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Union Valley Cemetery
Taylor, Cortland County, New York

Lat: 42° 37' 41"N, Lon: 75° 53' 06"W

Contributed by Patricia B Johnson, Aug 15, 2011, last edited Aug 23, 2011 [jhnstpatric@aol.com]. Total records = 321.

At stop sign in the town of Taylor turn right going north on State Rte 26 go about 1 mile, turn left onto Union Valley Road, drive about 4 miles, the cemetery will be on the right.

The Union Valley Cemetery was originally known as the Burying Ground. In 1834 Daniel Sexton deeded land to Alfred Brooks, Lyman Alden and Lyman Eldred to be held in trust for the Burying Ground Society. In 1890 and 1909 more land was added to the cemetery for a total footage of 248ft x181.6ft. The first documented burial was in 1826 and the last internment was in 2009.

The Union Valley Cemetery Association was incorporated on Feb 08, 1909 and operates under the rules and regulations of the NYS Division of Cemeteries. Current Secretary: 4613 Union Valley Rd. DeRuyter, NY 13052

The cemetery is in fair condition with the grounds mowed and trimmed when needed. There are a few stones in need of repair and put back on their foundations. Several trees have been removed because of wind damage and the stumps are still there.

I gathered this information from sexton records, gravestone reading, the town of Taylor vital records, Halbert genealogy, pension papers and obituaries. This file contains all known burials to Aug 2011.

- Patricia B Johnson

Alden John Adams, b. 12 July 1762 Medway,Mass, d. 13 Apr 1843 Union Valley, age: 80yr 7mo 2da, RW Vet, Mass file W-20589
Alden, Anna (Halbert), b. 26 Jun 1804, d. 19 Sep 1831 Union Valley, age: 27yr 3mo, Mrs. Anna, w/o Lyman
Alden, Hannah (Daniels), d. 9 Oct 1843 Union Valley, age: 75yr 8mo, Go home kind friend? up your doors.He must be there till Christ appears', w/o John Adams Alden
Alden, Mary, b. 1802 Butternuts NY, d. 25 Dec 1837 Union Valley, age: 35yr 10mo, Mrs. Mary, w/o Lyman
Alexander, Chandler, d. 1855, age: 38yr
Alexander, Emma, d. 1855, age: 3yr
Angell Helen M, d. 25 Jun 1837
Angell Sarah, d. 29 Oct 1833
Angell Walter H., b. 1838, d. 20 Aug 1863 Washington,DC, age: 25yr, died in Defense of his country, s/o Franklin & Mary Brooks angell
Angell, Franklin, b. 24 Sep 1809, d. 4 Jun 1846, age: 37yr, Buried with his son
Angell, Lucy Cotton, b. 27 Oct 1841, d. 5 Nov 1884, age: 43yr, w/o Joseph Lorenzo Cotton
Angell, Mary(Brooks), b. 17 Nov 1805, d. 28 Jul 1844, age: 79yr, His wife', w/o Frankklin
Angell, Samantha (Converse), b. 1811 Mass, d. 22 Apr 1889 Union Valley, age: 77yr, w/o William C.Angell, d/o Adolphus & Hannah Cishing Converse
Angell, Stuart, b. 20 Jul 1925, d. 3 Oct 1984, age: 59y, Died from tractor accident
Angell, Wendell J, b. 24 May 1969, d. 24 May 1988, age: 19y, s/o Stuart Angell
Angell, William C., b. 1813 Otsego County NY, d. 20 Aug 1889, age: 77yr
Austin, Hatzell, no dates no marker, east of E 4
Austin, Mrs, no dates, w/o Hatzell
Bacon, Aurelia (Jipson), b. 1825 Otesgo County NY, d. 7 Nov 1893 Union Valley NY, d/o Micah & Deborah Jipson, w/o Daniel Bacon
