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Evergreen Cemetery
Salem, Washington County, New York

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168 Cemetery Rd
Salem, NY 12865

Published: November 3, 2016
Total records: 6,942

Surnmes D-F

Records published here were acquired from the Salem Bancroft Public Library on November 3, 2016. These records were compiled by Ann Pongrace and David Male, August 1999. Dates of death range from 1772 to 2002.

Dallas, Lillian
, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Colon & Annie J. Burke, Residence: NY, NY, Spouse: Robert, d. Nov.19, 1938, NY, NY, Age: 32y, Burial# 3026, Int. Lot: B130
Dalryruple, Fred.C., b. Essex Junction, VT, Parents: George H. & Jennie M., Residence: Albany, NY, d. Jan.10, 1876, Albany, Age: 6y6m15d, Appendicitis, Burial# 2906, Int. Lot: C139
Danforth, Lucinda C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Aaron Martin, Residence: Greenwich # 12, d. Dec 2, 1862, East Greenwich, NY, Age: 76y4m, Antharax, Burial# 2022, Int. Lot: H193
Darfler, Adelaide, b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Elmer Labarron & Mabel Riffenburg, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Curtis G., d. December 24, 1833, Bennington, Vt, Age: 77yrs, Intracerebral Bleeding, Buried May 17, 1990, Burial# K-15
Darfler, Charlotte, b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Joseph Darfler & Sarah Robbins, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.20, 1994, Cambridge, NY, Age: 66y, Multiple Pulmonary Emboli, In Vault, Buried April 12, 1988, Burial# 6647, Int. Lot: B272
Darfler, Joseph, b. Argyle, Parents: Andrew Darfler, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Sarah, d. March 11, 1882, Poughkeepsie, Age: 66y, Heart Disease, Burial# 5070, Int. Lot: B272
Darfler, Sarah R., b. VT, Parents: Lemuel Robbins & Lottie Austin, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widowed, d. Sept.16, 1898, Greenwich, Age: 57y1m3d, Heart Disease, Burial# 5219, Int. Lot: B272
Darrow, Gery Calvin, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Jedidiah & Jane A., Residence: Middlebury, VT, Spouse: Maria, d. July 13, 1962, Middlebury, Age: 46y5m9d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 3022, Int. Lot: D118
Darrow, Jane A., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Charles & Jane Hinds, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.30, 1899, Salem, Age: 84y7m13d, Acute Indigestion, Burial# 3186, Int. Lot: M
Darrow, Jedediah, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Dennison & Martha, Residence: Hebron #13, Spouse: Jane A. (Hind), d. Feb.10, 1878, Hebron, Age: 72y3m24d, Burial# 1445, Int. Lot: M29
Darrow, Maria B., Residence: Florida, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.20, 1935, Age: 90y, Creamation, Burial# 5307, Int. Lot: D118
Darrow, Norman, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Jedediah & Jane (Hinds), Residence: Kansas City, Mo., Spouse: Single, d. Jan.14, 1968, Hebron, Age: 24y10m22d, Consumption of Bowels, In Vault Jan.24, Burial# 1464, Int. Lot: M29
Darrow, Pierce W., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Guy & Maria, Residence: Middlebury, VT, Spouse: Single, d. April 29, 1910, Suramac Lake, Age: 34y1m4d, Tuberculosis, Burial# 3611, Int. Lot: D118
Davis, Anna H., b. Glens Falls, NY, Parents: Hall, Residence: Glens Falls, Spouse: Widowed, d. Dec.4, 1970, Glens Falls, Age: 85y, Auricular, Burial# 5615, Int. Lot: I 98
Davis, Charles H., b. W.Troy, Parents: Walter L. & Cornelia A., Residence: Brooklyn, Spouse: Widower, d. Feb.25, 1874, Brooklyn, Age: 69y13d, Diabetes, Burial# 4490, Int. Lot: M4
Davis, Clara S., b. Benton, Maryland, Parents: George Skinner & Minnie Field, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Clarence, d. Jan.11, 1889, Rupert, VT, Age: 66y9m11d, Auto Acc., Crushed Chest, Burial# 5792, Int. Lot: M2
Davis, Clarence, b. Troy, Parents: Charles Davis & Lillian Turner, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Clara, d. Rupert, Age: 67y, Heart Failure, Burial# 5935, Int. Lot: M2
Davis, Henry Moore, b. Newport, R.I., Parents: John-Warner & Elizabeth-Moore, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Wid.of Lydia L. (#1010), d. Ap.25, 1909, Salem, Age: 65y9m22d, Angina Pectoris, Rector of St.Paul's Church, Burial# 1034, Int. Lot: F205
Davis, Henry W., b. Whitehall, NY, Parents: Henry & Elizabeth Boyd Davis, Residence: Atlantic CityN.J., Spouse: Widower, d. July 27, 1807, Atlantic City, NJ, Age: 64y4m4d, Acute Embolism, Burial# 4337, Int. Lot: I 108
Davis, Infant, b. Salem, Parents: John Davis & , Residence: Salem Village, d. 1-Mar-01, Salem, Age: 4m2d, Burial# 561, Int. Lot: H149
Davis, John B., Buried Sept.7, 1927, Burial# 4048, Int. Lot: I 98
Davis, Lillian, b. Milford, N.H., Parents: Sifan & Sarah Silver, Residence: Brooklyn, Spouse: Divorced, d. February 2, 1860, Brooklyn, Age: 40y8m28d, Burial# 4825, Int. Lot: E8
Davis, Lillian J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Chester S. & Mariah (Joslyn) Miner, Residence: Brooklyn, NY, Spouse: Charles, d. Oct.23, 1861, Cambridge, NY, Age: 59y, Diabetes, Burial# 4087, Int. Lot: M3
Davis, Lydia Lee, b. Newport, R.I., Parents: Thos.H. & Phebe P.Mumford, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Rev.Henry M. (#1034), d. June 4, 1947, Salem, Age: 59y6m26d, Typhoid Pneumonia, In Vault Jan.16, Burial# 1010, Int. Lot: F205
Davis, Sophie, b. Hoosick Falls, NY, Parents: Albert Kegler, Residence: Norwich, Spouse: Clyde, d. Feb.9, 1941, Norwich, Age: 46y, Acute Nephritis, Burial# 4406, Int. Lot: F87
Dawson, John S., b. Shrewsbury, VT, Parents: Martin & Lydia, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Married, d. Jan.1, 1921, Salem, NY, Age: 76y, Pneumonia, Burial# 2026, Int. Lot: F86
Dawson, Mary E., b. Saratoga, NY, Parents: Nathan & Fannie Hibbard, Residence: Salem # 15, Spouse: John, d. Feb.1, 1902, Salem, Age: 74y10m8d, Grippe, Burial# 2542, Int. Lot: F86
Day, Alenzor J., b. Belcher, Parents: Helen Oades & C.Franklin Day, Residence: Belcher, d. Aug.11, 1915, Poughkeepsie, Age: 76y, Arterio Sclerotic Heart, Burial# 5956, Int. Lot: S36
Day, Franklin W., b. Belcher, Parents: Marion Day Hollis & Horace Day, Residence: Belcher, Spouse: Joyce, d. Oct.4, 1878, Buffalo NY, Hospital, Age: 35y, Hodgkins Disease, Burial# 6008, Int. Lot: I 71
Day, George Franklin, b. Hebron, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Widower, d. April 15, 1873, Hebron, Age: 78y3m2d, Myocardial Failure, Burial# 4859, Int. Lot: A14
Day, Horace F., b. Belcher, NY, Parents: George Day & Helen Oades, Residence: Hartford, NY, Spouse: Henrietta, d. Oct.14, 1908, Hartford, NY, Age: 82y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6358, Int. Lot: A31
Day, Marion H., b. Queensbury, NY, Parents: William & Jane Hillis, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Horace, d. 3/12/03, Hebron, NY, Age: 62y, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 5765, Int. Lot: A31
Day, Marjorie (Spicer) , b. Green Island, NY 1900, Parents: Wilmer Spicer & Kate Allen, Spouse: Cyrus Day, d. April 18, 1979, Portland, Me., Age: 95yrs, Buried May 15, 1996, Burial# D-9
Day, Marvin R., b. Cambridge, Residence: Cambridge, d. April 2, 1991, Age: 2y7m9d, Septcemia, Burial# 4699, Int. Lot: A31
Day, Minnie L., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Warren Lockwood & Emma Apple, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.22, 1915, Hebron, NY, Age: 91y, Coronary, Buried Sept.8, 1986, Burial# 6596, Int. Lot: S36
Day, Nellie, Age: 64y, Burial# 4871, Int. Lot: A
Decker, Eleanor C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: William Campbell & Elizabeth, Residence: Earlville, NY, Spouse: Divorced, d. Oct.5, 1920, Earlville, NY, Age: 87y, Carcinomaris--Cremation, Burial# 6417, Int. Lot: E13
DeMaria, Mary Alice, b. Salem, Parents: Domenick & Ethel L., Residence: Salem, d. June 14, 1858, Salem, Age: Still-born, Long Confinement & , Contracted Pelvis, Burial# 4579, Int. Lot: I 94
Denison, Isabella, b. Ireland, Parents: Andrew & Mary Thompson, Residence: Salem #2, Spouse: John, d. March 11, 1899, Salem, Age: 67y18d, Consumption, Burial# 1023, Int. Lot: C173
Denison, Wiley, b. Greenwich, Parents: William H. & Susan, Residence: Argyle, d. April 2, 1872, Argyle, Age: 1y10m19d, Accid.Fall From Chair, Burial# 903, Int. Lot: C173
Denninson, John A., b. Hebron, Parents: Hugh & Sarah A., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Martha A., d. Feb.2, 1940, Salem, NY, Age: 69y7m28d, Chronic Nephritis Plus, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4558, Int. Lot: I 82
Dennis, Susan, b. Canada, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. April 25, 1924, Salem, Age: 90y, Congestion of Lungs, Burial# 1744, Int. Lot: C85
Dennison, Alice, Buried Nov.19, 1885, Burial# 1604, Int. Lot: C173
Dennison, Andrew, b. Ireland, Parents: Hugh & Ann, Residence: Hebron #15, Spouse: Jane, d. Fitchburg, Mass, Age: 67y0m15d, Accident, Killed by kick of his horse, Burial# 1368, Int. Lot: C93
Dennison, Andrew, b. Ireland, Parents: Andrew & Jane, Residence: Hebron # 5, Spouse: Alma, d. Sept.21, 1977, Hebron, NY, Age: 59y0m0d, Ulcer of Stomach, Burial# 2823, Int. Lot: C93
Dennison, Child, b. Greenwich, Parents: George R. & _____, Residence: Greenwich, NY, d. Sept.24, 1873, Greenwich, Buried Sept.7, 1894, Burial# 2163, Int. Lot: R9
Dennison, Elizabeth, b. Salem, NY, Parents: G.R. & Sarah, Residence: Salem, d. Schodack, NY, Age: 1y3m18d, Pneumonia, Burial# 1984, Int. Lot: R9
Dennison, George, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Andrew & Jane, Residence: Salem # 6, Spouse: Dora, d. Oct.17, 1928, Salem, NY, Age: 31y9m27d, Kidney Trouble, Burial# 1965, Int. Lot: C93
Dennison, George P., b. Salem, NY, Parents: George R.Dennison & Unknown, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Thelma, d. January 28, 1860, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 75y, Influenza, Burial# 6092, Int. Lot: R230
Dennison, George R., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Hugh & Sarah Ann (Keys), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Hattie, d. Jan.11, 1966, Palmer, Mass., Age: 54y5m13d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3524, Int. Lot: R9
Dennison, Hattie M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm.H. & Mary A.Heath Groesbeck, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Wid.of George, d. Sept.27, 1888, Cambridge, NY, Age: 59y10m12d, Streptococcus Cellulitis, of fore Arm, Burial# 4189, Int. Lot: B238
Dennison, James H., b. Glens Falls, Parents: John & Isabella (Thompson) (#1023), Residence: Salem #21, d. May 26, 1956, Shushan, Age: 34y9m18d, Consumption, Dentist, Burial# 723, Int. Lot: C173
Dennison, Jane, b. Ireland, Parents: John & Jennie McFarland, Residence: Hebron #5, Spouse: Widow of Andrew, d. June 14, 1956, Hebron, Age: 67y10m0d, Typhoid Pneumonia, Burial# 1419, Int. Lot: C93
Dennison, John, b. Ireland, Parents: Hugh & Ann, Residence: Salem # 3, Spouse: Margaret, d. Aug.30, 1956, Salem, NY, Age: 80y11m27d, Paralysis, Burial# 1924, Int. Lot: C173
Dennison, John T., b. Glens Falls, NY, Parents: Jno. & Isabella Thompson, Residence: Argyle # 13, Spouse: Single, d. Feb. 9, 1830, Argyle, Age: 65y4m16d, Jaundice, Removed, Burial# 3089, Int. Lot: C265
Dennison, Margaret, b. Ireland, Parents: John & Jane Reid, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.23, 1985, Salem, Age: 80y0m0d, Old Age, Burial# 2886, Int. Lot: C173
Dennison, Martha A., b. Ohio, Parents: Robert & Margaret McWhorter, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. March 30, 1967, Age: 76y4m11d, Chronic Arthritis, Burial# 4771, Int. Lot: I 82
Dennison, Mary G., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Geo.R. & Harriet (Groesbeck) Dennison, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.29, 1942, Salem, NY, Age: 4y16d, Epilepsy, Burial# 3347, Int. Lot: R9
Dennison, Sarah, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Ra & Ann Pinkerton, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Geo., d. Dec.14, 1917, Salem, NY, Age: 37y0m0d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2769, Int. Lot: R9
Dennison, Stella M., b. Salem, Parents: John Frasier & Jane Mitchell, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, Earnest W., d. April 21, 1910, Salem, Age: 88y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 5782, Int. Lot: R208
Dennison, Stephen, b. Shushan, NY, Parents: George R. & Harriet (Groesbeck), Residence: Ballston Spa, NY, Spouse: Widowed, d. April 8, 1861, Ballston Spa, Age: 82yrs, Buried May 18, 1991, Burial# R-230
Dennison, Thelma J., b. Burlington, VT, Parents: John Martin & Sarah Neville, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: George, d. Feb.17, 1874, Argyle, NY, Age: 74y, Cardiac Arrest, Burial# 6459, Int. Lot: R230
Dennison, William, d. Sept.8, 1918, Burial# 1227, Int. Lot: C93
Deuel, Edmond, b. Corinth, NY, Residence: Salem # 9, Spouse: Widower, d. Jan.26, 1970, Salem, Age: 90y, Old Age, Burial# 2401, Int. Lot: C168
Dewey, Edith P., b. VT, Parents: Merle Pike & Ida Hosley, Residence: Ft.Edward, Spouse: Roscoe, d. Nov.24, 1939, Granville, NY, Age: 69y, Myocardial Infarction, Diabetes Mell., Burial# 6103, Int. Lot: S81
Dewey, Eliza, b. Ireland, Parents: Wm. & Eliza Brady, Residence: Hebron # 1, Spouse: Alex, d. Aug.24, 1962, Salem, NY, Age: 70y1m0d, Cancer, Burial# 2749, Int. Lot: C250
