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Oak Grove Cemetery
Delaware, Delaware County, Ohio

Contributed by Dick Browning [rbrowning@columbus.rr.com].

Taber, Charles W., b. 1884, d. 11/14/1967, Father: Taber, Sanford B.
Taber, Sanford B., b. 04/30/1855, d. 01/29/1915
Taber, Sarah R., b. 01/21/1862, d. 12/16/1932, Father: Wottring, Charles
Taft, Irwin, b. 1883, d. 03/08/1968
Taft, Lena Williams, b. 1887, d. 04/29/1971
Tagg, Infant, b. 09/24/1926, d. 09/24/1926
Taggart, John B., b. 04/18/1862, d. 11/25/1940, Father: Taggart, Ebenezer
Taggart, John, d. 07/15/1906
Taggart, Mary Louise, b. 03/17/1898, d. 09/10/1981, Father: Taggart, John B.
Taggart, Nanna Estella, b. 11/01/1867, d. 04/05/1963, Father: Stickney, Henry B.
Taggart, Ralph Stickney, b. 08/15/1892, d. 05/14/1951, Father: Taggart, John B.
Taisey, Robert E., b. 06/05/1929, d. 04/12/1999, Father: Taisey, Herbert
Taite, Addie L., b. 11/29/1861, d. 04/20/1941, Father: Hamilton, Lynde
Taite, Clarissa, b. 03/14/1886, d. 02/29/1980, Father: Denison, Leonard L.
Taite, George W., b. 05/14/1859, d. 10/02/1938, Father: Taite, William
Taite, Harry L., b. 1882, d. 10/30/1962, Father: Taite, George W.
Talhan, Converse J., b. 12/27/1875, d. 03/01/1937, Father: Talhan, Benjamin Franklin
Talhan, Mabel Grace, b. 1882, d. 10/24/1963, Father: Brooks
Talley, Charles F., b. 09/15/1864, d. 02/08/1936, Father: Talley, Nelson
Talley, Flora C., b. 1866, d. 08/21/1950, Father: Oller, George W.
Talley, John Frederick, b. 1855, d. 07/24/1927, Father: Talley, Nelson
Talley, Lucy Bell, b. 11/29/1869, d. 10/31/1948, Father: Marquette, Warner
Tallman, Amanda M., b. 1817, d. 07/17/1893, Father: Thomson, William
Tallman, George H., d. 09/--/1886, Father: Tallman, Henton
Tallman, Henton H., b. 06/30/1810, d. 02/14/1891
Tallman, M., d. 01/--/1878, Father: Tallman, George
Tallman, M., no dates
Tallman, Philena Babcock, b. 07/01/1843, d. 03/17/1896, Father: Welch, Augustus Aspinwall
Tallman, William H.H., b. 02/02/1840, d. 03/03/1893, Father: Tallman, Henton
Tanner, Alonzo, b. 1862, d. 06/13/1954
Tanner, Edna Fern, b. 1892, d. 10/19/1904, Father: Tanner, Alonzo
Tanner, Mary Etta (Butts), b. 08/03/1889, d. 03/18/1943, Father: Davis, William Perry
Tanner, Sibil, b. 1870, d. 12/18/1928, "Mother"
Tapp, Doris Maxine, b. 02/12/1909, d. 12/20/1998, Father: Blackwell, Myron
Tapp, Gregory Bryan, Jr., b. 05/15/1974, d. 11/25/1975, Father: Tapp, Gregory B.
Tapp, Otis, b. 07/24/1908, d. 07/06/1976, Father: Tapp, John
Taraba, Edna Dorothy, b. 1912, d. 10/27/1986, Father: Watson, Ralph G.
Tarbill, Blanche Chase, b. 12/16/1865, d. 04/05/1918, Father: Chase, Beverly W.
Tarbill, Joseph T., b. 06/18/1867, d. 07/19/1954
Tarbot, Amelia B., d. 01/23/1897
Tarbot, J. O., child of, d. 01/17/1897
Tarpy, James B., b. 06/24/1920, d. 01/20/1981, Father: Tarpy, David
Tate, Lee, b. 1853, d. 05/12/1923
Tate, Mary Henrietta, b. 1858, d. 09/03/1925
Tate, Myrtle, b. 10/11/1892, d. 09/22/1926
Tate, Ruby May, d. 01/17/1926
Tate, Thomas McKinley, b. 02/07/1894, d. 08/30/1959, Father: Tate, Thomas
Tate,, no dates
Taylor, Arthur George, b. 03/23/1902, d. 11/28/1997, Father: Taylor, Andrew G.
