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Grove Place Cemetery
Rochester, Monroe County, New York

GPS: 43.119708, -77.714442

2775 Chili Avenue
Rochester, New York 14624

Published: November 15, 2016
Total records: 8,123

Surnames S

Records published here were acquired from the Grove Place Cemetery Association on November 14, 2016. Dates of burial range from 1820 to 2015.

Sackett, Ellen Buck Ms.
, bur. 1973-07-17, Section-Lot-Grave: B--019-7
Sackett, Ira E. Mr., bur. 1975-04-22, Section-Lot-Grave: B--019-8
Sagen, Walter J. Mr., bur. 2003-03-22, Section-Lot-Grave: C--457-41
Sager, Daniel Rudolph Mr., bur. 2002-10-28, Section-Lot-Grave: BC--007-1
Sager, Ethel, bur. 1977, Section-Lot-Grave: BC--007-1A
Sager, Gertrude Knolle Ms., bur. 1972-11-02, Section-Lot-Grave: B--035-7
Sager, Rudolph Mr., bur. 1967-03-23, Section-Lot-Grave: B--035-8
Saile, Glenn J. Mr., bur. 2010-10-18, Section-Lot-Grave: K--025-2
Sale, Leslie A. Ms., bur. 1990-04-26, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--134-4
Sale, Ruth E. Maurer Ms., bur. 1976-02-21, Section-Lot-Grave: A--068-41
Salem, Willie Mae Ms., bur. 2003-12-22, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--114-2
Sales, Dorothy Ms., bur. 1961-02-13, Section-Lot-Grave: C--491-5
Salisbury, Elizabeth T. Bryant, bur. 2008-07-02, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--024-7W
Salone, Mildred Ms., bur. 1977-02-22, Section-Lot-Grave: E--069-4
Salter, Robert James Mr., bur. 1981-05-11, Section-Lot-Grave: F--115-2
Salvione, David Alan, bur. 2009-02-16, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--521-8A
Salzer, Evelyn Baman Ms., bur. 1993-12-16, Section-Lot-Grave: C--106-2
Salzer, Robert L. Mr., bur. 2004-12-28, Section-Lot-Grave: C--106-1
Sample, Mary Waller Mrs., bur. 1939-02-18, Section-Lot-Grave: A--273-5
Sample, May W., bur. 1939-12-18, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--141-1A
Sampson, Florida Dean, bur. 2004-11-29, Section-Lot-Grave: L--250-5
Sampson, Johnnie Lee Mr., bur. 2002-10-19, Section-Lot-Grave: F--245-6
Sams, Edward O. Mr., bur. 1953-01-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--422-6
Sams, M. Sophronia Ms., bur. 1968-08-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--422-5
Samuels, Wellesley Mr., bur. 2000-02-18, Section-Lot-Grave: F--242-8
Sando, Frank Mr., bur. 1995-06-01, Section-Lot-Grave: E--058-6
Sando, Minnie Ester Mrs., bur. 2013-09-04, Section-Lot-Grave: E--058-6A
Sandy, Thomas Mr., bur. 1998-03-04, Section-Lot-Grave: C--475-6
Sanford, Carrie B. Ms., bur. 1974-07-10, Section-Lot-Grave: C--476-7
Sanford, Charles H. Mr., bur. 1957-09-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--476-8
Santos, Ana L. Mrs., bur. 2002-09-04, Section-Lot-Grave: E--063-1
Santos, Angel L. Mr., bur. 1985-06-01, Section-Lot-Grave: E--066-2
Santos, Antonio Mr., bur. 1995-03-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--064-1E
Santos, Beverly Ms., bur. 1999-03-13, Section-Lot-Grave: K--138-3
Santos, Gustavo Mr., bur. 2001-04-10, Section-Lot-Grave: K--139-6
Santos, Jessica, bur. 1985-01-03, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--107-2W
Santos, Jose Juan Mr., bur. 2013-10-03, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--062-4
Santos, Julio Ceaser Mr., bur. 1996-08-09, Section-Lot-Grave: E--058-8
Santos, Maria Ms., bur. 1990-07-07, Section-Lot-Grave: E--065-4
Sarazyn, Irene H. Mrs., bur. 2004-01-29, Section-Lot-Grave: K--134-1
Sarvey, Catherine Ms., bur. 1950-02-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--336-3
Sarvey, John L. Mr., bur. 1973-11-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--336-2
Sarvey, Lena A. Ms., bur. 1976-11-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--336-2A
Sarvey, Wesley M. Mr., bur. 1934-12-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--336-4
Satterlee, Charles Mr., bur. 1998-11-06, Section-Lot-Grave: B--357-8
Satterlee, Louise A. Mrs., bur. 2003-05-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--357-7
Saur, John Richard Mr., bur. 2003-09-26, Section-Lot-Grave: K--017-4
Sava, Albert Mr., bur. 1999-09-11, Section-Lot-Grave: M--230-2
Sava, Alfrieda, bur. 2008-03-01, Section-Lot-Grave: M--230-2A
Sawyer, Bernice E. Ms., bur. 2001-01-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--118-5
Sawyer, Esda M. Ms., bur. 1992-11-08, Section-Lot-Grave: F--118-1
Sawyer, Homer H. Mr., bur. 1981-06-04, Section-Lot-Grave: F--118-2
Saxe, Joseph Mr., bur. 1964-06-20, Section-Lot-Grave: B--006-8
Saxe, Mary E. Ms., bur. 1992-09-21, Section-Lot-Grave: B--006-7
Scanlan, Doris M. Mrs., bur. 2001-06-18, Section-Lot-Grave: M--259-1
Scanlan, William John Mr., bur. 2001-01-24, Section-Lot-Grave: M--259-2
Scarbrough, Robert C. Mr., bur. 1976-10-20, Section-Lot-Grave: A--032-41
Scarbrough, William E. Mr., bur. 1978-10-02, Section-Lot-Grave: B--343-6
Scaron, Beverly A. Ms., bur. 2002-07-19, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--480-81
Scates, Lawrence T. Mr., bur. 1958-06-10, Section-Lot-Grave: C--480C-1
Scates, Myrtle Ms., bur. 1994-05-12, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--484-7
Schaeffer, Mabel Wright Ms., bur. 1974-03-14, Section-Lot-Grave: B--013-1
Schafer, Clarence H. Mr., bur. 1952-02-02, Section-Lot-Grave: C--409-4
Schafer, Minnie C., bur. 1974, Section-Lot-Grave: C--409-3
Schaffer, Lena Ms., bur. 1942-01-07, Section-Lot-Grave: A--344-3
Schaffer, William Mr., bur. 1940-10-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--344-4
Schareef, Beverly Ford, bur. 2010-03-20, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--421-6A
Scharet, Amos Ms., bur. 1958, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--029-7
Scharet, Mary Ms., bur. 1958-10-30, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--029-8
Scharvogel, Mary B. Fisher Ms., bur. 1969-01-20, Section-Lot-Grave: B--047-3
Scharvogel, William Mr., bur. 1969-03-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--047-4
Schenk, Karl Mr., bur. 1998-01-27, Section-Lot-Grave: E--021-2
Schenk, Paula Mrs., bur. 2003-10-25, Section-Lot-Grave: E--021-1
Scheuch, Mabel Harrison Mrs., bur. 2015-01-17, Section-Lot-Grave: K--025-7A
Scheutzow, Herman F. Mr. Jr., bur. 1985-04-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--478A-6
Scheutzow, L. Margaret Ms., bur. 1955-02-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--478-5
Schiano, Andrew Mr., bur. 1993-07-26, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--024-7
Schiano, Gloria Ms., bur. 1999-10-26, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--024-7A
Schichler, Robert Mr., bur. 1995-04-19, Section-Lot-Grave: K--037-8
Schichler, Shirley A. Mrs., bur. 2009-02-04, Section-Lot-Grave: K--037-7
Schied, Bernard Mr., bur. 2000-11-15, Section-Lot-Grave: K--002-4
Schied, Carl R. Mr., bur. 1988-10-01, Section-Lot-Grave: K--100-2
Schied, Elizabeth K. Mrs., bur. 2013-06-21, Section-Lot-Grave: K--002-3
Schied, Phyllis Irene Mrs., bur. 2015-05-30, Section-Lot-Grave: K--100-1
Schifino, Evelyn J. Clarke Ms., bur. 1978-08-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--345-7
Schifino, Gerald V. Mr., bur. 1985-08-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--345-8
Schiliro, Deborah Ms., bur. 1994-09-19, Section-Lot-Grave: F--227-8
Schilling, Ernestine G. Ms., bur. 1938-03-10, Section-Lot-Grave: A--341-6
Schilling, Gustave H. Mr., bur. 1956-04-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--341-5
Schilling, Marion Ms., bur. 1993-04-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--119-3A
Schilstra, Marion Gilbert Mrs., bur. 2014-06-30, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--364-5
Schittone, Angelo Mr., bur. 2000-05-15, Section-Lot-Grave: M--230-8
Schlarpp, Emilie Ms., bur. 1930, Section-Lot-Grave: A--202-4
Schleich, James R. Mr., bur. 1977-08-15, Section-Lot-Grave: B--342-7
Schleich, Rosemarie Gallagher Mrs., bur. 2013-06-17, Section-Lot-Grave: B--342-6
Schleich, Thomas J. Mr., bur. 1982-10-14, Section-Lot-Grave: B--342-5
Schlesinger, Elise Mrs., bur. 1946-06-03, Section-Lot-Grave: A--202-2
Schlesinger, Ernest Mr., bur. 1950, Section-Lot-Grave: A--202-1
Schlich, Edward J. Mr., bur. 1939-11-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--136-4
Schlick, Carrie E. Ms., bur. 1944-01-05, Section-Lot-Grave: A--136-3
Schmid, August Mr., bur. 1984-01-12, Section-Lot-Grave: F--145-8
Schmidt, Alfred Mr., bur. 1993-09-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--120-7EA
Schmidt, Carl G. Mr., bur. 1960-04-28, Section-Lot-Grave: C--408-6
Schmidt, Fred Mr., bur. 1973-09-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--533-6
Schmidt, Grace M. Elmer Ms., bur. 1972-05-31, Section-Lot-Grave: C--533-5
