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Blauvelt Cemetery (Old Burial Ground of Harrington Park)
Bergen County, New Jersey

12 Tappan Rd
Harrington Park NJ

Lat: 40°59'18"N, Lon: 73°58'25"W

Contributed by Richard Hrazanek, Nov 15, 2002 [rhrazanek@yahoo.com]. Total records = 95.

The cemetery is located on a hill, on the north side of Tappan Road, just west of Arcadia Court. The entrance to the cemetery is just left of the historical marker. There are stairs made of railroad ties that lead you up, to the top of the hill.

Once at the top, you will see the stones with tall trees and bushes between them. This old family cemetery appears to infrequently maintained. There are saplings and thickets that appear to be around two years old popping up every where. Someone had made small hand painted wooden signs for the graves that have become unrecognizable, but unfortunately they to have started to decay. Fortunately, there is very little sign of vandalism.

The cemetery is owned by the Borough of Harrigton Park. The address for the borough is 85 Harriot Ave., Harrington Park, NJ 07640.

This family cemetery contains the names of some of the earlies families that settled in Bergen County, like Blauvelt, Degraw and Demarest. The historic marker in front of the cemetery says that the first burial was in 1722 and that the cemetery contains the graves of veterans of the American Revolution and slaves. A small hand made wooden sign in the cemetery says that the land was once owned by Garret Blauvelt.

An asterisk * appears for the names I found on an old survey done by George Budke in 1916, where I did not find any evidence of the stones when I walked it in October, 2002.

