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Oak Grove Cemetery
Delaware, Delaware County, Ohio

Contributed by Dick Browning [rbrowning@columbus.rr.com].

Obelt, John, d. 06/22/1850
Oberle, Feba F., b. 02/17/1933, d. 01/06/1989, Father: Fannin, John
Oberly, Diana Lynn, b. 1963, d. 03/18/1967, Father: Oberly, Carl L.
O'Brien, Nora, d. 08/--/1900, Father: O'Brien, Michael
O'Connell, John Patrick, b. 06/05/1904, d. 11/17/1979, Father: O'Connell, Daniel
Oehler, Cora Irene, b. 11/15/1897, d. 11/27/1937, Father: Glesenkamp, W.M.
Oehler, Gottlieb Fredrick, b. 01/09/1869, d. 07/20/1939, Father: Oehler
Oehler, Kimberly Lane, b. 09/19/1965, d. 09/19/1965, Father: Oehler, Fred A.
Oehler, Marie, b. 07/22/1869, d. 02/05/1944, Father: Rottner,Christopher Felix
Oehler, Walter R., b. 06/02/1912, d. 03/25/1970, Father: Oehler, Gottlieb F.
Oesterly, Adele B., b. 1880, d. 02/16/1891
Oesterly, Charles, b. 1833, d. 1868, "Father"
Oesterly, Frederick C., Jr., b. 07/26/1863, d. 01/02/1934, Father: Oesterly, Frederick
Oesterly, Fredrick, b. 10/01/1836, d. 06/06/1888
Oesterly, Matilda B., b. 12/09/1838, d. 12/21/1926, Father: Basler, J.H.
Oesterly, Otto E., b. 01/28/1878, d. 12/23/1948, "Son", Father: Oesterly, Frederick
Oesterly, Rebecca, b. 1839, d. 06/07/1890, "Mother"
Oglesby, Luther, b. 08/01/1882, d. 08/15/1882, Father: Oglesby, O.S. (Rev.)
Oglesby, Mary E., d. 08/08/1882, Father: Dengler, Frederick
O'Hearne, Michael, d. 03/28/1891
Oiler, Lucinda Jane, b. 1835, d. 11/01/1916
O'Kane, Charles Clinton, b. 1854, d. 06/01/1876, Father: O'Kane, Tullius C. (Prof)
O'Kane, Edward Thomson, b. 1862, d. 03/29/1918, Father: O'Kane, Tullius Clinton
O'Kane, Laura A., b. 11/10/1830, d. 05/06/1909, Father: Eaton, James
O'Kane, Tullius Clinton, b. 03/30/1830, d. 02/10/1912
O'Kane, Tullius E., b. 1857, d. 12/28/1857, Father: O'Kane, Tullius Clinton
O'Keefe, David Merrick, b. 04/14/1941, d. 12/19/1995, Father: O'Keefe, Floyd Merrick
O'Keefe, Floyd Merrick, b. 04/24/1916, d. 07/17/1956, Father: O'Keefe, John E.
O'Keefe, Infant, b. 06/01/1927, d. 06/01/1927, Father: O'Keefe, John
O'Keefe, John Edward, b. 10/24/1869, d. 10/13/1959, Father: O'Keefe, Richard
O'Keefe, Marion H., b. 10/01/1886, d. 06/04/1942, Father: Hartley, Chas. (Rev.)
O'Kelley, Reba Marietta, b. 12/01/1921, d. 05/15/2004, Father: Godfrey, Horace
Oldham, B. F., Jr., b. 1879, d. 1884, Father: Oldham, B.F.,Sr.
Oldham, Benjiman Franklin, Sr., b. 1853, d. 02/14/1938
Oldham, Carrie, no dates
Oldham, Eulila, b. 1862, d. 05/21/1924, Father: Oldham, J.G.
Oldham, Hattie E., b. 1858, d. 03/09/1934, Father: Kruck, Jacob
Oldham, Joshua G. "Father", d. 02/27/1915
Oldham, Lula, no dates
Oldham, Mary Elma, b. 11/04/1859, d. 08/14/1939, Father: Oldham, J. G.
Oldham, Susan, d. 05/27/1918, "Mother", Father: Adkinson, Wirt (?)
