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Belcher Methodist Cemetery
Hebron, Washington County, New York

belcher methodist cemetery
Belcher Methodist Cemetery
belcher methodist cemetery
Belcher Methodist Cemetery

GPS: 43.286257, -73.391350

County Route 30
Hebron, NY 12865

by Linda Marra, [Lintm04@wmconnect.com]
Published: Sep 30, 2001, last updated Dec 01, 2003
Total records = 230

The cemetery is located just south of Reid Road on Rte 30, as you are headed north out of the town of Belcher, NY. which is actually a part of Hebron, NY.

Cemetery Records

Records below were provided by Linda Marra, who first walked this cemetery in Sep 2001, and then later reedited them with information from sexton files. Dates of death range from 1817 to 1970.

Allen, Andrea,
no dates, no marker, Row #2
Allen, Charles, d. 1-29-1853, age: 80y, wife Mary, Row #2
Allen, Lucy M., d. 1-28-1851, age: 17y 3m 10d, dau of Eleazor and Lucy, Row #2
Allen, Lucy, d. 3-21-1846, age: 36y, wife of Eleaser, Row #2
Allen, Mary, d. 5-10-1837, age: 54y, wife of Charles, Row #2
Beane, Nancy T, b. 10-3-1827, d. 1-21-1910, Row #11
Bell, Infant, b. 9-5-1873, d. 9-12-1873, son of John and Henrietta, Row #12
Bradfoed, John W, d. 1-19-1852, age: 3m 13d, son of John and Maria, Row #11
Bradford, Alonzo, d. 3-29-1869, age: 29y 3m , wife J. E., Row #10
Bradford, David F, d. 10-8-1849, age: 2y 11m 8d, son of John and Maria, Row #11
Bradford, Hannah, d. 9-12-1861, age: 73y 3m 6d, wife of John, Row #2
Bradford, John, b. 3-14-1814, d. 2-11-1894, wife Maria & Mary J. Taylor, Row #11
Bradford, Maria, d. 10-23-1865, age: 47y 1m 10d, wife of John, Row #11
Bradford, Mary J. Taylor, d. 1829, age: 1915, wife of John, Row #11
Bradford, Theodore E, d. 10-16-1849, age: 5y 7m 11d, son of John and Maria, Row #11
Bradford, WIlliam J, d. 11-13-1849, age: 9y 11m 16d, son of John and Maria, Row #11
Bradford, William, b. 11-29-1868, d. 3-4-1891, son of John and Mary, Row #11
Bradford, Willie, d. 3-14-1865, age: 5y 3m 19d, son of Alonzo and J.E., Row #10
Bristol, Frances J. Dixon, d. 11-1-1924, age: 68y, wife of Merritte Bristol, Row #5
Bristol, Merritte, d. 7-21-1888, age: 38y, husband of Frances J. Dixon, Row #5
Campbell, George H, d. 11-19-1890, age: 22y 3m 13d, Row #8
Campbell, George, d. 12-3-1893, age: 73y 9m, wife Rachel, Row #8
Campbell, William, d. 4-13-1884, age: 23y 10m, son of George and Rachel, Row #8
Cary, Maria, d. 8-24-1877, age: 77y 4m 10d, wife of William, Row #5
Case, Jonathan, d. 6-3-1870, age: 57y 4m, wife Lydia, Row #8
Case, Lydia, d. 10-1-1882, age: 66y, wife of Jonathan, Row #8
Chapman, Anna, d. 7-30-1878, age: 10m, dau of Hiram and Josephine, Row #7
Chapman, Carrie, d. 5-25-1882, age: 6y, dau of Hiram and Josephine, Row #7
