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Westernville Presbyterian Cemetery
Westernville, Oneida County, New York

Contributed by Kathleen L. Last, Feb.2000 [kllast@juno.com]. Total records = 2,358.

Westernville Presbyterian Cemetery
Stokes-Westernville Road
Westernville, New York

Lanphere, George, d.Feb.4, 1835 age 64 yrs 10 mos 4 dys (SECT. 2)
Larsen, Ida Svenssen, b.1877, d.1963 (SECT. 8)
Larsen, Richard, b.1874, d.1946 (SECT. 8)
LeClar, John, b.1862, d.1920 (SECT. 5)
LeClar, Joyce Sage, b.1943, d.(no date), wife (of Harold C. LeClar) (SECT. 9)
LeClar, Harold C. "Dick", b.1942, d.(no date) (SECT. 9)
LeClar, Jessie L., b.1877, d.(Apr. 14), 1975 (SECT. 9)
LeClar, Nellie Hogan, b.1863, d.1945 (SECT. 5)
LeClar, Winnifred Lewis, b.1885, d.(Apr. 15), 1974 (SECT. 9)
Lefevre, Jaelle Marie, d.May 26, 1977, infant
Lenaghen, Betty Lou, b.1939, d.1990
Lenaghen, John R., b.1897, d.1990
Lenaghen, Loren, d.June 19, 1958, son of Leonard & Alma Jones Lenaghen
Leppert, Nancy K. Graves, b.1943, d.(Nov. 10), 1983
Leppert, Richard W., b.1942, d.(no date)
Leverich, Minnie Ashwald, b.1896, d.1960, son of Leonard & Alma Jones Lenaghen
Leverich, Wallace W., b.1923, d.1957, Pfc, 89th Sta. Comp. Sq. USA WW II
Leverich, Walter, b.1894, d.(May 16), 1982
Lewis, Grace Davis, b.1852, d.1900, wife of William Lewis, (SECT. 6)
Lewis, Sydna R., d.Jan. 13, 1883 age 25 yrs 9 mos 13 dys, dau of Richard Roberts & wife of Edward J. Lewis (SECT. 5)
Lewis, William E., b.1855, d.1919 (SECT. 6)
Liddell, Mertice Dabinett, b.1895, d.(Sep. 13), 1973
Liddell, Oliver L., b.1891, d.1948
Lindsey, Myrtle Drake, b.1914, d.1965
Longshore, Gideon, b.1817, d.1879 (SECT. 1)
Longshore, Margaret, d.Jan. 7, 1862 age 14 yrs 11 mos 14 dys, dau of Gideon & Nancy Longshore (SECT. 1)
Longshore, Nancy, b.1816, d.1874, wife of Gideon Longshore (SECT. 1)
Loomis, George H., b.1896, d.1959 (SECT. 7)
Louck, Julia, b.1873, d.1952 (SECT. 1)
Louk, Horace W., b.1839, d.1909 (SECT. 1)
Louk, Mary, d.Jun. 21, 1857 age 63 yrs, wife of Wm. Louk (SECT. 1)
Luce, Alonzo, d.Apr. 16, 1844 age 11 yrs 5 mos, son of Reuben & Lovisa Luce (SECT. 2)
Luck, Francis A., b.1916, d.1998 (SECT. 9)
Luck, Zayde Johnston, b.1930, d.(no date), wife of Francis A. Luck, married Dec. 5, 1964 (SECT. 9)
Mace, George H., d.Jul. 14, 1851, age 9 mos 5 dys, son of Clark & Mary E. Mace (SECT. 2)
MacFarlane, Martha J., b.1905, d.(Dec. 26), 1976
MacFarlane, Robert F., b.1892, d.1975
Macomber, Abiel, d.Nov. 30, 1821 age 74 yrs
Macomber, Adelia, d.May 13, 1899, age 72 yrs, wife (of Arba Macomber)(SECT. 1)
Macomber, Arba, b.Dec. 8, 1829, d.Oct. 6, 1873, d.suddenly at N. Western (SECT. 1)
Macomber, Arba Paul, b.1884, d.1949, son (of Hiram & Frances Macomber) (SECT. 1)
Macomber, Bertha Cogswell, b.1883, d.1973, wife of Fred J. Macomber (SECT. 6)
Macomber, Clara, b.1887, d.1960 (SECT. 6)
Macomber, Deborah, d.Feb.1, 1841 age 77 yrs
Macomber, Deborah, d.Sep. 24, 1859 age 24 yrs
Macomber, Dick, b.1860, d.1932 (SECT. 6)
Macomber, Eliza, d.Sep. 15, 1856 age 16 yrs 3 mos 25 dys, dau of Pardon & Mary Macomber (SECT. 1)
Macomber, Elma Gue, b.1855, d.1930 (SECT. 6)
Macomber, Emma Keech, b.1852, d.1912 (SECT. 6)
Macomber, Frances, b.1848, d.1915, wife (of Hiram Macomber) (SECT. 1)
Macomber, Fred J., b.1883, d.1963 (SECT. 6)
Macomber, Georgianna Cavanaugh, b.1894, d.1984, wife of Harry D. MacComber (SECT. 1)
Macomber, Harriet, d.Nov. 19, 1865 age 60 yrs
Macomber, Harry D., b.1891, d.1958, son (of Hiram E. & Frances Macomber) (SECT. 1)
Macomber, Hiram E., b.1847, d.1920 (SECT. 1)
Macomber, Jay, b.1848, d.1922 (SECT. 6)
