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Pleasant Cemetery
Mount Sterling, Madison County, Ohio

Kail, Clarence, d. 1/28/1962 Orient, age: 70yr, c/d cor. occ., L-18 row-11 sp#19 Norris FH
Kail, Emery Infant, d. no date, L-2 row-50 sp#8
Kail, George H., d. 1/13/1966 Columbus, age: 62yr, c/d carcinoma, L-2 row-50 sp#7 Evans FH
Kail, Ruth D., d. no date, b. 1907, age: ?, L-2 row-50 sp#6
Kaimburg, Frederick Sonny, d. 11/17/1979 Columbus, age: 29, L-19 row-2 sp#36 Porter FH
Kaiser, Anna M., d. 5/20/1955 Columbus, age: 50yr, c/d cancer of breast, L-7 row-64 sp#8 Shoedinger FH
Kaiser, Betty L., d. 6/26/1928 Columbus, age: 3yr, c/d endocarditis, L-7 row-64 sp#?
Kaiser, Elizabeth, d. 1/18/1964 Grove City, age: 60yr, c/d carcinoma, L-17 row-8 sp#53 Norris FH
Kaiser, Elizabeth, d. 2/29/1904 Pleasant Twp., age: 68, L-8 row-66 sp#6
Kaiser, Frank E., d. 12/12/1967 Columbus, age: 73, L-17 row-8 sp#4 Shoedinger FH
Kaiser, Infant, d. 7/19/1967 Columbus, age: ?, L-13 row-6 sp#23 Shoedinger FH
Kaiser, John, d. Apr 8, 1900 Madison Co., age: 62yr, c/d dropsy, L-8 row-67 sp#7
Kaiser, Roy James, d. 7/11/1976 SanDiego, CA, age: 74, L-7 row-64 sp#15 Woodyard FH
Kaiser, Thomas, d. 4/30/1934 London, age: 67yr, c/d pneumonia, L-8 row-66 sp#?
Kaizor, Irene, d. 1923, age: 71, L-3 row-9 sp#9
Kalklosch, Herbert Anderson, d. 4/7/1985, L-15 row-14 sp#3 Shoedinger FH
Kalklosch, John V., d. 7/31/43 Mt. Sterling, age: 58, L-15 row-14 sp#4 Snyder FH
Kalklosch, Marie Eleanor, d. 2/26/1966 Anaheim, CA, age: 59, L-15 row-14 sp#2 Hilgenfeld FH
Kaltenbach, Harriett Ellen, d. 12/30/1981 Ross Co., age: 23, L-17 row-11 sp#51 Porter FH
Kamer, Frank J., d. 9/19/1969 Columbus, age: 66, L-8 row-37 sp#15 Woodyard FH
Kamer, Nina F., d. 5/30/1967 Columbus, age: 63yr, c/d RHD, L-8 row-37 sp#14 Woodyard FH
Kamer, Robert Lesler, d. 3/19/1932 Columbus, age: 2 mos, c/d meningitis, L-8 row-37 sp#13 Snyder FH
Kane, Estelle M., d. no date, b. 1898, age: ?, L-16 row-22 sp#6
Kane, Peter, d. 1/30/1955 Columbus, age: 65yr, c/d concussion, L-16 row-22 sp#6 Snyder FH
Kane, Peter, d. 1955, age: 65, L-16 row-22 sp#7
Karn, Albert, d. 3/25/1973 London, age: 78yr, c/d heart failure, L-11 row-58 sp#4 Porter FH
Karn, Andrew W., d. 7/28/1972 Columbus, age: 81yr, c/d cere. vas. acc., L-12 row-44 sp#1 Shoedinger FH
Karn, Elsie, d. 2/25/1963 Harrisburg, age: 66yr, c/d glrob. multi., L-12 row-44 sp#2 Norris FH
Karn, Frederick, d. 1/1/1961 Pleasant Twp., age: 70yr, c/d cere. vas. acc., L-17 row-11 sp#18 Norris FH
Karn, Infant male, d. 11/16/1982 Franklin Co., age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-11 row-58 sp#10 Porter FH
Karn, Mary L., d. 12/28/62 London, age: 82yr, c/d cardiac disease, L-17 row-11 sp#17 Norris FH
Karn, Susan Ann, d. 7/3/1953 Columbus, age: 8 da, c/d omphaloule, L-18 row-13 sp#4 Snyder FH
Kaufelt, Dau. of John R., d. no date, L-2 row-16 sp#14
Kaufelt, Eunice Mack, d. 12/16/1905 Mt. Sterling, age: 75, L-2 row-16 sp#2
Kaufelt, James F., d. 1892, age: 44, L-2 row-16 sp#16
Kaufelt, Nicholas J. D., d. 4/25/1901 Mt. Sterling, age: 80, L-2 row-16 sp#3
Kauffman, Edward J., d. 1/11/1987 Columbus, age: 74, L-14 row-46 sp#5 Shoedinger FH
Kauffman, Lois M., d. 7/6/1957 Darby Twp., age: 42yr, c/d sarcoma, L-14 row-46 sp#6 Norris FH
Kaufman, Mary, d. 1954, age: 65, L-14 row-46 sp#7
Kaufman, Otis, d. 1931, age: 42, L-14 row-46 sp#8
Kearney, Claude, d. 1/1/1989 Columbus, age: 53, L-4 row-55 sp#14 Spears FH
Keck, Daniel, d. 11/5/1931 Mt. Sterling, age: 83yr, c/d pneumonia, L-13 row-? sp#? Norris FH
Kegg, Emma L., d. 12/26/1940, age: 77yr, c/d myocarditis, L-5 row-43 sp#10
Kegg, Frank Oliver, d. 2/19/1963 Scioto Twp., age: 85yr, c/d heart failure, L-9 row-39 sp#15 Norris FH
Kegg, Gladys H., d. 12/2/1969 Hilliard, age: 85yr, c/d CVA, L-9 row-39 sp#14 Porter FH
Kegg, Jennie, d. 1893, age: 41yr, c/d moved from Foster to:, L-? row-? sp#?