Taylor, Austin L., d. 09/10/1842, Father: Taylor, Rodolphus
Taylor, Barbara A., b. 03/20/1885, d. 08/05/1955, Father: Fleming, Thomas
Taylor, Barbara Jean, b. 09/22/1938, d. 10/18/1938, Father: Taylor, Eugene
Taylor, Charles Edward, b. 05/26/1919, d. 03/16/1927, "Son", Father: Taylor, Martin L.
Taylor, Clyde Herbert, b. 03/09/1900, d. 03/15/1965, Father: Taylor, Henry
Taylor, Cornelia A., b. 07/10/1824, d. 05/11/1886, Father: Warford, David
Taylor, David T., b. 03/10/1884, d. 05/06/1957, Father: Taylor, John H.
Taylor, Elsie M. (Dutcher), b. 1902, d. 01/08/1984, Father: Braumiller, Franklin
Taylor, Francis Edward, b. 04/10/1898, d. 06/16/1959, Father: Taylor, Henry C.
Taylor, Georgina M., b. 05/03/1870, d. 11/14/1953, Father: Ennis, George
Taylor, Grace Naylor, b. 10/28/1899, d. 06/04/1984, Father: Wilson, William
Taylor, James F., b. 06/15/1878, d. 06/18/1946, Father: Taylor, James B.
Taylor, Jane, d. 02/06/1903
Taylor, Jerome, b. 12/28/1847, d. 07/08/1914
Taylor, John, b. 08/15/1818, d. 06/30/1868, Father: Taylor, Jerome
Taylor, Joseph V., d. 07/25/1844, Father: Taylor, Oliver
Taylor, Luella R. (Williams), b. 12/18/1918, d. 06/11/1997, Father: Gale, Grover
Taylor, Mabel A. (Ward), b. 02/06/1904, d. 10/18/1971, Father: Nixon, Clement
Taylor, Martin L., b. 1894, d. 08/26/1972
Taylor, Matilda A., d. 03/07/1889, "Grandma"
Taylor, Rosie L., b. 1895, d. 1987, "Mother", Father: Comston
Taylor, Royina B., b. 07/19/1881, d. 12/19/1967, Father: Biggs, Thomas
Taylor, Susan Jane, b. 10/01/1848, d. 11/14/1927, Father: Spong, Absalom
Taylor, Tyrone, d. 10/29/1968, Father: Taylor, Jerry
Taynor, James H., b. 11/01/1915, d. 05/31/1964, Father: Taynor, William
Taynor, Margaret M., d. 09/19/1913
Taynor, Mary Louise, b. 09/14/1914, d. 06/25/1999, Father: Holt, Frank M.
Taynor, William H., b. 1869, d. 1923
Teel, Aaron Warren, d. 12/24/1927
Teel, Aaron, d. 11/18/1916
Teel, Anna Bell, b. 03/31/1873, d. 07/31/1937, Father: Rollins
Teel, Archie C., b. 05/05/1893, d. 11/07/1957, Father: Teel, Henry
Teel, C., no dates
Teel, Charity, b. 12/25/1832, d. 12/21/1908, Father: Pierson
Teel, Joseph, b. 08/04/1872, d. 10/15/1947, Father: Teel, Morris
Teel, Morris, d. 10/05/1903
Teel, Samuel H., d. 11/06/1914
Tefft, Anna May, b. 11/12/1892, d. 05/03/1970, Father: Clark, Homer
Tefft, Lloyd Charles, b. 12/01/1897, d. 02/26/1970, Father: Tefft, Frank
Temple, Agnes, d. 06/30/1894
Temple, Amy Grace, b. 02/02/1877, d. 04/25/1956, Father: Downing, Rufus
Temple, Clement L.Valandingham, b. 04/06/1864, d. 01/25/1941, Father: Temple, William
Temple, Edith Louise, b. 10/04/1926, d. 06/02/1984, Father: Noggle, Percy
Temple, Herbert A., b. 1901, d. 07/23/1975, Father: Temple, Clement V.