Bacon, David Daniel., b. 1823 DeRuyter NY, d. 19 May 1898 Union Valley NY, age: 75yr., h/o Aurilla Jipson
Bacon, George Matthew, b. 1863, d. 25 May1937 Pitcher NY, h/o Nettie Boyd Bacon,'s/o Daniel & Aurilla
Bacon, Julia May, b. 1891, d. 14 Jan 1892, age: 7m16d, d/o GM & Nettie A. Bacon
Bacon, Luther, b. 1848, d. 18 Mar 1905 Union Valley NY, age: 47yr 3mo, h/o Jessie Brahl
Bacon, Michael D., b. 1856 Cuyler NY, d. 27 Mar 1896, age: 40yr 1mo 4da, s/o Aurillia & Daniel
Baker Russell, d. 9 Dec 1904, age: a few weeks
Baker, Benjamin, b. 1824, d. 22 Jun 1852, age: 28yr
Baker, Cornelia, b. 1809, d. 7 Feb 1898, age: 69yr, w/o Benjamin
Baker, Legard, d. 1860, age: 3yr
Ballou, Augustus, d. 1855, age: 57yr
Ballou, Vesta Fuller(Velorus), d. 1852, age: 54yr, d/o John & Elizabeth Fuller
Banks, Alice (Daniels), b. 1916, d. Nov 22 1995, age: 78yr, cremated
Barber Mary Jane, d. 1848, age: 5yr
Barber, Albert, d. 13Dec 1907, age: 68yr 22da
Barber, Hannah, d. 6 Mar 1885, age: 69yr 10mo 23da, w/o Orin Baker
Barber, Orin C., d. 13 Jun 1893, age: 79yr 3mo 18da
Barber, Sabrina, d. 27 Sep 1916, age: 74yr, Wife
Barber, Walter D, d. 4 Nov 1877, age: 11yr, son
Beebe, Achsa (Halbert), d. 9 Jul 1914, age: 86yr, d/o Enos & Elizabeth Halbert
Beebe, Cary, d. 1868, age: 83yr, f/o Samuel
Beebe, Eleanor, d. 24 Jan 1875, age: 5yr, d/o Achea & Samuel Beebe
Beebe, Martha Lewis, d. 1861, age: 75yr, m/o Samuel
Beebe, Mary, d. 24 Jan 1875, age: 5yr, d/o Achsa & Samuel
Beebe, Samuel L, d. 1870, age: 49yr
Bemis, Eleanor (Halbert), b. Sep 1843, d. 3 Mar 1878, age: 35yr, w/o Edward Bemis
Boardwell, George, b. 1887, d. 1928, age: 41yr
Boardwell, Ina ( Fuller), b. 1888, d. 1989, age: 100yr, w/o George Boardwell
Breed, William, d. 1886, age: 78y, h/o Lydia A. Converse Warner
Brooks, Adah E., b. 1859 Union Valley NY, d. 1920 Union Valley NY, age: 60yr, d/o Nelson & Martha
Brooks, Alfred Jr, b. 14 Nov 1830, d. 14 Nov.1865, age: 35yr, s/o Alfred & Nancy Brooks, Civil war
Brooks, Alfred, b. abt 1797 Conn, d. 7 Apr 1871, age: 71yr 7mo 7da, came to valley 1827
Brooks, Artermus S, b. 1820 Norwich NY, d. 19 Feb 1890, age: 70yr, s/o Benajah &Lydia Brooks
Brooks, Asahel Leroy, b. 15 Oct 1835, d. 25 Mar 1839, age: 4yr, s/o Alfred & Nancy Brooks
Brooks, Asahel Seabury, b. 19 Apr 1794 New Haven CT., d. 1 Oct 1894, age: 100yr, came to Taylor abt 1839
Brooks, Benajah Peck, b. Conn, d. 4 Oct 1859, age: 73yr 8mo 9da, War of 1812
Brooks, Benjamin, d. 11 Jun 1873, age: 47yr 5mo, s/o Alffred & Nancy
Brooks, Betsey, d. 28 Aug 1869, age: 72yr 9mo, w/o J.M. Brooks
Brooks, Catherine A, b. 1863, d. March 5 1865, age: 1yr, d/o Russell & Catherine
Brooks, Catherine Madden, b. 1830 Ireland, d. 28 Apr 1913 Taylor NY, age: 84yr, w/o Russell
Brooks, Elisabeth (Gallup), d. 31 Mar 1878, age: 50y, w/o Tho G Brooks
Brooks, Elizabeth, d. 1878, age: 50yr
Brooks, Eunice E, d. 24 Apr 1834, age: 21yr 4mo 6da, She sleeps in death, d/o Benajah & Lydia
Brooks, Eunice(Peck), d. 1849, age: 85yr, w/o Asahel Brooks
Brooks, Hannah (Cole), b. 1815 Albany County NY, d. 1898, age: 83yr, His wife