Oller, Bessie Elizabeth, b. 10/19/1890, d. 04/06/1942, "Mother", Father: Welker, Jacob
Oller, Dorothy Elizabeth, b. 06/20/1913, d. 05/04/1989, Father: George, Wilbur
Oller, Glendora(Robinson-Cummins, b. 05/17/1889, d. 05/07/1960, Father: Skatzes, Willie Eugene
Oller, John Armine, b. 1853, d. 02/17/1925, "Father", Father: Oller, John
Oller, Lowell Raymond "Bus", b. 11/26/1911, d. 11/03/1982, Father: Oller, Ray
Oller, Matilda Ann, b. 08/21/1857, d. 02/22/1944, "Mother", Father: Butts, Archibald
Oller, Oliver J., b. 1878, d. 03/19/1919
Oller, Ray, b. 09/15/1880, d. 09/27/1958, "Pop", "Father", Father: Oller, John Will
Olney, Anna, no dates
Olney, Eliza Ann, b. 05/03/1853, d. 02/10/1909, Father: Eavily, Frederick
Olney, Ella, b. 1845, d. 11/17/1899, "Mother", Father: Donovan
Olney, Jerry D., b. 1885, d. 04/04/1895, Father: Olney, John A.
Olney, Joel, b. 04/24/1830, d. 05/05/1892
Olney, John A., b. 03/28/1844, d. 07/22/1924, "Father"
Olney, Martha, no dates
Olschafsky, Anna Emaline, d. 03/30/1926, Father: Barrett, Charles F.
Olschafsky, Ed. Leroy, b. 1917, d. 09/08/1917
Oman, Donald Hines II, b. 06/27/1945, d. 07/01/1945, Father: Oman, Donald H.
Oman, Donald Hines, b. 11/21/1913, d. 05/04/1985, Father: Oman, Charles S.
Oman, Freda Gail, b. 12/21/1918, d. 08/09/1997, Father: Phillips
O'Neal, Claude E., b. 01/29/1884, d. 02/08/1971, Father: O'Neal, Jacob E.
O'Neal, Diane Louise, b. 11/02/1937, d. 11/02/1937, Father: O'Neal, Harry
O'Neal, Harvey Lewis, b. 11/12/1899, d. 05/09/1982, Father: O'Neal, James Lewis
O'Neal, Helen Sarah, b. 02/19/1902, d. 01/30/1968, Father: Stimmel, George A.
O'Neal, Infant, d. 01/29/1935, Father: O'Neal, Harvey
O'Neal, James Lewis, b. 1864, d. 09/22/1931
O'Neal, Mabel H., b. 07/16/1888, d. 07/05/1981, Father: Hostetter, Samuel S.
O'Neal, Mary E., b. 11/03/1901, d. 01/25/1977, Father: O'Neal, James Lewis
O'Neal, Victoria, b. 06/28/1866, d. 08/19/1958, Father: Williams, William
O'Neal, Walter, b. 06/16/1906, d. 12/31/1934, Father: O'Neal, James L.
O'Neal, William B., b. 1915, d. 05/18/2002, Father: O'Neal, Claude E.
O'Neil, Maynard E., b. 1897, d. 12/19/1920
O'Neill, Annette, b. 1889, d. 07/08/1974, "Mother"
O'Neill, Kathleen, b. 07/14/1916, d. 07/31/2003, Father: O'Neill, Joseph
Opel, Arlene, no dates
Opel, Carrie L., b. 06/16/1884, d. 02/18/1977, Father: Clark, Vivian
Opel, Edward, Sr., b. 08/20/1878, d. 01/31/1957, Father: Opel, John
Opel, John Edward, Jr., b. 11/27/1916, d. 10/16/1968, Father: Opel, Edw. Sr.
Orahood, Roy Leon, b. 05/20/1890, d. 01/07/1969, Father: Orahood, Trell
Organ, Edward Lee, b. 10/25/1907, d. 09/29/1960, Father: Organ, David
Organ, Lillian Alice, b. 02/03/1912, d. 08/04/1986, Father: Long, Frank R.
Ormerod, William H., b. 07/16/1882, d. 07/22/1957, Father: Ormerod, T.J.