Temple, Julia Maude, b. 10/12/1877, d. 06/23/1944, Father: Willey, Isreal B.
Temple, Mary A., b. 02/02/1873, d. 07/11/1948, Father: Knight, Chas. W.
Temple, Mary A., b. 05/29/1904, d. 03/02/1999, Father: Temple, William James
Temple, Mildred McMillen, b. 09/23/1912, d. 08/04/1929, Father: Temple, Clement V.
Temple, Myrtle, b. 1900, d. 08/26/1902, Father: Temple, W.J.
Temple, Richard E., b. 03/28/1923, d. 11/08/1999, Father: Temple, Earl L.
Temple, William James, b. 03/26/1862, d. 04/05/1939, Father: Temple, William David
Tennar, Larry Dale, b. 1948, d. 01/06/1949, Father: Tennar
Tennar, Ronald David, d. 03/01/1949
Terrell, James O., Jr., b. 01/06/1927, d. 12/21/1927, Father: Terrell, James O., Sr.
Terrell, Rowena King, b. 1861, d. 10/17/1897
Terrill, Grady Rose (Dunn), b. 07/25/1899, d. 01/28/1982, Father: Terry, John
Terry, Anna L., b. 02/21/1883, d. 03/30/1961, Father: VanSickle, Henry
Terry, Carol L., b. 04/19/1940, d. 03/26/1981, Father: Fleming, Cy Sr.
Terry, Ethel V. (Shaw), b. 04/18/1895, d. 03/10/1972, "Mother", Father: Belt, Carlton
Terry, Florence E. (Clark), b. 09/29/1908, d. 05/23/1992, Father: Richards, John H.
Terry, Frank M., b. 12/12/1902, d. 01/04/1948, Father: Terry, Henry
Terry, Hanly Lois, b. 09/18/1908, d. 09/08/1960, Father: Terry, James
Terry, James Arthur, b. 04/29/1913, d. 06/13/1977, Father: Terry, Harry William
Terry, James Henry, b. 12/29/1947, d. 12/28/1956, Father: Terry, Hanley L.
Terry, James, b. 11/19/1881, d. 04/11/1963, Father: Terry, John
Terry, Michelle Rae, b. 12/30/1969, d. 08/28/1997, Father: Terry, Andrew R.,Jr.
Terry, Mildred Myredith, b. 12/25/1911, d. 07/09/2000, Father: Henry, Hushel
Terry, Nellie S., b. 11/02/1914, d. 11/23/1985, Father: Saxton
Terry, Rose B., b. 05/13/1886, d. 12/02/1974, Father: Plants, Zac
Terry, T.Edgar, Jr., b. 03/20/1917, d. 12/24/1999, Father: Terry, Thomas E.
Terry, William H., b. 02/26/1886, d. 07/22/1949, Father: Terry, John
Teter, W. L., d. 07/12/1903
Thalman, Phillip, b. 05/01/1887, d. 01/03/1924, Father: Thalman, Jacob
Tharp, Alice E., b. 12/12/1852, d. 04/04/1916, Father: Shattuck, David Sylvester
Tharp, Paul D., b. 1890, d. 04/01/1963, Father: Tharp, T.D., Rev.
Thatcher, Bona Jean, b. 03/04/1945, d. 06/26/1971, Father: Velinoff, Clarence R.
Thimlar, Harriett Lydia, b. 10/23/1899, d. 02/08/1966, Father: Gally, George
Thimlar, Orley Wellman, b. 07/10/1898, d. 10/07/1957, Father: Thimlar, Frank
Thoman, Walter V., b. 05/18/1944, d. 09/22/1973, Father: Thoman, Frederick W.
Thomas, Adrian R. "Tod", b. 10/02/1882, d. 04/10/1969, Father: Thomas, George W.
Thomas, Alva "Guy", b. 10/10/1885, d. 09/06/1961, Father: Thomas, John
Thomas, Alva "Verner", b. 07/21/1878, d. 06/23/1969, Father: Thomas, Viral
Thomas, Anna Belle, b. 04/26/1871, d. 12/19/1924, Father: Metcalf, Henry H.
