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Lexington Cemetery
Lexington, Cleveland County, Oklahoma

State Hwy 39E, Lexington OK

Lat: 35° 00' 10"N, Lon: 97° 18' 02"W

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Apr 09, 2010. Total records = 33.

Contributor's Index:

Baker, Icie (Northcutt), b. 1891, d. 1923, d/o G. G. Northcutt, w/o Wm Baker, [JW]
Burk, Elma L., no dates, w/o Dess Gray Burk, [JG]
Burk, Marion Odessa (Dess) (Gray), b. 4 Jul 1903, d. 1980, h/o Elma L. Burk, [JG]
Gray, Anna Cora (McCall), b. 20 Jan 1876, d. 14 Jun 1962, w/o William Speer Gray, [JG]
Gray, Bess (Rose), b. ??, d. 15 Mar 1954, w/o James William Gray, [JG]
Gray, Geneva Ann, b. 27 Jan 1915, d. 23 Feb 1974, [JG]
Gray, James William, b. 21 Apr 1896, d. Apr 1986, h/o Bess Rose Gray, Pauline Grimes, Sallie Mae Belle Mosier Ward, [JG]
Gray, Mary Mable, b. 11 Feb 1901, d. 14 Dec 1973, [JG]
Gray, Robert Eugene, b. 20 Sep 1926, d. no date, [JG]
Gray, William Speer, b. 1 Jan 1866, d. 14 Sep 1951, h/o Anna Cora (McCall) Gray, [JG]
Northcutt, Bertha L, b. 8 Oct 1894, d. 23 Feb 1931, [JW]
Northcutt, Carl, b. 1911, d. 1914, [JW]
Northcutt, Eliza (Owens), b. 17 Dec 1871, d. 1 Feb 1925, Weep not husband & children for me for I am waiting in glory for thee, w/o G. G. Northcutt, [JW]
Northcutt, George Gideon, b. 1864, d. 1947, s/o Adrian B and Nancy, h/o Eliza Northcutt, [JW]
Northcutt, James A, b. 9 Jul 1923, d. 23 Sep 1965, Military title Pvt, [JW]
Northcutt, James Adrian, b. 1859, d. 1920, Masonic Symbol, s/o Adrian B and Nancy, h/o Mary M, [JW]
Northcutt, Jessie (Goggins), b. 13 Mar 1895, d. 6 Jun 1985, w/o Wiliam Chester, [JW]
Northcutt, John William, b. 1861, d. 1920, Father, s/o Adrian B and Nancy Northcutt, h/o Alice, [JW]
Northcutt, Laura Alice, b. 1863, d. 1943, Mother, w/o John William Northcutt, [JW]
Northcutt, Lydia, b. 1896, d. 1917, Asleep in Jesus, w/o Pervy N Northcutt, [JW]
Northcutt, Martha E (Sizemore), b. 13 May 1872, d. 24 Dec 1966, w/o Lemmiel Woodson Northcutt, [JW]
Northcutt, Mary M, b. 1866, d. 1949, w/o James A Northcutt, [JW]
Northcutt, Nancy C (Dodson), b. 7 Feb 1836, d. 23 Jan 1930, Mother we miss you, w/o Adrian B Northcutt, [JW]
Northcutt, Pervy N, b. 28 Feb 1892, d. 13 Sep 1918, s/o John W Northcutt, h/o Lydia Northcutt, [JW]
Northcutt, Sadie, b. 27 Sep 1892, d. 12 Dec 1920, Prepare To Meet Me In Heaven, w/o M. R. Northcutt, [JW]
Northcutt, William Chester, b. 29 Apr 1889, d. 18 Oct 1983, s/o G G Northcutt, h/o Jessie, [JW]
Northcutt, Wm Columbus, b. 22 Mar 1889, d. 23 Aug 1914, s/o John Northcutt, h/o Ora, [JW]
Shields, Gary A., b. 20 May 1942, d. 30 Jan. 1996, father of David Shields, Gary Scott Shields and Traci Shields Clayton, [TC]
Shields, Gary Scott, b. 21 May 1970. d. 02 Aug. 1979, son of Gary and Leslie Shields, [TC]
Stein, Cora (Northcutt), b. 1895, d. 1966, d/o John W Northcutt, w/o Henry Stein, [JW]
Taylor, Rosa Belle, b. Jan 1, 1885, d. May 17, 1973, w/o William Eli Taylor, dau. of John William Northcutt and Laura Alice Shirey, [MT]
Yeary, Jerry E; b. Aug 20, 1946, d. no date, Son, Husband Dad & Papa, h/o & s/w Margie A, m. Dec 21, 1965, [DM]
Yeary, Margie A; b. Nov 14, 1945, d. Aug 07, 2009, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mom & Nena, w/o & s/w Jerry E, m. Dec 31, 1965, [DM]
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