Schmidt, Marion D. Ms., bur. 1989-03-15, Section-Lot-Grave: C--408-5
Schmidt, Mary Mrs., bur. 1989-06-20, Section-Lot-Grave: F--120-7E
Schmidt, William Mr., bur. 2007, Section-Lot-Grave: C--535-4
Schmidtke, Elizabeth M. Ms., bur. 1969-03-19, Section-Lot-Grave: A--212-42
Schmitt, Florence Ms., bur. 1996-08-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--114-5
Schmitt, Henry C. Mr. Sr., bur. 1984-11-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--114-6
Schmolze, Simon S. Ms., bur. 1895, Section-Lot-Grave: A--048-1
Schmuck, Florence I. Ms., bur. 1991-04-02, Section-Lot-Grave: K--013-1
Schmuck, Harold J. Mr., bur. 1991-08-28, Section-Lot-Grave: K--013-2
Schneider, Edward F. Mr., bur. 1950-02-27, Section-Lot-Grave: A--325-41
Schneider, Sophie M. Ms., bur. 1968-07-17, Section-Lot-Grave: A--325-4
Schoen, John D. Mr., bur. 2004-05-26, Section-Lot-Grave: K--081-8
Schofield, Joseph Mr., bur. 1972-12-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--469-6
Schofield, Marion A. Steeves Ms., bur. 1977-04-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--469-5
Schoonover, Besrtha J. Ms., bur. 1939-09-18, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--340-2
Schoonover, Cassius L. Mr., bur. 1938-08-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--340-1
Schott, Bernadine Coffey Mrs., bur. 2013-11-25, Section-Lot-Grave: F--163-2
Schott, Charles G. Mr., bur. 1958-03-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--530-8
Schott, Harold J. Mr., bur. 1971-03-30, Section-Lot-Grave: B--103-6
Schott, John Mr., bur. 1903, Section-Lot-Grave: A--064-2
Schott, Louise T. Reusch Ms., bur. 1987-10-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--103-5
Schott, Mabel J. Ms., bur. 1982-05-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--530-7
Schott, Magdelena Ms., bur. 1896, Section-Lot-Grave: A--064-3
Schott, William C. Mr. Sr., bur. 1993-11-12, Section-Lot-Grave: F--163-3
Schove, Sally Ms., bur. 1997-01-03, Section-Lot-Grave: M--202-7
Schrader, Charles W. Mr., bur. 1963-12-16, Section-Lot-Grave: B--002-6
Schrader, Gertrude Stockholm Ms., bur. 1965-04-16, Section-Lot-Grave: B--002-5
Schramm, Ann Ms., bur. 1993-10-21, Section-Lot-Grave: B--355-1A
Schramm, Anna M. Ms., bur. 1972-03-27, Section-Lot-Grave: A--246-2
Schramm, Donald Mr., bur. 1992-01-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--504-4
Schramm, Ernest F. Mr., bur. 1936-10-21, Section-Lot-Grave: A--246-3
Schramm, Ernest F. C. Mr., bur. 1979-01-11, Section-Lot-Grave: B--355-1
Schramm, Lois M. Ms., bur. 1972-09-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--504-3
Schramm, Peter Mr., bur. 1999-10-11, Section-Lot-Grave: K--066-4
Schramm, Richard M. Mr., bur. 2005-10-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--355-1B
Schroeder, Walter Mr., bur. 2003-01-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--199-5
Schroth, Geraldine Elizabeth Mrs., bur. 2013-04-10, Section-Lot-Grave: C--498-6
Schroth, Henry C. Mr., bur. 1959-08-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--432-1
Schroth, Howard Mr., bur. 1995-10-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--498-7
Schroth, Martha M. Ms., bur. 1974-09-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--432-2
Schubert, Clarence A. Mr., bur. 1976-04-05, Section-Lot-Grave: E--048-2
Schubert, Edith Rose Mrs., bur. 2003-01-17, Section-Lot-Grave: E--048-1
Schuler, John L. Mr. Jr., bur. 1975-06-12, Section-Lot-Grave: E--029-6
Schultz, Carl J. Mr., bur. 1985-11-09, Section-Lot-Grave: K--027-2
Schultz, Dorothy Myrtle Ms., bur. 1936-08-03, Section-Lot-Grave: A--262-7
Schultz, Elmer E. Mr., bur. 1971-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: B--100-8
Schultz, G. Roy Mr., bur. 1970-05-28, Section-Lot-Grave: B--062-6
Schultz, Gladys E. Groat Ms., bur. 1977-01-04, Section-Lot-Grave: B--062-5
Schultz, John F. Mr. Jr., bur. 1993-06-17, Section-Lot-Grave: A--262-6
Schultz, Marie Ms., bur. 2000-09-30, Section-Lot-Grave: B--100-7
Schultz, Virginia, bur. 2006-07-05, Section-Lot-Grave: K--027-1
Schurr, Lester H. Mr., bur. 1993-07-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--095-81
Schurr, Mable Beaman Ms., bur. 1980-03-17, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--095-8
Schutz, William Mr., bur. 1943-09-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--165-3
Schuyler, Jean W. Ms., bur. 1999-07-31, Section-Lot-Grave: F--177-8
Schuyler, Lea Cole Mrs., bur. 2013-09-18, Section-Lot-Grave: A--238-3A
Schuyler, Richard, bur. 2010-04-30, Section-Lot-Grave: A--238-3
Schwab, Barbara Stark Ms., bur. 1980-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: F--115-1
Schwab, Elizabeth J. Ms., bur. 1971-07-31, Section-Lot-Grave: B--022-7
Schwab, Francis J. Mr., bur. 2012-02-18, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--022-8
Schwartz, Baby, bur. 1901, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--063-8
Schwartz, Ellen Marie Ms., bur. 1981-07-06, Section-Lot-Grave: F--106-5
Schwartz, Erica Elizabeth, bur. 2006-10-02, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--004-3
Schwartz, Frederick Mr., bur. 1909-01-13, Section-Lot-Grave: A--063-2
Schwartz, George M., bur. 1980-06-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--414-6
Schwartz, Katharina Ms., bur. 08/25/1885, Section-Lot-Grave: A--063-1
Schwartz, Madeline B. Ms., bur. 1977-02-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--414-5
Schwartz, Milton Mr., bur. 1998-05-11, Section-Lot-Grave: F--106-6
Schwarz, Conrad Herman Mr., bur. 1999-08-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--355-8
Schwarz, Katherine Ms., bur. 1977-11-28, Section-Lot-Grave: B--355-7
Schweitzer, Randy Lee Mr. Jr., bur. 1985-11-19, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--028-7
Sciarro, Francisco Mr., bur. 1974-05-08, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--331-8
Sciascia, Anthony M. Mr., bur. 2004-08-21, Section-Lot-Grave: N--002-7
Scinicariello, Christine A., bur. 1976-04-03, Section-Lot-Grave: A--065-41
Scioritino, Marie Ms., bur. 2000-04-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--139-5
Sciortino, Ronald Joseph Mr., bur. 2002-10-30, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--139-7
Scott, Andre Charles Jr., bur. 2008-12-26, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--059-3E
Scott, Barbara Johnson Ms., bur. 1994-09-19, Section-Lot-Grave: F--201-1
Scott, Daunton D., bur. 1992-02-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--034-8
Scott, Elizabeth M., bur. 1982, Section-Lot-Grave: A--043-4
Scott, Jeanette Ms., bur. 1995-05-19, Section-Lot-Grave: K--021-3
Scott, Leonard G. Mr., bur. 1946-02-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--195-4
Scott, Louise Daunton Ms., bur. 1966-05-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--034-5
Scott, Melvin Mr., bur. 2004-01-02, Section-Lot-Grave: L--226-5
Scott, Robert E., bur. 1973, Section-Lot-Grave: A--043-5
Scott, Tony Mr., bur. 2003-02-22, Section-Lot-Grave: M--275-7
Scott, William John Mr., bur. 1963-08-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--034-6
Scriber, Arthur W. Mr., bur. 1957-03-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--409-1
Scriber, Lida E. Ms., bur. 1979-08-21, Section-Lot-Grave: C--477-7
Scribner, Anna Ms., bur. 1964-03-18, Section-Lot-Grave: A--300-7
Scribner, Edmond Mr., bur. 1916, Section-Lot-Grave: A--300-81
Scribner, Laverne Ms., bur. 1912, Section-Lot-Grave: A--300-5
Scribner, Leverne Ms., bur. 1931, Section-Lot-Grave: A--300-8
Scura, Robert Jeffrey Mr., bur. 2015-07-06, Section-Lot-Grave: K--142-3W
Seaman, Elizabeth C. Mrs., bur. 1901-02-14, Section-Lot-Grave: D--209A-2A
Seaman, John R. Mr., bur. 2012-01-22, Section-Lot-Grave: D--209A-2
Searley, Michael John MR., bur. 2002-09-07, Section-Lot-Grave: K--112-6
Seekins, Harold A. Mr., bur. 1974-02-08, Section-Lot-Grave: B--094-2
Seekins, Nancy J. Beaman Ms., bur. 1989-08-07, Section-Lot-Grave: B--094-1
Sehm, Beverly Ms., bur. 1996-12-09, Section-Lot-Grave: K--083-1
Sehm, William Mr., bur. 1998-04-01, Section-Lot-Grave: K--083-2
Seidel, Anne Cigno Ms., bur. 1993-05-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--056-1
Seidel, John T. Mr., bur. 1972-09-05, Section-Lot-Grave: B--056-2
Seils, Selma L. Mrs., bur. 2003-02-21, Section-Lot-Grave: K--086-5
Sekella, Thomas J. Mr., bur. 2006-01-24, Section-Lot-Grave: N--021-2
Semmel, Franklin H., bur. 1988-03-18, Section-Lot-Grave: B--331-4
Semmel, Jennie, bur. 1998-12-04, Section-Lot-Grave: B--331-3
Sermon, Frances LaForce Ms., bur. 1936-05-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--200-41
Settles, Manley Mr., bur. 1995-09-08, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--081-2
Severson, Cory, bur. 1998-02-28, Section-Lot-Grave: E--016-1
