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Old North Pembroke Cemetery
North Pembroke, Merrimack County, New Hampshire

old north pembroke cemetery
Old North Pembroke Cemetery

GPS: 43.199399, -71.425012

N Pembroke Rd
Pembroke, NH 03275

by Michael Pachomski, [paramk@comcast.net]
Published: May 10, 2004
Total records = 129

From Allenstown, take Route 3 North, then a right onto Route 28 North, near Aubuchon Hardware in Allenstown. Go 4.2 miles on Route 28 North (the road for Bear Brook State Park, Deerfield Road, is 3 miles from Route 3) , then take a left onto North Pembroke Road near the convenient store. The cemetery is 2.2 miles on the right.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the New North Pembroke Cemetery Association and is in excellent condition, with only a couple stones unreadable.

I believe the cemetery is called this in order to distinguish it from the New North Pembroke Cemetery.

Christina King assisted me as we walked and read this cemetery, completing the transcription on Apr 25, 2004. This includes all existing and legible headstones up to this time. Some tombstones hard to read due to age and erosion.

- Michael Pachomski

??, Elsie, no dates
??, Phebe Jane, daught of ....??
Abbot, Alvira, d. 22 Sep 1824, age 1y 4m?, dau of Mr and Mrs Esther Abbot
Abbot, Betsey, d. 15 Sep 1829, age 10y 8m, child of Eben'r & Comfort Abbot, year of death hard to read
Abbot, Emily, d. 14 Sep 1829, age 3y 10m, child of Eben'r & Comfort Abbot, year hard to read
Abbot, Esther, d. 31 Dec 1831, age 34 yrs, wife of Capt. William Abbot
Abbot, John K., d. 5 Sep 1823, age 2y 8m, child of Eben'r & Comfort Abbot, death 1823/1833
Abbot, Lydia, b. 1 Apr 1829, age 77 yrs, wife of Saml Abbot, first name hard to read
Abbot, Pirmilia, d. 19 Aug 1814, age 16 days, child of Eben'r & Comfort Abbot
Abbot, Samuel, d. 11 Mar 1836, age 86 yrs
Abbott, Dorcas, d. 9 Nov 1853, age 85y 8m, wife of William Abbott
Abbott, Mary, d. 20 Aug 1845, age 45 yrs, wife of Jona. Robinson
Abbott, William, d. 22 Jul 1838, age 72 yrs
Ames, Daniel J., d. 20 Sep 1829, age 11 months, son of Mr Daniel & Mrs Mary Ames
Ames, Daniel, d. 1 Apr 1835, age 45 yrs
Ames, John S., d. 16 Sep 1829, age 3y 4m, son of Mr Daniel & Mrs Mary Ames
Ames, Mary, d. 23 Nov 1816, age 34 yrs, daughter of Spofford and Mary Ames
Ames, Mary, d. 31 Jan 1851, age 55 yrs, wife of Daniel Ames
Ames, Mary, d. 6 Jul 1832, age 72y 7m, wife of Spafford Ames
Ames, Sally P., d. 22 Mar 1863, age 62y 8m 17d, wife of Samuel Ames
Ames, Samuel, d. 20 Aug 18?1, age 45 yrs, death year hard to read
Ames, Sarah, d. 6 Dec 1888, age 90y 11m
Ames, Spofford, d. 14 Sep 1835, age 83y 6m
Bailey, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 20 Apr 1843, age 1y 9m, dau't of Charles and Sarah Bailey
Baker, Joseph, d. 15 Feb 1869, age 77 yrs
Baker, Susan, d. 8 Apr 1881, age 89 or 39 yrs, wife of Joseph Baner (or Baker)
Brown, Jennie, d. 2 Jul 1878, age 12y 8m, Dau of Alonzo & Annie Brown
Cochran, Betsy, d. 22 Mar 1823, age 4 yrs, Daughter of Moses and Jane Cochran
Cochran, Caroline Eliza, d. 6 Sep 1831, Daught of James Jr & Mary June Cochran
Cochran, James, d. 31 Jul 1819, age 51 yrs