- Richard Hrazanek

Bakeman, Yaun (Jefferson), b. 30 Aug 1801, d. 19 Mar 1839, 37y 6m 19d, w/o Nick Bakeman
Blauvelt, Abraham A., b. 24 Apr 1726, d. 5 Sep 1812, 86y 4m 12d *
Blauvelt, Abraham D., b. 27 Jan 1777, d. 8 Apr 1864, 87y 2m 11d
Blauvelt, Abraham I., d. 13 Feb 1871, 84y 4m 9d
Blauvelt, Alche, d. 28 Mar 1820, 91y 0m 9d, w/o Abraham Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Ann (Moore), d. 29 Oct 1905, 88y 0m 10d, w/o Jacob J. Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Catharine, (Eckerson), d. 13 Dec 1856, 78y 7m 27d, w/o Jacob J. Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Catharine, d. 17 Dec 1854, 70y, w/o Jacob Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Catharine, d. 29 Sep 1844, 54y 0m 10d, w/o John Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Cornelius, d. 21 Sep 1872, 60y 8m 17d
Blauvelt, Cornelius, d. 3 Nov 1843, 28y 5m 22d *
Blauvelt, Daniel D., d. 20 Mar 1873, 78y 6m 2d
Blauvelt, Daniel, d. 23 Feb 1820, 86y 3m 5d
Blauvelt, David D., b. 11 Feb 1768, d. 7 Jan 1849, 80y 10m 27d
Blauvelt, David I., d. 15 Nov 1883, 86y 0m 17d
Blauvelt, Effy (Demarest), b. 13 Sep 1798, d. 9 Jun 1861, 62y 8m 27d, w/o Daniel D. Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Elizabeth (Mercelius), b. 13 Aug 1787, d. 3 Jun 1874, 'This stone erected by her daughter Cornelia', w/o Abraham I. Blauvelt *
Blauvelt, Elizabeth, d. 23 Sep 1810, 20y 10m 23d, d/o Jacob Blauvelt *
Blauvelt, Elizabeth, d. 6 May 1847, 78y, w/o Frederick Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Frederick, d. 22 Nov 1828, about 60y
Blauvelt, Gasye (Demarest), d. 1 May 1824, 79y 4m 13d, widow of James Durie last w/o Abrm. Blauvelt *
Blauvelt, Helen, d. 20 Feb 1834, 6m 11d, d/o Tunis I & Margaret Blauvelt *
Blauvelt, Helen, d. 26 Mar 1880, 80y 3m 17d, w/o David I. Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Helon Maria, d. 6 Jul 1831, 3y 2m 23d, d/o David & Helen Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Irena, d. 20 Apr 1865, 15y 0m 14d, d/o Cornelius & Maria Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Isaac T., b. 31 Mar 1754, d. 21 Dec 1805, 51y 8m 20d *
Blauvelt, Isaac, d. 19 Sep 1830, 2y 1m 6d, s/o Tunis I. & Margaret Blauvelt *
Blauvelt, Jacob I., d. 21 Apr 1855, 71y 4m *
Blauvelt, Jacob I., d. 22 Oct 1846, 66y 2m 8d
Blauvelt, Jacob J., d. 29 Sep 1875, 61y 10 m 21d *
Blauvelt, Jacob, b. 29 Mar 1757, d. ?Nov 1800, 43y 7m 7d *
Blauvelt, Jacob, d. 24 Sep 1815, 0y 4m 12d, s/o Jacob I. Blauvelt *
Blauvelt, John H., d. 7 May 1847, 1y 8m 14d *
Blauvelt, John I., d. 16 Aug 1843, 27y 9m 20d
Blauvelt, John I., d. 7 Feb 1874, 88y 4m 26d *
Blauvelt, John, d. 21 Nov 1842, 85y
Blauvelt, John, d. 22 Jan 1855, 52y 2m 6d
Blauvelt, Margaret (Cooper), b. 17 Jul 1777, d. 26 Jan 1851, 73y 9m 9d, w/o Abraham D. Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Margaret, d. 3 Oct 1842, 48y 5m, w/o Tunis I. Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Maria (Myers), d. 8 Oct 1854, 94y 2m 6d, w/o John I. Blauvelt *
Blauvelt, Maria (Naugle), d. 18 Jan 1849, 86y 3m, w/o Jacob Blauvelt *
Blauvelt, Maria, d. 15 Jun 1888, 75y 1m 4d, w/o Cornelius Blauvelt *
Blauvelt, Maria, d. 25 Apr 1822, 49y 6m 6d, w/o David D. Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Mary Jane, d. 18 Dec 1848, 2y 0m 20d, d/o Cornelius & Maria Blauvelt *