Dewey, Roscoe E., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: James Dewey & Addie Hamilton, Residence: Glens Falls, NY, Spouse: Edith, d. Aug.12, 1995, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 77y, Acute Cardio Pulm.Arrest, Burial# 6536, Int. Lot: S81
Dewey, Sarah A., b. Salem, Parents: Hugh & Ann Connor, Residence: Fort Edward #4, Spouse: Thomas, d. Jan.21, 1921, Fort Edward, Age: 48y11m12d, Consumption, Burial# 1449, Int. Lot: F111
Dewey, Thomas E., b. Salem, Parents: Roscoe & Edith Dewey, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.8, 1972, Pawlet, Age: 16y10m15d, Auto Accident, Burial# 5348, Int. Lot: S81
Dickinson, David, b. Queensbury, Residence: Hebron, d. May 4, 1877, Salem, Age: 61y, Coronary Sclerosis, Burial# 5985, Int. Lot: Soldiers Ground
Dickinson, Eva, b. Salem, Parents: Sylvanus & Mary A., Residence: Salem Village, d. May 25, 1910, Salem, Age: 2m, Colic, In Rec.vault Sept.15, 1861, Burial# 230, Int. Lot: H196
Dickinson, Josephine A., b. Hartford, Parents: Eli & Mary A Smith, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: John W., d. Sept.10, 1918, Salem, Age: 17y8m, Childbed Fever, Burial# 189, Int. Lot: H195
Dickinson, Mary A., b. Burn, NY, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Sylvanus, d. March 31, 1959, Salem, Age: 69y4m17d, Burial# 1747, Int. Lot: H196
Dickinson, Slyvanus, Residence: Salem # 12, d. July 6, 1886, Salem, NY, Buried March 1, 1893, Burial# 2061, Int. Lot: H196
Dillon, Albert L., b. Salem, Parents: Jason Dillon & Rachel Johnson, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. June 29, 1895, Cambridge, Age: 80y7m20d, Embolism, Burial# 5081, Int. Lot: A17
Dillon, Benj., b. Salem, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. May 25, 1991, Salem, Age: 82y8m0d, Cancer, Burial# 5319, Int. Lot: A17
Dillon, Blanche M., b. Canada, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Charles, d. Oct.6, 1934, Greenwich, Age: 80y, Broncho Pneumonia, Burial# 5916, Int. Lot: D70
Dillon, Charles, b. Cossayuna, Parents: Mr. & Mrs. John L. Dillon, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Blanche, d. July 10, 1907, Cambridge, Age: 72y, Hemorrhage, Ulcer, In Vault 1, 11, 1963, Burial# 5717, Int. Lot: D70
Dillon, Charles H., b. Jackson, Parents: Jason & Rachel, Residence: Salem # 2, Spouse: Single, d. July 8, 1983, Jackson, Age: 23y, Fever, Burial# 1667, Int. Lot: C230
Dillon, E.Gordon, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John L.Dillon & Fannie Farley, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Not Listed, Cambridge, NY, Age: 63y, Pneumonia, Burial# 5608, Int. Lot: D69
Dillon, Emma, b. NY, Parents: David Hutchen & Sarah Taber, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Not Listed, Salem, Age: 89y4m28d, Edema, Lungs, Burial# 5190, Int. Lot: D70
Dillon, Fannie Fairley, b. Salem, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. April 4, 1982, Salem, Age: 80y11m1d, Arterio Sclerosis, Buried Feb.15, 1944, Burial# 4901, Int. Lot: D69
Dillon, Fred H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm. & Mary A., Residence: Brooklyn, NY, Spouse: Lizzie, d. Jan 26, 1871, Brooklyn, NY, Age: 38y9m4d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2755, Int. Lot: R19
Dillon, George, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Jason & Rachel (Balance), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. June 28, 1924, Albany, NY, Age: 49y, Appendicitis, Burial# 3328, Int. Lot: C230
Dillon, Goldie M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Eugene Richards & Mary Smith, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Leland, d. June 29, 1887, Salem, Age: 42y, Cancer, Burial# 5566, Int. Lot: B298
Dillon, Hattie M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: David L. & Eliz.Hall, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Wm.J., d. June 7, 1963, Salem, Age: 38y9d, Burial# 2583, Int. Lot: C5
Dillon, Helen, b. Shushan, NY, Parents: Benjamin Carlton & Mary Henderson, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Herbert, d. Sept.4, 1888, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 70y, Carcinoma of left Breast, Burial# 6494, Int. Lot: S23
Dillon, Herbert T., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wesley Dillon & Catherine McIntyre, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Helen, d. January 22, 1864, Salem, NY, Age: 62y, C.V.A., Burial# 6283, Int. Lot: S23
Dillon, Jason, b. Ballibay, Ireland, Parents: John & Jane, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. March 13, 1893, Salem, Age: 78y0m0d, Paralysis, Burial# 2414, Int. Lot: C230
Dillon, John L., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm. & Mary A.Dudgeon, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Fannie, d. Sept.9, 1923, Salem, Age: 72y10m12d, Edema of Lungs, Burial# 4405, Int. Lot: D69
Dillon, Katherine, b. Hebron, Parents: Freeman & Sarah McIntyre, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Wesley, d. June 17, 1933, Salem, Age: 67y9m16d, Organic Heart Disease, Burial# 4590, Int. Lot: G23
Dillon, Leland, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Harvey Dillon & Jennie Parrish, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Doris, d. March 12, 1895, Cambridge, NY, Age: 86y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 6515, Int. Lot: B298
Dillon, Louis F., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Jason & Sarah, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.24, 1896, Greenwich, Age: 23y3m27d, Consumption, Burial# 2554, Int. Lot: C230
Dillon, Mary A., b. Ireland, Residence: Salem # 1, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.4, 1894, Salem, NY, Age: 83y2m7d, General Debility, Burial# 3114, Int. Lot: R19
Dillon, Nellie A., b. Waterbury, CT, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.1, 1918, Salem, Age: 79y5m6d, Myocarditis, Buried April 5, 1944, Burial# 4912, Int. Lot: A6
Dillon, Rachel, b. Tyrone Co., Ireland, Parents: Wm. & Rachol (Nickson) Balance, Residence: Salem #1, Spouse: Jason, d. May 7, 1880, Salem, Age: 45y0m afewd, Strangled, Tumor in throat, Left two boys, and had had one girl, Burial# 1058, Int. Lot: C230
Dillon, Robert, b. Salem, Parents: Jason, Residence: Utica, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.1, 1941, Utica, NY, Age: 77y11m11d, Nephritis, Burial# 4574, Int. Lot: A17
Dillon, Sarah, Buried Sept.3, 1893, Burial# 2096, Int. Lot: R19
Dillon, Sarah A., b. Ireland, Parents: J. & Sarah Whitfield, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Jason, d. July 24, 1914, Salem, NY, Age: 58y, Pneumonia, Burial# 1853, Int. Lot: C230
Dillon, Thomas Henry, b. Salem, NY, Parents: William & Mary A.Dudgeon Dillon, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.17, 1908, Salem, Age: 76y8m26d, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 4384, Int. Lot: R19
Dillon, Ulysses G., b. Cheshire CT, Parents: Lawrence & Catherine B., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Nellie, d. Dec.21, 1939, Salem, Age: 76y5m22d, Arterio Sclerosis, General, Burial# 4812, Int. Lot: A5
Dillon, Wesley H., b. Salem, Parents: William & Mary, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. Jan.11, 1874, Salem, Age: 72y8m17d, Edema of Lungs, Burial# 4811, Int. Lot: S23
Dillon, William, Buried Dec.18, 1894, Burial# 2178
Dillon, William J., b. Salem, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. March 10, 1963, Age: 88y, Heart Failure, Buried Feb.3, 1944, Burial# 4899, Int. Lot: C5
Dillon, William O., b. Salem, Parents: William & Mary, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Emma Jane, d. Nov.6, 1922, Salem, Age: 83y4m11d, General Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4835, Int. Lot: D70
Dillon, Wm.Francis, b. Salem, Parents: John & Jane A., Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Lulu C., d. Sept.1799, Greenwich, Age: 74y10m19d, Edema of Lungs, Burial# 4724, Int. Lot: S35
Dinisthorpe, Baby, b. Cambridge, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.20, 1938, Cambridge, Age: Infant, Premature Separation, Buried April 21, 1945, Burial# 4974, Int. Lot: B251
Dixon, James Henry, b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Henry Dixon-----Gibson, mother, Residence: Ft.Edward, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. July 5, 1929, Ft.Edward, NY, Age: 73y2m8d, Carcinoma of Rib, Burial# 4260, Int. Lot: C5
Dixon, Jane A., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Wm. & Manril Dugan Whitlock, Residence: Easton, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. March 15, 1867, Cambridge, NY, Age: 74y, Burial# 3065, Int. Lot: C5
Dixon, Nancy C., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John & Jane Hughs, Residence: Ft.Edward, Spouse: James H., d. Feb.14, 1970, Ft.Edward, Age: 35y10m13d, Consumption, Burial# 2264, Int. Lot: C26
Dobbin, Anna Wells, b. Cambridge, Parents: Henry M. (#862) & Jane A.Wells, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: John W., d. Jan.2, 1859, Salem Village, Age: 36y10m, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 1104, Int. Lot: G135
Dobbin, Corinna Frances, b. VT, Parents: William & Sarah Clark White, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. June 15, 1952, Shushan, NY, Age: 85y7m, Carcinoma of Stomach, Burial# 4316, Int. Lot: G135
Dobbin, Cornelia M., b. Greenwich, Parents: John W. & Anna (1104) (Wells), Residence: Greenwich #12, d. Oct.13, 1975, Greenwich, Age: 11m26d, Congest. Of lungs, In Rec'g vault Jan. 18, Burial# 233, Int. Lot: G135
Dobbin, Edward McK, b. Binghamton, NY, Parents: James & Levantia L., Residence: Providence, R.I., Spouse: Mary, d. March 30, 1890, Providence, R.I., Age: 40y5m2d, In Vault, Burial# 2069, Int. Lot: M14
Dobbin, James S., Buried Ap.22, 1893, Burial# 2070, Int. Lot: M14
Dobbin, James S., b. Jackson, Parents: John $ Jane (McKellip), Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Levantia L. (Phillips), d. March 16, 1924, Salem, Age: 44y8m29d, dyspepsia, Sargt.Co.F, 123rd Reg.NY;Prec./Wash.Academy, Burial# 501, Int. Lot: Soldiers
Dobbin, Jennie A., b. East Greenwich, NY, Parents: J.W. & Anna M. Dobbin, Residence: E.Greenwich, d. Oct.20, 1871, East Greenwich, Age: 24y1m28d, Consumption, Burial# 1758, Int. Lot: G135
Dobbin, Joseph, b. Ireland, Parents: Wm. & Margaret, Residence: Greenwich, d. July 23, 1899, Greenwich, Age: 88y1m4d, Old Age, Burial# 1701, Int. Lot: G133
Dobbin, Levantia L., b. Exeter, NY, Parents: John & Mahitable May (Phillips), Residence: Providence, R.I., Spouse: James S., d. White Creek, Age: 84y2m17d, Old Age, Burial# 2468, Int. Lot: M14
Dobbin, Martha A., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Joseph, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.9, 1904, Fairbault, Min., Age: 47y2m, Consumption, Burial# 1870, Int. Lot: G133
Dobbin, Martha S., b. Jackson, Parents: John & Jane (McKillop) Dobbin, Residence: Greenwich #14, Spouse: Joseph, d. 12/12/1988, Greenwich (Lakeville), Age: 72y0m7d, Typhoid Pneumonia, Burial# 1160, Int. Lot: G135
Dobbins, John W., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Joseph & Martha, Residence: Salem, NY, d. Aug.15, 1872, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 87y20d, Old Age, Burial# 3697, Int. Lot: G135
Doig, Abby Maria, b. Stillwater, NY, Parents: _____ & Rebecca Hall, Residence: Jackson #4, Spouse: Widow of Paul, d. June 9, 1864, Jackson, Age: 81y3m15d, Old Age, Burial# 1435, Int. Lot: C288
Doig, Andrew R., b. Jackson, Parents: Wm.J. & Mary E., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Fannie, d. April 13, 1920, Salem, Age: 70y5m9d, Chronic Brights Disease, Burial# 4685, Int. Lot: E19
Doig, Cora, b. Jackson, Parents: Wm. & Mary Doig, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.29, 1890, Cambridge, Age: 81y, Fractured Neck, Burial# 5293, Int. Lot: C289
Doig, Fannie S., b. Salem, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.1973, Salem, Age: 78y1m11d, Edema of Lungs, Buried Feb.2, 1945, Burial# 4958, Int. Lot: E19
Doig, Mary E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Abner & Eliza (Robertson), Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Not Listed, Salem, NY, Age: 79y1m1d, Nephritis, Burial# 3690, Int. Lot: C288
Doig, Paul, b. Greenwich, Parents: Andrew & Annis (Wheeler), Residence: Jackson #4, Spouse: Abbie Maria, d. Feb.23, 1981, Jackson, Age: 69y4m16d, Disease of Brain, Farmer and Justice of Peace, Burial# 682, Int. Lot: C288
Doig, Robertson, b. Jackson, Parents: Wm.J. & Mary E., Residence: Jackson #4, d. Aug. 27, 1880, Jackson, Age: 6m6d, Diphtheria, Burial# 479, Int. Lot: C288
Doig, William J., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Paul & Abby M., Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Mary E Robertson, d. April 5, 1895, Salem, Age: 83y7m22d, Burial# 3536, Int. Lot: C288
Doig, Woodworth, b. Jackson, Parents: William J. & Mary Eliza, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. October 14, 1859, Argyle, Age: 64y2m13d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4651, Int. Lot: C289
Dole, Amos, b. N.H., Parents: Amos & _____Dole, Residence: Manchester # 10, Spouse: Mercy, d. Sept.14, 1929, Manchester, VT, Age: 78y9m27d, Old Age, Burial# 2620, Int. Lot: F84
Dole, Catherine A., b. E.Greenwich, NY, Parents: Joel & Hannah Curtis, Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Widow, d. March 17, 1932, West Rupert, VT, Age: 85y11m15d, Fracture of the thigh, Burial# 3465, Int. Lot: F75
