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Webster Rural Cemetery
Webster, Monroe County, New York

GPS: 43.209021, -77.447916

1087 Ridge Road
Webster, NY 14580

Published: November 11, 2016
Total records: 7,360

Surnames P-R

Records published here were acquired from the Webster Rural Cemetery Association on November 11, 2016. Dates of burial range from 1863 to 2014.

Packard, Constance M
, b. 1905, bur. 7/12/1989, Plot AA R01 G34
Packard, Constance, bur. 7/12/1989, Plot AA R04 G44
Packard, Frank S, Plot AA R01 G35
Packard, Frank, bur. 3/21/1967, Plot AA R04 G43
Packard, Stella A., bur. 12/11/2009, Plot DD R04 G29
Paige, Charles P, bur. 4/30/1962, Plot BB R14 G03
Paige, Genevieve A, b. 1916, bur. 6/2/1997, Plot HW R08 G22
Paige, Lilian R, bur. 5/20/1971, Plot BB R14 G02
Paige, Robert W, b. 1911, bur. 8/1/1982, Plot BB R14 G03A
Palmanteer, Gladys M, b. 1902, bur. 10/13/1989, Plot HH R16 G12
Palmanteer, William H, bur. 4/28/1978, Plot HH R16 G11
Palmateer, Gordon L, bur. 05/13/1974, Plot HH R07 G35
Palmateer, Lois M, b. 1920, bur. 11/26/2005, Plot HH R07 G36
Palmer, Carl G, bur. 5/15/1970, Plot HW R07 G13
Palmer, Claire, bur. 07/29/2012, Plot FN R23 G49A
Palmer, Elizabeth Trundy, b. 1922, bur. 5/8/1995, Plot FN R23 G46
Palmer, Frances Dorothy, b. 1906, bur. 5/4/1990, Plot HW R09 G04A
Palmer, Helen Moore, bur. 5/7/1974, Plot FN R24 G48
Palmer, Howard Jr. Van R, b. 1911, bur. 05/16/1994, Plot FN R23 G48
Palmer, Howard Sr Van R, bur. 10/25/1975, Plot FN R24 G49
Palmer, John, b. 1902, bur. 8/2/1986, Plot HW R09 G04
Palmer, Katherine S, bur. 1/10/1964, Plot HW R07 G14
Palmer, Lucy Price, bur. 7/20/1962, Plot FN R24 G47A
Palmer, Luella N, b. 1909, bur. 09/15/1997, Plot FN R23 G47A
Palmer, Mary Meyers, b. 1918, bur. 12/13/1997, Plot FN R23 G48A
Palmer, Myron Jr. B, b. 1906, bur. 9/15/1997, Plot FN R23 G47
Palmer, Myron Sr B, bur. 07/20/1962, Plot FN R24 G47
Palmer, Richard, b. 1923, bur. 10/19/2010, Plot FN R23 G49
Panneitz, Alma A, b. 1913, bur. 7/14/1989, Plot HE R24 G40
Panneitz, Hilda Mae, b. 1929, age 74, bur. 08/18/2004, Plot JE R24 G11
Panneitz, Robert H, b. 1916, age 87, bur. 5/2/2003, Plot HE R24 G39
Pantas, Christopher Anthony, b. 1921, age 83, bur. 05/27/2005, Plot HE R27 G11
Papaleo, Thomas, bur. 07/14/14, Plot JJ R02 G12
Papanu, Charles J, b. 1916, bur. 04/12/1991, Plot JE R07 G03
Papanu, Derek Cory, b. 1986, bur. 07/06/1986, Plot JE R07 G05
Papanu, George N, Plot GW R04 G13
Papanu, Hazel B, b. 1920, bur. 10/25/1991, Plot FS R17 G52
Papanu, Isabella A, b. 1917, bur. 12/10/1996, Plot FS R17 G50
Papanu, John J, b. 1918, bur. 4/25/1970, Plot FS R17 G49
Papanu, Muriel E, b. 1922, bur. 06/29/2012, Plot JE R07 G04
Papanu, Nicholas J, b. 1914, bur. 11/26/1994, Plot FS R17 G51
Papanu, Willimina, Plot GW R04 G13A
Papapanu, Christine P, b. 1902, bur. 11/5/1993, Plot HE R28 G10
Papapanu, Harry, bur. 10/22/1920, Plot AA R08 G38
Papapanu, Jacob, bur. 1/1/1939, Plot GW R04 G12
Papapanu, Nicholas D, b. 1905, bur. 11/29/1999, Plot HE R28 G12
Papapanu, Sophia C, b. 1923, age 88, bur. 10/05/2011, Plot HE R27 G10
Papapanu, Steven D, b. 1893, bur. 04/26/1979, Plot HE R28 G09
Pape, Emil B, b. 1927, bur. 4/19/1989, Plot HE R20 G24
Paprcka, Anna, bur. 5/6/1975, Plot HH R09 G07
Parent, Leon, bur. 7/14/1970, Plot FN R04 G23
Parent, Leona, Plot FN R04 G23A
Pareschi, Bruno J, b. 1902, bur. 10/13/1977, Plot HH R11 G02
Pareschi, Frances E, b. 1906, bur. 11/12/1979, Plot HH R11 G03
Paris, Irene P, b. 1917, bur. 10/21/1988, Plot HE R12 G21
Paris, William M, b. 1916, age 90, bur. 10/30/2006, Plot HE R12 G22
Parker, Charles E, b. 1920, bur. 5/23/2000, Plot JE R13 G04
Parker, Clayton William, b. 1921, bur. 04/23/1988, Plot GG R12 G15
Parker, Dorothy M, b. 1921, age 83, bur. 06/30/2005, Plot JE R13 G03
Parker, Elizabeth Jane, b. 1919, bur. 09/27/2006, Plot GG R12 G14
Parker, Emerett, bur. 1/1/1919, Plot FS R25 G15
Parker, Frank J, b. 1878, bur. 01/01/1914, Plot FS R32 G26
Parker, Lewis B, b. 1838, bur. 1/1/1914, Plot FS R25 G14
Parker, Marie A, bur. 1/1/1925, Plot GG R11 G08
Parker, Mary C, b. 1880, bur. 8/1/1942, Plot FS R32 G37
Parkis, Wilhelmina H, bur. 1/1/1966, Plot FN R02 G33
Parks, Carlton T, b. 1914, bur. 5/9/1975, Plot HH R07 G06
Parks, Johanna A, b. 1920, bur. 6/6/1986, Plot HH R07 G07
Parsons, Arthur W, b. 1920, bur. 05/25/1958, Plot FN R15 G47
Parsons, Corydon R, b. 1922, bur. 8/6/1980, Plot HE R25 G35
Parsons, Kathleen J, b. 1926, bur. 5/30/1983, Plot HE R25 G36
Parsons, Marjorie Leona, b. 1920, age 82, bur. 5/31/2003, Plot CC R15 G14A