Brooks, Hannah Adell (Angel), no dates, w/o Robert W Brooks
Brooks, Lucinda A. (Tarbell), b. 10 May 1846 E.Freetown NY, d. 14 Apr 1911, age: 64y11m5d, w/o Walter
Brooks, Lucy D, d. 31 Dec 1841, age: 1y6m28d, d/o Ransom & Martha
Brooks, Lydia (Bryant), b. Mass, d. 1863, age: 79yr, w/o Benajah Brooks
Brooks, Martha (Garnner), b. 1825, d. 1874, 2nd w/o Alfred
Brooks, Martha (Jones), b. 5 Dec 1829 Lincklean NY, d. 26 Apr 1923 Union Valley, age: 94yr, His wife, w/o Nelso nL Brooks
Brooks, Martha, d. 2 Feb 1871, age: 70yr, w/o Ramson Brooks
Brooks, Mary Ann, b. 2 Mar 1829, d. 20 Jan 1848, age: 18yr 10mo 18da, d/o Alfred & Nancy Brooks
Brooks, Matilda T, d. 15 Dec 1871, age: 49yr, w/o Ramson Brooks
Brooks, Nancy (Green), d. 11 Apr 1862, age: 65yr, in the 65yr of her life', w/o Alfred Books
Brooks, Nelson Legard, b. 24 Sept 1823 Otesgo County NY, d. 16 Apr 1883 Union Valley, age: 59yr
Brooks, Ransom, d. 17 Oct 1888, age: 85yr
Brooks, Robert Wallace, b. 24 Dec 1843 Taylor NY, d. 4 Jul 1919 Union Valley NY, Civil War, Co F 185 Infantry, s/o Asahel & Hannah
Brooks, Russell, b. 1827 Solon, NY, d. 2 Mar 1892 Taylor NY, age: 62yr, s/o Benajah&Lydia
Brooks, Sarah M, d. 1894, age: 64yr, His Wife
Brooks, Thomas G, b. 1 Apl 1823 Pittsfield NY, d. 18 Apr 1905, age: 82yr, s/o Alfred & Nancy Green Brooks
Brooks, Walter S., b. Apr 1842 Taylor NY, d. 13 Mar 1911 Taylor NY, age: 68y11m29d, s/o Asahel &Hannah c.
Brooks, William('Willie), b. Taylor.NY, d. 22 Sep 1909, age: 38y8m6d, s/o Russell & Catherine
Burdick, Andrew, d. 1867, age: 53yr
Burdick, Harriet B., d. 1858, age: 44yr
Burgess, Ann, b. 1776, d. 1857, age: 81yr, wife
Burgess, Bertha, b. 1871, d. 1874, Grandchild
Burgess, Elisa, b. 1769, d. 1850, age: 51yr, d/o Thomas
Burgess, Louisa, d. 1907, age: 85y, wife
Burgess, Nellie, b. 1859, d. 1862, age: 3yr, d/o Thomas
Burgess, Thomas, b. 1817, d. 1889, age: 72yr
Carver, Abbie, d. 22 Sept 1863, age: 19yr 4mo 12da, d/o Shubuel & Amanda Carver, Asleep in Jesus
Carver, Irving, d. 1850, age: 1yr
Carver, Isador, d. 10 Oct 1859, age: 18yr 5mo 2da, d/o Shubuel & Amanda Carver, Her sun is gone down while it is yet day
Clark, Arson J., d. 1881, age: 32yr
Clark, D. P., d. 1886, age: 60yr
Cole, Patty, b. 19 Aug 1804 R.I, d. 15 Jan 1898, age: 94yr
Cole, Sophia, b. 4 Feb 1799, d. 25 Oct 1889
Cole, Stephen, d. 1854, age: 86yr 9mo 23da
Cole, Sylvester, d. 6 Jun 1855, age: 68yr 2mo
Cole, Welthy, d. 28 Jun 1826, age: 18yr 9mo 2da
Colegrove, Chloe, d. 5 Mar 1844, age: 83yr, widow of Stephen Colegrove
Coleman, Andrew, d. 3 Jun 1848, age: 50yr
Coleman, George, d. 18 Nov 1854, son
Coleman, Mattilda, d. 26 Dec 1881, age: 77yr, his wife
Convers, Jennie B, d. ??'Feb 1880, d/o H.D & M.A Convers
Convers, Mary A., d. 18 Apr 1887, age: 82yr, wife of Herbert Convers
Converse, Abagale, d. 29 Mar 1861, age: 34yr 4mo 13da, w/o Alphonso Converse
Converse, Alphonso, d. 30 Aug 1879, age: 66yr 2mo
Converse, Alvera, d. 25 Jul 1847, age: 41yr, w/o Calvin Converse
Converse, Calvin, d. 21 Jan 1856, age: 64yr, came to the valley in 1830
Converse, Elisabeth P., d. 1846, age: ??