Kegg, Jesse M., d. 2/26/1947 Orient, age: 66yr, c/d encophaletic, L-9 row-39 sp#11 Norris FH
Kegg, John Wallace, d. no date Los Angeles, CA, age: 87yr, c/d suicide by gunshot, L-9 row-39 sp#12
Kegg, John, d. 6/13/1922 Columbus, age: 79yr, c/d apoplexy, L-5 row-43 sp#9
Kegg, Nelson M., d. 1944, L-9 row-39 sp#13
Keller, Allen Harvey, d. 12/29/1921 Pickaway Co., age: 54yr, c/d peritonitis, L-10 row-9 sp#5
Keller, Amelia Ann, d. 1/2/1926 Madison Co., age: 82yr, c/d paralysis, L-3 row-52 sp#?
Keller, Benjamin C., d. 1/27/1963 Columbus, age: 70yr, c/d coronary, L-10 row-9 sp#2 Snyder FH
Keller, Benjamin Oren, d. 6/18/1915 Mt. Sterling, age: 78yr, c/d mitial insufficiency, L-3 row-52 sp#?
Keller, Charles, d. Nov 7, 1895 Fayette Co., age: ?, L-3 row-16 sp#?
Keller, Cora Elizabeth, d. 9/5/unk Columbus, age: 78yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-14 row-47 sp#2 Spears FH
Keller, Denny J. O., d. no date, age: ?yr, c/d Civil War Co. G, 113 OH GAR, Inf. s/o Benjamin O., L-3 row-52 sp#?
Keller, Emily J., d. 11/17/1931 Mt. Sterling, age: 62yr, c/d cancer of ovary, L-10 row-9 sp#4 Snyder FH
Keller, Laura, d. 1/15/1954 Fayette Co., age: 84yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-3 row-52 sp#10 Snyder FH
Keller, Leona, d. 2/6/1961 Washington CH, age: 87, L-3 row-52 sp#5 Snyder FH
Keller, Mary F. Short, d. 11/21/1953 Columbus, age: 50yr, c/d carcinomatosis, L-10 row-9 sp#3 Snyder FH
Keller, Robert R., d. 12/18/1948, age: 18yr, c/d WWII casualty, L-13 row-47 sp#6 Snyder FH
Keller, Thurman, d. 9/6/1939, age: 67yr, c/d cancer, L-14 row-47 sp#3
Kelley, Ervin, d. 8/19/1907 Gallipolis, age: 32, L-5 row-57 sp#?
Kelley, Lizzie, d. 6/26/44 Mt. Sterling, age: 76yr, c/d cere. embolism, L-14 row-27 sp#7 Fisher FH
Kelley, Margaut, d. 2/11/1986, age: 62, L-14 row-2 sp#1 Kirkpatrick FH
Kelley, Newton Jasper, d. 11/24/1929 Columbus, age: 72yr, c/d TB, L-14 row-27 sp#8
Kelley, Warner (Warren?), d. 11/26/1915 Circleville, age: 61yr, c/d nephritis, L-7 row-25 sp#7
Kemp, Mora F., d. 11/9/1918 Chillicothe, age: 44yr, c/d pneumonia, L-2 row-24 sp#?
Kendrick, Dora B., d. 12/11/1969 Delaware, age: 97yr, c/d uremia, L-10 row-12 sp#6 Spears FH
Kendrick, Juanita, d. 2/15/1908 Monroe Twp., age: 5yr, c/d operation, L-10 row-12 sp#5
Kendrick, William Henry, d. 2/7/1949 Sunbury, age: 80yr, c/d cancer of esophagus, L-10 row-12 sp#7 Wilson FH
Kennedy, Fannie, d. 10/11/1921 London, age: 66yr, c/d cancer of uterus, L-7 row-51 sp#12
Kennedy, Henry S., d. 3/25/1915 Columbus, age: 73yr, c/d heart trouble, L-1 row-? sp#?
Kennedy, John H., d. Dec 29, 1889 Palestine, age: 14yr, c/d diabetes, L-1 row-33 sp#?
Kennedy, Mary Ann, d. 12/1/1930 Columbus, age: 83yr, c/d myocarditis, L-1 row-33 sp#?
Kennedy, Mary E., d. Oct 4, 1896 Pickaway Co., age: 82yr, c/d paralysis, L-1 row-33 sp#?
Kennedy, Minnie, d. 3/17/1920 W. Jefferson, age: 54yr, c/d cancer, L-1 row-33 sp#2
Kennedy, Samuel W., d. 3/26/1931 Ft. Wayne, IN, age: 79yr, c/d influenza, L-11 row-49 sp#5
Kerr, Charlotte, d. 1875, age: 1, L-3 row-66 sp#8
Kershner, Harry Ellsworth, d. 4/26/1935, age: 15yr, c/d aorta regurgitation, L-14 row-48 sp#5
Kershner, Harry M., d. 6/24/1945 Harrisburg, age: 70yr, c/d senile paraplegia, L-14 row-48 sp#7 Norris FH
Kershner, Ota C., d. 2/8/1937, age: 54yr, c/d cancer of lung, L-14 row-48 sp#6 Norris FH
Kershner, Walter C., d. 11/20/1937 Orient, age: 61yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-1 row-15 sp#?
Kershner, Wilbur V., d. 12/29/1950 Harrisburg, age: 46yr, c/d cor. occ., L-14 row-48 sp#14 Norris FH
Ketchum, Abbie Jane, d. 12/10/1926 Era, age: 74yr, c/d cancer of ovary, L-10 row-66 sp#7
Ketchum, Charles, d. 6/1934 Orient, age: 82yr, c/d senility, L-10 row-66 sp#8 Norris FH
Ketchum, Infant, d. Sep 9, 1899 Derby, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-4 row-29 sp#?
Ketchum, Jane L., d. 4/14/1937 Mt. Sterling, age: 80yr, c/d cancer, L-6 row-? sp#?
Ketchum, John, d. 11/10/1918 Mt. Sterling, age: 61yr, c/d cancer of liver, L-6 row-68 sp#2
Ketchum, Joseph, d. 3/17/1934 Columbus, age: 77yr, c/d cancer, L-4 row-29 sp#? Myers FH
Ketchum, Mary E., d. 8/22/1923 Columbus, age: 61yr, c/d complications, L-2 row-? sp#?