Partridge, Arthemas, bur. 01/01/1907, Plot AA R02 G04
Partridge, William H, bur. 06/22/2011, Plot FN R12 G15
Partrige, Artemas L, bur. 01/01/1907, Plot BB R26 G04
Paskell, Albert, bur. 07/18/1986, Plot HH R13 G24
Paskell, Lillian, bur. 4/13/1988, Plot HH R13 G23
Paskell, Norman, b. 1915, bur. 5/24/1976, Plot HH R03 G30
Paskell, Rose Kramer, b. 1914, bur. 9/2/1980, Plot HH R03 G31
Patchen, Paul, bur. 10/11/1961, Plot HW R16 G15
Patten, Ernest, bur. 7/22/1998, Plot HW R09 G43A
Patten, Lyda, bur. 7/22/1998, Plot HW R09 G43B
Patten, Mae E, b. 1902, bur. 9/11/1979, Plot CC R04 G14
Patten, Mary E, bur. 7/18/1951, Plot CC R04 G16
Patten, Raymond E, bur. 7/9/1965, Plot CC R04 G15
Patterson, Gordon, bur. 10/5/1944, Plot GW R07 G20
Pattison, James, bur. 3/30/1985, Plot HE R16 G39
Patzwald, Harold W, b. 1919, bur. 11/10/1972, Plot HH R12 G12
Paufler, Ethel, bur. 5/1/1968, Plot HW R06 G39
Paufler, Julius Edith, b. 1903, bur. 12/22/1987, Plot HW R06 G38
Pavone, Frank, bur. 03/29/2012, Plot JE R19 G28
Pavone, James M, b. 1930, bur. 10/13/1998, Plot JE R19 G33
Paxson, James Lawerance, b. 1951, bur. 04/05/1977, Plot HH R04 G19
Paxton, Eva T, b. 1913, bur. 9/19/1988, Plot HE R24 G13
Paxton, Kenneth W, b. 1902, bur. 5/10/1990, Plot HE R24 G14
Payne, Delvina, bur. 1/1/1947, Plot GG R09 G22
Payne, Harold D, b. 1902, bur. 7/26/1983, Plot HW R02 G26
Payne, Helen, b. 1905, bur. 6/1/1984, Plot HW R02 G27
Payne, Thomas, bur. 1/1/1934, Plot GG R09 G21
Paynter, Anna M, bur. 1/1/1930, Plot FN R26 G13
Paynter, Edward R, bur. 1/1/1936, Plot FN R26 G12
Payton, Paul, bur. 1/8/1965, Plot HW R07 G34
Peacock, Eugene F, b. 1913, bur. 12/12/1989, Plot HE R10 G31
Peacock, Gertrude S, b. 1912, age 93, bur. 5/3/2006, Plot HE R10 G30
Peacox, Earle F, b. 1907, bur. 4/28/1982, Plot HE R24 G05
Peacox, Shane Lee, b. 1966, bur. 12/30/1986, Plot HE R15 G11
Peacox, Shirlee Jean, Plot HE R15 G12
Pearl, Herbert J, b. 1941, bur. 06/07/1978, Plot HH R09 G01
Pearse, ??, Plot AA R14 G71
Pearson, Florence, bur. 1/9/1966, Plot HW R16 G39
Pecora, Monika H, b. 1946, bur. 4/13/1988, Plot HE R14 G23
Peddie, Edgar L, bur. 1/1/1913, Plot AA R01 G54
Peet, Jennie E, b. 1863, bur. 1/1/1919, Plot FS R30 G40
Peet, Mary Hogoboon, Plot AA R13 G50
Peet, Nelson, Plot AA R13 G49
Peet, Niram H, Plot AA R13 G51
Peet, Wilber O, b. 1850, bur. 01/01/1918, Plot FS R30 G39
Peglan, Herman, Plot GW R16 G37
Pelc, Francis, bur. 11/15/1941, Plot GW R13 G04
Pellet, Charles H, Plot FN- R-02 G-50
Pellett, Charles H, bur. 3/31/1954, Plot FN R12 G50
Pellett, Ellen E, bur. 5/24/2004, Plot FN R31 G15
Pellett, Harold L, bur. 07/22/1995, Plot FN R31 G16
Pellett, Homer, Plot DD R10 G04
Pellett, Howard, Plot FN R32 G16
Pellett, John A, Plot DD R10 G01
Pellett, Leora W, Plot DD R10 G03
Pellett, Margaret F, b. 1905, bur. 01/01/1966, Plot FS R14 G03
Pellett, Martha A, Plot DD R10 G02
Pellett, Sarah Jane, bur. 4/13/1959, Plot FN R12 G51
Pellett, Thomas F, b. 1903, bur. 1/1/1992, Plot FS R14 G04
Percy, Mabel, bur. 3/27/1941, Plot GW R09 G12
Peregoy, Duane L, b. 1954, age 20, bur. 9/17/1974, Plot HH R06 G27
Perkins, Abner, Plot AA R03 G37
Perkins, Alvin D, bur. 4/1/1968, Plot HW R02 G37
Perkins, Lucy, Plot AA R03 G38
Perkins, Mary Dixon, b. 1931, age 75, bur. 5/25/2006, Plot JE R26 G13
Perkins, Rodney Jr B, b. 1930, bur. 10/19/1996, Plot JE R26 G14
Perrin, Bertha, b. 1885, bur. 1/17/1959, Plot FS R26 G04
Perrin, Clarence V, b. 1920, bur. 6/19/2004, Plot FS R10 G42
Perrin, Edna M, b. 1922, age 79, bur. 3/18/2002, Plot FS R10 G41
Perrin, Eleanor F, b. 1924, bur. 01/24/2009, Plot FS R10 G40
Perrin, Gerold M, b. 1924, bur. 01/01/1962, Plot FS R10 G39
Perrin, Irene Veronica, bur. 10/06/2007, Plot JE R32 G28
Perrin, Jacob, b. 1876, bur. 12/5/1951, Plot FS R25 G03
Perrin, Janet M, b. 1962, age 13, bur. 11/26/1975, Plot FS R08 G21
Perrin, John Jr C, bur. 1/1/1965, Plot FN R06 G46
Perrin, Louise, b. 1880, bur. 6/1/1959, Plot FS R26 G05
Perrin, Nellie, bur. 6/26/1948, Plot GW R04 G28
Perrin, Reba M, bur. 7/21/1993, Plot FN R06 G45
Perrin, Robert, bur. 11/26/2012, Plot FS R08 G19
Perrin, Rose S, b. 1870, bur. 1/1/1949, Plot FS R26 G03
Perrin, William, b. 1882, bur. 5/31/1956, Plot FS R25 G01
Perrotta, Christopher Carmine, bur. 04/09/1986, Plot FN R07 G16
Perry, Francis, bur. 1/1/1963, Plot GW R11 G23
Perry, James H, bur. 11/8/1952, Plot FN R19 G09
Perry, Phoebe, b. 1908, bur. 4/13/1971, Plot HH R15 G31
Peryea, Roy H, b. 1931, bur. 4/26/1978, Plot HE R05 G01
Peryea, Roy, bur. 4/26/1978, Plot HH R05 G01