Converse, Hannah, d. 12 Jan 1881, age: 34yr, w/o Alphonso Converse
Converse, Harriett (Fuller), d. 20 Aug 1831, age: 40yr, w/o Calvin Converse
Converse, Herbert, d. 1887, age: 32yr
Converse, Martha J.S. (Blair), d. 13 Apr 1874, age: 37yr 5da, w/o Alphoso Converse
Converse, Melissa L., b. 1826, d. 1904, His Wife
Converse, Oscar A, b. 1850, d. 1926
Converse, Tilla(Matila Coye), b. 1864, d. 1960, His Wife
Coye, Avery, no dates, died at the County Home
Coye, Milissa (Coleman), d. 1904, w/o Avery
Cukling, Mahitebal, d. 1841, age: 40yr
Doran, Abraham, b. Kinderhook NY, d. 24 ?? 1838, age: 83yr 17da, Rev War NY File # W24077, blessed are the pure ????
Doran, Isaac, no dates, By tree stump no marker
Doran, Mary Polly, d. 22 Feb 1858, age: 82yr 10mo 10da, w/o Abraham Doran, Loved in life, Lumin??ed in death
Dorn, Catherine, b. Dec 1898, d. 22 Apr 1827 Union Valley NY, age: 29yr 5mo 17da, Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God', w/o Peter Dorn, d/o Abraham Doran
Dorn, Peter, d. 6 May 1828, age: 36yr 11mo 11da
Drake, Maurice, b. 24 Nov 1901, d. 22 Nov 1963
Drake, Pauline (Fisk), d. 6 Jul 2002
Eaton, Anjelia, d. 1862, age: 6yr
Eaton, Anne, d. 1865, age: 83yr
Eaton, Delos, d. 1825, age: ?
Eaton, Dory, b. 3 Sep 1931, d. 2007
Eaton, Judson, d. 1870, age: 2yrr
Eaton, Polly, d. 1892, age: 58yr
Eaton, Willard, b. 6 Nov 1923, d. 15 Aug 2009, age: 85yr, WW2
Eaton, William, d. 1851, age: 75yr
Eaton, William, d. 1861, age: 1yr
Fisk, Carl, d. 1911, age: 2yr, Their Son, s/o Harley & Polly
Fisk, Glenn, d. 20 Jan 1988, age: 81yr, s/o Harley & Polly
Fisk, Harley, b. 8 May 1878, d. 1 Oct 1957, age: 89yr
Fisk, Paul, b. 13 Sep 1904, d. 23 Mar 1992, age: 87yr, s/o Harley & Polly, Pvt US Army WWII
Fisk, Polly (Randall), b. 11 Feb 1882 Cuyler NY, d. 12 Oct 1966, age: 84yr
Fowler, Mary, d. 1842, age: 2yr
Fox, Annie E.(Sharp), b. 1850 NYS, d. 12 Nov 1908, age: 58yr 3mo 2da, d/o Richard Sharp & Helen Bagley
Fox, Arthur Bushrod, d. 1908, age: 65yr, Co C 157th, wounded at Chancellorville
Fox, Betsy A, d. 29 Jun 1853, age: 37yr, d/o Ebiner & Polly Fox
Fox, Catherine, d. 1868, age: 72yr
Fox, Celinda, d. 1929, age: 90yr, w/o Arthur B.
Fox, George Riley, b. 1850, d. 11926(8) W.Eaton NY, age: 78yr, s/o Wm. &Catherine Fox
Fox, Isaac, no dates, beside his wife no Stone
Fox, Polly, d. 24 Nov 1862, age: 78yr 9mo 11da, w/o Ebener Fox, The sweet remeberence of the just shall ?