Sexsenian, Krikor, bur. 1959-08-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--299-6
Sexsenian, Mardiros, bur. 1930-04-19, Section-Lot-Grave: A--299-5
Sexstone, Arline Mrs., bur. 2004-11-08, Section-Lot-Grave: F--088-7
Sexstone, Charles F. Mr., bur. 1977-05-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--088-8
Shaddock, Louise Burdick Ms., bur. 1975-01-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--474-3
Shade, Baby, bur. 1975-02-27, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--096-7W
Shafer, Charlotte D. Ms., bur. 1965-06-24, Section-Lot-Grave: B--033-6
Shafer, Henry O. Mr., bur. 1990-12-07, Section-Lot-Grave: B--033-6A
Shaffer, Arthur Mr., bur. 1976-05-14, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--336-5A
Shaffer, Virginia Ms., bur. 1938, Section-Lot-Grave: A--336-5
Shanley, Elizabeth Mrs., bur. 2005-10-01, Section-Lot-Grave: K--053-3
Shanley, Vincent J. Mr., bur. 1987-08-19, Section-Lot-Grave: K--053-4
Shannon, Margaret H. Ms., bur. 1996-04-30, Section-Lot-Grave: M--255-1A
Shannon, Mittie Frank Ms., bur. 2015-09-05, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--079-7A
Shannon, Willard Mr., bur. 1996-04-30, Section-Lot-Grave: M--255-1
Sharp, Flora Ms., bur. 1956-05-31, Section-Lot-Grave: A--199-6
Sharp, Frances J., bur. 1937-08-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--199-7
Sharp, Henry William Mr., bur. 1937-07-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--199-5
Sharpe, Stanley Mr., bur. 1965-06-05, Section-Lot-Grave: B--005-5
Shaughnessey, Richard R., bur. 2009-01-22, Section-Lot-Grave: K--109-7
Shaughnessy, David Mr., bur. 2011-11-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--109-5
Shaver, Raymond Mr., bur. 1998-04-29, Section-Lot-Grave: E--001-2
Shaver, Winifred Ms., bur. 1999-01-12, Section-Lot-Grave: E--001-1
Shaw, Donald Butler, bur. 2008-05-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--097-5
Shaw, Jack Rev., bur. 1997-12-04, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--176-5
Shaw, Joe Mr., bur. 2005-09-24, Section-Lot-Grave: N--034-8
Shaw, Kenneth, bur. 2008-09-12, Section-Lot-Grave: N--065-5
Shaw, Lillie, bur. 2004-07-16, Section-Lot-Grave: M--280-7
Shaw, Melton Mr., bur. 1999-04-06, Section-Lot-Grave: M--154-3
Shaw, Minnie Bell Ms., bur. 2012-01-30, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: P--035-2
Shaw, Ruth Siggelow Ms., bur. 1993-02-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--097-1
Shaw, Steven L., bur. 1997-03-12, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--044-6E
Sheffield, Jennie L. Ms., bur. 1986-02-06, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--010-4
Shekell, Leon C. Mr., bur. 2001-07-18, Section-Lot-Grave: K--013-6
Shekell, Shirley E. Ms., bur. 1988-07-07, Section-Lot-Grave: K--013-5
Shemming, John Mr., bur. 1958-09-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--520-2
Shemming, Laura M. Ms., bur. 1973-08-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--520-1
Shengulette, Caroline E. Ms., bur. 1975-10-30, Section-Lot-Grave: E--049-7
Shengulette, Edwin Mr., bur. 1992-07-29, Section-Lot-Grave: E--049-8
Shenton, John, bur. 1982, Section-Lot-Grave: F--151-2
Shenton, Thelma M. Gromley Ms., bur. 1993-12-22, Section-Lot-Grave: F--151-1
Shepard, Bertha Marlin Ms., bur. 1972-09-08, Section-Lot-Grave: B--001-1
Shepard, James F. Mr., bur. 1973-12-18, Section-Lot-Grave: B--001-2
Shepard, Mary Ms., bur. 1992-08-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--001-3
Shepherd, Evelyn Mrs., bur. 2015-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--420-6A
Shepherd, John Mr., bur. 1945-08-25, Section-Lot-Grave: A--195-1
Shepherd, Wilfred Mr., bur. 2015-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--420-6
Sheppard, Isreal Mr., bur. 1998-02-21, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--208-3
Sherman, Alta Voke Ms., bur. 1984-03-20, Section-Lot-Grave: F--121-1
Sherman, Carl Mr., bur. 1997-08-04, Section-Lot-Grave: E--050-4
Sherman, Daniel, bur. 05/22/1853, Section-Lot-Grave: G--014-3
Sherman, Leonard C. Mr., bur. 1991-07-18, Section-Lot-Grave: F--121-2
Sherman, Tamar, bur. 09/02/1830, Section-Lot-Grave: G--014-4
Sherman, Teresa I. Mrs., bur. 2013-05-09, Section-Lot-Grave: E--050-3
Sherrod, Felix Mr., bur. 1995-05-16, Section-Lot-Grave: F--210-3
Sherwood, Charles Mr., bur. 1963-09-16, Section-Lot-Grave: B--359-6A
Sherwood, Katherine L: Ms., bur. 1984-06-10, Section-Lot-Grave: B--359-1
Sherwood, Kathryn E. Ms., bur. 1985-11-04, Section-Lot-Grave: B--359-5
Sherwood, Walter E. Mr., bur. 1962-12-11, Section-Lot-Grave: B--359-6
Shields, Agnes M. Mrs., bur. 2003-10-12, Section-Lot-Grave: F--130-3
Shields, George W. Mr., bur. 1981-12-09, Section-Lot-Grave: F--130-4
Shields, Jennifer Ms., bur. 1998-11-28, Section-Lot-Grave: F--227-1
Shields, Michael, bur. 1989-09-14, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--130-4A
Shipley, Carrie Ms., bur. 1939-08-21, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--141-6
Shipley, Wallace Edward Mr., bur. 1943-02-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--130-8
Shire, Charles John Mr. Jr., bur. 2005-08-08, Section-Lot-Grave: N--060-6
Shone, Allan Mr., bur. 1999-05-03, Section-Lot-Grave: B--340-7
Short, Barbara Mrs., bur. 2011-01-28, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--332-6
Short, Carlton, bur. 1873, Section-Lot-Grave: G--064-5
Short, Charles A., bur. 1894, Section-Lot-Grave: G--064-6
Short, Charles E., bur. 1909-05-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--332-2
Short, Charlotte C., bur. 1925-09-03, Section-Lot-Grave: G--064-7
Short, Dorothy infant, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: A--009-8
Short, Ernest H. Mr., bur. 1954-11-05, Section-Lot-Grave: A--332-4
Short, Florence A. Bly Ms., bur. 1970-05-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--009-6
Short, Frances Fannie W. Ms., bur. 1935-12-10, Section-Lot-Grave: A--332-3
Short, Frank J. Mr., bur. 1964-01-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--510-4
Short, Herbert A. Mr. Sr., bur. 1983-07-25, Section-Lot-Grave: A--332-1
Short, Herbert A. Mr., bur. 2010-11-02, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--332-5
Short, Herbert H., bur. 1925-09-24, Section-Lot-Grave: G--064-8
Short, Herbert, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--063-5
Short, Irving R. Mr., bur. 1945-05-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--009-5
Short, Jennie, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--065-1
Short, Margaret, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--063-7
Short, Marion H., bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--065-2
Short, Marjorie B. Ms., bur. 1993-09-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--009-7
Short, Mary, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--063-6
Short, Violet E. Mrs., bur. 1991-03-06, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--332-1A
Short, Wilhelmina Ms., bur. 1972-06-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--510-3
Shorter, Lamar Jackson Mr. Sr., bur. 2000-11-22, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--152-5
Sibbald, John R. Mr. Sr., bur. 2000-11-04, Section-Lot-Grave: K--089-2
Sickler, Dorothy Ms., bur. 2000-02-25, Section-Lot-Grave: K--025-6A
Sickler, LaVern Mr., bur. 1999-07-15, Section-Lot-Grave: K--025-6
Sickles, Anna J. Ms., bur. 1977-07-07, Section-Lot-Grave: B--087-3
Sickles, C. Fred Mr., bur. 1991-06-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--486-8
Sickles, Caroline O. Mrs., bur. 2004-06-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--486-8A
Sickles, Glenn Mr., bur. 1995-11-04, Section-Lot-Grave: B--087-3A
Sickles, Lulu E. Ms., bur. 1977-07-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--486-3
Sickles, Ray R. Mr., bur. 1962-12-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--486-4
Sides, Sam Mr., bur. 2003-08-19, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--246-7
Sidou, Hrysoula Ms., bur. 1998-08-03, Section-Lot-Grave: F--190-1
Sidou, Nick Mr., bur. 2007-08-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--190-2
Sidou, Spiros Mr., bur. 1990-05-24, Section-Lot-Grave: F--159-6
Siebeneichen, George Mr., bur. 1986-05-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--068-6
Siebeneichen, Marion Ms., bur. 1999-10-19, Section-Lot-Grave: B--068-5
Siebert, Jean Marie Mrs., bur. 2002-12-03, Section-Lot-Grave: K--135-7
Siebert, Richard Mr., bur. 1995-10-26, Section-Lot-Grave: K--135-8
Siekierski, Albert W., bur. 1997, Section-Lot-Grave: F--186-4A
Siekierski, Mildred G. Hoffman Ms., bur. 1992-04-11, Section-Lot-Grave: F--186-4