Chapman, George Jr, d. 10-31-1852, son of George and Jane, Row #11
Chapman, George, b. 8-20-1803, d. 1-12-1895, wife Jane, Row #11
Chapman, Hiram W, d. 4-18-1885, age: 45y, wife Josephine Labossier, Row #7
Chapman, Infant, d. 2-27-1882, age: 6m, dau of Hiram and Josephine, Row #7
Chapman, Jane, d. 11-21-1869, age: 63y, wife of George, Row #11
Chapman, Leander, d. 2-22-1858, age: 22y 3m 29d, son of George and Jane, Row #11
Chapman, Mary Eliza, d. 9-8-1862, age: 13m 13d, dau of John W and Eliza, Row #12
Chapman, Mary, d. 5-1-1832, dau of Spencer and Sally, Row #12
Chapman, Sally, d. 10-12-1873, age: 73y, wife of Spencer, Row #12
Chapman, Spencer, d. 9-18-1861, age: 66y, wife Sally, Row #12
Chapman, Stephen, d. 7-14-1863, age: 8y 2m 6d, son of John W and Eliza, Row #12
Chapman, Warren T, d. 12-21-1861, age: 4y 4m, son of John W and Eliza, Row #12
Clayton, Ida Lackey, no dates, dau of Arthur and Ida Lackey, no marker, Row #2
Clough, Arden H, b. 4-28-1791, d. 7-29-1867, age: 76y, wife Keziah Larkham, Row #8
Clough, Elijah, b. 8-3-1840, d. 5-19-1842, Row #9
Clough, Elijah, d. 3-5-1837, age: 59y, wife Phoebe, Row #9
Clough, Joseph V, b. 1815, d. 5-16-1817, age: 2y 1m 3d, son of Elijah and Phebe, Row #9
Clough, Keziah Larkham, b. 7-17-1794, d. 3-22-1872, wife of Arden H., Row #8
Clough, Levi H, M.D., b. 12-11-1808, d. 6-28-1880, wife Lois E., Row #9
Clough, Lis E., b. 10-26-1814, d. 5-27-1900, husband Levi H, Row #9
Clough, Melville, b. 10-5-1844, d. 4-21-1845, Row #9
Clough, Phebe, d. 7-20-1850, age: 68y, wife of Elijah, Row #9
Clough, Prudence, b. 1806, d. 5-3-1875, dau of Elijah & Phebe, wife of T. Gregory, T. Bump, Row #9
Coonradt, Clarence H, b. 1-27-1855, d. 3-16-1926, Row #4
Copeland, Margaret M, d. 2-21-1877, age: 54y, wife of Richard Huggins, Row #12
Coy, Infant, d. 2-20-1866, age: 1m, dau of Wesley and Annie, Row #2
Crawford, David, d. 3-24-1855, wife S.A., Row #10
Crawford, Susan M, d. 4-17-1858, age: 18y, dau of David and S.A., Row #10
Crosier, Bessie Mae, b. 1880, d. 1964, Row #5
Crosier, Elizabeth M. Sloan, b. 10-14-1851, d. 6-6-1935, wife of William, Row #5
Crosier, George, b. 1-22-1843, d. 12-19-1894, wife Martha, Row #3
Crosier, Leroy, d. 8-15-1879, age: 8m, son of George and Martha, Row #3
Crosier, Martha, no dates, wife of George, no marker, Row #3
Crosier, William C., b. 8-14-1850, d. 7-31-1933, wife Elizabeth M. Sloan, Row #5
Day, Almon R., b. 1903, d. 1961, Row #4
Day, Clarisa A Race, b. 4-1-1845, d. 8-10-1913, wife of Jesse, Row #4
Day, Franklin, b. 10-4-1809, d. 3-20-1882, wife Ruth Mattison, Row #4
Day, Jesse, b. 1785, d. 7-14-1865, age: 80y, wife Phoebe, Row #4
Day, Jesse, b. 7-16-1842, d. 7-10-1920, wife Clarisa A Race, Row #4
