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St. Joseph's Cemetery - Burial Records
Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire

GPS: 42.915295, -72.271832

Main St & Greenwood Ave
Keene, NH 03431

Date published: November 20, 2017
Total records: 1,754

Surnames A-L

Records published here were acquired from the City of Keene on November 20, 2017.

Note: This is not a complete listing of burials, there are far more than those listed here. This is however, all the records we were able to obtain from the City of Keene...

ABBOTT, Fred, death: FEB-24-1963, burial: FEB-27-1963
ABBOTT, John, death: JUL-21-1995, burial: JUL-25-1995
ABBOTT, Marion, death: JUL-11-1996, burial: JUL-15-1996
ABBOTT, Regina, death: MAR-09-1979
ACTION, Minnie, death: OCT-11-2002, burial: OCT-16-2002
ACTION, Peter, death: AUG-27-1952, burial: AUG-29-1952
ADAMS, Bernadette, death: JUL-24-2003, burial: AUG-07-2003
ADAMS, Charles, death: AUG-02-1958, burial: AUG-05-1959
ADAMS, Conrad, burial: FEB-12-1982
ADAMS, Constance, death: AUG-25-1986
ADAMS, Mary, burial: OCT-14-1974
ADASA, Edward, death: MAY-21-1981
AGOSTA, Claire, death: OCT-26-1975
AGOSTA, Pasquale, death: JUL-25-1981, burial: JUL-28-1981
AHEARN, William, death: MAR-25-1973
AHERN, Eugene, death: AUG-07-1956, burial: AUG-10-1956
AHERN, Helen, death: NOV-17-1991, burial: NOV-19-1991
AHERN, Mary, death: SEP-07-1970, burial: MAR-11-1970
AHERN, MIchael, death: AUG-17-1969
AHERNN, John, death: JUL-17-1943, burial: JUL-21-1943
ALDEN, Charles, death: MAR-20-1986
ALDRICH, Eleanor, death: MAR-11-1980, burial: MAR-13-1980
ALDRICH, F Niles, death: JUL-14-1986, burial: JUL-17-1986
ALDRICH, Francis, death: AUG-25-1985, burial: AUG-28-1985
ALDRICH, Katherine, death: APR-26-1999, burial: APR-30-1999
ALDRICH, Margaret, death: JUL-19-1960, burial: JUL-23-1960
ALEXANDER JR, Carl, death: FEB-19-1974, burial: FEB-21-1974
ALLAIN, Marie, death: DEC-10-1988, burial: DEC-13-1988
ALLEN, Maud, death: MAR-08-1942, burial: MAR-11-1942
ALLEN, Norine, death: JUL-27-2007, burial: AUG-02-2007
ALONZO, Frances, death: AUG-30-1969, burial: SEP-02-1969
ALONZO, Joseph, death: DEC-14-1954, burial: DEC-11-1954
ALTHER, Mary, death: MAY-23-2005, burial: MAY-26-2005
ANDRUS, Ashley, death: AUG-04-2010, burial: AUG-09-2010
ARLING, Margaret, death: FEB-19-1981, burial: FEB-21-1981
ARNOLDY, Matthew, death: JUN-16-1995, burial: JUN-20-1995
ARSENAULT, Angeline, death: MAR-20-1989
ARSENAULT, Armand, death: OCT-19-1983, burial: OCT-22-1983
ARSENAULT, Christine, death: JUL-19-1988, burial: JUL-21-1988
ARSENAULT, Lucien, death: JUL-18-1988, burial: JUL-20-1988
ARSENAULT, Lucinda, death: MAR-12-1951, burial: MAR-15-1951
ARSENAULT, Mary, death: JUL-12-1984, burial: JUL-14-1984
ARSENAULT, Simone, death: APR-15-1981, burial: APR-20-1981
ARSENAULT, Ulysse, death: JUN-12-1978, burial: JUN-15-1978
ARSENEAULT, Ernest, death: JUN-02-1989, burial: JUN-06-1989
ARSENEAULT, Roger, death: JUN-15-1996, burial: JUN-20-1996
ASH, Rosella, death: NOV-27-1943, burial: NOV-29-1943
AUBIN, Alvina, death: SEP-30-1952, burial: OCT-02-1952
AUBIN, Ernestine, death: FEB-07-1993, burial: FEB-09-1993
AUBIN, Joseph, death: JAN-10-1961, burial: JAN-12-1961
AUBIN, Rosanna, death: DEC-07-1955, burial: DEC-10-1955
AUBIN, Samuel, death: APR-24-1976, burial: APR-27-1976
AUBIN, Theresa, death: FEB-10-1994, burial: FEB-14-1994
AUBIN, Wilbred, death: OCT-17-1975, burial: OCT-20-1975
AUCOIN, Albina, death: AUG-21-1964, burial: AUG-26-1964
AUGER, Alfred, death: JAN-13-1959, burial: JAN-16-1959
AUGER, Armeline, death: MAR-22-1945, burial: MAR-26-1945
AUGER, Bertha, death: NOV-27-1986, burial: NOV-29-1986
AUGER, Edmund, death: APR-09-1959, burial: APR-09-1959
AUGER, Edmund, death: DEC-11-1965, burial: DEC-14-1965
AUGER, Leda, death: FEB-07-1957, burial: FEB-09-1957
AUGER, Nellie, death: JUL-06-1977, burial: JUL-08-1977
AUGER, Rose, death: JAN-25-1992, burial: JAN-28-1992
AUGER, Thomas, death: DEC-02-1968, burial: DEC-05-1968
AUSTIN, Jane, death: APR-05-1952, burial: APR-07-1952
AUSTIN, Julia, death: DEC-01-1966, burial: DEC-05-1966
AUSTIN, Mary, death: FEB-02-1965, burial: FEB-05-1965
AUSTIN, Robert, death: MAR-11-1951, burial: MAR-12-1951
AVELINE, Alice, death: OCT-28-1970, burial: NOV-04-1970
AVELINE, Edward, death: JUN-30-1964, burial: JUL-03-1964
AVELINE, Joseph, death: AUG-27-1938, burial: AUG-27-1938
AVELINE, Leo, death: AUG-11-2002, burial: AUG-14-2002
AVERY, Arthur, death: SEP-19-1946, burial: SEP-21-1946
AVERY, Edith, death: OCT-01-1994, burial: OCT-03-1994
AVERY, Ralph, death: DEC-19-1966, burial: DEC-22-1966
BARRETT, James, death: DEC-11-2010, burial: DEC-17-2010
BEAUREGARD, Clarence, death: NOV-19-2010, burial: NOV-23-2010
BEDAW, Ernest, death: MAY-01-2010, burial: MAY-05-2010
BENJAMIN, Matthew, death: APR-11-2010, burial: APR-15-2010
BENT, Marion, death: JUL-01-2010, burial: JUL-08-2010
BERGERON, Adeline, burial: NOV-11-1960
BERGERON, Donna, death: MAR-03-2010, burial: MAR-06-2010
BERGERON, Lillian, death: DEC-14-1982, burial: DEC-16-1982
BIAMPS, Mary, death: MAY-27-1940
BLAKE SR, Harley, death: FEB-04-2010, burial: FEB-10-2010
BOILLGHAM, Dexter, death: OCT-23-1948, burial: OCT-25-1948
BONIN, Robert, death: MAY-27-2010, burial: JUN-02-2010
BRIGGS, Alvira, death: DEC-29-1991, burial: JAN-03-1992
BRIGGS, Clifford, death: FEB-08-1965, burial: FEB-11-1965
BRIGGS, Francis, death: DEC-13-1990, burial: DEC-18-1990
BRIGGS, George, death: NOV-29-1986, burial: DEC-01-1986
BRIGGS, William, death: JUL-17-1974, burial: JUL-19-1974
BRILLON, Auguste, death: FEB-18-1941, burial: FEB-21-1941
BRISEBOIS, Ovide, death: MAY-08-1942, burial: MAY-12-1942
BRISSETTE, Albert, death: NOV-03-1982, burial: NOV-08-1980
BRISSETTE, Felix, death: APR-02-1963, burial: APR-05-1963
BRISSETTE, Florence, death: OCT-16-1968, burial: OCT-19-1968
BRITTON, Allison, death: FEB-03-1959, burial: FEB-07-1959
BRITTON, Henry, death: NOV-22-1958, burial: NOV-26-1958
BROCHU, Arlene, death: SEP-25-2010, burial: OCT-01-2010
BROCHU, Laurent, death: JAN-05-1998, burial: JAN-08-1998
BROOKS, Burnett, death: FEB-24-1983, burial: MAR-26-1983
BROOKS, Evelyn, death: FEB-07-2006, burial: FEB-09-2006
BROOKS, Willian, death: FEB-22-2001, burial: FEB-27-2001
BROOKS, Yvonne, death: JUL-07-1993, burial: JUL-10-1993
BROSNAHAN, Daniel, death: AUG-14-1986, burial: AUG-16-1986
BROSNAHAN, John, death: OCT-29-1949, burial: NOV-02-1949
BROSNAHAN, Katherine, death: OCT-17-2004, burial: OCT-21-2004
BROSNAHAN, Margaret, death: APR-17-1951, burial: APR-21-1951
BROSNAHAN, Margaret, death: MAR-07-1999, burial: MAR-10-1999
BROSSEAU, Adrian, death: APR-30-1980, burial: MAY-05-1980
BROSSEAU, Shirley, death: OCT-07-2000, burial: OCT-12-2000
BROWN, baby boy, death: MAR-20-1947, burial: MAR-22-1947
BROWN, David, death: MAR-13-2001, burial: MAR-19-2001
BROWN, Franklin, death: JAN-29-1997, burial: FEB-01-1997
BROWN, Gerald, death: MAR-21-1990, burial: MAR-24-1990
BROWN, Marian, death: MAY-15-1991, burial: MAY-18-1991