Sigelow, Leon Mr., bur. 1998-11-17, Section-Lot-Grave: M--151-8
Sigelow, Lucia Ms., bur. 1995-04-04, Section-Lot-Grave: M--151-7
Siggelow, Bernard C. Mr., bur. 1921, Section-Lot-Grave: C--097-41
Siggelow, Charlotte R. Schewe Ms., bur. 1991-03-15, Section-Lot-Grave: C--094-81
Siggelow, Esther M. Ms., bur. 1921, Section-Lot-Grave: C--097-3
Siggelow, Fred William Mr., bur. 1929-07-16, Section-Lot-Grave: C--094-3
Siggelow, Fredericka, bur. 1942-02-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--094-2
Siggelow, Herman M. Mr., bur. 1963-03-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--094-5
Siggelow, James R. Mr., bur. 1985-05-18, Section-Lot-Grave: K--030-1
Siggelow, Lillian J. Ms., bur. 1957-11-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--097-4
Siggelow, Linda Gail, bur. 1948, Section-Lot-Grave: C--094-81A
Siggelow, Mildred Ms., bur. 1997-11-01, Section-Lot-Grave: K--030-2
Siggelow, Minnie S. Ms., bur. 1963-07-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--094-41
Siggelow, Robert E. Mr., bur. 2005-08-01, Section-Lot-Grave: K--030-3
Siggelow, Robert Mr., bur. 1960-06-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--094-1
Siggelow, Roberta Lamb, bur. 1949-12-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--031-81
Siggelow, William F. Mr., bur. 1965-08-15, Section-Lot-Grave: C--094-4
Siggelow, William J. Mr., bur. 1986-09-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--094-8
Silaschi, Elizabeth Ms., bur. 2000-01-03, Section-Lot-Grave: K--020-5
Silaschi, Joseph Mr., bur. 1996-12-02, Section-Lot-Grave: K--020-6
Silliman, Emily Ms., bur. 1948-03-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--444A-4
Simmons, Clifton David Mr., bur. 2004-10-26, Section-Lot-Grave: M--281-6
Simmons, David Nelson Mr., bur. 1959-03-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--477-4
Simmons, Emma M. Ms., bur. 1987-06-13, Section-Lot-Grave: E--036-5
Simmons, Eva M. Ms., bur. 1984-10-31, Section-Lot-Grave: C--477-3
Simmons, James Marshall Mr., bur. 1993-10-28, Section-Lot-Grave: F--175-7
Simmons, Robert C. Mr., bur. 2013-06-22, Section-Lot-Grave: G--104-2
Simmons, Scot Mr, bur. 2011-07-01, Section-Lot-Grave: G--104-1A
Simmons, Shirley Mrs., bur. 2007-04-28, Section-Lot-Grave: G--104-1
Simms, Willie III James Mr., bur. 1999-12-06, Section-Lot-Grave: E--058-7
Simonides, Edith Ms., bur. 1999-10-12, Section-Lot-Grave: M--207-2
Simonides, John W., bur. 2008-05-06, Section-Lot-Grave: M--207-4
Simonides, John Mr., bur. 1996-08-15, Section-Lot-Grave: M--207-3
Simons, Anne B. Ms., bur. 1985-01-04, Section-Lot-Grave: A--210-4
Simpson, Arthur Raymond Mr., bur. 2002-04-16, Section-Lot-Grave: M--278-4
Simpson, Harvey I. Mr., bur. 2009-05-14, Section-Lot-Grave: K--049-4
Simpson, Marion J. Mrs., bur. 2010-04-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--049-3
Simpson, Mary Ann Mrs., bur. 2004-03-17, Section-Lot-Grave: M--278-3
Sinatra, Rosalie Ms., bur. 1991-01-24, Section-Lot-Grave: E--058-2
Sinatra, Vito Mr., bur. 1986-04-08, Section-Lot-Grave: K--027-6
Singer, Baby Girl, bur. 1989-02-24, Section-Lot-Grave: F--171-8W
Singer, Donald E. Mr. Sr., bur. 2011-11-26, Section-Lot-Grave: F--198-2
Singer, Louis Mr., bur. 2003-08-06, Section-Lot-Grave: BC--021-1
Singer, Marvin N. Mr., bur. 2003-07-25, Section-Lot-Grave: F--133-4
Singer, Susan I. Ms., bur. 1982-04-23, Section-Lot-Grave: F--119-4
Singletary, Moses Mr., bur. 2011-02-12, Section-Lot-Grave: N--043-5
Singleton, Eleanor M., bur. 2007-11-06, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--029-4
Sinkler, Rosa Lee, bur. 2006-12-30, Section-Lot-Grave: N--006-1
Sirianni, Ann Marie Kaseman Mrs., bur. 2015-08-08, Section-Lot-Grave: B--346-8
Sisk, Jordyn Nicole, Baby, bur. 2002-08-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--167-82W
Sitts, Frances May Wright Mrs., bur. 1992-05-20, Section-Lot-Grave: B--065-5
Sitts, J. Harold Mr., bur. 1979-09-21, Section-Lot-Grave: B--065-6
Skidmore, Mary A. Ms., bur. 1994-05-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--181-6A
Skidmore, Sidney P. Mr., bur. 1977-04-30, Section-Lot-Grave: A--181-6
Skirrow, Arthur F. Mr., bur. 1959-06-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--509-8
Skirrow, Edith Esther Ms., bur. 1974-12-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--509-7
Slack, Patricia Ms., bur. 1999-05-25, Section-Lot-Grave: F--140-7
Slack, Roy J. Mr., bur. 1993-02-05, Section-Lot-Grave: F--140-8
Slanton, Garfield Mr., bur. 1999-01-26, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--216-6
Slate, Donald R. Mr., bur. 1970-10-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--040-7
Slate, Dorothy Mrs., bur. 2002-08-22, Section-Lot-Grave: B--040-8
Slate, Terry Lewis, bur. 1967-06-23, Section-Lot-Grave: B--040-6
Slater, Lillie Mrs., bur. 2003-05-03, Section-Lot-Grave: L--251-8
Small-Payne, Bridgette, bur. 2009-01-31, Section-Lot-Grave: N--076-7
Smalls, Derrick Mr., bur. 2001-09-23, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--231-4
Smarsh, Alphonse V. Mr., bur. 2001-03-15, Section-Lot-Grave: K--102-4A
Smarsh, Mildred E. Ms., bur. 1990, Section-Lot-Grave: K--102-4
Smashe, Eleanor D., bur. 2007-05-04, Section-Lot-Grave: F--198-5
Smashe, John Mr., bur. 1992-01-17, Section-Lot-Grave: F--198-6
Smelt, Jean M. Mrs., bur. 2014-12-20, Section-Lot-Grave: B--349-5
Smelt, Thomas J. Mr., bur. 1982-06-08, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--349-6
Smelt, Tosha L., bur. 2000-08-22, Section-Lot-Grave: B--349-5A
Smiley, Kennia Verne' Ms., bur. 2014-01-11, Section-Lot-Grave: N--028-6
Smith, Ada Graham Ms., bur. 1976-02-14, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--107-4
Smith, Albert Mr., bur. 1999-08-09, Section-Lot-Grave: E--064-8
Smith, Albert Mr., bur. 2003-01-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--277-5
Smith, Alexander Mr., bur. 1952-06-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--440-2
Smith, Andrea M., bur. 2009-02-28, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--274-6
Smith, Ann Ms., bur. 1925, Section-Lot-Grave: A--052-7
Smith, Anna B. Ms., bur. 1979-09-10, Section-Lot-Grave: A--227-2
Smith, Anna L. Ms., bur. 1959-07-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--532-5
Smith, Anne P. Blair Ms., bur. 1974-06-11, Section-Lot-Grave: B--091-5
Smith, Annie Liza, bur. 2004-09-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--219-3
Smith, Baby, bur. 1999-12-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--208-5W
Smith, Bert R. Mr., bur. 1965-09-09, Section-Lot-Grave: C--532-6
Smith, Cecelia Mrs., bur. 2001-04-17, Section-Lot-Grave: F--157-1
Smith, Cynthia A. Ms., bur. 1983-12-30, Section-Lot-Grave: B--105-5A
Smith, Dallas C. Mr., bur. 1994-03-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--451-41
Smith, Darius Xavier Mr., bur. 2015-09-16, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--069-6
Smith, David Mr., bur. 1998-02-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--009-1
Smith, DeWitt V. Mr., bur. 1976-08-26, Section-Lot-Grave: E--054-2
Smith, Donna Cone Mrs., bur. 2014-02-21, Section-Lot-Grave: E--014-7
Smith, Dorothy R. Nash Ms., bur. 1984-03-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--055-5
Smith, Earl Embry Mr., bur. 2015-09-03, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--079-1
Smith, Edgar Madison Mr., bur. 1985-08-12, Section-Lot-Grave: A--227-3
Smith, Edith M., bur. 2010-12-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--241-7
Smith, Edna Mae Ms., bur. 1994-05-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--451-41A
Smith, Elizabeth M. Toughey Ms., bur. 1981, Section-Lot-Grave: C--434-1A
Smith, Elizabeth Mrs., bur. 1981, Section-Lot-Grave: C--434-8C
Smith, Ellen Ms., bur. 1959-07-10, Section-Lot-Grave: C--511-1
Smith, Ethel F. Mrs., bur. 2006-05-15, Section-Lot-Grave: B--104-5
Smith, Ethel Ms., bur. 1992-11-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--009-2A
Smith, Flora Mrs. , bur. 2010-04-28, Section-Lot-Grave: F--096-1
Smith, Florence C. Ms., bur. 1939-06-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--141-3
Smith, Frances Louise Mrs., bur. 2001-04-30, Section-Lot-Grave: F--084-3
Smith, Frederick Mr., bur. 1952-12-15, Section-Lot-Grave: C--422-8
Smith, Frederick Mr., bur. 1995-01-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--434-8B
Smith, Frederick Mr., bur. 1968-10-07, Section-Lot-Grave: C--511-2
Smith, Gary Ronald Mr., bur. 1989-04-10, Section-Lot-Grave: C--003-41
Smith, Georgia Mae Hagins Mrs., bur. 2001-02-17, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--257-5
Smith, Helen Mason Ms., bur. 1980-08-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--261-3
Smith, Homer Mr., bur. 2000-08-07, Section-Lot-Grave: F--241-8
