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Light Cemetery
Smithboro, Tioga County, New York

Lat: 42° 01' 54"N, Lon: 76° 22' 43"W

Contributed by Robert R. Fuller, Jun 19, 2012, last edited Jul 09, 2012 [rfuller953@aol.com]. Total records = 98.

To reach cemetery from Smithboro, drive east o State Hwy 17, turn right or south onto Hwy 282, then left onto Church Street. The cemetery will be on the left or north side of the street.

This cemetery is sometimes called the Canfield Cemetery. It has a mix of modern and old tombstones. I am not sure who owns and maintains it. It does not appear to be used for burials anymore.

This is a complete listing of all legible headstones done on Jun 16, 2012.
- Robert R. Fuller
Allen, Anna, d. Dec 1812
Allen, John, d. Nov 18, 1822, age: 30yr
Allen, Lydia, d. Dec 30, 1811, age: 86yr 9mo 6da, wife of William Allen
Allen, Timothy, d. Apr 17, 1837, age: 6mo 12da, son of Noah & Rhoda Allen
Allen, William, d. Mar 7, 1826, husband of Lydia Allen
Armstrong, Charles H., d. Apr 8, 1858, age: 10mo, son of Joseph & Lucy Armstrong
Armstrong, Jasper, d. Jul 27, 1849, age: 67yr
Armstrong, Milicent B., d. Apr 9, 1849, age: 13yr 11da, daughter of Joseph & Lucy Armstrong
Barlow, August P., d. Aug 9, 1840, age: 20yr 10mo 10da, son of William & Clarissa Barlow
Barlow, William W., d. Apr 20, 1856, age: 31yr 6mo
Beall, Lydia B., d. Nov 8, 1855, wife of John B. Beall
Bennett, Annie Light, d. Mar 28, 1946, wife of William Cooper Bennett (not sure if she is buried in the cemetery)
Bennett, William Cooper, b. Sep 27, 1870, d. Dec 25, 1931, husband of Annie Light
Bonham, Frances Eleanor, b. 1881, d. 1956, daughter of Eleanor Canfield Pounds
Bowman, Robert, d. Dec 7, 186-, tombstone broke half, some info lost
Bowman, Uzilla, no dates, age: 80yr, tombstone broke half, some info lost
Brooks, Amy, d. Jun 28, 1856, age: 79yr 4mo 24da, wife of James Brooks
Canfield , Ezra Adolphus, d. Sep 8, 1832, age: 3yr 1mo 6da, son of Ezra & Alma Canfield
Canfield, Abl, d. 1810, age: 3yr
Canfield, Alfred, d. Nov 11, 1913, age: 69yr
Canfield, Amos, d. Oct 21, 1888, age: 89yr, husband of Ellen Canfrield
Canfield, E., d. Jun/Jul 1809, age: 7yr
Canfield, Ellen, d. May 27, 1890, age: 82yr, wife of Amos Canfield
Canfield, Enos, d. Dec 11, 1822, age: 55yr 10mo 17da, War of 1812 Veteran
Canfield, Enos, d. Jun 6, 1826, age: 2mo, son of Ezra & Alma Canfield
Canfield, Lucina, d. Jun 21, 1839, age: 15yr., daughter of Ezra & Alma Canfield
Canfield, Nathaniel A., d. Nov 7, ----, son of Esra & Alma Canfield, other information lost
Canfield, Polly, d. Jan. 23, 1816, age: 26yr
Canfield, Polly, d. May 7, 1829, age: 83yr 10mo 9da, wife of Enos Canfield
Canfield, R., d. Apr 2, 1813, age: 16yr
Canfield, Rachel, d. Apr 2, 1813, age: 26yr
Canfield, William, d. Jan 1, 1837, age: 1yr 1mo 3da, son of Amos & Eleanor Canfield
Cassel, Patrick, d. Oct 20, 1831, age: 72, 1mo 26da
Cowell, Prudence A, d. ---- 11, 1818, wife of Joshua Cowell, tombstone upside down, some info lost
Dean, Franklin S., b. 1836, d. 1919, husband of Kizia Canfield
Dean, Kizia Canfield, b. 1840, d. 1913, wife of Franklin S. Dean
Harris, J., d. Jun 29, 1812, Some information unreadable
Hart, Charles O., d. May 17, 1849
Hart, Henry, d. Jun 5, 1880, age: 85yr 21da, husband of Mary Hart
Hart, Mary, d. May 13, 187-, wife of Henry Hart
Hill, Elizabeth, b. 1849, d. 1928
Hill, Thomas W., b. 1871, d. 1890
Hill, Ward L., b. 1848, d. 1920