BROWN, Marion, death: APR-12-2001, burial: APR-16-2001
BROWN, Patricia, death: OCT-25-1941, burial: OCT-25-1941
BRUCE, Clara, death: SEP-14-1965, burial: SEP-14-1965
BRUCE, Irene, death: JAN-28-1979, burial: JAN-30-1979
BRUCE, Joseph, death: DEC-10-1993, burial: DEC-14-1993
BRUCE, Leon, death: OCT-07-1973, burial: OCT-06-1973
BRUCE, Louise, death: OCT-11-1965, burial: OCT-13-1965
BRUCE, Timothy, death: JUN-11-1953, burial: JUN-13-1953
BRUNS, Elizabeth, death: SEP-15-1965, burial: SEP-17-1965
BRUNS, John, death: JUL-02-1968, burial: JUL-05-1968
BRYANT, Margaret, death: JAN-30-1991, burial: FEB-02-1991
BUCKMAN, Florence, death: AUG-28-1995, burial: SEP-01-1995
BUDD, Catherine, death: AUG-19-1987, burial: AUG-22-1987
BUFFUM, Harold, death: FEB-13-1994
BUFFUM, Stephen, death: FEB-25-2007, burial: MAR-05-2007
BUNSZEL SR, Robert, death: APR-14-1994, burial: APR-18-1994
BURKE, Joan, death: MAR-06-1994
BURKHARDT, infant, death: SEP-10-1942, burial: SEP-11-1942
BURNETT, William, death: MAY-05-1942
BURNHAM, Catherine, death: DEC-15-1950
BURNHAM, Frances, death: JUN-06-1981, burial: JUN-09-1981
BURNHAM JR, Charles, death: DEC-28-1972, burial: JAN-02-1972
BURNS, Ellen, death: MAR-20-1942
BURNS, James, death: NOV-21-2013, burial: JUL-05-1966
BURNS, Joanna, death: NOV-18-1946, burial: NOV-20-1946
BURNS, Katherine, death: FEB-16-1955, burial: FEB-19-1955
BURNS, Michael, death: MAR-31-1942, burial: APR-02-1942
BURPEE, Cecilia, death: JAN-28-1968, burial: JAN-31-1968
BURRONE, Phyllis, death: FEB-23-2002, burial: FEB-26-2002
BUSEBOIS, Florida, burial: OCT-15-1952
BUSHEY, Clara, death: AUG-24-2001, burial: AUG-27-2001
BUSHEY, Cora, death: AUG-05-1957, burial: AUG-07-1957
BUSHEY, Edward, death: MAR-09-1947
BUSHEY, Emma, death: NOV-23-1955, burial: NOV-25-1955
BUSHEY, Fred, death: MAR-25-1953, burial: MAR-28-1953
BUSHEY, infant, death: APR-21-1942, burial: APR-22-1942
BUSHEY, Lucy, death: JUN-07-1981, burial: JUN-10-1981
BUSHEY, Paul, death: SEP-21-1967, burial: SEP-25-1967
BUSHEY, Richard, death: SEP-25-1948, burial: SEP-28-1948
BUSHEY, Ruth, death: JAN-24-1984, burial: JAN-24-1984
BUSHEY, William, death: MAR-29-1938
BUSHWAY, Edward, death: APR-17-1980, burial: APR-19-1980
BUSHWAY, Mary, death: OCT-27-1996, burial: OCT-29-1996
BUSKEY, Adolphus, death: JAN-15-1983, burial: JAN-18-1983
BUSKEY, Joseph, death: MAR-09-1958, burial: MAR-12-1958
BUSKEY, Laura, death: MAY-09-1985, burial: MAY-11-1985
BUSKEY, Lydia, death: NOV-10-1966, burial: NOV-14-1966
BUSSIERES, Louise, death: FEB-26-1997, burial: FEB-28-1997
BUSSIERES, Samuel, death: JAN-02-1998, burial: JAN-05-1968
BUTLER, Ethel, death: JUL-19-1983, burial: JUL-21-1983
BUTLER, John, death: OCT-31-1961, burial: NOV-03-1961
BUTLER, Louis, death: FEB-19-1943, burial: FEB-01-1943
BUTLER, Winfred, death: NOV-17-1942, burial: NOV-20-1942
BUTTERFIELD, Daisy, death: SEP-05-1963, burial: SEP-06-1963
BUTTERFIELD, Katherine, death: APR-18-1973, burial: APR-23-1973
BUTTERFIELD, Michael, death: MAR-17-1966, burial: MAR-13-1966
BUTTERFIELD, Patricia, death: NOV-24-1956, burial: NOV-28-1956
BUTTERICK, Ledora, death: FEB-02-1981, burial: FEB-06-1981
CABRAL, Alice, death: MAY-26-1947, burial: MAY-28-1947
CADMUS, Sidney, death: SEP-27-1962, burial: OCT-01-1962
CADRETTE, Delia, death: JAN-16-1961, burial: JAN-19-1961
CAHALANE, Ellen, death: OCT-25-1960, burial: OCT-25-1960
CAHALANE, Mary, death: FEB-15-1967, burial: FEB-17-1967
CAHALANE, Michael, death: MAR-20-1963, burial: MAR-23-1963
CAHILL, Mary, death: MAY-19-1944, burial: MAY-22-1944
CAHILL, William, death: DEC-30-1943, burial: JAN-03-1944
CALDARELLI, Antonio, death: FEB-03-1992, burial: FEB-05-1992
CALDARELLI, Carmella, death: FEB-24-1984, burial: FEB-27-1984
CALDARELLI, Elena, death: JUL-17-1991, burial: JUL-20-1991
CALDWELL, Elmer, death: OCT-25-1990, burial: OCT-27-1990
CALDWELL, Nillie, death: JUN-05-2010, burial: JUN-08-2010
CALKINS SR, Guy, death: JAN-27-2024, burial: MAY-25-1993
CALLAHAN, Katherine, death: DEC-05-1948, burial: DEC-09-1948
CALLAHAN, Loretta, death: NOV-16-1964, burial: NOV-20-1964
CALLAHAN, Robert, death: MAR-15-2006, burial: MAR-21-2006
CAMPAGNA, Rudolphe, death: JAN-05-1968, burial: JAN-09-1968
CAMPBELL, Charlotte, death: SEP-12-1998, burial: SEP-14-1998
CAMPBELL, Louis, death: FEB-01-1960, burial: FEB-03-1960
CAMPBELL, Louise, death: JAN-28-1989, burial: JAN-31-1989
CAMPBELL, Paul, death: AUG-27-2008, burial: AUG-30-2008
CAMPBELL, Rose, death: FEB-18-1995
CAMPBELL, Thomas, death: JUL-05-1949, burial: JUL-08-1949
CANDELLO, Antonio, death: AUG-11-1998, burial: AUG-14-1998
CANDELLO, Domenica, death: AUG-15-1943, burial: AUG-18-1943
CANDELLO, Franl, death: APR-24-1966, burial: APR-27-1966
CANDELLO, Nellie, death: JUL-18-1941, burial: JUL-21-1941
CANDELLO, Peter, death: NOV-05-1973, burial: NOV-07-1973
CANDELLO, Robert, death: JAN-16-2005, burial: JAN-19-2005
CANDELLO, Rose, death: SEP-04-1979, burial: SEP-07-1979
CANNON, Louise, death: JAN-31-1986, burial: FEB-03-1986
CANNON, Margaret, death: SEP-28-1950, burial: OCT-03-1950
CANTLIN, -, death: FEB-21-1953, burial: FEB-24-1953
CANTLIN, Agnes, death: AUG-06-1995, burial: AUG-10-1995
CANTLIN, Baby Girl, death: JUL-25-1946, burial: JUL-29-1946
CANTLIN, Bruce, death: JAN-09-1954, burial: JAN-12-1954
CANTLIN, Earl, death: FEB-05-1973, burial: FEB-08-1973
CANTLIN, Emma, death: JAN-22-1945, burial: JAN-26-1945
CANTLIN, Jennie, death: JUL-11-1971, burial: JUL-14-1971
CANTLIN, Mark, death: AUG-03-2001, burial: AUG-07-2001
CANTLIN, Michael, death: JUN-04-1952, burial: JUN-07-1952
CAOUETTE, Diane, death: OCT-14-1992, burial: OCT-17-1992
CARBONE, Joshua, death: AUG-18-2004, burial: AUG-23-2004
CARBONE, Karen, death: JUN-28-2004, burial: JUL-02-2004
CARBONE, William, death: APR-20-1992, burial: APR-23-1992
CARBONE JR, William, death: MAR-05-1950, burial: MAR-08-1950
CARBONNEAU, Alex, death: JAN-22-1965, burial: JAN-26-1965
CARIGNAN, Doris, death: MAR-10-2010, burial: MAR-15-2010
CARROLL, Thomas, death: SEP-11-2005, burial: SEP-15-2005
CASHION, Mary, death: MAR-15-1986, burial: MAR-18-1986
CASTLE JR, Charles, death: MAR-08-1973, burial: MAR-10-1973
CASTOR, Joyce, death: OCT-27-2004, burial: NOV-01-2004
CASTOR, Paul, death: JUL-25-1988, burial: JUL-28-1988
CASTOR, Richard, death: OCT-24-1959, burial: OCT-25-1959
CAVANAUGH, Paul, death: JAN-02-2002, burial: JUL-05-2002
CAZEAULT, Joseph, death: MAR-29-1991, burial: APR-01-1991
CAZEAULT, Lauretta, death: APR-28-1984, burial: MAY-01-1984
CHABOT, Albert, death: AUG-11-1952, burial: AUG-13-1952
CHABOT, Arthemise, death: AUG-30-1958
CHABOT, Gladys, death: NOV-14-2004, burial: NOV-17-2004
CHABOT, Marion, death: MAY-09-2008, burial: MAY-12-2008
CHABOT, Pauline, death: DEC-23-1991, burial: DEC-27-1991
CHABOT, Severina, death: FEB-11-1967, burial: FEB-15-1967
CHABOT, Sylvia, death: APR-17-1999
CHABOT, William, death: JUL-23-1959
CHABOTT, Bertha, death: FEB-05-1995, burial: FEB-08-1995
CHABOTT, Calixo, death: SEP-15-1961, burial: SEP-19-1961