Day, Nancy, d. 2-5-1875, age: 37y 3m 10d, wife of William N., Row #4
Day, Phebe, b. 1790, d. 12-2-1869, age: 79y 7m, wife of Jesse, Row #4
Day, Ruth Mattison, b. 9-11-1810, d. 9-8-1887, wife of Franklin Day, Row #4
Day, Thomas Perry, d. 1-15-1852, age: 2y 4m 24d, son of Franklin and Ruth, Row #4
Day, WIlliam N, b. 11-22-1834, d. 3-19-1891, age: 56y, wife Nancy, Row #4
Dison, Harriet P, d. 1-15-1877, age: 44y, wife of Truman, Row #5
Dixon, Ann, d. 8-31-1838, age: 8y 8m, dau of Daniel and Nancy, Row #11
Dixon, Charles H, d. 4-2-1867, age: 10y 9m 22d, son of Truman and Harriet, Row #11
Dixon, Daniel, d. 12-15-1838, age: 44y, wife Nancy, Row #11
Dixon, George, d. 10-16-1900, age: 73y 1m 13d, wife Hattie A., Row #8
Dixon, Hattie A, d. 7-31-1868, age: 34y 2m 23d, wife of George, Row #8
Dixon, Hattie, d. 12-6-1869, age: 3m 6d, dau of Truman and Harriet, Row #11
Dixon, Lydia, d. 6-2-1861, age: 3m, dau of Truman and Harriet, Row #11
Dixon, Nancy, d. 5-25-1866, age: 75y, wife of Daniel, Row #11
Dougan, Betsey, d. 5-12-1866, age: 64y, wife of Matthew, Row #14
Dunn, Margaret T., b. 7-28-1872, d. 6-18-1891, wife of George, Row #11
Durkee, Alonzo, b. 9-14-1839, d. 11-8-1905, wife Sarah, Row #3
Durkee, Carrie E., d. 11-11-1885, age: 18y 3m , dau of Alonzo and Sarah, Row #3
Durkee, Hattie M, d. 8-30-1875, age: 3y 8m 12d, dau of Ransler and Amanda, Row #11
Durkee, John N, b. 1875, d. 1933, Row #3
Durkee, Sarah, d. 3-23-1883, age: 36y 6m, wife of Alonzo, Row #3
Edgerton, Ariel, d. 12-29-1882, age: 77y 3m, wife Martha, Row #6
Edgerton, Martha, d. 3-15-1873, age: 56y, wife of Ariel, Row #6
Ervin, David J., d. 6-8-1868, age: 36y, wife Laura A., Row #8
Ervin, Laura A, d. 11-11-1867, age: 33y, wife of David J., Row #8
Ervin, Laura, d. 9-1-1867, age: 3m, dau of David and Laura, Row #8
Ervin, Rufus D, d. 3-19-1865, age: 10y 1m 22d, son of David and Laura, Row #8
Foreman, ELiza, d. 2-24-1886, age: 43y 9m, wife of Robert, Row #8
Foster, Andrew, b. 5-17-1832, d. 1-9-1916, Row #4
Foster, Infant, no dates, dau of Jesse and Caroline, Row #4
Foster, Lucy Alzina, b. 3-24-1840, d. 5-23-1917, Row #4
Fullerton, H., no dates, no other info, Row #4
Geralds, Susan, d. 3-22-1869, age: 86y 5m 18d, Row #7
Gibson, Charles W., d. 6-11-1891, age: 26y, son of William and Jane, Row #6
Gibson, Elizabeth, d. 12-18-1851, age: 60y, wife of William, Row #15
Gibson, Hannah, d. 7-25-1857, age: 31y, Row #15
Gibson, Howard S., d. 3-4-1880, age: 1y 1m 21d, son of William and Jane, Row #6
Gibson, Infant, d. 3-24-1863, son of James and Jane, Row #15
Gibson, Jane A. Huggins, b. 1836, d. 1887, wife of William, Row #6
Gibson, Jane E., d. 3-4-1863, age: 1y 14d, dau of George and M.A., Row #15
