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Belcher Methodist Cemetery
Hebron, Washington County, New York

Lat: 43°17'06"N, Lon: 73°23'21"W

Contributed by Linda Marra, Sep 30, 2001, last updated Dec 01, 2003 [Lintm04@wmconnect.com]. Total records = 230.

The cemetery is located just south of Reid Road on Rte 30, as you are headed north out of the town of Belcher, NY. which is actually a part of Hebron, NY

I don't have to much info on this cemetery itself, it is a small one, and I don't think it is used to much anymore but not sure of that. It apparently was a Methodist cemetery at one time.

I first walked this cemetery in Sep 2001. I have recently combined with my reading some of the Sexton files, bringing this to completion.

- Linda Marra

Allen, Andrea, no dates, no marker, Row #2
Allen, Charles, d. 1-29-1853, age: 80y, wife Mary, Row #2
Allen, Lucy M., d. 1-28-1851, age: 17y 3m 10d, dau of Eleazor and Lucy, Row #2
Allen, Lucy, d. 3-21-1846, age: 36y, wife of Eleaser, Row #2
Allen, Mary, d. 5-10-1837, age: 54y, wife of Charles, Row #2
Beane, Nancy T, b. 10-3-1827, d. 1-21-1910, Row #11
Bell, Infant, b. 9-5-1873, d. 9-12-1873, son of John and Henrietta, Row #12
Bradfoed, John W, d. 1-19-1852, age: 3m 13d, son of John and Maria, Row #11
Bradford, Alonzo, d. 3-29-1869, age: 29y 3m , wife J. E., Row #10
Bradford, David F, d. 10-8-1849, age: 2y 11m 8d, son of John and Maria, Row #11
Bradford, Hannah, d. 9-12-1861, age: 73y 3m 6d, wife of John, Row #2
Bradford, John, b. 3-14-1814, d. 2-11-1894, wife Maria & Mary J. Taylor, Row #11
Bradford, Maria, d. 10-23-1865, age: 47y 1m 10d, wife of John, Row #11
Bradford, Mary J. Taylor, d. 1829, age: 1915, wife of John, Row #11
Bradford, Theodore E, d. 10-16-1849, age: 5y 7m 11d, son of John and Maria, Row #11
Bradford, WIlliam J, d. 11-13-1849, age: 9y 11m 16d, son of John and Maria, Row #11
Bradford, William, b. 11-29-1868, d. 3-4-1891, son of John and Mary, Row #11
Bradford, Willie, d. 3-14-1865, age: 5y 3m 19d, son of Alonzo and J.E., Row #10
Bristol, Frances J. Dixon, d. 11-1-1924, age: 68y, wife of Merritte Bristol, Row #5
Bristol, Merritte, d. 7-21-1888, age: 38y, husband of Frances J. Dixon, Row #5
Campbell, George H, d. 11-19-1890, age: 22y 3m 13d, Row #8
Campbell, George, d. 12-3-1893, age: 73y 9m, wife Rachel, Row #8
Campbell, William, d. 4-13-1884, age: 23y 10m, son of George and Rachel, Row #8
Cary, Maria, d. 8-24-1877, age: 77y 4m 10d, wife of William, Row #5
Case, Jonathan, d. 6-3-1870, age: 57y 4m, wife Lydia, Row #8
Case, Lydia, d. 10-1-1882, age: 66y, wife of Jonathan, Row #8
Chapman, Anna, d. 7-30-1878, age: 10m, dau of Hiram and Josephine, Row #7
Chapman, Carrie, d. 5-25-1882, age: 6y, dau of Hiram and Josephine, Row #7
