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Golliet Cemetery
Cass County, North Dakota

Lat: 47°11'34"N, Lon: 97°00'19"W
NW 1/4 Section 22 Kinyon Township

Contributed by Anne Braun, Sep 04, 2001, last updated Nov 10, 2001 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 9.

From Gardner, go 2 miles west on County Road 26 and 2 3/4 miles north on gravel road.

It is a small cemetery with the remains of three families buried there. The last burial took place in 1937. The cemetery is in bad condition with tall grass hindering the markers, a broken fence and a broken gate.

Reference information from Cemeteries of Cass County (North Half) Red River Genelogical Society 1971 updated 1990, used by permission.

I went in there on Oct 3, 2001 and spent time cleaning it up. While I was cleaning it up, I noticed Frank Wilcox's name on the other side of the headstone where Almeda, Marien, and baby Wilcox are. I walked through again on Oct 22, 2001 and found another headstone.

- Anne Braun

Drake, Almer, b. 6 Aug 1897, d. 2 Jun 1898
Drake, Mary Anne, b. 7 May 1859, d. 30 Apr 1904, s/w Almer
Tenborg, Anna (Golliet), b. 15 Aug 1847, d. 22 May 1937
Tenborg, Martha Cora, b. 28 Feb 1878, d. 26 Mar 1898
Tenborg, Martin, b. 27 Feb 1833, d. 10 Jan 1903
Wilcox, Almeda, b. 9 Oct 1857, d. 26 Mar 1898, s/w Baby & Marion
Wilcox, Baby, b. 30 May 1897, d. 13 Jun 1897, s/w Almeda & Marion
Wilcox, Frank L., b. 21 Jul 1874, d. 17 Jun 1903, s/w Almeda, Marien, and Baby Wilcox
Wilcox, Marion, b. 16 Dec 1880, d. 6 Mar 1900, s/w Almeda & Baby

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