Smith, Imogene A. Mrs., bur. 2006-06-28, Section-Lot-Grave: F--251-5
Smith, J. DeForest, bur. 1938-04-09, Section-Lot-Grave: A--052-8
Smith, James H. Mr., bur. 2002-12-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--199-1
Smith, James, bur. 2000-11-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--261-3A
Smith, James Mr., bur. 2004-12-11, Section-Lot-Grave: F--160-5A
Smith, Jeanette M. Ms., bur. 1943-01-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--227-1
Smith, Jermiah Mr., bur. 1902, Section-Lot-Grave: A--003-1
Smith, Jimmie L. Mr., bur. 2012-08-31, Section-Lot-Grave: P--034-4
Smith, John C. Mr., bur. 2012-08-06, Section-Lot-Grave: B--020-5
Smith, John Dunning Mr., bur. 1996-12-03, Section-Lot-Grave: K--010-2
Smith, Joseph Mr., bur. 2004-08-02, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--218-7
Smith, Kay F., bur. 2009-06-27, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--015-6
Smith, Kenneth M., bur. 1932, Section-Lot-Grave: C--434-8
Smith, Kittie L. Ms., bur. 1922, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--085-5
Smith, La-Quanta M. Ms., bur. 2014-12-29, Section-Lot-Grave: P--054-7
Smith, Laura Wooden Ms., bur. 1918, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--082-5
Smith, Leighton E. Mr., bur. 1975-09-21, Section-Lot-Grave: A--009-2
Smith, Lewis J. Mr., bur. 1974-04-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--340-8
Smith, Lila Sneed Mrs., bur. 2014-11-25, Section-Lot-Grave: P--054-4
Smith, Lillian E. Mrs., bur. 2002-09-27, Section-Lot-Grave: M--279-4
Smith, Louis W. Mr., bur. 1973-11-02, Section-Lot-Grave: B--055-6
Smith, M. A., bur. 1932, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--085-4
Smith, Mary E., bur. 2007-08-14, Section-Lot-Grave: N--037-3
Smith, Mary Ms., bur. 1947-02-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--422-7
Smith, Matilda Lockwood Ms., bur. 1903, Section-Lot-Grave: A--003-2
Smith, Matilda Ms., bur. 1918, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--103-4
Smith, Melvin Lee Mr., bur. 1995-02-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--128-5
Smith, Mildred Hammer Ms., bur. 1986-07-09, Section-Lot-Grave: E--054-1
Smith, Mildred, bur. 2005-07-23, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--247-5
Smith, Palmer Mr. Jr, bur. 1990-12-15, Section-Lot-Grave: K--125-2
Smith, Pamela Jean Mrs., bur. 2001-09-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--499-81
Smith, Paul G. Mr., bur. 1985-12-21, Section-Lot-Grave: K--030-4
Smith, Ralph Charles Allen Rev., bur. 1970-12-19, Section-Lot-Grave: B--104-6
Smith, Ralph E. Mr., bur. 2013-11-04, Section-Lot-Grave: F--096-2
Smith, Raymond Mr., bur. 2015-11-17, Section-Lot-Grave: F--251-6
Smith, Richard L. Mr., bur. 2012-12-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--003-41A
Smith, Richard Mr., bur. 2004-04-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--225-8
Smith, Richard, bur. 2005-01-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--019-1
Smith, Robert S. Mr., bur. 1977-05-14, Section-Lot-Grave: F--084-4
Smith, Ronald S. Mr., bur. 2002-12-27, Section-Lot-Grave: K--113-8
Smith, Sampson Mr., bur. 2004-10-05, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--274-1
Smith, Samuel Edward Mr., bur. 1983-06-03, Section-Lot-Grave: F--143-3
Smith, Samuel K. Mr., bur. 1956-09-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--434-8A
Smith, Sean M. Mr., bur. 1983-12-30, Section-Lot-Grave: B--105-5
Smith, Sidney K. Mr., bur. 2003-08-08, Section-Lot-Grave: F--157-2
Smith, Vera W. Mrs., bur. 2003-05-24, Section-Lot-Grave: F--160-5
Smith, Villa Ms., bur. 2003-03-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--276-8
Smith, Viola M. Ms., bur. 1944-05-31, Section-Lot-Grave: A--052-81
Smith, Viola Ms., bur. 1994-04-29, Section-Lot-Grave: K--030-4A
Smith, Warren Mr., bur. 1899, Section-Lot-Grave: A--003-3
Snaith, Elizabeth N. Mrs., bur. 2009-10-22, Section-Lot-Grave: K--082-2A
Snaith, Elmer J. Mr., bur. 1966-06-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--452-2
Snaith, Mabel K. Ms., bur. 1972-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--452-1
Snaith, Robert Mr., bur. 1995-01-09, Section-Lot-Grave: K--082-2
Sneed, Eric, bur. 2005-01-29, Section-Lot-Grave: M--281-7
Sneed, Marvin C. Mr. Jr., bur. 2006-01-21, Section-Lot-Grave: N--046-6
Sneed, Ozzie Mr. Jr., bur. 2005-03-11, Section-Lot-Grave: N--046-5
Sneed, Viola Baker Ms., bur. 2001-01-13, Section-Lot-Grave: M--234-7
Snell, Gloria Ms. , bur. 2014-03-05, Section-Lot-Grave: P--057-1
Snider, Arlene Scott Mrs., bur. 1985-02-25, Section-Lot-Grave: E--023-5
Snider, Clifton Mr., bur. 1994-12-09, Section-Lot-Grave: E--023-6
Snowden, Esther Mrs., bur. 2005-07-02, Section-Lot-Grave: N--033-7
Snyder, Lester Willis Mr., bur. 2002-05-13, Section-Lot-Grave: L--198-4
Snyder, Sharon A. Ms. , bur. 2013-02-27, Section-Lot-Grave: Q--007-1
Snyder, Susan B. Mrs. , bur. 2012-06-13, Section-Lot-Grave: K--087-1
Soklevski, Aleksander Mr., bur. 2012-09-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--066-5
Soklevski, Mihajlo Mr., bur. 2001-10-20, Section-Lot-Grave: M--258-7
Solakian, Toros G. Mr., bur. 1933-07-21, Section-Lot-Grave: C--133-5
Soloman, Donald Mr., bur. 1999-07-08, Section-Lot-Grave: F--166-8
Solomon, Ruth Ms., bur. 2000-10-11, Section-Lot-Grave: F--180-6
Sombke, Clara Ms., bur. 1959-04-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--482-7
Sombke, Fred Mr., bur. 1958-08-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--482-8
Sousa, Frank Mr., bur. 1978-11-22, Section-Lot-Grave: B--343-2
Sousa, Izabel F. Ms., bur. 1978-08-23, Section-Lot-Grave: B--343-1
Southwick, Georgina Wells Ms., bur. 1928-12-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--272-3
Southwick, Morell O. Mr., bur. 1936-04-28, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--272-2
Southwick, Richard Brice Mr., bur. 1928-01-10, Section-Lot-Grave: A--272-4
Southworth, Carolyn Ms., bur. 1979-02-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--027-41
Southworth, Carolyn Ms., bur. 1967-08-18, Section-Lot-Grave: B--047-1
Southworth, Donald Mr., bur. 1999-05-03, Section-Lot-Grave: A--027-81
Southworth, Walter Mr., bur. 1995-10-27, Section-Lot-Grave: B--047-2
Sovereign, Aubrey Ms., bur. 1953-07-20, Section-Lot-Grave: A--334-7
Sovereign, Deloris D. Mrs., bur. 2011-06-14, Section-Lot-Grave: E--085-4
Sovereign, John G. Mr., bur. 1936-10-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--334-5
Sovereign, Joseph Mr., bur. 2011-06-14, Section-Lot-Grave: E--085-4A
Sovereign, Lucy E. Ms., bur. 1970-06-25, Section-Lot-Grave: A--334-8
Sovereign, Mary C. Mrs., bur. 1936-05-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--334-6
Sowerby, Florence A. Ms., bur. 1986-01-22, Section-Lot-Grave: B--339-4
Spadoni, Andrew L. Mr., bur. 1991-05-18, Section-Lot-Grave: K--102-8
Spall, Curtis W. Mr., bur. 1993-03-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--265-8
Spangenburg, Alice Ms., bur. 1996-11-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--048-8A
Spangenburg, Emery C. Mr., bur. 1991-05-14, Section-Lot-Grave: K--097-2
Spangenburg, Myron B., bur. 2005-04-06, Section-Lot-Grave: K--048-8B
Spann, William H. Mr., bur. 2000-05-16, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--229-8
Spano, Deborah Shanley Mrs., bur. 2003-09-30, Section-Lot-Grave: K--086-3
Sparks, Alice E. Ms., bur. 1987-04-06, Section-Lot-Grave: F--146-3
Sparks, Raymond Mr., bur. 1988-04-07, Section-Lot-Grave: F--146-4
Spate, Willie J. Mr., bur. 2004-06-17, Section-Lot-Grave: F--246-1
Specht, Jeanne M. Purosky Mts., bur. 1991-05-18, Section-Lot-Grave: F--123-8
Spence, Stephen J. Mr., bur. 2002-06-12, Section-Lot-Grave: M--275-1
Spencer, Alfred E. Mr., bur. 1938-03-29, Section-Lot-Grave: A--230-5
Spencer, Edmund H. Mr., bur. 1976-07-07, Section-Lot-Grave: C--466-6
Spencer, Etta Van Slyke Ms., bur. 1962-10-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--230-7
Spencer, F. Donald Mr., bur. 2011-10-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--165-5A
Spencer, Florence M. Ms., bur. 1976-04-19, Section-Lot-Grave: A--178-7
Spencer, Francis A. Mr., bur. 1976-03-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--178-8
Spencer, Friend L. Mr., bur. 1942-07-03, Section-Lot-Grave: A--165-5
Spencer, George H. Mr., bur. 1949-06-25, Section-Lot-Grave: A--227-5
Spencer, Grace Mills Mrs., bur. 2011-10-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--507-3A
Spencer, Gregory P. Mr., bur. 2011-10-08, Section-Lot-Grave: D--210A-2
Spencer, Hattie L. Mrs., bur. 1933, Section-Lot-Grave: A--178-6
Spencer, James F. Mr., bur. 2004-11-19, Section-Lot-Grave: F--143-8A
Spencer, Jessie Mrs., bur. 2001-02-17, Section-Lot-Grave: L--146-8