Blauvelt, Rachel (Blanch), d. 5 Jul 1873, 86y 11m 16d, w/o Jacob I. Blauvelt *
Blauvelt, Rachel (Demarest), d. 15 Sep 1835, 78y 5m 4d, w/o Isaac T. Blauvelt
Blauvelt, Rachel, b. 16 Apr 176?, d. 26 Nov 1811, 27y 7m 1d
Blauvelt, Tunis I., d. 5 Mar 1868, 74y 0m 15d
Blauvelt, Willie C., d. 13 Oct 1865, 0y 6m 4d *
Blawvelt, Martintie, d. 28 Apr 1732
Costner, Joseph, d. 2 Nov 1848, 6y 1m 2d, s/o Richard & Maria Costner
Costner, Richard H., d. 8 Apr 1883, 71y 4m 23d
Degrau, John, d. 5 Sep 1846, 84y 2m 8d *
Degrau, Leendert, b. 23 Jun 1793, d. 10 Nov 1794, 1y 4m 18d *
Degrau, Maria (Duryea), d. 26 Feb 1844, w/o John Degrau *
Degraw, Elizabeth, d. 14 Nov 1823, 93y 10m 14d, w/o Leonard Degraw *
Degraw, Leonard, b. 5 Sep 1721, d. 2 Mar 1814, 92y 5m 25d
Degraw, Vroutye (Blauvelt), d. 19 Mar 1846, 77y 4m 3d, w/o William Degraw *
Degraw, William, d. 10 Jul 1852, 86y 2m 14d *
Demarest, Ann Eliza, d. 5 Jan 1848, 1y 7m 16d, d/o Justin & Margaret Demarest
Demarest, Justin Henry, d. 25 Aug 1849, 1y 11m 11d, s/o James & Rachel Demarest
Demarest, Justin, d. 1 Nov 1878, 80y 10m 28d
Demarest, Margaret (Haring), d. 14 Feb 1885, 82y 4m 11d, w/o Justin Demarest
Demarest, Martyntye (Blauvelt), b. 11 Jan 1755, d. 7 Sep 1784, 29y 7m 27d, w/o Garret Demarest *
Demarest, Mary M., d. 10 Aug 1881, 25y 10m, d/o J. & R. Demarest
Demarest, Mary Margaret, d. 12 Jun 1842, 13y 4m 17d, d/o Justin & Margaret Demarest
Demarest, Rachel (Durie), d. 25 Feb 1883, 58y 11m, w/o James Demarest
Demarest, Sarah Matilda, d. 9 Jan 1855, 4y 5m 25d, d/o James & Rachel Demarest *
Ferdon Elizabeth (Degraw), d. 22 Nov 1847, 74y 4m 29d, w/o John W. Ferdon *
Haring, Henry I., d. 13 May 1857, 80y 1m 25d
Haring, Jane (Blauvelt), d. 25 Jun 1863, 85y 4m 17d, w/o Henry I. Haring *
Harris, Sarah Belinda, d. 31 Dec 1860, 11m 6d *
Helm, Margrietje (Blauvelt), d. 17 Jul 1791, 84y 3m, w/o Theunis Helm *
Helm, Theunis, d. 26 Jul 1791, 84y 9m *
Hunger, John, d. 16 Nov 1859, 1y 11m, s/o Julia Hunger *
Jackson, John, d. 21 May 1855, 7y 7m 20d, s/o Anthony & Susan Jackson
Merseles, Jane (Durie), d. 3 Apr 1834, 67y, w/o Peter Merseles
Merseles, Peter, d. 19 Feb 1832, 70y 0m 1d
Merselus, Jacob, d. 14 Mar 1846, 82y *
Merselus, Letty (Blauvelt), b. 4 Aug 1777, d. 10 Apr 1865, 87y 8m 6d, w/o Jacob Merselus *
Myer, Abraham, d. 11 Apr 1780, about 60y
Myer, Cathrena, d. 25 Aug 1817, 83y 11m 16d
Myer, Cathrena, no dates, infant d/o Cathrena Myer *
Myers, Rebecca (Durie), d. 26 May 1854, 81y 6m, w/o John Myers
Naugel, Garret, d. 20 Nov 1818, 50y 0m 24d
Otloh, Francis H., d. 1 Oct 1850, 75y
Perry, Peter, d. 15 Apr 1884, 55y 11m 7d, Husband
Quackenbush, Elizabeth (Myer), d. 24 Mar 1807, 37y 0m 12d, w/o Abrm Quackenbush
Quackenbush, b. 13 ? 1768, d. ? Feb 1854, ?y 10m 14d
Rase, Henry, d. 13 Dec 1863, 81y *
Schwedler, Auguste K., b. 4 Apr 1820, d. 25 Jan 1900, 'Born in Grunhayan, Sachsen'
Smith, Elizabeth (Degrau), d. 31 Mar 1821, 19y 11m 7d, w/o Cornelius J. Smith *
Westervelt, Hanah (Blauvelt), d. 17 Jul 1827, 24y 0m 29d, w/o John Westervelt
Westervelt, Mary Jane, d. 12 Aug 1827, 2m 26d, d/o John & Hanah Blauvelt Westervelt
Woldrum, Isaac, d. 25 Oct 1837, 57y 8m 11d

??, John, no dates or last name *
??, Nan, d. 14 Feb 1851, 43y 10m, 'She served her time with Tunis & Elizabeth Haring', w/o Frank *
B., J. A., d. 7 Jan 1768
B., J., d. 6 Oct 1762 *
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