Macomber, Mary, b.1823, d.1876, wife (of Pardon Macomber) (SECT. 1)
Macomber, Pardon, b.1803, d.1877 (SECT. 1)
Macomber, Pardon, d.Jun. 9, 1835 age 78 yrs
Macomber, Robert, d.Jun. 24, 1848 age 9 yrs
Mallison, Marjorie, b.1913, d.1998 (SECT. 9)
Mallison, William H., b.Dec. 9, 1914, d.Aug. 6, 1988, Aec 4, US Army, WW II (SECT. 9)
Martin, Andrew, d.Jun 10, 1882 age 79 yrs 8 mos (SECT. 2)
Martin, Anna Boyd, d.Mar. 23, 1889 age 83 yrs 8 mos 17 dys, wife of Andrew Martin (SECT. 2)
Martin, Barbara, b.1932, d.1984 (SECT. 8)
Martin, Bertha L. Austin, b.1884, d.(no date)
Martin, Bertis L., b.1905, d.1959
Martin, C. Jennie, b.1850, d.1934 (SECT. 2)
Martin, Carleton F., b.1911, d.1996
Martin, Catherine Lusher, b.Nov. 8, 1837, d.Apr. 30, 1910, wife of Theodore Martin
Martin, David, b.Apr. 26, 1798, d.Apr. 1848
Martin, David H., d.Jul. 10, 1881, age 59 yrs 2 mos 9 dys
Martin, David John, b.1957, d.(no date)
Martin, Delevan, d.Sep. 22, 1838, age 1 yr 6 mos, son of David & Terresse Martin
Martin, Edward F., b.1912, d.(no date)
Martin, Eleanor Evans, b.1878, d.1966
Martin, Ellen, d.Jun. 26, 1852 age 16 yrs, dau of Andrew & Ann Martin
Martin, Elley Viu, b.Dec. 1, 1888, d.Feb.2, 1873, Pvt. NY HQ Co. 308 Inf. WW I, PH
Martin, Elsie, b.1921, d.1998
Martin, Emma J., b.Nov. 21, 1861, d.Sep. 14, 1913
Martin, Frances W., d.Nov. 14, 1883 age 35 yrs 4 mos
Martin, Helen Keniston, b.1944, d.(no date)
Martin, Jessica Marie, b.Sep. 7, 1983, d.Oct. 22, 1983
Martin, John P., b.Mar. 21, 1864, d.(no date)
Martin, Louise Rapalce, b.1903, d.1990
Martin, Nellie, d.Sep. 9, 1874, age 7 yrs 7 mos 11 dys, dau of David & Helen Martin
Martin, Nellie M. Ade, b.(Mar. 28), 1900, d.(Apr. 24), 1951
Martin, Polly, d.Jun. 20, 1865, age 68 yrs, wife of William H. Martin
Martin, Richard D., b.1936, d.(no date)
Martin, Rosanna Myers, b.1917, d.(no date)
Martin, Roseann, d.Feb.17, 1852, age 11 yrs 11 mos, dau of David & Terresse Martin
Martin, Simeon H., b.1859, d.1935
Martin, Terresse, d.Aug. 22, 1874, age 74 yrs 4 mos 12 dys, wife of David Martin
Martin, Theodore M., b.Dec.22, 1834, d.May 26, 1920
Martin, Will G., b.1869, d.1939
Martin, William H., d.Dec. 11, 1860 age 42 yrs 6 mos 4 dys
Martin, William H., d.May 13, 1869 age 74 yrs 4 mos 5 dys
Martindale, Ann, d.Jan. 11, 1852, age 53 yrs, wife of Seneca Martindale
Martindale, Lydia, d.Jan. 12, 1851, age 74 yrs, wife of William Martindale
Martindale, Seneca, b.Dec. 5, 1804, d.Jul. 5, 1881
Martindale, William, b.Mar. 21, 1778, d.Feb.12, 1870, moved to this county in 1817
Mason, George W., b.Feb.25, 1885, age 77 yrs 5 mos
Mason, George, d.Feb.9, 1885 age 2 yrs 8 mos, son of Morris & Mary Mason
Mason, Mildred G., b.1873, d.1960
Mason, Sarah M., (no dates), wife of George W. Mason
Massee, infant, (no dates), children of John & Mary Massee
Massee, John, d.Apr. 6, 1859, age 65 yrs
Massee, Mary J., d.Sep. 8, 1847, age 4 mos 17 dys, dau of John & Mary Massee
Massee, Mary, d.Apr. 29, 1878, age 65 yrs, wife of John Massee
Massee, Thomas, d.Jul. 17, 1846, age 8 yrs 9 mos, son of John & Mary Massee
Massett, Franklin L., b.1923, d.(no date)
Massett, Sarah Warcup, b.1918, d.(no date)
Matt, Elizabeth Parmalee, b. May 22, 1870, d.Oct. 29, 1918, wife of Wm. Earl Matt
Matteson, Eliza, d.Jan. 15, 1831, age 27 ys, wife of Isaac Matteson
May, Frederick W., (no dates)
May, Lillian, b.1906, d.1996
McClenahan, George H., d.Mar. 25, 1848 age 22 dys, son of John & Mary McClenahan
McClenahan, Sarah Hallock, d.Apr. 22, 1882 age 38 yrs, dau of Jabez & Sarah Hallock, wife of David H. McClenahan