Gibson, Johnie, d. 3-5-1870, age: 1y 2m, son of James and Jane, Row #15
Gibson, Mary, b. 2-5-1858, d. 9-18-1883, age: 25y 7m 18d, wife of John A., Row #6
Gibson, William, b. 1828, d. 1906, wife Jane A. Huggins, Row #6
Gison, WIlliam, d. 1-31-1881, age: 93y, wife Elizabeth, Row #15
Gourley, Jannette, d. 3-25-1882, age: 82y, Row #9
Henthorn, Rebecca Jane, d. 8-3-1856, age: 17y 1m 16d, dau of James and Letitia, Row #14
Horth, Lucy, b. 1756, d. 3-31-1818, age: 62y, wife of Francis, Row #4
Horth, William, b. 1791, d. 10-16-1820, age: 29y, Row #4
Huggins, Ella Jane, d. 9-21-1855, dau of Richard and Margaret, Row #12
Huggins, Margaret Bovee, d. 1-28-1861, age: 61y, wife of John, Row #13
Huggins, Richard, d. 1-3-1895, age: 75y, wife Margaret M Copeland, Row #12
Hurd, John P, d. 5-15-1891, age: 69y, wife Nancy Taylor, Row #15
Hurd, Nancy Taylor, d. 6-18-1915, age: 78y, wife of John P, Row #10
Hurd, Phebe Thomas, d. 12-29-1859, age: 36y 8m, wife of John P, Row #10
Ingalls, Hannah A, b. 1818, d. 10-26-1849, age: 31y 3m 26d, wife of David T., Row #3
Ingalls, James H., b. 1820, d. 1903, wife Susan, Row #5
Ingalls, Loretta, b. 1856, d. 8-21-1870, age: 14y 11m 21d, dau of James and Susan, Row #5
Ingalls, Susan, b. 1820, d. 1903, wife of James H, Row #5
Ingalls, Susannah, d. 10-26-1861, age: 68y 7m 6d, wife of Truman, Row #5
Ingalls, Truman, d. 5-11-1868, age: 77y 2m 7d, wife Susannah, Row #5
Johnston, Fannie P, b. 1858, d. 1925, Row #7
Johnston, Infant, d. 1881, son of John G and Rachel, Row #8
Johnston, Infant, d. 5-22-1880, son of John G and Rachel, Row #8
Johnston, John G, b. 1846, d. 1929, wife Rachel Campbell, Row #8
Johnston, Rachel Campbell, b. 1858, d. 1908, wife of John G, Row #8
Johnston, William C, b. 1885, d. 1888, son of John G and Rachel, Row #8
Kenyon, Mary Jane, d. 2-26-1859, age: 2m 28d, dau of Warren and Phebe, Row #9
King, Ann Eliza, d. 9-2-1848, age: 6y 1m 21d, dau of Thomas and Lilley, Row #14
Labossier, Josephine, b. 4-4-1846, d. 12-23-1925, wife of Hiram W Chapman, Row #7
Lackey, Edgar, no dates, no marker, Row #2
Lackey, Ella, b. 1867, d. 1915, wife of Edgar, Row #2
Lackey, Infant, no dates, child of Arthur and Ida, no marker, Row #2
Lackey, Milford, no dates, son of Arthur and Ida, no marker, Row #2
Lockwood, Bessie I, b. 12-8-1887, d. 12-30-1970, Row #4
Lockwood, Emma A, b. 8-25-1866, d. 5-19-1956, wife of Warren, Row #4
Lockwood, L. Warren, b. 6-6-1861, d. 2-8-1940, wife Emma A, Row #4
Lundy, Eugene M, b. 1901, d. , son of William and Isabell, Row #2
Lundy, Isabell Allen, b. 1861, d. 1930, wife of William T., Row #2
Lundy, Martha J, b. 1888, d. 1895, dau of William and Isabell, Row #2
Lundy, William T, b. 1863, d. 1931, Row #2