O'Rourke, Thurley F. (Breece), b. 03/19/1945, d. 08/31/2001, Father: Spurlock, Sidney
Orr, Ruth Jane (Sheets), b. 09/06/1911, d. 03/06/2000, Father: Smeltzer, James Adam
Osborn, Clyde C., b. 04/13/1877, d. 10/17/1940, Father: Osborn, Oliver
Osborn, Keith Arnold, b. 02/13/1960, d. 02/20/1960, Father: Osborn, William
Osborn, Mary Ann, no dates
Osborn, Nellie Gertrude, b. 02/27/1879, d. 09/17/1964
Osborn, Solomon & wife, d. 08/27/1848
Osborn, Solomon, b. 1838, d. 1848
Osborne, Albert James, b. 10/26/1873, d. 08/21/1939, Father: Osborne, James
Osborne, Anna Lee, b. 05/11/1889, d. 02/13/1985, Father: Worrick, Oscar
Osborne, Edith A., b. 12/06/1876, d. 12/15/1947, Father: Hall
Osborne, Joseph Wood, b. 06/17/1883, d. 03/18/1960, Father: Osborne, F.F.
Osborne, Lena M., b. 04/21/1912, d. 08/19/1942, Father: Osborne, Albert J
Osborne, Lonnie Lee, b. 05/05/1919, d. 05/08/1998, Father: Osborne, Lee
Osburn, Lydia Blanche, b. 11/18/1907, d. 12/27/1988, Father: Mitchell, Samuel
Osburn, Raymond White, b. 11/05/1905, d. 06/13/1987, Father: Osburn, Orville
Osol, Sara Elizab.(Pietrangelo), b. 05/18/1917, d. 12/06/1993, Father: Hepner, William Lee
Ostrander, Erma Grace, b. 02/25/1908, d. 12/12/1994, Father: Hart, Albert
Ostrander, Eugene V., b. 05/17/1864, d. 10/29/1953, Father: Ostrander, Amos
Ostrander, Henry Sage "Bob", b. 10/10/1888, d. 01/21/1991, Father: Ostrander, Eugene
Ostrander, Lena S., b. 08/28/1865, d. 08/27/1943, Father: Sage, Henry
Oswald, Clara B., b. 03/03/1887, d. 04/18/1952, Father: Oswald, Jacob
Oswald, Eva M., b. 1890, d. 12/11/1964
Oswald, Isabelle S., b. 12/25/1850, d. 12/03/1934, Father: Stimmel, Daniel
Oswald, Jacob A., b. 1846, d. 06/03/1922
Oswald, John, b. 1852, d. 05/16/1895
Oswald, Raymond C., b. 1882, d. 05/28/1949, Father: Oswald, Jacob A.
Oswald, Robert Newell, b. 1915, d. 03/13/1924, Father: Oswald, Raymond
Oswald, Sarah T., b. 06/29/1851, d. 01/12/1949, Father: Stimmel, Benville
Ousey, Anna, b. 03/--/1833, d. 03/30/1903
Ousey, Catherine, b. 1846, d. 05/10/1922
Ousey, Edward, d. 04/28/1889
Ousey, James, b. 04/30/1847, d. 09/11/1918, Father: Ousey, Edward
Overby, John S., d. 12/12/1932
Overby, Sophronia, d. 09/29/1945
Owen, Alice E., b. 11/10/1875, d. 02/27/1935, Father: Bobo, Julias
Owen, Alice Elizabeth, b. 03/18/1908, d. 09/17/1996, Father: Price, Charles
Owen, Anna Matilda, b. 05/27/1879, d. 02/08/1938, Father: Ropp, William T.
Owen, Anne E., b. 1855, d. 1874, Father: Owen, John P.
Owen, Arnold Griffith, b. 1880, d. 10/13/1933, Father: Owen, Griffith
Owen, Arnold J. "Mickie", b. 1907, d. 03/14/1973, Father: Owen, Arnold G.
Owen, Charles L., b. 09/06/1873, d. 07/06/1954, Father: Owen, Griffith C.
Owen, Christine (Lindsay), b. 03/14/1880, d. 04/07/1965, Father: Shaw, Walter C.
Owen, David, b. 1849, d. 05/19/1853, Father: Owen, John P.
Owen, Emil Sherman, b. 08/23/1883, d. 05/26/1936, Father: Owen, Eugene S.