CHABOTT, Eli, death: AUG-12-1948, burial: AUG-16-1948
CHABOTT, Joseph, death: JAN-17-1974, burial: JAN-18-1974
CHABOTT, Leona, death: FEB-13-2003, burial: FEB-18-2003
CHABOTT, Mary, death: MAR-04-2006, burial: MAR-09-2006
CHABOTT JR, Eli, death: OCT-13-1977, burial: OCT-15-1977
CHAKOUR, Adele, death: SEP-10-1980, burial: SEP-13-1980
CHAMBERLAIN, infant boy, death: DEC-15-1950, burial: DEC-20-1950
CHAMBERLAIN, Susan, death: APR-16-1986, burial: APR-19-1986
CHAMBERLAIN, Walter, death: SEP-28-1994, burial: SEP-30-1994
CHAMPAGE, Emily, death: APR-27-1953, burial: APR-29-1953
CHAMPAGE, Henry, death: SEP-07-1970, burial: SEP-10-1970
CHAMPAGNE, Agnes, death: APR-21-1985, burial: APR-23-1985
CHAMPAGNE, Alivirne, death: JUL-22-1942, burial: JUL-25-1942
CHAMPAGNE, E Leroy, death: SEP-09-1954, burial: SEP-11-1954
CHAMPAGNE, Elaine, death: MAR-13-1987, burial: MAR-16-1987
CHAMPAGNE, George, death: JUL-27-1962, burial: JUL-31-1962
CHAMPAGNE, Ira, death: JUL-13-1975, burial: JUL-16-1975
CHAMPAGNE, Isaac, death: JUL-06-1965, burial: JUL-09-1965
CHAMPAGNE, Jennie, death: MAR-29-1980, burial: APR-02-1980
CHAMPAGNE, John, death: AUG-09-1990, burial: AUG-13-1990
CHAMPAGNE, Lavinia, death: NOV-13-1951, burial: NOV-16-1951
CHAMPAGNE, Lillian, death: FEB-08-1977, burial: FEB-11-1977
CHAMPAGNE, Seymour, death: DEC-24-1943
CHAMPAGNE SR, Robert, death: AUG-21-1969, burial: AUG-25-1969
CHAMPNEY, Henry, death: SEP-27-1965, burial: SEP-27-1965
CHAMPNEY, Joseph, death: FEB-07-1947, burial: FEB-10-1947
CHAPIN, Elizabeth, death: DEC-03-1960, burial: DEC-06-1960
CHAPUT, Anne, death: NOV-01-1957
CHAPUT, Lenotine, death: APR-13-2007, burial: APR-19-2007
CHAPUT, Oscar, death: JAN-11-1985, burial: JAN-14-1985
CHAPUT JR, Girard, death: NOV-19-1952, burial: NOV-17-1952
CHARBONEAU, Catherine, death: JUL-21-1989, burial: JUL-25-1989
CHARBONEAU, Stanley, death: MAR-09-1980, burial: MAR-12-1980
CHARLAND, Frederick, death: SEP-04-1984, burial: SEP-06-1984
CHARLAND, Helen, death: JAN-13-1970, burial: JAN-16-1970
CHEEVER, Celina, death: MAR-26-1967, burial: MAR-29-1967
CHEEVER, Francis, death: DEC-07-2001, burial: DEC-11-2001
CHOUINARD, Lucille, death: FEB-03-2010, burial: FEB-09-2010
COTE, Scott, death: JUL-29-2010, burial: AUG-04-2010
CROTEAU, Patricia, death: MAR-28-2010, burial: MAR-31-2010
CROTEAU, Raymond, death: MAY-07-2010, burial: MAY-12-2010
CUNNINGHAM, Mary E, death: JAN-06-1949, burial: JAN-07-1949
DONOVAN, Robert, death: AUG-28-2010, burial: AUG-31-2010
EADIE, baby boy, burial: JUN-15-1971
EVANS, Michael, death: FEB-17-1999, burial: FEB-19-1999
EVANS, William, death: APR-07-1983, burial: APR-09-1983
EVANS, William, death: DEC-15-1994, burial: DEC-20-1994
EVERARD, Bernadette, death: MAR-26-1943, burial: MAR-28-1943
EVERARD, Henry, death: DEC-14-1941, burial: DEC-16-1941
EVERARD JR, Ludger, death: SEP-22-1964, burial: SEP-25-1964
EVERETT, Eva, death: FEB-16-1988, burial: FEB-29-1988
EVERETT, Harold, death: OCT-09-1955, burial: OCT-12-1955
EZROW, Julia, death: AUG-27-1994, burial: AUG-31-1994
EZROW, Peter, death: FEB-05-1977, burial: FEB-08-1977
FADDEN, Edward, death: JUL-22-1998, burial: JUL-25-1998
FAFORD, Gerald, death: MAY-14-1991, burial: MAY-18-1991
FAGNANT, Louis, death: NOV-12-1993, burial: NOV-16-1993
FAIR JR, Lawrence, death: AUG-22-1948, burial: AUG-23-1948
FAIRFIELD, Beattrice, death: JUL-11-2002, burial: JUL-13-2002
FAIRFIELD, David, death: JAN-06-1957, burial: JAN-09-1957
FAIRFIELD, Romeo, death: MAY-12-1989, burial: MAY-15-1989
FARINA, Evelyn, death: APR-17-1985, burial: APR-20-1985
FARINA, Gino, death: OCT-08-1982
FARKAS, Marilyn, death: NOV-26-1996, burial: NOV-30-1996
FARNHAM, James, death: NOV-20-1964
FARNSWODH, James, death: DEC-25-1987
FARNSWORTH, Edna, death: AUG-17-1984, burial: AUG-19-1984
FARRON, Frank, death: NOV-18-1946, burial: NOV-20-1946
FAUBERT, Beatrice, death: NOV-12-1974, burial: NOV-15-1974
FAUBERT, Delima, death: JUN-22-1974, burial: JUN-27-1974
FAUBERT, Hortense, death: APR-20-1962, burial: APR-25-1962
FAUBERT, Robert, death: JUN-16-1988, burial: JUN-18-1988
FAUBERT, Rosariio, death: MAY-22-1945, burial: MAY-25-1945
FAUBERT, Rouville, death: FEB-29-1964, burial: MAR-04-1964
FAULKNER, Vickie, death: APR-05-2007, burial: MAY-05-2007
FAUST, Hattie, death: OCT-11-1956
FAUTEUX JR, Albert, death: OCT-28-1952, burial: OCT-29-1952
FAY, Doris, death: FEB-11-1980, burial: FEB-13-1980
FAY, Harry, death: JAN-27-1987, burial: FEB-05-1987
FECTO, Annette, death: DEC-16-2000, burial: DEC-19-2000
FECTO, Edward, death: OCT-31-1994, burial: NOV-04-1994
FEDORA, Henry, death: FEB-12-1939
FEE, Robert, death: DEC-25-1987, burial: DEC-29-1987
FELCH, Annie, death: SEP-18-1943, burial: SEP-22-1943
FELCH, Ethel, death: MAY-11-1986, burial: MAY-14-1986
FELCH 3RD, John, death: NOV-25-1981, burial: NOV-28-1981
FIELD, Winfred, death: JAN-30-1970, burial: FEB-04-1970
FILES, LeForest, death: JAN-14-1960, burial: JAN-16-1960
FINAN, Andrew, death: JAN-09-1943, burial: JAN-12-1943
FINAN, Hannah, death: NOV-07-1941, burial: NOV-10-1941
FINAN, Letitia, death: AUG-16-1961, burial: AUG-21-1961
FINAN, Thomas, death: NOV-09-1947, burial: NOV-13-1947
FINNIE, Catherine, death: JUL-26-1949, burial: JUL-29-1949
FINNIE, George, death: OCT-15-1981
FINNIE JR, George, death: JUN-23-1953, burial: JUN-24-1953
FIRZGERALD, John, death: MAY-19-1942, burial: MAY-21-1942
FIRZGERALD, Nora, death: APR-02-1954, burial: APR-05-1954
FISH, Anna, death: JUL-29-1981, burial: AUG-01-1986
FISH, Arthur, death: OCT-06-1977, burial: OCT-06-1977
FISH, baby girl, death: JAN-04-1957, burial: JUN-07-1957
FISH, Catherine, death: MAY-17-1965, burial: MAY-22-1965
FISH, Conrad, death: JUN-10-1981, burial: JUN-13-1981
FISH, David, death: MAR-10-1967, burial: MAR-13-1967
FISH, Dorothy, death: JUL-25-1999, burial: JUL-29-1999
FISH, Edward, death: SEP-14-1998, burial: SEP-17-1998
FISH, Ernest, death: DEC-16-1976, burial: DEC-18-1976
FISH, Eva, death: MAR-12-1948, burial: MAR-15-1948
FISH, Florence, death: JUN-17-1973, burial: JUN-20-1973
FISH, Girard, death: OCT-24-1946
FISH, Lawrence, death: MAY-08-1992, burial: MAY-11-1992
FISH, Lelia, death: MAR-26-1969, burial: MAR-29-1969
FISH, Leonard, death: DEC-21-1999, burial: DEC-24-1999
FISH, O'Neil, death: JAN-13-1948, burial: JAN-16-1948
FISH, Robert, death: MAY-07-1998, burial: MAY-11-1998
FISH, Russel, death: MAR-19-1982, burial: MAR-22-1982
FISH, William, death: FEB-05-1995
FISHER, Helen, death: DEC-17-1984, burial: DEC-19-1964
FISHER, James, death: JAN-25-1955, burial: JAN-29-1955
FISHER, Mary, death: JUN-25-1943, burial: JUN-26-1943
FISHER, Peter, death: MAY-06-1962, burial: MAY-08-1962
FITCH, Nellie, death: APR-14-1957, burial: APR-17-1957
FITZGERALD, Catherine, death: SEP-21-1953, burial: SEP-24-1953
FITZGERALD, Dora, death: SEP-20-1976, burial: SEP-22-1976
FITZGERALD, Doris, death: SEP-12-1962
FITZGERALD, John, death: SEP-18-1972, burial: SEP-21-1972
FITZGERALD, Laura, death: OCT-05-1967, burial: OCT-07-1967
FITZGERALD, Mary, death: JUL-06-1991, burial: JUL-09-1991