McConaghy, James, b. 2-5-1837, d. 11-26-1916, wife Nancy Morgan, Row #8
McConaghy, Jennie, d. 9-29-1886, age: 15y 1m 29d, dau of James and Nancy, Row #8
McConaghy, Nancy Morgan, b. 12-24-1848, d. 7-20-1930, wife of James, Row #8
McFarland, Anna, b. 8-27-1870, d. 9-9-1903, wife of Robert, Row #8
McKnight, George D., d. 7-2-1886, age: 49y 8m 10d, wie Nancy A, Row #9
McKnight, James H., d. 9-25-1888, age: 25y 10m, son of George and Nancy, Row #9
McKnight, James, d. 1-19-1884, age: 69y, wife Nancy Powell, Row #5
McKnight, Libbie, d. 4-23-1868, age: 33y, Row #5
McKnight, Libbie, d. 6-17-1872, age: 3y 7m 17d, dau of G. David and N.A., Row #5
McKnight, Nancy A, d. 4-22-1892, age: 51y 5m 3d, wife of George D, Row #9
McKnight, Nancy Powell, d. 5-18-1893, age: 72y, wife of James, Row #5
Miller, Alice, b. 6-3-1914, d. 12-21-916, dau of Fred and Mary, Row #1
Miller, James E., d. 2-17-1864, age: 1y 10m, Row #14
Miller, Mary F, b. 1893, d. 1940, Row #1
Nuttall, Hannah, b. 10-15-1859, d. 3-9-1940, Row #4
Nuttall, T.C., b. 4-1-1852, d. 4-27-1938, Row #4
Oatman, George H, d. 12-13-1854, age: 3y 11m 21d, son of Isaac and Charlotte, Row #11
Oatman, Harriet, b. 1838, d. 1-13-1845, age: 6y 2m 17d, dau of Leman and Mary, Row #11
Oatman, Mary Dixon, d. 12-6-1846, age: 24y 10m 12d, wife of William, dau of Daniel and Nancy, Row #11
Oatman, Mary, d. 11-8-1849, age: 32y 7m 15d, wife of Leman, Row #11
Orcutt, Earl W, b. 7-27-1885, d. 5-9-1923, Row #1
Parson, Betsey, b. 1798, d. 1-19-1866, age: 68y, wife of Daniel, Row #
Patrick, Edwin L., M.D., d. 5-8-1896, age: 84y, wife Nancy, Row #6
Patrick, Emily, d. 6-15-1862, age: 3y, dau of Edwin and Nancy, Row #6
Patrick, Nancy, d. 1-23-1891, age: 72y, wife of Edwin L., Row #6
Perry, William H, b. 1839, d. 1909, Row #7
Persons, Daniel, d. 4-15-1823, age: 27y, Row #15
Powell, Electa, d. 10-2-1887, age: 65y 2m 16d, wife of William, Row #7
Powell, Harriet, d. 2-11-1858, age: 21y, dau of Wm and Electa, wife of John T Powell, Row #7
Powell, Isaac, d. 4-3-1863, age: 80y, Row #13
Powell, John, d. 5-30-1856, age: 59y, wife Phebe, Row #13
Powell, Nancy, d. 6-22-1862, age: 78y 5m 22d, wife of Garrett, Row #9
Powell, Phebe, d. 2-24-1877, age: 77y, wife of John, Row #13
Powell, William, d. 8-14-1887, age: 80y 21d, wife Electa, Row #7
Qua, Anna, d. 5-23-1858, wife of Robert, Row #14
Qua, John, d. 11-24-1862, age: 92y 6m 24d, Row #14
Qua, Robert W., d. 3-2-1856, age: 13y, son of William and Maria, Row #14
Qua, Robert, d. 10-26-1856, age: 76y, wife Anna, Row #14
Ripley, Charlie C., d. 5-7-1865, age: 1y 8m 5d, son of David W. and Alzina D, Row #14
Ripley, Emma L., d. 8-22-1870, age: 2y 3m 11d, dau of David W. and Alzina D, Row #14
Ripley, Frank A, d. 3-20-1865, age: 6y 1m 18d, son of David W. and Alzina D, Row #14