Dole, George W., b. Manchester, VT, Parents: Amos & Mercy, Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Widower, d. June 22, 1905, West Rupert, VT, Age: 83y6d, Chronic Gastritis, Burial# 3128, Int. Lot: F74
Dole, Gracie H., b. Jackson, Parents: George W. & Lucy M., Residence: Jackson #5, d. July 26, 1887, Jackson, Age: 6y7m21d, Scarlet Fever, In Vault Feb.27, Burial# 796, Int. Lot: F
Dole, Lucy M., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Joel & Hannah Curtis, Residence: Jackson # 5, Spouse: George W., d. March 23, 1927, Jackson, Age: 58y8d, Death caused by accident, Burial# 2360, Int. Lot: F75
Dole, Marvin F., b. Clarksbrugh, Mass., Parents: Amos & Mary Dole, Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Single, d. July 3, 1982, West Rupert, VT, Age: 83y6m17d, Angina Pectoris, Burial# 2817, Int. Lot: F84
Dole, Mercy, b. R.I., Parents: Levi & Eunice Hill, Residence: Manchester, Spouse: Wid.of Amos, d. April 18, 1967, Rupert, VT, Age: 87y2m21d, Chronic Diarrhoea, Burial# 1137, Int. Lot: F94
Dole, Sherman Hill, b. Mass., Parents: Amos & Mercy, Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Catherine A., d. Rupert, Age: 84y1m12d, Valvular Disease of Heart, Burial# 3019, Int. Lot: F75
Doner, Howard E., b. Charlotte, VT, Parents: William Doner & Edith Edgerton, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Divorced, d. Aug.21, 1977, Albany, NY, Age: 63y, Sepsis Bowel Infarction, Burial# 6540, Int. Lot: A51
Doner, Infant, b. Cambridge, NY, d. April 12, 1863, Albany, NY, Resp.Failure, Burial# 5698, Int. Lot: A51
Doner, James W., b. Hoosick Falls, NY, Parents: George Doner & Miriam Galbraith, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Single, d. June 18, 1994, Albany, NY, Age: 31y, Pulmonary Edema, Burial# 6401, Int. Lot: B318
Donisthorpe, Clara E., b. Salem, Parents: Elizah Brown & Clara Goul, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Divorced, d. December 9, 1860, Middle Grove, Age: 78y4m9d, TB, Burial# 5472, Int. Lot: B251
Dorr, Clara Lizzie, b. Salem, Parents: Volentine & Laura, Residence: Ilion, d. Aug.17, 1985, Ilion, Age: 9y9m, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 1042
Dorr, Eleanor, b. Ft.Ann, Parents: Siles Graves & Laura Betts, Residence: West Rupert, Spouse: Widow, d. 9/20/05, Granville, Age: 82y6m24d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5359, Int. Lot: S51
Dorr, John, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Edwin Dorr & C.Starks, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Elanor, d. Rupert, Age: 79y8m17d, Myocarditis, Burial# 5059, Int. Lot: S51
Dorr, Valentine, b. Alsey, Germany, Parents: Adan & Catherine, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Laura, d. May 25, 1905, Salem, Age: 41y5m18d, Cholera Marbus, Saloon-keeper (Alsey in Hesse Darmstadt, Germ, Burial# 564, Int. Lot: C131
Dougan, Mary, b. Lewis, Essex Co., Parents: Thomas (#603) & Elizabeth (#510) Brant, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Matthew, d. April 28, 1898, Hebron, Age: 30y9m20d, Erysipelas, Burial# 1004, Int. Lot: C53
Dougan, Matthew, b. Ireland, Residence: Salem # 2, Spouse: Johanna, d. April 29, 1901, Salem, Age: 78y0m0d, Brain Softening, Burial# 1564, Int. Lot: C53
Douglas, Alta H., b. Hebron, NY, Residence: Albany, Spouse: Widow, d. May 29, 1931, Albany, Age: 77y, Vascular Occlusion, Burial# 5735, Int. Lot: A33
Douglas, Leonard, b. Harrisburg, Ohio, Residence: Bethleham, NY, d. Aug.15, 1872, Albany, NY, Age: 65y10m2d, Pneumonia, Burial# 4599, Int. Lot: A
Downs, George, b. Salem, Parents: George & Rosa, Residence: Salem, d. Oct.12, 1942, Salem, Age: 1y2m29d, Heart Disease, Burial# 1030, Int. Lot: C228
Doyle, Walter, b. Rutland VT, Parents: Walter & Margaret, Residence: Salem # 9, d. June 15, 1909, Salem, Age: 9y, Croup, Burial# 728, Int. Lot: C170
Driscoll, Jerry, b. Ireland, Parents: Patrick & Nora Driscoll, Residence: Whitehall # 2, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.26, 1964, Salem Jail, Age: 55y0m0d, Heart Disease, Burial# 1561, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Drolette, Eliza, b. Ireland, Residence: Saratoga, NY, Spouse: Window, d. March 24, 1930, Saratoga, Age: 75y, Brights Disease, Burial# 3048, Int. Lot: B220
Ducat, Susan, b. unknown, Parents: unknown, Residence: unknown, d. Oct. 5, 1843, Salem, Age: 37y, Congest. Of lungs, From old graveyard, Burial# 32, Int. Lot: C161
Dudgeon, Alexander, b. Monaghan Co.Ireland, Residence: Salem #14, Spouse: Izabella #1179, d. Aug.26, 1993, Salem, Age: 72y15d, Kidney Disease (Uremia), Burial# 762, Int. Lot: E97
Dudgeon, Isabella, b. Monaghan, Co.Ire., Parents: James & Isabella Ross, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Wid of Alexander # 762, d. April 10, 1933, Salem, Age: 76y, Consumption, Burial# 1179, Int. Lot: F97
Dudgeon, James, b. Co.Monaghan, Ire., Parents: Alex. & Isabella Ross, Residence: Salem, NY# 14, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.19, 1948, Salem, Age: 83y, Paralysis, Burial# 3107, Int. Lot: F97
Dudgeon, William, b. Ireland, Parents: Alexander & Isabella, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. May 29, 1952, Salem, Age: 50y, Typhoid Pneumonia, Burial# 2027, Int. Lot: F97
Dudgion, Margaret, b. Ireland, Parents: Alex. & Isabella, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.31, 1884, Salem, Age: 68y0m0d, Ulcers, Burial# 2763, Int. Lot: F96
Duel, Charles, b. NYS., Parents: Fred Duel & Mary Robbins, Residence: Rome, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.9, 1960, Rome, NY, Age: 23y9m14d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 5606, Int. Lot: B290
Duel, Frances F., Residence: Albany, NY, d. Oct.11, 1994, Albany, NY, Age: 91yrs, Buried May 10, 1994, Burial# C-125
Duel, Fred R., b. Hebron, Parents: Mary Duel, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Mary, d. Sept.1, 1876, Age: 67y1m29d, Broncho Pneumonia, Burial# 5399, Int. Lot: B304
Duel, Mary, b. 3/5/1896, Residence: Templeton, Ma., d. Jan.14, 1922, Templeton, Ma., Age: 99yrs, Congestive Heart Failure, Buried Aug.24, 1995, Burial# B-304
Duell, Edward, See Int.#2401, Removed from lot 169 Sect.C, Burial# 3342, Int. Lot: E68
Duellie, Sarah W., b. Manchester, VT, Parents: Hiram & Mary Walker, Residence: Northwood, IA., Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.9, 1882, Little Falls, Minn., Age: 79y0, 26d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2863, Int. Lot: G60
Duff, Sarah, b. Ireland, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Salem, Spouse: John, d. Oct.30, 1918, Salem, Age: 60y, Heart Disease, Burial# 954, Int. Lot: Single
Dunbar, David S., b. Granville, NY, Parents: Milton Dunbar & Linda Peck, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.16, 1949, Salem, NY, Age: 17y, Suicide, gun shot wound, Burial# 6445, Int. Lot: R38
Duncan, David, b. Salem, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Patience Caster, d. March 25, 1942, Salem, Burial# 1195, Int. Lot: G170
Duncan, Jane A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Ruth, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.4, 1940, Salem, Age: 67y9m5d, Cancer of Liver & Stomach, Burial# 1753, Int. Lot: G170
Duncan, Samuel, b. Salem, NY, Parents: David & Patience, Residence: Salem #19, Spouse: Mary F. (Lovland), d. Oct.21, 1950, Salem, NY, Age: 33y7m12d, Pleurisy, Farmer & Black-smith, Burial# 1347, Int. Lot: G170
Dundon, William M., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Michael & Margaret (Dunne), Residence: Salem, NY#12, Spouse: Sara J., d. Oct.7, 1927, Salem, NY, Age: 65y4m1d, Burial# 4010, Int. Lot: B
Dunham, Ernest, b. Brooklyn, NY, Parents: William & Edith Little, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Helen Wakeield, d. March 4, 1917, Salem, NY, Age: 71y, Cancer, Buried Dec.8, 1987, Burial# 6643, Int. Lot: G67
Dunigan, Elsie, b. New York City, NY, Parents: Charles Heckman & Ida Koski, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: William, d. Dec.5, 1956, Cambridge, NY, Age: 70y, Massive Stroke, Burial# 6502, Int. Lot: B328
Dunigan, William, b. Salem, Parents: Peter Dunigan & Catherine Shields, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Elsie, d. Dec.29, 1925, Salem, Age: 57y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6015, Int. Lot: B328
Dunigan, William J., Jr., b. Cambridge, Parents: Elsie Kesky & William D., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Cindy, d. Dec.29, 1901, Vergennes, VT, Age: 21y, Fractured Skull, Explosion at Milk Plant, Burial# 6032, Int. Lot: B328
Dunlap, Barbara Jarvis, b. Salem, Parents: Asa (#1050 & Abigail Fitch, Residence: Greenwich #15, Spouse: Peter C., d. May 31, 1922, Lakeville, Age: 53y9m21d, Pulmomary Consumption, From Family Vault in Old Grave Yard, Burial# 1114, Int. Lot: G204
Dunlap, Elizabeth H., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: William & Margaret Campbell Dunlap, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Single, d. May 13, 1949, Gloversville, NY, Age: 73y11m27d, Obstruction of Bowels, Burial# 4273, Int. Lot: C65
Dunlap, MartinF., b. Salem, Parents: Peter C. & Barbara J. (Fitch) #1114, Residence: Greenwich, d. May 6, 1994, Stafford C.H. VA, Age: 35y1d, Camp Diarrhea, Buried at Stafford same day, Burial# 180, Int. Lot: Soldiers Lot, CoH.123rgt.
Dunlap, Nathan, b. Ballym., Ire., Parents: William J. & Margaret, Residence: Elgin, ILL., d. March 27, 1929, Gloversville, NY, Age: 58y8m30d, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 3191, Int. Lot: C65
Dunlap, Buried June 3, 1889, Burial# 1802, Int. Lot: G120
Dunlop, Margaret W., b. Cambridge, Parents: William & Margaret, Residence: Broadalbin, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.9, 1962, Vails Mills, NY, Age: 73y8m, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 4470, Int. Lot: C65
Dunn, Anna M., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Samuel & Bessie Torrence Dunn, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Wm.J., d. October 8, 1861, Bradenton, Fl., Age: 66y, Pneumonia, Burial# 4338, Int. Lot: D129
Dunn, Sarah Mary, b. Salem, NY, Parents: James J. & Martha McFarland, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.22, 1951, Salem, Age: 71y8m14d, Heartfailure, Burial# 2849, Int. Lot: H143
Dunn, Verna Agnes, b. Salem, NY, Parents: William J.Dunn & Annie Torrance, Residence: Anaheim, Calif., Spouse: Single, d. Sept.22, 1871, Anaheim, Calif., Age: 76y, Congestive Heart Disease, Burial# 6485, Int. Lot: D129
Dunn, William J., Parents: Charles & Mary Jane, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. Nov.13, 1969, Norwalk, CT, Age: 75y3m20d, Cerebral Sclerosis, Burial# 4484, Int. Lot: D129
Dunning, John, b. Dorset, VT, Parents: Amos & Sarah Waker Safford, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Nov.23, 1970, Hebron, Age: 76y6m14d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4392, Int. Lot: I 91
Dunning, Martha J., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Jedadiah & Jane A. (Hines) Darrow, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: John, d. 8/3/04, Albany, NY, Age: 71y1m16d, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 3927, Int. Lot: I 91
Durham, Caroline, b. Salem, NY, Parents: J. & Mary Montgomery, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.7, 1896, Salem, NY, Age: 79y9m, Burial# 3029, Int. Lot: C154
Durham, John N., b. Yorkshire, England, Parents: James & Anna, Residence: Salem Vil.#12, Spouse: Caroline, d. July 17, 1929, Salem Village, Age: 40y3m16d, Atrophy of Kidneys, Taylor and Sexton of Brick Church, Burial# 726, Int. Lot: C156
Durham, Lloyd, Buried Nov.11, 1893, Burial# 2110, Int. Lot: C154
Durkee, Angeline, Residence: Salem Village, d. Oct.14, 1911, Salem, Burial# 832, Int. Lot: B35
Durrum, Bessie I., b. Middletown Springs, Parents: Charles & Ella Hutchens, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Daniel, d. Jan 18, 1862, Cambridge, NY, Age: 76y, Congestive Heart Failure, Burial# 6203, Int. Lot: D148
Durrum, Daniel A., b. VT, Parents: Parked Durrum & Soprhomia Baker, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Bessie, d. March 31, 1908, Salem, NY, Age: 79y, Suicide, gun shot to Head, Burial# 6263, Int. Lot: D148
Dustin, Elizabeth, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Wm.McClellan & Marion Chamberlin, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Phil Dustin-1975, d. Feb.17, 1895, Saratoga, Age: 83yrs, CVA, Buried April 17, 1989-Wm.Lytle-1954, Burial# A-66
Dustin, Philip A., b. Canada, Parents: Albert Dustin & Jessie McLaughlin, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. Not Listed, Salem, NY, Age: 58y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6227, Int. Lot: A66
Dutcher, Louise M., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Mitchell Liddle & Edna Hughes, Residence: Hudson Falls, Spouse: Allen, d. Feb.25, 1968, Glens Falls Hosp., Age: 77y, Cerebral Metastose, Burial# 6223, Int. Lot: D149
Dwellie, Albert J., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Alphonso & Elizabeth, Residence: Northwood, Spouse: Sarah M., d. Feb.11, 1932, Northwood, Iowa, Age: 76y8m20d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2637, Int. Lot: G59-60
Dyer, Elizabeth L., b. Ireland, Parents: Thomas & Mary Ann Rany Luke, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Wid.of John, d. Aug.2, 1929, Salem, NY, Age: 74y11m6d, Bronchial Pneumonia, Burial# 4143, Int. Lot: C244
Dyer, John, b. VT, Parents: William & Phebe, Residence: Salem, NY#12, Spouse: Eliz Luke, d. March 24, 1933, Salem, NY, Age: 81y8m12d, Burial# 3985, Int. Lot: C294