FITZGERALD, Paul, death: FEB-05-1986, burial: FEB-07-1986
FITZGERALD, William, death: APR-14-1953, burial: APR-18-1953
FLANAGAN, Jessie, death: JUN-17-1988, burial: JUN-21-1988
FLANDERS, Ronald, death: SEP-19-2007, burial: SEP-22-2007
FLEMING, Alice, death: OCT-17-1946, burial: OCT-21-1946
FLEMING, Eleanor, death: OCT-07-2003, burial: OCT-10-2003
FLEMING, William, death: AUG-24-1994, burial: AUG-27-1994
FLETCHER, Alfred, death: SEP-13-1938, burial: SEP-15-1938
FLETCHER, baby girl, death: DEC-16-1950, burial: DEC-18-1950
FLETCHER, Rebecca, death: AUG-24-2001, burial: AUG-28-2001
FLETCHER, Richard, death: MAR-02-1993, burial: MAR-05-1993
FLETCHER, Sarah, death: DEC-05-1956, burial: DEC-08-1956
FLETCHER JR, Richard, death: FEB-10-1963, burial: FEB-13-1963
FLETCHER SR, James, death: MAR-10-1965, burial: MAR-13-1965
FLIBOTTE, Emma, death: AUG-28-1949, burial: AUG-29-1949
FLIBOTTE, Joseph, death: MAY-27-2012, burial: JUN-12-1941
GOSSELIN, Roseanna, death: AUG-12-1981, burial: AUG-15-1981
GOULD, Mary, death: MAR-14-1957, burial: MAR-16-1957
GOURLEY, Aurore, death: JUL-31-1985, burial: AUG-02-1975
GOURLEY, James, death: JUL-22-1946, burial: JUL-25-1946
GOURLEY, Lawrence, death: OCT-25-1983, burial: OCT-25-1983
GOVANGELLI, Edward, death: FEB-16-1988, burial: FEB-19-1988
GROVER, Shirley, death: SEP-15-2010, burial: SEP-20-2010
GUILBEAULT, Eileen, death: OCT-16-2010, burial: OCT-21-2010
GUILBEAULT, Ernest, death: APR-19-2010, burial: APR-23-2010
HANRAHAN, Anna, death: OCT-10-1972, burial: OCT-13-1972
HANRAHAN, James, death: SEP-25-1965, burial: SEP-28-1965
HANRAHAN, John, death: APR-24-1957, burial: APR-27-1957
HANRAHAN, Kathryn, death: FEB-16-1948, burial: FEB-18-1948
HANRAHAN, Margaret, death: JAN-24-1998, burial: JAN-28-1998
HANRAHAN, Margaret, death: JUL-04-1977
HANRAHAN, Martin, death: FEB-21-1967, burial: FEB-24-1967
HANRAHAN, Mary, death: MAY-14-1975, burial: MAY-17-1975
HARDING, Margaret, death: NOV-13-1963, burial: NOV-16-1963
HARKINS, Jennie, death: FEB-12-1956, burial: FEB-15-1956
HARKINS, John, death: NOV-08-1944, burial: NOV-11-1944
HARLOW, Frank, death: NOV-25-1945, burial: NOV-27-1945
HARLOW, Nora, death: JAN-07-1971, burial: JAN-09-1971
HARLOW, Susie, death: DEC-23-1972, burial: DEC-27-1972
HARMON, Adeline, death: MAR-30-1945, burial: APR-02-1945
HARMON, Adeline, death: MAR-30-1945, burial: APR-02-1945
HARMON, Marie, death: DEC-08-1978, burial: DEC-11-1978
HARPER, Angeline, death: JUL-07-2004, burial: JUL-10-2004
HARPER, Brian, death: AUG-28-1942, burial: AUG-29-1942
HARPER, Clifford, death: NOV-26-1997, burial: DEC-01-1997
HARPER, Daniel, death: FEB-28-1948, burial: MAR-02-1948
HARPER, Donald, death: FEB-25-1988, burial: FEB-29-1988
HARPER, Elizabeth, death: NOV-04-1999, burial: NOV-08-1999
HARPER, Felicia, death: APR-18-1975, burial: APR-22-1975
HARPER, Helen, death: SEP-29-1962, burial: OCT-01-1962
HARPER, Irene, death: MAR-02-1981, burial: MAR-05-1981
HARPER, Joseph, death: MAR-14-1950, burial: MAR-16-1950
HARPER, Leon, death: FEB-05-1965, burial: FEB-08-1965
HARPER, Louis, death: DEC-09-1968, burial: DEC-10-1968
HARPER, Louis, death: AUG-18-1959
HARPER, Maria, death: JUN-07-2004, burial: JUN-10-2004
HARPER, Rosanna, death: JUN-20-1962, burial: JUN-22-1962
HARRINGTON, John, death: MAY-26-1969
HARRINGTON, Margaret, death: APR-16-1965, burial: APR-20-1965
HARRINGTON, Mildred, death: MAR-02-2005, burial: MAY-27-2005
HARRINGTON, Patrick, death: APR-09-1966, burial: APR-12-1966
HARRISON, Christine, death: JUL-10-1989, burial: JUL-14-1989
HART, Laurence, death: MAY-11-1979, burial: MAY-14-1979
HARTH, James, death: DEC-28-1977, burial: DEC-31-1977
HARTLING, Helen, death: SEP-09-2001, burial: SEP-15-2001
HARTNETT, Alice, death: MAR-17-1987, burial: MAR-19-1987
HARTNETT, James, death: MAR-24-1962, burial: MAR-30-1962
HARTWELL, Anson, death: NOV-25-1985, burial: NOV-27-1985
HARTWELL, Katherine, death: MAR-06-1991, burial: MAR-09-1991
HARTWELL, Margaret, death: JUL-16-1979, burial: JUL-18-1979
HARTY, Margaret, death: JUN-30-1945, burial: JUL-03-1945
HARTY, Michael, death: JUL-16-1946, burial: JUL-22-1946
HARVEY, Lydia, death: APR-12-2000, burial: APR-16-2000
HATT, Arthur, death: FEB-07-1985, burial: FEB-11-1985
HAUCK, Esther, death: JUL-03-1970, burial: JUL-06-1970
HAUCK, John, death: AUG-04-1976, burial: AUG-08-1976
HAWES, Gloria, death: JUN-06-1970, burial: JUN-09-1970
HAWLEY, Jessie, death: FEB-06-1949, burial: JUN-18-1949
HAWLEY, Theodore, death: SEP-03-1939
HAYES, John, death: DEC-31-1970, burial: JAN-05-1971
HAYES, John, death: AUG-07-1982
HAYES, Margaret, death: JUL-14-1984, burial: JUL-18-1984
HAYES, Marie, death: DEC-31-1981, burial: JAN-04-1982
HAYES, Mary, death: FEB-08-1964, burial: FEB-11-1964
HAYES, William, death: NOV-19-1946, burial: NOV-21-1946
HAYES, William, death: SEP-11-1992, burial: SEP-14-1992
HENCHEY, Michael, death: NOV-02-2010, burial: NOV-06-2010
HERRICK, Wallace, death: MAY-17-2010, burial: MAY-24-2010
HOLMES, Eleanor, death: JUN-10-2003, burial: JUN-13-2003
HOLMES, G Harold, death: APR-07-1971, burial: APR-09-1971
HOLMES, Gerald, death: OCT-18-2003, burial: OCT-21-2003
HOLMES, Lydia, death: MAY-14-1978
HOLMES SR, Sheldon, death: FEB-14-2007, burial: FEB-21-2007
HOLT, Lena, death: APR-12-1950, burial: APR-15-1950
HOPE, Benjamin, death: JAN-11-1958
HOPE, George, death: APR-15-1945, burial: APR-14-1945
HOPE, Joseph, death: FEB-06-1945, burial: FEB-10-1945
HOPE, Juliet, death: SEP-27-2009, burial: OCT-01-2009
HOPE, Malvina, death: JAN-20-1943
HOPE, Peter, death: NOV-15-1946, burial: NOV-18-1946
HOPE SR, John, death: MAY-01-1985, burial: MAY-05-1985
HORNER, Mary, death: JAN-05-1993, burial: JAN-08-1993
HORNICHAK, Florence, death: JUL-08-1979, burial: JUL-10-1979
HORNICHAK, Joseph, death: AUG-06-2003, burial: AUG-11-2003
HORTON, Christine, death: MAY-17-2000, burial: MAY-20-2000
HORTON, Pearl, death: NOV-27-1971, burial: NOV-30-1971
HORTON, Richard, death: FEB-24-1980, burial: FEB-27-1980
HOUCK, Catherine, death: MAY-10-1978, burial: MAY-10-1978
HOUGHTON, Ruth, death: FEB-26-1982, burial: JUN-30-1982
HOULE, Alma, death: SEP-15-1972, burial: SEP-18-1972
HOULE, Clement, death: OCT-29-1980, burial: NOV-01-1980
HOULE, Doris, death: AUG-16-1948, burial: AUG-17-1948
HOULE, Phyllis, death: APR-25-2009, burial: APR-29-2009
HOULE, Reginald, death: MAR-29-2005, burial: APR-02-2005
HOULE, Richard, death: AUG-04-1956, burial: AUG-06-1956
HOULE, Rita, death: JUL-21-2007, burial: JUL-27-2007
HOWARD, Elizabeth, death: MAR-12-1955, burial: MAR-21-1955
HOWARD, Mabel, death: DEC-06-1985, burial: DEC-09-1985
HURT, Dorothy, death: MAR-09-2010, burial: MAR-13-2010
IDE SR, Malcom, death: SEP-26-1974, burial: SEP-30-1974
INGALLS, Annie, death: SEP-20-1955, burial: SEP-24-1955
IRWIN, Arthur, death: SEP-01-1956, burial: SEP-04-1956
IRWIN, Edward, death: FEB-10-1946, burial: FEB-12-1946
IRWIN, Katherine, death: JUL-05-1972, burial: JUL-08-1972
ISROE, Artemus, death: DEC-02-1954, burial: DEC-06-1954
