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Our Lady of Angels Cemetery
Colonie, Albany County, New York

our lady of angels cemetery
Our Lady of Angels Cemetery

GPS: 42.706009, -73.817724

1389 Central Avenue
Colonie, NY 12205

Date published: November 29, 2011
Total records: 18

Our Lady of Angels Cemetery is owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, and managed by Albany Diocesan Cemeteries.


Our Lady of Angels Cemetery was established in 1877 when Our Lady of Angels Parish bought 19 acres along Central Avenue just east of Colonie. In 1948, the parish bought more land to its present size.

Our Lady of Angels Parish was a German congregation that started in 1867, as an off-shoot from Holy Family Parish. The Parish continued until 2005 when it closed down due to low attendance. The cemetery remains under the care of the Diocese of Albany.

Cemetery Records

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by visitors to Interment.net.

Contributor's Index:

Apple, George, d. 13 Apr 1941, age: 57yr 11mo 16da, h/o Emma, bur. 16 Apr 1941, [RM]
Bauer, Frederick W. Sr., d. 26 Nov 1946, age: 62yr 5mo 4da, h/o Mae Searles, bur. 29 Dec 1946, [RM]
Blayzor, Anna nee Knauf, d. 3 Nov 1918, bur. 6 Nov 1918, [RM]
Bock, Frances nee Gresser, d. 9 Sep 1928, age: 72yr 10mo 10da, w/o Joseph, bur. 11 Sep 1928, [RM]
Day, Anna M., d. 3 Jan 1945, age: 42yr 11mo 0da, w/o Joseph T., bur. 6 Jan 1945, [RM]
Fischer, Marie nee Keilig, d. 8 Jan 1935, age: 82-6-14da, bur. 10 Jan 1935, [RM]
Gepp, Margaret nee Schumm, d. 17 Jul 1927, age: 66yr 5mo 22da, w/o Louis, bur. 21 Jul 1927, [RM]
Hirchburg, Harold Louis, d. 19 Mar 1941, age: 45yr 11mo 25da, h/o Mary Schreiner, bur. 22 Mar 1941, [RM]
Meyers, Emma, d. 31 Jan 1924, age: 56yr 6mo 13da, bur. 3 Feb 1924, [RM]
Miller, Albert F., d. 2 Feb 1944, age: 80yr 2mo 20da, bur. 5 Feb 1944, [RM]
Miller, John Stein, d. 8 Sep 1932, age: 58yr 8mo 19da, h/o Elizabeth, bur. 11 Sep 1932, [RM]
Myers, Henry, d. 19 May 1933, age: 51yr, h/o Katerina, bur. 22 May 1933, [RM]
Paeglow, Philip Frederick, d. 5 Mar 1945, age: 34yr 4mo 17da, h/o Catharine McCoy, bur. 8 Mar 1945, [RM]
Rorick, Frank, d. 30 Sep 1945, age: 61yr, widower, bur. 2 Oct 1945, [RM]
Shultz, Louis W., d. 17 Jun 1935, age: 49yr 11mo 23da, h/o Anna Wertman, bur. 20 Jun 1935, [RM]
Wessell, William H., d. 3 Jun 1941, age: 61yr 9mo 7da, h/o Kitty, bur. 6 Jun 1941, [RM]
Whitmyer, Charles Heinrich, d. 24 Jul 1927, age: 49-0-23da, h/o Katherine, bur. 27 Jul 1927, [RM]
Zell, Frank, d. 15 Apr 1942, age: 69yr, bur. 17 Apr 1942, [RM]

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