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Saint Andrew Cemetery
Walden, Orange County, New York

Lat: 41° 34' 11"N, Lon: 74° 08' 48"W

Contributed by Lisa Melville, Jul 23, 2004, last edited Apr 16, 2009 [melvillelisamarie@gmail.com].  Total records = 163.

This cemetery is located at Saint Andrew Road and Plains Road, Walden, NY. It used to be next to the church, but the church is no longer there.

The cemetery is surrounded by a stone wall and is in fair condition. The stones are getting very hard to read.

The Cemetery is one of the oldest and most important cemeteries in Orange County. It is owned by Saint Andrew Episcopal Church in Walden. It is not accepting new burials.

I walked this cemetery in Jul of 2004, then compared my work with that of one done by Gertrude A. Barber in 1930. Many of the stones are very hard to read now, so it was good to get help from the older reading for some.

- Lisa Melville

Banks, Catharine, d. 24 Feb 1826, 74yr
Banks, George B., d. 31 Jan 1813, 30yr 5mo 10da,
Banks, John, Esq., b. 21 May, 1773, d. 16 May 1805
Banks, Justus, Esq., b. 22 Jan 1745, d. 12 Sep 1800
Banks, Sarah, b. 24 Aug 1719, d. 22 Sep 1780
Banks, Zeruiah, b. 29 Dec 1769, d. 23 Mar 1793
Bell, Robert, d. 28 Jan 1793, 48yr
Bogert, Almira, b. 2 Jun 1840, d. 24 Aug 1901
Bogert, Catharine Forbes, b. 9 Nov 1800, d. 4 Aug 1881, wife
Bogert, Clark, d. 28 May 1837, 20 yrs, 3mo 11da, son, Nicholas I. and Sarah Bogert
Bogert, John E., d. 23 Jan 1835, 1 yr 10mo 5da, son, Emma G. and John Bogert
Bogert, John, b. 19 Jan 1806, d. 7 Jul 1889
Bogert, Julia Ann Denmon, d. 22 Feb 1872, 63yr 4mo 22da, wife William Bogert
Bogert, Mary Caroline, d. 20 Aug 1846, 4mo 6da, daughter, Peter and Mary C. Bogert
Bogert, Mrs. J. Emma G., d. 13 Nov 1836, 27yr 2mo 11da,
Bogert, Nicholas I., b. 24 Jul 1776, d. 1 May 1843, 66yr 9mo 8da
Bogert, Sarah Julia Ann, d. 22 Sep 1811, 2yr 1 mo 16da, only daughter, William and Julia Ann Bogert
Bogert, Susan Forbes, d. 15 Apr 1827, 23yr 2mo 7da,
Boget, Sarah Galatin, b. 29 Mar 1777, d. 7 Aug 1856
Clark, James, d. 25 Sep 1826, 58yr, Native of Scotland
Clark, Philander, d. 21 Jan 1840, 65yr 3mo 8da, former wife of James Galatian and late wife of James Clark
Coe, Charles, d. 26 Aug 1856, 5yr 1mo 28da, son, Robert and Emeline Coe
Coe, Elizabeth, d. 27 Sep 1841, 52yr 3mo 11 dys, wife, John D. Coe
Coe, Isreal, d. 20 May 1793, 7yr
Coe, Mary, d. 7 Apr 1848, 56yr 5mo 15da,
Coe, Robert, d. 31 Mar 1793, son, Samuel and Elizabeth Coe
Coe, Thomas, d. 23 Aug 1796, 40yr
Coe, Thomas, d. 25 May 1793, 2yr 6mo 14da,
Coe, William, d. 19 Apr 1853, 39yr 8mo 8da,
Cooper, Ann Maria Galatian, d. 24 Sep 1848, 51yr, widow, Benjamin Cooper