IVERS, Michael, death: JUN-12-1943, burial: JUN-14-1943
JACOB, Armand, death: SEP-23-1948, burial: SEP-27-1948
JACOB, Bernadete, burial: MAR-20-2006
JACOB, Gertrude, death: JUN-06-1982, burial: JUN-10-1982
JACOB, Henri, death: MAY-21-1989, burial: MAY-24-1989
JACOB, Joseph, death: DEC-20-1951, burial: DEC-24-1951
JACOB, Olivia, death: FEB-05-1954, burial: FEB-08-1954
JACOB, Welley, death: MAY-31-1971, burial: JUN-02-1971
JARVIS, Clement, death: JAN-24-1986, burial: JAN-27-1986
JARVIS, Connor, death: APR-14-2004, burial: APR-15-2001
JARVIS, Lester, death: MAY-23-1984, burial: MAY-25-1984
JARVIS, Mabel, death: JUN-07-1977, burial: JUN-11-1977
JARVIS, Mark, death: MAR-22-1955, burial: MAR-22-1955
JARVIS, Mary, death: FEB-15-1942, burial: FEB-17-1942
JARVIS, Mary, death: JUN-11-1942, burial: JUN-15-1942
JARVIS, Noel, death: JAN-28-1982, burial: JAN-30-1982
JARVIS, Ora, death: FEB-24-1983, burial: FEB-26-1983
JARVIS, Paul, death: FEB-27-1951, burial: MAR-01-1951
JEAN, Kenneth, death: FEB-28-1944, burial: FEB-29-1944
JEANNOTTE, James, death: OCT-11-1993, burial: OCT-13-1993
JENKINS, Helen, death: DEC-30-1991, burial: JAN-06-1992
JESSEMAN, Rita, death: FEB-21-1972, burial: FEB-24-1972
JEWETT, Jeannette, death: SEP-27-2004, burial: OCT-02-2004
JEWETT, Larry, death: SEP-26-2007, burial: OCT-01-2007
JOBIN, Alma, death: JAN-09-1986, burial: JAN-11-1986
JOBIN, Gerard, death: OCT-23-2004, burial: OCT-27-2004
JOBIN, Joseph, death: FEB-21-1993, burial: FEB-23-1993
JOBIN, Katherine, death: AUG-18-2006, burial: AUG-23-2006
JOBIN, Leo, death: JAN-15-1998, burial: JAN-17-1998
JOBIN, Madeline, death: JAN-09-2010, burial: JAN-14-2010
JOBIN, Vera, death: APR-30-2004, burial: MAY-04-2004
JOHNSON, Harold, death: FEB-24-2009, burial: MAR-02-2009
JOHNSON, Irene, death: JUL-04-1968, burial: JUL-06-1968
JOHNSON, Linda, death: FEB-04-1991, burial: FEB-07-1991
JOHNSON, Mary, death: DEC-27-2000, burial: DEC-29-2000
JOHNSON, Mary, death: MAY-11-1940, burial: MAY-14-1940
JOHNSON, Pauline, death: FEB-19-1985, burial: FEB-21-1985
JOHNSTON, Albert, death: JUN-23-1988
JOHNSTON, Anna, death: AUG-27-1960, burial: AUG-03-1960
JOHNSTON, George, death: OCT-13-1972, burial: OCT-20-1972
JOHNSTON, Macy, death: OCT-08-1956, burial: OCT-11-1958
JOLLEY, Adeline, death: AUG-02-1988, burial: AUG-10-1988
JOLLEY, Francis, death: APR-12-1963, burial: APR-17-1963
JOLLEY, James, death: JUN-12-1955, burial: JUN-15-1955
JOLLEY, John, death: FEB-11-1951, burial: FEB-14-1951
JOLLEY, Leander, death: FEB-24-1943, burial: FEB-28-1943
JOLLEY, Pamela, death: APR-12-1979, burial: APR-16-1979
JONAITIS, Annie, death: MAR-05-1983, burial: MAR-08-1983
JONAITIS, Elizabeth, death: JAN-11-1947, burial: JAN-14-1947
JORDAN, Anne, death: APR-19-1956, burial: APR-23-1956
JORDAN, Mary, death: FEB-09-1961, burial: FEB-11-1961
JORDAN, Mary, death: OCT-29-2001, burial: NOV-01-2001
JORDAN, William, death: AUG-12-1944, burial: AUG-15-1944
JOUOBERT, Edmond, death: JUN-08-1942, burial: JUN-10-1942
JOYAL, Achille, death: NOV-30-1995, burial: DEC-02-1995
JOYAL, Adrian, death: JAN-23-1966, burial: JAN-25-1966
JOYAL, Albert, death: OCT-18-1963, burial: OCT-27-1963
JOYAL, Arcade, death: MAY-13-1975, burial: MAY-16-1975
JOYAL, Celinda, death: JUN-14-1978, burial: JUN-17-1978
JOYAL, Elphema, death: MAY-14-1973, burial: MAY-17-1973
JOYAL, Emile, death: OCT-16-1964, burial: OCT-19-1964
JOYAL, Emile, death: OCT-17-1977, burial: OCT-20-1977
JOYAL, Frances, death: MAR-09-1964, burial: MAR-11-1964
JOYAL, Hattie, death: SEP-30-1942, burial: OCT-03-1942
JOYAL, Hector, death: JAN-18-1962, burial: JAN-20-1962
JOYAL, Irene, death: FEB-07-1997, burial: FEB-11-1997
JOYAL, Lawrence, death: FEB-18-1979, burial: FEB-22-1979
JOYAL, Mary, death: JUL-27-1979, burial: JUL-31-1979
JOYAL, Norman, death: MAR-01-1982, burial: MAR-04-1982
JOYAL, Robert, death: APR-12-1945, Germany, burial: JAN-12-1949
JOYAL, Victorine, death: JUN-22-1944, burial: JUN-26-1944
JOYAL, Wlifred, death: APR-30-1963, burial: MAY-04-1963
JUNIPER, Jeanne, death: MAR-04-1980, burial: MAR-07-1980
JUTRAS, Albert, death: JAN-27-1976, burial: JAN-29-1976
JUTRAS, Armand, death: MAR-11-1975, burial: MAR-15-1979
JUTRAS, Flora, death: OCT-31-1979, burial: NOV-02-1979
JUTRAS, Lucille, death: SEP-15-1982, burial: SEP-18-1982
KALB, Elizabeth, death: NOV-22-1988, burial: NOV-26-1988
KALB, Theodore, death: FEB-07-1998, burial: FEB-10-1998
KANDRUIT, Walter, death: OCT-23-1941, burial: OCT-25-1941
KANDRUIT, Walter, death: OCT-23-1941
KANE, Patrick, death: JUL-06-1947, burial: JUL-09-1947
KARNACEWICZ, Matthew, death: OCT-07-1965, burial: OCT-09-1965
KARSIS, Nellie, death: JUL-28-1938, burial: JUL-28-1938
KARSIS, William, death: MAY-24-1956, burial: MAY-26-1956
KEANE, Annie, death: AUG-08-1947, burial: AUG-11-1947
KEANE, James, death: OCT-18-1974, burial: OCT-21-1974
KEANE, John, death: DEC-28-1943, burial: DEC-29-1943
KEANE, John, death: SEP-13-1991, burial: SEP-16-1991
KEANE, Madeline, death: JAN-03-2007, burial: JAN-08-2007
KEARNEY, Arthur, death: SEP-04-1999, burial: SEP-07-1999
KEARNEY, Dorissa, death: FEB-26-1991, burial: FEB-28-1991
KEARNEY, Katherine, death: OCT-15-1994, burial: OCT-19-1994
KEATING, Dennis, death: JAN-22-1956, burial: JAN-26-1956
KEATING, Edna, death: APR-19-1963, burial: APR-22-1963
KEATING, Edward, death: FEB-24-1956, burial: FEB-27-1956
KEATING, Elizabeth, death: JAN-28-1978, burial: JAN-31-1978
KEATING, Jennie, death: AUG-06-2019, burial: AUG-09-1973
KEATING, Jeremiah, death: JUN-02-1971, burial: JUN-04-1971
KEATING, John, death: APR-20-1951, burial: APR-24-1951
KEATING, Julia, death: SEP-08-2005, burial: SEP-12-2005
KEATING, Kevin, death: AUG-14-1985, burial: AUG-20-1985
KEATING, Leona, death: DEC-16-1984, burial: DEC-19-1984
KEATING, Mary, death: OCT-29-1949, burial: OCT-29-1949
KEATING, William, death: JUN-21-1994, burial: JUN-23-1994
KEDDIE, Josephine, death: FEB-10-1953, burial: FEB-14-1953
KEDDIE, Thomas, death: DEC-07-1957, burial: DEC-10-1957
KEELY, Elizabeth, death: APR-03-1970, burial: APR-06-1970
KEITH, Margaret, death: AUG-03-1997, burial: AUG-05-1997
KELLEHER, Mary, death: FEB-04-1943, burial: FEB-08-1943
KELLER, Luane, death: AUG-18-1969, burial: AUG-28-1969
KENDROTUS, Jacob, death: MAY-01-1952, burial: MAY-03-1952
KENFIELD, Marjorie, death: JAN-11-1981
KENNEDY, baby boy, death: MAR-27-1948, burial: MAR-29-1948
KENNEDY, Catherine, death: SEP-14-1951, burial: SEP-19-1951
KENNEDY, David, death: NOV-20-1947, burial: NOV-22-1947
KENNEDY, James, death: FEB-03-1949
KENNEDY, Kenneth, death: OCT-13-1979
KENNEDY, Mary, death: JUN-12-1967, burial: JUN-15-1967
KENNEDY, Mary, death: NOV-26-1956, burial: NOV-29-1956
KENNEDY, Patricia, death: DEC-25-1999, burial: DEC-28-1999
KENYON, Maria, death: JUN-06-1996, burial: JUN-10-1996
KEPPLE, Agnes, death: SEP-25-1976, burial: SEP-28-1976
KEPPLE, Ellen, death: SEP-09-1980, burial: SEP-12-1980
KEPPLE, Irene, death: MAR-29-1957
KEPPLE, Lucy, death: MAY-20-1968, burial: MAY-22-1968