Peters, Barbara, age 79, Plot HE R09 G02
Peters, Emma L, b. 1903, bur. 5/22/1986, Plot FS R15 G04
Peters, George C, b. 1898, bur. 1/1/1965, Plot FS R15 G05
Peters, Gordon E, b. 1916, bur. 10/09/1990, Plot HE R09 G01
Peters, Vasil, b. 1931, bur. 7/22/1995, Plot HE R07 G21
Pethick, Merton O, b. 1915, bur. 8/5/1991, Plot HE R11 G26
Petracca, Emanuel R, b. 1901, bur. 5/12/1982, Plot HE R21 G22
Petracca, Mary Ann, b. 1914, bur. 8/6/1986, Plot HE R21 G21
Pettingill, John W, b. 1952, age 17, bur. 5/16/1969, Plot HW R02 G40
Petty, Harold Y, b. 1916, bur. 8/13/1985, Plot GW R01 G29
Petty, Helen M, b. 1915, bur. 8/12/1992, Plot GW R01 G28
Petty, Jane, b. 1899, bur. 7/29/1976, Plot FS R28 G47
Petznich, Otto John, bur. 5/5/1961, Plot HW R16 G05
Pezzatini, Francisco, bur. 6/29/1976, Plot HH R01 G28
Pezzino, Frances, b. 1908, bur. 11/26/1982, Plot HH R04 G04
Pezzino, Jean, b. 1930, bur. 12/09/1991, Plot HH R03 G03
Pezzino, Michael, bur. 8/27/1977, Plot HH R04 G05
Pezzino, Vincent Angelo, b. 1925, age 80, bur. 04/10/2006, Plot HH R03 G02
Phelps, Carl G, b. 1924, bur. 08/23/1972, Plot HH R09 G34
Phelps, Clinton J, bur. 11/2/1964, Plot HW R14 G29
Phelps, Lena M, bur. 6/28/1971, Plot HW R02 G22
Phelps, Louise, Plot AA R11 G07
Phelps, Louise, Plot BB R19 G07
Phelps, Luella R, bur. 7/5/1962, Plot HW R14 G30
Phelps, Marietta S, bur. 3/13/1920, Plot BB R19 G06
Phelps, Marietta, bur. 03/13/1920, Plot AA R11 G06
Phelps, Mary K, b. 1919, bur. 10/05/2010, Plot HE R02 G09
Phelps, Nathaniel C, bur. 6/16/1966, Plot HW R02 G21
Phelps, Orvaille E, bur. 2/11/1959, Plot BB R19 G05
Phelps, Orval E, bur. 02/11/1959, Plot AA R11 G05
Phelps, Robert N, b. 1921, bur. 11/25/1987, Plot HE R02 G10
Phelps, Sally Ann, b. 1928, bur. 8/8/1997, Plot HH R09 G35
Phelps, William H, bur. 8/1/1920, Plot AA R16 G17
Philips, Harry L, bur. 7/22/1955, Plot FN R12 G28
Philips, Louise, bur. 12/9/1960, Plot FN R12 G29
Phillips, Arabell, Plot AA R07 G50
Phillips, Baby, Plot AA R07 G49
Phillips, Bessie May, bur. 11/16/1978, Plot DD R04 G23
Phillips, Chester, bur. 6/18/1948, Plot GW R04 G27
Phillips, Evelyn J, bur. 4/16/1984, Plot FN R19 G12
Phillips, H J, Plot DD R14 G25
Phillips, John, Plot AA R07 G52
Phillips, Lelia D, b. 1910, bur. 6/25/1988, Plot FS R28 G49A
Phillips, Louis E, b. 1909, bur. 6/25/1988, Plot FS R28 G49
Phillips, Mary Ann, Plot DD R14 G26
Phillips, Maurice F, bur. 1/1/1948, Plot DD R04 G22
Phillips, Parmilla, Plot AA R07 G51
Phillips, Ruoma, bur. 01/01/1916, Plot DD R04 G21
Phillips, Susan J, bur. 5/9/1970, Plot HW R01 G31
Phillips, William H, bur. 1/1/1966, Plot HW R01 G30
Phillips, Z, Plot DD R14 G27
Phippen, Dora A, Plot DD R13 G11
Phippen, Elizabeth S, b. 1907, bur. 4/26/1993, Plot BB R28 G07
Phippen, Elizabeth, bur. 01/01/1993, Plot AA R04 G05
Phippen, Mildred E, b. 1901, bur. 01/01/1902, Plot BB R28 G05
Phippen, Mildred, bur. 01/01/1923, Plot AA R04 G07
Phippen, Sarah F, bur. 05/31/1955, Plot AA R04 G06
Phippen, Sarah F, bur. 5/31/1955, Plot BB R28 G06
Phippen, Walter, Plot DD R13 G12
Piebaniak, Joseph W, b. 1924, bur. 7/29/1975, Plot HH R15 G28
Pieczonka, Marcella, Plot HE R01 G08
Pieper, Douglas Alan, b. 1958, bur. 5/30/1997, Plot JE R19 G05
Pierce, Abigal, Plot AA R14 G50
Pierce, Anna A, Plot DD R12 G44
Pierce, Barbara VanDeVelt, bur. 7/10/1978, Plot GW R11 G25
Pierce, Carl A, age 57, bur. 8/18/2001, Plot JE R24 G30
Pierce, Charles E, Plot AA R05 G61
Pierce, Charles J, Plot AA R04 G36
Pierce, Charles J, bur. 1/1/1913, Plot FS R29 G19
Pierce, Eben, Plot DD R12 G46
Pierce, Ebenezer, Plot AA R05 G58
Pierce, Eden, Plot AA R04 G35
Pierce, Eliza Ann, Plot AA R05 G59
Pierce, Hannah L, Plot DD R12 G47
Pierce, Horace, Plot AA R04 G34
Pierce, Isaac, Plot AA R14 G51
Pierce, Jerusha, Plot AA R05 G60
Pierce, Millard Fillmore, Plot AA R04 G37
Pierce, Millard Fillmore, bur. 1/1/1936, Plot FS R29 G18
Pierce, Seth, Plot AA R14 G49
Pierce, Willis, Plot DD R12 G43
Pierson, Sheryl, bur. 01/11/2014, Plot FN R10 G48
Pieters, Judy Anne, b. 1937, age 3, bur. 03/18/1941, Plot FS R32 G14
Pieters, Laura E, bur. 9/17/1987, Plot BB R27 G08
Pieters, Laura, bur. 09/17/1987, Plot AA R03 G08
Pieters, Lawerance, b. 1930, bur. 12/11/1966, Plot HW R01 G32
Pieters, Marine A, b. 1901, bur. 5/1/1968, Plot FS R32 G13
Pieters, Peter F, bur. 10/11/1984, Plot BB R27 G07
Pieters, Peter, bur. 10/11/1984, Plot AA R03 G07
Pieters, Ruth Fernaays, age 89, bur. 10/14/2010, Plot FS R32 G12
Pike, Alvina S, b. 1911, bur. 1/1/1941, Plot GW R03 G16