Chapman, George Jr, d. 10-31-1852, son of George and Jane, Row #11
Chapman, George, b. 8-20-1803, d. 1-12-1895, wife Jane, Row #11
Chapman, Hiram W, d. 4-18-1885, age: 45y, wife Josephine Labossier, Row #7
Chapman, Infant, d. 2-27-1882, age: 6m, dau of Hiram and Josephine, Row #7
Chapman, Jane, d. 11-21-1869, age: 63y, wife of George, Row #11
Chapman, Leander, d. 2-22-1858, age: 22y 3m 29d, son of George and Jane, Row #11
Chapman, Mary Eliza, d. 9-8-1862, age: 13m 13d, dau of John W and Eliza, Row #12
Chapman, Mary, d. 5-1-1832, dau of Spencer and Sally, Row #12
Chapman, Sally, d. 10-12-1873, age: 73y, wife of Spencer, Row #12
Chapman, Spencer, d. 9-18-1861, age: 66y, wife Sally, Row #12
Chapman, Stephen, d. 7-14-1863, age: 8y 2m 6d, son of John W and Eliza, Row #12
Chapman, Warren T, d. 12-21-1861, age: 4y 4m, son of John W and Eliza, Row #12
Clayton, Ida Lackey, no dates, dau of Arthur and Ida Lackey, no marker, Row #2
Clough, Arden H, b. 4-28-1791, d. 7-29-1867, age: 76y, wife Keziah Larkham, Row #8
Clough, Elijah, b. 8-3-1840, d. 5-19-1842, Row #9
Clough, Elijah, d. 3-5-1837, age: 59y, wife Phoebe, Row #9
Clough, Joseph V, b. 1815, d. 5-16-1817, age: 2y 1m 3d, son of Elijah and Phebe, Row #9
Clough, Keziah Larkham, b. 7-17-1794, d. 3-22-1872, wife of Arden H., Row #8
Clough, Levi H, M.D., b. 12-11-1808, d. 6-28-1880, wife Lois E., Row #9
Clough, Lis E., b. 10-26-1814, d. 5-27-1900, husband Levi H, Row #9
Clough, Melville, b. 10-5-1844, d. 4-21-1845, Row #9
Clough, Phebe, d. 7-20-1850, age: 68y, wife of Elijah, Row #9
Clough, Prudence, b. 1806, d. 5-3-1875, dau of Elijah & Phebe, wife of T. Gregory, T. Bump, Row #9
Coonradt, Clarence H, b. 1-27-1855, d. 3-16-1926, Row #4
Copeland, Margaret M, d. 2-21-1877, age: 54y, wife of Richard Huggins, Row #12
Coy, Infant, d. 2-20-1866, age: 1m, dau of Wesley and Annie, Row #2
Crawford, David, d. 3-24-1855, wife S.A., Row #10
Crawford, Susan M, d. 4-17-1858, age: 18y, dau of David and S.A., Row #10
Crosier, Bessie Mae, b. 1880, d. 1964, Row #5
Crosier, Elizabeth M. Sloan, b. 10-14-1851, d. 6-6-1935, wife of William, Row #5
Crosier, George, b. 1-22-1843, d. 12-19-1894, wife Martha, Row #3
Crosier, Leroy, d. 8-15-1879, age: 8m, son of George and Martha, Row #3
Crosier, Martha, no dates, wife of George, no marker, Row #3
Crosier, William C., b. 8-14-1850, d. 7-31-1933, wife Elizabeth M. Sloan, Row #5
Day, Almon R., b. 1903, d. 1961, Row #4
Day, Clarisa A Race, b. 4-1-1845, d. 8-10-1913, wife of Jesse, Row #4
Day, Franklin, b. 10-4-1809, d. 3-20-1882, wife Ruth Mattison, Row #4
Day, Jesse, b. 1785, d. 7-14-1865, age: 80y, wife Phoebe, Row #4
Day, Jesse, b. 7-16-1842, d. 7-10-1920, wife Clarisa A Race, Row #4
