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Braceville Cemetery
Braceville Twp, Trumbull County, Ohio

Lat: 41°13'28"N, Lon: 80°57'26"W

To reach from Warren take Rt. 14 to Braceville, turn left or south, on Route 82, Cemetery is on the Left side of the Road. This is the only Cemetery in Braceville Township.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 34.

Contributor's Index:

Rood, Aggie, Illegible, [JC]
Rood, Albion G., b. 12/1/1838, d. 1/17/1911, Civil War, [JC]
Rood, Amos Sherman, b. 1841, d. 1925, [JC]
Rood, Anna Wright, b. 1832, d. 1898, wf/o Justin Rood, [JC]
Rood, Cassius, d. 11/21/1856, s/o Heman & Prudence, [JC]
Rood, Eliza M. Nicholson, b. 10/26/1841, d. 2/19/1892, wf/o Franklin, [JC]
Rood, Ella R., b. 1879, d. 1910, wf/o Roy Rood, [JC]
Rood, Franklin A., b. 12/12/1836, d. 3/20/1914, Civil War, [JC]
Rood, Harriet L. Oviatt, b. 12/14/1871, d. 3/17/1914, wf/o Frank W., [JC]
Rood, Helen Wahl, b. 3/4/1838, d. 4/30/1926, wf/o Albion, [JC]
Rood, Heman, d. 9/25/1883, [JC]
Rood, James, b. 2/6/1824, d. 1/20/1883, [JC]
Rood, Jane Ann, d. 10/9/1856, wf/o John, [JC]
Rood, Jennie North, b. 1864, d. 1923, wf/o Sherman, [JC]
Rood, John, d. 5/22/1865, [JC]
Rood, Justin M., d. 6/30/1878, [JC]
Rood, Lena C., b. 9/25/1868, d. 8/10/1870, d/o Franklin & Eliza, [JC]
Rood, Lucy, b. 1878 d.1922, wf/o Norman A. Rood, [JC]
Rood, Luella Iona, b. 9/11/1862, d. 3/18/1863, d/o R.M. & Martha, [JC]
Rood, Lydia I. Barnum, b. 1843, d. 1918, wf/o Amos, [JC]
Rood, Mamie North, b. 1866, d. 1908, wf/o Harry Rood (Mary Loretta), [JC]
Rood, Martha Wilson, b. 11/14/1838, d. 5/21/1886, wf/o R.M., [JC]
Rood, Mary F., b. 1892, d. 1925, wf/o Clyde G. Rood, [JC]
Rood, Mary, b. 2/1/1830, d. 4/25/1897, [JC]
Rood, Mercy Hathaway, d. 9/8/1870, wf/o Sherman Rood, [JC]
Rood, Mercy Jenney, b. 10/11/1855, d. 10/24/1856, d/o Norman and Prudence, [JC]
Rood, Norman L., d. 9/30/1871, [JC]
Rood, Prudence A., d. 1/2/1906, wf/o Norman, [JC]
Rood, Prudence L., d. 8/9/1865, wf/o Heman Rood, [JC]
Rood, R.M. (Remus Marcus), b. 4/5/1838, d. 3/30/1918, [JC]
Rood, Riley, b. 12/16/1833, d. 1/9/1908, Civil War, son of Heman and Prudence, [JC]
Rood, Rollin A., b. 1889, d. 1890, s/o Harry & Mamie, [JC]
Rood, Rollin C., b. 8/8/1871, d. 3/24/1872, s/o Franklin & Eliza , [JC]
Rood, Sherman Hiram, d. 10/11/1877, [JC]

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