Thomas, Armett Clair "Tommy", b. 1892, d. 10/08/1955, Father: Thomas, David H.
Thomas, Arthur "Tink", b. 04/21/1905, d. 11/10/1993, Father: Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Arthur O., b. 08/31/1869, d. 11/30/1937, Father: Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Benjamin Franklin, b. 10/14/1847, d. 11/30/1913, Father: Thomas
Thomas, Benjamin, b. 1876, d. 05/20/1903
Thomas, Benjamin, d. 06/19/1913, Father: Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Bessie, b. 05/06/1889, d. 10/08/1945, Father: Benton, I.M.
Thomas, Carol L., b. 04/05/1937, d. 08/13/1937, Father: Thomas, Marion Guy
Thomas, Carolyn Marie, b. 11/22/1949, d. 10/16/1955, Father: Thomas, Richard
Thomas, Charles C., d. 03/20/1919, Father: Thomas, George W.
Thomas, Charles E., b. 1860, d. 08/15/1929
Thomas, Charles Everett, b. 02/13/1906, d. 05/16/1969, Father: Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Clara L., b. 03/11/1862, d. 10/25/1941, Father: Lehman
Thomas, Clara Matilda, d. 03/24/1888, Father: Thomas, James E.
Thomas, Clarence A., b. 1892, d. 11/25/1984, Father: Thomas, Charles ?
Thomas, Cora C., d. 06/14/1902
Thomas, D.R., d. 09/19/1877
Thomas, Daniel F., b. 1902, d. 12/03/1922
Thomas, David H., b. 1866, d. 08/22/1946, Father: Thomas, Armiel
Thomas, David L., b. 1840, d. 12/25/1899, Father: Thomas, Henry
Thomas, David M., b. 08/20/1858, d. 01/20/1887
Thomas, David S., b. 12/19/1838, d. 04/02/1914, Father: Thomas, James
Thomas, Delia, d. 11/14/1891, Father: Cubberly
Thomas, Donald C., b. 07/--/1896, d. 08/25/1896, Father: Thomas, Arthur
Thomas, Donald Eugene, b. 10/17/1919, d. 10/19/1985, Father: Thomas, John H.
Thomas, Edith Alza, d. 07/09/1911
Thomas, Elizabeth, b. 05/05/1841, d. 05/02/1929
Thomas, Elizabeth, b. 06/24/1907, d. 11/04/1975, Father: Thomas, Harry
Thomas, Elizabeth, b. 1827, d. 10/31/1885
Thomas, Esther E., b. 02/12/1894, d. 03/18/1983, Father: Bauder, Jacob Lewis
Thomas, Eulalia Mae, b. 08/05/1890, d. 11/10/1982, Father: Zimmerman, George
Thomas, Eva, b. 1864, d. 01/31/1929, Father: Butts, Thomas J.
Thomas, Evelyn R., b. 10/02/1873, d. 08/25/1962, Father: Roosevelt, Edward
Thomas, Filatha W., b. 09/02/1884, d. 02/17/1964, Father: Williams, John
Thomas, Frankie, b. 01/27/1882, d. 02/24/1883, Father: Thomas, B.F.
Thomas, Frederick Wayne, b. 12/08/1949, d. 12/08/1949, Father: Thomas, Joe W.
Thomas, George Fred "Fred", b. 04/04/1878, d. 10/15/1959, Father: Thomas, George W.
Thomas, George Kenneth, b. 04/08/1916, d. 07/23/1935, Father: Thomas, Harry
Thomas, George S., b. 1871, d. 02/01/1919, Father: Thomas, David S.
Thomas, George W., b. 11/10/1847, d. 03/16/1929, "Father", Father: Thomas, Benjamin
Thomas, George Warren, b. 07/09/1916, d. 07/29/1974, Father: Thomas, Adrian
Thomas, Grace, b. 12/14/1941, d. 12/14/1941, Father: Thomas, Virgil
Thomas, Grace, b. 1881, d. 1904
Thomas, H.E., d. 1911
Thomas, Hannah, b. 1815, d. 03/09/1861, Father: Lewis
Thomas, Harriet Orelia "Hattie", b. 03/04/1861, d. 11/24/1944, Father: Detwiller, John H.