Fox, William M., d. 10 Apr 1852, age: 26yr 1mo, Flourush when they sleep in dust
French, Lucinda, b. 1860 Susquehania NY, d. 13 Jan 1899, age: 39yr 2mo 18da, J.S. reed & Mary Fairchild
Fuller, Agnes (Wilsey), d. 19 May 1918, age: 25yr
Fuller, Anne (Craft), b. 1895, d. 27 Feb 1954, age: 59yr, w/o Roy, d/o Gilbert & Nellie Craft
Fuller, Christina, d. 1887, age: 39yr, w/o Burdette
Fuller, Erven(Irvin), b. 26 Apl,1807, d. 28 Oct 1882, age: 75yr
Fuller, Hiram H., b. 1846, d. 1944 Pitcher NY, age: 71yr, s/o Roselle & Esther Fuller
Fuller, Huldah (Hymes), b. 6 Aug 1815, d. 23 Feb 1894, age: 79yr, His wife
Fuller, infant, d. 1883, age: ??, d/o Sullivan & Polly Fuller
Fuller, J. Burdette, b. 1832 Union Valley NY, d. 4 Mar 1903, age: 61y1m4d, s/o Polly & Sullivan, 76 Reg NY Infantry
Fuller, John, d. 11 Sep 1843, age: 63yr, Not all the pains that ore I bore shall spoil my future peace, For death and hell can do no more than what my father please.
Fuller, Jonathan Jr, no dates
Fuller, Lucius, d. 1851, age: 16yr, s/o Sullivan & Polly
Fuller, Mary (Esther)(Corning), b. 1844 Pitcher NY, d. 11 Nov 1906, age: 62yr 4mo 26da, w/o R.V., d/o Benjiman & Maria Corning
Fuller, Polly 'Cole', b. 14 July.1802, d. 21 Jul 1855, age: 83yr, His Wife
Fuller, R. V., no dates
Fuller, Richard, d. 1918, age: a few weeks
Fuller, Roselle Valentine, b. 1839, d. 1923 Pitcher NY, age: 84yr, s/o Irving & Hulda Fuller
Fuller, Roy, d. 7 Jan 1968, age: 83yr
Fuller, Sullivan, b. 4 Sep 1801, d. 20 Dec 1892, age: 92yr, s/o John & Elisabeth
Fuller, Sylvia, d. 24 Oct 18??, age: 1y, d/o John & Elizabeth Fuller
Fuller, William R., d. 1845, age: 1yr
Fuller, Wm. Kelly, d. 4 Jan 1865, age: 26yr 2mo 21da, s/o John & Susan Fuller, Co B 76 Reg NY Infantry
Geiselmann, Imogene (Brooks), b. 1902, d. 1976
Gilbert, Brown, d. 20 Dec 1880, age: 66yr
Gilbert, Ellen (Randall), b. 1903, d. Feb 1996, s/o Crarles Randall
Gilbert, F.Boyd, b. 26 May 1926, d. 22 Jul 1926, age: 2m
Gilbert, Frank Brown, b. 1852, d. 1936 Union Valley NY, h/o Mary Randall,s/o Joseph & Martha Gilbert
Gilbert, George R., b. 1902, d. 9 Apr 1997, s/o Frank
Gilbert, J. Reed, b. 1898, d. 1909, age: 10yr
Gilbert, John Y., d. 1849, age: 3yr
Gilbert, John Y., d. 28 Mar 1849, age: 81yr, s/o Joseph & Martha Gilbert
Gilbert, Joseph T., b. 24 Aug 1809, d. 12 Jan 1898
Gilbert, Leslie W., b. 1929, d. 2009, s/o George
Gilbert, Lydia, d. 7 Oct 1863, age: 84yr
Gilbert, Martha (Park), b. 18 Jan 1819, d. 20 May 1910, His Wife
Gilbert, Mary (Randall), b. 1870, d. 1936, His Wife
Gilbert, Mary, d. 15 Feb 1842, age: 24yr 3mo 12da no cries on earth can call again, Thy spirit from his blessed domain.Sleep on sweet Mary all is pain thy spirit ?? Thy friends may weep and sigh in vain. 'Enjoy thy rest
Gilbert, Mary, d. 1990, age: 40yr 2da, At rest, w/o Charles Randall
Gilbet, Polly (Converse), b. 1813 Gilbertville NY, d. 10 Oct 1899, age: 86yr 7mo 27da, w/o Brown Smith Gilbert
Goresline, C., no dates
Goresline, Gabbriel, d. 31 May 1840, age: 49yr