KEPPLE, Mary, death: JAN-01-1952, burial: JAN-03-1952
KEPPLE, Michael, death: APR-13-1974, burial: APR-16-1974
KEPPLE, Richard, death: DEC-16-1972, burial: DEC-18-1972
KEPPLE, Ruth, death: NOV-10-1967, burial: NOV-13-1967
KEPPLE, Thomas, death: DEC-21-1967, burial: DEC-13-1967
KERCEWICH, Judy, death: APR-02-1958, burial: APR-02-1958
KERNOZICKY, Julia, death: MAY-17-1966, burial: MAY-20-1966
KERSEVICH, Albinis, death: FEB-23-1970, burial: FEB-26-1970
KERSEVICH, Frank, death: FEB-19-1993
KERSEVICH, Simon, death: DEC-19-1943, burial: DEC-22-1943
KERSHAW, Helen, death: JAN-21-2002, burial: JAN-26-2002
KERSHAW, Joseph, death: JUN-12-1980, burial: JUN-14-1980
KEYES, Catherine, death: AUG-01-1987, burial: AUG-01-1987
KEYES, Richard, death: DEC-07-1950, burial: SEP-29-1966
KIDNEY, Maurice, death: MAY-06-1950, burial: MAY-10-1950
KILROY, James, death: OCT-08-1987, burial: OCT-12-1987
KILROY, Marion, death: DEC-10-1997, burial: DEC-15-1997
KILROY, Mary, death: JUL-21-1991, burial: JUL-24-1991
KILROY, Michael, death: APR-23-1954, burial: APR-19-1954
KIMBALL, Gertrude, death: DEC-21-1968, burial: DEC-27-1968
KING, John, death: MAR-23-1961, burial: MAR-24-1961
KISER, Alain, death: MAR-09-1973, burial: MAR-10-1973
KISKIONIS, Benedicta, death: APR-03-1963, burial: APR-06-1963
KNIGHT, Anna, death: FEB-13-1989, burial: FEB-17-1989
KNOWLES, Katherine, death: JUL-30-1976, burial: JUL-31-1976
KOCH, Richard, death: DEC-28-1989, burial: DEC-30-1989
KOLODZIEJ, Stanley, death: JUL-22-1978, burial: JUL-28-1978
KONDRAT, George, death: JUL-09-1962, burial: JUL-12-1962
KOSKI, Jeanette, death: MAY-19-1978, burial: MAY-22-1978
KOSKI, John, death: NOV-12-1978, burial: NOV-16-1978
KOSKI, Katherine, death: DEC-02-1984, burial: DEC-04-1985
KOSKI, Richard, death: AUG-18-1992, burial: SEP-01-1992
KOVACS, Evelyn, death: NOV-14-1986, burial: NOV-17-1986
KOVACS, John, death: JUL-27-1987, burial: JUL-29-1987
KOWAL, Steven, death: DEC-11-1988, burial: DEC-13-1988
KOZIARA, Bethany, death: APR-11-1990, burial: APR-13-1990
KOZYRA, Valeda, death: FEB-18-2002, burial: FEB-22-2002
KRAUCUMAN, John, death: JUL-27-1963, burial: JUL-30-1963
KRAUCUNAS, Peter, death: AUG-06-1950, burial: AUG-08-1950
KRAUCUNAS, Petrone, death: JAN-25-1961, burial: JAN-20-1961
KREWTOWICZ, Antonio, death: MAY-02-1955, burial: MAY-04-1955
KUJA, Jane, death: JAN-14-1997, burial: JAN-17-1997
KYLLONEN, baby boy, death: NOV-29-1950, burial: NOV-30-1950
LABARRE, Dorothy, death: JAN-23-1989, burial: JUL-25-1989
LABARRE, Elden, death: JUN-01-1976, burial: JUN-04-1976
LABARRE, Ernest, death: JAN-05-1965, burial: JAN-08-1965
LABARRE, Gerald, death: MAR-25-2003, burial: MAR-25-2003
LABARRE, Jeanette, death: JAN-05-1976, burial: JAN-07-1976
LABARRE, Leo, death: JUN-08-1966, burial: JUN-11-1966
LABARRE, Lester, death: APR-17-1968, burial: APR-20-1968
LABARRE, Louis, death: JUL-10-1988
LABARRE, Melinda, death: SEP-05-1945, burial: SEP-08-1945
LABARRE, MIldred, death: FEB-11-1978, burial: FEB-14-1978
LABELLE, James, death: JAN-05-1961, burial: JAN-09-1961
LABERGE, Charles, death: JAN-21-1970
LABIFF, Daniel, death: MAY-23-1943, burial: MAY-25-1943
LABLANE, Oliver, death: APR-19-1943, burial: APR-21-1943
LABOUNTY, Anna, death: DEC-05-1961, burial: DEC-07-1961
LABOUNTY, Bernard, death: MAY-13-1971
LABOUNTY, Edward, death: FEB-10-2001, burial: FEB-13-2001
LABOUNTY, Edward, death: JUN-28-1974, burial: JUL-02-1974
LABOUNTY, Ella, death: OCT-08-1954, burial: OCT-11-1954
LABOUNTY, Peter, death: FEB-08-1951, burial: FEB-10-1951
LABOUNTY, Rose, death: OCT-22-1954, burial: OCT-25-1954
LABOUNTY JR, Joseph, death: APR-30-1960, burial: MAY-03-1960
LABRIE, George, death: JAN-15-1977, burial: JAN-17-1977
LACASSE, Agnes, death: JAN-30-1945, burial: FEB-02-1945
LACASSE, Charles, death: MAY-25-1972, burial: MAY-30-1975
LACASSE, Marie, death: MAY-15-1972, burial: MAY-18-1972
LACHANCE, Chanel, death: SEP-25-1997, burial: SEP-30-1997
LACHANCE, Therese, death: JUL-25-1994, burial: JUL-28-1994
LACLAIR, Clinton, death: JUN-05-1972, burial: JUN-08-1972
LACLAIR, Hugh, death: MAY-05-1957, burial: MAY-08-1957
LACLAIR, Sheila, death: NOV-20-1973
LACLAIR, Victor, death: FEB-25-1960
LACLAIR, Victor, death: JAN-01-1958
LACOILLE, Henry, death: OCT-20-1982, burial: OCT-23-1982
LACOILLE, Mildred, death: MAY-02-1999, burial: MAY-24-1999
LACOILLE SR, Kenneth, death: MAR-23-2008, burial: MAR-24-2008
LACOSTE, Beverly, death: JAN-14-1949, burial: JAN-18-1949
LACOSTE, Michael, death: JUN-17-1972, burial: JUN-21-1972
LACOSTE, Peter, death: DEC-12-1959, burial: DEC-16-1959
LACOSTE, Theodore, death: FEB-27-2005
LACOSTE, Valmore, death: MAR-24-1978, burial: MAR-27-1978
LACOUNT, Eugene, death: JUL-11-1964, burial: JUL-16-1964
LACOURSE, Louis, death: JUL-07-1950, burial: JUL-10-1950
LACOURSE, Rose, death: JUN-12-1966, burial: JUN-15-1966
LACOURSE JR, Louis, death: JUN-29-1990, burial: JUL-03-1990
LACROIX, Oliver, death: MAY-21-1965, burial: MAY-25-1965
LACROIX, Oliver, death: MAY-27-1958, burial: MAY-29-1958
LACROIX, Regina, death: APR-28-1958, burial: MAY-01-1958
LADAM, Richard, death: APR-03-1959, burial: APR-06-1959
LAFARGUE, Joseph, death: NOV-30-1960, burial: DEC-02-1960
LAFARGUE, Marie, death: JUL-02-1970, burial: JUL-04-1970
LAFFOND, Hortense, death: MAY-23-1967, burial: MAY-26-1967
LAFFOND, James, death: MAR-06-1958, burial: MAR-10-1958
LAFOE, Shirley, death: JUN-14-1994, burial: JUN-16-1994
LAFOUNTAIN, Albert, death: MAY-18-1976, burial: MAY-21-1976
LAFOUNTAIN, Helen, death: SEP-13-1975, burial: SEP-16-1975
LAFOUNTAIN, Joseph, death: MAR-05-1943, burial: MAR-08-1943
LAGIMONIERE, Alfred, death: JUN-21-1960, burial: JUN-24-1960
LAGIMONIERE, Leona, death: SEP-29-1985, burial: OCT-05-1985
LAGRENADE, Edmund, death: OCT-04-2007, burial: OCT-09-2007
LAGRENADE, George, death: JUN-02-2003, burial: JUN-06-2003
LAHIFF, John, death: SEP-07-1948, burial: SEP-10-1948
LAHIFF, Thomas, death: APR-10-1942, burial: APR-13-1942
LAHIFF, William, death: JAN-13-1963, burial: JAN-17-1963
LAKE, Toivo, death: JAN-21-1981, burial: JAN-26-1981
LALLY, Edward, death: OCT-08-1949, burial: OCT-11-1949
LAMB, Carmel, death: MAR-19-1973, burial: MAR-21-1973
LAMBERT, Anna, death: AUG-13-1980, burial: APR-16-1980
LAMBERT, Bernard, death: FEB-20-2001, burial: FEB-24-2001
LAMBERT, Edward, death: JAN-16-1965, burial: JAN-18-1965
LAMBERT, Elizabeth, death: DEC-04-2005, burial: DEC-07-2005
LAMBERT, Francis, death: JAN-18-1998, burial: JAN-21-1998
LAMBERT, Henry, death: AUG-12-2001, burial: AUG-17-2001
LAMBERT, Henry, death: MAR-10-1954, burial: MAR-13-1954
LAMBERT, infant, death: JAN-29-1943, burial: JAN-30-1943
LAMBERT, Leo, death: DEC-12-1942, burial: DEC-14-1962
LAMBERT, Marion, death: SEP-06-1968, burial: SEP-09-1968
LAMBERT, Sophie, death: SEP-21-1966, burial: SEP-24-1966
LAMBERT, Wilfred, death: FEB-09-1991, burial: FEB-16-1991
LAMBERT, Wilfred, burial: JAN-25-1961
LAMERE, Bessie, death: MAR-10-1973, burial: MAR-13-1973
LAMERE, Doris, death: DEC-19-1999, burial: DEC-22-1999
