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Ridgelawn Cemetery
Elyria, Lorain County, Ohio

Ridge St & Gulf Rd, Elyria, Ohio

Lat: 41° 22' 24"N, Lon: 82° 05' 48"WW

Contributed by Sara McGuire, Jun 28, 2006 [n0hmcg@yahoo.com]. Total records = 7,419.

This cemetery is located on the west side of Gulf Rd, between Ridge Street and Columbus Streets in Elyria.

When Information was added from this work, it is marked with a single asterisk (*) at the end of entry. Some names and dates were also added by a local expert on the military burials in this cemetery, Bob Frederick (deceased). His Information is noted by a double asterisk (**) at the end of entry.

Ridgelawn Cemetery is owned and well maintained by the city of Elyria, settled in 1817. It is the original cemetery for the town, including gravestones for area pioneer families, a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient from the Civil War, George Butts, an ambassador to France during WWI, William Sharp, and the founder of the Easter Seals Program, Edgar Fiske Allen.

Contacts: Elyria City Hall, 131 Court Street, Elyria OH 44035, Attn. Cemetery Division. (440-322-3896). Lorain Historical Society, 509 Washington Avenue, Elyria OH 44035 (440) 322-3341.

Transcription was made as an Eagle Scout project, completed Sept 2003 by Ian McGuire. The survey of all visible gravestones at that time was compared to an earlier transcription made by WPA workers in the 1930s, and published by the Lorain Historical Society.

- Sara McGuire

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