Spencer, Katherine Ms., bur. 1956-11-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--466-5
Spencer, Mary Mrs., bur. 1945-02-20, Section-Lot-Grave: A--227-6
Spencer, Raymond F Mr., bur. 2013-09-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--143-8
Spencer, Veronica Ms., bur. 1962-08-16, Section-Lot-Grave: A--165-6
Spencer, William H. Mr., bur. 1938-04-13, Section-Lot-Grave: A--178-5
Sperling, Jacob Mr., bur. 1966-05-12, Section-Lot-Grave: A--312-4
Sperling, Lena Ms., bur. 1963-02-04, Section-Lot-Grave: A--312-3
Sperry, Anna L., bur. 1873, Section-Lot-Grave: A--039-1A
Sperry, Carlos Mr., bur. 1938-12-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--039-41
Sperry, Cynthia, bur. 05/27/1844, Section-Lot-Grave: G--012-1
Sperry, Emma K. Ms., bur. 1954-02-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--015-8
Sperry, Ethel M. Henderson Ms., bur. 1957-01-31, Section-Lot-Grave: A--007-4
Sperry, Julia E. Ms., bur. 1966-10-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--015-41
Sperry, Lucy Ms., bur. 1916, Section-Lot-Grave: A--039-2
Sperry, Mary M., bur. 07/09/1897, Section-Lot-Grave: G--048-3
Sperry, Moses, bur. 04/12/1812, Section-Lot-Grave: G--012-2
Sperry, Myron Mr., bur. 1913, Section-Lot-Grave: A--039-3
Sperry, Nellie F., bur. 1906, Section-Lot-Grave: G--048-2
Sperry, Olwen Leach Mr., bur. 1966-11-11, Section-Lot-Grave: B--034-1
Sperry, Sarah A. Ms., bur. 04/271917, Section-Lot-Grave: A--015-3
Sperry, Theodore D. Mr., bur. 1919-11-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--015-4
Sperry, Theodore H. Mr., bur. 1944-03-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--015-81
Sperry, Wallace, bur. 1873, Section-Lot-Grave: A--039-1
Spicer, Josephine E. Ms., bur. 1989-08-18, Section-Lot-Grave: K--102-1
Spiegel, Ethel Maurer Ms., bur. 1987-09-24, Section-Lot-Grave: B--091-1
Spiegel, George D. Mr., bur. 1974-03-06, Section-Lot-Grave: B--091-2
Spielmecker, Betty Batelle Ms., bur. 1992-04-14, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--331-7
Spillman, George J. Mr., bur. 1986-06-27, Section-Lot-Grave: K--034-4
Spillman, Lucille Ms., bur. 2000-01-06, Section-Lot-Grave: K--034-3
Spitz, Norbert J. Mr., bur. 1984-08-15, Section-Lot-Grave: F--140-4
Spitz, Ruth E. Kammer Ms., bur. 1991-10-04, Section-Lot-Grave: F--140-4A
Spong, Carol Ann, bur. 2008-01-14, Section-Lot-Grave: N--069-8
Sponn, Castherine Lawson Ms., bur. 1986-03-06, Section-Lot-Grave: K--007-3
Sponn, William H. Mr., bur. 2008-10-06, Section-Lot-Grave: K--007-4
Sponsler, Anna Ms., bur. 1998-08-19, Section-Lot-Grave: E--067-6A
Sponsler, William G. Mr., bur. 1977-04-23, Section-Lot-Grave: E--067-6
Sprague, Joan Ms., bur. 2004-08-12, Section-Lot-Grave: E--008-7
Sprague, Raymond W. Mr. Jr., bur. 1990-05-24, Section-Lot-Grave: E--008-8
Spring, Fred Mr., bur. 1957-01-02, Section-Lot-Grave: C--432-5
Spring, Jean C. Ms., bur. 1993-12-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--432-8
Spring, Russell Mr., bur. 1999-03-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--432-7
Spring, Violet Ms., bur. 1958-07-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--432-6
Springman, Helen Ms., bur. 1986-11-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--196-6A
Spuck, Arthur T. Mr., bur. 1990-09-08, Section-Lot-Grave: K--101-6
Spurles, Kenneth J. Mr., bur. 1974-10-19, Section-Lot-Grave: B--085-8
Srbinovski, Tome P. Mr., bur. 2005-10-17, Section-Lot-Grave: N--020-2
Srbinovski, Vangel Mr., bur. 2012-02-09, Section-Lot-Grave: P--014-5
St. George, Ada M. Ms., bur. 1991-03-02, Section-Lot-Grave: F--135-3
St. George, Ignatius F. Mr., bur. 2005-06-01, Section-Lot-Grave: F--135-4
St. John, Robert Mr., bur. 2009-09-01, Section-Lot-Grave: F--173-2
Stacy, Henry Mr., bur. 1993-05-08, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--150-4
Stadler, Edwin C. Mr., bur. 1960-07-07, Section-Lot-Grave: C--426-4
Stadler, Edwin W. Mr., bur. 1962-05-02, Section-Lot-Grave: C--426-2
Stadler, Esther D. Olson Ms., bur. 1991-11-07, Section-Lot-Grave: B--088-5
Stadler, Mae Catherine Ms., bur. 1957-12-09, Section-Lot-Grave: C--426-3
Stadler, Mary Baird Ms., bur. 1966-06-22, Section-Lot-Grave: C--426-1
Stadler, Russell W. Mr., bur. 1991-02-12, Section-Lot-Grave: K--001-5
Stadler, William H. Mr., bur. 1994-02-05, Section-Lot-Grave: B--088-6
Stalker, Frederick W. Mr., bur. 1950-12-13, Section-Lot-Grave: C--411-4
Stalker, Maud W. Ms., bur. 1962-10-31, Section-Lot-Grave: C--411-3
Stalker, Violet E. Ms., bur. 1969-07-08, Section-Lot-Grave: B--067-1
Stalker, William G. Mr., bur. 2012-07-30, Section-Lot-Grave: B--067-3
Stallman, Hazel Ms., bur. 1997-01-03, Section-Lot-Grave: B--070-7
Stallman, Raymond C. Mr., bur. 1989-12-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--070-8
Stalnaker, John B. Mr., bur. 1984-11-25, Section-Lot-Grave: K--005-6
Stamski, Paul Mr., bur. 1995-07-06, Section-Lot-Grave: M--151-5
Stanback, Eleanor Ms., bur. 2000-11-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--243-7
Stanback, Thomas J. Mr., bur. 2000-11-01, Section-Lot-Grave: F--243-8
Stankevich, Elizabeth Ms., bur. 1995-04-17, Section-Lot-Grave: M--152-5
Stankevich, Joseph R. Mr., bur. 1999-09-16, Section-Lot-Grave: M--203-8
Stankevich, Vincent J. Mr., bur. 2005-10-12, Section-Lot-Grave: M--152-6
Stanton, George Mr., bur. 1999-01-08, Section-Lot-Grave: F--109-2
Stanzel, Irene Cornelius Ms., bur. 1989-08-30, Section-Lot-Grave: C--429-7
Stappenbacher, Lottie Ms., bur. 1987-08-03, Section-Lot-Grave: K--031-7
Stappenbacher, Robert Mr., bur. 1997-07-19, Section-Lot-Grave: K--038-7
Stark, Fay C. Ms., bur. 1949-02-07, Section-Lot-Grave: C--412-8
Stark, Lucille Marge Ms., bur. 1979-09-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--004-3
Stark, Margaret, bur. 1977, Section-Lot-Grave: C--412-7
Stark, Russell J. Mr., bur. 1987-12-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--004-4
Starling, Benny A. Mr., bur. 2001-09-15, Section-Lot-Grave: F--231-2
Starner, Carrie Ms., bur. 1942-08-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--202-6
Stathopoulos, Michael Mr., bur. 2015-03-11, Section-Lot-Grave: N--055-6
Statt, Charles W. Mr., bur. 1990-06-27, Section-Lot-Grave: F--107-6
Statt, Elizabeth K. Mrs., bur. 2005-05-14, Section-Lot-Grave: F--107-5
Statt, Helen L. Ms., bur. 1990-09-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--085-3
Statt, James J. Mr., bur. 1978-02-13, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--355-4
Statt, Raymond J. Mr., bur. 1978-05-17, Section-Lot-Grave: F--085-4
Stauss, Helen I. Ms., bur. 1960-08-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--491-1
Stauss, Raymond Mr., bur. 1972-03-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--491-2
Steckel, Anne Ms., bur. 1995-06-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--001-3
Steckel, Thomas B. Mr., bur. 1977-10-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--001-4
Steed, Geanie, bur. 1996-07-06, Section-Lot-Grave: K--136-3
Steed, Raymond S. Mr., bur. 2002-02-28, Section-Lot-Grave: K--136-4
Steed, Raymond Mr., bur. 1997-02-20, Section-Lot-Grave: K--136-8
Steege, Janet Ms., bur. 1996-05-23, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--090-7
Steege, Walter E. Mr., bur. 2002-03-08, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--090-8
Steele, Eddie E. Jr., bur. 2006-08-10, Section-Lot-Grave: F--234-4
Steele, Emily Ms., bur. 1999-01-19, Section-Lot-Grave: F--123-3
Steele, Guy Mr., bur. 2006-03-23, Section-Lot-Grave: B--065-2A
Steele, Laurence Mr., bur. 1979-05-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--065-2
Steele, Mildred Ms., bur. 1981-04-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--065-1
Steele, Patricia Ann, bur. 2006-11-28, Section-Lot-Grave: N--076-1
Steele, William A. Mr., bur. 1983-11-01, Section-Lot-Grave: F--094-6
Steele-Perkins, Andrew J. Mr., bur. 1983-06-30, Section-Lot-Grave: F--130-7
Steeves, Dorothy Ms., bur. 1998-03-21, Section-Lot-Grave: C--469-7
Steeves, Earl S. Mr., bur. 1965-03-16, Section-Lot-Grave: C--469-8
Steeves, Helen W. Mr., bur. 1952-01-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--469-3
Steeves, John F. Mr., bur. 1955-10-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--469-4
Steeves, John K. Mr., bur. 1987-10-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--469-2
Steeves, John K. Mr. Jr., bur. 2012-03-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--469-81
Steeves, Sarah A. Coghian, bur. 1993-09-13, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--469-1
Stefanini, Brittany, bur. 1997-04-21, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--031-8E
Stefanovic, Andneja T., bur. 2008-06-19, Section-Lot-Grave: N--077-1