Ketchum, Mary, d. Mar 1, 1895 Palestine, age: ?yr, c/d typhoid, L-6 row-33 sp#?
Ketchum, Matilda, d. no date, L-12 row-6 sp#5
Ketchum, Obadiah, d. 4/9/1919 Columbus, age: 69yr, c/d cancer of liver, L-6 row-68 sp#1
Ketchum, Peter, d. 4/12/1908 Era, age: 79yr, c/d kidney trouble, L-6 row-33 sp#?
Ketchum, Thelma, d. Sep 29, 1896 Derby, age: 9 mos, c/d cholera infantum, L-4 row-29 sp#?
Ketchum, Warner, d. Nov 28, 1893 Pickaway Co., age: 9yr, c/d typhoid, L-6 row-68 sp#4
Keys, Abraham L., d. 8/8/1954 Springfield, age: 89, L-7 row-72 sp#6 Snyder FH
Keys, Fannie, d. 1929, age: 68, L-8 row-35 sp#3
Keys, Jane, d. 1884, age: 28, L-3 row-57 sp#2
Keys, Josie, d. May 12, 1893 Madison Co., age: ?yr, c/d consumption, L-3 row-57 sp#?
Keys, Lena, d. Jul 3, 1895 Pickaway Co., age: 28yr, c/d consumption, L-? row-6 sp#?
Keys, Thomas J., d. Apr 25, 1897 Pickaway Co., age: 63yr, c/d consumption, L-3 row-57 sp#3
Kibler, Emma L., d. 7/3/1951 Columbus, age: 96yr, c/d senility, L-1 row-6 sp#5 Darfus FH
Kibler, Jane E., d. 1881, L-1 row-6 sp#6
Kibler, William, d. 12/28/1923 Groveport, age: 79yr, c/d angina pectoris, L-1 row-6 sp#5
Kidwell, Anna Alice, d. 2/17/1966 Westerville, age: 79yr, c/d cancer of breast, L-8 row-25 sp#3
Kidwell, Anna B., d. 10/8/48 Bloomington, IN, age: 83yr, c/d pneumonia, L-12 row-48 sp#3 Snyder FH
Kidwell, Arthur, d. 12/20/41, age: 36yr, c/d cor. occ., L-8 row-25 sp#12
Kidwell, Homer O., d. 9/18/1950 Era, age: 73yr, c/d pul. edema, L-8 row-25 sp#4 Snyder FH
Kidwell, John W., d. 9/4/1921 Pickaway Co., age: ?yr, c/d typhoid, L-8 row-25 sp#?
Kidwell, Olin L., d. 2/23/1944, age: 82yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-12 row-48 sp#2 Snyder FH
Kidwell, Sarahphina, d. 3/20/1933 Era, age: 84yr, c/d cor. sclerosis, L-8 row-25 sp#1 Snyder FH
Kiehl, Louella S., d. 1/4/1965 Pleasant Twp., age: 77yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-19 row-7 sp#21 Norris FH
Kiehl, Samuel Jacob, d. 6/18/1960 Pleasant Twp., age: 77yr, c/d cere. vas. acc., L-19 row-7 sp#22 Norris FH
Kiehl, Samuel, Jr. J., d. 1/14/1979 Columbus, age: 64, L-? row-? sp#? Shoedinger FH
Kile, Harrietta, d. 2/12/1908 Mt. Sterling, age: 83yr, c/d old age, L-5 row-37 sp#?
Kilpatrick, Charles E., d. 8/1/1964 Columbus, age: 75yr, c/d pneumonia, L-18 row-18 sp#34 Snyder FH
King, Adam, d. 7/31/1935 Chillicothe, age: 82yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-? row-7 sp#1
King, Barbara Ellen, d. 5/5/1951 Columbus, age: 4yr, c/d con.fib. disease, L-15 row-56 sp#14 Southwick FH
King, Charlotte F., d. 4/14/1949 Mt. Sterling, age: 79yr, c/d heart failure, L-13 row-25 sp#5 Snyder FH
King, David E., d. 10/12/1974 Sarasota, FL, age: 8, L-19 row-10 sp#43 Porter FH
King, Ebner, d. 11/26/1946 Columbus, age: 80yr, c/d corcinomatosis, L-3 row-59 sp#8 Norris FH
King, Etta, d. 7/2/1956 Pinecastle, FL, age: 74, L-12 row-62 sp#11 Snyder FH
King, John R., d. Dec 23, 1895 Madison Co., age: 65yr, c/d carbuncle, L-8 row-29 sp#5
King, John William, d. 1/22/1932 Columbus, age: 77yr, c/d heart dilation, L-8 row-29 sp#13 Reese FH
King, Letitia, d. 1/27/1931 Columbus, age: 73yr, c/d bowel paralysis, L-8 row-29 sp#12
King, Logan Lord, d. 1954 Lake Mary, FL, age: 74, L-12 row-62 sp#12 Snyder FH
King, Marcus H., d. 11/2/1973 London, age: 70yr, c/d heart failure, L-18 row-3 sp#55 Porter FH
King, Mary Ellen, d. 11/27/1908 Pleasant Twp., age: 75yr, c/d embolism - Wife of John W., L-8 row-29 sp#?