Day, Nancy, d. 2-5-1875, age: 37y 3m 10d, wife of William N., Row #4
Day, Phebe, b. 1790, d. 12-2-1869, age: 79y 7m, wife of Jesse, Row #4
Day, Ruth Mattison, b. 9-11-1810, d. 9-8-1887, wife of Franklin Day, Row #4
Day, Thomas Perry, d. 1-15-1852, age: 2y 4m 24d, son of Franklin and Ruth, Row #4
Day, WIlliam N, b. 11-22-1834, d. 3-19-1891, age: 56y, wife Nancy, Row #4
Dison, Harriet P, d. 1-15-1877, age: 44y, wife of Truman, Row #5
Dixon, Ann, d. 8-31-1838, age: 8y 8m, dau of Daniel and Nancy, Row #11
Dixon, Charles H, d. 4-2-1867, age: 10y 9m 22d, son of Truman and Harriet, Row #11
Dixon, Daniel, d. 12-15-1838, age: 44y, wife Nancy, Row #11
Dixon, George, d. 10-16-1900, age: 73y 1m 13d, wife Hattie A., Row #8
Dixon, Hattie A, d. 7-31-1868, age: 34y 2m 23d, wife of George, Row #8
Dixon, Hattie, d. 12-6-1869, age: 3m 6d, dau of Truman and Harriet, Row #11
Dixon, Lydia, d. 6-2-1861, age: 3m, dau of Truman and Harriet, Row #11
Dixon, Nancy, d. 5-25-1866, age: 75y, wife of Daniel, Row #11
Dougan, Betsey, d. 5-12-1866, age: 64y, wife of Matthew, Row #14
Dunn, Margaret T., b. 7-28-1872, d. 6-18-1891, wife of George, Row #11
Durkee, Alonzo, b. 9-14-1839, d. 11-8-1905, wife Sarah, Row #3
Durkee, Carrie E., d. 11-11-1885, age: 18y 3m , dau of Alonzo and Sarah, Row #3
Durkee, Hattie M, d. 8-30-1875, age: 3y 8m 12d, dau of Ransler and Amanda, Row #11
Durkee, John N, b. 1875, d. 1933, Row #3
Durkee, Sarah, d. 3-23-1883, age: 36y 6m, wife of Alonzo, Row #3
Edgerton, Ariel, d. 12-29-1882, age: 77y 3m, wife Martha, Row #6
Edgerton, Martha, d. 3-15-1873, age: 56y, wife of Ariel, Row #6
Ervin, David J., d. 6-8-1868, age: 36y, wife Laura A., Row #8
Ervin, Laura A, d. 11-11-1867, age: 33y, wife of David J., Row #8
Ervin, Laura, d. 9-1-1867, age: 3m, dau of David and Laura, Row #8
Ervin, Rufus D, d. 3-19-1865, age: 10y 1m 22d, son of David and Laura, Row #8
Foreman, ELiza, d. 2-24-1886, age: 43y 9m, wife of Robert, Row #8
Foster, Andrew, b. 5-17-1832, d. 1-9-1916, Row #4
Foster, Infant, no dates, dau of Jesse and Caroline, Row #4
Foster, Lucy Alzina, b. 3-24-1840, d. 5-23-1917, Row #4
Fullerton, H., no dates, no other info, Row #4
Geralds, Susan, d. 3-22-1869, age: 86y 5m 18d, Row #7
Gibson, Charles W., d. 6-11-1891, age: 26y, son of William and Jane, Row #6
Gibson, Elizabeth, d. 12-18-1851, age: 60y, wife of William, Row #15
Gibson, Hannah, d. 7-25-1857, age: 31y, Row #15
Gibson, Howard S., d. 3-4-1880, age: 1y 1m 21d, son of William and Jane, Row #6
Gibson, Infant, d. 3-24-1863, son of James and Jane, Row #15
Gibson, Jane A. Huggins, b. 1836, d. 1887, wife of William, Row #6
Gibson, Jane E., d. 3-4-1863, age: 1y 14d, dau of George and M.A., Row #15