Jakway, Prudence C., b. 1833, d. 1900, Middle Name is Canfield
Knapp, Sally, d. Dec 17, 1810, age: 35yr, wife of Alfred M. Knapp
Light, Bellie, d. October 6, 1879, age: 8yr 7mo 14da, daughter of H.G. & Louise Light
Light, Della M., b. 1862, d. 1907
Light, Edwin, b. Jan. 6, 1823, d. Nov 19, 1905
Light, Eli S., b. Sep 12, 1817, d. Mar 15, 1879, husband of Mary Light
Light, Elizabeth R., b. 1863, d. 1923
Light, George, d. Feb 14, 1853, age: 32yr, son of Henry & Sybil Light, d. at Tampa Bay, Florida
Light, Harry, d. Sep 13, 1865, age: 13mo, son of H.G. & Louise Light
Light, Henrey, no dates, son of Henry & Sybil Light,
Light, Henry G, b. 1830, d. 1887, husband of Louise Adams Light
Light, Louise Adams, b. 1827, d. 1912, wife of Henry G. Light
Light, Mary Cole, b. 1833, d. 1893
Light, Mary Frances, b. 1870, d. 1956
Light, Sarah, b. Jun 1, 1862, d. Nov 9, 1863, daughter of Eli S. & Mary Light
Light, Sybil M., b. 1868, d. 1900
Light, Sybil R., d. Apr 15, 1877, age: 82yr 8mo, wife of Henry Light
Light, Willie, d. Sep 25, 1877, age: 11yr 2mo, son of H.G. & Louise Light
Masten, Vincent Myron, b. 1861, d. 1935
Mattesun, Carolina A., b. 1842, d. 1915
Mattesun, Charlie O., b. 1867, d. 1884
Miller, Alfeus, b. Jul 21, 1812. d. Mar 30, 1875
Miller, Charles Henry, b. Aug 8, 1838, d. Dec 13, 1903, husband of Lucina Canfield Miller
Miller, Deborah Smith, b. 1824, d. 1906
Miller, Edward H., b. 1860, d. 1928
Miller, Francis G., no dates, age: 71yr 23da
Miller, Henry, d. Jun 13, 1860, age: 51yr 1mo
Miller, J., d. Apr 9, 1812, age: 64yr
Miller, Jesse L., d. Mar 17, 1836, age: 2yr 6mo, son of Henry & Julia Miller
Miller, Jesse, no dates
Miller, Julia A., d. Sep7, 1897, age: 88yr, wife of Henry L. Miller
Miller, Lucina Canfield, b. 1848, d. 1916, wife of Charles Henry Miller
Miller, P., d. Jan. 17, 1834, age: 34yr
Miller, Polly, d. Apr 26, 1854, age: 71yr 2mo 29da
Miller, Sarah J., d. Aug 17, 1855, daughter of Henry & Julia Miller. Bottom if tombstone info lost
Newman, Ezekiel, d. Jul 31, 1836, age: 86 Ys, 5mo 4da, husband of Temperanc Newman
Newman, Temperanc, d. Aug 17, 1810, age: 85 Ys, 10mo 17 Ds, wife of Ezekiel Newman
Ogden, Deborah, d. Apr 1, 1848, age: 25yr, wife of Enos C. Ogden
Ogden, Ezra C., d. Jul 12, 1830, age: 19yr 1mo 20da
Ogden, Ezra C., no dates, son of Enos C. & Deborah Ogden
Ogden, Susan, d. Aug 11, 1817, wife of John Ogden
Perry, Alfred, d. Apr 1811 or 1841, age: 9da, son of Conard & Clarissa Perry, Tombstone was peeling off
Perry, Mary A., d. Nov 1, 1869, age: 68yr
Platt, Daniel, Jr, d. Oct 13, 1829, age: 8mo 14da, son of Daniel & Almira Platt
Pounds, Ellen Canfield, Fied Oct 18, 1881, age: 30yr, dau. of Amos & Ellen Canfield, wife of Thomas E. Pounds
Sharp, Emma E., d. May 23, 1859, age: 8yr 8 Mos. & 23da, daughter of William & Phebe Sharp
Smith, Rachel, d. May 8, 1856, age: 71yr 11mo 12da, wife of Wait Smith
Smith, Wait, d. Apr 17, 1860, age: 81yr 11da, husband of Rachel Smith
Snyder, Esther C., d. Feb 13, 1837, age: 24yr 1mo 6da, wife of Benjamin P. Snyder
Wallis, Janet Light, b. 1866, d. 1967
Ward, Ann B., d. Feb 15, 1852, age: 48yr 3mo 27 Ds, wife of William Ward
Wheeler, Fannie Canfield, d. Sep 12, 1897, age: 48yr
White, Betsey, d. Feb 7, 1851, age: 67yr
White, Jennett, d. Jun 2, 1869, age: 29yr 9mo 14 Ds, wife of Lewis White
Yonti, John H., d. Apr 26, 1874, age: 75yr

??, Andrew, d. Jun 1, 1812, age: 9yr
??, E.N., no data
??, Fannie, no dates, no known information
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