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Rosewood Cemetery
White Creek, Washington County, New York

rosewood cemetery
Rosewood Cemetery

GPS: 42.982708, -73.281524

Sally Gannon Road
White Creek, NY 12057

Last updated: November 5, 2016
Total records: 45


From center of town drive north about one mile then east on Sally Gannon. Cemetery will be on the south side of road. Some graves go back to the 1700s. It is made up of three sections, and is still active.

Cemetery Records

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.

Contributor's Index:

Barber, Albert,
b. 25 Feb 1867, d. 11 Nov 1958, s/o Henry O. and Emily (Royse) Barber, h/o Florence Lawton, [GW]
Barber, Alfred, b. 22, Nov 1904, d. 1941, s/o Jesse Lee and Maude (Sawyer) Barber, h/o Ruth Handy, [GW]
Barber, Charlotte, d. 1 Jun 1887, d/o Elijah and Catherine (Corbett) Stanley, w/o Jacob Moses Barber, [GW]
Barber, Crissie Maude, b. May 1890, d. 14 Sep 1890, d/o Jacob Moses and Susannah Melissa Pratt, [GW]
Barber, Edward James, b. 24 Mar 1924, d. 8 Mar 1961, s/o Jesse Lee and Maude, b. Sawyer h/o Margaret Kervin, [GW]
Barber, Edwin, b. 20 Nov 1869, d. 21 Aug 1923, s/o Henry O. and Emily Royse, [GW]
Barber, Ellen (Nellie) Mary, b. 20 Aug 1882, d. 21 Oct 1884, d/o Jacob Moses and Charlotte (Stanley) Barber, [GW]
Barber, Emily, b. 1845, d. ??, d/o James W. and Sarah (Curler) Royse, w/o Henry O. Barber, [GW]
Barber, Emma Josephine, b. Mar 1873, d. ??, d/o Henry O. and Emily Royse Barber, [GW]
Barber, Franklin, b. 11 Aug 1886, d. 9 Dec 1896, s/o Henry O. and Emily Royse Barber, [GW]
Barber, Harriet Frances, b. 1874, d. 31 Jan 1947, d/o Andrew Jackson and Margaret Bennett Gates, w/o Martin Barber, [GW]
Barber, Henry O., b. 21 Jan 1840, d. 1915, s/o Tuffield and Martha Jane (Lee) Barber, h/o Emily Royse, [GW]
Barber, Jacob Moses, b. 26 Apr 1850, d. 6 Aug 1943, s/o Tuffield and Martha Jane (Lee) Barber, h/o Charlotte Stanley and Susannah Melissa Pratt, [GW]
Barber, Jesse Lee, b. 16 Oct 1879, d. 1958, s/o Henry O. and Emily (Royse) Barber. h/o Maude Beulah Sawyer, [GW]
Barber, Martha Jane (Lee), b. 1818, d. 8 Mar 1894, d/o Benjamin Lee and Esther Reynolds, w/o Tuffield Barber, [GW]
Barber, Martin, b. 4 Aug 1847, d. 19 Feb 1923, s/o Tuffield and Martha Jane (Lee) Barber, h/o Harriet F. Gates, [GW]
Barber, Maude Beulah, b. 9 Sep 1881, d. 1968 d/o Samuel and Etta Blanche (Temple) Sawyer, w/o Jesse Lee Barber, [GW]
Barber, Ralph Lawton, b. 18 Aug 1899, d. 30 Jun 1955, s/o Albert and Florence (Lawton) Barber, [GW]
Barber, Raymond, b. 3 May 1903, d. 21 Jan 1918, s/o Jesse Lee and Maude (Sawyer) Barber, [GW]
Barber, Raymond Earl, b. 26 Dec 1931, d. 3 May 1932, s/o Alfred and Ruth (Handy) Barber, [GW]
Barber, Tuffield, b. 7 Nov 1804, d. 13 May 1893, s/o Joseph and Margaret Barber, h/o Martha Jane Lee, [GW]
Barber, William J., b. Sep 1875, d. 20 May 1892, s/o Henry O. and Emily (Royse) Barber, [GW]
Campbell, Anna, b. 1877, d. 1963 d/o Albert E. Russell and Mary Jane Royse, w/o of Samuel F. Campbell, [GW]
Campbell, Samuel F., b. 1877, d. 1932, s/o William Campbell, h/o Anna Russell, [GW]
Drury, Cynthia L., b. 25 Feb 1842, d. 5 Aug 1919, d/o James W. and Sarah (Curler) Royse, w/o Mason Drury, [GW]
Drury, Mason, b. 17 Mar 1837, d. 6 Nov 1918, s/o Lucius and Adeline (Brewer) Drury, h/o Cynthia Royse, [GW]
Freemyer, Ruth Allison, b. 20 Dec 1922, d. 19 Feb 1997, d/o Jesse Lee and Maude (Sawyer) Barber, w/o Clarence Freemyer, [GW]
Gates, Bertha (Colby), b. 3 Mar 1891, d. 8 Sep 1974, w/o Harry S. Gates, [GW]
Gates, Harry S., b. 2 Dec 1888, d. Jun 1974, [GW]
Granger, James, b. 11 Mar 1949, d. Dec 1983, s/o Ralph Granger and Florence (Gates), h/o Martha Stevens, [GW]
Handy, Lena A, b. 1910, d. 1952 d/o Martin and Harriet F. (Gates) Barber, w/o Richard Handy, [GW]
Handy, Richard, b. 1 Jun 1908, d. 3 May 1972, s/o Lyman and Mary (Young) Handy, h/o Lena Barber and Gladys Barber Batease, [GW]
Harrington, Albert Layton Sr., b. 29 Sep 1910, d. Jan 1967, s/o Albert and Rose (Coon) Harrington, h/o Frances Marie Barber, [GW]
Harrington, Albert Layton Jr., b. 18 Aug 1931, d. 3 May, 1932, s/o Albert Layton and Frances (Barber) Harrington, [GW]
Harrington, Frances Marie, b. 1912, d. 22 Nov 1991, d/o Jesse Lee and Maude (Sawyer) Barber, w/o Albert L. Harrington, [GW]
Pratt, Melissa (McKinstry), b. 31 May 1842, d. 20 Feb 1904, w/o Sylvester Pratt, [GW]
Pratt, Sylvester, b. 18 Jun 1839, d. 4 May 1905, h/o Melissa McKinstry, [GW]
Royse, James W., b. 6 Jan 1820, d. 11 May 1903, h/o Sarah Curler, [GW]
Royse, Sarah Ann, b. 4 Feb 1821, d. 27 Feb 1893, d/o of Anthony and Cynthia Curler, w/o James W. Royse, [GW]
Russell, Albert E., b. 14 May 1850, d. 28 Jan 1900, s/o Chessleden and Charity (Cary) Russell, h/o Mary Jane Royse, [GW]
Russell, Chessleden, b. 16 Jul 1816, d. 19 Jun 1890 h/o Charity Cary, [GW]
Russell, Charity (Cary), b. 1827, d. 4 Feb 1884 w/o Chessleden Russell, [GW]
Russell, Egbert, b. 23 Apr 1843, d. 24 Sep 1899, s/o Chessleden Russell and Charity Cary, [GW]
Russell, Mary Jane, b. 3 Mar 1851, d. 26 Aug 1932, d/o James W. and Sarah (Curler) Royse, w/o Albert E. Russell, [GW]
Telford, Denver, b. 17 Mar 1934, d. 24 Jul 1987, s/o Malcolm and Rose (Monroe) Telford, [GW]

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