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Britt Family Cemetery #2
Wake County, North Carolina

Neils Branch Road, Wake County, NC

Lat: 3538'37"N, Lon: 7837'30"W

Contributed by Shirley Olson, Mar 16, 2002 [shirley32olson@yahoo.com]. Total records = 8.

From Raleigh Beltline take 401 S. (Exit # 298) to SR. 1010, turn left and go 4.9 miles to a left turn onto Neils Branch Rd, a dirt road. Go .04 miles on Neils Branch Rd., don't get discouraged. Pull over where another dirt road branches, there is a parking spot on the side of the roads.

A family cemetery. About 100 feet on the left side of Neils Branch Road a low cement block wall is visible, 2 large magnolia trees are within the walls, and a small group of tombstones.

As usual in Wake County, a large subdivision is under way in this rural area dotted with small horse farms. A cul de sac is staked out that will put this cemetery in back of a home site.

The cemetery is in fairly good condition, all the tombstones except one is clearly readable. There is undergrowth and small trees that are not yet a hindrance.

I surveyed this cemetery on Mar15, 2002.

- Shirley Olson

Britt, Elether Rorer, b. 19 Mar 1881, d. 5 May 1967, "Sister" *
Britt, Iva Leonida, b. 3 Feb 1889, d. 23 May 1961
Britt, Lucetty Catie, b. 17 Mar 1861, d. 19 Jul 1934, w. o. Troy R. Britt
Britt, Malissa Alma, b. 28 May 1896, d. 8 Dec 1989
Britt, Pearl Floyd, b. 1 Feb 1891, d. 9 Mar 1980
Britt, Rachel Rebecca, b. 3 Feb 1893, d. 7 Jul 1893
Britt, Stella Catie, b. 2 Sep 1884, d. 17 Oct 1900
Britt, Troy R., b. 2 Jun 1855, d. 7 Feb 1896


* monument off it's base

There is a small rough stone firmly in place and presumably a tombstone but not readable.


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