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Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Friesburg, Salem County, New Jersey

Lat: 39° 32' 25"N, Lon: 75° 17' 29"W
Alloway Township

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the Emanuel Lutheran Church in Friesburg, New Jersey. 856-451-5669

To reach cemetery drive south onto Aldine Road from Beal Road in Friesburg for .35 mile. Cemetery is on the east or left side of the road.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 82.

Contributor's Index:

h/o = husband of
w/o = wife of
s/o = son of
d/o = daughter of

Acton, Jane, b. 3-25-1836, d. 5-26-1900, w/o Joseph Acton, [KA]
Acton, Joseph, b. 6-14-1829, d. 5-20-1884, h/o Jane Acton, [KA]
Bacon, Elizabeth, d. 9-11-1827, aged 36y, w/o James Bacon, [KA]
Bacon, Jacob, d. 9-11-1823, aged 15y, [KA]
Crispin, Kerwin, R., b. 2-5-1909, d. 6-9-1973, Cpl. Army Air Forces WWII, [KA]
Elwell, George, d. 11-18-1850, aged 33y, h/o Juliann (Remster) Elwell, [KA]
Elwell, Lizzie R., nod ates, d/o Harris & Julia Ann Elwell, [KA]
Elwell, Mary Emma, d. 5-12-1875, aged 28y, [KA]
Ewans, Isaac N., d. 7-12-1862, aged 14y, s/o I. S. E., [KA]
Ewans, Lydia, d. 1858, aged 12y, [KA]
Frazer, Reba Hitchner, b. 12/12/1898, d. 4/11/1987, s/by George & Addie Hitchner, [SG]
Fries, Elizabeth, b. 12-11-1787, d. 9-28-1825, aged 55y 9m 14d, d/o Phillip Esq. & Mary Fries, [KA]
Fries, George, d. 1-17-1844, aged 63y 4m 23d, [KA]
Fries, George, d. 4-30-1814, aged 40y 11m 29d, h/o Mary Fries, [KA]
Fries, Hannah, d. 12-19-1817, aged 21y 10m 15d, [KA]
Fries, Hannah, no dates, unreadable, [KA]
Fries, Hannah, no dates, unreadable, w/o Henry Fries, [KA]
Fries, Henry J., no dates, [KA]
Fries, Henry, d. 12-5-1825, aged 46y 8m 19d, h/o Hannah Fries, [KA]
Fries, Jane C., no dates, [KA]
Fries, Margaret J., no dates, [KA]
Fries, Margaret, d. 10-19-1861, aged 86y, [KA]
Fries, Mary, b. 2-12-1765, d. 1-23-1844, w/o Phillip Fries, Esq., [KA]
Fries, Mary, d. 8-29-1822, aged 44y 2m, w/o George Fries, [KA]
Fries, Phillip Esq, b. ?-?-1777, d. 9-17-1832, h/o Mary Fries, [KA]
Garton, Samuel Sgt., d. 6-21-1864, aged 27y, Co D 10th Reg't N.J Vol., [KA]
Halter, Alfred P., b. 7-6-1831, d. 2-6-1918, h/o Elizabeth Halter, Pvt Co F 5th N.J. Vol. Inf., [KA]
Halter, Ann A., b. 7-15-1839, d. 6-15-1943, w/o Peter S Halter, [KA]
Halter, Arabella K., b. 1908, w/o Frank E Halter, [KA]
Halter, C. Marion, b. 1-5-1910, d. 5-19-1997, [KA]
Halter, Catherine, b. 5-8-1806, d. 10-15-1881, [[KA]
Halter, Christina, d. 5-20-1854, aged 84y 9m 2d, w/o David Halter, [KA]
Halter, David, A., b. 1843, d. 1904, h/o Mary J Halter, Co F 5th Regt. N.J. Vol., [KA]
Halter, David, b. 2-3-1771, d. 11-2-1844, aged 79y, h/o Christina Halter, [KA]
Halter, Eli David, b. 9-25-1931, d. 1-21-1992, h/o Iris Joan Halter, [KA]
Halter, Elizabeth, b. 10-1-1846, d. 10-7-1915, w/o Alfred P Halter, [KA]
Halter, Frank E., b. 1901, d. 1977, h/o Arabella K Halter, [[KA]
Halter, Herbert L., b. 1880, d. 1919, s/o Peter S & Ann A Halter, [KA]