Eagle, Benj., b. England, Parents: Thomas & Annie, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Sarah Jane, d. April 18, 1881, Age: 80y9m, Senility & Enlarged Prostate, Burial# 4489, Int. Lot: A36
Eagle, Sarah Jane, b. England, Parents: Wm.Stevenson & Asenath Nichols, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Widowed, d. Dec.8, 1915, Hebron, Age: 95y7m24d, Burial# 5403, Int. Lot: A36
Earle, Fred E., b. Green Bay, Mo., Parents: Samuel W. & Alma (?), Residence: Chicago, Spouse: Jennie, d. April 3, 1863, Chicago, Age: 60y, Accident, Burial# 3525, Int. Lot: C126
Earle, Jennie, b. NY, Residence: Pasadena, Ca., Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.24, 1962, Pasadena, Ca., Age: 91y, Burial# 5669, Int. Lot: C126
Eastman, Mary, Residence: Bennington, VT, Spouse: Widowed, d. June 29, 1840, Bennington, VT, Age: 86, Burial# 5637, Int. Lot: B216
Eaton, Byron H., b. Fairhaven, VT, Parents: Frank Eaton & Cora Conkey, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Luella, d. Salem, NY, Age: 91y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 6511, Int. Lot: D145
Eaton, Byron T., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Byron H. Eaton & Luetta Patrick, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Jean, d. Sept.30, 1869, Age: 68yrs, Cancer, Buried July 16, 1994, Burial# D-145
Eaton, Cynthia (Waite) , Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Tom Eaton, d. Nov.22, 1971, Sprague Town Rd., Age: 30yrs, Broken Neck, Buried Jan.23, 1990, Burial# R52
Eaton, Ella M., Parents: Loren & Emily (#1071), Burial# 1072, Int. Lot: C223
Eaton, Emily, Parents: John (#1068) & Eunice (#1069) Coon, Spouse: Loren, d. April 24, 1868, Burial# 1071, Int. Lot: C223
Eaton, Luetta, b. Hebron, Parents: Thomas Patrick & Ella Wright, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Byron, d. Feb.25, 1936, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 67y, Hodgkins Disease, Burial# 5937, Int. Lot: D145
Ebert, Gerald, Parents: Hazel Duel, Residence: Glens Falls, Spouse: Single, d. May 7, 1880, Glens Falls, Age: 11y2m20d, Head Injury, Burial# 5336, Int. Lot: B304
Eddy, William L., b. Moreau, NY, Parents: Asa & _____Eddy, Residence: Whitehall, Spouse: Sarah E.Cain, d. May 29, 1872, Whitehall, Age: 69y11m13d, Burial# 1692, Int. Lot: M
Edgar, Elizabeth, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Kathern Edward, Residence: Minn., Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.12, 1879, Wausau, Wis., Age: 68y1m18d, Chronic Myocarditis, Place of Residence, White Bear Lake, Minn., Burial# 4566, Int. Lot: G34
Edgar, Mary H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Lucy Gillis, Residence: Salem # 4, Spouse: William, d. Not Listed, Salem, Age: 60y5m22d, Paralysis, Burial# 1597, Int. Lot: G34
Edgar, William, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John & Elizabeth Edgar, Residence: Salem # 4, Spouse: Mary H., d. Salem, Age: 61y11m, Pneumonia, Burial# 1576, Int. Lot: G34
Edgar, William J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: William & Mary H., Residence: St.Paul, Minn., Spouse: Elizabeth, d. St.Paul, Minn., Age: 43y0m0d, Tonsilitis, Burial# 2907, Int. Lot: G34
Edgerton, Elizabeth H., b. Newfane, VT, Residence: Salem, NY#12, Spouse: Horace, d. Feb.17, 1884, Salem, NY, Age: 80y, Arterio Sclerosis and, Nephritis, Burial# 4033, Int. Lot: S8
Edgerton, Horace, b. No.Bennington, VT, Parents: Norman & Maria Buck Edgerton, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Mary, d. Sept.18, 1926, Salem, NY, Age: 74y3m17d, Organic Heart Disease, Burial# 4175, Int. Lot: S8
Edson, Alvin R., b. Rockingham, VT, Parents: Asa & Theodtie, Residence: Greenwich Village, Spouse: Susan O., d. Jan.21, 1985, Greenwich Village, Age: 44y8m7d, Paralysis, From Greenwich Vault (Physician), Burial# 794, Int. Lot: H50
Edson, George A., b. Chester, VT, Parents: Alvin R. & Susan O., Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Single, d. April 19, 1860, Greenwich, Age: 24y4m12d, Consumption, Physician, Burial# 1627
Edson, Mary A., b. Salem, Parents: Ja's H. & Rose Ann Odbert (#665), Residence: Chicago, Ill., Spouse: Thomas H., d. May 3, 1894, Salem, Age: 29y19d, Consumption, Burial# 811, Int. Lot: H122
Edwards, Catherine, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Jos.Warren & Margaret Boyd Egery, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.15, 1840, Athens, PA, Age: 83y5m23d, Apoplexy, Burial# 4206, Int. Lot: R73
Edwards, George W., b. Salem, Parents: John & Katherine, Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Widower, d. Feb.18, 1984, Jackson, Mich., Age: 60y, Burial# 4571, Int. Lot: R73
Edwards, Inez H., b. Gouverneur, NY, Parents: Westel & Betsey (Hildreth), Residence: Granville, NY, Spouse: George W., d. 4/17/05, Granville, Age: 42y5m15d, Cancer, Burial# 3550, Int. Lot: R72
Edwards, J.Francis, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John Edwards & Kate Egery, Residence: Florida, d. July 22, 1966, Florida, Age: 79y, Burial# 5518, Int. Lot: R73
Edwards, John, b. Wales, Parents: John & Unknown, Residence: Granville, Spouse: Kate, d. Aug.27, 1942, Granville, NY, Age: 67y11m26d, Disease of Liver, Burial# 2867, Int. Lot: R173
Edwards, Kittie, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Kate B.Edwards, Residence: Salem # 15, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.14, 1895, Salem, Age: 0y11m25d, Cholera Infan., In Vault Aug.22, Burial# 1490, Int. Lot: R73
Efferley, John, Buried Oct.21, 1894, Burial# 2174, Int. Lot: Single Grave
Egery, Charles, b. Hampton, NY, Parents: Jos.W. & Margaret (Boyd), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.15, 1899, Salem, Age: 27y9m3d, Consumption, Burial# 1484, Int. Lot: H175
Egery, J. Warren, b. Manchester, VT, Parents: Nathan & Sybil Egery, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Margaret, d. April 5, 1935, Salem, NY, Age: 75y9m0d, Paralysis & Apoplexy, Burial# 1546, Int. Lot: H175
Egery, Janet, b. Hartford, Parents: Nathan & Sibyl Egery, Residence: Poultney, d. Aug.30, 1934, Poultney, VT, Age: 57y0m3d, Inflam.of Lungs, Burial# 579, Int. Lot: H175
Egery, Margaret, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Elizabeth Boyd, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.24, 1944, Salem, Age: 74y, Pneumonia, Burial# 1845, Int. Lot: H175
Egery, Margaret N., b. Hampton, Parents: Joseph W. & Margaret, Residence: Salem #15, d. May 13, 1900, Salem, Age: 25y10m13d, Peritonitis, Burial# 1206, Int. Lot: H195
Ellis, Charles T., Sr., b. Ft.Edward, NY, Parents: Ulysses Grant Ellis & Mary J.McMullen, Residence: Poughkeepsie, Spouse: Widowed, Ida, d. Rhinebeck, NY, Age: 87y7m3d, Cardiac & Resp.Arrest, Burial# 6140, Int. Lot: G22
Ellis, Ida B., b. Hebron, Parents: Charles Cassells & Flora, Residence: Poughkeepsie, Spouse: Charles, d. Jan.31, 1871, Poughkeepsie, Age: 80y3m21d, C.V.A., Burial# 5843, Int. Lot: G22
Ellsworth, Kathryn F., b. Manchester, VT, Parents: Wm.H. & Jennette Fullerton, Residence: Northfield, Ma., Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.23, 1889, Northfield, Ma., Age: 71y2m17d, Pneumonia, Burial# 4630, Int. Lot: B262
English, David, b. Easton, NY, Parents: Wm.L. & Rhoda, Residence: Cambridge #9, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.7, 1908, Cambridge, Age: 71y7m21d, Heart Disease, Burial# 1413, Int. Lot: H172
English, Elizabeth H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Silas & Jane A.Rice, Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Alex L., d. Dec.24, 1900, Cambridge, Age: 45y0m0d, Consumption, Burial# 1601, Int. Lot: H172
English, Mary Chapman, b. Dorset, VT, Parents: Albert & Mary Chapman, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Charles, d. Oct.9, 1898, Greenwich, NY, Age: 57y1m9d, Suicide by drug, self Adm., Burial# 4118, Int. Lot: G91
Ensign, Grace S., b. Shushan, NY, Parents: Frank Steele & Elizabeth Pinkerton, Residence: E.Hebron, NY, Spouse: J.Owen, d. June 13, 1925, Cambridge, NY, Age: 89y, C.V.A., Burial# 6418, Int. Lot: C204
Ensign, James Owen, b. Hebron, Parents: Clara Pratt & Sidney Ensign, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Grace, d. Dec.20, 1924, Salem, Age: 75y, Urine Myocarditis, Burial# 5963, Int. Lot: C204
Ensign, Ruth E., b. Hebron, Ny10/12/1919, Parents: Owen Ensign & Grace Steele, Residence: Hebron, NY, d. June 27, 1896, Cambridge, NY, Age: 76yrs, Buried April 18, 1996, Burial# C-204
Erickson, Carl E., Residence: Ft.Edward, NY, d. Sept.4, 1974, South Ridge Rd., Age: 92y, Metabolic Acidosis, Buried Oct. 20, 1986, Burial# 6602, Int. Lot: D144
Erickson, Mary, Residence: Glens Falls, NY, d. Sept.15, 1880, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 80yrs, Natural Causes, Buried Nov.5, 1997, Burial# D-144
Erwin, Edna Elizabeth, b. Greenwich, Parents: D.J. & Sarah M., Residence: Salem # 3, d. Jan.9, 1933, Salem, NY, Age: 1y5m6d, Whooping Cough, Burial# 1982, Int. Lot: G75
Euler, Frieda M., b. Germany, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Henry, d. March 25, 1889, Cambridge, Age: 74y, Abdominal Aorta, Burial# 6037, Int. Lot: D121
Euler, Harold R., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Dona Ana N. Mexico, Spouse: Widowed, d. March 20, 1943, Dona Ana N. Mexico, Age: 89, Natural, Cremated, Burial# D-121, Int. Lot: S-4 1/2 E-4
Euler, Henry, b. Brooklyn, NY, Parents: Henry & Lena Euler, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widowed, d. March 1879, Salem, Age: 75y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6094, Int. Lot: D121
Evans, William Evan, b. Salem, Parents: Evan John & Ellen Roberts Evans, Residence: Salem #15, d. March 4, 1989, Salem, Age: 9m4d, Cholera Infantum, Burial# 749, Int. Lot: single
Ezell, Jane M., b. Bessemer, PA, Parents: Elmer Manewal & Catherine Macklin, Residence: Manchester, VT, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.6, 1904, Manchester, VT, Age: 81y, Cardiac Arrest, Buried Aug.27, 1988, Burial# 6665, Int. Lot: B306
Ezell, Stiles, b. Spartanburg, S.C., Parents: Walte & Ella, Residence: Manchester, VT, Spouse: Jane Nanewal, d. April 18, 1911, Manchester, VT, Age: 82y, Uremia, In Vault, Buried April 23, 1988, Burial# 6650, Int. Lot: B306
Fairbanks, Frank J., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Fred & Lydia Hunt Fairbanks, Residence: Poughkeepsie, Spouse: Divorced, d. Aug.11, 1885, Poughkeepsie, NY, Age: 51y4m20d, Pneumonia, Burial# 4361, Int. Lot: I 80
Fairbanks, Fred., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Lucy Reynolds & John E.Fairbanks, Residence: Argyle, Spouse: Widowed, d. September 5, 1856, Argyle, Age: 91y8m8d, Heart Disease, Burial# 5218, Int. Lot: I 95
Fairbanks, John H., b. VT, Parents: Fred & Lydia, Residence: Pleasant Valley, Spouse: Sadie, d. Feb.12, 1892, Poughkeepsie, NY, Age: 57y8m8d, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 4829, Int. Lot: I 81
Fairchild, Fanny R., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Marnius & Harriet, Residence: No.Adams, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.30, 1982, No.Adams, Age: 54y11m11d, Lung Difficulty, Burial# 2689, Int. Lot: M12
Fairchild, Harriet, b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: John & Polly Walker Campbell, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Manius, d. Oct.6, 1885, Salem, Age: 73y5m24d, Pneumonia, Burial# 1389, Int. Lot: M13
Fairchild, Marinus, b. Sackettes Harbor, NY, Parents: Lewis & Louise, Residence: Salem # 12, d. May 25, 1930, Salem, NY, Age: 75y2m0d, Concussion of Brain, Buried Jan.22, 1887, Burial# 1654, Int. Lot: M
Fairley, Adelaide, b. Salem, Parents: Ja's M. & Jane (McMurray), Residence: Salem #1, d. Jan.30, 1938, Salem, Age: 9m24d, Dropsy, In Vault 3 days, Burial# 414, Int. Lot: C284
Fairley, Alexander Irving, b. Salem, Parents: James A. & Mary S., Residence: Salem Village, d. Sept.24, 1951, Salem, Age: 1y11m23d, Cholera Infantum, Burial# 369, Int. Lot: C305
Fairley, Arthur, b. Salem, NY, Parents: George Fairley & Ada Flower, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Margurete, d. Sept.19, 1878, Cambridge, Age: 46y9m29d, Cancer, Burial# 5421, Int. Lot: B161
Fairley, Catharine B., b. Salem, Parents: William D. (#775) & Kate M., Residence: Salem #10, d. Jan.14, 1875, Salem, Age: 10d, Premature Birth, Burial# 622, Int. Lot: C136
Fairley, Charles T., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Catherine M. & William D., Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.21, 1881, Troy, Age: 22y2m28d, Injuries in R.R.Accident, Burial# 1850, Int. Lot: C136
Fairley, Charley, b. Salem, Parents: James M. & Jane, Residence: Salem #1, d. Salem, Age: 2d, Cholera Infantum, Burial# 969, Int. Lot: C284
Fairley, Child, b. Salem, NY, Parents: George & Ada E., Residence: Salem, d. 5/5/10, Salem, Prem.Birth, Burial# 3218, Int. Lot: B162
Fairley, Child, b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem # 12, d. Feb.24, 1965, Salem, Age: 6d, Burial# 2295, Int. Lot: C242
Fairley, Elizabeth, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. June 3, 1923, Town of Colonie, Age: 83y, Heart Failure, Buried June 12, 1987, Burial# 6627, Int. Lot: A6
Fairley, Elizabeth, b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Hugh & E.Montgomery, Residence: Salem # 3, Spouse: Widow, d. July 23, 1879, Jackson, Age: 68y, Drowned, Burial# 1953, Int. Lot: H181
Fairley, Elizabeth L., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Abram & Mary Ann McMillan Lytle, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. April 8, 1962, Salem, NY, Age: 73y5m15d, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 4331, Int. Lot: C242