Cochran, Jane, d. 21 Sep 1837, wife of Moses Cochran
Cochran, Lettics, d. 1 Aug 1838, age 71 yrs, wife of James Cochran
Cochran, Sally, d. 23 Jun 1833, age 28 yrs, "Sacred...To the memory of Departed worth. Here sleeps the remains of Mrs. Sally Wife of Chauncey Cochran. Who was inhumanly murdered on the 23 day of June 1833, in the 28 year of her age.", wife of Chauncey Cochran
Cochran, Samuel III, d. 28 Sep 1818, age 29 yrs
Cofran, Frank P., d. 25 Sep 1853, age 8y 3m, child of James Cofran
Cofran, Jacob E., d. 12 Sep 1853, age 12y 6m, child of James Cofran
Cofran, James, d. 19 Apr 1864, age 60y 3m
Cofran, Lucinda P., d. 16 Aug 1853, age 3y 10m, child of James Cofran
Cofran, Mary J., d. 11 Dec 1887, age 76y 10m, "Gone to her loved one in the bright beyond.", wife of James Cofran
Cofran, William D., d. 19 Nov 1847, age 15y 5m, middle initial D or O
Dow, David J., d. 15 Jun 1842, age 26 yrs
Dunton, Lucy, d. 15 Oct 1838, age 48 yrs, wife of Jona. Robinson
Elliott, Strene, d. 17 Feb 1844, age 21y 10m, daughter of Ebenezer and Comfort Abbot, wife of Hosea Elliot
Fife, Esther, d. 30 Oct 1824, age 58y 8m
Fife, Hermon, d. 29 Dec 1845, age 45y 7m, son of Robert & Esther Fife
Fife, James M., d. 16 Mar 1826, age 58 yrs
Fife, Jane, d. 7 Dec 1851, age 48y 2m, wife of Philip Fife
Fife, Jeremiah, b. 15 Dec 1778, d. 17 Feb 1850
Fife, Jeremiah, b. 17 Feb 1809, d. 20 Nov 1849
Fife, Lucretia, d. 2 Aug 1840, age 74 yrs, wife of James M. Fife
Fife, Nathan H., b. 15 Oct 1807, d. 19 Dec 1839
Fife, Robert, d. 9 Jun 1854, age 87y 7m
Fife, Ruhamah, b. 6 May 1826, d. 21 May 1854
Fife, Thomas, d. 27 Apr 1845, age 40y 4m
Fowler, Abigail, d. 31 Jan 1887, age 93y 11m 6d, wife of Thomas Sargent
Fowler, Alice O., d. 3 Feb 1847, age 14 yrs, Daught of John L. & Lavinia Fowler
Fowler, Benjamin, b. 10 Jun 1769, d. 24 Jul 1832, age 61y 11m
Fowler, Benjamin, d. 5 Mar 1877, age 76y 11m
Fowler, Clarrissa, b. 21 Feb 1815, d. 16 May 1815, age 3 months, daut of Benj. & Mehitable Fowler
Fowler, David, b. 5 Apr 1807, d. 9 May 1807, age 1m 4d, son of Benj. & Mehitable Fowler
Fowler, Hannah, d. 29 Jan 1879, age 70y 15d, wife of Benjamin Fowler
Fowler, Henry P., d. 30 Sep 1829, age 10m 19d, son of Benjamin and Hannah Fowler
Fowler, Henry, d. 19 Mar 1842, age 11y 6m, son of Benjamin and Hannah Fowler
Fowler, James, d. 22 Nov 1828, age 2 months, son of John L. & Lavina Fowler
Fowler, John L., d. 27 Mar 1871, age 69y 7m 26d
Fowler, Lavinia Abbot, d. 25 Oct 1880, age 73y 6m 13d, wife of John L. Fowler
Fowler, Mary K., b. 12 Jul 1838, d. 28 Dec 1898, wife of Wm Wainright
Fowler, Mehitable Ladd, b. 9 Mar 1776, d. 9 Sep 1853, wife of Benjamin Fowler
Fowler, Mehitable, b. 27 May 1798, d. 28 Nov 1890
Fowler, Polly, b. 7 Jul 1805, d. 28 Jul 1805, age 21 days, headstone says 21y, but actual age appears to be 21 days, daut of Benj. & Mehitable Fowler
Haggett, Belinda H., d. 15 Aug 1855, age 21y 10m, child of Benjamin & Thirza Haggett
Haggett, Benjamin, d. 19 Jun 1880, age 75y 1m 10d
Haggett, Lorenzo D., d. 29 Nov 1862, age 20 yrs, child of Benjamin & Thirza Haggett
Haggett, Thirsia, d. 10 Dec 1891, age 86y 8m 25d, wife of Benjamin Haggett