Owen, Eva Selby, b. 12/25/1884, d. 04/25/1960, Father: Work, James A.
Owen, Flora L., b. 1863, d. 08/16/1864, Father: Owen, John P.
Owen, Frank A., b. 12/22/1854, d. 11/08/1927, Father: Owen, F.M.
Owen, Frank R., b. 09/01/1875, d. 08/09/1939, Father: Owen, Griffith C.
Owen, Frankie Bell, b. 01/19/1879, d. 01/26/1909, Father: Dailey, George W.
Owen, George S., b. 03/07/1882, d. 11/17/1966, Father: Owen, Griffith
Owen, Griffith C., b. 10/11/1847, d. 06/19/1928, Father: Owen, John P.
Owen, Helen Marie, b. 11/23/1894, d. 08/15/1984, Father: Collins, George
Owen, Infant, d. 12/--/1900, son, Father: Owen, James W.
Owen, Infant, d. 12/10/1900
Owen, James W., b. 09/07/1877, d. 03/10/1960, Father: Owen, Griffith C.
Owen, John David, b. 05/30/1913, d. 08/22/1992, Father: Owen, George
Owen, John P., b. 1809, d. 12/01/1874, "Father"
Owen, John William, b. 11/27/1870, d. 12/22/1956, Father: Owen, Griffith C.
Owen, Kathryn Mae "Kate", b. 09/17/1884, d. 02/13/1973, Father: Miller, John Joseph
Owen, Lillian G., b. 1897, d. 07/20/1898, Father: Owen, Frank R.
Owen, Luella S., b. 10/21/1854, d. 05/11/1936, Father: Smith, Benjamin F.
Owen, Martha W., b. 1859, d. 03/13/1865, Father: Owen, John P.
Owen, Mary A., b. 1853, d. 03/25/1870, Father: Owen, John P.
Owen, Mary Helen, b. 01/04/1914, d. 02/14/1982, Father: Huston, John
Owen, Mary, b. 08/12/1874, d. 05/04/1936, Father: Steitz, Jacob
Owen, Maude A., b. 03/30/1877, d. 03/31/1958, Father: High, Charles
Owen, Maynard S., b. 03/31/1881, d. 04/22/1973, Father: Owen, Frank A.
Owen, Melissa "Lissa", b. 03/04/1847, d. 11/10/1899, Father: McFarlin, Wm.G.,Esq.
Owen, Nella, b. 03/16/1883, d. 11/18/1963, Father: Ross, Linus H.
Owen, Nelma M. (Glesenkamp), b. 08/03/1905, d. 02/24/1990, Father: Unk
Owen, Oma, b. 02/16/1874, d. 12/23/1946, Father: Thomas, Geo. W.
Owen, Owen M. "Bud", b. 12/12/1919, d. 05/15/1976, Father: Owen, George
Owen, Robert E., b. 02/15/1921, d. 04/04/2001, Father: Owen, Vinal Slaton
Owen, Robert Sterling, b. 07/11/1913, d. 11/26/1913, Father: Owen, Emil Sherman
Owen, Sarah "Mother", b. 1826, d. 05/08/1877, Father: Warren
Owen, Sarah J., b. 1851, d. 1871, Father: Owen, John P.
Owen, Stanley Everett, b. 05/12/1896, d. 10/11/1966, Father: Owen, Charles
Owens, Agnes D., b. 02/08/1884, d. 10/14/1959, Father: Davis, Harry
Owens, Cadwallader H., b. 04/08/1819, d. 05/16/1893, Father: Owens, John
Owens, Carlton Fuller, b. 1881, d. 04/15/1958, Father: Owens, Frank
Owens, G., d. 1893
Owens, George Ellwood, b. 01/31/1904, d. 05/30/1904, Father: Owens, Frank R.
Owens, Gloria G., b. 12/22/1930, d. 03/16/1931, Father: Owens, Marvin
Owens, Infant, d. 05/12/1927, Father: Owens, William
Owens, Sarah Jane, b. 03/21/1828, d. 09/24/1899, Father: Welch, William
Owston, Betsey, d. 09/05/1864, Father: Burnham
Owston, Jane, d. 07/08/1853
Owston, William, d. 09/15/1866
Ozier, Claude Venable, b. 01/13/1896, d. 03/14/1950

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