McComber, Nelson, d.Oct. 26, 1863 age 18 yrs 7 mos 1 dy, son of Theopolis & Sarah A. McComber
McCormick, Clarence, b.1895, d.1950, son (of George & Sarah Muncy McCormick)
McCormick, George, b.1868, d.1933
McCormick, Sarah Muncy, b.1868, d.1936, wife (of George McCormick)
McCutcheon, Cornelia S. Davis, b.Sep. 27, 1821, d.Aug. 27, 1900, wife (of Robert McCutcheon)
McCutcheon, Robert, b.Mar. 16, 1811, d.Feb.25, 1885
McDermott, Shannon Marie, Apr. 22, 1995
McEntee, J. S., b.Mar. 21, 1800, June 30, 1887, born in this town, died in Rondout, Ulster Co., NY
McEntee, Mary Susan, d.Feb.1, 1826., wife of James McEntee, & infant whose remains were in the same coffin beneath. They died at Kingston, Ulster Co. Mrs. Entee 22 yrs 1 mo 25 dys, her infant 0 dys
McMullen, Ann, d.Jan. 28, 1833 age 63 yrs, consort of Hugh McMullen
McMullen, Arthur M., b.1924, d.1941
McMullen, Brayton, b.1879, d.1959
McMullen, Electa Mariah, d.Mar. 24, 1845 age 34 yrs 2 mos 24 dys, wife of Thomas McMullen
McMullen, George (Rev.), b.Apr. 3, 1810, d.Dec. 31, 1866 born Western, Oneida, NY, died in Florence, NY
McMullen, H. Catherine, b.May 10, 1836, d.Jul. 20, 1899
McMullen, Harry E., b.1871, d.1933
McMullen, Helen Williams, b.1845, d.1922
McMullen, Jonathan R., b.1832, d.1915
McMullen, Lorraine E., b.1923, d.(no date)
McMullen, Louis, b.1871, d.1945
McMullen, Mabel G., b.1877, d.1960
McMullen, Mary J., b.1867, d.1957
McMullen, Maude Smith, b.1879, d.1937
McMullen, Thomas, b.1841, d.1930
McMullen, Thomas, d.Sep. 9, 1884 age 82 yrs 10 mos 21 dys
McMullen, Vicci Larsen, b.1899, d.1979
McMullen, Wilbur H., b.1923, d.(no date)
McMullin, Angeline, b.1843, d.(no date), wife (of George H. McMullin)
McMullin, Fanny, b.1876, d.1878, dau of George H. & Angeline McMullin
McMullin, Francis, b.1876, d.1878, son of George H. & Angeline McMullin
McMullin, George H., b.1833, d.1878
Medick, Emma, b.1872, d.1949
Medick, Rev. J. Eston, b.1868, d.1947
Meeker, Donald A., b.July 20, 1913, d.Nov. 28, 1987, Sgt. US Army WW II (SECT. 9)
Meeker, Frances N., b.1914, d.(no date), (wife of Donald A. Meeker), married Jan. 1935 (SECT. 9)
Meeker, Warren C., b.1891, d.1955
Megerell, Ella, b.1868, d.1873
Megerell, Hugh, b.1833, d.1913
Megerell, Hugh, b.1863, d.1873
Megerell, Margaret, b.1842, d.1922, wife (of Hugh Megerell)
Megerell, Mary E. Evans, b.1868, d.1916, wife (of William T. Megerell)
Megerell, William T., b.1862, d.1928
Mercer, Emily, b.1848, d.1916, wife (of Stephen R. Mercer)
Mercer, Stephen R., b.1839, d.1901
Merchant, Emma Cady, b.1863, d.1946, wife of William H. Merchant
Merchant, William H., b.1866, d.1923
Meredith, Annie, b.Nov. 30, 1858, d.Jul. 7, 1921, wife (of Thomas Meredith)
Meredith, Mary, d.Jan. 30, 1897, age 66 yrs, wife (of Thomas Meredith)
Meredith, Thomas, b.1861, d.1924
Meredith, Thomas, d.Dec. 5, 1860, age 33 yrs
Merrick, Eliza, b.1840, d.1928, wife of Willard Merrick
Merrick, Melva, b.1879, d.1898
Merrick, Willard, b.1850, d.1899
Meyers, b.June 1925, d.(no date)
Meyers, David W., b.Sep. 30, 1916, d.Aug. 15, 1984, Pfc US Army, WW II
Middleditch, Elizabeth Freeman, b.1898, d.1924
Midlam, Harold R., b.1915, d.(no date)
Midlam, Jane Trembeth, b.1917, d.(no date)
Midlam, John W., b.1832, d.1909
Midlam, Mary E., b.1841, d.1901, wife (of John W. Midlam)
Midlam, Nellie M. Teller, b.1880, d.1963
Midlam, Robert W., b.1877, d.1960
Miller, C. Katherine Martin, b.1908, d.1996, wife (of Harold N. Miller)
Miller, Gladys, b.1907, d.1998
Miller, Harold D., b.1894, d.1966
Miller, Harold N., b.June 26, 1909, d.Dec. 29, 1998, Pfc US Army WW II
Miller, Oliver, b.1840, d.19(no date) Co. F 157th Reg. NY Vol.