Thomas, Harry Andrew, b. 09/04/1885, d. 02/18/1964, Father: Thomas, John
Thomas, Harry E., b. 03/07/1939, d. no date
Thomas, Harry W. "Dutch", b. 01/22/1911, d. 07/07/1968, Father: Thomas, George Fred
Thomas, Harry, b. 01/26/1866, d. 09/19/1952, Father: Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Helena Virginia, b. 06/01/1915, d. 02/02/2003, Father: Meadows, Cecil Ray
Thomas, Henrietta Rosella, b. 09/17/1843, d. 09/13/1890, Father: Lattimer,(raised by)
Thomas, Henry, b. 04/17/1817, d. 07/08/1902
Thomas, J.Burdell, b. 05/17/1901, d. 12/22/1965
Thomas, Jabez, b. 10/01/1844, d. 08/21/1860, Father: Thomas, Richard
Thomas, James E., b. 05/04/1856, d. 07/26/1930, Father: Thomas, Benjamin
Thomas, Jane, b. 06/30/1936, d. 06/30/1936, Father: Thomas, Kenneth P., Sr.
Thomas, Jay Monroe, b. 1902, d. 11/29/1986, Father: Thomas, Robert
Thomas, Jeannette H., b. 06/12/1902, d. 07/12/1984, Father: Hart, Earl T.
Thomas, Joel, b. 06/20/1862, d. 09/20/1930, Father: Thomas, Joel
Thomas, John Arthur, b. 08/20/1914, d. 07/30/2000, Father: Thomas, John H.
Thomas, John H., b. 03/23/1885, d. 01/15/1958, Father: Thomas, Benj.Franklin Jr.
Thomas, John Wesley, b. 02/06/1886, d. 11/17/1925, Father: Thomas, George W.
Thomas, John, b. 1849, d. 09/20/1879, Father: Thomas, Henry
Thomas, John, d. 01/04/1916
Thomas, Joseph P., b. 10/26/1844, d. 07/19/1925, Father: Thomas, Robert
Thomas, Katherine, b. 1855, d. 01/25/1930, Father: Grandstaff, (?)
Thomas, Kathleen Marie, b. 12/01/1894, d. 07/21/1975, Father: Thomas, Harry
Thomas, Kenneth Paul, Jr., b. 12/18/1917, d. 06/28/1940, Father: Thomas, Kenneth
Thomas, Kenneth Paul, Sr., b. 05/21/1891, d. 08/22/1972, Father: Thomas, George W.
Thomas, Leroy Kirkwood, b. 08/29/1893, d. 06/04/1965, Father: Thomas, Harry
Thomas, Leroy, b. 08/02/1912, d. 06/23/1993, Father: Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Lettie May, b. 08/10/1885, d. 02/21/1917, Father: Arehart, Albert
Thomas, Lillian, b. 12/10/1896, d. 08/16/1986, Father: Leasure, Emra
Thomas, Lillie Harlene, b. 12/07/1938, d. 09/27/1999, Father: Thomas, Marion Guy
Thomas, Lloyd D., b. 1887, d. 11/01/1891, Father: Thomas, George W.
Thomas, Louella M., b. 10/02/1869, d. 05/31/1922, Father: Freshwater, Benjamin
Thomas, Louis D., b. 03/06/1935, d. 09/09/1996, Father: Thomas, Philo Oren
Thomas, Louise Veva, b. 1894, d. 11/07/1954
Thomas, Lucretia (Johnson), d. 12/13/1891
Thomas, Lura E., b. 1896, d. 09/07/1990
Thomas, Mabel Irene, b. 09/11/1917, d. 05/22/2004, Father: Bovey, Pearl
Thomas, Marion "Guy", b. 09/02/1907, d. 08/06/1981, Father: Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Marion Frederick, b. 02/09/1907, d. 03/15/1964, Father: Thomas, Geo.Fredrick
Thomas, Martha Marjorie, b. 12/17/1908, d. 05/24/1934, Father: Thomas, Harry
Thomas, Mary (Potter,Loveless), b. 1883, d. 05/07/1961, Father: Robinson
Thomas, Mary Elizabeth, b. 04/17/1870, d. 08/06/1930, Father: Robert, Thomas (Rev.)