Gibson, Johnie, d. 3-5-1870, age: 1y 2m, son of James and Jane, Row #15
Gibson, Mary, b. 2-5-1858, d. 9-18-1883, age: 25y 7m 18d, wife of John A., Row #6
Gibson, William, b. 1828, d. 1906, wife Jane A. Huggins, Row #6
Gison, WIlliam, d. 1-31-1881, age: 93y, wife Elizabeth, Row #15
Gourley, Jannette, d. 3-25-1882, age: 82y, Row #9
Henthorn, Rebecca Jane, d. 8-3-1856, age: 17y 1m 16d, dau of James and Letitia, Row #14
Horth, Lucy, b. 1756, d. 3-31-1818, age: 62y, wife of Francis, Row #4
Horth, William, b. 1791, d. 10-16-1820, age: 29y, Row #4
Huggins, Ella Jane, d. 9-21-1855, dau of Richard and Margaret, Row #12
Huggins, Margaret Bovee, d. 1-28-1861, age: 61y, wife of John, Row #13
Huggins, Richard, d. 1-3-1895, age: 75y, wife Margaret M Copeland, Row #12
Hurd, John P, d. 5-15-1891, age: 69y, wife Nancy Taylor, Row #15
Hurd, Nancy Taylor, d. 6-18-1915, age: 78y, wife of John P, Row #10
Hurd, Phebe Thomas, d. 12-29-1859, age: 36y 8m, wife of John P, Row #10
Ingalls, Hannah A, b. 1818, d. 10-26-1849, age: 31y 3m 26d, wife of David T., Row #3
Ingalls, James H., b. 1820, d. 1903, wife Susan, Row #5
Ingalls, Loretta, b. 1856, d. 8-21-1870, age: 14y 11m 21d, dau of James and Susan, Row #5
Ingalls, Susan, b. 1820, d. 1903, wife of James H, Row #5
Ingalls, Susannah, d. 10-26-1861, age: 68y 7m 6d, wife of Truman, Row #5
Ingalls, Truman, d. 5-11-1868, age: 77y 2m 7d, wife Susannah, Row #5
Johnston, Fannie P, b. 1858, d. 1925, Row #7
Johnston, Infant, d. 1881, son of John G and Rachel, Row #8
Johnston, Infant, d. 5-22-1880, son of John G and Rachel, Row #8
Johnston, John G, b. 1846, d. 1929, wife Rachel Campbell, Row #8
Johnston, Rachel Campbell, b. 1858, d. 1908, wife of John G, Row #8
Johnston, William C, b. 1885, d. 1888, son of John G and Rachel, Row #8
Kenyon, Mary Jane, d. 2-26-1859, age: 2m 28d, dau of Warren and Phebe, Row #9
King, Ann Eliza, d. 9-2-1848, age: 6y 1m 21d, dau of Thomas and Lilley, Row #14
Labossier, Josephine, b. 4-4-1846, d. 12-23-1925, wife of Hiram W Chapman, Row #7
Lackey, Edgar, no dates, no marker, Row #2
Lackey, Ella, b. 1867, d. 1915, wife of Edgar, Row #2
Lackey, Infant, no dates, child of Arthur and Ida, no marker, Row #2
Lackey, Milford, no dates, son of Arthur and Ida, no marker, Row #2
Lockwood, Bessie I, b. 12-8-1887, d. 12-30-1970, Row #4
Lockwood, Emma A, b. 8-25-1866, d. 5-19-1956, wife of Warren, Row #4
Lockwood, L. Warren, b. 6-6-1861, d. 2-8-1940, wife Emma A, Row #4
Lundy, Eugene M, b. 1901, d. , son of William and Isabell, Row #2
Lundy, Isabell Allen, b. 1861, d. 1930, wife of William T., Row #2
Lundy, Martha J, b. 1888, d. 1895, dau of William and Isabell, Row #2
Lundy, William T, b. 1863, d. 1931, Row #2
