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Rehoboth Cemetery
Adena, Jefferson County, Ohio

GPS: 40.233446, -80.859748
Smithfield Twp, T8N R?E Sec 33

To reach cemetery from the Adena Area drive north on County Road 10, turn right or east onto Township Hwy 130. Cemetery is on the north or left side of the road.

It is situated on a hill overlooking farmland, and is surrounded by a chain link fence. Many of the stones are down or broken, with unmarked graves. It is fairly well maintained by volunteer help.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited May 07, 2008. Total records = 74.

Contributor's Index:

Abriggs, Robert, no dates, Nightingale Funeral Home marker, [SR]
Barkhurst, Anderson, b. 1848, d. 1903, [SR]
Barkhurst, Heziakah, b. Jan 11, 1816, d. Jan 6, 1898, [SR]
Barkhurst, Jacob, d. Aug 21, 1881, age: 27y, [SR]
Barkhurst, Jane, d. Sep 25, 1858, age: 46y 5m 24d, w/o Jacob Barkhurst, [SR]
Barkhurst, Sarah, b. Feb 14, 1818, d. Apr 7, 1906, s/w Heziakah, [SR]
Barkhurst, Wm, d. Nov 1, 1854, age: 80y, [SR]
Barkus, Catherine, d. Sep 8, 1831, age: 13y 9m 23d, d/o Wm & Sophia Barkus, [SR]
Barkus, Joshua, d. Nov 20, 1842, age: 22y 8m 2d, s/o Wm & Sophia Barkus, [SR]
Belknap, Charles, d. Mar 14, 1843, age: 36y, [SR]
Belknap, James M., d. Oct 1, 1831, age: 9m 8d, s/o C & E Belknap, [SR]
Belknap, Marjorie Jane, d. Mar 28, 1845, age: 4y 5m 16d, d/o C & E Belknap, [SR]
Betton, Julia Ann, d. Jul 2, 1884, age: 73y, w/o Wm W. Betton, [SR]
Betton, W. H., d. Apr 19, 1864, [SR]
Betton, William W., d. Apr 16, 1876, age: 68y, [SR]
Brown, Margaret, d. May 2, 1892, age: 77y 5m 21d, [SR]
Carpenter, Scott, d. Jan 25, 1962, Son, died at birth, [SR]
Chance, Mary J., d. Apr 18, 1842, age: 11d, [SR]
Chaney, John, b. May 27, 1820, d. Mar 17, 1859, [SR]
Clark, Jacob N., b. Oct 13, 1754, d. 1841, Rev. War Pvt. MD Cont. Line, [SR]
Courtright, Charlotta, d. Jul 11, 1841, age: 22y 3m, w/o Wm Courtright, [SR]
Crawford, Art, no dates, handcarved name into stone, [SR]
Daniels, B. N., b. Mar 24, 1842, d. Oct 13, 1898, [SR]
Daniels, Hannah, b. 1839, d. 1919, s/w B. N. Daniels, [SR]
Dellomo, M. May, b. Mar 2, 1924", d. Apr 1924, d/o Marian & Sallie Dellomo, [SR]
Fry, Isaac, d. Nov 18, 1842, age: 30y 9m 2d, [SR]
Goodwin, Samuel, d. Jul 8, 1871, age: 18y 10m 8d, s/o J & E Goodwin, [SR]
Grimes, James, b. 1917, d. 1922, [SR]
Grimes, Sarah M., b. May 20, 1898, d. Oct 23, 1984, Asleep in Jesus, [SR]
Grimes, Walter C., b. May 19, 1895, d. Aug 15, 1942, Gone but not forgotten, [SR]
Hoce, Isaac, d. Jul 26, 1834, s/o Craven & Sarah Hoce, [SR]