Halter, Iris Joan, b. 11-20-1933, w/o Elia David Halter, [KA]
Halter, Jacob, b. 9-19-1807, d. 11-3-1865, aged 48y 1m 15d, h/o Lydia A Halter, [KA]
Halter, John C., b. 1871, d. 1898, [KA]
Halter, John G., b. 7-23-1845, d. 3-8-1864, Flag indicates Civil War Veteran, [KA]
Halter, Lillian E., b. 8-17-1888, d. 1-17-1893, d/o Peter S & Ann A Halter, [KA]
Halter, Lydia Ann, b. 10-25-1810, d. 3-13-1863, w/o Jacob Halter, [KA]
Halter, Mary J., b. 1837, d. 1918, w/o David A Halter, [KA]
Halter, Peter S., b. 10-25-1841, d. 10-15-1911, h/o Ann A Halter, [KA]
Halter, Peter, b. 7-6-1799, d. 1-7-1879, aged 79y 6m, h/o Phebe Halter, [KA]
Halter, Phebe, b. 4-16-1807, d. 5-18-1843, w/o Peter Halter, [KA]
Hepner, Harriet H., b. 1901, d. 1978, w/o Walter L Hepner, married 6-26-1920, [KA]
Hepner, Walter L., b. 1898, d. 1978, h/o Harriet H Hepner, married 6-26-1920, [KA]
Hitchner, Addie B, b. 3/25/1877, d. 4/18/1952, s/w & w/o George, [SG]
Hitchner, George, b. 3/16/1869, d. 1/29/1950, s/w & h/o Addie, [SG]
Hitchner, George, d. 2-21-1919, aged 89y, h/o Mary Hitchner, [[KA]
Hitchner, John George, b. 4-24-1759, d. 6-13-1823, aged 70y 1m, [[KA]
Hitchner, John, b. 9-20-1793, d. 6-4-1873, [KA]
Hitchner, Mary, d. 6-22-1899, aged 60y, w/o George Hitchner, [KA]
Hitchner, Sarah, b. 7-16-1717, d. 12-9-1860, [KA]
Lippincott, Margaret, d. 12-27-1878, w/o Freedom Lippincott, [KA]
Lippincott, Martha W., b. 2-22-1842, d. 10-1-1869, [KA]
McAllister, Barbara Ann., b. 8-8-1829, d. 4-6-1899, w/o William McAllister, [KA]
McAllister, Freeman, d. 11-23-1871, aged 13y 9m, s/o William & Barbara Ann McAllister, [KA]
McAllister, Mary B., d. 3-2-1876, aged 36y 9m 17d, d/o Thomas & Deborah McAllister, [KA]
McAllister, William, b. 9-4-1833, d. 8-4-1906, h/o Barbara Ann McAllister, [KA]
Mickle, Elizabeth, d. 1-20-1868, aged 65y 2m 13d, w/o Joshua Mickle, [KA]
Mickle, George J., d. 10-9-1884, aged 42y, [KA]
Mickle, Joseph, d. 5-4-1867, aged 67y 4m 25d, h/o Mary S Mickle, [KA]
Mickle, Joshua, b. 1-24-1804, d. 9-15-1884, h/o Elizabeth Mickle, [[KA]
Mickle, Mary S., d. 9-17-1879, aged 77y, w/o Joseph Mickle, [KA]
Miller, Jno, no dates, Co C 24th N.J. Vol., [KA]
Moore, Edward B., b. 1875, d. 1976, h/o Mary A Moore, [KA]
Moore, Mary A., b. 1882, d. 1970, w/o Edward B Moore, [KA]
Nicholson, Jennie F., no dates, [KA]
Nicholson, Jennie, no dates, [KA]
Shimp, Andrew B., d. 12-29-1884, aged 46y, Co C 24th Reg. N.J. Vol., [KA]
Sigars, Charles D., b. 1886, d. 1959, s/o Peter & Sarah V Sigars, [KA]
Sigars, Joseph, b. 1880, d. 1881, s/o Peter & Sarah V Sigars, [KA]
Sigars, Peter, b. 1855, d. 1930, h/o Sarah V Sigars, [KA]
Sigars, Sarah V., b. 1853, d. 1932, w/o Peter Sigars, [KA]
Sink, Ann, b. 1815, d. 1900, Mother/o Mary J Halter, [KA]
Souder, Curtis E., b. 1866, d. 1939, h/o Sarah G Souder, [KA]
Souder, George Jr., b. 6-26-1808, d. 7-19-1828, aged 20y 9m 23d, s/o George & Catherine Souder, [KA]
Souder, Sarah, G., b. 1873, d. 1939, w/o Curtis E Souder, [KA]

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