Cooper, Benjamin, d. 30 Jul 1832, 58yr 8mo 9da,
Cooper, M. Maria Stewart, b. 27 Dec 1810, d. 19 May 1867, wife James R. Cooper
Dorcas, Alexander, d. 25 Feb 1817, 50yr 3da,
Dorcas, Elizabeth, d. 9 Mar 1824, 64yr 2mo 16da,
Dorcas, William, d. 19 Apr 1816, 20yr 10mo 9da,
Duffie, Frank, d. 4 Sep 1859, 1 yr 1mo 21da, son, N.H. and Sarah C. Duffie
Erwin, Ann, d. 15 Sept 1817, 64yr, wife
Erwin, William, d. 16 Jan 1854, 86yr 5mo 13da,
Fobes, Alonzo Chappell, d. 28 Feb 1863, 10yrs 10mo, at Washington D.C., only son of Edward A. and Elsie Folsom Fobes
Fobes, Edward Alpheus, d. 9 Feb 1865, 32 yrs, Capt. U.S.Vols, near Petersburg, Va.
Folsom, Elizabeth C. Cooper, d. 13 Aug 1849, 29yr, wife
Folsom, Frances, d. 29 Mar 1849, 5mo 2da, daughter, C.W. and E.G. Folsom
Folsom, George W., b. 25 Dec 1809, d. 16 May 1857
Folsom, Henry P., b. 20 Apr 1843, d. 9 Oct 1887
Forbes, Collin V., d. 18 Jan 1858, 81yr 11mo 6da,
Forbes, Mabel Bull Lock, d. 23 Jul 1856, 80yr 3mo 7da, wife
Forbes, Miss Mary, d. 12 Mar 1805, 50yr 8mo 21da, from New York
Fowler, Anna E., d. 21 Apr 1874, 15yr 5mo 7da,
Galatian, Anna, d. 15 Apr 1829, 2yr 4mo, daughter, John and Harriet Galatian
Galatian, Dr. David, b. 22 Jul 1748, d. 24 Aug 1815
Galatian, Eleanor, b. 12 Mar 1830, d. 6 Apr 1853, daughter, Peter and Mary Ann Galatian
Galatian, Frances, d. 13 Oct 1803, 14mo
Galatian, Hannah, d. 19 Nov 1864, 81yr 4mo 1 day.
Galatian, James, d. 12 Jan 1854, 46yr 10mo 11da,
Galatian, James, d. 29 Mar 1807, 48yr 5mo
Galatian, John I., d. 17 Oct 1829, 36yr
Galatian, John James, d. 10 Dec 1842, 13yr 10mo 18da, son, John J. and Harriet Galatian
Galatian, John, d. 26 Feb 1843, 62yr
Galatian, Mary Ann, d. 16 Apr 1831, 42yr, wife, Peter Galatian
Galatian, Rachel Bodine, d. 29 Mar 1863, 58yr 5mo 21da, wife
Galatian, Rebecca, d. 29 Aug 1831, 82yr, wife
Galatian, Sarah Rebecca, d. 10 Apr 1843, 2yr 7mo 15da, Daughter, John and Martha A. Galatian
Graham, Captain George, d. 29 Feb 1774, 59yr 6mo
Graham, James, d. 16 Sep 1785, 5 yrs, 12da, son, James G. and Jemima Graham
Graham, Mary, d. 7 Mar 1783, 5mo 26da, daughter, James G. and Jemima Graham
Hamilton, A. B. D., no dates, abt 67yr
Hamilton, U. B., 1829
Hamilton, U., b. 1766, d. 1811
Hanyan, Abigal, d. 30 Jun 1855, 80yr
Hanyan, Isaac, d. 28 Sep 1854, 90yr
Hardenbergh, Jeremiah, d. 12 Oct 1832, 42yrs. 3mo 17da,
Hardenbergh, Jeromas, d. 31 Dec 1849, 75yrs. 4mo 27da,
Hardenburgh, Hannah, d. 15 Feb 1848, 73yr, wife, Abraham Hardenburgh
Hunt, Charles C., d. 21 Sep 1862, 14da, son, Alexander and K. Ann Hunt
Hunt, Mary E., d. 30 Jan 1853, 21yr 10mo, wife, William J. Hunt
Jones, Elizabeth, d. 10 May 1824, 35yr 9mo, daughter
Jones, Hannah Woodruff, d. 10 Sep 1821, 39yr 11mo, wife, Gilbert Jones
