of Frank Byrd
Byrd, Sarah Ann, b. Jun 10 1859, d. Mar 11 1921
Davis Onily Fay, 1926, identified unmarked grave
Davis, Rosie, no dates, identified unmarked grave (Child)
Evans, (?) O. C., b. May 15 1835, d. Jun 23 1911
Evans, Elizabeth Ann, b. Jan 20 1846, d. Jab 4 1939
Evans, W. T., b. Jan 22 1878, d. Dec 24 1909
French Ben, b. 1905, d. 1905 Infant, son of John and Emmer French, identified unmarked grave
French Emmer, b. Jan 12 1882, d. Oct 26 1952, wife of John French
French Infants, twins of Clyde and Lois French, identified unmarked grave
French James, no dates, identified unmarked grave
French John, d. Sep 30 1943, husb of Emmer French
French Mary B., b. Oct 27 1865, d. May 29 1903, wife of J.E. French
French May Ann, no dates, Infant, d/o John and Emmer French, identified unmarked grave
French, Murrel, b. Mar 29 1925, d. Oct 21 1939, son of J & E French, killed in a Black Powder Explosion
French, Virgle, b. Dec 29 1927, d. Dec 29 1927, son of M.M. & E.B. French
Hanna, A. J., no dates available
Hanna, Infant, b. 1918, d. 1918 (Child of A.J. Hanna)
Hanna, Viola, b. Nov 11 1911, d. Dec 12 1934 ( Ab Hanna's daughter)
Hanna, Virgel, d. 1930
Holman, Maggie J., d. Mar 27 1942 65yr, 10mo, 29da
Johns, Florence, b. 1896, d. 1919
Mason, Myrtle, b. 1900, d. 1982
Mason, Archie, 1921
Mason, Thomas, b. May 20 1890, d. Dec 20 1954 (Pfc Cob 128 Infantry WWI)
McClain, Frank, b. Apr 4 1916, d. Apr 10 1916, s/w Mitchel and Minnie
McClain, Minnie, b. Apr 8 1889, d. Jan 25 1923, wife of J.N Mclain, s/w Mitchel and Frank
McClain, Mitchel, b. Apr 4 1916, d. Apr 1O 1917, s/w Minnie and Frank
McCuley, Rachel, no dates,
McCullar, Rachel, 1918, identified unmarked grave
McFadyen, Elizabeth, b. Mar 22 1889, d. May 6 1966, d/o Alexander
McFadyen, Sarah, b. Apr 13 1914, d. Apr 14 1917, d/o Alexander
McFayden, Alexander, b. Apr 26 1878, d. Sep 18 1958, nickname Sandy, Married tomonroe Byrd's, daughter
McFayden, Tom, b. Jun 5 1850, d. Jan 16 1920, son of Alexander
Moore John, no dates,
Moore, J. S., no dates, d. age 81yr 2mo 14da
Moore, Joe Jr, d. Jan 18 1918, age 21yr 6mo 12da
Moore, Minnie, b. Feb 16 1890, d. Apr 30 1944
Moore, Rebecca Ann (Fullen), b. Jan 27 1895, d. Feb 26 1926, (W A Green's Wife, Edith's aunt)
Owings, Golie, b. Feb 14 1907, d. Aug 2 1908 , d/o Charlie P and Louizie C Owings, s/w Perly and Louizie
Owings, Louizie C , b. Dec 18 1878, d. May 18 1908, wife of Charlie P Owings, s/w Perly and Golie
Owings, Perly, b. 1908, d. 1908 , d/o Charlie P and Louizie C Owings, s/w Golie and Louizie
Owings, Willie J., b. 1905, d. 1938, son of Charlie P and Louizie C Owings
Powers, Jessie, d. Feb 13 1912 ? age 51yr 8mo
Powers, John H., b. 1887, d. 1964
Prater, D. M., b. May 1908, d. May 17 1908, d/o L.M. & L.E. Prater
Prater, Easter, b. 1881, d. 1917
Prater, Fred, b. Mar 29 1902, d. Apr 21 1946, husb of Artrude
Prater, Jimmie, d. 1933, identified unmarked grave
Prater, Juanita, d. c.1926, Infant of Fred & Artrude Prater, identified unmarked grave
Prater, L. E., d. May 24 1908, wife of L.M. Prater
Prater, Lemuel, no dates, identified unmarked grave
Prater, Lenard, b. Jul 12 1912, d. Feb 9 1967
Prater, Murl, d. c.1925 Infant of Fred & Artrude Prater, identified unmarked grave
Prater, Oleta, d. c.1933, Infant d/o Fred & Artrude Prater, identified unmarked grave
Prater, Robert Otto, d. c.1924 Infant of Fred & Artrude Prater, identified unmarked grave
Stankwitz, Francis A., b. 1889, d. 1957, s/w Martin L
Stankwitz, Martin L., b. 1883, d. 1958, s/w Francis A
Stankwitz, Myrtle, b. Apr 22 1907 May 22 1907, d/o M.L. and F.A. Stankwitz
Ward, Earl, Feb 15 1919, d. Feb 16 1919
Ward, Fred Madray, Jun 7 1901, d. Feb 3 1915
Ward, Marion B., b. Feb 14 1887, d. Aug 29 1944, s/w Mary V
Ward, Mary V., b. Feb 14 1885, d. Apr 1957, s/w Marion B
Ward, Willie Madray, Oct 8 1902, d. Dec 11 1903
Whitlock, Infant, b. Dec 22 1946, d. Dec 31 1946, son of George and Leona Whitlock
Wyatt, Bill, no dates, identified unmarked grave
Wyatt, Burley, no dates, identified unmarked grave

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