McConaghy, James, b. 2-5-1837, d. 11-26-1916, wife Nancy Morgan, Row #8
McConaghy, Jennie, d. 9-29-1886, age: 15y 1m 29d, dau of James and Nancy, Row #8
McConaghy, Nancy Morgan, b. 12-24-1848, d. 7-20-1930, wife of James, Row #8
McFarland, Anna, b. 8-27-1870, d. 9-9-1903, wife of Robert, Row #8
McKnight, George D., d. 7-2-1886, age: 49y 8m 10d, wie Nancy A, Row #9
McKnight, James H., d. 9-25-1888, age: 25y 10m, son of George and Nancy, Row #9
McKnight, James, d. 1-19-1884, age: 69y, wife Nancy Powell, Row #5
McKnight, Libbie, d. 4-23-1868, age: 33y, Row #5
McKnight, Libbie, d. 6-17-1872, age: 3y 7m 17d, dau of G. David and N.A., Row #5
McKnight, Nancy A, d. 4-22-1892, age: 51y 5m 3d, wife of George D, Row #9
McKnight, Nancy Powell, d. 5-18-1893, age: 72y, wife of James, Row #5
Miller, Alice, b. 6-3-1914, d. 12-21-916, dau of Fred and Mary, Row #1
Miller, James E., d. 2-17-1864, age: 1y 10m, Row #14
Miller, Mary F, b. 1893, d. 1940, Row #1
Nuttall, Hannah, b. 10-15-1859, d. 3-9-1940, Row #4
Nuttall, T.C., b. 4-1-1852, d. 4-27-1938, Row #4
Oatman, George H, d. 12-13-1854, age: 3y 11m 21d, son of Isaac and Charlotte, Row #11
Oatman, Harriet, b. 1838, d. 1-13-1845, age: 6y 2m 17d, dau of Leman and Mary, Row #11
Oatman, Mary Dixon, d. 12-6-1846, age: 24y 10m 12d, wife of William, dau of Daniel and Nancy, Row #11
Oatman, Mary, d. 11-8-1849, age: 32y 7m 15d, wife of Leman, Row #11
Orcutt, Earl W, b. 7-27-1885, d. 5-9-1923, Row #1
Parson, Betsey, b. 1798, d. 1-19-1866, age: 68y, wife of Daniel, Row #
Patrick, Edwin L., M.D., d. 5-8-1896, age: 84y, wife Nancy, Row #6
Patrick, Emily, d. 6-15-1862, age: 3y, dau of Edwin and Nancy, Row #6
Patrick, Nancy, d. 1-23-1891, age: 72y, wife of Edwin L., Row #6
Perry, William H, b. 1839, d. 1909, Row #7
Persons, Daniel, d. 4-15-1823, age: 27y, Row #15
Powell, Electa, d. 10-2-1887, age: 65y 2m 16d, wife of William, Row #7
Powell, Harriet, d. 2-11-1858, age: 21y, dau of Wm and Electa, wife of John T Powell, Row #7
Powell, Isaac, d. 4-3-1863, age: 80y, Row #13
Powell, John, d. 5-30-1856, age: 59y, wife Phebe, Row #13
Powell, Nancy, d. 6-22-1862, age: 78y 5m 22d, wife of Garrett, Row #9
Powell, Phebe, d. 2-24-1877, age: 77y, wife of John, Row #13
Powell, William, d. 8-14-1887, age: 80y 21d, wife Electa, Row #7
Qua, Anna, d. 5-23-1858, wife of Robert, Row #14
Qua, John, d. 11-24-1862, age: 92y 6m 24d, Row #14
Qua, Robert W., d. 3-2-1856, age: 13y, son of William and Maria, Row #14
Qua, Robert, d. 10-26-1856, age: 76y, wife Anna, Row #14
Ripley, Charlie C., d. 5-7-1865, age: 1y 8m 5d, son of David W. and Alzina D, Row #14
Ripley, Emma L., d. 8-22-1870, age: 2y 3m 11d, dau of David W. and Alzina D, Row #14
Ripley, Frank A, d. 3-20-1865, age: 6y 1m 18d, son of David W. and Alzina D, Row #14