Fairley, Frank, b. Salem, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. Oct.26, 1875, Hebron, Age: 54y2m18d, Heart Disease, Buried Nov.12, 1944, Burial# 4944, Int. Lot: A6
Fairley, George A., b. Salem, Parents: William & Mary, Residence: Argyle, NY, Spouse: Mabel M., d. Aug.21, 1873, Argyle, Age: 83y7m, Gangrene of Foot, Burial# 4462, Int. Lot: G165
Fairley, George L., b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Elizabeth (Lytle), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Ada, d. Feb.11, 1937, Salem, NY, Age: 30y6m3d, Myocarditis, Burial# 3320, Int. Lot: B161
Fairley, Hugh, b. Salem, Parents: Hugh and Sarah, Residence: Salem #10, Spouse: Sarah, d. April 5, 1960, Salem, Age: 70y9m14d, palsy, Farmer, Burial# 157, Int. Lot: H176
Fairley, Hugh E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hugh & Isabel, Residence: Greenwich #1, Spouse: Betsey, See #1016, d. Nov.2, 1982, East Greenwich, Age: 55y3m4d, Consumption, 1st Wife Sarah (#737), Burial# 1348, Int. Lot: C242
Fairley, Isabella, b. Antrim Co. Ireland, Parents: Wm. & Jane (May) Brady, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.17, 1886, Salem, Age: 80y4m19d, Of Heart, Craig's, Antrim Co.Ireland (Place of Birth), Burial# 1106, Int. Lot: C284
Fairley, James, b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Hugh & Sarah (Dennison), Residence: Salem, NY#12, Spouse: Eliz Lytle, d. Nov.27, 1922, Salem, NY, Age: 70y7m7d, Acute Indigestion and, Organic Heart Disease, Burial# 3979, Int. Lot: C242
Fairley, James M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hugh & Isabella, Residence: Salem # 1, Spouse: Mary J., d. June 23, 1888, Salem, Age: 61y, Burial# 2320, Int. Lot: C284
Fairley, Jane, b. New York, Parents: Geo.McMurray & Mary Wood, Residence: Islip, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.30, 1903, Sayville, NY, Age: 66y, Pneumonia, Burial# 3205, Int. Lot: C284
Fairley, John B., b. Salem, Parents: Hugh & Catherine, Residence: Salem #10, Spouse: Achsah J., d. Nov.27, 1915, Salem, Age: 52y26d, Apoplexy, A Farmer, Burial# 641, Int. Lot: H176
Fairley, Lena, b. Salem, Parents: Elizabeth Lytle & James Fairley, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.8, 1906, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 80y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 5954, Int. Lot: C242
Fairley, Libbie A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Nathan F. & Betsey A.Safford, Residence: Argyle, NY# 15, Spouse: George A., d. May 24, 1862, Argyle, Age: 44y0m20d, Paralysis, Burial# 2514, Int. Lot: G165
Fairley, Lizzie, b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Mary, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. May 5, 1926, Salem, Age: 58y29d, Organic Heart Disease, Burial# 3292, Int. Lot: C305
Fairley, Maggie E., b. Salem, Parents: William D. & Kate M., Residence: Salem Village, d. Dec.31, 1992, Salem, Age: 2y2m, Diptheria, Burial# 17, Int. Lot: C136
Fairley, Mary I., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Ray Fairley & Mina Roberts, Residence: Princeton, NJ, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.13, 1981, Princeton, NJ, Age: 47y, Ovarian Cancer, Burial# 6205, Int. Lot: E43
Fairley, Mary Jane, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hugh E. & Isabella, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. July 9, 1942, Salem, NY, Age: 62y10m5d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2004, Int. Lot: C284
Fairley, Mary M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Matthew F. & Huldah Safford, Residence: Argyle # 15, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct. 2, 1870, Argyle, NY, Age: 88y10d, Old Age, Burial# 2935, Int. Lot: G165
Fairley, Mary S., b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Elizabeth Smart, Residence: Salem # 12, d. March 1, 1938, Salem, NY, Age: 62y1m3d, Lung Trouble, Burial# 1777, Int. Lot: C160
Fairley, Nancy M., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Ernest Marra & Minnie Hall, Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: Widowed, d. Dec.13, 1918, Troy, NY, Age: 46y, Uterus Cancer, In Vault, Burial# 5633, Int. Lot: E17
Fairley, Ralph H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Ray Fairley & Mina Moore, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Patricia, d. Jan.4, 1914, Albany, NY, Age: 52y, Internal Bleeding, Burial# 6247, Int. Lot: E43
Fairley, Ray, b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Elizabeth (Lytle), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Mina, d. Dec.5, 1907, Salem, Age: 44y7m4d, Apoplexy, Burial# 4078, Int. Lot: E43
Fairley, Sarah, b. Salem, NY, Parents: ______Henderson, Residence: Salem # 10, Spouse: Widow of Hugh E., d. Dec.4, 1997, Salem, Age: 78y0m0d, Paralysis, Burial# 1496, Int. Lot: C242
Fairley, Sarah Dennison, b. Ballybeny, Tyrone, Ire., Parents: Hugh & Ann Dennison, Residence: Salem #1, Spouse: Hugh E.Fairley (#1248), d. Feb.28, 1982, Salem, Age: 43y9m25d, Consumption, Burial# 737, Int. Lot: C242
Fairley, Unnamed Infant, b. Salem, Parents: James M. & Jane Fairley, Residence: Salem #1, d. Nov.26, 1966, Salem, Age: 1d, Of the Heart, In Vault Jan.28, Burial# 1065, Int. Lot: C284
Fairley, Wallace, b. Salem, Parents: Wm.D. & K.M., Residence: Salem #10, d. May 18, 1956, Salem, Age: 1y3m5d, Inflam.of Lungs, Burial# 396, Int. Lot: C136
Fairley, William, b. Salem, Parents: William D. & Catherine, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.9, 1955, Salem, Burial# 1448, Int. Lot: C136
Fairley, William B., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hugh E. & Isabel, Residence: Argyle # 15, Spouse: Mary M., d. April 16, 1864, Argyle, Age: 58y10m17d, Typhoid Pneumonia, Burial# 1482, Int. Lot: G165
Fairley, William D., b. Salem, Parents: Hugh & Catharine, Residence: Salem #10, Spouse: Catharine M., d. July 9, 1941, Salem, Age: 45y5m1d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 775, Int. Lot: C136
Farley, D.Clarence, b. Petersburg, Va., Parents: Lycingus & Mary E.Turner Farley, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: May E., d. Aug.20, 1962, Rupert, VT, Age: 76y6m16d, Pneumonia, Burial# 4357, Int. Lot: M1
Farley, May E., b. Sandgate, Parents: Chester Turner, Residence: Sandgate, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.3, 1907, Rupert, Age: 83y9m16d, Acute Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 5015, Int. Lot: M1
Farrar, Everett M., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Elbert Farrah & Phoebe, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Anna, d. March 18, 1925, Sanford, Fla., Age: 83y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6466, Int. Lot: B203
Farrar, Merritt E., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Merritt & Elizabeth (Scott), Residence: W.Rupert, Spouse: Phebe, d. June 16, 1874, Rupert, VT, Age: 46y, Buried March 15, 1918, Burial# 3469, Int. Lot: B203
Farrar, Viola, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Elbert & Phoebe, Residence: West Rupert, Spouse: Single, d. June 5, 1989, Albany, Age: 11y4m, Peritonitis, Burial# 2987, Int. Lot: B203
Farrar, Viola Ethel, b. Rupert, VT, Age: 2-Hrs., Burial# 4350, Int. Lot: B203
Farrar, b. Rupert, VT, Residence: Rupert, VT, d. Dec.15, 1870, Cambridge, NY, Still-born, Buried Aug.7, 1938, Burial# 4626, Int. Lot: B203
Farrell, Jean Elizabeth, d. July 25, 2001, Age: 83yrs, Respiratory Arrest, Buried Nov.29, 1993 (Cremated), Burial# S-24
Faulkner, Margaret, b. Boston, Parents: John & Mary Miller, Residence: Canada, Spouse: Widow, d. April 19, 1882, Westburo, Canada, Age: 86y20d, Broncho Pneumonia, Burial# 4581, Int. Lot: G168
Faulkner, Silas, b. Westchester, NY, Parents: Robert & Caroline, Residence: Bangor, PA, Spouse: Margaret, d. Dec. 7, 1861, Bangor, Age: 45y0m0d, tuberculosis, Burial# 2573, Int. Lot: G168
Faulkner, Silas W., b. Westchester, NY, Parents: Robert & Caroline, Residence: Bangor, PA, Spouse: Margaret, d. Dec. 9, 1861, Bangor, Age: 45y0m0d, Tuberculosis, Burial# 2647, Int. Lot: G198
Fellows, Delia M.B., b. Mantua, Ohio, Parents: Samuel & Lucy Greeley Merrill, Residence: Hanover, N.H., Spouse: Asa W., d. Jan.5, 1889, Hanover, N.H., Age: 86y3m7d, Fracture of left hip, Atrerio Sclerosis, Burial# 3969, Int. Lot: B169
Felton, Mary S.G., b. Jaffrey NH, Parents: Daniel Gilman & Mary (Stickney), Residence: Jaffrey NH, Spouse: Daniel, d. Sept.25, 1900, Salem, Age: 45y11m19d, Congest. Of lungs, From old graveyard, Burial# 31, Int. Lot: C161
Fenton, James E., Parents: Francis & Mary E., Residence: Greenwich #4, d. June 26, 1917, Washington, DC, Age: 23y, Typhoid Pneumonia, Company F. 5th VT Reg't, Burial# 117, Int. Lot: Soldiers Lot
Ferguson, Adda, b. Salem, Parents: John F. & Eliza J., Residence: Salem #13, d. Oct.19, 1994, Salem, Age: 7y1m12d, Scarlet Fever, from family garden, Burial# 304, Int. Lot: H179
Ferguson, Albert, b. Hebron, Parents: Margaret Scott & Sam. Ferguson, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Ella, d. March 19, 1884, Hebron, NY, Age: 81y5m11d, Heart, Burial# 5500, Int. Lot: P5
Ferguson, Almira, b. Middle Falls, NY, Parents: Jacob Steeven, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. June 14, 1922, Greenwich, NY, Age: 75y6m1d, Burial# 3232, Int. Lot: E69
Ferguson, Ann Jane, b. Dundee, Scotland, Parents: James & Jane, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.20, 1947, Salem, NY, Age: 69y2m20d, Edema of Lungs, Burial# 4498, Int. Lot: C48
Ferguson, Anna, b. Phil., PA, Parents: Thomas & Anna (Henning), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Albert, d. Oct.16, 1932, Salem, NY, Age: 47y3m9d, Heart Disease, Burial# 3783, Int. Lot: D
Ferguson, Anna Mary, b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Hugh E. & Sarah Fairley, Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: John, d. July 21, 1893, Salem, Age: 33y4m24d, Consumption, Burial# 1640, Int. Lot: H208
Ferguson, Arthur, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Helen Fowe & George Ferguson, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Irene, d. Sept. 1, 1863, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 73y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 6058, Int. Lot: E32
Ferguson, David, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John F. & Mary Ann, Residence: Salem # 8, Spouse: Widower, d. May 25, 1966, Salem, NY, Age: 50y8m26d, Paralysis, Burial# 1921, Int. Lot: H208
Ferguson, Dora, b. NY, Parents: James Wilson & Margaret Hatch, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.23, 1883, Hosp., Age: 78y7m22d, Heart, Burial# 5186, Int. Lot: G21
Ferguson, Edwin, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: George Ferguson & Helen Lowe, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Lillian, d. April 24, 1996, Hebron, NY, Age: 66y, Heart, Burial# 5621, Int. Lot: A66
Ferguson, Eliza, b. Ireland, Parents: James & Margaret Ross, Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: John F., d. May 28, 1887, Salem, NY, Age: 64y5m, Nervous Prostration, Burial# 2124, Int. Lot: H179
Ferguson, Franklin S., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: William & Nancy Beattie, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.19, 1917, Salem, NY, Age: 45y, Pneumonia, Burial# 2916, Int. Lot: C73
Ferguson, George, b. Salem, Parents: Samuel Ferguson & Margaret Scott, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Kate, d. Nov.30, 1900, Jackson, Age: 85y10m28d, Heart, Burial# 5480, Int. Lot: A21
Ferguson, George, b. Jackson, Parents: Samuel & Sarah (Beaty), Residence: Jackson #4, Spouse: Margt.Jane (Clark), d. Sept.22, 1925, Jackson, Age: 56y9m7d, Typhoid fever, In Receiving vault March 25 (farmer), Burial# 486, Int. Lot: C57
Ferguson, George, Buried Ap.15, 1889, Burial# 1796, Int. Lot: C57
Ferguson, Harvey A., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: James Ferguson & Martha Macklin, Residence: Hoosick Falls, Spouse: Winfried, d. Bennington, VT, Age: 87y, Pneumonical Meningitis, Burial# 6274, Int. Lot: D143
Ferguson, Helen L., b. Dundee, Scotland, Parents: James & Jane Lowe, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: George W., d. Aug.28, 1991, Hebron, Age: 67y4m7d, Lobar Pneumonia, Burial# 4538, Int. Lot: A21
Ferguson, Irene, b. W.Hebron, NY 1899, Parents: Cornelius McIntyre & Lydia McNeil, Residence: Yellow Springs, Ohio, Spouse: Widowed, d. Dec.17, 1908, Yellow Springs, Ohio, Age: 91yrs, Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis, Buried May 23, 1990, Burial# E-32
Ferguson, Isabel S., b. Ny, NY 1/5/1902, Parents: Thomas Stewart & Mary Randles, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Stuart, d. Feb.2, 1963, New Wilmington, PA, Age: 97yrs, Buried May 7, 1999, Burial# D-5
Ferguson, James, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Duncan & Mary, Residence: Jackson # 4, Spouse: Widower, d. April 4, 1910, Jackson, NY, Age: 62y, Pneumonia, Burial# 1916, Int. Lot: G147
Ferguson, James, b. Jackson, Parents: Samuel & Sarah (Beaty), Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: Susanna D., d. July 5, 1958, Salem, Age: 70y, Cancer of Stomach, Burial# 1193, Int. Lot: H179
Ferguson, Jane McK., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Anthony & Martha McKallor, Residence: Argyle # 10, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.20, 1864, Argyle, Age: 81y5m3d, Parisis, Burial# 3027, Int. Lot: D111
