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Hanktown Cemetery
West Milton, Miami County, Ohio

hanktown cemetery
Hanktown Cemetery

GPS: 39.98769, -84.38184

Seven Oaks Drive and St Rt 571
West Milton, OH 45383

Date published: July 4, 2017
Total records: 22

Hanktown Cemetery is owned and managed by the Union Township Trustees.


Hanktown was one of three Union Township settlements of slaves formerly owned by John Randolph of Roanoke, Virginia. The other two were Marshall Town and Rossville. Today, only Rossville survives.

Hanktown Cemetery is the final resting place for some of these ex-slaves. It is located in the northwest quarter of Section 12, on the north side of St Rt 571 about 1 mile east of Laura and east of the Shiloh Road. 

Four of the tombstones in Hanktown Cemetery were that of negro soldiers who fought for the Union in the Civil War...

Gillard, Harrison PVT Co. G - 55th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
White, Hillary   Co. F - 5th Ohio Infantry
White, Silas PVT Co. G - 55th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
Young, Julius   Co. G - 5th U. S. Colored Heavy Artillery


...These men were originally interred at Brown Cemetery, another negro cemetery, about 300 yards north of Hanktown. The location of Brown Cemetery is no longer known. In 1978, these four tombstones were unearthed and placed at Hanktown Cemetery by Kurtis King as an Eagle Scout project.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from the Union Township Trustees on July 4, 2017.

COLE, Clifford B., Male, Birth: 1878, Death: 04-06-1879, Mother: A. Cole, Father: M. Cole, Age: 8months, Burial: 1879, Type: Baby, Grave: 3
COLE, Emma E., Female, Birth: 1869, Death: 03-23-1880, Mother: A. Cole, Father: M. Cole, Age: 11, Burial: 1880, Grave: 1
COLE, Ulyses C., Male, Birth: 1864, Death: 09-04-1879, Mother: A. Cole, Father: M. Cole, Age: 15, Burial: 1879, Grave: 2
GILLIARD, Emma, Female, Birth: 1855, Death: 04-26-1894, Age: 39, Burial: 1894, Grave: 4
GILLIARD, Harrison, Male, Grave: 19, Veteran, Co. G 55th Mass, Inf., Civil War
HILL, Elma R., Female, Birth: 1892, Death: 1920, Age: 28, Burial: 1920, Grave: 7
JOHNSON, Alex, Male, Death: 1933, Troy, Ohio, Burial: 8-30-1933, Type: Full, Funeral Director: E.P. Miller & Son, West Milton, Ohio, Cause: Nephritis
JOHNSON, Lubinne, Female, Birth: 1828, Death: 02-25-1884, Age: 56, Burial: 1884, Grave: 18
MOTON, John, Male, Birth: 1883, Death: 08-03-1891, Age: 8, Burial: 1891, Grave: 8
MOTON, Leonard, Male, Birth: 1894, Death: 10-12-1894, Mother: Rosanna Moton, Father: Joseph Moton, Age: 6months, Burial: 1894, Grave: 9
MOTON, Oliver, Male, Birth: 1827, Death: 11-05-1886, Age: 59, Burial: 1886, Grave: 10
WHITE, Daniel, Male, Birth: 1891, Death: 1894, Age: 3, Burial: 1894, Grave: 16
WHITE, Ed D., Male, Birth: 1854, Grave: 12
WHITE, H., Male, Grave: 22, Veteran, Co. F. 5th OH Inf., Civil War
WHITE, Harry, Male, Birth: 1894, Death: 1894, Burial: 1894, Type: Baby, Grave: 15
WHITE, Icy, Female, Birth: 1887, Death: 1915, Age: 28, Burial: 1915, Grave: 17
WHITE, Luther G., Male, Birth: 1889, Death: 1889, Burial: 1889, Type: Baby, Grave: 14
WHITE, Mary, Female, Birth: 1856, Death: 1894, Age: 38, Burial: 1894, Grave: 13
WHITE, Rollie, Male, Birth: 1899, Death: 1903, Age: 15, Burial: 1903, Grave: 5
WHITE, Sadie, Female, Birth: 1878, Death: 1884, Age: 6, Burial: 1884, Grave: 6
WHITE, Silas, Male, Grave: 20, Veteran, Co. G 55th Mass, Inf., Civil War
YOUNG, Julius, Male, Grave: 21, Veteran, Co. G 5th US CAN

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