Pike, Frank H, b. 1901, bur. 4/19/1980, Plot GW R03 G15
Pike, Franklin C, bur. 8/2/2007, Plot GW R03 G19
Pike, Herbert K, b. 1932, bur. 5/15/1953, Plot GW R03 G17
Pike, Mae, bur. 5/9/1973, Plot FN R29 G04
Pike, Norman, bur. 01/11/2010, Plot GW R03 G18A
Pike, Ronald (and Norman) Norman, b. 1969, bur. 09/17/1969, Plot GW R03 G18
Pinkley, Alice, Plot DD R08 G48
Pinkley, Carrie H, bur. 8/18/1971, Plot DD R05 G21
Pinkley, Edna J, bur. 1/1/1922, Plot FN R30 G40
Pinkley, Henry, Plot DD R08 G47
Pinkley, Hicks M, bur. 1/1/1933, Plot BB R16 G15
Pinkley, Howard L, bur. 3/7/1954, Plot DD R05 G22
Pinkley, John W, Plot DD R08 G45
Pinkley, L Russell, Plot BB R16 G13
Pinkley, Lewis S, bur. 1/1/1908, Plot FN R30 G39
Pinkley, Lewis, bur. 9/2/1926, Plot DD R08 G43
Pinkley, Margaret, bur. 01/01/1908, Plot DD R08 G44
Pinkley, Mary D, bur. 1/1/1908, Plot BB R16 G14
Pinkney, C D, bur. 8/24/1918, Plot CC R04 G06
Pinkney, Charles D, bur. 1/1/1948, Plot DD R08 G06
Pinkney, Charles Loy, bur. 11/01/1982, Plot DD R08 G01
Pinkney, Clara L, b. 1894, bur. 5/22/1966, Plot FS R19 G24
Pinkney, Frank R, bur. 5/24/1960, Plot FN R05 G23
Pinkney, Frieda, bur. 4/24/2007, Plot FN R05 G26
Pinkney, Gerald Mark, b. 1927, age 77, bur. 09/21/2004, Plot FS R19 G26
Pinkney, Glenn E, b. 1895, bur. 12/5/1961, Plot FS R19 G23
Pinkney, Hattie M, bur. 4/27/1961, Plot FN R05 G24
Pinkney, Herbert N, Plot GG R09 G25
Pinkney, Ida, b. 1870, bur. 1/1/1928, Plot FS R20 G24
Pinkney, John R, bur. 1/1/1908, Plot DD R02 G06
Pinkney, John W, b. 1869, bur. 1/1/1966, Plot FS R20 G23
Pinkney, Kenneth J, b. 1916, bur. 05/02/1975, Plot FS R19 G25
Pinkney, Laura Loy, bur. 1/1/1941, Plot DD R08 G03
Pinkney, Lucy A, bur. 01/01/1907, Plot DD R08 G05
Pinkney, Margaret, bur. 11/17/1941, Plot GG R09 G27
Pinkney, Mark E, b. 1890, bur. 1/1/1969, Plot FS R20 G25
Pinkney, Mildred E, b. 1896, bur. 8/16/1972, Plot FS R20 G26
Pinkney, Myrtle O, bur. 1/1/1945, Plot GG R09 G26
Pinkney, Olive Rose, bur. 9/27/1980, Plot DD R08 G02
Pinkney, Ralph J, b. 1900, bur. 7/7/1968, Plot FN R05 G25
Pinkney, Walter, Plot DD R02 G02
Pinkney-Arft, Marion, bur. 11/10/2012, Plot FS R19 G25A
Piper, Amanda J, b. 1904, bur. 11/27/1992, Plot HE R04 G16
Piper, Berton Sr D, bur. 1/1/1966, Plot GW R07 G13
Piper, Burt W, b. 1912, bur. 9/22/1993, Plot HE R04 G17
Piper, Nina S, bur. 1/1/1965, Plot GW R07 G12
Pitcher, Samuel J, b. 1900, bur. 06/25/1980, Plot HE R26 G34
Pitcher, Winifred R, b. 1914, bur. 9/19/1996, Plot HE R26 G35
Pites, Mary G, b. 1905, bur. 6/16/1992, Plot HH R12 G24
Pites, William P, b. 1909, bur. 10/31/1971, Plot HH R12 G23
Pitt, Mildred, bur. 4/17/1978, Plot HH R03 G01
Pizzanga, Guiseppe, b. 1893, bur. 3/30/1979, Plot HE R27 G35
Pizzanga, Maria A, Plot HE R27 G36
Playford, Henry, bur. 11/18/1936, Plot BB R12 G11
Pling, Elizabeth R, b. 1915, bur. 07/26/1987, Plot FS R01 G18
Pling, Wesley Vernon, b. 1917, age 85, bur. 05/17/2003, Plot FS R01 G17
Plouffe, Phyllis Herr, b. 1931, bur. 06/29/2000, Plot HE R17 G07
Poggi, Theodore, b. 1914, bur. 06/06/1992, Plot JE R07 G32
Polhamus, Mary Essie, b. 1904, bur. 9/9/1980, Plot HW R09 G27
Polhamus, Thedore, bur. 6/6/1962, Plot HW R09 G26
Poling, Ezra C, b. 1920, bur. 04/22/1977, Plot HH R01 G14
Polizzi, Baby, bur. 11/01/1985, Plot FN R19 G14
Pomeranz, Martha, bur. 7/29/1960, Plot HW R15 G13
Pommier, Anna, bur. 6/21/1980, Plot HE R28 G24
Pompey, Edward, bur. 1/1/1943, Plot GW R15 G07
Poole, Rufus K, Plot DD R12 G27
Poole, Walter K, Plot DD R12 G25
Pooler, ??, Plot DD R11 G46
Porieties, Alice, bur. 10/21/1965, Plot HW R02 G04
Porrey, Viola Lee, Plot GG R03 G15
Porter, Douglas, bur. 9/2/1980, Plot HE R26 G25
Porter, Lynn, bur. 08/15/1970, Plot HH R16 G40
Portukalin, Marie, b. 1909, bur. 4/29/1953, Plot FN R14 G25
Portukalin, Martin, bur. 1/1/1964, Plot FN R14 G23
Portukalin, Mary, bur. 8/23/1971, Plot FN R14 G24
Possen, Beverly Ann, b. 1945, age 57, bur. 5/8/2003, Plot JE R13 G05
Potter, Baby, bur. 08/05/1975, Plot HH R07 G28A
Potter, Clifford Tyler, b. 1892, bur. 5/26/1958, Plot FS R09 G45
Potter, Fred, bur. 6/7/1978, Plot HH R10 G01
Potter, George Norman, age 65, bur. 10/20/1960, Plot BB R12 G12
Powell, Charles, bur. 9/10/1965, Plot HW R02 G01
Poznick, Mary E, b. 1930, bur. 7/11/1964, Plot HW R08 G34
Pratt, ???, bur. 8/12/1924, Plot GG R13 G11
Pratt, ???, bur. 3/19/1926, Plot GG R13 G12
Pratt, A J, bur. 05/08/1918, Plot AA R07 G05
Pratt, Almond J, bur. 5/8/1918, Plot BB R23 G05
Pratt, Bruce, Plot GG R13 G13
Pratt, Esca Armilie, bur. 01/08/1963, Plot GG R13 G14
Pratt, Mary Alma, Plot AA R01 G56