Stefanovski, Aleksandar, bur. 1990-04-28, Section-Lot-Grave: K--097-8
Stein, Clarence Mr., bur. 1978-05-08, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--101-4
Stein, Ruth E. Wood Ms., bur. 1972-02-24, Section-Lot-Grave: B--101-3
Steis, Mary Ms., bur. 1982-07-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--323-5
Stella, Carrie Mae Ms., bur. 1975-08-09, Section-Lot-Grave: E--023-3
Stella, Joseph Mr., bur. 1994-11-12, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--023-4
Stella, William Mr., bur. 1997-10-03, Section-Lot-Grave: K--041-1
Stenglein, Andrew L. Mr., bur. 1987-11-20, Section-Lot-Grave: F--158-2
Stenglein, Josephine M Ms., bur. 1983-07-27, Section-Lot-Grave: F--158-1
Stephany, Frances E., bur. 1970-11-30, Section-Lot-Grave: B--078-8
Stephany, George Mr., bur. 1972-04-22, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--076-4A
Stephany, Marion L. Pritchard, bur. 2008-10-03, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--076-4
Stephens, Stephanie, bur. 2009-06-13, Section-Lot-Grave: N--041-8
Stepney, Herbert D. Mr., bur. 2015-02-09, Section-Lot-Grave: N--067-3
Sterling, Bertha M. Mrs., bur. 1950-09-30, Section-Lot-Grave: A--213-1
Sterling, Catherine Mrs., bur. 1934-08-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--133-8
Sterling, Floyd M. Mr., bur. 1964-04-06, Section-Lot-Grave: B--005-4
Sterling, Frances E. Ms., bur. 1957-09-07, Section-Lot-Grave: C--471-7
Sterling, Lafayette Mr., bur. 1998-05-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--471-6
Sterling, Lafe Mr., bur. 1969-06-16, Section-Lot-Grave: C--471-8
Sterling, Mary Anne Ms., bur. 1991-07-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--471-5
Sterling, Sanford Mr., bur. 1947-02-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--133-7
Sterling, Sarah S. Ms., bur. 1990-01-29, Section-Lot-Grave: B--005-3
Sterling, William Mr., bur. 1962-03-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--213-2
Stettner, Anna, bur. 1902, Section-Lot-Grave: A--001-7
Stettner, Chris, bur. 1913, Section-Lot-Grave: A--001-8
Stevely, Catherine H. Ms., bur. 1953-08-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--507-5
Stevely, David J. Mr., bur. 1970-05-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--507-6
Stevens, Charles B. Mr., bur. 1941-07-13, Section-Lot-Grave: A--297-3
Stevens, Charles R. Mr., bur. 1942-02-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--145-7
Stevens, Dorothy Alice Ms., bur. 1933-11-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--297-4
Stevens, Frank J. Mr., bur. 1951-01-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--297-41
Stevens, Harold Mr., bur. 1993-06-10, Section-Lot-Grave: A--299-41
Stevens, Marion Ms., bur. 1968-10-12, Section-Lot-Grave: A--299-41A
Stevens, Robert C. Mr., bur. 2000-09-02, Section-Lot-Grave: K--089-4
Stevens, Rose E. Mrs., bur. 1962-05-09, Section-Lot-Grave: C--145-8
Stevens, Ruby V. Ms., bur. 1965-08-20, Section-Lot-Grave: A--297-2
Stever, Elizabeth Ms., bur. 1939-11-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--056-4
Stever, Howard Mr., bur. 1939, Section-Lot-Grave: A--056-2
Stever, Levi Don Mr., bur. 1930-01-13, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--056-3
Stever, Maud Ms., bur. 1968-03-29, Section-Lot-Grave: A--056-1
Steves, Alvin M. Mr. Sr., bur. 1976-07-30, Section-Lot-Grave: E--074-2
Steves, Blanche Mrs. , bur. 2011-12-10, Section-Lot-Grave: E--074-1
Stewart, Alice L. Ms., bur. 1947-12-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--182-2
Stewart, Charlene Lynn Ms., bur. 1973-10-19, Section-Lot-Grave: B--339-2
Stewart, Charles W. Mr. Jr., bur. 1992-12-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--110-4
Stewart, Euphemia G., bur. 1943-09-07, Section-Lot-Grave: A--182-1
Stewart, Evelyn Ms., bur. 2000-01-15, Section-Lot-Grave: M--153-4
Stewart, Florence, bur. 2007-10-31, Section-Lot-Grave: F--110-3
Stewart, Julia L. Carr Ms., bur. 1986-06-10, Section-Lot-Grave: B--339-6
Stewart, Raymond J., bur. 2007-03-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--521-41
Stewart, Ruth F. Mrs., bur. 2005-11-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--339-3
Stice, Sally Ann Barner Mrs., bur. 2015-04-10, Section-Lot-Grave: B--364-5A
Stiles, Barton H. Mr., bur. 1973-08-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--435-4
Stiles, Carrie I. Ms., bur. 1987-03-13, Section-Lot-Grave: C--435-3
Stiles, Dorothy Hancock Mrs., bur. 2015-05-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--496-8
Stiles, Herbert John Mr., bur. 1950-09-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--435-1
Stiles, Howard B. Mr., bur. 2014-04-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--435-8
Stiles, Ruth, bur. 2006-08-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--435-7
Stimus, James I Mr., bur. 2006-07-01, Section-Lot-Grave: K--113-1
Stiner, Ella Jackling Ms., bur. 1979-07-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--101-1
Stiner, Frank F. Mr., bur. 1986-05-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--101-2
Stock, Dorothy E. Ms., bur. 1970-11-27, Section-Lot-Grave: B--083-8
Stock, Norbert B. Mr., bur. 1974-07-24, Section-Lot-Grave: B--098-5
Stockddale, Mary E. Ms., bur. 1976-07-23, Section-Lot-Grave: E--049-1W
Stockmaster, Barbara M. Cunliffe Ms., bur. 1970-09-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--104-1
Stockmaster, John F. Mr., bur. 1989-03-15, Section-Lot-Grave: B--104-4
Stockmaster, Lillian M. Mr., bur. 1989-12-30, Section-Lot-Grave: B--104-3
Stoddart, Harold Mr., bur. 2001-04-30, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--173-1
Stoffel, Bernadette Mrs., bur. 2005-07-30, Section-Lot-Grave: F--091-5
Stoffel, Robert Mr., bur. 2000-10-14, Section-Lot-Grave: F--091-6
Stojanova, Elena Ms., bur. 1998-03-28, Section-Lot-Grave: M--151-1
Stojanva, Darinka Mrs., bur. 2015-10-06, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--151-3
Stolz, Anna M. Ms., bur. 1950, Section-Lot-Grave: A--022-5
Stolz, Belle Stowe Ms., bur. 1967-05-10, Section-Lot-Grave: A--239-6
Stolz, Elizabeth C. Ms., bur. 1955, Section-Lot-Grave: A--025-2
Stolz, Elsie E. Ms., bur. 1894, Section-Lot-Grave: A--025-1
Stolz, George Hertel, bur. 1981, Section-Lot-Grave: A--239-7
Stolz, Gladys Elsie Ms., bur. 1996-07-17, Section-Lot-Grave: A--239-5
Stolz, John M. Mr., bur. 1901, Section-Lot-Grave: A--022-7
Stolz, Leonard M. Mr., bur. 1931-10-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--025-3
Stolz, Michael Mr., bur. 1896, Section-Lot-Grave: A--022-6
Stone, Bernard S. Mr., bur. 1990-06-23, Section-Lot-Grave: K--015-3
Stone, Catherine B. Mrs., bur. 2001-06-30, Section-Lot-Grave: F--138-3
Stone, Patricia Mrs., bur. 2012-01-14, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--179-4A
Stone, Raymond Mr., bur. 1997-09-16, Section-Lot-Grave: M--179-4
Stonehouse, Aleda Ms., bur. 2001-04-24, Section-Lot-Grave: K--052-5
Stonehouse, David Mr., bur. 1996-01-04, Section-Lot-Grave: K--059-1
Stonehouse, Michael K. Mr., bur. 1987-04-05, Section-Lot-Grave: K--052-6
Storelli, Viola Hampton, bur. 2007-12-06, Section-Lot-Grave: B--034-7
Storey, Ellsworth A. Mr., bur. 1994-01-03, Section-Lot-Grave: B--108-4
Storey, Martha Ms., bur. 1999-09-18, Section-Lot-Grave: B--108-4A
Storie, Alfred B. Mr. Jr., bur. 1983-02-26, Section-Lot-Grave: F--120-6
Storie, Cecelia Ms., bur. 1995-10-07, Section-Lot-Grave: F--120-8
Stoss, Charles H. Mr., bur. 1979-03-21, Section-Lot-Grave: A--230-81
Stoss, Marjorie Ms., bur. 2000-05-30, Section-Lot-Grave: A--230-8
Stothard, John C. Mr., bur. 1965-03-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--522-3
Stothard, Margaret Ms., bur. 1966-01-31, Section-Lot-Grave: C--522-2
Stout, Mabelle M. Ms., bur. 1978-12-02, Section-Lot-Grave: F--087-1
Stout, Merle W. Mr., bur. 1984-05-11, Section-Lot-Grave: F--087-2
Stover, Daniel Mr., bur. 2000-03-04, Section-Lot-Grave: B--327-8
Stover, Marilyn Mrs., bur. 2003-06-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--327-7
Stowe, Anne Gilbert Ms., bur. 1936-01-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--304-4
Stowe, Berdena Gruendike, bur. 1935-06-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--239-3
Stowe, Clinton L. Mr., bur. 1974-01-16, Section-Lot-Grave: A--304-8
Stowe, Corra Taft Ms., bur. 1924, Section-Lot-Grave: A--271-3
Stowe, Esther L. Ms., bur. 1962-06-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--304-7
Stowe, Frank J. Mr., bur. 1947-07-12, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--271-4
Stowe, George E. Mr., bur. 1936-06-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--304-1
Stowe, Harry C. Mr., bur. 1959-12-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--304-3