Ferguson, John, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Samuel & Sarah Beatty, Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: Widower, d. May 31, 1948, Salem, Age: 78y10m9d, Dyspepsia, In Vault March 3, Burial# 1468, Int. Lot: H206
Ferguson, John, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Mary, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Aug.22, 1909, Salem, NY, Age: 77y9m28d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3608, Int. Lot: H208
Ferguson, John F., b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Susannah D., Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widower, d. Jan.26, 1941, Salem, Age: 71y10m21d, Paralysis, Burial# 2694, Int. Lot: H
Ferguson, John H., b. Argyle, Parents: Alex. & Susan, Residence: Glens Falls, NY, Spouse: Jane, d. June 23, 1942, Glens Falls, Age: 73y4m1d, Paralysis, Burial# 2238, Int. Lot: D111
Ferguson, John J., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: William & Nancy, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Single, d. April 1, 1958, Hebron, NY, Age: 43y6m3d, Consumption, Burial# 1904, Int. Lot: C82
Ferguson, Levinus, b. Salem, Parents: Samuel & Margaret, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Dora, d. Nov.5, 1912, Greenwich, Age: 76y5m5d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4839, Int. Lot: I 120
Ferguson, Lillian, b. Hebron, Residence: Salem, d. Jan. 21, 1856, Salem, Age: 74y, Acute Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 5993, Int. Lot: A66
Ferguson, Louisa, b. Troy, NY, Parents: William & Ruth Leonard, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Walter, d. July 2, 1925, Salem, Age: 72y, Old Age, Burial# 1808, Int. Lot: C48
Ferguson, Louise M., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Alexander McMorris & Rose Guthrie, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Roland, d. March 6, 1901, Cambridge, NY, Age: 78y, C.V.A., Burial# 6500, Int. Lot: D5
Ferguson, Margaret, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Jos. & Mary Clark, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. March 10, 1947, Salem, NY, Age: 75y, Old Age, Burial# 2210, Int. Lot: C57
Ferguson, Margaret A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm.M. & Mary A. Scott, Residence: Salem # 14, Spouse: Samuel L., d. Aug.10, 1948, Salem, Age: 41y6m17d, Inflam.of Bowels, Burial# 1693, Int. Lot: 48
Ferguson, Margaret S., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hugh & Isabel Fairley, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. July 12, 1901, Salem, Age: 72y6m0d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2750, Int. Lot: H207
Ferguson, Mary, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Matilda, Residence: Salem, Spouse: David, d. Feb.23, 1882, Salem, Age: 22y1m13d, Burial# 1755, Int. Lot: H208
Ferguson, Mary, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Mary J. McClarty, Residence: Jackson # 4, Spouse: James C., d. Sept.21, 1886, Jackson, Age: 30y5m8d, Inflam.of Stomach, Burial# 1645
Ferguson, Mary, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Henry Clough & Jennie Campbell, Residence: Argyle, NY, Spouse: Stanley, d. Sept 18, 1827, Cambridge, NY, Age: 92yrs, Cardiac Arrest, Buried April 21, 1989, Burial# E-27
Ferguson, Mary A., b. Cooperstown, Parents: James & Rachael (Camp) Callon, Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: Samuel B., d. Feb. 12, 1871, Argyle, Age: 32y4m7d, Brain Fever, Burial# 1142, Int. Lot: H207
Ferguson, Mary Ann, b. Kortright, Parents: David & Marg't McMinn, Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: John, d. Nov.20, 1887, Salem, Age: 63y5m19d, Heart Disease, In Vault May 10, Burial# 1018, Int. Lot: H206
Ferguson, Mary B., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Eliza Carson Brady, Residence: E.Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Levinus, d. May 25, 1959, East Greenwich, NY, Age: 62y9m22d, Edema of Lungs, Burial# 4132, Int. Lot: I 120
Ferguson, Mary H., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: John & Sarah Telford, Residence: Jackson #4, Spouse: Widow, d. March 14, 1847, Jackson, Age: 79y9m23d, Died From A Fall, Burial# 1279, Int. Lot: G147
Ferguson, Nancy, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas & Rebecca Beattie, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: William, d. June 11, 1876, Hebron, NY, Age: 70y, Burial# 1938, Int. Lot: C82
Ferguson, Roland, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Samuel Ferguson & Ann Jane Lowe, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Louise, d. April 5, 1875, Cambridge, NY, Age: 68y, Pneumonia, Burial# 5603, Int. Lot: D5
Ferguson, Samuel, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Mary Ann, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Margaret, d. March 15, 1884, Salem, NY, Age: 57y6m24d, Burial# 2099, Int. Lot: H207
Ferguson, Samuel L., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Walter & Harriet L.Lundy Ferguson, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Anna Jane, d. Oct.21, 1932, Salem, NY, Age: 88y2m14d, Organic Heart Disease, Burial# 4284, Int. Lot: C48
Ferguson, Samuel L., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Wm. & Nancy, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.23, 1889, Salem, Age: 53y0m0d, Brights Disease, Burial# 2656, Int. Lot: C82
Ferguson, Sandra, b. Hartford, CT, Parents: Geo.H. & Helen C. (Callaway), Residence: Fairfax, Va., Spouse: Donald, d. 6/26/09, Fairfax, Va., Age: 45yrs, Buried October 8, 1989, Burial# B-37
Ferguson, Sarah, b. Jackson, Parents: William & Nancy, Residence: Hebron #1, d. June 6, 1939, West Hebron, Age: 25y4m25d, Marasmus, In Vault July 31, Burial# 676, Int. Lot: C82
Ferguson, Stanley, b. Mass., Parents: George Ferguson & Helen Howe, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Mary, d. Feb.3, 1892, Cambridge, NY, Age: 83y, Upper Gastro Intes.Hemm., Burial# 6189, Int. Lot: E27
Ferguson, Stuart H., b. Salem, Parents: Albert Ferguson & Annie Henning, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Isabelle, d. Oct.27, 1995, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 64y, Rheumatic Heart Disease, Burial# 5783, Int. Lot: D5
Ferguson, Susannah D., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Eleazer & Elsie, Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: James, d. Salem, Age: 74y11m26d, Apoplexy, Burial# 1698, Int. Lot: H179
Ferguson, Walter, b. Scotland, Parents: Saluel & Sarah, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widower, d. Not Listed, Salem, Age: 83y6m, Old Age, Burial# 1811, Int. Lot: C48
Ferguson, Walter, b. Salem, Parents: John & Mary Ann, Residence: Salem #13, d. 8/31/09, Salem, Age: 19y9m7d, Diphtheria, In Re.Vault Dec.23, Burial# 328, Int. Lot: H206
Ferguson, William, b. Hebron, Parents: William & Nancy, Residence: Hebron # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.14, 1979, Hebron, Age: 30y8m10d, Dyptheria, Burial# 1822, Int. Lot: C82
Ferguson, William, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Samuel & Sarah, Residence: Hebron # 1, d. July 19, 1981, Hebron, Age: 79y7m15d, Old Age, Burial# 2492, Int. Lot: C82
Ferguson, Winifred B., b. Salem, Parents: Robert Baettie & Margaret Owens, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Harve, d. Jan.8, 1892, Cambridge, Age: 78y, Heart Disease, Burial# 6093, Int. Lot: D43
Ferguson, d. Nov.4, 1908, Buried Feb.6, 1902, Burial# 2596, Int. Lot: H207
Fifield, Eva May, b. Salem, Parents: Frederick W. & Ella M., Residence: Salem #12, d. Oct.9, 1834, Salem Village, Age: 2y3m11d, Typhoid Pneumonia, See #1298, reinterred, Burial# 1182, Int. Lot: C21
Fifield, Eva May, b. Salem, Parents: Fred & Ella M. (Creighton), Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Single, d. March 9.1888, Salem, Age: 2y3m11d, Typhoid Pneumonia, Reinterred from #1182, Burial# 1298, Int. Lot: C21
Fifield, Lawrence H., Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Anne, d. April 24, 1863, Salem, NY, Age: 69yrs, Carcinoma of Lung, Buried May 1, 1994, Burial# R-270
Fifield, Randolph M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Lawrence & Anna Fifield, Residence: El Paso, Tx., d. El Paso, Tx., Age: 47yrs, Heart, Buried June 13, 1995, Burial# R-270
Fincke, Gerald P., b. Englewood, NJ, Parents: James Fincke & Helen Payne, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Mary, d. Cambridge, NY, Age: 58y, Myocarditis, Burial# 5673, Int. Lot: G84
Fincke, James C., b. Not Listed, d. Aug.10, 1905, Florida, Buried April 6, 1987, Cremated, Burial# 6608, Int. Lot: G84
Fisher, Alexander, b. Scotland, Parents: Robert Fisher & Ann Brown, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Marjorie, d. Aug.13, 1883, Salem, Age: 56y10m22d, Cancer, Burial# 5074, Int. Lot: D154
Fisher, Fred W., b. Whitehall, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Mayme, d. Dec.19, 1916, Age: 64y8m2d, Pericarditis, Burial# 4584, Int. Lot: B295
Fisher, Mamie, b. Spragetown, NY, Parents: Alexander Bennett & Anna Harrington, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.10, 1894, Salem, NY, Age: 78y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 5661, Int. Lot: B295
Fisher, Marjorie, b. Salem, NY, Parents: William Prescott & Lena McMorris, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Alex, d. March 27, 1826, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 88y, Cerebral Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 6509, Int. Lot: D154
Fisk, Josephine R., b. Albany, NY, Parents: Norman S. & Sarah M.R.Wash___, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Widow of Stephen W., d. March 17, 1981, NYCity, Age: 59y3m5d, Tumor on Brain, Burial# 2696, Int. Lot: H81
Fisk, Stephen W., Buried July 19, 1893, Burial# 2085
Fiske, Arnold J., b. Cambridge, Parents: Charles Fiske & Janice Holcomb, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. 1/6/04, Albany Med.Ctr., Age: 2m, Congestive Heart Failure, Burial# 5929, Int. Lot: R24
Fitch, Abbie S., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Samuel & Fanny J. Beaty, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Wm.J., d. Sept.8, 1909, Salem, NY, Age: 53y1m13d, Disease of Kidneys, Burial# 2555, Int. Lot: H10
Fitch, Abigail, b. Sturbridge, Mass., Parents: Adam & Abigail (Cheney) Martin, Residence: Salem #2, Spouse: Asa (#1050), d. Aug.11, 1929, Fitchs Point, Salem, Age: 67y6m26d, Of Heart; (Angina Pectoris), From Family Vault, Burial# 1051, Int. Lot: G205
Fitch, Asa, b. Groton, Conn., Parents: Peletiah & Elizabeth (Burrows), Residence: Salem #2, Spouse: Wid.of Abigail (#1051), d. Aug.11, 1970, Fitchs Point, Salem, Age: 77y9m14d, Old Age (County Judge), Fr. Fam.Vt.in Old Gr.Yd. (Physician, Memb.Cong., Burial# 1050, Int. Lot: G205
Fitch, Asa James, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Asa & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem #2, Spouse: Single, d. Ap.17, 1909, Salem, Age: 25y0m11d, Typhoid Fever, First Int.#1164, Burial# 1252, Int. Lot: G189
Fitch, Asa James, b. Salem, Parents: Asa & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem #2, d. June 10, 1860, Salem (Fitch's Point), Age: 25y0m11d, Typhoid Fever, See Also #1252, Burial# 1164
Fitch, Asa, M.D., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Asa & Abigail (Martin), Residence: Salem #2, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. Jan.14, 1891, Salem, Age: 70y0m15d, Consumption, In Vault April 11 (Pres.of E.G.Cem.Ass.), Burial# 1251, Int. Lot: G206
Fitch, Barbara Jarvis, b. Salem, Parents: Asa (#1050) & Abigail (#1051), Residence: Salem #2, d. May 5, 1981, Fitchs Point, Salem, Age: 3y2m9d, Interred 15yrs;In Vault 58yrs, Burial# 1053, Int. Lot: G205
Fitch, Charles Horace, b. Salem, Parents: Charles L. & Cynthia (#1054), Residence: Salem #2, d. Aug.10, 1919, Salem (Fitche's Point), Age: 19y7m15d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 1019, Int. Lot: G206
Fitch, Charles L., b. Stillwater, NY, Parents: Asa & Elizabeth, Residence: New York City, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.6, 1882, New York City, Age: 52y7m4d, Pneumonia, Burial# 1780, Int. Lot: G206
Fitch, Cynthia, b. Middletown, VT, Parents: Horace & Alvira (Hyde) Cleghorn, Residence: Cambridge #1, Spouse: Charles L., d. June 15, 1915, Wallingford, VT, Age: 26y5m13d, Unknown, From Family Vault, Burial# 1054, Int. Lot: G206
Fitch, Elizabeth, b. Stillwater, NY, Parents: John & Sarah McNeil, Residence: Marshalltown, Spouse: Asa, d. April 2, 1934, Marshalltown, Iowa, Age: 90y7m13d, Heartfailure, Burial# 2634, Int. Lot: G189
Fitch, Elizabeth K., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Jos.Kelly & Elizabeth Carother, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Wid.of W.J.Fitch, d. May 29, 1930, Paris France, Age: 64y, Pneumonia, Burial# 4117, Int. Lot: H10
Fitch, Ida Mira, b. Cambridge, Parents: Charles L. & Cynthia (#1054), Residence: Cambridge #1, d. Feb.18, 1966, Age: 1m13d, Imflam. Of Lungs, From Family Vault, Burial# 1055, Int. Lot: G206
Fitch, Jane, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Mary Beaty, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Josephus, d. June 3, 1908, Salem, Age: 72y3m14d, Carsinoma, Burial# 1647, Int. Lot: H9
Fitch, Josephus, b. Salem, Parents: William (#650) & Lucinda (Conkey) (#649), Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Jane Beaty, d. Dec.6, 1881, Salem, Age: 57y9m17d, In Vault March 19 (Merchant & Farmer), Burial# 545, Int. Lot: H9
