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Bird Cemetery
Twin Bridges, Madison County, Montana

Contributed by Pam Burchfield, Aug 23, 2006 [ouroots@yahoo.com]. Total records = 9.

Bird Cemetery sits on top of a hill overlooking the Madison Valley and Pennington Bridge, drive South West from Twin Bridges on Highway 41 about 4 miles to the Pennington Bridge fishing access road (mile marker 23) and drive another 3 miles on a dirt road to two bridges. The second bridge is Pennington Bridge. After crossing the 2nd bridge you will see 2 white houses. Look up on top of the hill behind the white house on the right.

There are about 15 souls buried in this cemetery. There has been no one buried here since the mid 1940s.

It is not maintained and one needs a 4-wheel vehicle to drive up there. It is a beautiful view from the cemetery and I can understand why these souls are buried here.

My husband and I walked this cemetery and recorded all legible stones. This work is complete as of Aug 02, 2006.

- Pam Burchfield

Bird, Delila May, d. Dec. 20, 1887, aged 1?y 7m 23d
Bird, Joseph L., b. 1885, d. 1938
Bird, Matilda M, b. 1861 d. 1928 s/w husband (not engraved), “Mother”
Bird, Thomas, d. Sep 1944/5
Everson, Anna Marie, b. 7 Mar 1826, d. 13 Feb 1908, s/w Peter
Everson, Peter, b. Oct 1828, d. 9 Nov 1897, s/w Anna Marie
Green, Sarah F., d. 16 Jan 1888, aged 3?y 8m 11d, w/o N.D. Green
Pennington, Delila, b. 14 Apr 1838, d. 1 Sep 1917, s/w Joseph H.
Pennington, Joseph H., b. 29 Mar 1836, d. 9 Mar 1908, s/w Delila

Unknowns, several
Unmarked, 1 Baby


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