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Columbiana County Memorial Park
East Liverpool, Columbiana County, Ohio

State Route 7
East Liverpool, OH 43920
(330) 385-2190

Lat: 40° 52' 52"N, Lon: 080 35' 38"W

This is not a complete listing of all burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Jun 01, 2008. Total records = 22.

Contributor's Index:

Bailey, Eleanor Mae, b. 12/16/1914, d. 07/26/1983, w/o Herbert Bailey, d/o Alford & Ethel Potts, [SH]
Baker, Ellen Elenore, b. 06/04/1874, d. 10/19/1954, w/o Theodore Baker, d/o Joshua & Jennie Coleman, [SH]
Baker, Harold R, b. 01/06/1907, d. 02/25/1954, s/o Theodore and Ellen Baker, [SH]
Brereton, Charles D., b. 01/10/1917, d. 09/28/1997 PA, w/o Vera Coleman-Brereton, s/o Ernest & Nellie Brereton, [SH]
Brereton, Vera E, b. 03/23/1920, d. 08/23/1993, w/o Charles Brereton, d/o Farrell & Alma Coleman, [SH]
Carroll, Velma D, b. 07/11/1922, d. 08/17/2003, w/o Norman Carroll, d/o Farrell & Alma Coleman, [SH]
Cianni, Anita M, b. 03/08/1920, d. 04/14/1986, w/o Joseph Cianni, d/o Alford & Ethel Potts, [SH]
Cianni, Joseph, b. 07/19/1914, d. 01/23/1980, h/o Anita M. Potts, s/o Angelo & Pauline Cianni, [SH]
Coleman, Alma D., b. 07/10/1897, d. 10/03/1966, w/o Farrell D. Coleman, d/o Hunter & Stella Ross, [SH]
Coleman, Eric D., b. 08/06/1885, d. 01/21/1959, s/o Joshua Joel & Elestia Jennie (Casey) Coleman, [SH]
Coleman, Farrell D, b. 04/27/1897, d. 04/23/1980, h/o Alma D. Ross, s/o Joshua Joel Coleman & Elestia Jennie Casey, [SH]
Coleman, Susanna, b. 07/29/1885, d. 02/26/1979, w/o Eric D. Coleman, [SH]
Coleman, William James, b. 06/23/1915, d. 11/19/1970, s/o Eric D. & Susanna Coleman, [SH]
Curtis, Clarence Joseph, b. 10/20/1906 PA, d. 12/24/1968, h/o Margaret E. Curtis (Coleman), [SH]
Curtis, Margaret E., b. 04/17/1913, d. 08/10/1987, w/o Clarence Joseph Curtis, d/o Eric & Susanna Coleman, [SH]
Howell, Geneva, 7 Apr 1891, d. 15 Dec 1962, w/o Henry Howell, Sec-I B-I #225, [DH]
Howell, Henry, b. 11 Jan 1885, d. 28 Oct 1965, h/o Geneva Daily Howell, Sec-I B-I #225, [DH]
Potts, Ethel M, b. 12/8/1896, d. 11/3/1980, w/o Alford Potts, d/o Ellen & Theodore Baker, [SH]
Sharkey, Grace Virginia, b. 4 Apr 1912, d. 17 Aug 1989, plot W49, w/o Mr. Rhodes, took last name of her last long-time companion, and bur/by Theodore Sharkey, [TS]
Six, Danny L, b. 11/21/1941 WV, d. 06/13/2005, h/o Linda (Carroll) Six, s/o Orval & Georgia Six, [SH]
Six, Linda K, b. 10/26/1948, d. 05/19/2002, w/o Danny Six, d/o Norman & Velma Carroll, [SH]
Wilson, Florence B., b. 06/15/1899, d. 09/26/1983, w/o Ben Wilson, d/o Theodore & Ellen Baker, [SH]


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