Ripley, George W, d. 3-19-1865, age: 3y 9m 10d, son of David W. and Alzina D, Row #14
Ripley, Maggie Libbie, d. 3-5-1862, age: 7y 11m, dau of David W. and Alzina D, Row #14
Robinson, David H, b. 1858, d. , wife Fannie F Smith, Row #3
Robinson, Fannie F. Smith, b. 1859, d. 1890, wife of David H., Row #3
Robinson, Rebie S., b. 1888, d. 1889, dau of David and Fannie, Row #3
Russell, Clifford, d. 11-10-1887, age: 1y 10m 10d, son of Mitchell and Angeline, Row #9
Russell, Daniel, d. 1-25-1851, age: 76y, wife Keziah, Row #12
Russell, Francis, d. 10-20-1869, age: 49y 8m 22d, wife Jane, Row #12
Russell, Gilbert W, d. 2-28-1895, age: 1y 4m, son of Mitchell and Angeline, Row #9
Russell, Jane, d. 6-14-1877, age: 58y 3m, wife of Francis, Row #12
Russell, John B, d. 11-20-1869, age: 21y 1m 21d, son of Fancis and Jane, Row #12
Russell, Keziah, d. 5-18-1864, age: 80y 3m, wife of Daniel, Row #12
Seeley, David O, d. 3-1-1866, age: 36y, wife Elizabeth Reynolds, Row #5
Seeley, Elizabeth Reynolds, d. , age: "84y, wife of David, no dates, Row #5
Shields, V & E, d. 6-18-1864, Row #15
Sloan, James, b. 7-23-1817, d. 7-5-1893, wife Mary Bradford, Row #5
Sloan, Mary Bradford, b. 4-14-1809, d. 6-16-1894, wife of James, Row #5
Smith, Almira, d. 7-9-1855, age: 34y 9m, wife of Philip, Row #15
Smith, Eliza D, d. 5-11-1867, age: 15y, dau of Philip and Almira, Row #15
Smith, Ida Jane, d. 1-8-1862, age: 5y, dau of Philip and Cornelia, Row #15
Thomas, David, d. 1-13-1860, wife Hannah, Row #10
Thomas, Hannah, d. 2-8-1852, age: 60y, wife of David, Row #10
Thomas, Mariett, no dates, no dates, Row #6
Thomas, Martha J, d. 12-10-1888, age: 68y 4m, Row #6
Thomas, Polly, d. 11-22-1853, age: 66y 8m, Row #6
Thomas, Romane, d. 6-17-1862, age: 6y 2d, son of M. E., Row #6
Thomas, Susan M., d. 1-4-1877, age: 63y 4m 21d, Row #6
Thomas, William, d. 4-1-1856, age: 70y 5m, Row #6
Trusdell, Emily, d. 2-14-1875, age: 2y 8m, dau of Marion and Jennie, Row #6
Ward, Alfred, d. 2-21-1859, age: 75y, wife Polly, Row #4
Ward, Polly, d. 6-16-1852, age: 61y, wife of Alfred, Row #4
Williams, Patricia Louise, b. 10-8-1941, d. 10-8-1941, dau of Henry L and Edna E, Row #1
Willis, Amasa A, b. 1822, d. 1886, wife Jane M, Row #2
Willis, Belle, b. 1867, d. , Row #2
Willis, Jane M, b. 1831, d. 1907, wife of AMasa A, Row #2
Willis, Jennie B, b. 1896, d. 1898, Row #2
Willis, John, b. 1862, d. , Row #2
Willis, Sarah, b. 1869, d. , wife of John, Row #2
Wilson, John, d. 5-28-1906, age: 68y, Row #7
Young, John, b. 1833, d. 1909, wife Mary Jane Martin, Row #6
Young, Mary Jane Martin, b. 1830, d. 1902, wife of John, Row #6
Young, Sterlan, b. 1865, d. 1923, Row #6

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