Pratt, Olive C, Plot AA R07 G06
Pratt, Olive C, b. 1902, bur. 01/01/1925, Plot BB R23 G06
Prentice, B ?, Plot DD R07 G06
Prentice, Fred, bur. 1/1/1923, Plot GW R01 G03
Preston, Daisy M, b. 1907, bur. 4/4/1995, Plot JE R15 G04
Preston, Dessie F, Plot AA R03 G53
Preston, Dorothy Mildred, b. 1921, age 80, bur. 8/26/2002, Plot HH R04 G37
Preston, Elizabeth K, Plot DD R12 G26
Preston, Ethel, bur. 5/16/1975, Plot HH R04 G35
Preston, Frank, Plot DD R12 G28
Preston, Houston M, b. 1918, bur. 4/28/1994, Plot HH R04 G36
Preston, Keith Eugene, Plot AA R16 G60
Preston, Nancy J, b. 1940, bur. 5/2/1989, Plot HE R15 G16
Preston, Ronald B, b. 1943, bur. 05/16/1995, Plot HE R30 G37
Priest, Baby, Plot AA R12 G62
Priest, Louisa, Plot AA R12 G59
Priest, Mary L, Plot AA R12 G61
Priest, Thomas, Plot AA R12 G58
Priestly, Charles, bur. 2/11/1953, Plot GW R07 G34
Priestly, Florence, bur. 4/17/1962, Plot GW R07 G33
Prim, Alma, bur. 5/29/1961, Plot HW R16 G10
Prim, Robert G, Plot GW R16 G34
Proctor, ??, Plot DD R07 G01
Proctor, ??, Plot DD R07 G02
Proctor, Helen, bur. 7/25/1955, Plot GW R08 G24
Proper, Elizabeth, b. 1900, bur. 5/2/1970, Plot HW R02 G39
Proper, Walter, b. 1905, bur. 5/13/1969, Plot HW R02 G38
Proulx, Dorothy K, b. 1910, bur. 10/31/2000, Plot FN R03 G35
Proulx, Joseph A, b. 1907, bur. 05/11/1977, Plot FN R03 G34
Pugsley, Gertrude E, b. 1903, bur. 3/19/1966, Plot HW R02 G12
Pugsley, Kenneth J, b. 1903, bur. 6/4/1992, Plot HW R02 G11
Pulver, Amanda, bur. 05/24/1977, Plot FN R27 G31
Pulver, Homer, bur. 05/24/1977, Plot FN R27 G31A
Purdeu, John Ivan, b. 1944, bur. 7/7/1992, Plot HE R06 G22
Purdy, Stella Marie, age 80, bur. 9/13/2002, Plot JE R06 G28
Purdy, Walter Jr Wilbur, b. 1922, age 82, bur. 05/12/2004, Plot JE R06 G29
Purpi, Michael A, age 63, bur. 9/6/2007, Plot JJ R15 G02
Putnam, Mary P, b. 1908, bur. 08/07/1991, Plot FN R27 G30A
Putnam, Norman W, b. 1907, bur. 12/24/1976, Plot FN R09 G49
Putnam, Norman, Plot FN R11 G49A
Putnam, Thomas, b. 1934, age 76, bur. 05/22/2010, Plot FN R10 G49
Putnam, Virgina Goodell, Plot FN R11 G48A
Putnam, Virginia Goodell, b. 1911, bur. 10/1/1995, Plot FN R09 G48
Pye, George, bur. 1/1/1908, Plot CC R24 G05A
Pye, Mattie L, Plot CC R24 G05
Quackenbush, Alma, bur. 7/5/1933, Plot DD R02 G12
Quackenbush, Arthur R, bur. 1/1/1917, Plot DD R02 G11
Quigley, Donna P, b. 1937, bur. 10/9/1985, Plot GW R09 G34
Quigley, Dorothy B, b. 1924, bur. 4/15/1999, Plot HH R02 G17
Quigley, Edith E, b. 1925, bur. 5/2/1973, Plot HH R14 G10
Quigley, Ella Mae, b. 1923, bur. 5/8/1996, Plot HE R23 G12
Quigley, Lester E, bur. 7/9/1951, Plot GW R09 G32
Quigley, Margaret, bur. 5/2/1972, Plot GW R09 G35
Quigley, Richard G, b. 1922, bur. 4/23/1977, Plot HH R02 G16
Quigley, Warren L, b. 1929, bur. 4/12/1986, Plot HE R23 G11
Quimby, ???, bur. 01/01/1906, Plot DD R03 G08
Quimby, Clinton N, Plot DD R14 G32
Quinby, Anna Ruth, b. 1908, age 12, bur. 01/01/1920, Plot FN R33 G25
Quinby, Fred C, bur. 1/1/1936, Plot FN R34 G26
Quinby, Ida B, bur. 11/4/1952, Plot FN R33 G24
Quinby, Mary A, Plot FN R34 G24
Quinby, May Wolfe, bur. 2/17/1959, Plot FN R34 G27
Quinby, Ralph B, b. 1904, bur. 5/14/1984, Plot FN R33 G27
Quinby, W Kenneth, b. 1907, bur. 5/15/1996, Plot FN R33 G26
Quinby, William B, bur. 11/4/1952, Plot FN R33 G23
Quinlin, Mary, bur. 11/4/1972, Plot HH R11 G22
Quinn, Christopher J, b. 1952, bur. 05/25/1990, Plot FN R33 G08
Quinn, Leo Jr Robert, b. 1915, bur. 8/31/1962, Plot HW R15 G32
Quinn, Mary W, b. 1918, bur. 4/9/1990, Plot HW R15 G33
Quinn, Robert W, b. 1928, bur. 9/17/1985, Plot FS R01 G09
Quinn, William F, bur. 4/14/1981, Plot HE R26 G15
Race, James, bur. 5/12/1966, Plot HW R16 G38
Rachow, Baby, Plot FS R16 G19A
Rachow, Barbara Kay, b. 1930, bur. 1/1/1965, Plot FS R15 G18
Rachow, Fred J, b. 1892, bur. 4/21/1978, Plot FS R16 G17
Rachow, Frederick Henry, b. 1931, age 72, bur. 10/28/2004, Plot FS R16 G19
Rachow, Mata R, b. 1898, bur. 1/1/1963, Plot FS R16 G18
Rachow, Ramona, bur. 8/2/2011, Plot FS R15 G20
Radley, Shirley A, bur. 7/27/2011, Plot JE R22 G30
Radtke, Anne, bur. 1/1/1991, Plot HW R04 G03
Radtke, William, Plot HW R04 G04
Radzikowski, John A, b. 1919, bur. 8/8/1986, Plot BB R15 G01
Raforth, Ernest, bur. 5/1/1968, Plot HW R02 G31
Ragland, Donald, bur. 01/07/2012, Plot HE R05 G31
Raleigh, Paul W, b. 1942, bur. 09/11/2004, Plot JE R26 G24
Ranck, Henry Edward, bur. 8/15/1950, Plot GW R04 G20
Randolph, Abbie, Plot DD R11 G26
Randolph, Benjamine H, Plot DD R11 G25
Rappold, Constance, b. 1904, bur. 10/31/1990, Plot FN R15 G01