Ripley, George W, d. 3-19-1865, age: 3y 9m 10d, son of David W. and Alzina D, Row #14
Ripley, Maggie Libbie, d. 3-5-1862, age: 7y 11m, dau of David W. and Alzina D, Row #14
Robinson, David H, b. 1858, d. , wife Fannie F Smith, Row #3
Robinson, Fannie F. Smith, b. 1859, d. 1890, wife of David H., Row #3
Robinson, Rebie S., b. 1888, d. 1889, dau of David and Fannie, Row #3
Russell, Clifford, d. 11-10-1887, age: 1y 10m 10d, son of Mitchell and Angeline, Row #9
Russell, Daniel, d. 1-25-1851, age: 76y, wife Keziah, Row #12
Russell, Francis, d. 10-20-1869, age: 49y 8m 22d, wife Jane, Row #12
Russell, Gilbert W, d. 2-28-1895, age: 1y 4m, son of Mitchell and Angeline, Row #9
Russell, Jane, d. 6-14-1877, age: 58y 3m, wife of Francis, Row #12
Russell, John B, d. 11-20-1869, age: 21y 1m 21d, son of Fancis and Jane, Row #12
Russell, Keziah, d. 5-18-1864, age: 80y 3m, wife of Daniel, Row #12
Seeley, David O, d. 3-1-1866, age: 36y, wife Elizabeth Reynolds, Row #5
Seeley, Elizabeth Reynolds, d. , age: "84y, wife of David, no dates, Row #5
Shields, V & E, d. 6-18-1864, Row #15
Sloan, James, b. 7-23-1817, d. 7-5-1893, wife Mary Bradford, Row #5
Sloan, Mary Bradford, b. 4-14-1809, d. 6-16-1894, wife of James, Row #5
Smith, Almira, d. 7-9-1855, age: 34y 9m, wife of Philip, Row #15
Smith, Eliza D, d. 5-11-1867, age: 15y, dau of Philip and Almira, Row #15
Smith, Ida Jane, d. 1-8-1862, age: 5y, dau of Philip and Cornelia, Row #15
Thomas, David, d. 1-13-1860, wife Hannah, Row #10
Thomas, Hannah, d. 2-8-1852, age: 60y, wife of David, Row #10
Thomas, Mariett, no dates, no dates, Row #6
Thomas, Martha J, d. 12-10-1888, age: 68y 4m, Row #6
Thomas, Polly, d. 11-22-1853, age: 66y 8m, Row #6
Thomas, Romane, d. 6-17-1862, age: 6y 2d, son of M. E., Row #6
Thomas, Susan M., d. 1-4-1877, age: 63y 4m 21d, Row #6
Thomas, William, d. 4-1-1856, age: 70y 5m, Row #6
Trusdell, Emily, d. 2-14-1875, age: 2y 8m, dau of Marion and Jennie, Row #6
Ward, Alfred, d. 2-21-1859, age: 75y, wife Polly, Row #4
Ward, Polly, d. 6-16-1852, age: 61y, wife of Alfred, Row #4
Williams, Patricia Louise, b. 10-8-1941, d. 10-8-1941, dau of Henry L and Edna E, Row #1
Willis, Amasa A, b. 1822, d. 1886, wife Jane M, Row #2
Willis, Belle, b. 1867, d. , Row #2
Willis, Jane M, b. 1831, d. 1907, wife of AMasa A, Row #2
Willis, Jennie B, b. 1896, d. 1898, Row #2
Willis, John, b. 1862, d. , Row #2
Willis, Sarah, b. 1869, d. , wife of John, Row #2
Wilson, John, d. 5-28-1906, age: 68y, Row #7
Young, John, b. 1833, d. 1909, wife Mary Jane Martin, Row #6
Young, Mary Jane Martin, b. 1830, d. 1902, wife of John, Row #6
Young, Sterlan, b. 1865, d. 1923, Row #6

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