King, Minnie May, d. 7/23/1932 Columbus, age: 59yr, c/d nephritis, L-3 row-59 sp#7 Norris FH
King, Than R., d. 2/16/1987 Columbus, age: 69yr, c/d cardiogenic shock, L-15 row-56 sp#16
King, Virgil Lee, d. 8/9/1961 Washington CH, age: 82yr, c/d cere. vas. hemorrhage, L-13 row-25 sp#6 Snyder FH
King, Virginia, d. 11/18/1925 Canton, age: 67yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-1 row-17 sp#9
Kingery, Naomi Ruth, d. 2/13/1975 SanDiego, CA, age: 74, L-10 row-25 sp#9 Porter FH
Kinkead, Robert William, d. 3/25/1962 Columbus, age: 28yr, c/d uremia, L-8 row-55 sp#5 Spears FH
Kinnaird, George W., d. 1/2/1981 Ross Co., age: 51yr, c/d cardiac arrest, L-17 row-1 sp#39 Porter FH
Kinnear, Grace M., d. 4/10/1964 Columbus, age: 75yr, c/d scler. acute, L-1 row-31 sp#2 Myers FH
Kinnear, Harry B., d. 6/25/1962 Columbus, age: 82yr, c/d uremia, L-1 row-31 sp#1 Myers FH
Kinnear, Nelson F., d. Aug 21, 1898 Mt. Sterling, age: 56yr, c/d Bright's disease, L-1 row-31 sp#8
Kinnear, Theodocia, d. 9/19/1940, age: 69?yr, c/d heart failure, L-1 row-31 sp#7
Kinnear, Virginia I., d. 2/20/1979 Westerville, age: 52yr, c/d cancer of colon, L-1 row-31 sp#10 Corbin FH
Kinsell, Gladys, d. 3/21/1923 Derby, age: 3 wks.yr, c/d syphilis, L-7 row-17 sp#?
Kious, Adam K., d. 2/7/1933 Mt. Sterling, age: 86yr, c/d mitial insufficiency, L-8 row-36 sp#2 Snyder FH
Kious, Annie Lorena, d. 10/31/1961 N. Rockford, age: ?yr, c/d heart disease, L-3 row-63 sp#6 Snyder FH
Kious, Arthur, d. 1958, age: 59, L-8 row-48 sp#13
Kious, Carl T., d. 3/10/1918 Range Twp., age: 15 da, c/d exhaustion, L-3 row-63 sp#?
Kious, Edna D., d. 7/14/1972 London, age: 85yr, c/d card. insufficiency, L-18 row-5 sp#9 Porter FH
Kious, George H., d. 5/13/42, age: 77yr, c/d cor. occ., L-8 row-48 sp#15
Kious, George, d. Nov 28, 1888 Mt. Sterling, age: ?yr, c/d Bright's disease, L-3 row-63 sp#?
Kious, L. R., d. 1941, age: 79yr, c/d gangrene, L-3 row-63 sp#?
Kious, Leila N. Schmidt, d. 12/2/1987, age: 90yr, c/d car. pul. arrest, L-14 row-39 sp#5 Shaw FH
Kious, Lewis Renfrew, d. 2/13/1980 Columbus, age: 84yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-14 row-39 sp#6 Shaw FH
Kious, Louise M., d. 11/14/1959 Washington CH, age: 85yr, c/d cardiac arrest, L-8 row-48 sp#14 Snyder FH
Kious, Mary Lucinda, d. 1/11/1901 Madison Co., age: 38yr, c/d peritonitis, L-2 row-40 sp#?
Kious, Melinda, d. 10/23/1908 Mt. Sterling, age: 78yr, c/d pneumonia, L-3 row-63 sp#3
Kious, Ruth K., d. 1960, age: 55, L-8 row-48 sp#12
Kious, Seymour W., d. 8/30/1953 Local, age: 68yr, c/d arter. thrombosis, L-18 row-5 sp#10 Snyder FH
Kirchner, Maggie Jane, d. 9/18/1918 Warren Co., age: 35yr, c/d child birth, L-1 row-15 sp#?
Kirk, David, d. 4/8/1948 Columbus, age: 5hrs, c/d on top of Ira P. Harris, L-7 row-23 sp#16
Kirk, Roxanne, d. 6/18/1951 Columbus, age: 5hrs, c/d myo. decomposition, L-7 row-23 sp#13 Haag FH
Kirkendall, Benjamin R., d. 5/16/1968 Columbus, age: 85, L-14 row-1 sp#3 Shoedinger FH
Kirkendall, Edward Taylor, d. 7/19/1952 Columbus, age: 68yr, c/d asphyxiation - from Greenlawn Abbey to 19/18/6, L- row sp # FH,
Kirkendall, Marie, d. 11/16/1972 Lima, age: 79, L-19 row-18 sp#5 VanHorn FH
Kirkendall, Sarah R., d. 3/16/1935 Columbus, age: 78yr, c/d hemphlegia, L-14 row-1 sp#?
Kirkpatrick, Jacob T., d. 2/3/1939, age: 65yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-13 row-1 sp#32
Kirkpatrick, Mary Jane, d. 10/19/1965, age: 84yr, c/d heart failure, L-13 row-1 sp#33 Moreland FH
Kirkpatrick, Nettie Mae, d. 2/20/1972 Columbus, age: 85yr, c/d cardiac arrest, L-18 row-18 sp#33 Porter FH
Kirt, William Lewis, d. 1/19/1973 Columbus, age: 10yr, c/d hem. in shock, L-17 row-14 sp#57 Porter FH
Kisling, Ruth M., d. 8/1/1974 Columbus, age: 52yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-15 row-31 sp#2 Evans FH
Kissel, Freda, d. 7/26/1961 Mansfield, age: 47yr, c/d pneumonia, L-19 row-6 sp#2 Snyder FH
Knapp, Anna May, d. 6/18/1905 Mt. Sterling, age: 11, L-5 row-40 sp#7
Knapp, Bessie Hanson, d. 3/17/1948 Mt. Sterling, age: 60yr, c/d cardiac failure, L-5 row-40 sp#11 Snyder FH
Knapp, Harley B., d. Sep 4, 1892 Pickaway Co., age: 2yr, c/d scorfula, L-5 row-40 sp#6
Knapp, Infant son, d. 11/20/1922, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-5 row-40 sp#14
Knapp, Joseph Elwin, d. 4/12/1956 Washington CH, age: 67yr, c/d leukemia, L-5 row-40 sp#12 Snyder FH
Knapp, Martin Earl, d. 11/19/1960 Columbus, age: 11mos., L-16 row-64 sp#1 Norris FH
Knapp, Mildred Louise, d. 8/9/1918 Columbus, age: 3yr, c/d cholera infantum, L-5 row-40 sp#11 Snyder FH
Knisley, Eldon, d. 11/16/1984 Fayette Co., age: 57, L-19 row-10 sp#32 Morrow FH
Knisley, Ethel, d. 6/28/1966 London, age: 61yr, c/d cor. thrombosis, L-16 row-39 sp#3 Snyder FH
Knisley, Ethel, d. 9/14/1972 Columbus, age: 78, L-19 row-9 sp#19 Rader FH
Knisley, Florence Irene, d. 10/31/1947, age: 2yr, c/d pne. from Madison Mills to, L-16 row-39 sp#12
Knisley, Infant, d. 6/7/1947 Mt. Sterling, age: 0yr, c/d clot in cord, L-16 row-39 sp#9 Snyder FH
Knisley, McKinley, d. 10/1/1972 Xenia, age: 77, L-19 row-9 sp#20 Rader FH
Knox, Gerald Russell, d. 2/15/1988 Circleville, age: 43, L-17 row-12 sp#50 Porter FH
Koerner, Annah M., d. no date, b. 9/16/35 Columbus, age: 42yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-14 row-49 sp#14
Koerner, Frank D., d. 2/7/1969 Columbus, age: 59yr, c/d med. failure, L-19 row-5 sp#7 Woodyard FH
Koerner, George E., d. 2/20/1935 Columbus, age: 42yr, c/d pneumonia, L-14 row-49 sp#13 Fisher FH
Kohout, Theresa, d. 11/22/1962 Orient, age: 77, L-13 row-5 sp#57 Norris FH
Krauss, Al, d. 8/3/1916 Columbus, age: 56yr, c/d exhaustion, L-2 row-40 sp#?