Rapport, Dorothy B, bur. 10/4/1980, Plot GW R06 G33
Rapport, Stephen P, bur. 6/16/1953, Plot GW R06 G34
Rasberry, Marie, bur. 5/14/1963, Plot HW R08 G23
Rath, Alma, bur. 03/15/1998, Plot HE R29 G23
Rath, Helma, bur. 06/28/2010, Plot HE R16 G27
Rath, Howard W, b. 1902, bur. 04/25/1980, Plot HE R29 G23A
Rathbun, James R, b. 1921, bur. 06/29/1976, Plot HH R03 G28
Rathbun, Victoria A, b. 1920, age 85, bur. 10/31/2005, Plot HH R03 G29
Ray, Jessie Margaret, b. 1900, bur. 10/9/1971, Plot HH R16 G21
Ray, Maude E, bur. 7/4/1953, Plot GW R13 G20
Raymo, Irene, bur. 4/17/1969, Plot HW R10 G13
Raymo, Lester Fred, bur. 2/19/1964, Plot HW R10 G14
Raymond, Lucy, b. 1915, bur. 4/7/1998, Plot JE R01 G38
Raynor, Frances E, bur. 2/6/1960, Plot GW R15 G09
Raynor, Merney W, bur. 1/23/1943, Plot GW R15 G08
Rech, Herbert W, b. 1918, age 87, bur. 8/26/2005, Plot JE R18 G32
Rech, Ruth, b. 1917, bur. 09/18/2010, Plot JE R18 G32A
Redman, Claude E, b. 1917, bur. 7/17/1996, Plot GW R16 G02
Redman, Grace L, b. 1920, bur. 4/2/1955, Plot GW R16 G03
Redmond, Byron, Plot FN R20 G28
Redmond, Edith L, Plot FN R20 G29
Redmond, John Patrick, b. 1922, bur. 05/20/2006, Plot HE R23 G34
Reed, Abbie L, bur. 1/1/1918, Plot DD R07 G14
Reed, Henry L, bur. 6/17/1929, Plot DD R07 G13
Reeves, Richard E., bur. 02/15/2012, Plot JJ R11 G17
Regan, Richard J, b. 10/10/2003, age 78, Plot HE R09 G31
Reggio, James Gattelaro, b. 1967, bur. 6/28/1989, Plot HE R13 G14
Rehm, Janet, b. 1930, bur. 6/4/2011, Plot JE R16 G02A
Rehm, Robert, bur. 10/12/1993, Plot JE R16 G02
Reid, Henry, bur. 12/7/1967, Plot HW R14 G42
Rein, John Daniel, b. 1907, bur. 5/25/1996, Plot FN R02 G36
Rein, Laura C, b. 1908, bur. 5/13/2000, Plot FN R02 G37
Reinisch, Baby, bur. 02/28/1957, Plot CC R22 G01
Reinisch, Elsie, bur. 8/31/1973, Plot CC R22 G03
Reisinger, Andrew W, b. 1918, bur. 05/14/1993, Plot HE R09 G16
Reiss, Eileen, bur. 02/06/2012, Plot JE R15 G21
reissued, Plot FN R10 G53
Reiter, Catherine Gamble, bur. 5/4/1985, Plot FN R01 G02
Reiter, Donald E, bur. 4/25/1985, Plot FN R01 G01
Reitz, Adolph, bur. 2/27/1925, Plot DD R05 G43
Reitz, Caroline, bur. 4/15/1920, Plot DD R05 G44
Reitz, Charles, bur. 09/06/1958, Plot DD R05 G47
Reitz, Clara M, Plot DD R05 G48
Reitz, Dora S, b. 1888, bur. 1/9/1967, Plot FS R06 G35
Reitz, Elizabeth L, b. 1910, age 93, bur. 11/14/2003, Plot FS R05 G35
Reitz, Emil E, b. 1886, bur. 3/4/1962, Plot FS R06 G34
Reitz, Ronald B, b. 1908, bur. 11/8/1990, Plot FS R05 G34
Rekeil, Stanislaw, b. 1927, bur. 7/6/1994, Plot HE R07 G10
Reneel, Mary Aleen, b. 1912, bur. 5/12/1990, Plot HH R15 G17
Renner, Freddy E, b. 1928, bur. 11/15/1993, Plot HE R17 G37
Renner, Ilse Marta, b. 1920, age 85, bur. 9/5/2006, Plot HE R17 G36
Reusch, Edward, bur. 1/1/1965, Plot FN R09 G23
Reusch, J Jacob, Plot DD R13 G51
Reusch, Lillian M, bur. 7/19/1980, Plot FN R09 G24
Reyes, Baby, bur. 04/25/1979, Plot FS R27 G49
Reyes, Hector W, b. 1938, bur. 04/12/1996, Plot HE R02 G25
Reynold, William C, b. 1923, bur. 4/13/1999, Plot HE R24 G38
Reynolds, ???, Plot AA R11 G55
Reynolds, Elizabeth, Plot AA R11 G50
Reynolds, Famiy, Plot AA R11 G54
Reynolds, Margaret, bur. 5/1/1967, Plot FN R29 G05
Reynolds, Marrie, Plot AA R11 G56
Reynolds, Oliver, Plot AA R11 G49
Reynolds, Orson A, Plot AA R11 G53
Reynolds, Rita G, b. 1925, bur. 06/04/2010, Plot HE R24 G37
Reynolds, U or M Jerome, Plot AA R11 G51
Rhodes, ??, Plot AA R15 G72
Rhodes, Anthony, bur. 01/01/1944, Plot GW R04 G18
Rhodes, Edith, bur. 1/1/1944, Plot GW R04 G19
Rhodes, Edward, bur. 1/10/1957, Plot AA R15 G71
Rhodes, Fred John, bur. 3/23/1961, Plot HW R10 G15
Rice, John, bur. 1/2/1952, Plot GW R06 G25
Rice, Minnie, bur. 1/1/1946, Plot GW R06 G26
Rich, Mabel S, bur. 1/1/1933, Plot FN R27 G13
Rich, Thomas, age 69, bur. 3/30/2007, Plot JE R07 G30
Richardson, Joseph P, b. 1964, age 39, bur. 5/15/2004, Plot JE R21 G19
Richardson, Kenneth R, b. 1928, bur. 6/16/1980, Plot FN R30 G04
Richardson, Mary Y, Plot DD R03 G38
Richardson, Selltor, bur. 1/1/1906, Plot DD R03 G37
Richie, Lillian, bur. 1/26/1950, Plot GW R09 G30
Rickard, Irma Melnick, bur. 10/25/2004, Plot FS R02 G48
Ricotto, Edith A, bur. 10/19/1974, Plot HH R07 G18
Rieflin, Edward G, Plot AA R06 G03
Rieflin, Edward G, b. 1907, bur. 01/01/1912, Plot BB R22 G03
Rieflin, Herman, bur. 04/24/1930, Plot AA R06 G01
Rieflin, Herman, bur. 4/24/1930, Plot BB R22 G01
Rieflin, Mary, Plot AA R06 G02
Rieflin, Mary, Plot BB R22 G02
Rienbold, Ireane M, b. 1916, bur. 8/30/2000, Plot HH R01 G07