Goresline, Harriett, d. 1905, age: 79yr, w/o William Goresline
Green, Harriett, d. 12 Nov 1905
Green, Leander MD, d. 5 May 1868, age: 51yr
Greene, Ira A., b. 1849, d. 1918 Taylor NY
Greene, Luvantia, b. 1851, d. 1933 Union Valley NY, w/o Ira Green, d/o _Philander & Judith Kingsbury
Gross, Rena, d. 22 Apr 1889, our little Rena, d/o E.H. & L.E. Gross
Halbert, Andrew Brown, d. 23 Dec 1883, age: 76yr, b/o Levi 3
Halbert, Deborah (Smith), d. 4 Mar 1836, age: 54yr, My children dear assemble here Amoters grave to see, Not long age I dwell with you and soon you will dwell with me', Mrs/. Deborah, w/o Levi Halbert
Halbert, Deborah, d. 9 Apr 1852, age: 18yr, d/o Andrew & Mary
Halbert, Elizabeth Bryant, d. 11 Jan 1842, age: 22yr 8mo 23da, d/o Levi & Deborah Halbert
Halbert, Elizabeth, d. 11 Apr 1854, age: 17yr, d/o Andrew & Mary
Halbert, Fayette C., b. Union Valley NY, d. 21 Aug 1849, age: 5yr 6mo
Halbert, Harriett (Parmelee), b. 9 Jan 1813 Cazenovia NY, d. 1893, age: 80yr 9mo 6da, w/o Levi A. Halbert
Halbert, Levi A, d. 2 May 1843, age: 1yr 9mo 1da, s/o Levi & Melissa Halbert
Halbert, Levi Allen, d. 7 Dec 1875, age: 69yr, s/o Levi & Abigail Halbert
Halbert, Levi R., d. 2 Dec 1870, age: 24yr, s/o Andrew & Mary
Halbert, Levi, d. 1852, age: 76yr
Halbert, Mary A. (Shaw Millard), b. 13 Sep 1809 Gilbertsville NY, d. 2 Sep 1878, age: 68yr, w/o Andrew
Halbert, Melissa (Wells), d. 4 May 1844, age: 38yr, 1st w/o Levi A.
Hammond, Fred John, b. 1938, d. 1999, age: 60yr
Harper, Barton, d. 10 Mar 1837, age: 1yr 3mo 16da, s/o Godfrey & Sarah Harper
Harper, Hannah Aldia, d. 17 Jun 1834, age: 6y7m28d, His Sister', d/o Godfrey & Sarah Harper
Hart, Sackett, b. 1851 Deruyter NY, d. 31 Dec 1909, age: 58y9m28d, h/o Sarah Brooks, s/o Charles & Anna Hart
Hart, Sarah (Brooks), d. Nov 1925, age: 73yr, w/o Sacket Haet
Henry, Edward, b. 1863, d. 1915 Taylor NY, age: 52yr, h/o Nelly Randall, s/o Hiram & Julia Vining Henry
Henry, Nelly (Randall), b. 1884, d. 7 Dec 1957, age: 73yr, w/o Edward
Henry, Norman, d. 1911, infant s/o Earl Henry
Hobart, Leamon W., b. 1906, d. 1994, US Army, VFW Metal
Homes, (Holmes) Amanda, b. 1832 Union Valley NY, d. 30 Nov 1890, age: 68yr no marker, UK Lot
Hoyer, Edward, d. 1867, age: 28yr
Jipson, Deborah, d. 1864, age: 62y6m18d, wife of Micah Jipson
Jipson, Elijah, b. 13 Mar 1808 Union Valley NY, d. 20 Dec 1887, age: 36yr
Jipson, Lillian (Fretz), b. 1860, d. 1949, Burgess
Jipson, Mary, d. 12 Apr 1846, age: 74yr, My children dear Asemble here,a mothers grave to see, not long ago I dwell with you,But soon you will dwell with me., wife of Micah Jipson
Jipson, Micah, d. 27 Jun 1837, age: 69yr, Union Valley NY, Afflictipns sore, Long time I bore, Physicians were in vain till God was pleased to give me ease and freed me from my pain, A. Joiner
Jipson, Susan (Gilbert), b. 18 Jul 1808, d. 16 Oct 1889, age: 82yr, His Wife, w/o Elijah
Jipson, Valentine, b. 1848 Union Valley, NY, d. 1926
Kauffman, Elizabeth, d. 1 Jan 1968