Thomas, Mary Grant, b. 07/02/1924, d. 09/20/2002
Thomas, Mary M., b. 10/08/1869, d. 04/27/1942, Father: Krauskopf, Adolph
Thomas, Mary Magdalene "Meg", b. 05/07/1897, d. 04/09/1971, Father: Thomas, Harry
Thomas, Maude P., b. 07/25/1885, d. 08/27/1965, Father: Watkins, John
Thomas, Maxine Callie, b. 11/30/1935, d. 01/09/1948, Father: Thomas, Marion Guy
Thomas, May J., d. 05/13/1905
Thomas, Michele D., b. 07/24/1968, d. 07/24/1968, Father: Thomas, Irving L.
Thomas, Minerva S., b. 11/13/1847, d. 03/25/1926, "Mother", Father: Skinner, Wm.Bradford
Thomas, Morgan H., b. 1864, d. 10/18/1935
Thomas, Nettie, d. 12/29/1888
Thomas, Pauline Lucinda, b. 03/16/1921, d. 07/26/2001, Father: Beddow, George Oscar
Thomas, Philo Orvin, b. 03/14/1889, d. 05/21/1962, Father: Thomas, James P.
Thomas, Ralph K., b. 06/27/1909, d. 07/14/1969, Father: Thomas, Adrian R.
Thomas, Rebecca, b. 07/11/1812, d. 11/19/1882, Father: Fisher, Isaac
Thomas, Richard Rodney, b. 01/09/1923, d. 09/22/1989, Father: Thomas, Kenneth P., Sr.
Thomas, Richard, b. 01/16/1818, d. 04/18/1894
Thomas, Robert Benjamin, b. 03/30/1860, d. 02/02/1946, Father: Thomas, Benjamin
Thomas, Robert, d. 08/15/1909, Father: Thomas, Adrian R.
Thomas, Ruth Corrinne, b. 1903, d. 11/27/1905, Father: Thomas, Arthur
Thomas, Sadie "Christine", b. 02/22/1890, d. 09/16/1984, Father: Webster, Frank
Thomas, Sarah A., b. 1842, d. 1906, Father: McCutcheon
Thomas, Sarah C., b. 1840, d. 1856, Father: Thomas, James
Thomas, Sarah Matilda, d. 01/03/1906, Father: Rowland
Thomas, Stanley Eugene "Gene", b. 07/14/1908, d. 11/10/2003, Father: Thomas, John Wesley
Thomas, Theola, b. 08/12/1898, d. 09/23/1964, Father: Bird, Tom
Thomas, Tina Marie, b. 08/03/1960, d. 08/03/1960, Father: Thomas, Roswell
Thomas, Virginia Thelma, b. 12/06/1906, d. 01/15/1974, Father: Lockwood, Claude
Thomas, Walter R., b. 12/06/1870, d. 07/17/1903, Father: Thomas, D.R.
Thomas, William Hy, b. 06/03/1831, d. 09/25/1896
Thomas, William Scott, b. 1879, d. 05/14/1925, Father: Thomas, B.F.
Thomas, Willie, b. 1847, d. 02/21/1849, Father: Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Zola Elma, b. 1913, d. 02/19/1989
Thome, Paul William, b. 09/13/1909, d. 01/23/1997, Father: Thome, Peter Joseph
Thompson, Abigal, d. 02/23/1841, Father: Case, Farrin
Thompson, Agnes Whittlesey, b. 05/10/1867, d. 08/22/1942, Father: Thompson, John P.
Thompson, Amelia Marcia, b. 1837, d. 1928, Father: Whittlesey
Thompson, Annis Adelle, b. 1846, d. 03/19/1873, Father: Loofbourrow, Benjamin F.
Thompson, Barbara Elizabeth, b. 03/10/1907, d. 02/11/1993, Father: Olson, Olaf G.
Thompson, Beryl E., b. 10/07/1891, d. 10/04/1960, Father: Lambert, William Henry
Thompson, Charles E., b. 09/30/1933, d. 11/21/2003, Father: Thompson, Ruby
Thompson, Della May, b. 07/29/1937, d. 02/18/1946
Thompson, Delta, b. 1904, d. 02/17/1992
Thompson, Dolly J., b. 03/16/1880, d. 01/07/1963, Father: Johnson, Thomas B.