Miller, Sarah, b.1855, d.1918, wife (of Oliver Miller)
Millington, Amelia G., b.1841, d.1917, wife (of R. I Millington)
Millington, Arthur, b.1868, d.1926
Millington, Charles E., b.1870, d.1938
Millington, Minnie Betsinger, b.1869, d.1949
Millington, R. I., b.1843, d.1925
Millington, Ruth, b.1880, d.(no date)
Millington, Samuel, b.1872, d.1932
Money, Anna, b.1869, d.1886, dau (of David & Margaret Money)
Money, David, b.1847, d.1919
Money, Margaret, b.1851, d.1924, wife (of David Money)
Money, Mother, b.in Switzerland, 1824, d.1899
Money, Sister, b.1853, d.1887
Montgomery, Mary S., b.1880, d.1961
Montgomery, Maxwell C., b.1880, d.1944
Moon, Elberta D., b.1909, d.1988
Moon, Herbert L., b.1908, d.(no date)
Moon, LaMarr, b.1932, d.(no date)
Morat, Charles D., b.1890, d.(Apr. 18), 1977
Morat, Harold, b.1925, d.1997
Morat, Harold Arthur, b.Aug. 17, 1952, d.Dec. 3, 1986
Morat, Jacqueline E., b.1928, d.(no date), wife (of Harold Morat)
Morat, Katherine P., b.1898, d.1994, wife of Charles D. Morat
Morrison, John F., b.1926, d.(no date)
Morrison, Mary E. Sykes, b.1932, d.(no date), wife (of John F. Morrison)
Morse, Florence E., b.1902, d.1990, wife of Jerry Morse
Morse, Jerry, b.1894, d.1923
Morse, Thelma A., b.1921, d.(no date)
Mortis, David R., b.1880, d.1952
Mortis, Howard R., b.Aug. 9, 1891, d.May 25, 1961, Pfc Btry B 308 Field Art.
Mortis, Mildred Dillenbeck, b.1900, d.1943, wife of (David R. Mortis)
Mortise, Williard J., d.Feb.17, 1885, age 9 mos 28 dys, son of G. & L. Mortise
Mott, Elizabeth Boyd Parmelee, b.May 22, 1870, d.Oct. 29, 1918, wife of William Earle Mott
Mudge, Charles, b.1877, d.1957
Mudge, Eva L. VanDeWalker, b.1879, d.1963
Mudge, Julius, b.1850, d.1914
Mudge, Mary, b.1856, d.1921, wife (of Julius Mudge)
Mudge, Rosetta, b.1885, d.1950, wife (of Charles Mudge)
Mudge, Silva H. (Warcup), d.Feb.11, 1893, age 18 yrs, wife of William A. Mudge & dau of Mathew & Mary Warcup
Mudge, William A., b.1872, d.1947
Mulvaney, Alma R., b.1920, d.(no date)
Mulvaney, Vincent J., b.1910, d.1998
Murphy, Clarence A., b.1901, d.1992
Murphy, Dorothy E., b.1907, d.1998
Murphy, Matthew Allen, b.Oct. 12, 1974
Murphy, Nicholas, b.1845, d.1926, Pvt. Co. H 3rd Reg. NY Light Art., Civil War Vet
Murphy, Sarah J., b.1862, d.1929, widow of Civil War Vet (Nicholas Murphy)
Nash, Betty Belius, b.1925, d.(no date)
Nash, James Peter, b.1925, d.(no date)
Nessel, Robert A., b.1922, d.(no date), WW II Vet
Nessel, Sofia M. Murray, b.1920, d.1994
Nestle, Albert F., b.1903, d.(Jul. 23), 1978
Nestle, Foster L., b.1910, d.(Sep. 9), 1987
Nestle, George H., b.1871, d.1944
Nestle, Grace E., b.1915, d.(no date)
Nestle, Margaret, b.1881, d.1952
Nestle, Marguerite Franz, b.1920, d.(no date)
Newey, Ada Cavanaugh, b.1891, d.1955
Newey, Myron L., b.1923, d.1993
Newey, Ruth E. Saker, b.May 4, 1930, d.(no date), wife (of Stuart C. Newey), married Apr. 12, 1952
Newey, Stuart C., b.Mar. 22, 19, d., d., d.(no date)
Newey, W. Jardin, b.1884, d.1966
Newman, Frank H., b.1913, d.(no date)
Newman, Margaret, b.1918, d.(Sep. 5), 1981
Nichols, Mervin, b.1893, d.(no date)
Nichols, Otis S., b.1859, d.1896
Nightingale, baby girl, 1963
Nightingale, baby girl, 1965
Nightingale, baby girl, 1966
Nightingale, Baby Ronald, b.1951, d.1951
Nightingale, David, b.1861, d.1940
Nightingale, Doris Mills, b.1928, d.(no date)
Nightingale, Gerald F., b.1922, d.1978