Miller, Godfrey, b., d. Aug 1851, age: 60y, [SR]
Millhorn, 2 Infants, d. Apr 11, 1852, sons of F & S Millhorn, [SR]
Millhorn, Emily J., d. Oct 29, 1889, age: 29y 1m 4d, [SR]
Millhorn, Frank H., d. Sep 11, 1863, age: 8m 26d, [SR]
Millhorn, Furney, b. 1828, d. 1915, [SR]
Millhorn, Isaac, d. Feb 15, 1891, age: 37y 10m, [SR]
Millhorn, Martha M., d. Feb 2, 1856, age: 6m 9d, d/o F & S Millhorn, [SR]
Millhorn, Susan Marie, b. Nov 25, 1829, d. Feb. 26, 1911, age: age 82y 3m 1d, [SR]
Parkinson, Jacob, d. Feb 13, 1865, age: 77y 4m 3d, [SR]
Parkinson, Mary, d. Sep 17, 1876, age: 73y 1, 21d, w/o Jacob Parkinson, [SR]
Parkinson, Susie M., d. Jun 17, 1870, age: 23y 1m 10d, d/o T & C Parkinson, [SR]
Parrish, John E., b. 1891, d. 1929, [SR]
Peterman, Margaret, b. Oct 29, 18??, d. Jun 12, 18??, w/o T. Peterman, [SR]
Price, Jack E., d. Jul. 25, 1949, [SR]
Price, Levina, no dates, unreadable, [SR]
Price, Patricia, d. Mar 23, 1956, [SR]
Price, Susanna, no dates, w/o Thomas Price, [SR]
Price, Thomas, no dates, military stone, Co. C 1st WV Inf., [SR]
Reynard, Ethel M., b. 1891, d. 1907, [SR]
Reynard, Joseph, b. 1866, d. 1942, [SR]
Reynard, Marmaduke, d. May 1, 1865, age: 22y 4m, s/o Robt. & J. K. Reynard, [SR]
Reynard, Marmaduke, d. May 21, 1883, age: 72y 28d, [SR]
Reynard, Mary E., b. 1869, d. 1950, [SR]
Reynard, Olive P., b. 1903, d. 1967, s/w Thomas Reynard, [SR]
Reynard, Susan, d. Jan 18, 1888, age: 67y 6m 18d, w/o Marmaduke Reynard, [SR]
Reynard, Thomas W., b. 1904, d. no date, [SR]
Reynard, William, b. 1843, d. 1911, [SR]
Reynard, William, d. Feb 15, 1892, age: 82y 5m 6d, [SR]
Rouse, Thomas Jr, b. 1762, d. Aug 27, 1837, Rev. War Pvt. Washington Co. Rangers, [SR]
Singer, Laird, b. Jul 4, 1819, d. Mar 20, 1878, [SR]
Singer, Mary Ann, b. Jun 12, 1826, d. Mar 22, 1878, [SR]
Skeeles, Isaac, d. Mar 4, 1878, age: 80y, [SR]
Skeeles, Nancy, d. May 27, 1878, age: 72y, w/o Isaac Skeeles, [SR]
Spencer, Frederick G., d. Oct 20, 1847, age: 1y 1m, s/o Samuel C. Spencer, [SR]
Spencer, Margaret J., d. Dec 1, 1832, age: 2y, d/o Samuel C. Spencer, [SR]
Sutherland, Mary, d. Oct 17, 1877?, age: 79y 9m 8d, w/o Vachel Sutherland, [SR]
Sutherland, Vachel, b., d. Nov 1860, [SR]
Talbott, William, d. Jan 9, 1884, age: 59y 16d, [SR]
Townsend, Mary H., d. Jul 11, 1871, age: 13y, [SR]
Townsend, Richard C., d. Mar 7, 1850, age: 1m 21d, s/o AS & E Townsend, [SR]
Updenraff, John W., d. Jun 6, 1853, age: 11m 13d, s/o A & ME Updenraff, [SR]
Watkins, Francis A., b. Jul 28, 1845, d. Dec. 27, 1915, w/o Wm A. Watkins, [SR]
Watkins, Wm A., b. 1842, d. 1927, [SR]

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