Kauffman, Joseph, d. 28 Apr 1951, age: 67yr
Kingsbury, Clarence, d. 26 Feb 1891 Union Valley NY, age: 4mo 12da, s/o Cecily K.Marks & Charles Kingsbury
Kingsbury, Elizabeth (Mark), b. 28 Jul 1877 Union Valley NY, d. 11 May 1923 Union Valley NY, no marker w/o Fred
Kingsbury, Fred, d. 8 Aug 1939, age: 70yr, no marker
Kingsbury, George, b. 1845, d. 1927
Kingsbury, Guy H., b. 8 Jun 1905, d. 20 Nov 1963, age: 58yr, N.Y. Tec 4 Co 52 Armed Inf. BN WW11
Kingsbury, Hortence (Holmes), b. 1849, d. 1941 Lincklaen NY, w/o George Kingsbury
Kingsbury, Judith (Whaley), b. 10 Feb 1816, d. 15 Jan 1904, age: 87yr 11mo 5da, His wife', w/o Philander
Kingsbury, Leon, d. 17 Apr 1957, age: 50yr
Kingsbury, Philander, b. 10 Mar 1814, d. 21 Feb 1888, age: 74yr, inn keeper in Union Valley NY
Kingsbury, Ralph, b. 1898 Taylor NY, d. 12 Jan 1899, age: 1yr 2mo 26da, s/o Charles & Cicely Marks Kingsbury
Lincoln, Sarah (Kingsbury), b. 1836, d. 1926, Mother, w/o Joel Lincoln d/o Phlinder Kingsbury
Lockwood, Thelma (Boardwell), b. 3 Jul 1912, d. 27 Nov 1996
Lyon, Bert, b. 1878, d. 1942 Lincklean NY, age: 64yr, s/o Frank & Cora Walker Lyons, h/o Carolyn
Lyon, Francis E., b. 1898, d. 1953, age: 55yr
Lyon, Frank, b. 1856, d. 1917
Lyon, Grace E. (Trumble), b. 1881, d. 16 May 1950
Lyon, Joseph B., b. 1890, d. 1965, age: 75yr
Lyon, Laura L., b. 1858, d. 1934, His wife, w/o Frank
Lyon, Willie, d. 29 Dec 1922, age: 40yr
Mark, Ralph, d. 7 Jul 1939, age: 34yr
Marks, Bertha (Clark) (Parslow), d. 7 Feb 1928
Marks, Earl, no dates no marker
Marks, Fred, b. 1872 Cuyler NY, d. 11 Jul 1915 Union Valley NY, age: 42yr, s/o Cecil Kingsbury
Marvin, Harold R. (JJ), b. 1982, d. 1986
Monroe, DeLoss, no dates
Monroe, John Banjamin, d. 16 Oct 1913, age: 70yr
Morris, Norman, d. 9 Oct 1991, age: 51yr, Ashes
Parks, Calvin, b. 31 Jul 1843 Pitcher NY, d. Pasadena,Tx
Parks, Caroline M (Fuller), d. 1889, age: 49yr, w/o Calvin Parks
Parks, Cora Belle (Peterson), d. 13 Feb 1939, age: 64yr, w/o Everett
Parks, Everett, b. 1867, d. 1942 Taylor NY, s/o Calvin
Parks, Florabelle, d. 15 Mar 1911, age: 6yr, d/o Everett & Cora
Parks, Leo, b. 1896 Taylor NY, d. 1916 Union Valley NY, age: 20yr, s/o Eveett & Cora
Parks, Nora Elsie, d. 25 Jul 1888, age: 13yr, d/o Calvin
Parks, Pauline R., b. 30 Jan 1903 Taylor NY, d. 25 Dec 1918 Union Valley NY, d/o Everett & Cora
Peterson, Rosetta (Jipson), b. 1853, d. 11 Nov 1941, age: 88yr, w/o Wm., w/o Monte Petterson, d/o Daniel & Ethel Rogers Peterson
Peterson, W. L. 'William', b. 1834 Lincklaen NY, d. 19 Jul 1909, age: 75yr 0mo 1da, s/o Phillip & Minerva Peterson
Pettingill, Bessie (Lyon), d. 14 Sep 1979, age: 84yr
Pettingill, Walter, d. 17 Jan 1970
Pierce, Elizabeth (Daniels) Morris, b. 27 Mar 1934, d. 6 Jul 2002, age: 68yr, ashes
Pierce, Esther, d. 1849, age: 39yr
Podgorniak, Dorothy, d. 24 Oct 1??82, age: 63yr
Presho, Rodney, d. 1843, age: 33yr
Randall, Carrie J., b. 1859, d. 1940
Randall, Charles D., b. 6 Jan 1860, d. 2 Oct 1942, age: 82yr, buried on Brown Gilbert lot