Krauss, Alice M., d. 4/12/1912 Columbus, age: 58yr, c/d heart disease, L-1 row-34 sp#?
Krauss, Frederick L., d. 7/19/1934 Columbus, age: 62yr, c/d auto accident, L-11 row-2 sp#7
Krauss, Martin, d. 7/27/1907 Columbus, age: 62, L-1 row-34 sp#?
Kreath, Charles N., d. 7/6/1907 Mt. Sterling, age: 50yr, c/d accident, L-5 row-40 sp#4
Krueger, Matthew Joseph, d. 7/26/1987 Columbus, age: 3 mos, c/d cardiac arrest, L-17 row-10 sp#13 Miller FH
Kuhn, Clarence D., d. 5/12/1950 Columbus, age: 44yr, c/d cancer of lung, L-15 row-4 sp#6 Rader FH
Kuhn, Dollie Ann, d. 1/26/1967 Zanesville, age: 90yr, c/d pneumonia, L-9 row-22 sp#6 Bolin FH
Kuhn, Geneva, d. no date, L-15 row-4 sp#5
Kuhn, Kenneth Richmond, d. 10/10/1968 Chil. VA HOSP, age: 38yr, c/d septicemia, L-15 row-4 sp#7 Rader FH
Kuncencedar, Martin Luther, d. 6/23/1914 Mt. Sterling, age: 42yr, c/d accident, L-6 row-52 sp#Pot.Fld.
Kuntz, Carl W., d. 6/18/1972 Columbus, age: 59, L-15 row-56 sp#4 Shoedinger FH
Kuntz, Ralph J., d. 7/19/1979 Columbus, age: 71yr, c/d malnutrition, L-18 row-9 sp#3 Rutherford (crem) FH
Kysenceder, Charles, d. 6/12/34 Mt. Sterling, age: ?yr, c/d mitial regurgitation, L-7 row-67 sp#? Snyder FH
Lack, Gertrude Minnie, d. 9/23/1918 Mt. Sterling, age: 42yr, c/d strangled hernia, L-? row-? sp#?
Lackland, Baby, d. 1961, L-10 row-35 sp#16
Ladley, Bruce, d. 10/10/1974 London, age: 84, L-14 row-33 sp#2 Rader FH
Ladley, Mary E., d. 5/18/1931, age: 27yr, c/d ergot poisoning, L-14 row-33 sp#3
Lamb, Betty Lou, d. 2/22/1973 Arlington, TX, age: 41, L-14 row-35 sp#1 Weir FH
Lamb, Susan M., d. 2/18/1961 Columbus, age: 4mos., L-14 row-35 sp#9 Weir FH
Lamb, Susan, d. 1961, L-14 row-35 sp#9
Lambert, Bette L. Liff, d. 1/22/1985 Memphis, TN, age: 58, L-17 row-6 sp#54
Lambert, Ellen Marie Martin, d. 3/24/1967, age: 58yr, c/d anoxia, L-10 row-10 sp#8 Leach FH
Lambert, Eugene T., d. 11/27/1969 Columbus, age: 61yr, c/d resp. failure, L-18 row-14 sp#22 Shoedinger FH
Lambert, George F., d. no date Memphis, TN, age: 59, L-17 row-6 sp#54
Lambert, Henrietta Dupre, d. 2/15/1972 Jacksonville, FL, age: 86, L-(crem) 6 row-37 sp#1 Newell FH
Lambert, Infant, d. 5/28/1929 Pleasant Twp., age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-7 row-18 sp#?
Lambert, Infant, d. 5/3/1968 Columbus, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-17 row-9 sp#45 Shoedinger FH
Landfair, Mildred L., d. 10/18/1981 Pickaway Co., age: 66, L-18 row-9 sp#17 Miller FH
Landis, Frank Joseph, d. 5/17/1976 London, age: 78yr, c/d heart failure, L-12 row-32 sp#10 Miller FH
Landis, Katie M., d. 4/20/39, age: 65yr, c/d nephritis, L-12 row-32 sp#4
Landis, Thomas, d. 11/25/1920 Franklin Co., age: 45yr, c/d stomach ulcer, L-12 row-32 sp#3
Landis, Wanda Clark, d. 2/24/1920 Franklin Co., age: 23yr, c/d pneumonia, L-12 row-32 sp#1
Lane, Ada Lee, d. 8/17/1931 Columbus, age: 52yr, c/d cancer of liver, L-2 row-48 sp#3 Denton FH
Lane, Anna M., d. 2/11/1972 Columbus, age: 85, L-1 row-2 sp#4 Shroyer FH
Lane, Austin F., d. 3/22/1929 Columbus, age: 19yr, c/d cancer, L-10 row-40 sp#?