Stowe, William Mr., bur. 1937-12-09, Section-Lot-Grave: A--239-4
Stowe, Zella M. Ms., bur. 1929-08-05, Section-Lot-Grave: A--304-2
Stowell, Burton J. Mr., bur. 1984-01-03, Section-Lot-Grave: F--084-6
Stowell, Grace G. Mrs., bur. 2006-02-15, Section-Lot-Grave: F--084-5
Stowell, John J. Mr., bur. 1960-11-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--416-8
Stowell, Louise B. Ms., bur. 1991-05-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--416-5
Stowell, Matilda Ida Ms., bur. 1955-02-04, Section-Lot-Grave: C--416-7
Stowell, Omar D. Mr. Sr., bur. 1976-11-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--416-6
Strange, Frank A. Mr. Jr., bur. 2001-08-23, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--204-5
Strange, Gertrude Ms., bur. 1992-10-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--148-3
Strasser, Shirley White Mrs., bur. 2011-07-08, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--003-4
Strawn, Amanda E., bur. 08/01/1855, Section-Lot-Grave: G--021-3
Streber, Albert T. Mr., bur. 2009-09-29, Section-Lot-Grave: K--064-4
Streebing, August Mr., bur. 1954-10-04, Section-Lot-Grave: A--298-7
Streebing, Mary M. Ms., bur. 1976-12-16, Section-Lot-Grave: A--298-8
Strevens, Bernard G. Mr., bur. 1984-11-25, Section-Lot-Grave: F--143-4
Strevens, Florence M. Ms., bur. 2003-10-04, Section-Lot-Grave: F--143-4A
Strevens, William Mr., bur. 2013-09-07, Section-Lot-Grave: F--143-4B
Stricker, Martin E. Mr., bur. 1980-05-31, Section-Lot-Grave: F--103-6
Stricker, Violet Mrs., bur. 2010-11-05, Section-Lot-Grave: F--103-5
Strickland, Ernest H. Mr., bur. 1959-01-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--484-6
Strickland, Mattie E. Ms., bur. 1970-10-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--484-5
Stroh, Richard Mr., bur. 1997-02-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--422-1
Strong, Albert Mr., bur. 2001-08-09, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--217-1
Strong, Olive A. Ms., bur. 1966-01-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--492-5
Stroud, Bobbie L. Ms., bur. 2015-09-05, Section-Lot-Grave: N--079-7
Stryker, Ann H. Ms., bur. 1993-02-11, Section-Lot-Grave: E--056-5
Stryker, John H. Mr., bur. 1977-04-20, Section-Lot-Grave: E--056-6
Stuart, Cyril Calvin Mr. , bur. 2011-06-28, Section-Lot-Grave: N--043-1
Stuart, Julia Payne Ms., bur. 1969-08-13, Section-Lot-Grave: C--523-6
Stubbs, Marie D. Ms., bur. 1985-06-18, Section-Lot-Grave: B--030-3
Stubbs, Ralph L. Mr., bur. 1966-01-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--030-4
Stubella, Joseph Mr., bur. 1969-01-22, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--075-4
Stubella, Minnie Ms., bur. 1978-03-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--075-3
Stubenrod, Emmett M. Mr., bur. 2003-05-07, Section-Lot-Grave: C--490-2
Stubenrod, Mildred C. Ms., bur. 1959-12-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--490-1
Studeman, Arthur F. Mr., bur. 1961-07-19, Section-Lot-Grave: A--324-3
Studeman, Carolyn M. Ms., bur. 1944-09-29, Section-Lot-Grave: A--324-2
Studeman, Charles L. Mr., bur. 1947-03-16, Section-Lot-Grave: A--324-1
Studeman, Clarence F. Mr., bur. 1981-04-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--324-7
Studeman, Cora B. Ms., bur. 1974-02-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--324-8
Studeman, Florence P. Ms., bur. 1980-08-20, Section-Lot-Grave: A--324-4
Studeman, John Mr., bur. 1886, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--069-4
Stuhlmiller, August J. Mr., bur. 1954-03-15, Section-Lot-Grave: C--439-8
Stuhlmiller, Florence W. Ms., bur. 1990-09-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--439-7
Stukes, Martha L. Mrs., bur. 2001-01-27, Section-Lot-Grave: M--258-4
Stultz, Harry Mr. Jr., bur. 2000-03-27, Section-Lot-Grave: K--044-6
Stultz, Robert William, bur. 1998-12-02, Section-Lot-Grave: K--044-3
Stutchberry, A. Walter Mr., bur. 1973-06-02, Section-Lot-Grave: C--455-6
Stutchberry, Bruce Pvt., bur. 1945-12-02, Section-Lot-Grave: C--455-7
Stutchberry, Mary Jane Ms., bur. 1990-08-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--455-5
Stymus, Mildred B. Nassivera Ms., bur. 1981-06-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--092-1
Sullivan, Alice C. Ms., bur. 1980-09-10, Section-Lot-Grave: B--334-2
Sullivan, Edna, bur. 2005-10-22, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--034-4
Sullivan, Elizabeth L. Ms., bur. 1979-02-05, Section-Lot-Grave: B--355-5
Sullivan, Elizabeth Mrs., bur. 2000-03-04, Section-Lot-Grave: K--043-1
Sullivan, Frank M. Mr., bur. 1978-02-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--355-6
Sullivan, Halbert Mr., bur. 2015-05-04, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--044-6
Sullivan, Raymond J. Mr., bur. 1979-07-11, Section-Lot-Grave: B--334-3
Sullivan, William Mr. Jr., bur. 1995-09-15, Section-Lot-Grave: M--203-3
Sulzer, Miriam Ms., bur. 1959-01-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--481-1
Sulzer, Morris Mr., bur. 1974-11-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--481-2
Suro, Isidor Mr., bur. 1986-02-23, Section-Lot-Grave: F--141-6
Surrey, Catherine Ms., bur. 1942-06-18, Section-Lot-Grave: A--293-3
Surrey, Charlotte Ms., bur. 1969-11-04, Section-Lot-Grave: A--293-41
Surrey, Henry N. Mr., bur. 1967-06-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--293-4
Sutcliffe, Edith Ms., bur. 1966-11-17, Section-Lot-Grave: B--029-7
Sutherland, Arby Ms., bur. 1994-06-18, Section-Lot-Grave: B--331-5
Sutherland, George Mr., bur. 1980-04-08, Section-Lot-Grave: B--331-6
Sutphen, Florence M. Ms., bur. 1988-03-11, Section-Lot-Grave: K--055-6
Sutton, Caroline, bur. 2007-01-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--463-41
Sutton, Charles E., bur. 2009-12-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--402-1A
Sutton, Marion B Ms., bur. 2002-06-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--402-1
Sutton, Steven C. Jr., bur. 2009-04-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--124-81W
Svoboda, Joseph A. Mr., bur. 1990-04-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--148-2
Svoboda, Leonore A. Ms., bur. 1990-07-05, Section-Lot-Grave: F--148-1
Swab, Gertrude Ms., bur. 1976-10-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--020-81
Swaby, Delroy Mr., bur. 2001-09-22, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--231-3
Swails, James A. Mr., bur. 2005-12-02, Section-Lot-Grave: N--035-8
Swain, Frederick James Mr., bur. 2002-04-06, Section-Lot-Grave: F--217-7
Swan, Charlotte J. Ms., bur. 1986-05-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--093-5
Swan, Doris Fannie Ms., bur. 1935-11-27, Section-Lot-Grave: A--229-3
Swan, Doris Fanny Ms., bur. 1935-03-27, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--098-8A
Swan, Edwin Y. Mr., bur. 1974-01-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--093-6
Swan, Eugene Mr., bur. 1928-08-16, Section-Lot-Grave: C--098-8
Swan, Lena Decker Ms., bur. 1943-08-04, Section-Lot-Grave: C--098-7
Swanson, Astrid, bur. 2009-11-07, Section-Lot-Grave: F--167-4
Sweeney, Eleanor M. Doran Ms., bur. 1977-06-15, Section-Lot-Grave: B--078-5
Sweeney, James Vincent Mr., bur. 1974-11-20, Section-Lot-Grave: B--078-6
Sweeney, Nellie V. L. Ms., bur. 1986-03-15, Section-Lot-Grave: C--500-1
Sweeney, Wilbur S. Mr., bur. 1975-05-31, Section-Lot-Grave: C--500-2
Swierkos, Frank E. Mr., bur. 1981-03-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--487-6
Swierkos, John L. Mr. Sr., bur. 2003-01-21, Section-Lot-Grave: K--013-4
Swierkos, Marion Lord Mrs., bur. 2009-10-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--487-5
Swift, Ethel H. Ms., bur. 1993-12-02, Section-Lot-Grave: B--334A-1
Swift, Stanley M. Mr., bur. 1979-10-17, Section-Lot-Grave: B--334A-2
Swisher, Marian C. Young Ms., bur. 1967-12-27, Section-Lot-Grave: B--006-3
Swisher, Theodore D. Mr., bur. 1963-05-14, Section-Lot-Grave: B--006-4
Sylvester, Bernard A. Mr., bur. 1975-09-20, Section-Lot-Grave: E--022-4
Sylvester, Miriam I. Mrs., bur. 2011-07-23, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--022-3
Symons, Dorothy, bur. 2006-02-23, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--446A-4
Symons, Lavinna A., bur. 1944, Section-Lot-Grave: C--407-3
Symons, Mabel L. Ms., bur. 1946-03-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--446A-3
Symons, Wilbert J. Mr., bur. 1956-10-13, Section-Lot-Grave: C--407-4
Szetela, Daniel Mr., bur. 2011-05-13, Section-Lot-Grave: D--210A-4
Szetela, Henry Walter Mr. , bur. 2011-05-13, Section-Lot-Grave: D--210A-5A
Szetela, Ruth Heroux Mrs. , bur. 2011-05-13, Section-Lot-Grave: D--210A-5

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