Fitch, Lucinda, Parents: Silas & Zeruiah (Martin) Conkey, Residence: Salem #2, Spouse: Wid.of Wm. (#650), d. March 20, 1835, Age: 67y8m23d, Consumption, Fr.Old Gr.Yd., Burial# 649, Int. Lot: H29
Fitch, Martin, Parents: Asa (#1050) & Abigail (#1051), Residence: Salem #2, Spouse: Sophia P. (Harvey), d. Not Listed, Fitchs Point, Salem, Age: 22y11m23d, Pulmomary Consumption, Interred 2yr., In the vault 58 yrs., Burial# 1052, Int. Lot: G205
Fitch, Prudence D., b. Salem, NY, Parents: William & Lucinda, Residence: Greenwich # 3, Spouse: Single, d. August 20, 1877, Battenville, Age: 71y11m27d, Brights Disease, Burial# 2274, Int. Lot: H29
Fitch, William, b. Groton, CT, Parents: Josephus & Hannah (Latham), Residence: Salem #2, Spouse: Lucinda (#649), d. Oct.5, 1883, Salem, Age: 72y, Cancer of Lip, Fr.Old Gr.Yd. (Farmer), Burial# 650, Int. Lot: H29
Fitch, William J., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. Oct.22, 1962, Salem, NY, Age: 76y, Acute Indigestion, Burial# 3711, Int. Lot: H10
Flansburgh, Kathryn B., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Widowed, LeRoy, d. Nov.12, 1872, Age: 77y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 6089, Int. Lot: I 36
Flansburgh, LeRoy, b. Coxsackie, Parents: Peter & Sarah, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Kathryn, d. April 4, 1999, Albany, Age: 72y1m9d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4815, Int. Lot: I 36
Fleck, Barbara S., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Albert Ston & Anna Beebe, Residence: Rensselaer, NY, Spouse: Harold, d. Sept.30, 1888, Rensselaer, NY, Age: 78y, Metastatic Breast Cancer, Burial# 6403, Int. Lot: B102
Fleck, Harold R., b. PA, Parents: Charles Fleck & Mary Kintz, Residence: Clinton Heights, Spouse: Barbra, d. Nov.12, 1872, Cambridge, NY, Age: 76y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6357, Int. Lot: B102
Fleming, Emma S., b. Salem, Parents: John Stewart & Elizabeth Morrow, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. April 28, 1968, Cambridge, Age: 81y11m12d, Heart & Pneumonia, Burial# 5473, Int. Lot: B102
Fleming, Ernest, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Frank & Emma (Stewart), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.6, 1901, Cambridge, NY, Age: 26y, Organic Valvular Heart Dis., Burial# 4081, Int. Lot: B102
Fleming, Frank J., b. Hebron, Parents: John Fleming & Ella Allen, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Emma, d. Feb.26, 1911, Salem, Age: 77y8m29d, Burial# 5355, Int. Lot: B89
Fleming, Fredrick, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Frank J. & Emma (Stewart), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Helen, d. Dec.9, 1868, Cambridge, NY, Age: 93y, Cardial Vascular Arrest, Burial# 6310, Int. Lot: B102
Fleming, Helen, b. Whitehall, NY, Parents: Wm. & Amanda Prindle LaToron, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Stanley, d. Feb. 5, 1864, Amsterdam, NY, Age: 20y6m2d, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Burial# 4301, Int. Lot: B102
Fleming, Helen, b. Granville, Ny. 1907, Parents: Clarence Moore & Mary Wallace, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow of Fred, d. December 1825, Cambridge, NY, Age: 83yrs, Buried April 6, 1991, Burial# B-102
Fleming, James M., b. Savoy, Mass., Parents: George B. & Dianthae (Johnson), Residence: Salem # 6, Spouse: Sarah A., d. Dec.18, 1938, Salem, NY, Age: 58y, Brights Disease, Burial# 3522, Int. Lot: B260
Fleming, Sarah B., b. Salem, Parents: Norman Beebe & Lucinda Stanley, Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Widowed, d. May 29, 1902, Cambridge, Age: 73y, Burial# 5333, Int. Lot: B260
Flint, Florence W., Residence: Argyle, NY, Spouse: Gilbert, d. May 27, 1958, Pleasantvalley, Argyle, NY, Age: 86, Natural, Burial# D-185, Int. Lot: N-7 1/2 E-4
Flint, Gilbert H., Residence: Pleasantvalley/Argyle.Ny, Spouse: Florence, d. Dec.5, 1906, Pleasantvalley, Argyle, NY, Age: 91, Natural, Burial# D-185, Int. Lot: S-10 E-4
Flower, Adelia R., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Gardner & ___Rogers, Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: Widow of Horace S., d. Sept.14, 1892, Salem, Age: 75y9m27d, Burial# 2461, Int. Lot: C125
Flower, Albert H., b. Rupert, Parents: Elisha & Theodosha Hastings, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Mary R., d. May 13, 1923, Rupert, VT, Age: 74y2m29d, Cancer of Stomach, Burial# 4390, Int. Lot: D47
Flower, Ann Frances, Parents: George & Sarah (Holmes), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.15, 1910, Salem, Age: 79y3m1d, Intestinal Nephritis, Burial# 3724, Int. Lot: C123
Flower, Bardwell H., Jr., b. Worcester, Mass., Parents: Bardwell Flower & Maveret Hughes, Residence: Worcester, Ma., Spouse: Single, d. May 11, 1989, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 17y3m9d, Accident, Hit head on rock while jumping into water, Burial# 5796, Int. Lot: D47
Flower, Byron L., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Joseph & Maria (Leonard), Residence: Rupert, d. Dec.13, 1966, Georgetown, VA, Age: 21y8m6d, Congestive fever, Asst.surgeon, 9th NY artillary, Burial# 208, Int. Lot: Soldiers Lot
Flower, David A., Parents: Mr. & Mrs.Bardwell Flower, Residence: Worcester, Ma., d. Sept.10, 1925, Worcester, Ma., Age: 26y11m1d, Resp.Collapse, Burial# 5754, Int. Lot: D47
Flower, De Whitt C., b. Hebron, Parents: Horace S. & Adeline R., Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: Abbie A. (Crowl), d. May 2, 1901, Salem, Age: 21y8m16d, Consumption, Burial# 568, Int. Lot: C125
Flower, Dr.Bardwell H., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Albert Flower & Mary Roberts, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Maveret, d. April 11, 1872, Cambridge Hosp., NY, Age: 78y, Abdominal Carcinoma, Burial# 6384, Int. Lot: D47
Flower, Edgar D.W., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Spencer & Ann F., Residence: Salem, NY, d. Dec.10, 1982, No.Ferrisburg, Age: 65y2m6d, Pleuero Pneumonia, Burial# 4437, Int. Lot: C123
Flower, Elihu P., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Elihu & Thedosia, Residence: Rupert # 4, Spouse: Laura, d. Nov.18, 1923, Rupert, VT, Age: 66y6m22d, Cerebral Meningitis, Burial# 3407, Int. Lot: B177
Flower, Emma E., b. Hebron, Parents: John & Emmeline Hatch, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. June 20, 1921, Hebron, Age: 80y2m20d, Myocardial Failure, Burial# 4795, Int. Lot: B162
Flower, Eva S., b. Salem, Parents: David Stewart & Ellen Morrow, Residence: Granville, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.21, 1885, Granville, Age: 90y, Acute Pulmonary Edema, Burial# 5890, Int. Lot: C123
Flower, Gardner H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Horace & Adelia Rogers Flower, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Emma, d. Sept.15, 1961, Salem, NY, Age: 56y, Heart Trouble, Burial# 3126, Int. Lot: B162
Flower, Harriet K., b. Poultney, VT, Parents: Wm.T. & Harriet F.Kilbourn, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Widow, d. March 22, 1940, West Rupert, VT, Age: 64y2m20d, Lobar Pneumonia, Burial# 4256, Int. Lot: D48
Flower, Horace D., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Elihu S. & Theolotia H.Flower, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.18, 1874, Bondville, VT, Age: 77y0m6d, Killed in Auto Accid., Burial# 4154, Int. Lot: D48
Flower, Horace S., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Timothy & Clarissa, Residence: Salem, NY#13, Spouse: Adelia R., d. Jan.1, 1907, Salem, Age: 63y3m24d, Consumption, Burial# 1257, Int. Lot: C125
Flower, Irene E., b. Randolph, VT, Residence: Granville, d. April 28, 1878, Cambridge Hosp., Age: 55y, Hyper.Vascular Disease, Burial# 5835, Int. Lot: B162
Flower, Julia Ione, b. W.Rupert, Parents: Moses & Thankful, Residence: West Rupert, VT, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.5, 1901, West Rupert, VT, Age: 55y13d, Cancer, Burial# 3675, Int. Lot: B182
Flower, Laura A., b. Western NY, Parents: Russell & Mary Mason, Residence: Scotia, Spouse: Widow, d. July 15, 1965, Scotia, NY, Age: 81y3m9d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4588, Int. Lot: B177
Flower, Lewis S., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Gardner Flower & Emma Hatch, Residence: Granville, Spouse: Widowed, Dorothy, d. Nov.5, 1866, Granville, NY, Age: 77y, Hemorrhage, Burial# 6166, Int. Lot: B161
Flower, Mary R., Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.2, 1916, Worcester, Ma., Age: 88y4m5d, Coronary Disease, Burial# 5374, Int. Lot: D47
Flower, Maveret H., b. Clifton Park, NY, Parents: David Hughes & Harriet Deal, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Bardwell, d. July 7, 1870, Cambridge, NY, Age: 82y, Cardiac Arrest, Burial# 6526, Int. Lot: D47
Flower, Moses D., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Elehn & Theodoria, Residence: W.Rupert, VT, Spouse: Thankful, d. Feb.3, 1971, West Rupert, VT, Age: 79y21d, Apoplexy, Burial# 3634, Int. Lot: B182
Flower, Russell Gardner, b. Granville, NY, Parents: Russell & Mary (Griffiths), Residence: Granville, Spouse: Single, d. May 15, 1938, Granville, Age: 2d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4001, Int. Lot: B162
Flower, Spencer R., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Horace & Adelia, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Ann F., d. Feb.2, 1949, Salem, Age: 76y19d, Kidney Trouble, Burial# 3614, Int. Lot: C123
Flower, Thankful W., b. Poultney, VT, Parents: Benj. & Hannah Hadaway, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.13, 1934, Rupert, VT, Age: 94y10m28d, Arterial Sclerosis, Burial# 4435, Int. Lot: B182
Flower, Warren Spear, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Elihu S. & Theodosha Hastings Flower, Residence: Rupert, VT, d. May 27, 1890, Rupert, Age: 85y0m11d, Cancer Duodenum, Burial# 4184, Int. Lot: D48
Flower, Willie H., b. Hebron, Parents: Spencer R. & Francis A., Residence: Hebron #16, d. Feb.11, 1887, Hebron, Age: 1y1m13d, Dropsy of Brain, Burial# 922, Int. Lot: C123
Flower, Willie S., b. Hebron, Parents: Horace S. & Adelia R., Residence: Salem #13, d. Nov.4, 1981, Salem, Age: 22y0m0d, Quick Consumption, Burial# 871, Int. Lot: C125
Fonda, Charles Oliver, b. Aurora, ILL., Parents: William H. #542 & Josephine, Residence: Salem Village, d. Feb.13, 1885, Salem, Age: 1yr16d, Measles, Burial# 499, Int. Lot: M44
Fonda, William Henry, b. Watervliet, Parents: Isaac I. & Eve, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Josie H., d. Sept.11, 1894, Salem, Age: 49y11m19d, Typhoid Pneumonia, In Vault Feb.7 (Harness Maker), Burial# 542, Int. Lot: M44
Forand, Dorothy J., Residence: Salem, NY, d. Oct.18, 1875, Salem, NY, Age: 77, Natural, Burial# K-42, Int. Lot: S-1 1/2 E-4
Forand, Guy A., b. Quebec, Canada, Parents: Aristide Forand & Arlene Chapman, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Dorothy (Buck), d. 2/24/10, Cambridge, NY, Age: 79yrs, DOB 3/31/1920, Buried July 30, 1999, Burial# K-42
Forest, Barthy I., b. Salem, Parents: Darwin & Maria, Residence: Salem, d. May 9, 1878, Salem, Age: 14m21d, Cholera Infantum, Burial# 1031, Int. Lot: I 15
Forest, Vester J., Parents: Darwin & Maria, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.3, 1892, Rome, NY, Age: 20y, Consumption, Burial# 3023, Int. Lot: I 15
Forrest, Darwin, b. Ticonderoga, NY, Parents: John & Lucinda Crossman Forrest, Residence: Green Island, Spouse: Widower, d. July 28, 1882, Green Island, NY, Age: 77y2m3d, Burial# 3122, Int. Lot: I 15
Forrest, Darwin, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Darwin & Maria, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.9, 1939, NYCity, Age: 37y7m12d, Operation, Burial# 3245, Int. Lot: I 15
Forrest, Maria J., b. Ireland, Parents: George & Margaret Johnston, Residence: Green Island, NY, Spouse: Darwin, d. April 26, 1914, Green Island, Age: 59y5m17d, Consumption, Burial# 2715, Int. Lot: I 15
Forsythe, Elizabeth, b. Salem, Parents: James C & Persis M. (Thayer), Residence: Salem Village, d. Dec.30, 1912, Salem, Age: 5m11d, Cholera Infantum, Burial# 2, Int. Lot: H197
Forsythe, Harriet Thayer, b. Salem, Parents: James C. & Percis Maria, Residence: Salem Village, d. Jan.20, 1917, Salem, Age: 2y5m18d, Whooping Cough, Burial# 635, Int. Lot: H197
Forsythe, James C., b. Alleghany, PA, Parents: George & Margaret, Residence: Montgomery, Spouse: Widower, d. June 22, 1920, Montgomery, Age: 72y6m0d, Apoplexy, Burial# 2347, Int. Lot: H197
Forsythe, James Storrs, b. Salem, Parents: James C. & Persis M., Residence: Covert, d. Nov.21, 1939, Farmersville, Age: 12y8m20d, Acute Laryngitis, Burial# 912, Int. Lot: H197
Forsythe, Joseph, b. Finleysville, PA, Parents: George & Marg't (Henry), Residence: Mt. Vernon, OH, d. Feb.28, 1902, Salem, Age: 27y2m2d, Bilious Colic, M.D., Burial# 1, Int. Lot: H197
Forsythe, Persis M., Buried Sept.25, 1897, Burial# 2335, Int. Lot: H197
Fortin, Anna B., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Albert Broughton & Laura Davis, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. June 27, 1874, Troy, Age: 77y, Thrombosis, Burial# 5721, Int. Lot: F205
Fortin, John E., b. Coleraine, Mass., Parents: Dennis & Emily Paul Fortin, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Anna B., d. March 4, 1863, Cambridge, NY, Age: 46y6d, Carcinoma of Kidneys, Burial# 4247, Int. Lot: F205
Foster, Catherine R., b. Ireland, Parents: James & Sarah Ralston, Residence: Bennington, VT, Spouse: Geo.A., d. Dec.25, 1871, Bennington, VT, Age: 73y8m6d, Senile Gangrene, Burial# 4519, Int. Lot: C222