Nightingale, Gladys, b.1900, d.(Mar. 23), 1970
Nightingale, Howard, b.1899, d.1949
Nightingale, Infant son, d.1961
Nightingale, Lela Keyes, b.1891, d.(Jan. 10), 1972
Nightingale, Mary J. Cronk, b.1871, d.1932, wife of David Nightingale
Nightingale, Wayne, b.1892, d.(Aug. 29), 1979
Noble, Lola A. Spink, b.1854, d.1902, wife of Noble J. VanDePool
Nones, Robert, d.Jun. 2, 1903 age 78 yrs 4 mos
Nordman, Janet S., b.Dec. 13, 1941, d.(no date)
Nordman, Otto S., b.Oct. 14, 1930, d.June 21, 1996
Nunhaver, Anna L., b.1856, d.1902, wife (of Marcus Nunnhaver)
Nunhaver, George E., b.1883, d.1964
Nunhaver, Marcus, b.1848, d.1918
O'Brien, Eunice J., b.1934, d.(no date)
O'Brien, Frank A., b.1935, d.(no date)
Ohm, Belle M., b.1882, d.1971
Ohm, Erwin F., b.1913, d.1937
Ohm, Fred, b.1873, d.1954
Ohm, Harvey J., b.1878, d.1964
Ohm, Seymour J., b.1881, d.1964
Olmstead, Frank D., b.1912, d.1993 (SECT. 9)
Olmstead, Shirley A., b.1920, d.1997 (SECT. 9)
Olney, Amelia Hill, b.1856, d.1936
Olney, Anna M. Wager, d.Feb.26, 1883 age 77 yrs, wife (of T. W., b.Olney)
Olney, Dorothy Davis, b.1924, d.(Oct. 23), 1977
Olney, Esther R. Golly, b.1833, d.1909, wife of William Olney
Olney, George, b.1852, d.1929
Olney, George J., b.1821, d.1905
Olney, George J., b.1924, d.(no date)
Olney, George J., b.Apr. 28, 1890, d.Feb.8, 1974, son of George & Amelia H. Olney
Olney, Harriet, b.1847, d.1929
Olney, Harriet Brill, b.1831, d.1905, wife of George I. Olney
Olney, Harriet Clark, d.Sep. 29, 1850, dau of Ezra & Lydia Parke Clark, wife of George H. Olney
Olney, Harriet, d.Oct. 18, 1846 age 3 yrs, dau of T. W. & Anna Wager Olney
Olney, Henrietta, d.Apr. 28, 1833 age 1 yr, dau of T. W. & A. M. Wager Olney
Olney, infant, d.Mar. 2, 1865, son of George & Harriet Brill Olney
Olney, John, b.Oct. 26, 1928, d.(no date), son of George J. & Katherine Olney,
Olney, Katharine Floyd, b.Apr. 18, 1895, d.May 11, 1986, wife of George J. Olney, great, d.great grandaughter of Gen. Wm. Floyd
Olney, Lillian Ann Smith, b.May 8, 1930, d.(no date), wife of John Olney
Olney, Lucinda, d.Apr. 25, 1851, age 48 yrs, wife of Jay Olney
Olney, Marjorie Doyle, b.1900, d.1987, wife (of Max H. Olney)
Olney, Mary Lowery, b.1932, d.1992 (SECT. 4)
Olney, Mary VanDyke, b.1875, d.1915, wife of W. W. Olney
Olney, Mary, d.Dec. 13, 1818 age 57 yrs, wife (of William Olney)
Olney, Max H., b.1894(Sep. 10), 1981
Olney, Phebe, d.Nov. 17, 1812 age 25 yrs, dau (of William & Mary Olney)
Olney, Sarah H., d.Sep. 28, 1850, age 22 yrs 7 mos 28 dys, dau of Jay & Lucinda Olney
Olney, Sarah, d.Dec. 19, 1846 age 1 yr, dau of T. W. & Anna Wager Olney
Olney, T. W., b.died Dec. 13, 1863 age 68 yrs
Olney, Vivian Jones, b.Oct. 26, 1954, d.(no date)
Olney, William, b.1833, d.1907
Olney, William, d.Dec. 22, 1846 age 90 yrs
Oshwald, Amelia, b.1853, d.(no date), wife (of Sylvester Oshwald)
Oshwald, Sylvester, b.1855, d.1923
Owen, Beverly R., b.1918, d.1921
Owen, Crasto Alfred, b.1870, d.1935
Owen, E. Owen, b.May 15, 1848, d.July 6, 1893
Owen, Erwin, b.1887, d.1948
Owen, Katherine, b.1870, d.1940
Owen, Sara Pillmore, b.Mar. 15, 1846, d.Dec. 29, 1915, wife of E. Owen
Paddock, Beulah, b.1910, d.1910
Paddock, Floyd R., b.1907, d.1953
Paddock, Fred N., b.1877, d.1932
Paddock, George I., b.1871, d.1953
Paddock, John, d.Dec. 28, 1866 age 82 yrs 5 mos 26 dys