LAMERE, Nelson, death: SEP-03-1967, burial: SEP-06-1967
LAMIEUR, Clifton, death: JUL-05-1968, burial: JUL-08-1968
LAMIRANDE, Josephine, death: OCT-15-1999, burial: OCT-19-1999
LAMONTAGNE, Alfred, death: APR-29-1977, burial: MAY-02-1977
LAMONTAGNE, Beatrice, death: MAY-20-1975, burial: MAY-23-1975
LAMONTAGNE, Gary, death: MAR-23-1973, burial: MAR-26-1974
LAMONTAGNE, Lisa, death: JUN-05-1980, burial: JUN-07-1980
LAMONTAGNE, Robert, death: OCT-28-2001, burial: OCT-31-2001
LAMOTHE, Alice, death: JUN-25-1981, burial: JUN-27-1981
LAMOTHE, Amelia, death: MAR-25-1974, burial: APR-01-1974
LAMOTHE, Arthur, death: JUL-17-2006, burial: JUL-19-2006
LAMOTHE, David, death: JUL-20-1957, burial: JUL-23-1957
LAMOTHE, Eugene, death: MAR-24-1975, burial: MAR-26-1975
LAMOTHE, Gabrielle, death: SEP-20-2000, burial: SEP-23-2000
LAMOTHE, Joseph, death: MAY-21-1966, burial: MAY-25-1966
LAMOTHE, Marguerite, death: SEP-15-1970, burial: SEP-17-1970
LAMOTHE, Marie, death: DEC-03-1959, burial: DEC-04-1959
LAMOTHE, Mederic, death: MAR-17-1956
LAMOTHE, Oscar, death: MAY-08-1979, burial: MAY-11-1979
LAMOTHE, Raymond, death: JAN-01-2003, burial: JAN-04-2003
LAMOTHE, Rev Francis, death: APR-20-1995, burial: APR-25-1995
LAMOTHE, Romeo, death: MAY-18-1983, burial: MAY-21-1983
LAMOTHE, Stanford, death: JAN-24-1976, burial: JAN-26-1973
LAMOUR, Betty, death: JUN-13-1973, burial: JUN-15-1973
LAMOUREAUX, Joseph, death: JUN-10-1968, burial: JUN-14-1968
LAMOUREUX, Alfred, death: MAY-17-2008, burial: MAY-24-2008
LAMOUREUX, Aurore, death: AUG-18-2000, burial: AUG-22-2000
LAMOUREUX, baby girl, death: NOV-09-1969, burial: NOV-10-1969
LAMOUREUX, Brenda, death: MAY-12-1997, burial: MAY-16-1997
LAMOUREUX, Daniel, death: JAN-18-1992, burial: AUG-22-1992
LAMOUREUX, Florence, death: NOV-16-1953, burial: NOV-19-1953
LAMOUREUX, Jennie, death: MAR-30-1998, burial: APR-01-1998
LAMOUREUX, Joseph, death: FEB-02-1985, burial: FEB-05-1985
LAMOUREUX, Leon, death: SEP-22-1956, burial: SEP-26-1956
LAMOUREUX, Norman, death: DEC-05-1994, burial: DEC-08-1994
LAMOUREUX, Raymond, burial: AUG-27-1977
LAMOUREUX, Yvonne, death: OCT-03-1966, burial: OCT-06-1966
LAMPROS, Mary, death: AUG-25-1972, burial: AUG-29-1972
LAMPROS, Thomas, death: NOV-20-1974, burial: NOV-22-1974
LANCEY, baby girl, death: FEB-14-1969, burial: FEB-01-1969
LANCEY, Douglas, death: NOV-25-1967, burial: NOV-28-1967
LANCEY, Edna, death: JAN-18-1964, burial: JAN-21-1964
LANDERS, Edmund, death: JAN-18-1985, burial: JAN-22-1985
LANDERS, Mary, death: DEC-23-1945, burial: DEC-26-1945
LANDREGAN, Alice, death: OCT-07-1943, burial: OCT-11-1943
LANE, Charles, death: FEB-11-1946, burial: FEB-13-1946
LANG, Cecil, death: JUL-25-1961, burial: JUL-27-1961
LANG, Delia, death: DEC-25-1965, burial: DEC-28-1965
LANGAN, David, death: NOV-06-1951, burial: NOV-07-1951
LANGEVIN, Mary, death: MAR-14-1985, burial: MAR-21-1985
LANGEVIN, Rodger, death: JAN-13-1970
LANSI, Evelyn, death: JUN-13-1973, burial: JUN-16-1973
LANZER, Mary, death: MAY-03-1986, burial: MAY-06-1986
LANZETTA, Nicholas, death: MAY-25-1951, burial: MAY-19-1951
LAPHAM, Maird, death: OCT-23-1947, burial: OCT-25-1947
LAPHAM, Margaret, death: DEC-29-1943, burial: DEC-31-1943
LAPIERRE, Angelina, death: DEC-02-1947, burial: DEC-04-1947
LAPLANTE, Edward, death: MAY-24-1967, burial: MAY-27-1967
LAPLANTE, Irene, death: JUL-13-1980, burial: JUL-16-1980
LAPLANTE, Raymond, death: MAY-16-1954, burial: MAY-20-1954
LAPOINTE, Alfred, death: FEB-13-1966
LAPOINTE, Carole, death: JAN-09-1939, burial: MAY-11-1939
LAPOINTE, Carole, death: JAN-09-1939
LAPOINTE, Evangeline, death: DEC-28-1955, burial: DEC-30-1955
LAQUERRE, Alphonso, death: MAR-11-1963
LARIVIERE, Alice, death: SEP-03-2006, burial: SEP-07-2006
LARIVIERE, Hazel, death: FEB-14-1998, burial: FEB-17-1998
LARIVIERE, Joseph, death: DEC-18-1993, burial: DEC-22-1993
LARIVIERE, Theresa, death: NOV-18-1969, burial: NOV-19-1969
LARIVIERE SR, Philbert, death: OCT-04-1990, burial: OCT-06-1990
LARMAY, Leonard, death: JUL-29-1978, burial: AUG-02-1978
LARMAY, William, death: OCT-16-1969, burial: OCT-20-1969
LARMAY (LARMEE), John, death: MAR-06-1940, burial: MAR-09-1940
LAROCHE, Annie, death: JUL-12-1995, burial: JUL-15-1995
LAROCHE, Arthur, death: OCT-20-1986, burial: OCT-23-1986
LAROCHE, Helen, death: OCT-28-2001, burial: OCT-31-2001
LARSEN, baby boy, death: APR-20-1958, burial: APR-21-1958
LARSEN, Barbara, death: JUN-03-1964
LARSEN, Charles, death: JUN-27-2005
LARSEN, Ruth, death: JUL-18-1983
LASH, Levi, death: AUG-16-1945, burial: AUG-20-1945
LASH, Priscilla, death: JUN-17-1947, burial: JUN-20-1947
LASHUA, Stuart, death: SEP-03-1968, burial: SEP-06-1968
LASTIH JR, Peter, death: JAN-16-2010, burial: JAN-20-2010
LATOUCHE, Annie, death: OCT-26-1963, burial: OCT-29-1963
LATOUCHE, Dorothy, death: DEC-24-1956, burial: DEC-28-1956
LATOUCHE, Peter, death: JUN-24-1947, burial: JUN-27-1947
LAUGHLIN, baby girl, death: JUL-29-1946, burial: AUG-02-1946
LAUGHLIN, baby girl, death: DEC-28-1956, burial: JAN-03-1956
LAUGHLIN, Eleanor, death: NOV-16-1976, burial: NOV-19-1976
LAUGHLIN, Mary, death: MAY-21-1955
LAUGHLIN, Patrick, death: JUN-24-2009, burial: JUN-27-2003
LAURENDEAU, Denise, death: SEP-29-1962, burial: OCT-01-1962
LAURENDEAU, Helen, death: JUL-07-1993, burial: JUL-09-1993
LAURENT, Emma, death: FEB-02-1947, burial: FEB-04-1947
LAURENT, Eugenie, death: NOV-29-1956, burial: DEC-03-1956
LAURENT, Gustave, death: APR-17-1968, burial: APR-20-1968
LAURENT, Hortense, death: APR-26-1973, burial: MAY-30-1973
LAUSI, Thomas, death: APR-15-1955, burial: APR-18-1985
LAVIGUEUR, Exelia, death: OCT-22-1976, burial: OCT-25-1976
LAVIGUEUR, Leon, death: JUL-17-1964, burial: JUL-20-1964
LAVOIE, Alfred, death: JAN-07-1972
LAVOIE, Ernest, death: MAY-17-1963, burial: MAY-20-1963
LAWLOR, baby boy, death: AUG-29-1963
LAZZARO, Bisolina, death: FEB-03-1971, burial: FEB-06-1971
LAZZARO, Flora, death: JAN-31-1950, burial: FEB-04-1950
LAZZARO, Gianni, death: SEP-02-1943, burial: SEP-04-1943
LAZZARO, Rosa, death: JAN-21-1996, burial: JAN-23-1996
LAZZARO, Sheryl, death: SEP-17-1957, burial: SEP-19-1957
LAZZARO, Timothy, death: FEB-25-1972, burial: FEB-29-1972
LEACH, Merton, death: MAR-16-1984, burial: MAR-21-1984
LEAHY, Catherine, death: NOV-03-1975, burial: NOV-05-1975
LEAHY, Ellen, death: OCT-19-1946, burial: OCT-22-1946
LEAHY, James, death: NOV-11-1965, burial: NOV-15-1965
LEAHY, Joanna, death: JAN-09-1947, burial: JAN-11-1947
LEAHY, Patrick, death: JUL-19-1942, burial: JUL-22-1942
LEARY, Nora, death: SEP-01-1989, burial: AUG-05-1989
LEBARN, William, death: AUG-16-1961, burial: AUG-20-1961
LEBEAU, Annette, death: SEP-01-1965, burial: SEP-04-1965
LEBEAU, Eugene, death: MAR-16-1972, burial: MAR-20-1972
LEBLANC, George, death: APR-04-1974
LEBLANC, Norman, death: AUG-19-1997, burial: AUG-26-1997
LEBLANC, Wilfred, death: MAR-26-1948, burial: MAR-29-1948
LEBLANC JR, Richard, death: FEB-24-2008, burial: APR-29-2008
LEBLOND, Marie, death: MAY-20-1996, burial: MAY-24-1996