Foster, Frank R., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Allen & Miriam (Roberson), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Dec.2, 1938, Salem, NY, Age: 74y5m20d, Burial# 4036, Int. Lot: B292
Foster, George A., Spouse: Widower, d. Dec.20, 1890, Indianna, PA, Age: 75y, Apoplexy, Burial# 4662, Int. Lot: C222
Foster, Jane, Burial# 2806, Int. Lot: B193
Foster, John, b. Ireland, Parents: James & Ann, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Nov.7, 1880, Salem, Age: 89y, Burial# 3015, Int. Lot: B193
Foster, Mabel E., b. Shushan, NY, Parents: Geo.A. & Kate, Residence: Salem # 11, d. May 4, 1956, Shushan, Age: 4m13d, Spinal Meningitis, Burial# 1786, Int. Lot: C222
Foster, Mary A., b. Ireland, Parents: Sara & James (Ralston), Residence: Salem, Spouse: Frank, d. Sept.8, 1971, Shushan, Age: 62y7m, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3539, Int. Lot: B277
Foster, Mary C., b. Ireland, Parents: Wm. & Jane Harper, Residence: Salem # 7, Spouse: John, d. Nov.4, 1898, Salem, Age: 71y1m16d, Heart, Burial# 2283, Int. Lot: C297
Fowler, Ann L., b. Domfermlive, Scotland, Parents: James Fowler & Mary Bell, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.16, 1917, Age: 73y, C.V.A., Burial# 6318, Int. Lot: B317
Fowler, Betsey, Parents: Olcott, Residence: Salem #1, Spouse: George (#626) 2nd wife, d. May 4, 1980, Salem, Age: 84y, Acute Bronchitis, `, Burial# 781, Int. Lot: G81
Fowler, George, b. South Kingston, RI., Parents: Simeon & Mercy, Residence: Salem#1, 48ys., Spouse: Betsey (Olcott) # 781, d. July 16, 1932, Salem, Age: 92y2m1d, Old Age (a Farmer), Fr.Old Gr.Yd, Resid.of Camb.37ys., of Salem 48ys., Burial# 626, Int. Lot: G81
Fowler, Hattie D., b. Salem, NY, Parents: George W. & Lucy M.Dole, Residence: Jackson #5, Spouse: Joseph W., d. Aug.21, 1896, Manchester, VT, Age: 22y4m11d, Child Birth, In Vault Jan.21, Burial# 1467, Int. Lot: F74
Fowler, James W., b. Scotland, Parents: George Fowler & Mary Dick, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Widowed, d. Dec.28, 1915, Mary McC.Hosp.Camb., Age: 83y2m, Heart Disease, Burial# 5823, Int. Lot: B317
Fowler, Lillian, b. Bayonne, NJ 1913, Parents: James W.Fowler & Mary Bell Fowler, Residence: Hebron, NY, d. June 8, 1879, W.Hebron, NY, Age: 86yrs, Natural Causes, Buried April 26, 2000, Burial# B-317
Fowler, Mary Bell, Residence: Jersey City, Spouse: James, d. March 18, 1992, Jersey City, Cerebral Embolism, Burial# 5846, Int. Lot: B317
Fox, Blanche M., b. VT, Residence: Salem, Spouse: John, d. Cambridge, Age: 91y, Burial# 5983, Int. Lot: F37
Fox, Emeline, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Zerah & Polly Skidmore, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. July 28, 1952, Salem, Age: 75y6m, Paralysis, Burial# 1851, Int. Lot: G89
Fox, Ernest R.P.V.T., b. Sandgate, Parents: John Fox & Blanch Moffitt, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Single, d. May 31, 1943, France, Age: 33y0m29d, World War 2, killed in Act., Service #A32-048-295, Burial# 5105, Int. Lot: E37
Fox, John D., b. Hudson Falls, Parents: Joseph & Mary, Residence: Sandgate, VT, Spouse: Blanche, d. Sandgate, VT, Age: 66y9m, Burial# 4422, Int. Lot: E37
Fox, Pvt.James B., b. Sandgate, VT, Residence: Sandgate, Spouse: Single, d. 9/22/04, Age: 35y6m4d, Buried Sept.20, 1945, Burial# 4988, Int. Lot: E37
Fox, Rufus, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Abraham & Polly, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Emeline, d. Feb.9, 1926, Salem, Age: 78y4m14d, Consumption, Reinterred, See # 1835, Burial# 1776, Int. Lot: G89
Fox, Rufus, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Abraham & Polly, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Emeline, d. Nov.24, 1928, Salem, NY, Age: 78y4m14d, Consumption, Reinterred, see # 1776, Burial# 1835, Int. Lot: G89
Fraser, Charles, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Walter & Mary (Mitchell), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Hannah, d. Jan.17, 1980, Salem, Age: 40y1m, Burial# 3158, Int. Lot: B97
Fraser, Charles W., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Charles & Hannah (Evans), Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Single, d. July 30, 1890, Salem, Age: 19y6m18d, Burial# 3504, Int. Lot: B97
Fraser, Cora R., b. England, Parents: Charles Reynolds & Catherine Peters, Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: Ferdinand, d. Aug.22, 1905, Troy, NY, Age: 89y, Acute Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 6129, Int. Lot: R12
Fraser, David, b. Chasy, NY, Parents: Isaac & Mary, Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. Not Listed, Salem, NY, Age: 84y14d, Heart Disease, Burial# 1910, Int. Lot: C224
Fraser, David T., b. Salem, Parents: John & Jane, Residence: Salem #13, d. Nov.21, 1971, Salem, Age: 7y3m4d, Congest.of Lungs, In Vault Oct.31, Burial# 1186, Int. Lot: C224
Fraser, Elizabeth, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Samuel & Sarah B.Ferguson, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow of David, d. Nov.15, 1907, Salem, NY, Age: 89y, Old Age, Burial# 2687, Int. Lot: C224
Fraser, Elizabeth, b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Margaret Steele, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Wid.of Lonson, d. March 25, 1909, Salem, Age: 79y1m20d, Old Age, Burial# 2794, Int. Lot: F18
Fraser, Ferdinand, b. Salem, Parents: John Fraser & Jane Mitchell, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Cora, d. July 31, 1888, Age: 77y10m9d, Astenalis Kidney, Burial# 5492, Int. Lot: R231
Fraser, Frederick, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Lonson & Elizabeth M. (Steele), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Not Listed, Albany, NY, Age: 68y10m14d, Carcinoma of Rectrum, Surrogate of Washington Co.N.Y., Burial# 4090, Int. Lot: F15
Fraser, Hannah E., b. State of PA, Parents: David & Mary Evans, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.2, 1958, Salem, Age: 75y5m12d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4608, Int. Lot: B97
Fraser, James L., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Lonson & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.30, 1952, Age: 43y4m15d, Strangulated Hernia, Burial# 2372, Int. Lot: F18
Fraser, Jane, b. Ireland, Parents: James & Bessie Bell Mitchel, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow of John, d. Nov.11, 1898, Salem, NY, Age: 86y, Senility, Burial# 4209, Int. Lot: C224c ?
Fraser, John, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: David & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: Jane, d. Aug 19, 1866, Salem, Age: 58y0m29d, Cancer, Burial# 2587, Int. Lot: C224
Fraser, Lonson, b. Hebron, NY, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. Jan.25, 1955, Salem, Age: 83y7m0d, Old Age, Burial# 2788, Int. Lot: F18
Fraser, Martha M., b. W.Rupert, Parents: William B. & Huldah, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Charles, d. Jan.22, 1962, Salem, NY, Age: 25y5m18d, Acute Brights, Burial# 2278, Int. Lot: G218
Fraser, Mary, b. Ireland, Parents: James & Bessie Mitchell, Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: Walter, d. April 23, 1983, Salem, Age: 59y0m0d, Burial# 2825, Int. Lot: C41
Fraser, Walter, b. Hebron, NY, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Oct.21, 1890, Salem, NY, Age: 79y, Locomoton Ataxia, Burial# 4092, Int. Lot: C41
Fraser, Walter M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Charles & Martha, Residence: Salem, d. Aug.14, 1904, Salem, Age: 25d, Burial# 2265, Int. Lot: G217
Frasier, Priscilla, b. Salem, Parents: John Frasier & Jane Mitchell, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. April 5, 1885, Salem, Age: 70y11m3d, Edema Lungs, Burial# 5206, Int. Lot: C224
Freeman, Alfred, 1st, b. Salem, Parents: Andrew (#325) & Elizabeth (#326, Residence: Salem Village, d. Dec.7, 1922, Salem, Age: 8m23d, From Old Gr. Yard, Burial# 323, Int. Lot: M10
Freeman, Andrew, b. Marlborough, Conn, Parents: Benjamin & Abigail (Tracey), Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Elizabeth (#326), d. Aug.5, 1897, Salem, Age: 65y6m10d, Gangrene of Foot, From Old Gr.Yd. (Inkeeper), Burial# 325, Int. Lot: M10
Freeman, Charlotte B., b. Salem, Parents: James #879 & Mary #880 Harvey, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Widow of Marvin #600, d. Feb.5, 1889, Salem Village, Age: 80y6m25d, Typhoid Dysentery, Burial# 1154, Int. Lot: M10
Freeman, Eliza A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Cyrus & Margaret Atwood, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow of Harvey, d. Jan.31, 1997, Salem, Age: 70y4m29d, Corcinamo, Burial# 2569, Int. Lot: M8
Freeman, Elizabeth, b. Sturbridge, Mass, Parents: Adam & Abigail (Cheney) Martin, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: W.of Andrew (#325), d. Dec.17, 1884, New York, Age: 68y11m14d, From Old Gr.Yard, Burial# 326, Int. Lot: M10
Freeman, Elizabeth, b. Hebron, Parents: & Susan Freeman (#487, Residence: Salem Village, d. Dec.18, 1865, Salem, Age: 87y, Cancer and asthma, Burial# 694, Int. Lot: P, 1st row
Freeman, Fannie Atwood, b. Salem, Parents: Harvey (#850) & Eliza A., Residence: Salem Village, d. May 26, 1928, Salem, Age: 14y10m8d, Abcess, Burial# 920, Int. Lot: M7
Freeman, George, b. Salem, Parents: Harvey (850) & Eliza (Atwood), Residence: Salem Village, d. May 16, 1941, Salem, Age: 1yr29d, Inflam of lungs, In Rec'g vault Feb 24, Burial# 127, Int. Lot: M7
Freeman, Harvey, b. Salem, Parents: Marvin (#600) & Charlotte, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Eliza (Atwood), d. April, 1829, Salem Village, Age: 43y10m19d, Liver Enlargement, Merchant, Burial# 850, Int. Lot: M8
Freeman, Marvin, b. Salem, Parents: Andrew (#325) & Elizabeth (#326), Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Charlotte B. (# 1154), d. June 21, 1933, Salem, Age: 69y2m9d, Angina Pectoris, Merchant, Elder Pres.Church, Burial# 600, Int. Lot: M10
Freeman, Susan, b. Unknown, Parents: __________ & __________Robertson, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: widow, d. Jan.13, 1899, Salem, Age: 97y?m?d, Old age, In receiving vault April 6, Burial# 487, Int. Lot: African
Freeman, Wm. Wallace, 1st, b. Salem, Parents: Andrew (#325) & Elizabeth (#326, Residence: Salem #2, d. Dec.4, 1873, Salem, Age: 1y11m3d, Croupe, From Old Gr.Yard, Burial# 324, Int. Lot: M10
Frost, Sarah K., b. Glens Falls, Parents: Knowles, Residence: Rensselaer, Spouse: Widow, d. March 17, 1890, Rensselaer, Age: 84y, Arterio Sclerotic Heart, Burial# 5991, Int. Lot: B254
Fuller, Hattie Estella, b. Pondville, VT, Parents: Charles D., Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.15, 1970, Salem, Age: 26y11m11d, Consumption, Burial# 1855, Int. Lot: M40
Fuller, Jane, b. England, Parents: Henry & Mary Ayling, Residence: Salem #4, Spouse: Wid.of William, d. Aug.16, 1956, Shushan, Age: 78y10m16d, Fever, Burial# 1119, Int. Lot: C169
Fullerton, Catharine R., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Charles F. & Eliza, Residence: Manchester, VT, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.3, 1874, Argyle, NY, Age: 86y7m4d, Angina Pectoris, Residence:Manchester Depot, VT, Burial# 4153, Int. Lot: C4
Fullerton, Charley H., b. Dorset, VT, Parents: Wm.H.Jennett E. (#1084), Residence: Dorset #4, d. Oct.15, 1875, Dorset, VT, Age: 1y6m6d, Diphtheria, In Vault May 1, Burial# 403, Int. Lot: C4
Fullerton, Euphernia, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Wm.H. & Mary Qua, Residence: Greenwich #12, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan 18, 1862, E.Greenwich, Age: 76y0m0d, Pneumonia, Burial# 1440, Int. Lot: C5
Fullerton, Hattie E., b. Hebron, Parents: Wm.H. & Jenett E., Residence: Hebron #2, d. March 14, 1940, Hebron, Age: 3y8m2d, Diphtheria, Fr. Hebron Gr.Yard, Burial# 392, Int. Lot: C4
Fullerton, Infant Dau., b. Manchester, VT, Parents: Wm.H. & J.E.Fullerton (#1084), Residence: Manchester, d. Jan.26, 1881, Factory Point, VT, Age: 13d, A dwarf, so small, cent cover, Face.Finger ring slip over arm to shoulder., Burial# 740, Int. Lot: C4
Fullerton, Jennett E., b. No.Granville, Parents: Hiram & Lucy Avery, Residence: Manchester, Spouse: William H., d. March 25, 1866, Factory Point, VT, Age: 39y5m9d, Apoplexy, Burial# 1084, Int. Lot: C4
Fullerton, Margaret Cherry, b. East Greenwich, NY, Parents: James & Hannah A.Willard, Residence: Glens Falls, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. May 15, 1884, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 76y9m20d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4113, Int. Lot: H42
Fullerton, Sarah Ann, b. Hebron, Parents: Joseph T. & Euphemia, Residence: Hebron #8, d. Oct.8, 1936, Salem, Age: 26y13d, Typhoid Dysentery, School Teacher, Burial# 371, Int. Lot: C5
Fullerton, Wm.H., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Joseph & Euphemia, Residence: Manchester, VT, Spouse: Widower, d. March 28, 1897, Manchester, Age: 75y10m25d, Apoplexy, Burial# 2988, Int. Lot: C5
Furey, Gavin Scott, b. Alb.Med.Ctr., Parents: Dan Furey Mary Mckittrick, Residence: Alb.Med.Ctr., d. July 1, 1963, Alb. Med. Ctr. Albany, NY, Still Born, Burial# K-86, Int. Lot: S=1 1/2 E-6
Fury, Connor Lee, b. Glensfalls Hosp., Parents: Mary Mckittrick, d. July 4, 1967, Glens Falls Hosp., Age: 1 Day, Still Born, Burial# K-86, Int. Lot: S-6 E-4

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