Paddock, Melva N., b.1884, d.1926, wife of Fred N. Paddock
Paddock, Orrin, d.Aug. 26, 1844, age 28 yrs, son of John & Polly Paddock
Paddock, Polly, d.Apr. 21, 1840, age 52 yrs, wife of John Paddock
Paddock, Polly, d.Dec. 6, 1832 age 47 yrs 9 mos 2 dys, wife of Peter Paddock
Paddock, Rhoda, d.Feb.12, 1860, age 74 yrs 9 mos 13 dys, wife of John Paddock
Paddock, Susie A., b.1876, d.1960
Park, Ruth, d.May 6, 1873, age 93 yrs
Parke, Joseph, d.Feb.6, 1833 age 87 yrs
Parmalee, Edward Wilson, b.Feb.3, 1875, d.Aug. 29, 1945
Parmalee, Elizabeth Brayton, b.Jul. 10, 1842, d.Jul 21, 1924, wife of Wilson Barlow Parmalee
Parmalee, John Brayton, b.Nov. 4, 1864, d.Aug. 28, 1933
Parmalee, Milton Brayton, b.Feb.22, 1877, d.Mar. 17, 1940
Parmalee, Rev. Wilson Barlow, b.May 16, 1832, d.Feb.21, 1912
Parsons, Eros Brayton, b.1919, d.1990, wife (of Howard Frederick Parsons)
Parsons, Howard, Frederick, b.1914, d.1985
Pate, Anna Mae Evans, b.May 22, 1917, d.Jan. 3, 1989, wife (of James R. Pate), Lt. Col. US Army, WW II, Korea
Pate, James R., b.1914, d.(no date)
Peet, Alberta Eychner, b.1903, d.1986
Peet, H. Renwig, b.1899, d.1996
Pellengill, Catherine M., d.Feb.11, 1840, age 30 yrs, wife of John C. Pellengill
Pelton, Lewis Wiley, b.1919, d.(May 2), 1986, SP, US Navy WW II
Perkins, Alvirdo, b.1895, d.(Sep. 15), 1970
Perkins, Sarah Hall, b.1878, d.1948
Perkins, William H., b.1876, d.(Apr. 3), 1976
Perry, C. Carlton, b.Mar. 23, 1895, d.Sep. 24, 1950, NY Lieut. Ord. WW I & WW II
Perry, Charles E., b.1855, d.1915
Perry, Kittie Dalton, b.1865, d.1956
Perry, Lillian French, b.1860, d.1923, wife of W. C. Perry
Perry, Sarah Scott, b.1896, d.1969
Perry, William C., b.1860, d.1937
Peters, Augustine P., b.1865, d.(no date)
Peters, Eliza, b.1867, d.1917, wife of John L. Peters
Peters, Emiline L. Smith, b.1860, d.1922, wife (of Augustine P. Peters)
Peters, John L., b.1873, d.19(no date)
Peters, Mary, d.Jan. 9, 1935 age 61 yrs, wife of John L. Peters
Pettis, Charles, b.1870, d.1905
Pettis, Ezra, b.1862, d.1913
Pettis, Margaret, b.1850, d.1909
Pfendler, Bernice Coleman, b.1938, d.(no date), (wife of William Pfendler), married Nov. 22, 1956
Pfendler, William, b.1928, d.(no date)
Phillips, Anna Mae Pillmore, b.1914, d.(no date)
Phillips, Willard T., b.1911, d.(Sep. 2),1989
Piatkowski, Anita Marie, b.1957, d.1997 (SECT. 9)
Piatkowski, Carl A., b.1956, d.(no date) (SECT. 9)
Piddock, Byron D., b.1936, d.1991
Piddock, LaDonna, b.1939, d.(no date)
Piekarski, Myles, b.Nov. 2, 1951, d.Sep. 30, 1992, A3C, US Air Force, Vietnam
Pierce, Alice E., b.1908, d.(Dec. 28), 1977
Pierce, Anna, b.1868, d.1956
Pierce, Elizabeth P. Fraser, b.1866, d.1947
Pierce, Howard G., b.1910, d.(no date)
Pierce, Jane, b.1844, d.1908, wife of Pierce J. Pierce
Pierce, John W., b.1876, d.1966
Pierce, Katherine, b.1874, d.1900
Pierce, Mary Dixon, b.1893, d.1967, wife (of John W. Pierce)
Pierce, Minnie, b.1867, d.1950
Pierce, Minnie G., b.1887, d.1946
Pierce, Pierce J., b.1835, d.1916
Pierce, Warren G., b.1882, d.1950
Pierie, Adaline, b.1827, d.1907, wife (of John Pierie)
Pierie, Fannie, b.1864, d.1918
Pierie, Frederick, b.1864, d.1874
Pierie, Jacob, b.1849, d.1865
Pierie, John, b.1822, d.1912
Pierie, Katherine, b.1853, d.1856
Pigott, Ann, b.1811, d.1885
Pike, Bulia A., d.Aug. 24, 1887 age 66 yrs
Pike, Jothan, d.Sep. 2, 1865 age 88 yrs
Pike, Mehetable H., d.Jan. 11, 1838, age 33 yrs 12 dys