Lane, Caroline, d. Jun 21, 1888 Pleasant Twp., age: 41yr, c/d consumption, L-2 row-48 sp#4
Lane, Charles Omer, d. 10/5/1967 Local, age: 83, L-17 row-7 sp#4
Lane, Diana, d. 1939, age: 57yr, c/d nephritis, L-7 row-11 sp#14
Lane, Elizabeth, d. 5/27/1909 Pleasant Twp., age: 70yr, c/d heart disease, L-8 row-54 sp#6
Lane, Emma A., d. 1888, age: 38, L-5 row-57 sp#4
Lane, Emma, d. 4/10/1943 Pleasant Twp., age: 38yr, c/d nursing sore mouth, L-5 row-57 sp#?
Lane, F. Marian, d. Apr 10, 1898 Madison Co., age: 44yr, c/d cancer, L-1 row-2 sp#1
Lane, Finley T., d. May 15, 1892 Madison Co., age: ?yr, c/d typhoid, L-2 row-48 sp#7
Lane, Florence, d. 1/14/34 Mt. Sterling, age: 69yr, c/d pneumonia, L-5 row-57 sp#? Snyder FH
Lane, Garnett F., d. 5/9/1977, age: 67, L-18 row-11 sp#38 Shoedinger FH
Lane, George, d. 6/15/1957 Columbus, age: 75, L-5 row-57 sp#2 Norris FH
Lane, Grace M., d. 4/22/1968 Local, age: 82yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-17 row-7 sp#3 Porter FH
Lane, Herbert, d. 10/23/1912 Mt. Sterling, age: ?yr, c/d pneumonia, L-5 row-57 sp#?
Lane, Infant, d. 5/27/1917 Mt. Sterling, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-7 row-11 sp#1
Lane, Jacob Corwin, d. 11/7/1924 London, age: 63yr, c/d TB, L-4 row-13 sp#?
Lane, James Grabill, d. 7/24/1916 Derby, age: 1yr, c/d meningitis, L-7 row-25 sp#1
Lane, Kinney, d. Jun 9, 1898 Mt. Sterling, age: 16yr, c/d consumption, L-2 row-48 sp#?
Lane, Lemuel Charles, d. 6/15/1906 Harrisburg, age: ?, L-8 row-64 sp#?
Lane, Lotta, d. Mar 2, 1894 Madison Co., age: ?yr, c/d consumption, L-5 row-57 sp#?
Lane, Louisa M., d. Jul 18, 1888 Pleasant Twp., age: 2 mos, c/d cholera infantum, L-5 row-57 sp#4
Lane, Martha C., d. 3/29/1901 Nioga, age: 71yr, c/d heart disease, L-4 row-13 sp#?
Lane, Mary L., d. 3/19/41, age: 33yr, c/d myocarditis, L-12 row-31 sp#1
Lane, Minnie, d. 2/2/1947 Monroe Twp., age: 73yr, c/d cancer, L-7 row-46 sp#3 Snyder FH
Lane, Minnie, d. 2/27/1911 Fairfield Twp., age: 66yr, c/d paralysis, L-1 row-2 sp#2
Lane, Norwood, d. 9/2/37 Toledo, age: 30yr, c/d fractured skull, L-10 row-40 sp#?
Lane, Oliver L., d. 7/19/1943 Lon. pris. farm, age: 48yr, c/d TB, L-12 row-31 sp#2 Schlechty FH
Lane, Otis W., d. 1904, age: 40, L-7 row-46 sp#3
Lane, Ray Wilson, d. 11/14/1972 Marion, age: 88, L-2 row-48 sp#1 Shroyer FH
Lane, Ross, d. 5/1/1953 Columbus, age: 50yr, c/d meningitis, L-5 row-57 sp#15 Snyder FH
Lane, Roy, d. no date, L-2 row-48 sp#8
Lane, Russell, d. 3/26/1925 Franklin Co., age: 50yr, c/d punctured lung, L-10 row-40 sp#?
Lane, Samuel M., d. 11/3/1935, age: 88yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-2 row-48 sp#5
Lane, Samuel, d. 10/5/1912 Columbus, age: 66yr, c/d TB, L-1 row-2 sp#6
Lane, Sarah A., d. 19??, b. 1859, age: ?, L-12 row-31 sp#4
Lane, Thomas, d. 2/10/1919 Mt. Sterling, age: 70yr, c/d hemorrhage, L-5 row-57 sp#5
Lane, Thomas, d. 2/28/1963 Knox Co., age: 94yr, c/d cere. thrombosis, L-7 row-46 sp#4 Snyder FH
Lane, Virgil, d. 7/19/36 Toledo, age: ?yr, c/d TB, L-10 row-40 sp#?
Lane, W. C., d. 2/26/1908 Kiousville, age: 72yr, c/d apoplexy, L-8 row-54 sp#7
Lane, W. Scott, d. 1918, age: 61, L-12 row-31 sp#4
Lane, William H., d. 1/20/1928 Columbus, age: 45yr, c/d pneumonia, L-1 row-2 sp#5
Lane, William M., d. 1/3/1944 Columbus, age: 70yr, c/d cor. occ., L-7 row-11 sp#7 Snyder FH
Lang, Martha E., d. 10/6/1986 Washington CH, age: 74yr, c/d cardiac arrest, L-8 row-31 sp#6 Gerstner FH
Lanham, Iva, d. 5/1/1924 Pickaway Co., age: 57yr, c/d heart dilation, L-12 row-10 sp#4
Larey, Clarence, d. 1944, L-2 row-11 sp#11
Larey, Infant, d. 12/6/1951 Derby, age: 5 mos, c/d pneumonia, L-16 row-2 sp#12 Pot.F. Snyder FH
Larey, James, d. 1918, age: 83, L-7 row-40 sp#8
Larey, John, d. Apr 26, 1899 Mt. Sterling, age: 71yr, c/d brain softening, L-2 row-2 sp#?