Thompson, Donald L., b. 11/13/1905, d. 05/26/1967, Father: Thompson, Hoadley W.
Thompson, Dustin Matthew "Dusty", b. 09/23/1980, d. 07/22/1998, Father: Thompson, David M.
Thompson, Edward Ridgley, III, b. 05/02/1879, d. 12/19/1932, Father: Thompson, Edw.R.,Jr.
Thompson, Edward Ridgley, Jr., b. 09/04/1844, d. 06/05/1915, Father: Thompson, Edward R.
Thompson, Eliza, d. 07/--/1892, Father: Enlow
Thompson, Emily C., d. 04/21/1847, Father: Thompson, John H.
Thompson, Eugene S., b. 1885, d. 04/17/1929
Thompson, Evaline, b. 1843, d. 06/04/1924, Father: Evans, James C.
Thompson, Florence Whittlesey, b. 1870, d. 08/10/1957, Father: Thompson, John P.
Thompson, Frances, b. 1882, d. 10/02/1907, Father: Thompson, Warren W.
Thompson, Frank L., b. 03/18/1873, d. 04/01/1937, Father: Thompson, Edward
Thompson, H. A B., no dates
Thompson, H. V. B., no dates
Thompson, Iantha A., b. 1844, d. 07/09/1845, Father: Thompson, John H.
Thompson, infant son, d. 10/01/1855, Father: Thompson, John H.
Thompson, James A., b. 01/19/1866, d. 07/15/1939, Father: Thompson, James C.
Thompson, John H., b. 12/28/1808, d. 04/10/1864
Thompson, John H., d. 1857
Thompson, John H., no dates
Thompson, John P., d. 10/15/1892
Thompson, Josephine, b. 02/03/1934, d. 05/02/1998, Father: Washington, Israel
Thompson, Katherine K., d. 02/20/1946, Father: Kurrley, Frederick
Thompson, Lucinda, b. 01/21/1904, d. 06/08/1928
Thompson, Mabel L. (Willey), b. 02/24/1913, d. 07/22/2002, Father: Fegley, John
Thompson, Madge, b. 1909, d. 03/13/1991
Thompson, Margaret Ann, b. 1877, d. 04/13/1918, Father: Thomas, Joseph P.
Thompson, Margaret Lucille, b. 04/20/1917, d. 06/27/1987, Father: Greer, Robert Henry
Thompson, Marie B., b. 1891, d. 09/20/1975, Father: Hughs, Joseph S.
Thompson, Marie, b. 07/11/1910, d. 12/31/1984
Thompson, Mary R., no dates
Thompson, Meda, b. 06/11/1910, d. 09/05/1995, Father: Jackson, Lucian
Thompson, Nancy E., b. 1872, d. 06/30/1924, Father: Evans
Thompson, Robert Paul, b. 07/03/1917, d. 02/13/1967, Father: Thompson, John W.
Thompson, Robert Raymond, b. 03/08/1939, d. 07/24/1968
Thompson, Ruby, b. 09/02/1908, d. 12/16/1975
Thompson, Samuel (or Solomon), d. 11/12/1913
Thompson, Sarah, d. 09/20/1894
Thompson, Sicelia Livonia, d. 05/27/1842, Father: Thompson, John H.
Thompson, Susan Jane, b. 05/05/1849, d. 07/04/1915, Father: Seeley, Thaddeus O.
Thompson, Thomas G., b. 1904, d. 02/06/1955, Father: Thompson, Frank L.
Thompson, Trice Arthur, b. 01/13/1905, d. 07/01/1985
Thompson, Walter H., b. 05/--/1881, d. 09/29/1952, Father: Thompson, Edw. R.,Jr
Thompson, Willis Ray, b. 04/08/1943, d. 08/05/1995, Father: Thompson, Ruby
Thompson, Winifred, b. 05/04/1878, d. 06/27/1964, Father: Markel, Johnathan
Thomson, Abram, b. 10/15/1814, d. 06/03/1898, Father: Thomson, Hugh
Thomson, Anne, b. 05/29/1833, d. 08/--/1877, Father: Howe, Abraham
Thomson, Annette, d. 11/29/1927, Father: McCullough, David F.
