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Women Airforce Service Pilots
Records of Burials

women airforce service pilots
WASP Members

Published: February 26, 2020
Total records: 1,084

Source: Texas Women's University


The Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) was a civilian women pilots' organization, whose members were United States federal civil service employees. Members of WASP became trained pilots who tested aircraft, ferried aircraft and trained other pilots. Their purpose was to free male pilots for combat roles during World War II. Despite various members of the armed forces being involved in the creation of the program, the WASP and its members had no military standing.

It wasn't until 1977 when the federal government passed a bill recognizing members of WASP with veteran status, entitled them to veteran recognition and benefits.

Records of Burials

Texas Woman's University, based in Denton, TX, became the official holder of archives for WASP records and memorabilia. The University went through its records and pieced together an Excel Spreadsheet of locations where WASP members were interred.

Interment.net converted the Excel Spreadsheet into PDF form to accommodate researchers who don't have MS Excel. Click the link below to view...

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