Rienbold, Richard L, b. 1907, bur. 08/31/1977, Plot HH R01 G06
Riesdorph, Charles Sr R, bur. 1/1/1965, Plot HW R03 G10
Riesdorph, Eva Pearl, bur. 4/28/1972, Plot HW R03 G11
Rifenburgh, Harriet Irene, bur. 6/13/1986, Plot HW R10 G43
Rifenburgh, Lenard E, bur. 6/13/1986, Plot HW R10 G42
Rigato, John Robert, b. 1970, age 19, bur. 7/5/1989, Plot HE R13 G23
Rigby, Clair, b. 1921, bur. 12/29/2011, Plot GG R07 G18
Rigby, Mark E, bur. 5/22/1924, Plot GG R07 G16
Rigby, Wilhelmina Duerbaum, bur. 04/22/1982, Plot GG R07 G17
Riker, Amos J, b. 1898, bur. 7/26/1978, Plot FS R08 G28
Riley, Arthur J, bur. 6/15/1971, Plot HH R15 G27
Rindell, Ivan, bur. 1/1/1959, Plot HW R13 G03
Rinz, Jose Valentine, bur. 2/12/1959, Plot HW R13 G06
Ritter, Charlotte, bur. 1/1/1965, Plot GG R08 G29A
Ritter, Frank, bur. 1/1/1957, Plot GG R08 G29
Rittler, Alfred Sr J, b. 1935, age 69, bur. 05/03/2005, Plot JE R22 G19
Rivamaria, Primo, bur. 5/23/1979, Plot HE R32 G33
Rivera, June, b. 1929, bur. 10/10/1998, Plot FS R01 G24
Rivera, Pascasio Santiago, b. 1919, bur. 04/27/1974, Plot FS R01 G23
Rivet, Dorothy, bur. 01/16/2012, Plot JJ R05 G20
Rivet, Laurent, bur. 02/28/2014, Plot JJ R05 G21
Roach, Eugene M, b. 1906, bur. 1/1/1943, Plot FS R15 G40
Roach, Mary J, b. 1861, bur. 1/1/1948, Plot FS R15 G39
Robb, Baby, Plot AA R15 G19
Robb, Charles Agustus, bur. 1/1/1920, Plot GG R01 G06
Robb, Dorthy F, b. 1900, bur. 1/1/1989, Plot GG R01 G09
Robb, Francis H, Plot AA R01 G10
Robb, Frank, bur. 1/1/1934, Plot GG R01 G08
Robb, Franklin, bur. 10/28/1927, Plot AA R15 G23
Robb, Hiram, Plot AA R01 G09
Robb, Jane M, Plot DD R09 G49
Robb, Joseph E, Plot DD R14 G24
Robb, Lucy Osborn, bur. 1/1/1922, Plot GG R01 G07
Robb, Mieroa, Plot AA R01 G12
Robb, Olive A, Plot DD R14 G23
Robb, S F, bur. 10/28/1927, Plot AA R16 G18
Robb, Sarah F, bur. 8/1/1920, Plot AA R15 G22
Robb, Trassa B, Plot DD R11 G36
Roberts, Della May, bur. 10/23/1918, Plot DD R07 G21
Roberts, Ida, bur. 5/1/1919, Plot DD R07 G20
Roberts, Irving, bur. 10/29/1954, Plot DD R07 G24
Roberts, Jacob H, bur. 1/1/1947, Plot GG R14 G25
Roberts, Mabel O, bur. 5/4/1984, Plot DD R07 G23
Roberts, Margaret C, bur. 11/7/1973, Plot GG R14 G26
Roberts, William M, Plot DD R07 G19
Robertson, Ruth O, bur. 08/29/1988, Plot GG R04 G26
Robinson, Arthur F, bur. 9/11/1975, Plot HH R06 G14
Robinson, Arthur, bur. 6/9/1973, Plot HH R11 G13
Robinson, Charles Jr, b. 1908, bur. 5/3/1973, Plot HH R11 G15
Robinson, Earl W, bur. 5/24/1983, Plot HW R12 G01
Robinson, Elsie A, bur. 1/2/1959, Plot HW R12 G02
Robinson, Francis, b. 1909, bur. 6/11/1976, Plot HH R11 G16
Robinson, Janet Louise, age 81, bur. 4/21/2006, Plot HE R23 G31
Robinson, John, bur. 4/21/1945, Plot GW R06 G23
Robinson, Mary Ann, bur. 4/12/1989, Plot HH R11 G14
Robinson, Timothy J, b. 1953, bur. 4/23/1982, Plot HE R23 G32
Robinson, William Earl, age 84, bur. 06/06/2006, Plot HE R23 G33
Rockoff, Baby, bur. 07/20/1990, Plot HE R19 G39A
Rodgers, Ralph T, b. 1918, bur. 04/19/1994, Plot HE R07 G22
Rodman, Ada C, bur. 6/1/1968, Plot GW R15 G31
Rodman, George L, bur. 5/4/1953, Plot GW R15 G32
Roe, Joyce, Plot HE R10 G29
Rogers, Carl E, b. 1926, age 6, bur. 01/01/1932, Plot FS R17 G03
Rogers, George, Plot GG R09 G24
Rogers, Gladys D, b. 1899, bur. 4/6/1956, Plot FS R17 G02
Rogers, Grace E, b. 1873, bur. 12/27/1961, Plot FS R17 G05
Rogers, Joseph K, b. 1908, bur. 5/6/1988, Plot FS R11 G25
Rogers, Lawrence D, b. 1923, bur. 9/20/1986, Plot FS R12 G25
Rogers, Marie E, b. 1922, bur. 5/18/1995, Plot FS R11 G26
Rogers, Ralph A, b. 1901, bur. 9/8/1995, Plot FS R17 G01
Rogers, Richard John, b. 1873, bur. 01/13/1956, Plot FS R17 G04
Rogers, Stella, Plot GG R09 G23
Rogers-Hobson, Florence E, b. 1888, bur. 1/1/1965, Plot FS R12 G24
Rogers-Hobson, Joseph W, b. 1885, bur. 10/2/1961, Plot FS R12 G23
Rolley, Doris W, b. 1896, bur. 4/2/1984, Plot FS R10 G50
Rolley, Horace, b. 1892, bur. 7/16/1958, Plot FS R10 G49
Rolon, Aida, bur. 05/21/2010, Plot JE R28 G16
Romano, Josephine P, b. 1915, bur. 4/28/2000, Plot HE R18 G34
Romano, Rocco M, b. 1903, bur. 5/13/1996, Plot HE R18 G33
Rose, Ruth D, bur. 11/14/1973, Plot HH R09 G22
Rose, Samuel, bur. 9/28/1977, Plot HH R09 G21
Rosenbauer, Arthur E, bur. 1/1/1906, Plot FN R33 G37
Rosenbauer, Child, Plot FN R34 G37
Rosenbauer, Child, Plot FN R34 G38
Rosenbauer, Clara E, bur. 5/8/1984, Plot GW R09 G23
Rosenbauer, Doris, bur. 1/1/1935, Plot FN R12 G14
Rosenbauer, Edward G, bur. 1/1/1947, Plot GW R09 G22
Rosenbauer, Eric Noel, bur. 12/27/1962, Plot AA R16 G70