Thomson, Antoinetta, b. 11/24/1882, d. 01/23/1926, Father: Edwards, Charles
Thomson, Delia L., b. 1821, d. 03/07/1848, Father: Storm, George
Thomson, Edward, II, b. 1848, d. 1916, Father: Thomson, Bishop Edward
Thomson, Edward, b. 10/12/1810, d. 03/22/1870
Thomson, Eliza Dunlap, b. 01/18/1846, d. 02/01/1939, Father: McKinnie, Robert
Thomson, Elizabeth B., b. 1874, d. 11/10/1962, Father: Black
Thomson, Elizabeth Maria, b. 1846, d. 01/11/1850, Father: Thomson, Edward
Thomson, Ella Mary, b. 1856, d. 12/25/1913
Thomson, Frances, b. 1870, d. 1961, Father: Hanna
Thomson, George H., II, b. 1899, d. 10/16/1983, Father: Thomson, Tracy
Thomson, George H., Sr., b. 1848, d. 11/07/1920, Father: Thomson, Abram
Thomson, Glennie P., b. 09/11/1909, d. 02/14/1997, Father: Powell, David
Thomson, Helen, b. 03/24/1938, d. 03/22/2001, Father: Ufferman, William Thurman
Thomson, Henry Clay "Hank", b. 08/02/1907, d. 01/24/1994, Father: Thomson, Walter D.
Thomson, Henry Clay, b. 03/11/1842, d. 11/29/1925, Father: Thomson, Abram
Thomson, James A., b. 1821, d. 05/20/1857, Father: Thomson, Moses
Thomson, Joyce T. "Joy", b. 04/15/1933, d. 01/21/1972, Father: Thomson, Henry C.
Thomson, Lillian, b. 03/31/1906, d. 05/06/1977, Father: Tracewell, Robt. E.
Thomson, Louisa Matilda, b. 11/21/1854, d. 10/01/1856, Father: Thomson, Edward
Thomson, Margaret Dunlap, d. 09/23/1903, Father: Thomson, Walter D.
Thomson, Maria Louisa, b. 05/23/1819, d. 12/31/1863, Father: Bartley
Thomson, Mary Emily, b. 12/12/1874, d. 06/20/1958, Father: Thomson, Henry Clay
Thomson, Mary R., b. 1824, d. 08/09/1847, Father: Thomson, Moses
Thomson, Mary, b. 06/16/1780, d. 08/22/1869
Thomson, Moses, b. 1769, d. 03/09/1851
Thomson, Paul Morris, b. 1868, d. 11/17/1964, Father: Thomson, Edw. (Bishop)
Thomson, Sarah M. "Sallie", b. 1830, d. 04/23/1903, Father: Wright, Reid
Thomson, Tracy M., b. 1873, d. 03/21/1938, Father: Thomson, Geo.H.,Sr.
Thomson, Walter Dunlap, b. 01/19/1880, d. 04/10/1968, Father: Thomson, Henry Clay
Thorman, Jennie D., b. 07/03/1864, d. 09/11/1927
Thorman, Louis, d. 04/12/1938, Father: Thorman, Henry
Thorman, Reese, b. 10/28/1852, d. 10/31/1927, Father: Thorman, John
Thorman, Townsend Stith, b. 1885, d. 1954
Thornbury, Lewis N., b. 04/16/1898, d. 09/05/1958, Father: Thornbury, Laban
Thornton, Isaac, d. 03/23/1910
Thorp, James D., b. 05/--/1826, d. 02/--/1856
Thrall, Agnes, b. 1878, d. 05/03/1905, Father: Hiss, Leopold
Thurston, Amanda Alice (Kunze), b. 08/23/1864, d. 01/23/1956, Father: Berry, Samuel
Thurston, Dana Leroy, b. 03/23/1890, d. 12/21/1917, Father: Thurston, Leroy T.
Thurston, Elizabeth W., b. 1835, d. 04/06/1916, Father: Williams
Thurston, Fredonia C., b. 1827, d. 12/23/1851
Thurston, Infant son, no dates
Thurston, John Loofbrough, b. 1834, d. 10/03/1900, Father: Thurston, Joseph
Thurston, Otho H., b. 1842, d. 12/20/1843, Father: Thurston, R.H.
Thybony, Geraldine B., b. 03/03/1923, d. 12/11/1994, Father: Boyd, Harry Lee

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