Kent, Elizabeth Storms, b. 6 Mar 1778, d. 3 Jun 1868, erected by their daughter Mary Hoopes
Kent, Joseph, b. 7 Jun 1780, d. 15 Aug 1831, h/o Elizabeth
Kent, William D., d. 8 Jun 1851, 30yr 9mo 26da,
Kilner, George Washington, d. 27 Oct 1859, 3yr 11mo 23da, son, George and Sarah Kilner
Lasher, Catharine, d. 9 Sep 1821, 13yr 5mo 4da, daughter, John B. and Sarah Lasher
Lasher, Helen Mary, d. 14 Feb 1811, 1 yr. 2mos. 20da, daughter, John B. and Sarah Lasher
Lasher, John B., d. 14 Apr 1814, 20yr 1mo 23da,
Lasher, Sarah Banks, d. 24 May 1814, 9mo 16da,
Latourette, Frances C., d. 29 Jan 1848, 2yr 1mo 20da, daughter
Latourette,John, d. 10 Nov 1841, 18yr 10mo 21da, son, Jacob and Catharine Latourette
Livingston, Maria Moore, d. 4 Nov 1831, 24yr, Walden
Miller, Maria J., b. 19 Jul 1854, d. 3 Oct 1864
Miller, Sophia P., b. 19 Jul 1856, d. 23 Dec 1857
Milliken James Clark, d. 11 Mar 1840, 4yr 2mo, son, Alexander J. and Frances J. Milliken
Milliken, Alexander J., b. 10 Aug 1802, d. 15 Dec 1865
Milliken, Anna G., b. 18 Sep 1832, d. 20 Jun 1855
Milliken, Margaret McNeal, d. 27 Mar 1836, 6mo 7da, Daughter, Alexander J. and Frances J. Milliken
Moore, Townsend, b. 29 Jan 1783 at New York, d. 29 Apr 1833, Walden
Morehouse, Evaline E., d. 5 Sept 1849, 28yr, wife, Issac N. Morehouse
Morehouse, Marye, d. 1849, Daughter, (rest of inscription buried)
Morgan, Ann, d. 20 Oct 1829, 57yr 2mo 6da, wife Jacob Smith
Morgan, Edward, d. 29 Jun 1831 Coldenham, 24yr, late of New Orleans
Morgan, Jacob, d. 2 Jan 1812, 81yr 8mo 20da,
Morgan, John E., d. 30 Jun 1871, 63yr
Morgan, Sarah M., b. 17 Jun 1828, d. 21 Nov 1865, wife, J.E. Smith
Perce, Mrs. Jane, d. 23 Sep 1796, 76yr 6mo, of the city of New York
Potter, Elizabeth Coe, d. 9 Apr 1848, 81yr 3mos. 3da, Wife, Joseph Potter
Reed, Henry Nathan, d. 4 Feb 1850, 28yr 4mo 8da, who was killed at the Hague Street explosion in New York City
Reed, Mary Hoyt, d. 19 Jan 1847, 69yr 7mo 9da, wife, Nathan H. Reed
Riley, Mary, d. 3 Apr 1843, 1 yr. 22 dys, Daughter, Michael and Rachel Riley
Riley, Michael, d. 28 Sep 1861, 65yr 8mo 28da,
Riley, Michial, Jr., d. 14 Feb 1854, 22yr 9mo 18da
Riley, Rachel Archibald, d. 26 Nov 1875, 70yr 6mo 26da, wife
Roorback, John, d. 29 Dec 1837, 72yr
Scott, David, d. 5 Aug 1825, 74yr
Scott, Elizabeth, d. 14 Oct 1861, 79yr 5mo
Scott, Margaret, d. 8 Oct 1811, 55yr Wife
Simpson, Elydia, d. 20 May 1861, 28yr, wife, Alfred Simpson
Simpson, Mary E., d. 17 Jul 1861, 7mo, daughter, Alfred and Elydia Simpson
Snider, Catharine Ann, d. 17 Apr 1856, 57yr 1 mo 17da,
Snider, Catharine E., d. 23 May 1855, 19yr 7mo 25da,
Snider, Catharine, d. 20 Oct 1831, 20yr 10mo 20da, daughter John and Elizabeth Snider
Snider, Elizabeth, d. 25 Jan 1828, 65 yrs, wife, William Snider