Rosenbauer, Glenn W, bur. 1/1/1966, Plot FN R33 G35
Rosenbauer, Ida F, Plot FN R34 G35
Rosenbauer, Jay D, bur. 1/1/1925, Plot FN R33 G34
Rosenbauer, John J, bur. 5/11/1964, Plot FN R12 G12
Rosenbauer, Lila, bur. 7/2/1959, Plot FN R12 G13
Rosenbauer, Mildred, bur. 7/14/1986, Plot FN R33 G36
Rosenbauer, Russell H, b. 1910, age 7, bur. 01/01/1917, Plot FN R34 G36
Rosenbauer, William F, Plot FN R34 G34
Rosenbaum, Anna, bur. 1/1/1968, Plot GG R10 G03
Rosenbaum, Frederick W, bur. 1/1/1960, Plot GG R06 G13
Rosenbaum, Louise A, bur. 1/1/1949, Plot GG R06 G12
Rosenbaum, Sophia, bur. 1/1/1922, Plot GG R10 G02
Rosenbaum, William, bur. 1/1/1924, Plot GG R10 G01
Ross, Edith E, b. 1909, bur. 11/16/1984, Plot FN R05 G19
Ross, Esca M, bur. 1/7/1985, Plot FN R14 G15
Ross, Floyd G, b. 1923, bur. 10/13/1965, Plot HW R05 G29
Ross, Frank, bur. 5/1/1973, Plot HH R14 G12
Ross, June C, bur. 11/20/2012, Plot HW R05 G30
Ross, Leo J, b. 1918, age 2, bur. 01/01/1920, Plot DD R07 G36
Ross, Newton Jr M, bur. 5/22/1985, Plot FN R15 G15
Ross, Newton Sr. M, bur. 3/3/1962, Plot FN R14 G16
Ross, Ruth, Plot HH R14 G13
Ross, Theresa, bur. 08/05/2010, Plot JE R17 G31
Ross, Victor BD, b. 1913, bur. 9/23/1991, Plot FN R05 G18
Roth, Lawrence, age 93, bur. 07/06/2010, Plot HE R16 G26
Rotoli, Margaret, b. 1906, bur. 8/4/1993, Plot HE R07 G25
Rouch, W Arthur, bur. 5/9/1973, Plot FN R20 G23
Rouse, Monica Johnston, bur. 5/21/1963, Plot HW R08 G19
Rouse, Niel J, b. 1926, bur. 9/9/1965, Plot HW R03 G21
Rowe, Anna C, Plot AA R04 G18
Rowe, Christina, Plot AA R04 G19
Rowe, F, Plot AA R04 G17
Rowe, Isaac, Plot AA R04 G20
Rowley, Howard T, Plot DD R07 G53
Ruddy, Leona, bur. 9/9/1972, Plot HH R08 G40
Rudman, Carleton, Plot DD R14 G19
Rudman, Norma, Plot DD R14 G20
Rueckwald, Gladys, b. 1912, age 91, bur. 7/18/2003, Plot HH R16 G04
Rueckwald, Paul T, b. 1910, bur. 07/11/1996, Plot HH R16 G03
Ruefenacht, John Jr J, Plot DD R05 G60
Ruefenacht, John Sr J, Plot DD R05 G58
Ruefenacht, Mary, Plot DD R05 G59
Ruffell, Olive Hurley, b. 1902, bur. 8/30/1993, Plot HE R31 G24
Ruffle, Alvin SR., bur. 07/07/2012, Plot HW R09 G03
Ruffle, Ester Marie, bur. 8/20/1971, Plot HW R07 G09
Ruffle, Floyd, bur. 12/17/1963, Plot HW R07 G08
Ruffle, James H, b. 1913, bur. 07/13/1994, Plot GW R11 G14
Ruffle, Lucy, b. 1914, age 88, bur. 6/27/2003, Plot GW R11 G14A
Ruffle, Mary, bur. 07/07/2012, Plot HW R09 G03A
Ruffle, Nettie M, b. 1942, bur. 09/03/1963, Plot HW R07 G10
Ruisi, Angelina, b. 1917, bur. 6/20/1985, Plot FN R07 G15
Ruisi, Bert, b. 1919, bur. 4/9/1986, Plot FN R07 G14
Runyons, Ruth, bur. 10/4/1980, Plot HE R26 G12
Ruoff, Christian John, b. 1907, bur. 8/8/1989, Plot FN R21 G12
Ruoff, Ida Wowkowych, b. 1912, age 91, bur. 5/21/2004, Plot FN R21 G13
Russell, Alexis M, Plot DD R05 G37
Russell, Catherine Helen, b. 1910, age 92, bur. 10/30/2002, Plot HE R20 G26
Russell, Electa J, bur. 02/20/1906, Plot DD R05 G38
Russell, Fawnia S, Plot DD R04 G42
Russell, Grace W, bur. 1/1/1929, Plot GW R08 G04
Russell, Helen P, Plot DD R04 G41
Russell, Henry R, Plot DD R04 G39
Russell, John L, bur. 1/26/1962, Plot HW R13 G28
Russell, Mary J, Plot DD R04 G38
Russell, P Swift, Plot DD R04 G40
Russell, Perry T, b. 1908, bur. 5/16/1983, Plot HE R20 G27
Russell, Willis, bur. 1/1/1929, Plot GW R08 G03
Ruttenhouse, Elaner, bur. 5/25/1976, Plot HH R14 G03C
Ryan, Daniel P, b. 1981, age 23, bur. 7/15/2004, Plot GG R15 G25
Ryan, Dorothy, bur. 5/4/1995, Plot FN R02 G22
Ryan, E Lorraine, b. 1920, bur. 8/14/1985, Plot FN R29 G03
Ryan, James A, Plot GG R14 G16
Ryan, James, bur. 5/17/1943, Plot GW R12 G07
Ryan, Joseph J, bur. 4/27/1967, Plot FN R29 G01
Ryan, Joseph P, bur. 5/20/1975, Plot HW R04 G39
Ryan, Lawernce F, b. 1920, bur. 5/25/1996, Plot HE R11 G04
Ryan, Leo, bur. 5/8/1970, Plot FN R02 G23
Ryan, Lillian M, b. 1925, bur. 12/2/1995, Plot HW R04 G40
Ryan, Lillian M, b. 1925, bur. 05/23/1998, Plot JE R01 G33
Ryan, Lola G, b. 1925, Plot HE R11 G05
Ryan, Louise E, bur. 12/24/1986, Plot FN R29 G02
Ryan, Mrs., Plot GG R14 G17
Ryan, Nellie C, bur. 5/21/1957, Plot GG R14 G18
Ryan, Richard, bur. 04/30/1976, Plot HH R03 G34
Ryan, Thomas Joseph, bur. 10/21/1977, Plot HH R08 G02
Ryan, Timothy P, b. 1954, bur. 5/23/1998, Plot JE R01 G33A
Ryan, Virginia R, b. 1917, bur. 5/11/1990, Plot HH R08 G03
Ryman, Frank N, b. 1918, bur. 05/14/1996, Plot HE R03 G05
Rymer, Eliza, Plot AA R08 G21
Rymer, Florence, bur. 06/26/1974, Plot AA R08 G20A
Rymer, Robert J, bur. 2/26/1920, Plot AA R08 G20

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