Larey, Mary A., d. 3/24/1904 Monroe Twp., age: 77yr, c/d pneumonia, L-7 row-40 sp#7
Larey, Mary E., d. no date, age: infant, L-2 row-11 sp#8
Larey, Sherman H., d. 2/12/48 Washington CH, age: 80yr, c/d myocarditis, L-7 row-40 sp#14
Lash, Robert David, d. 11/9/1976 Oceanside, CA, age: 2, L-16 row-38 sp#9 Miller FH
Lauderbach, Edna E., d. Aug 29, 1899 Pickaway Co., age: 1yr, c/d flux, L-6 row-43 sp#5
Lauderbach, Thea M., d. Aug 1, 1896 McClimansville, age: 2yr, c/d brain fever, L-6 row-43 sp#5
Lauflin, Eva Warner, d. 2/20/1929 Columbus, age: 55yr, c/d heart disease, L-7 row-13 sp#?
Lawerence, Mary Ella, d. no date, L-7 row-29 sp#10
Lawrence, Milton Henry, d. 8/1/18 Pickaway Co., age: 57, L-12 row-54 sp#4
Lawrence, Walter Eugene, d. 10/21/1924 Columbus, age: 10 da, c/d convulsions, L-7 row-29 sp#10
Lawyer, Frances, d. Dec 10, 1895 Morgan Station, age: 2yr, c/d throat disease, L-1 row-6 sp#?
Lawyer, Harley Elmer, d. Oct 11, 1900 Morgan Station, age: 1yr, c/d summer complaint, L-1 row-6 sp#?
Lawyer, Infant Harry, d. May 12, 1899 Morgan Station, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-1 row-? sp#?
Lawyer, William, d. Aug 29, 1895 Morgan Station, age: 4yr, c/d throat trouble, L-1 row-6 sp#?
Layton, Francis Lewis, d. 11/25/1977 Columbus, age: 63yr, c/d aneurism, L-10 row-21 sp#9 Shoedinger FH
Lea, Nannie, d. 7/28/38, age: 74yr, c/d cancer, L-6 row-17 sp#? Woodyard FH
Leach, Alice Jane, d. 4/20/1912 Orient, age: 63yr, c/d paralysis - Wife of Richard R., L-8 row-19 sp#8
Leach, Almeda, d. 1/15/1929 Columbus, age: 65yr, c/d myocarditis, L-9 row-44 sp#1
Leach, Alphus L., d. 7/26/1980 Illinois, age: 81yr, c/d art. thrombosis, L-17 row-6 sp#16 Porter FH
Leach, Alvin, d. 4/19/1952 Washington CH, age: 76yr, c/d pneu. & senility, L-8 row-36 sp#7 Snyder FH
Leach, Amos A., d. 12/16/1912 Mt. Sterling, age: 48yr, c/d suicide by gunshot, L-6 row-17 sp#7
Leach, Avery, d. 4/2/1918 Pickaway Co., age: 17yr, c/d diptheria, L-10 row-43 sp#6
Leach, Baby, d. no date, L-8 row-18 sp#13
Leach, Bernard, d. 4/3/1914 Mt. Sterling, age: 5 da, c/d imperfanate anus, L-8 row-36 sp#?
Leach, Charley R., d. 1954, age: 88, L-2 row-64 sp#14
Leach, Daniel B., d. 7/6/1957 Local, age: 90yr, c/d myo. failure, L-10 row-43 sp#8 Snyder FH
Leach, Daniel D., d. 2/14/32 Mt. Sterling, age: 22yr, c/d accidently shot, L-10 row-43 sp#5 Snyder FH
Leach, Daniel, d. 10/10/1910 Paint Twp., age: 82yr, c/d old age, L-4 row-13 sp#?
Leach, David, d. 10/28/1926 Mt. Sterling, age: 75yr, c/d angina pectoris, L-3 row-20 sp#?
Leach, David, d. 1926, age: 75, L-3 row-13 sp#3
Leach, David, d. 1926, age: 75, L-3 row-42 sp#2
Leach, David, d. 2/10/1988 Columbus, age: 35, L-13 row-38 sp#5
Leach, Dennen, d. 8/19/1964 Dayton, age: 74yr, c/d diabetes, L-13 row-38 sp#4 Shoedinger FH
Leach, Diana, d. 11/19/1967 Mt. Sterling, age: 88yr, c/d cere. thrombosis, L-10 row-47 sp#7 Snyder FH
Leach, Donald, d. 2/18/1988 Dry Ridge, KY, age: 65, L-11 row-18 sp#14 Porter FH
Leach, Dora May, d. no date, b. 1890, age: ?, L-3 row-66 sp#10
Leach, Dr. Sherman, d. 4/26/1914 Columbus, age: 49yr, c/d influenza, L-8 row-18 sp#7
Leach, Emma E., d. 1951, age: 82, L-2 row-64 sp#12
Leach, Emma L., d. 1942, age: 76, L-2 row-64 sp#7
Leach, Emma Morton, d. 2/8/1935 Grove City, age: 79yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-3 row-13 sp#7
Leach, Etta E., d. 1943, age: 82, L-2 row-64 sp#1
Leach, Florence Medrith, d. Oct 12, 1897 Mt. Sterling, age: 28yr, c/d appendicitis, L-8 row-18 sp#6
Leach, Florence, d. 11/4/1915 Madison Co., age: 23yr, c/d TB, L-8 row-19 sp#15
Leach, Floyd M., d. 1/16/1983 Green Co., age: 83, L-? row-17 sp#15 Jackson FH
Leach, Floyd, d. 5/21/1975, age: 65, L-? row-? sp#?
Leach, Francis W. s/o Alvin, d. 6/20/1949 Columbus, age: 32yr, c/d cancer of rectum, L-8 row-36 sp#8 Snyder FH
Leach, Frank A., d. 7/22/1980 Seattle, WA, age: 99yr, c/d (father of Richard & Robert), L-Porter 8 row-33 sp#4
Leach, George E., d. 1939, age: 68, L-2 row-64 sp#3
Leach, George N., d. 1897, age: 64, L-2 row-64 sp#5
Leach, George, d. 11/25/1952 Local, age: 74yr, c/d heart failure, L-4 row-13 sp#7 Snyder FH
Leach, Gertrude, d. 1918, age: 42, L-8 row-36 sp#6
Leach, Gladys Sharpin, d. 1927, age: 34, L-2 row-64 sp#9
Leach, Harvey N., d. 2/3/1958 Columbus, age: 63yr, c/d cirrhosis of liver, L-2 row-64 sp#10 Snyder FH
Leach, Herbert B., d. 8/31/1946 Youngstown, age: 61yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-3 row-66 sp#11 Snyder FH
Leach, Ida M., d. 5/21/1946 Mt. Sterling, age: 83yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-3 row-13 sp#2 Snyder FH
Leach, Ida, d. 1/18/1946, age: 85, L-3 row-13 sp#?
