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Old Town Cemetery
Newburgh, Orange County, New York

Contributed by Maude Conklin [doghaven@frontiernet.net], Gertrude Rose and  Barbara R. Defalco.  Total records = 77.

1713 Grand Street, Newburgh, NY.  This is a very old cem. Many stones are unreadable.  We tried to get as accurate of a reading as we could. The stones are bad.

- Maude Conklin

Belknap, Abel Esqr., 11/15/1804--65 yrs
Belknap, Hannah, the relict of Abel Belknap Esqr. 6/5/1815--61 yrs
Belknap, Isaac, 4/29/1815--32 yrs
Belknap, James, 3/24/1793-1/5/1870--h/w Clarissa [Ring or King] 5/15/1794, 3/9/1892
Beveredge, Catherine Drydale, 8/1858--83 [a lot of Beveredge in cem.]
Brett, Letecha, w/o Uriah Brett 12/25/1799--32 yrs 7 mos 22 ds
Brown, Francis, 6/22/1819--56 yrs 2 mos 7 ds
Carol, Ruth P., w/o Moses H. Belknap 5/11/1796--10/23/1833
Carpenter, Elizabeth, w/o William Thayer 6/20/1795-1/4/1874
Case, Ann D., 3/2/190?--39 yrs
Case, Eliza, w/o John Brown 8/8/1886--96 yrs
Cole, Margret, 8/12/1833--75 yrs w/o Joseph Cole 9/5/1857--80 yrs
Cooley, Jonathan, 6/11/1816--56 yrs
Corwin, John Wickham, 12/29/1812 son of Eli and Mary Corwin
Cunningham, Anjelica Mrs., comfort of John D. Cunningham 6th of Nov. 1809--32 years of her age
Denton, Robert, 12/9/1801
DeWitt, Andrew, 1784/1840==on back side of stone -erected by some of his descendents-1903
DeWitt, Cornelius, 1781/1803
DeWitt, John, 1752/1808 Capt. in the Revolutionary Army ,member of assembly 4 yrs, twice Sheriff of Dutchess county, member of constitutional convention 1788, voted for federal stitution ?[unable to read last word] h/w Catherine Van Vliet 1755/1804
DeWitt, Richard, 1799/1812
Donnelly, Peter, 11/29/1782--62 yrs
Dubois, Isaac, 7/12/1818--8/18/1876--h/w Jane Mc Allaney 5/12/18220, 1/4/1874
DuBois, Mary, w/o Mathew DuBois 9/24/1799--58 yrs
Fowler, Phebe, 5/24/1734--7/12/1760--26 yrs 2 mos ?ds
Fowley, Samuel, 10/13/1789--60 yrs
Franklin, Lewis Benjamin, 7/21/1820--29 yrsa
Gidney, Danial, 12/15/1790--59 yrs h/w Charlotte 2/1791--42 yrs
Gidney, Levinuh, w/o Eleazer Gidney 11/11/1761--24 yrs 6os 7 ds
Gidney, Rebekah, daughter of Eleazer and Mary Gidney 5/9/1794--7 days
Gillespie, William, 9/13/1813--76 yrs
Gowdey, John, 8/11/1801--65 yrs
Gregory, Sarah, w/o Ezra Gregory of Bridge Port Conn. 26th of Jan. 1816--60 yrs
Grifwold, Polly, w/o Chauncy Grifwold 4/22/1809--32 yrs
Halstead, C. Capt., 6/29/1860--70 yrs
Halstead, S. Henry, 8/25/1840--1/6/1894
Hammond, Annie C., 11/1?/1878--30 yrs 10 mos 28 ds
Hill, Anna, daughter of Richard and Sarah Hill 1/28/1795--1 yr 8 mos 4 ds
Holmes, Borroughs, 11/7/1810?yrs h/w Anna Holmes 8/11/1802--65 yrs
Hulse, James, 5/7/1817--12/22/1856
Hulse, Sarah, 9/20/1822-2/24/1849
Jennings, Sally Jane, daughter of William and Elizabeth Jennings 2/2/1818--8 yrs 4 mos 23 ds
Lawson, Jane, 6/1868--42 yrs
Lawson, John, 1861--29 yrs Margret Lawson 11/19/1846--60 yrs
Maddy, William S., 6/27/1841--28 yrs
Marsh, Abraham, 9/1860--79 yrs
Marsh, Joanna, 10/12/1860--79 yrs
McIntyre, Mark, 8/17/1831 his daughter Margret 6/14/1823
McKinley, William, 7/18/1804--46 yrs his daughter Mary 1816--16 yrs
Meritt, George, 2/2/1752--48 yrs
Merrit, Josiah, 3/12/1817--64 yrs
Meyers, John F., 8/14/1822--66 yrs
Miller, James W., 10/21/1791--6/2/1868
Proudfoot, George, 1865/1927
Purdy, Abegil [as on stone], 10/12/1770--62 yrs
Purdy, Francis, 6/1760--63 yrs, "my friend is gone I hope to rest, God called him first as he though best"
Reeve, Mary, comfort of Benjamin S. Reeve who departed this life May 4/1813--43 yrs 3 mos 2 ds
Reeze, Selah, 2/21/1796--54 yrs
Roberts, James Capt., 7/2/1787--11/15/1867
Rogers, Eliza, 10/14/1874--83 yrs
Rogers, Sarah, daughter of Aaron and Sufan Rogers 5/8/1815--13 mos 25 ds
Schultz,  John A., 1859/1919--h/w Anna A. Proudfoot 1862/1933
Smiley, William, 1792/1832-a native of County Antrim ,Ireland
Smith, Daniel, 5/1/1839--30 yrs 6 mos
Smith, Hannah, 9/3/1807--52 yrs w/o Leonard Smith
Smith, Mathew C., 1823/1858 h/w Mary J. Stevens 1829/1913 their children: Mary Emma 1852/1854, William S. 1851/1910
Stewart, John, 4/3/1862--2/7/1886 h/w Clarissa G. Jackson 6/28/1826, 12/7/1870
Watkins, Martha, 4/17/1829--36 yrs 11 mos 3 ds
Watson, Miles, died 8/1798
Wilson, Anna, w/o Samuel C. Wilson 1848/1920
Woosley, Angila, 2/2/1882--36 yrs d/o Elijah R. and Phebee Woosley and w/o W.H. Wood
Woosley, Danial, 2/6/1842--70 yrs
Woosley, Elijah, 2/26/1876--66 yrs h/w Phebe Crawford 5/3/1883--79 yrs
Woosley, James, 9/27/1865--60 yrs
Woosley, Mary, 1/11/1846
Woosley, Quaid John, 7/18/1868--66 yrs
Wright, Elizabeth, w/o Samuel Wright 6/14/1803--27 yrs 10 mos 25 ds
Wood, Ann, relict of Abel Wood 5/25/1835--45 yrs 7 mos


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