LECLAIR, Annie, death: APR-01-2005, burial: APR-04-2005
LECLAIR, Arthur, death: NOV-06-1975, burial: NOV-08-1975
LECLAIR, Leontine, death: JUN-15-1991, burial: JUN-18-1991
LECLAIR, Mary, death: MAR-31-1960, burial: APR-02-1960
LECLAIR, Mary, death: JAN-15-1952, burial: JAN-17-1952
LECLAIR JR, Donald, death: OCT-27-1996, burial: OCT-30-1996
LECLAIR SR, Donald, death: AUG-31-1993
LECLAIRE, Mabel, death: JUL-15-1974, burial: JUL-17-1974
LECOUR, Wilfred, death: MAR-15-1951
LECUYER, Alvina, death: MAY-11-1950, burial: MAY-13-1950
LECUYER, Eleanor, death: JUN-08-2002, burial: JUN-12-2002
LECUYER, Richard, death: APR-01-2009, burial: APR-06-2009
LECUYER, Rose, death: AUG-29-1959, burial: SEP-01-1959
LEDUC, Mary, death: JUN-28-1981, burial: JUN-30-1981
LEGRENADE, Madeline, death: DEC-23-1977, burial: DEC-28-1977
LEMAY, Herbert, death: FEB-02-1990, burial: FEB-05-1990
LEMERE, Albert, death: FEB-12-1968, burial: APR-23-1968
LENGLE, Derek, death: FEB-15-1980, burial: FEB-16-1980
LEON, Marie, death: OCT-28-1953, burial: OCT-31-1953
LEONARD, Clara, death: OCT-15-1945, burial: OCT-18-1945
LEONARDO, Gaetana, death: JAN-07-2005, burial: AUG-26-1948
LERANDEAU, Alfred, death: SEP-02-1971, burial: SEP-04-1971
LERANDEAU, Arthur, death: MAY-11-1997, burial: MAY-14-1997
LERANDEAU, Emeline, death: JAN-17-1952, burial: JAN-19-1952
LERANDEAU, Maura, death: MAY-29-1985, burial: MAY-31-1985
LERNATOWITZ, John, death: FEB-26-2000, burial: FEB-29-2000
LESLIE, Ernest, death: AUG-22-1978, burial: AUG-25-1978
LESLIE, James, death: FEB-18-1953, burial: FEB-20-1953
LESLIE, Margaret, death: APR-26-1984, burial: APR-28-1984
LESLIE, Ora, death: JUL-11-1969, burial: JUL-14-1969
LEVASSEUR, Thomas, death: AUG-13-1956, burial: AUG-16-1956
LEWELLYN, Mary, death: APR-04-1986, burial: APR-08-1986
LEWIS, Charles, death: OCT-06-1947, burial: OCT-08-1947
LEWIS, Claudene, death: SEP-03-1967
LIGHTFOOT, Anne, death: MAR-14-1985, burial: MAR-13-1985
LINCOLN, John, death: MAR-02-1961, burial: MAR-02-1961
LINCOLN, Peter, death: FEB-15-1962, burial: FEB-16-1962
LINDGREN, Alice, death: MAR-04-1980, burial: MAR-06-1980
LINEHAN, Margaret, death: JUN-05-1985, burial: JUN-07-1985
LIOCE, Frank, death: JUL-24-1966, burial: JUL-27-1966
LIOCE, Renata, death: SEP-16-1973, burial: SEP-19-1973
LITTLE, Precott, death: MAY-12-1973, burial: MAY-15-1973
LOCHER, Margaret, death: OCT-28-1999, burial: OCT-30-1999
LOISELLE, Alfred, death: DEC-20-1955, burial: DEC-22-1955
LOISELLE, Elzear, death: JAN-11-1942, burial: JAN-14-1942
LOISELLE, Frank, death: JUN-23-1964, burial: JUN-25-1964
LOISELLE, Frederick, death: JAN-13-2003, burial: JAN-17-2006
LOISELLE, Gladys, death: MAY-29-1990, burial: MAY-31-1990
LOISELLE, Henry, death: MAY-18-1961, burial: MAY-20-1961
LOISELLE, L Pearl, death: FEB-11-1945, burial: FEB-14-1945
LOISELLE, Margaret, death: NOV-13-1943, burial: NOV-15-1943
LOISELLE, Martha, death: JUL-31-1952, burial: AUG-02-1952
LOISELLE, Napoleon, death: JUN-28-1945, burial: JUL-02-1945
LOISELLE, Paul, death: APR-29-1994, burial: MAY-03-1994
LOISELLE, Walter, death: NOV-02-1985, burial: NOV-05-1985
LOMBARD, baby boy, death: FEB-23-1948, burial: FEB-28-1948
LOMBARD, Edward, death: NOV-19-1982, burial: NOV-22-1982
LOMBARD, Hannah, death: APR-18-1952, burial: APR-19-1952
LOMBARD, Jennie, death: MAY-28-1975, burial: JUN-03-1975
LOMBARD, John, death: MAY-15-1947, burial: MAY-17-1947
LOMBARD, Mary, death: AUG-19-1988, burial: AUG-23-1988
LOMBARD, William, death: JUN-02-1980, burial: JUN-07-1980
LOMBARD SR, Harold, death: FEB-15-1976, burial: FEB-18-1976
LONG, Hannah, death: OCT-12-1953, burial: OCT-15-1953
LONG, Katherine, death: JUL-23-1958, burial: JUL-26-1958
LONGEVER, Ione, death: FEB-28-1982, burial: MAR-01-1982
LONGEVER, Isaac, death: JUL-19-1954, burial: JUL-21-1954
LONIE, Maureen, death: OCT-07-2000, burial: OCT-30-2000
LONSKY, Michael, death: MAR-01-1992, burial: MAR-05-1992
LOOS, Kevin, death: JUN-14-1958, burial: JUN-17-1958
LORANDEAU, Helen, death: DEC-10-1992, burial: DEC-14-1992
LORANDEAU, Sydney, death: MAY-02-1980, burial: MAY-07-1980
LORANGER, Effie, death: NOV-24-1985
LORANGER, Harry, death: DEC-26-1972, burial: DEC-28-1972
LORANGER, Marie, death: JUL-14-1998, burial: JUL-17-1998
LORANGER, Ray, death: JUL-05-1987, burial: JUL-08-1987
LORANGER, Raymond, death: MAY-22-1960, burial: MAY-26-1960
LORANGER, Walter, death: MAR-26-1972, burial: MAR-29-1972
LORANGER, Wilmar, death: FEB-21-1981, burial: FEB-25-1981
LORD, Frederick, death: JUL-29-1968, burial: JUL-29-1938
LORD, Kathleen, death: AUG-16-2003, burial: AUG-19-2003
LORD, Mary, death: MAY-17-1949, burial: MAY-16-1949
LORD, Ralph, death: DEC-23-1983, burial: DEC-26-1983
LORETTE, Cecelia, death: DEC-06-2004, burial: DEC-10-2004
LORETTE, Joseph, death: JUL-24-1994, burial: JUL-27-1994
LOUGEE, Emma, death: NOV-02-1996, burial: NOV-05-1996
LOUGEE, Frank, death: NOV-05-1945, burial: NOV-11-1945
LOUGEE, John, death: JUN-15-1984, burial: JUN-18-1984
LOUGEE, Katherine, death: DEC-10-1950, burial: DEC-13-1950
LOUNDER, Asa, death: JUN-14-2005, burial: JUN-17-2005
LOUNDER, Cleonise, death: JUL-17-1988
LOUNDER, Meddie, death: FEB-12-1960
LOUNDER, Nathaniel, death: AUG-12-2003, burial: AUG-15-2003
LOUNDER, Virginia, death: JAN-24-2005, burial: JAN-23-2005
LOUZEN, Axalia, death: DEC-23-1946, burial: DEC-26-1946
LOUZEN, Joseph, death: JUL-11-1956, burial: JUL-13-1956
LOVEJOY, George, death: OCT-06-1987, burial: OCT-09-1987
LOVERING, Christine, death: FEB-16-1976, burial: FEB-20-1976
LOWELL, Florence, death: MAR-28-1988, burial: MAR-31-1988
LOWELL, Harry, death: OCT-25-1978, burial: OCT-28-1978
LOWELL, Robert, death: NOV-12-1956, burial: NOV-15-1958
LOWER, Alma, death: JUL-16-1998, burial: JUL-20-1998
LOWER, Eddie, death: MAR-15-1955, burial: MAR-18-1955
LOWER, Edward, death: JUL-15-1966, burial: JUL-19-1966
LOWER, Gladys, death: JUN-01-1993, burial: JUN-04-1993
LOWER, Harry, death: OCT-17-1967, burial: OCT-19-1967
LOWER SR, Clyde, death: DEC-08-1984, burial: DEC-11-1984
LUKAS, Leo, death: MAR-11-1962, burial: MAR-14-1962
LUKSEVICH, Charles, death: FEB-24-2019, burial: JUN-16-1969
LUKSEVICH, Delores, death: DEC-11-2008, burial: DEC-15-2008
LUKSEVICH, Elizabeth, death: JUN-12-1964, burial: JUN-16-1964
LUKSEVICH, Joseph, death: AUG-13-1995, burial: AUG-16-1995
LUOPA, Ronald, death: APR-02-1977, burial: APR-05-1977
LUOPA, Wilfred, death: JAN-13-1981, burial: JAN-19-1981
LYNCH, Ann, death: MAR-01-2007, burial: MAY-10-2007
LYNCH, Francis, death: APR-12-1974, burial: APR-15-1974
LYNCH, Helen, death: MAR-08-1943, burial: MAR-14-1943
LYNCH, Nellie, death: JUL-23-1950, burial: JUL-26-1950
LYNCH, Robert, death: FEB-19-1972, burial: FEB-24-1972
LYNCH, William, death: APR-08-1979, burial: APR-10-1979
LYON, Charles, death: JAN-05-1980, burial: JAN-09-1980
LYONS, NIcholas, death: AUG-17-1960, burial: AUG-20-1963
LYSITT, Kenneth, death: AUG-16-1995, burial: AUG-18-1995
LYSITT, Regis, death: APR-08-1984, burial: APR-11-1984

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