Randall, Mary (Gilbert), d. 19 Oct 1900, age: 40yr 3mo 2da
Randall, Noyce W., b. 1859, d. 1928
Ripley, W. Addison, d. 2 Mar 1857, s/o J.M. Ripley
Rrice, Harriett, d. 1851, age: 27yr
Salerno, Alice, d. 6 Mar 1993, age: 79yr, Fuller Lot
Scrivens, Benjamin, d. 1817, age: 31yr
Scrivens, Harriett, d. 26 Jan 1884, age: 74yr, Wife of Lot Scrivens
Scrivens, Lot, d. 20 Sep 1880, age: 77yr 6mo 11da, Father
Sexton, Daniel, d. 1843, age: 72yr, A kind companion here doth rest, Atender father dear, We hope he's among the blest while we are weeping here C.Whiting Jr., Donated land for this Burial Ground 1834
Sexton, Nancy, d. 1867, age: 82yr, Wife of Daniel Sexton
Sharp, Hannah, d. 1897, age: 84yr
Sharp, Richard, d. 1890, age: 77yr, boot and shoe maker
Short, Thomas, d. 1843, age: 1da
Smith, Luman, b. 1843, d. 1905
Smith, Ruby (Lyon), b. 1820, d. 1896, age: 71yr
Snyder, William, b. 1882, d. 15 Mar 1963, age: 82yr
Stetson, Harriet, b. 1826 DeRuyter NY, d. 12 Nov 1905, age: 79yr 9mo 13da, d/o Wm. Smith
Streeter, Caroline, d. 1843, age: 22yr
Sutiff, William P., d. 27 Oct 1975, age: 24yr, Vietnam war
Suttiff, Evelyn (Wyman), d. 10 Jun 1951
Tracy, Olive, d. 1863, age: 32yr
Tracy, Wm. H, d. 1 Apr 1876, age: 51yr, We miss you at home
Tucker, Charlie J., b. 8 Nov 1863, d. 7 Dec 1887, age: 24yr, h/o Alice Rose Barker
Tucker, Lila E., b. 1888 Cuyler NY, d. 1 Jul 1896, age: 8yr 6mo 15da, though lost to sight to memory dear, d/o Charlie & Alice Tucker
Van Atta, Jacob P., b. 1845, d. 1924 Johnstown NY, Pvt, Co F 21 Reg't Pennsylvania Cav.
Walker, Galusha Lyon), no dates
Walker, Lucy, no dates
Walker, Maude (Fuller), d. 29 Apr 1967, age: 87yr
Walker, William, d. 12 Jul 1965, age: 61yr
Warner, Alonzo Franklin, d. 1846, age: 36yr, h/o Lydia
Warner, Lydia A (Converse), d. 5 Mar 1886, age: 77yr, d/o Calvin&Harriett Converse
Welch, Jane C., b. 1842 Truxton NY, d. 288 May 1888, age: 44yr 4mo 4da, no marker, UK lot, w/o Thomas Welch, d/o Joseph & Mary Marks
Wheelock, Addie M (Fuller), b. 18 Feb 1863, d. 10 Jan 1848, age: 85yr
Wheelock, Clay, d. 3 Mar 1893
Wheelock, Ezra, b. 12 Jul 1858, d. 23 Aug 1926, age: 67yr
Wheelock, Jannatt, d. 29 Jul 1875
Wheelock, Julia, b. 28 Nov 1823, d. 19 May 1896, age: 68yr, His Wife
Wheelock, Melantion, b. 6 Jun 1819, d. 5 Aug 1903, age: 84yr
Wheelock, Noel R., d. 21 Apr 1864, s/o Melantion & Julia, Pvt Co E 22nd Cavary
Wildman, Rebecca, d. 1835, age: 26yr
Wire, Julia (Brooks), b. 1876 Solon Pond NY, d. 2 Aug 1943, age: 67yr
Wire, Marcus D., b. 1869, d. 1 Feb 1941 Taylor NY, age: 71yr, h/o Julia Wire, s/o Elbeert & Phoebe Monroe Wire
Wyman, Emma (Bliss), d. 10 Sep 1995, age: 80yr
Wyman, George, d. 9 Jun 1994, age: 87yr
Wyman, Mary Ellen, b. Lincklean NY, d. 3 Dec 1937, age: 3yr, d/o Geo. & Emma Bliss Wyman

??, Everett, d. 20 Nov 1864, age: 22yr, s/o Sullivan, Co B. 76th Reg NY Infantry, died at Florence Prison, S.C.
Chapman, ??, no dates
Heath, ??, no dates
Stone, ??, no dates

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