Pike, Mehetable, d.Feb.2, 1831, age 53 yrs 11 mos., wife of Jothan Pike
Pike, Sarah S., d.Nov. 25, 1907, age 94 yrs
Pillmore, Belle Arnold, b.1855, d.1900, (wife of Frank F. Pillmore)
Pillmore, Son, beloved son of Bertha M., (no dates)
Pillmore, Bertha E., b.1886, d.(no date)
Pillmore, Bertha M., b.1893, d.1976
Pillmore, Catherine, b.Nov. 10, 1819, d.Aug. 11, 1900, wife (of William Pillmore)
Pillmore, Charles, b.1861, d.1955
Pillmore, Cheslar, b.1878, d.1962
Pillmore, Chester C. (no dates)
Pillmore, Clayton, b.1900, d.1940
Pillmore, David W., b.1860, d.1941
Pillmore, E. Lloyd, b.1900, d.1949
Pillmore, Edmund R., b.1873, d.1874, son of Johnson Pillmore
Pillmore, Edward F., b.May 7, 1862, d.Nov. 28, 1864
Pillmore, Eleanor H., b.1895, d.1988, dau of Frederick & Elizabeth Cogswell
Pillmore, Elizabeth, b.1862, d.1936
Pillmore, Esther L., b.1910, d.1990 (SECT. 4)
Pillmore, Evelyn P., b.1901, d.1926
Pillmore, Frank F., b.1855, d.(no date)
Pillmore, Frankie Arnold, b.1859, d.1906, wife (of George E. Pillmore)
Pillmore, Frankie E., b.1899, d.(no date)
Pillmore, George E., b.1859, d.(no date)
Pillmore, George, d.Apr. 18, 1858, age 1 yr 4 mos 15 dys, son of George & Sarah Pillmore
Pillmore, Golda Webster, b.Apr. 9, 1890, d.May 17, 1960
Pillmore, Grace, b.1872, d.1952
Pillmore, Hattie, d.Feb.2, 1897, age 96 yrs, wife of N. M. Pillmore
Pillmore, Henry, b.1864, d.1899
Pillmore, Ina E., (no dates)
Pillmore, Ingeborg, b.1930, d.(no date) (SECT. 4)
Pillmore, James E., b.1931, d.(no date) (SECT. 4)
Pillmore, John, b.1830, d.1909
Pillmore, Johnson, b.1848, d.1910
Pillmore, Katherine, b.1838, d.1909, wife (of Thomas Pillmore)
Pillmore, Lena K., b.1882, d.1882
Pillmore, Leon T., b.1884, d.(no date)
Pillmore, Leonard R., b.Aug. 24, 1881, d.Jan. 21, 1958
Pillmore, Louisa S., b.1859, d.1920
Pillmore, Mabel Jones, b.1896, d.1956
Pillmore, Margaret, b.1835, d.1902, wife (of John Pillmore)
Pillmore, Mary J., b.1868, d.1951, wife of Dr. Pillmore
Pillmore, Maud S., b.1900, d.1909
Pillmore, May, b.1882, d.1964
Pillmore, Merritt, b.1879, d.(no date)
Pillmore, Minnie H. Olney, b.1867, d.1944, wife (of Charles Pillmore)
Pillmore, Phyllis J., b.1933, d.1996, wife (of Theodore R. Pillmore), married June 9, 1951
Pillmore, Robert M., (no dates)
Pillmore, Ruth C., (no dates)
Pillmore, Ruth E., b.1920, d.(no date)
Pillmore, Sara S., (no dates)
Pillmore, Sarah R., b.1796, d.1882
Pillmore, Sarah R., b.1848, d.1887, wife of Johnson Pillmore
Pillmore, Theodore R., b.1928, d.1999
Pillmore, Thomas, b.1828, d.1905
Pillmore, W. Roy, b.1891, d.1915
Pillmore, William F., b.1853, d.1927
Pillmore, William, b.Mar. 22, 1821, d.Sep. 15, 1896
Pillmore, William Roy, b.1891, d.(no date)
Pillmore, William T., b.1910, d.1988 (SECT. 4)
Pisaneschi, Bruno, b.1927, d.(no date)
Pisaneschi, Doris E., US Navy WW II, (no dates)
Plato, Archibald, b.1837, d.1887
Plato, Elizabeth, b.1852, d.1922
Plato, Elizabeth A Pettis, b.1871, d.1936, wife of John H. Plato
Plato, Ezra, b.1818, d.1902
Plato, Grace, b.1888, d.1919
Plato, Gustavus, b.1848, d.1896
Plato, Gustavus H., d.Jul. 12, 1848 age 21 yrs 6 mos 18 dys, son of George & Susan Plato
Plato, John H., b.1861, d.1932
Plato, Lodelia Keech, b.1827, d.1912
Plato, Nancy Jane, b.1820, d.1895
Plato, Walter M., b.1906, d.1907
Plato, Willard, b.1865, d.1916
Platt, Andrea S. Augustine, b.1948, d.(no date)