Snider, Jacob, d. 13 Apr 1835, 37yr 11mo 20da,
Snider, Jacob, d. 26 Apr 1862, 2yr 6mo 26da,
Snider, John James, d. 12 March 1864, 21yr 6mo 13da, son Michael and Priscilla Snider
Snider, John, d. 26 Mar 1854, 70yr
Snider, Joseph H., d. 15 Feb 1856, 29yr 2mo 10da,
Snider, Martha d. 1 Oct 1848, 48yr 3mo 8da, wife, Jacob Snider
Snider, Mary Ann, d. 12 Jul 1841, 21yr 7mo 8 dys, wife, Andrew Snider
Snider, Michael, d. 11 Jan 1873, 68yr 5mo 18da,
Snider, Priscilla Mulnyx, d. 18 Feb 1885, 82yr 6mo, wife
Snider, Rebecca, d. 21 Oct 1845, 9mo 26da,
Snider, Teunis D., d. 22 Sep 1834, 21yr 7mo 5da, son, Teunis and Katharine Snider
Snider, Teunis, d. 7 Feb 1828, 58yr 7mo 17da,
Snider, William H., d. 27 Sep 1841, 2mo 27da, son, Andrew and Mary Ann Snider
Snider, William Henry, d. 11 September 1836, 9yr 10mo 8da, Son, Michael and Priscilla Snider
Snider, William, d. 18 Sep 1853, 59yr 24da,
Stanbrough, Mary Latourette, b. 31 Dec 1824, d. 13 Aug 1855, wife, P.M. Stanbrough
Tappan, Miss Matilda, d. 26 Oct 1862, 63yr At Newburgh
Thomas, Benjamin Graves, d. 11 Aug 1845, 17yr 23da,
Thomas, Elias, d. 6 Mar 1853, 64yr 1 mo 14da,
Thomas, John, d. 5 Dec 1850, 54yr 7mo 11da,
Thorne, Catharine Elizabeth, d. 29 Apr 1861, 13yr 2mo, daughter, John and Eliza Jane Thorne
Thorne, Jane Hardenbergh, d. 17 Feb 1866, 78yr 9mo 8da, wife
Thorne, Jane T., d. 1 Feb 1857, 1 yr. 4mo 11da, daughter, Jeromas H. and Elizabeth Thorne
Thorne, Keturah C., d. 1 Oct 1871, 3mo, infant child, Jeromas H. and Elizabeth Thorne
Thorne, Solomon T., d. 8 Oct 1854, 34yr 4mo 2da,
Thorne, Solomon, d. 23 Apr 1860, 75yr 17da,
Tremper, Catharine A. Snider, d. 17 Apr 1858, Wife, John S. Tremper
Tremper, John G., d. 6 Aug 1827, 76yr 5mo 6da,
Tremper, John I., b. 13 Oct 1770, d. 24 Jul 1853
Tremper, Lizzie, d. 2 Feb 1869, daughter, John C. and Elizabeth E. Tremper
Tremper, Mary, d. 20 Jun 1842, 77yr 3mo 15da, wife
Tremper, Mary, d. 9 Apr 1848, 64yr 5mo 6da,
Vernal, Louisa, d. 6 Apr 1855, 40yr 4mo 11da, wife, Isaac Vernol
Vernol, Daniel, d. 15 May 1821, 16yr, son, John and Elizabeth Vernol
Vernol, Elizabeth Ann, d. 3 Dec 1853, 2yr 10mo 25da,
Vernol, Elizabeth, d. 6 Mar 1819, 65yr, wife
Vernol, Isaac, d. 16 Sep 1847, 1 yr. 5mo 2da, son, Isaac and Louisa Vernol
Vernol, Isaac, d. 27 May 1849, 34yr 6mos. 2da
Vernol, J.A., b. 22 May 1807, d. 3 Aug 1833
Vernol, John, d. 25 Feb 1865, 79yr 7mo 9da,
Vernol, Joseph, d. 11 Mar 1841, 2yr 1mo, son, Issac and Lousia Vernol
Vernol, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 20 Mar 1841, 9mo 6da, daughter, Isaac and Louisa Vernol
Vernol, William, d. 30 Dec 1837, 25yr 4mo, son, John and Elizabeth Vernol

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