Holt, Abigail, b. 29 Feb 1769, d. 24 Dec 1878, dates hard to read
Holt, Betsey, d. 30 Aug 1876, age 79y 10m, wife of Jesse Holt
Holt, Carolyn, d. 4 Oct 1828, daught of Nathan & Clarissa Holt
Holt, Jesse, d. 30 Apr 1843, age 45y 10m
Holt, Nathan, d. 11 Apr 1841, age 79y 4m
Holt, Sarah, d. 3 Mar 1865, age 80 yrs, wife of William Holt
Holt, Sarah, d. 9 Apr 1854, age 92 yrs, wife of Nathan Holt
Holt, Stephen, d. 11 May 1856, age 82y 11m
Holt, William, d. 26 May 1843, age 66 yrs
Hutchinson, Jon., d. 17 Jan 1843, age 72 yrs
Hutchinson, Jon., d. 8 May 1831, age 85 yrs
Hutchinson, Mehitable, d. 2 Mar 1835, age 90 yrs
Jenness, Abner L., d. 28 Aug 1854, age 4 yrs, son of G. & P.L. Jenness
Kelley, John, d. 1 Jan 1817, age 57y 5m
Kelley, Rachel, d. 28 Dec 1854, age 86y 6m, "Blessed are the dead That die in the Lord"
Kelly, William, d. 9 Mar 1827, age 2y 7m, Son of Mr Samuel & Mrs Miriam Kelly
Ladd, Jerusha, d. 11 Oct 1841, age 88 yrs, wife of John Ladd
Ladd, John, d. 8 Jun 1835, age 81 yrs
Ladd, Lydia, d. 8 Apr 1819, wife of Trueworthy Ladd
Libbey, Charles, d. 11 Aug 1836, age 3y 10m, son of Nathan & Savallia Libbey
Libbey, Hermon O., d. 19 Mar 1857, age 22 yrs, son of Nathan and Savallia Libbey
Martin, Abigail, d. 21 Jul 1816, age 55 yrs, consort to Mr Robert Martin
Martin, Mary, d. 21 Jul 1816, age 5 yrs, daughter of William and Polly Martin
Martin, Naomi, d. 15 Oct 1827, age 24 yrs
Martin, Robert Jr., d. 6 Feb 1827, age 28 yrs
Martin, Robert, d. 24 Dec 1839, age 84 yrs
Martin,, d. Sep 1853
McCutcheon, Hannah, d. 28 Nov 1841, age 44y 5m
McCutcheon, Rev. James, d. 2 Sep 1855, age 63y 11m 11d
Parker, Alonzo B., d. 16 Sep 1831, age 3y 8m, son of Asa & Ruth Parker
Parker, Bailey, d. 24 Sep 1865, age 75 yrs
Parker, Dorcas, d. 14 Sep 1852, age 61 yrs, wife of John Parker
Parker, Emily, d. 12 Aug 1904, age 75y 2m 20d
Parker, Esther M., d. 3 Sep 1829, age 2y 2m, Dau. of Mr. John & Mrs. Dorcas Parker
Parker, Esther, d. 29 Jun 1824, age 37 yrs, wife of John Parker
Parker, Joanna B., d. 5 Sep 1829, age 7y 9m, Dau. of Mr. John & Mrs. Esther Parker
Parker, Joanna, d. 29 Jan 1851, age 93y 5m 21d, wife of John Parker
Parker, John, d. 11 Nov 1829, age 76 yrs
Parker, John, d. 9 Jun 1862, age 79y 20d
Parker, Joseph E., d. 27 Aug 1855, age 24y 9m 20d
Parker, Mercy G., d. 1 Feb 1898, age 73 or 75 yrs, wife of Bailey Parker
Parker, Ruth, d. 2 Sep 1853, age 55 yrs, wife of Bailey Parker
Phelps, Hannah, d. 27 Dec 1817, age 53 yrs, wife of Mr Joshua Phelps
Phelps, Joshua, d. 12 Mar 1807, age 46 yrs
Phelps, Sophia, d. 27 Oct 1813, age 13 yrs, Daug. of Mr Joshua & Mrs Hannah Phelps
Pingrey, Deborah, d. 24 Mar 1852, age 64y 10m
Prescott, William H., d. 16 Nov 1844, age 22y 6m, son of Enos & Hannah Prescott
Robinson, Jonathan, d. 19 Sep 1853
Robinson, So??, d. 16 ?? 1826, age 17 yrs?, information hard to read
Sargent, Thomas L., d. 3 Aug 1851
Sargent, Thomas, d. 15 Mar 1847, age 67 yrs
Schlette, Diana Ellen, b. 5 Apr 1968, d. 26 Oct 1979
Shattuck, Obed, d. ?? Aug 1816
Stevens, Phebe, d. 6 Sep 1851, age 48 yrs, wife of John Kelley
Viken, Harold, b. 23 Feb 1920, d. 10 Jan 1977, Sgt US Army World War II (W.V.)
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