Leach, Infant of Dr., d. Mar 25, 1890 Mt. Sterling, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-5 row-5 sp#?
Leach, Infant son, d. Aug 19, 1895, L-? row-? sp#?
Leach, Infant, d. 8/20/20 Columbus, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-6 row-17 sp#?
Leach, Infant, d. no date, L-8 row-18 sp#10
Leach, Ione Mae, d. 9/8/71 Columbus, age: 77yr, c/d cere. vasc. acc., L-13 row-? sp#3 Shoedinger FH
Leach, James Franklin, d. 5/23/1930 Grove City, age: 75yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-3 row-20 sp#?
Leach, Jennie, d. no date, age: baby, L-3 row-66 sp#16
Leach, John C., d. 1949, age: 55, L-2 row-64 sp#11
Leach, John W., d. 1898, age: 61, L-2 row-64 sp#8
Leach, Jonathan, d. 3/19/1931 Alexandra, age: 87yr, c/d influenza, L-14 row-1 sp#9
Leach, Josephine Bethards, d. 5/29/1957 Upland, PA, age: 71yr, c/d cere. vasc. acc., L-9 row-50 sp#7 Bleyler FH
Leach, Lillian J., d. 1/1/1966 Washington CH, age: 66yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-11 row-18 sp#6 Snyder FH
Leach, Lillian, d. Oct 12, 1897, age: 28, L-? row-? sp#?, Wife of Sherman
Leach, Loren E., d. 9/18/1928 Springfield, age: 20, L-7 row-50 sp#6
Leach, Margaret B., d. 3/11/1918 Columbus, age: 63yr, c/d asthma, L-3 row-66 sp#6
Leach, Martha C., d. 3/10/1980 Mt. Sterling, age: 68, L-19 row-10 sp#1 Porter FH
Leach, Mary E., d. 3/9/1968 Columbus, age: 72, L-17 row-13 sp#44 Shoedinger FH
Leach, Mary Elizabeth, d. 10/3/1915 Mt. Sterling, age: 75yr, c/d apoplexy, L-11 row-12 sp#4
Leach, Mary J., d. 1921, age: 15, L-2 row-64 sp#4
Leach, Mary, d. 1931, age: 87, L-? row-? sp#?
Leach, Mary, d. 3/3/1933 Derby, age: 55yr, c/d cancer of bowel, L-13 row-1 sp#8 Norris FH
Leach, Nancy Elizabeth, d. 2/20/1965 Columbus, age: 86yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-10 row-22 sp#3 Miller FH
Leach, Newton, d. 10/8/1944 Washington CH, age: 83yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-2 row-64 sp#2 Snyder FH
Leach, Orval, d. Aug 7, 1892 Fayette Co., age: 7 mos, c/d cholera infantum, L-6 row-17 sp#8
Leach, Orville, d. 8/7/1992, age: 7 yrs., L-? row-? sp#?
Leach, R. S., d. 1927, age: 81, L-? row-? sp#?
Leach, Ralph Bud, d. 8/26/1977, age: 72, L-17 row-16 sp#25 Porter FH
Leach, Richard R., d. 11/8/32 Mt. Sterling, age: 87yr, c/d mitial insufficiency, L-8 row-19 sp#7
Leach, Robert S., d. 2/19/1927 Mt. Sterling, age: 80yr, c/d cancer, L-11 row-12 sp#5
Leach, Robert W., d. 5/27/1921 Mt. Sterling, age: 38yr, c/d TB & meningitis, L-10 row-22 sp#4
Leach, Rufus A., d. 5/12/1930 Columbus, age: 32yr, c/d cardiac dilation, L-11 row-18 sp#8
Leach, Rufus H., d. Dec 14, 1895 Mt. Sterling, age: child, L-8 row-18 sp#9
Leach, Stanford Milo, d. 1/13/1972 Columbus, age: 80yr, c/d car. resp. arrest, L-17 row-13 sp#44
Leach, Suda Belle, d. 1/28/1934 Mt. Sterling, age: 66yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-6 row-17 sp#6 Snyder FH
Leach, Susan E., d. 1/16/1917 Harrisburg, age: 25yr, c/d TB - Wife of Frank, L-8 row-33 sp#5
Leach, Susan M., d. 1896, age: 35, L-3 row-42 sp#6
Leach, Susan M., d. Sep 8, 1896 Fayette Co., age: 35yr, c/d typhoid - Wife of James F., L-3 row-3 sp#?
Leach, Thomas Henry, d. 10/6/1960 Circleville, age: 87yr, c/d cor. occ., L-13 row-6 sp#19 Norris FH
Leach, Van Ambrose, d. 9/20/1989* Columbus, age: 44yr, c/d dropsy, L-3 row-66 sp#?
Leach, W. T., d. 3/2/1905 Columbus, age: 76yr, c/d old age, L-3 row-66 sp#7
Leach, Walter T., d. 12/1/1952, age: 68, L-? row-? sp#?
Leach, Walter, d. 12/2/1952 Muncie, IN, age: 45yr, c/d cor. thrombosis, L-19 row-10 sp#2 Snyder FH
Leach, William E., d. 12/30/1967 Chester, PA, age: 81yr, c/d vasc. hemorrhage, L-9 row-50 sp#8 Bleyler FH
Leach, William E., d. 1926, age: 67, L-2 row-64 sp#6
Leach, William, d. 6/10/1926 Columbus, age: 68yr, c/d cancer of face, L-9 row-44 sp#2
Leavell, B. F., d. 1907, age: 53, L-3 row-39 sp#3

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