Platt, Bennie, b.1894, d.1959
Platt, Earl, b.1899, d.(no date)
Platt, Eliza, d.Mar. 25, 1821 age 6 mos 22 dys, dau of James & Eliza Platt
Platt, Elizabeth Floyd, d.Dec. 1820, dau of William Floyd, wife of James Pratt
Platt, Gladys W. Clark, b.1906, d.1988, wife (of Kenneth Platt)
Platt, Gordon E., b.1921, d.(Jul. 19), 1982
Platt, Jennie H., b.1924, d.(no date)
Platt, John E., b.1863, d.1925
Platt, Johnnie, b.1896, d.1953
Platt, Kenneth, b.1905, d.1953
Platt, Lamoine, b.1937, d.1938
Platt, Leonard, b.1901, d.1919
Platt, Lillian, b.1898, d.(Jan. 14), 1978, wife (of Bennie Platt)
Platt, Lulu E., b.1912, d.(no date), wife (of Walter E. Platt), married June 30, 1984
Platt, Lyle H., b.Nov. 26, 1927, d.Mar. 15, 1989, Pfc US Army WW II
Platt, Margaret Sykes, b.1899, d.(no date)
Platt, Mary, b.1862, d.1924, wife (of John E. Platt)
Platt, Maynard, b.1929, d.1930
Platt, Nellie, b.1898, d.(Nov. 2), 1977, wife (of Johnnie Platt)
Platt, Robert, b.1941, d.1996
Platt, Walter E., b.1916, d.1992
Platt, Wayne Gilbert, b.1947, d.(no date)
Platt, Leroy F., b.Dec. 26, 1917, d.Jul. 31, 1989, Pfc, US Army, WW II
Plopper, Alfred R., b.1929, d.1931, son of Joseph E. & Calista Plopper
Plopper, Calista, b.1890, d.1945, wife of Joseph E. Plopper
Plopper, Franklin E., b.1921, d.1977
Plopper, Franklin Eugene, b.1856, d.1915
Plopper, Joseph E., b.1881, d.1955
Plopper, Mary Matilda Sehorer, b.1859, d.1928
Plopper, Ruth E., b.1922, d.(no date)
Potter, Charles, d.May 28, 1852, age 16 yrs 6 mos, son of George & Mary Potter
Potter, Elizabeth, d.Apr. 29, 1830, age 66 yrs, wife of Ephraim Potter
Potter, Ephraim, d.Aug. 16, 1832, age 72 yrs
Potter, Frances Arnold,, b.1841, d.1916, wife of G. Potter
Potter, Frank, b.1867, d.1946
Potter, G., b.1832, d.1900
Potter, George, d.Apr. 26, 1869, age 71 yrs
Potter, George, d.Aug. 4, 1831, age 1 yr 8 mos 5 dys, son of George & Mary Potter
Potter, Lily May, b.1854, d.19(no date)
Potter, Martha, d.Oct. 7, 1852, age 27 yrs, dau of George & Mary Potter
Potter, Mary, d.May 7, 1867, age 70 yrs, wife of George Potter
Potter, Pearl Etta, b.1889, d.1890, dau of Frank Potter
Potter, Susan, d.Jul. 28, 1856, age 4 yrs 3 mos 11 dys, dau of Martha Potter
Powers, William G., d.Feb.12, 1897, age 4 mos 24 dys, son of J. A. & M. M. Powers
Pratt, Donald W., b.1949, d.(no date)
Pratt, Joan Warcup, b.1949, d.1994, wife (of Donald W. Pratt), married Oct.13, 1973
Price, Frank E., b.1849, d.1947, wife (of Thomas J. Price)
Price, Thomas J., b.1846, d.1903
Prichard, Ebenezer Jr., d.Sep. 30, 1856, age 14 yrs 23 dys, son of Ebenezer & Roxana Prichard
Prichard, Mary, d.Nov. 5, 1874, age 73 yrs 11 mos 15 dys, wife of William W. Prichard
Prichard, William W., d.Jun. 11, 1852 age 61 yrs
Priest, Hannah, d.Apr. 22, 1844, age 79 yrs, wife of Asa Priest
Prophet, Leland, b.1922, d.1945
Prosser, Lucy J., b.1826, d.1898
Prosser, Myrtle I., b.1916, d.(Sep. 22), 1985
Prosser, Roy I., b.1913, d.1993
Przelomiec, Ashley R. Grimes, b.Oct. 29, 1986 (SECT. 3)
Pugh, Arlene, b.1917, d.(no date)
Pugh, Audrey V., b.1917, d.1992
Pugh, Barry L., b.1947, d.1992
Pugh, Harold O., b.1915, d.(Jul. 7), 1982
Putnam, Ada, b.1859, d.1943
Putnam, Alfred G., b.1861, d.1936
Putnam, Cora Elizabeth, b.1870, d.1963, wife of Alfred G. Putnam
Putnam, William H., b. 1858, d.1934

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