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Greenwood Cemetery
Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey

1800 Hamilton Ave
Trenton, New Jersey 08619
(609) 587-4993

Lat:40°13'40"N, Lon:074°43'09"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 37.

Contributor's Index:

Abbott, Ralph Milton, b. 5 Jan 1913, d. 10 Sep 1977, WWII veteran, s/o John Schenck Abbott and Louisa (Bessonett) Abbott, [DK]
Alloway, Alida (Emmons), b. 6 Sep 1856 Burlington County, d. 20 Jan 1930, Hamilton Twp, Mercer County, NJ, [DK]
Alloway, Andrew Jackson, b. 11 Feb 1857 Buddtown, Burlington County, NJ, d. 21 Mar 1942, Trenton, NJ, h/o Alida Emmons Alloway, [DK]
Alloway, Ethel, b. 1909, Trenton NJ, d. 1954 in Hamilton Twp, NJ, d/o Raymond and Viola Cowell Alloway, w/o William G. Clark, [DK]
Alloway, Leroy W. Sr, b. 25 Feb 1923, d. 8 May 1985, WWII veteran, h/o Dorothy Pfeiffer Alloway, s/o Raymond Alloway, Sr. and Viola (Cowell) Alloway, [DK]
Alloway, Orville, b. 16 Feb 1932, d. 19 Sep 1998 Las Vegas NV, h/o Joan Marie Hutchinson Alloway, s/o Raymond & Viola Cowell Alloway, [DK]
Alloway, Raymond, b. 1 Feb 1880 Pointville, Burlington County, NJ, d. 24 Jul 1934 in Hamilton Twp, NJ, [DK]
Alloway, Viola (Cowell), b. 1 Feb 1890, d. 31 Aug 1936, w/o Raymond Alloway, [DK]
Alloway, Wesley, b. 26 Dec 1924, d. 19 Nov 1926, c/o Viola & Raymond Alloway, [DK]
Alston, Thomas S, b. 1971, d. 1999, bur. 29 Oct 1999, unmarried, s/o Judith (Loetzer) and stepfather Walter Kowalczyk, [RV]
Clark, William, b. 26 Apr 1907, d. Feb 1975, [DK]
Dillon, John A, b. 1925, d. 1985, h/o Dolores Nanni, Corporal, WWII, Battery D, 8th Antiaircraft Battalion, Veteran, [SS]
Dontenville, Betty Jean, b. Jul 29, 1944, d. Dec 30, 1996, bur. Jan 02, 1997, Stippe, [PC]
Hano, Louis Cohen Sr., b. Apr 26, 1883, d. Dec 01, 1945, h/o Miriam Lederman, [NH]
Hano, Louis, b. Apr 24, 1916, d. Oct 1978, s/o Louis Cohen Hano Sr. and Miriam Letterman, [NH]
Hano, Miriam Lederman, no dates, w/o Louis Cohen Hano Sr, [NH]
Harrison, Ellen, b. 11 Mar 1914, d. 1918, d/o Thomas and Susie (Alloway) Harrison, [DK]
Johnston, Shirley A, b. Jul 22, 1936 Trenton, NJ, d. Feb 15, 1971 Trenton, NJ, [SC]
Koppel, Ural, b. Aug 17, 1921 Nov Vrbas, Hungary, d. Aug 21, 1960, bur. Aug 25, 1960 , [PC]
Krause, Annie Monk, b. 1875, d. 1947, w/o Bernhardt, [DF]
Krause, Bernhardt, b. 1870, d. 1913, b/o Henry Monk, [DF]
Monk Henry, b. 1882, d. 1917, b/o Bernhardt Krause, [DF]
Morris, August, d. 28 Jul 1953, s/o August and Monica Morris, [KB]
Morris, August, d. 30 Apr 1926, s/o Jacob, [KB]
Pone (Paone) Michael Vito Sr, b. 28 Jun 1901, d. 24 Dec 1965, m. 24 Jun 1943, h/o: 2nd Ethel May Langley, 1st Florence Manewitz, s/o Federico and Maria Paone, [SC]
Pone, Ethel May, b. 23 Apr 1900, d. 21 Nov 1981, m. 24 June 1943, w/o Michael V. Pone (Paone) Sr, d/o Alfred and Eleanor Langley. Former w/o Elmer T. Trauger, [SC]
Schilling, Charles W, b. 1898, d. 1963, h/o Jenny Schilling, [CM]
Schilling, Charles W. Jr, b. 1929, d. 1999, h/o Marie Schilling, [CM]
Schilling, Edward E, b. 1934, d. 1996, [CM]
Schilling, Jenny, b. 1905, d. 1977, w/o Charles W. Schilling, [CM]
South, Edward, b. Dec 24, 1881 Morrisville, PA, d. Oct 9, 1952 Trenton, NJ, [CW]
South, Iona Mabel, b. Sep 13, 1876 Portage, OH, d. May 9 1932 Titusville, NJ, Taylor, [CW]
Stewart, John Judson, b. 8 Jun 1862, d. 30 Mar 1927, h/o Mary Louisa Britton, s/o Henry Garrison Stewart and Sarah Chambers, [MD]
Stewart, Mary Louisa, b. 29 Oct 1862, d. 14 Apr 1956, w/o John Judson, d/o Benjamin Britton and Elizabeth Moore, [MD]
Strong, Royal, b. 22 Dec 1922, d. 25 Feb 1989, bur. 28 Feb 1989, WWII veteran, h/o Alice (Alloway) Strong, s/o Jed and Mary (Campbell) Strong, [DK]
Taylor, Sarah E, b. Jan 20, 1845 Gloucester, NJ, d. May 13, 1940 Trenton, NJ, Kirchenbauer, [CW]
Wyatt, Irene, b. 25 Jul 1914, d. 7 Dec 1998, d/o Raymond and Viola (Cowell) Alloway, [DK]


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